Thursday, May 31, 2018

Are Some Young Jews Turning against Zionism out of Egalitarian-Humanitarianism or Elitist-Cosmopolitanism?

According to Norman Finkelstein and some other prominent members of the Tribe, many young Jews are far less interested in Israel than their parents’ generation is. Their attitude ranges from indifference and apathy to revulsion and loathing for Israel as a criminal state. If Max Boot remains a fanatical Zionist, Max Blumenthal has turned hardcore anti-Zionist and even wrote a book called GOLIATH that argues the current Israel is ruled by ‘far-right’ imperialist monsters. And Philip Weiss runs a popular site that details the daily problems of Israel’s Occupation of remaining Palestinian territories. And increasing numbers of young Jews have become vocal supporters of the BDS movement. And even in Jewish journals and websites, it isn’t uncommon for some Jews, especially younger ones, to voice opposition to Zionist policies. Some Jews expect, with hope or fear depending on one’s ideological leanings, that the majority of future Jews will not be supportive of Israel. But then, maybe younger Jews today will grow more identitarian and pro-Zionist as they gain in years. Who knows?

But one thing seems certain, and that is today’s young Jews are not as pro-Zionist as young Jews of past generations. If you were young and Jewish in 1970, 1980, or 1990, you were likely to have been more pro-Zionist than a young Jew today. Of course, there is also the fact that, especially since the 1960s, many Jews have intermarried with non-Jews, and many of today’s Jews may be only half-Jewish or quarter-Jewish. So, even if they still identify as Jewish, they will have gotten Jewishness from only one side of the family.

Anyway, what could be the bigger reason for young Jews’ relative lack of interest in Zionism? By ‘interest’, I mean pro-Zionist sympathies. After all, one could be interested in Zionism in the most negative way. David Duke and Patrick Little are certainly interested in Israel and Zionism, but it has nothing to do with sympathy. And Max Blumenthal and Philip Weiss surely know more about Zionism than most Jews do, but their interests are harshly critical. Whether positive or negative about Israel, there’s a spectrum from fanaticism to indifference. A pro-Zionist Jew could think of Israel 24/7 . Or he could say he supports Israel but do little or nothing and hardly think about the topic. Likewise, anti-Zionist Jews range from men like Max Blumenthal who’s on an all-out crusade against the Jewish State to people whose positive impression of Israel has dimmed over the years but who don’t get worked up over what’s happening in Gaza or West Bank. It’s likely that the majority of pro-Zionist Jews and anti-Zionist Jews are generally indifferent about the issue. They don’t care enough to organize FOR or AGAINST Israel and lobbies like AIPAC.

People like Norman Finkelstein and Philip Weiss would like to believe the decrease in the enthusiasm for Israel among young Jews is the result of disillusionment with Israel’s mounting human rights abuses, mainly vis-a-vis Palestinians but also in the Zionist manipulation of US foreign policy to cause trouble all over North Africa and Middle East, now especially against Syria and Iran. The idea is that increasing numbers of young Jews are morally outraged by what semi-theocratic Israel is doing to Palestinians who are just hanging by a thread in Gaza and living under ‘Apartheid’ conditions in the West Bank. Thus, feelings and attitudes of young Jews are motivated mainly by Egalitarian Humanitarianism, i.e. Jews must live together with Palestinians as fellow brothers and sisters, as equal members of humanity. Supposedly, these younger Jews are moving from supremacist domination to egalitarian justice. I’m sure some Jews do sincerely feel that way.

But could the bigger reason for growing disinterest in Israel and Zionism be the result of Elitist Cosmopolitanism, aka Elysiumism or Elysianism? After all, more than 50% of Jews earn more than $100,000. Given the levels of Jewish power and influence, it is difficult to see Jews being motivated by genuine egalitarianism. Indeed, most Jewish talk of Equality is merely rhetorical, or it is a means of misdirection to fool people, especially non-whites, into thinking that the real problem of America is WHITE PRIVILEGE and that noble Jews are hard-at-work in trying to fix the problem by pushing for more ‘inclusion’ of non-whites into white-dominated domains and institutions. By using the smokescreen of White Privilege, Jews are able to gain even more fortune and power. As the bulk of moral outrage and ideological hate is directed at Whiteness, the forces of ‘Social Justice’ end up berating middle-class and working class whites far more than Jewish elites that truly run and rule America. Indeed, why would intelligent, ambitious, and contemptuous Jews be interested in real equality? Why would Jews want to be on the same plane with Dumb Polacks, stupid schvartzes, ‘white trash’, hillbillies, Mexican Gomezers, and other riffraff?

When Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe arrived in the US with little more than the clothes on their backs, they felt some degree of camaraderie with the ‘have-nots’ as they arrived in the same boat and had some ways to go to make the climb from the bottom to the top. But, especially in the years after the 1960s, Jews were on the up and up, and now, they are the undisputed(and also unmentioned) ruling elites of the US. Jews are now addicted to power, privilege, prestige, elitism, and even supremacism. The idea that most Jews would sincerely be interested in equality is ludicrous. If the US were truly egalitarian, Jewish representation of media would be 2%. Jewish control of Wall Street, Law firms, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley would also be only 2%. What Jews would want this? Indeed, Jews seem hardly troubled by the fact that they, who comprise only 2% of the population, control 40% of the wealth in the US. And 95% of the media. And most elite institutions. Jews also rake in most of the cash from casinos and other vice industries. Jews also use Big Pharma to hook so many people to drugs, the side effects of which require the patients to become dependent on yet more drugs. With so many Jews having so much, why would they care about most of humanity except as a publicity stunt or political strategy? After all, even tyrants, monarchs, and autocrats claim to care about the People as they carry out self-serving policies. If Jews were honest and spilled the beans on their insatiable greed, a lot of people would wake up to Jewish influence and act accordingly to challenge it or even bring it down. So, it has been in the interest of Jews to keep feigning their role as one of the Holy Victim Groups forever associated with Shoah and Emma-Lazarusean Immigration.

Because Jews arrived as Poor Immigrants in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, it is as if their eternal identity is Immigrant-Americans. Even though most American Jews have multi-generational roots in America, even young rich Jews act like they just got off the boat and are standing in line at Ellis Island. Because of this association as Immigrant-Americans, Jews pretend they are spiritually united with all New Immigrant folks. So, if a new batch of folks arrive from the Middle East, India, China, Africa, or Latin America, they are fellow Immigrant-Americans along with Jews. And even though many immigrants now arrive with lots of money, lots of luggage, knowledge of English & the American Way, and even well-established connections in America, we are to believe that every generation of Immigrants arrive with the Lazarusean dream of yearning to breathe free. You could be a millionaire Hindu arriving in the US with a good job awaiting you, but as an Immigrant-American, you are shrouded with the Ellis Island myth. This way, the well-established, rich, and powerful Jewish-American community, as the original Immigrant-Americans, becomes forever associated with the 'humble dreams' of ever newer batches of Immigrants who, in turn, are ennobled by the Emma & Ellis myth as the ‘huddled masses yearning to breathe free’ even though many of them arrive with good amount of cash, advanced college degrees, and extensive knowledge of modernity & American Living.

Jews feign at Egalitarianism and Humanitarianism, but their main position in the world is as Elitists(even supremacists) and Masters(over inferior goy humanity). Most privileged Jews have a Master Race mentality(even if hidden and unstated), though it ranges from the Anglo-Enlightenment Model to the Neo-Nazi-Model. One school of Jewish Master Race ideology believes that Jews should rule like the Anglo Imperialists of Old. They should have the ultimate power but treat the goyim with modicum of justice and conscience. A Jewish variation of the White Man’s Burden. This school of Jewish Master Race ideology isn’t particularly hateful though it is arrogant and can be overbearing. It’s no wonder some Jews sound like schoolmarms always telling us how to think, what to say, what to do. There’s an element of Neo-Victorianism in this strain of Jewish Worldview.
The other school of Jewish Master Race ideology is truly Nazi-like, and it’s not far-fetched to label such Jews as Judeo-Nazis. These Jews are filled with contempt and virulence toward goyim who are seen as subhuman, cattle, servants, and cannon fodder. These Jews look upon goyim the way the Nazi Germans looked upon Russians and Slavs in general: as Human Cattle that exist to serve the superior ‘Aryans’. If both groups of Jews have something in common, it’s an anxiety(or even aversion among some of them) toward race-mixing. If some Jews are hostile to race-mixing altogether, other Jews are very selective in their race-mixing strategy, and this is especially true among Jewish men. If Jews must mix with non-Jews, the important thing is to marry the upper echelons of goyim so that higher IQ goy genes will mix with high IQ Jewish genes. Also, the kids must be raised to identify and feel pride as Jews first and foremost. Jewish men especially feel this strategy is necessary. If in the past Jewish men married ‘shikses’ out of Portnoic lust, today they feel a need to marry non-Jews because too many Jewesses are either too obnoxious, nasty, or infected with out-of-control Jungle Fever. What with too many Jewesses acting like Lena Dunham and Chelsea Handler, Jewish men figure they need Nicer Women, and such are found among ‘Aryans’ and Chinese. Jewish men are tired of female version of Howard Stern who say stuff like, "I had an orgy with a bunch of Negroes with biggus dickus."
Jewish men are truly freaked by Jewish women who, furthermore, are trying to replace the Jewish Covenant of the Pud with the neo-covenant of the Poon. All this talk of Vagina-this and Vagina-that is essentially a Jewess-instigated movement that wants to swallow and destroy the Jewish pud and then take the Negro dongs until the Jewish Poon becomes like man-eating plant in THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS. Notice that the Plant opens up like a vagina but talks like a Negro. The Jewish bitches have come up with neo-covenant where Jewishness will be defined by Jewish Poon gone jungle. It is no wonder so many Jewish men are freaked and seeking refuge in non-Jewish poons.

Even though Jewish Elite Power is overwhelmingly pro-Zionist at the very top — consider donors such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Saban, and many billionaire moguls of Hollywood and Silicon Valley — , it appears that many young affluent Jews aren’t so passionate about Israel. Or maybe they are but prefer to remain closet-Zionists in order to hide their ideological hypocrisy — "national for me but not for thee" — or to avoid confrontations especially with increasingly vocal BDS forces. After all, most highly educated affluent people tend to be ‘progressive’(if mainly for reasons of status), and it’s not very convenient to be labeled as Zionist at a time when Israel politics has veered so far to the Right. It mattered less in the past because Israel was, more often than not, ostensibly ruled by the ‘progressive’ Labor Party. Also, as the US was less diverse, Jews usually mingled with non-Jewish whites who, due to Shoah Narrative, tended to be extra-sensitive toward Jews. But as the US has grown more diverse, Jews are rubbing shoulders with non-whites who don’t share the ‘white guilt’ burden. Also, if white Evangelicals feel a spiritual connection to the Jewish State, non-whites feel no special attachment or sentiment for the Holy Land as they are neither Jewish nor Christian. And this means they are far less likely to be partial the Jewish-Zionist POV, not least because Zionism reminds them of Western Imperialism that had once ruled over their parts of the world. On the other hand, most non-whites don’t much care about Palestinians either. Ironically, whites are likely to be both more pro-Jewish and pro-Palestinian. In a way, their pro-Palestinian stance is an offshoot of their commitment to Jews. It is precisely because they admire and love Jews so much that they are appalled by Jews acting so brutal towards a seemingly helpless people. If anti-Jewish voices on the Alt Right tend to express support for Palestinians according to the logic of ‘enemy of my enemy is my friend’, certain Philosemitic types lean toward BDS and Justice for Palestinians because they want to believe in the Noble Jew. They hope and dream of a peaceful and lasting resolution between Jews and Palestinians because they want to believe in the myth of Jewish sainthood and wisdom. Surely, a people who suffered Shoah shouldn’t be treating people like dirt. Also, given that sanctioning South Africa in the 1980s and anointing Mandela as the holiest man after MLK came to define Progressivism in recent times, Israel became increasingly vulnerable as the New South Africa, an Apartheid Nation in the Middle East. In the 1980s, the Right seemed to have History on its side as the Communist Left spiraled into deeper abysses of inefficiency and insolvency. But if the Right ‘won’ the Cold War, the Left won what was, in some ways, even a greater prize: End of Apartheid in South Africa. Even though the world appreciated the fall of communism and the end of the Cold War, there wasn’t much ‘idolic’ power among most Eastern Europeans and Russians. They were just more white people who, unlike their Western Counterparts, didn’t even have the ‘cool’ factor and had bad teeth. In contrast, South African struggle was black, and that meant a lot because the US, the center of the world, was heavily invested in the symbolism of black holiness. Also, as the main moral narrative in the US came to center around the Civil Rights Movement, many saw parallels between the black American struggle and South African struggle.

To the extent that ANC of South Africa had been closely allied with the PLO while white rulers of South Africa had Israel as its closest all, it was becoming ever more convenient for Progressives to notice parallels between the Original Apartheid State and the New Apartheid State(Israel). For white Progressives in search of a new passionate cause, something like BDS pushes all the right buttons. Even as its agenda is hostile to Israel, supporters of BDS can claim that they protest Israeli policies because they believe in the goodness of Jews and are traumatized that Jews, a people associated with the ‘Holocaust’, could act in such a manner. Indeed, most White Progs who protest Zionist policies against Palestinians are not ‘racially’ hostile to Jews in the way that some on the White Right are. If some on the Right see the struggle between whites and Jews as essentially one of blood-and-culture, the those on the White Left tend to see it in terms of Hawkish Bad Jews enabled by crazy Evangelicals & the War State VERSUS Dovish Good Jews allied with White Progs and People-of-Color. Some on the White Left fetishize Jews as a holy people to such an extent that they are terribly triggered by the sight of Jews acting like New Nazis. They are so used to the image of Jews as saintly victims(like in SCHINDLER’S LIST) that it bothers them to watch images of Jews as ruthless victors against a helpless people. Others on the White Left don’t have a particular fetish for Jews as holy-schmoly and simply expect Jews to fully embrace the Rules of PC. So, if UK, Ireland, Germany, and Sweden should go into post-national mode and become like Morocco or Venezuela, Israel should do likewise and be Third-World-ized too. (Granted, Israel does have Third World Jews — those with lower IQ and ability than European-Ashkenazi Jews — , but they are all Jewish, thus bridging First Worldism and Third Worldism in Israel. It’s like Italy has First World Italians in the North and Third World Italians in the South, but they are bound together by Italian-ness. It goes to show that shared ethnic identity goes a long way in easing socio-economic divides.) But the Jewish Problem is difficult to resolve because the supposed Dovish Good Jews(with the good kind of political allies) are really no less identitarian, tribal, and supremacist than the Hawkish Bad Jews. The former are better at hiding their true agenda. Even so, there is increasing pressure on Dovish Good Jews to distance themselves from Hawkish Bad Jews. Bernie Sanders whose main base comprise White Progs has come under increasing pressure to speak out for Palestinian rights against Israel, thus reversing his long history as a hypocritical Jew whose modus operandi was ‘nationalism for me/we but not for thee’. The pressure on Jews is even greater in European nations, not least because the European ‘Left’, utterly committed to the racial-and-cultural extinction of Europe and fully allied with Muslims and Africans, demands that Israel also drop its guard against Muslims and Africans. While European government elites still support Zionism, European intellectual and cultural elites have become, by and large, very critical of Israel and its alliance with ‘far right’ forces in the US. Openly Right-wing Jews are alarmed by this and even forge an alliance with European Rightists. Left-wing Jews try to walk the tightrope in a balancing act in making all the correct noises about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’ while doing their darned best to make sure that EU remain solidly behind Israel.

Of course, this is one reason why Jews have been so eager to push Homomania. A decadent Western Ideology(and even neo-religion) that is bound to turn off many Third Worlders, especially Muslims, while winning the hearts-and-minds of so many deracinated and decadent whites in a state of cultural degeneration, its effect is to boost support for Israel as the outpost of Homo ‘Pride’ in the Middle East. (It’s interesting that so much of National Degeneration is associated with sex. When Spanish mixed with natives in Latin America, it led to racial dissipation and cultural degeneration. When North African Caucasians mixed with Negroids, their cultures became less stable and more barbarian. When the West began to celebrate ‘gay pride’ and homo fecal penetration, its culture and values became degraded. Pushing tranny business on little children has made things even worse. It has expanded the number of boys who, urged by parents and pop culture, act wussy and girlish to win more affection as having ‘woke’ sexuality. And West’s support of Feminism and Jungle Fever has led to rapid decline of civility. Spread of Negro genes increases levels of savagery and chaos in the white world. And Jungle Fever turns white women into mindless ‘mudsharks’ and turns white men into wussy-ass cucks who’ve lost the respect of their women. Among Muslims, the degenerative factor is cousin marriage. All that semi-inbreeding has led to lower IQ and host of genetic diseases. So, sexual values, habits, and practices are intimately associated with the decline of civilizations.)

Anyway, I would argue that the main pressure on Jews isn’t egalitarianism and humanitarianism but elitism and cosmopolitanism. Young Jews may be moving away from Zionism because they want to be with the top winners. Currently, Jews are the top winners of the US and the World, but in the coming years, the elites of the West are bound to be ever more diverse, made up of not only Jews and whites(mostly Progs) but Yellows, Hindus, mulattoes(not least due to Affirmative Action), and even Muslims. Thus, a kind of caste system is forming in the West. It won’t be as rigid and strict as the one that congealed in India, but the end-result could be that people will identify mainly with their neo-caste status than anything else. This Coming-Apart(the separation of Winners and Losers as expounded by Charles Murray) is affecting all peoples. Granted, moving to America creates a temporary Coming-Together effect among Immigrant Communities. So, Asian Indians of various stripes(and even Pakistanis) who never saw eye-to-eye on anything back in the Old Country find themselves to be part of the Asian-Indian-American Community. And the various kinds of ‘Latin Americans’ — whites, mestizos, Indios, mulattoes, and of different nationalities, e.g. Mexican, Venezuelan, Brazilian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, and etc. — who never had much in common in their own nations suddenly find themselves as members of either ‘Hispanic’ or ‘Latino’ community. Being newcomers and minorities starting anew, they feel a need to pool together with others who are more similar to them. The effect of this is Coming-Together, but it’s not very long-lasting. After all, the ‘dream’ of immigrants is to climb up the social ladder and join the elite club of wealth and privilege. Over time, it means the creation of a Diverse Elite Community where various members feel more as Elysians than as people of any particular tribal or ethnic affiliation. Consider Joe Biden, Billy Boy Clinton, John McCain, Nikki Haley, Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, Amy Chua, Nicholas Kristof, Marco rubberboy Rubio, Francis ‘End of History’ Fukuyama, Walter Russell Mead, Lawrence O’Donnell, S. E. Cupp, Niall Ferguson, and etc. All they care about is belonging to Elysium. Indeed, their pro-Diversity and pro-Inclusion ideology only furthers status and neo-caste as the main basis of identification. If Lawrence O’Donnell felt strongly as a Drunken Irish, he might be less obsessed with status because he would feel closer to all kinds of Irishmen as his fellow ethnic kin: Rich Irish, middle class Irish, working class Irish, poor Irish, super-drunk stupid Irish, and etc. But having no such ethnic sense in the name of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’, what is the only meaningful mode of identity and belonging left to O’Donnell? Wealth and Status of course.

After all, we know it’s impossible to identify with ALL OF HUMANITY. There are too many ethnic groups, too many cultures, too many languages, and too many competing & conflicting narratives. For example, if you claim to love Saudi Sunnis and Iranian Shias equally, how do you resolve the conflict between their competing religious agendas? If you claim to love Turks and Armenians equally, who do you side with on the issue of the ‘Armenian genocide’? If you claim to love Zionists and Palestinians equally, which side is right on the issue of West Bank and Gaza? Thus, all this talk of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’ is meaningless as a source of identity. It’s no wonder that so much of Multi-Culturalism’s emphasis is on Food because peoples of all cultures can agree on culinary delights. (Even so, even the Politics of Foods is fraught with dangers because Muslims don’t eat pork, Hindus don’t eat beef, and Chinese/Koreans/Vietnamese eat dogs. As yet, the US will not allow dog-eating as part of celebration of Multi-Culturalism though, perhaps, that could change as some might argue that laws banning the eating of dogs is culturally discriminatory and ‘exclusive’.) So, what happens in a society committed to deracination and ethnic bleaching? What happens when people realize that they cannot identify with All of Humanity. Indeed, consider the recent Refugee Issue. So many White Progs expressed sympathy and even identification with Muslims. Some even donned burkas and played ‘Muslim for a day’. But identity-for-a-day or identity-based-on-faddish-agendas is shallow and fades as easily as it appears. It’s more like mushrooms than trees. It has no roots. Too much of Current Cult of Makeup Identity is about Mushroomism against the traditional essentialist identity of Treeism. Anyway, the Muslim-for-a-Day craze was as vapid as could be because it was based entirely on political expediency: Let’s Get Trump! It was also morally risible because the very people who suddenly showered sympathy on Muslims and Liinda-Sarsours of the world had been utterly silent when Obama and Hillary were wreaking havoc in the Middle East and North Africa at the behest of Israel and Jewish-globalist supremacists.

Prior to the rise of Diversity in the West, elite power essentially came down to Jews vs Wasps. In the end, Jews won, and Wasps were eager to play the role of partners and underlings of Jews. What advantaged the Jews was the control of Narrative, especially as they gained a stranglehold of media and academia. Jews also became experts of Lawfare to defend their interests(and any interest that subverts white power) and to threaten or destroy their rivals or would-be-enemies with lawsuits. Before the Rise of Diversity, Elite Power meant Jews on top using White Guilt as the paralyzing agent to ensure that Wasps will serve and obey and BUGS(Busy Urban Globalist Semites). That was the one big advantage that Jews had over Wasps. The Guilt Factor. Because Wasps were steeped in the Christian mindset of atonement & redemption(and pride through such), they could be artfully manipulated by cunning and crafty Jews. Jews could invoke the Holocaust and Slavery to morally shame and disadvantage whites. Also, by showering praise on Good Whites committed to redemption, Jews made White Guilt the basis of New White Pride. Paradoxically, white pride could only come by the way of White Guilt. By prostrating themselves before the Magic Negro and Holy Jew, the Good Whites could gain an element of pride, especially by bashing the Bad Whites who weren’t as born-again showy in their expressions of atonement. This is why White Guilt has produced not only sappy wussy whites but angry & violent ones. If White Guilt gave whites No Chance of atonement and redemption, whites who swallow the bitter pill would just keep their heads bowed and feel sorry. However, White Guilt allows whites to confess their ‘sins’ and partially cleanse their souls. This fills them with a neo-Christian kind of Pride. Thus, they go around barking at Bad Whites who refuse to sufficiently cleanse their souls of White Guilt. This is why so much of PC goes after not only whites who are obviously anti-black or anti-Jewish but those who aren't sufficiently pro-black and pro-Jewish.

But if such a psycho-political strategy worked wonders with whites(especially Wasps who tended to be more conscientious than other white ethnic groups), it was bound to fail with non-whites. After all, most of humanity had nothing to do with World War II and Shoah. If anything, most non-whites around the world came under White Domination or Western Imperialism in some form or another in the past four centuries. Thus, they could claim victim-hood under the Current PC. One could argue that Arab Muslims did enslave black Africans, but Muslims don’t have the Guilt-Complex thing that is so integral to Christianity. Also, many black Africans converted to Islam and took on Arab culture and did a lot of enslaving themselves. Furthermore, Arab slavery was less ‘racist’ in the sense that they enslaved peoples of all races, and that supposedly made their form of slavery less unjust. Latin whites(and Jews) could be accused of mass genocide, rape, and slavery over the indigenous peoples of the New World, but the current Narrative says that because of extensive race-mixing among the whites, indigenous folks, and blacks in Latin America, they are just a mass of one Brown Folks. Via race-mixing, White Guilt has supposedly been ‘washed clean’(or stained holy) in Latin America. It means that Latin whites were less ‘racist’ because they deemed non-whites as worthy of ‘rape’. Besides, even if substantial number of Latin Americans are whites, Jews need them as allies against White Americans, and so, there is the charade that even light-skinned Latin Americans are part of ‘People of Color’.

Over time, due to greater infusion of Diversity into elite ranks and further globalization of cosmopolitan elite culture, Jewish elites will increasingly come under pressure to choose between Elysianism and Tribalism. In the past, cosmopolitanism had a national(if not nationalist) flavor. In the 1950s and 1960s, for example, when the elites, intellectuals, and artists got together at festivals devoted to arts, culture, or film, there was an undeniable sense of national origin. So, despite the cosmopolitan spirit of the occasion, each person knew where he came from and to what group or tribe he belonged to. Such sense is far weaker today because so many non-whites have studied in the West(and feel closer to Western institutions and associates than with their own), air travel has gotten cheaper, global communication is instantaneous & virtually free(especially via the internet), and because white elites have been conditioned not to have an identity(which serves as a model for all would-be elites; multi-culturalism is less a 'celebration' of different cultures as an insistence that non-whites all sign on to PC centered around Holocaustianity, Homomania, and Magic Negro Cult; it explains why non-whites who claim to be multi-culti tend to be more obsessed about Homos and Negroes than their own identities and cultures, most of which have zero idolic, let alone iconic, value in the West). As the West embraced Diversity and Inclusion, the ideological emphasis has been to deracinate, dilute, and genericize Western Identity, Culture, & Values to the point where they can easily accept and apply to just about anyone. In order for something to appeal to everyone, it must be ‘disinfected’ and ‘de-toxed’ of anything might be offensive to anyone. Suppose you have an ethnic dish that your people love but may be strange or weird to people of other cultures. In order to make it appealing to more and more people, you would have to remove spices, sauces, and ingredients that might offend anyone. In the end, you end up with something bland and dull.
There have been two main strategies to make the West more ‘welcoming’ of non-white folks. One was to genericize the West into White Bread. After all, anyone can eat white bread. The other strategy has been to urge exoticism on white people. It’s like all those foodie-explorer shows where some white guys travel to other nations to try all sorts of pungent local flavors and loves it. Whiteness must be made as bland and generic as possible even as white folks are encouraged to become attracted to exotic flavors and aromas of other cultures. The paradox makes perverse sense. After all, if whites are pressured to abandon all the particular elements of their identity and culture that make them unique in order to be more ‘inclusive’, then it means whites will grow bored with their ‘white bread’ selves. Thus, they will seek color and meaning in OTHER peoples and cultures. Then, it is no wonder that Prince Harry was attracted to Megan Markle. In the New Britain where white folks, top to bottom, are not allowed to emphasize what makes the British uniquely British, deracinated & de-tribalized white people have come to feel dull, boring, bland, and without direction. Thus, they must latch onto the Other to feel any sense of Purpose and Meaning. If whites cannot be proudly white, they must seek tribal pride by associating with other races. (But then, if Megan Markle is so proud of being black and is such an inclusive egalitarian, why did she marry a white guy and into a Royal family? What a phony bitch-whore.) Of course, it isn’t much different in the US. Because whites are not allowed to feel pride of identity, they must get their tribal kick by yammering about ‘Muh Israel’. And there is always Homomania, a kind of replacement identity for whites. A white person can’t feel pride in whiteness, but he can feel pride as a homo or as a 'believer' in Homomania. Indeed, what used to be called ‘gay pride’ is now just called ‘Pride’, as if homosexuality is synonymous with pride itself. Narcissistic and vain homos not only stole the term ‘gay’ but now even ‘pride’. What will blacks do? Claim ‘great’ for themselves?

Thus far, Jews have done their best to educate, pressure, and reward Diversity elites into serving the Jewish Globalist Agenda. So, we have the likes of Nikki Haley shilling for Israel and saber-rattling at Russia and Iran. We have the likes of Fareed Zakaria praising Trump for lobbing missiles into Libya. We have Francis Fukuyama serving George Soros when it comes to Hungary and Poland. We have Amy Chua shilling for Zionist imperialists and being showered with book deals and praise. We have Obama, Valerie Jarrett, and Huma Abedin serving Jewish Power. Because Jews have the ultimate power in finance, media, academia, law, and Deep State, the new members of Diversity elites are mostly servile to Jews, just like cucky-wuck Wasps are. The vain-and-ambitious know the rules of the game. If you want to make it in America today at the highest echelons of power, you have to serve the Jews... just like, in the past when Anglos were dominant, you had to serve Wasp interests to have doors open to you. But how long can this go on? (For personal gain, greed, and ambition, even non-whites who don't care for Israel and Jews profess to do so. For the time being, open hostility to the Zionist Agenda or Jewish Power can lead to the fate of Rick Sanchez or Helen Thomas. So, even anti-Jewish non-whites must swallow their personal pride and play fetch-and-roll-over for the Jewish gatekeepers of Elysium. But as more and more of Diversity enters elite institutions and industries, there will be increasing clamor as to why People of Diversity must always think in terms of Israel First, Jews First, and Holocaust First, especially since Jews seem to be the New Wasps. It was one thing for Jews to morally browbeat whites by invoking the Holocaust and the Jewish-Black Alliance in the Civil Rights Movement, but the same strategy won't be so easy with Diversity as elite institutions fill up with non-whites who suspect white-shoe Jews have rigged the system to ensure Jewish domination. In time, White Privilege may be understood to be (((White Privilege))). Once that happens, the Power dynamics will go from non-whites professing love of Jews & Israel to enter Elysium to Jewish elites professing end of Jewish Privilege to keep their own personal positions in Elysium. In either case, it's about choosing, when push comes to shove, personal privilege & prestige to group power & strategy. Jews, as the New Wasps, may have to play the game that members of Wasp elites mastered so well. If you can no longer maintain Group Power, do whatever necessary to salvage personal privilege. So, Tom Brokaws and Joe Bidens of the World rose higher in profession and privilege in the Name of Diversity while abandoning all vestiges of white or European identity.) Francis Fukuyama was born in 1952, and Fareed Zakaria was born in 1964. So, their formative experiences took place when the US was firmly controlled by Anglos or Jews. But the changing faces in elite educational institutions portends a very different kind of future. The Current Power of the Establishment reflects Demography of Past America where most people who attended elite educational institutions were white or Jewish. Since then, the share of non-Jewish whites have plummeted in percentage terms in many elite schools. Jews welcomed this in the conviction that Diversity will better serve Jewish interests, i.e. Jews could ally with Diversity against White Power and then pit various goy groups against one another. But there is one serious disadvantage for Jews in the decline of whiteness in favor of Diversity. Whites have been reliably pro-Jewish due to either cult of White Guilt, Shoah as neo-religion, or conviction that Judeo-Christian Values have forged a special covenant between Jews and Christians. So, even though many whites suck up to Jewish power for cynical and opportunistic reasons, the reason why whites are so amenable to the Jewish Way goes beyond mere materialism. There are serious moral, cultural, and/or spiritual issues involved.

In contrast, Diversity’s shilling out to Jewish power seems to be mostly self-serving, especially among blacks and Hindus. Blacks, brash and nasty, resent the fact that white ‘honkey-ass’ Jews get to compete with blacks for the victim sweepstakes. Many blacks feel that Jews have been just as(if not more) ‘racist’ and exploitative toward blacks as whites have been. But because Jews control the media/entertainment and make a big stink about the ‘Holocaust’, they get to play Eternal Victims even though they too be a bunch of ‘honkey-ass motherfuc*as.’
As for Hindus, they are an astute, cunning, savvy, and slithering bunch of ‘dotkins’. Used to haggly-waggly social gamesmanship, one never knows where Hindus are really coming from. After all, India, with its many castes and cultures, hardly developed an organic sense of unity. Instead of Trust, Integrity, and Honor, the key was trickery, deception, and negotiation. So, like a multi-headed elephant, a Hindu may say one thing but mean several other things. This is why, if there is ANY GROUP that might be able to outsmart Jews, it is the ‘dotkins’. While some Chinese or other East Asians may be reasonably smart, they lack the 5D-Chess mentality of the Hindus because East Asia, being more homogenous and harmonious, have developed societies of relative trust and order(at least when compared to India). A Chinese in China or a Japanese in Japan is more likely to feel as an organic member of the community. So, the ideal psycho-social norm & preference for such peoples is to go with the flow. But such feelings are always absent among Hindus(and Muslims) in India who don’t have an organic connection with peoples of so many castes and cultures. Thus, from cradle to grave, the ‘dotkin’ thinks in haggly-waggly terms of "What can I do to find or keep my place in this crazy-quilt cultural order?"

As today’s establishment Jews retire and die out, what will happen to future elite culture in the US? Many Jews today attend schools with as many non-whites as whites. They form friendships with Diversity, and many Jews may have closer bonds with non-Jewish kids than with Jewish ones. Also, young Jews find it difficult to browbeat their Diverse peers with Holocaust Guilt. And forget about ‘white guilt’, though it seems some East Asians are stupid enough to appropriate it. (East Asians are so eager to be the Other Whites that they even follow whites in Guilt and self-loathing. If Jews and most non-whites practice anti-white-ism by blaming whites for everything while making themselves out to be pure-as-snow, dog-like East Asians, in their earnestness and servility, seem to believe that they must be ashamed and self-loathing of similar ‘sins’. So, if whites are guilty of white ‘racism’, then yellows must be blamed for yellow ‘racism’. We rarely see blacks berating other blacks for failing to live up to PC standards, but it’s quite common for yellows to not only attack white ‘racism’ but yellow ‘racism’. What this shows is that Racial Personality is very important. Though considerably different from whites, yellows have more of that Earnestness Gene that make them swallow the PC pill straight. In contrast, Jews, Hindus, blacks, and Latin whites pretend to swallow but spit it back out. They believe only suckers swallow the pill whole.) With Diversity and Inclusion as such catchwords in the Current Year, the role of Affirmative Action will loom ever larger in society. Standards will be lowered to allow more blacks and browns. And even Muslims. As the system grows less meritocratic, Jewish elites will have to rub shoulders with more Diversity. And much of this Diversity will be indifferent to the Holocaust Cult, especially as they will notice that Jews are the most privileged people in the US. And to pressure Jews to relinquish and share more power and wealth with Diversity, non-whites will increasingly warm up to the Palestinian cause and BDS. And because of the internet, it will be harder for Jews to control the Narrative on the Israeli-Palestinian issue. Many young people today get much of their news and information from various internet sources than from ‘Mainstream News’ that is controlled by media conglomerates(run by Jews). Granted, there is a genuine alliance between Jews and non-whites on One Issue: Immigration or Mass Invasion. Non-whites want to leave their own nation, culture, & people and move to the West, especially America. They want access to white land, white laws, white institutions, white sex, and white everything. And non-whites, especially the smart ones, know that Jews have been the most significant factor in opening the West to the Rest. So, as long as non-whites feel that Jewish Power is the key to Western Open Borders policy, they will pretend to side with Jews. But suppose Open Borders become a permanent feature of the West that is destined to become swamped by the Rest? Under such circumstances, non-whites will no longer feel that they must maintain the alliance with Jews. If non-white access to the West is assured for the foreseeable future, non-whites will focus on how to get more concessions from Jews-as-the-most-privileged-whites. Thus far, the alliance of Jews and non-whites have been predicated on the proposal, "If you non-whites side with us Jews, we will help you take more from whitey", but once whites totally lose out and there isn’t much more to take from them, non-whites will have to turn to Jewish wealth and power for goodies for themselves.

As competition for elite spots heats up with more Diversity, future successful Jews will have to choose between Jewish identity & tribalism and cosmopolitan meritocracy or ‘progressive’ Inclusion. Jews must choose between ethnos and ethos, between tribe and status. Jews will also come from increasing pressure to choose between the two by white people who’ve been ‘red-pilled’. They will demand Jews to choose either ‘Nationalism for all white peoples’ or ‘Nationalism for no white peoples’. So, if Jews insist that Jews deserve a Jewish Homeland in Israel, they will be pressed to answer why such is not okay for Hungarians and Poles. And such questions will embarrass Jews in front of Diversity. If Diversity is supposed to feel grateful for Jews for opening the Gates to the West, why do Jews act so cruelly and brutally toward Palestinians who are kept behind walls or in caged territories?

If young Jews really were pressed to choose between Zion and Elysium, which will they choose? I’m inclined to say the latter because when, push comes to shove, people will take success, money, and status above all else. It just feels so much better to have the good life and social approval. In yrs to come, having strong Zionist sentiments will likely lead to social opprobrium and moral stigma. It could be that Jews will be put in the same position that whites in South Africa were. Jews have been able to get away with the problems of Zion for a long time because the Holocaust Cult paralyzed whites into obeisance and acquiescence to the Jewish agenda. Also, as Palestinians weren’t black(like the majority folks of South Africa), their suffering simply didn’t register in the Western Imagination. As the US became the center of the world, not only did it export movies, music, and chewing gum but its own hangups, neuroses, and guilt complexes. Yes, the Imperialism of Guilt. So, if whites feel especially guilty about blacks, the rest of the world must do likewise. But since Americans never felt much guilt or any nice feelings about Palestinians or Arabs in general, Jews could treat Palestinians with impunity. They could do to Palestinians what White Rule in South Africa couldn’t dream of doing to blacks without severe international condemnation. But, this may be finally changing as the West becomes more Diverse and less responsive to White Norms of Political Conscience. If anything, Jews could end up feeling ever more defensive about Zionism and their power/privilege as Diversity increasingly feels immune to Jewish Tricks. Jews are partly to blame for this. Having taught Diversity that there is no greater evil than White ‘Racism’ and ‘White Privilege’, it is only logical that Diversity will one day see Jews as White People too, indeed the richest and most powerful white people who must also relinquish much of their power and privilege to give non-whites a chance. Also, as the fall of Anthony Weiner and Eric Schneiderman showed, Jewish outrageousness and chutzpah will be seriously curtailed by increasing PC and rising power of feminism. And, as so many Jewish women are now wild and into Jungle Fever, more Jewish men will marry outside the Tribe, and their kids will grow up with weakened sense of Jewishness. Under such conditions, the ONLY thing Jews will have left to cling to is wealth, status, and privilege. So, in the future, Jews could end up dropping Zionism not so much out of a humanitarian sense of equal justice but because, under the pressure of rising power of Diversity, they will have to choose between Tribe and Status. Also, as they will grow so addicted to wealth and status, their main identity could be neo-caste-oriented than tribal. Why not attend fancy parties and go on yacht trips with elites of all color than lose sleep, respect, and friends by sticking with reactionary Jews for whom tribalism is a crutch for their lack of comparable success in life? India and Latin America are more about caste-status than tribal affiliation. Indeed, the caste, in and of itself, constitutes a new kind of identity. In the future, the only choice may be Haute Diversity of the Winners or Hovel Diversity of Losers. Haute Diversity in the West will have more Jews, Latin whites, Hindus, mulattoes, Asians, and Wasps. Hovel Diversity will have more blacks, mestizos, Muslims, and ‘white trash’. But both groups will be Diverse. Because all classes/castes will be Diverse, there won’t be a clear association between Tribe and Caste, as had once been the case in Apartheid South Africa. In the New Order, you could be white and very rich or very poor. You could be whatever and be privileged or mired in poverty. So, what will matter most is status itself. This pressure may be so great that even Jews may have to choose between Tribe and Class.

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