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An Hypothetical: Should Nick ‘the Knife’ Fuentes Castrate James ‘the Meat’ Allsup? — Alt Right, Youth, and Immaturity — Sexual Dynamics of Chad-ism

One of the advantages of the Dissident Right is the youth factor. Lots of energy and excitement. The downside, however, is young people, especially the males, tend to be rash, impulsive, and immature. This explains why so much of the Dissident Right and Alt Right movement got sidetracked by egotistical pissing contests. Some of this is downright pathetic, as with the Ralph Retort and Baked Alaska calling each other as ‘fatfuc*’. Young people should go easy on drugs and alcohol(and do something other than play video games for recreation/culture). Though more serious and thoughtful than Ralph and Baked, Nick Fuentes and James Allsup also had a spat over what seems like childish "that’s MY toy" issues. The problem with young people is they have a very limited frame of reference. When a thirty year old looks back on his past ten yrs, it is everything that happened between the age of 20 and 30, a period of adulthood. But when a twenty year old does likewise, the main reference is from childhood to growing years. Even though a twenty year old is fully developed mentally(and even intellectually), his lack of years as an adult means he is still an emotional child in most respects. Then, it is not surprising that the ‘debate’ between Fuentes and Allsup turned into a playground scuffle. Emotional children, they traded barbs as if still in grammar school. As fireworks, it’s not exactly Gore Vidal vs Bill Buckley(or Norman Mailer). It’s more like the bad blood between pals in KINGS OF SUMMER.

Granted, even many adults remain as perpetual children(or teenagers) because our world — Pop Culture is the main culture for most people, even the educated — is youth-centric, made all the worse by the fact that the three main cultural products consist of Rap music, super-hero blockbuster movies, and video-games.
Even Richard Spencer, a far more serious person than Fuentes and Allsup combined, is a tad too obsessed with BATMAN and 007 movies. But then, even serious publications and media devote inordinate time and space on Pop Culture and shallow fads & fashions. We live in a world of constant distractions and ephemera. Most people don’t have a core theme that serves as a continuous thread from which further meanings are woven. They do not tend and keep a flame that defines them throughout their lives. Rather, everything is switched on and off like electric lights. It is no wonder that the so-called ‘progressives’ wage a full Culture War on the idea of Essentialism. For them, the only ‘truth’ is the one that we make up according to whims of fashion, like the notion of there being over 50 genders. It is then not surprising that the current ‘culture war’ consists of wondering what color one should dye one’s hair, what piece of steel should pierce one’s nose, and/or how many tattoos should defile one's body.

Alt Right and Dissident Right run counter to the prevailing cultural currents released by Jewish Supremacists who control most of media and platforms. Of course, many on the Right suffer the same problems as those on the proggy side. Virtually everyone has been saturated with excesses of Pop Culture and Hedonism. The key difference is that elements of the Alt Right and Dissident Right at least realize that something is missing from their lives & society/culture and that something must be done to restore the rudder or the tiller. Richard Spencer’s idea that white people need to ‘become who you are’ implies that everyone has lost something precious and essential. Worse, most people don’t even know it’s missing and do not miss it for that reason. And yet, all the social and moral decay that plagues the white community(and other communities as well) suggest that, on some subconscious level, they do sense that something that should be there isn’t there. They can’t articulate what it is, but there is a budding desire to regain the ‘grail’ once again.
And even though Proglodytes and ‘Antifa’ are enemies of patriots, their desperate fanaticism or addiction to fads suggests that their sick souls are also aching and hankering for something of meaning. As Antifa has nothing with which to define itself in specific terms, it can only define itself AGAINST something. As slaves of Jewish-controlled Pop Culture and Political Correctness, their meaning comes from fighting ‘nazis’. But their dementia deafens them to the deeper murmur that longs to be heard. This murmur is something that some on the Alt Right and Dissident Right hear. It is like the tapping sound made by miners trapped deep below. Those who hear this tapping want to bore through the earth to bring air and light to those trapped in the dark cavern.
In contrast, the Neo-Nazi and 14/88 types, like the Antifa zealots, cannot hear the tapping either because they’ve opted for the simple truths of Heil Hitler in their moral poverty, inflated pride, and lack of imagination.
In a way, Antifa and Neo-Nazis deserve one another. The tragedy is that the Alt Right and Dissident Right have been associated with Neo-Nazis(and not entirely unfairly). But then, certain members of the Alt Right aren’t blameless because, instead of soberly tending the flame and illuminating the world with the lost truth, they squandered so much of the energy on hype and hubris. And they overestimated their own strengths and underestimated the full arsenal of the enemy, the EOJ or Empire of Judea.

Anyway, there you go. While youthful energy is a huge advantage in any movement, the young tend to be naive, impulsive, inexperienced, short-sighted, and driven more by hormones than neurons. This has always been the case. Consider how many Counterculture movements flamed out in the 1960s. So did the Hell’s Angels that degenerated into white gangsterism and the Black Panthers that degenerated into black thuggery. It is the rare young person who has the self-control, foresight, discipline, and cold calculation of a Michael Corleone. But then, Michael got sound genes and advice from his father Vito. (Okay, THE GODFATHER is just a movie.) In EXCALIBUR, the fellowship is made possible only because there is Merlin, a sorcerer with timeless wisdom, to guide Arthur who is capable of realizing and repenting for his wrongdoings. In reality, there are no sorcerers and magic, but each of us can cultivate an otherworldly voice in our head that serves as compass and gyroscope as we navigate through treacherous waters and minefields. Just as faith in God imbues some people to ‘hear’ and feel the steadying voice and hand of God, a development of an inner voice can have a Merlinesque effect on one’s thoughts, emotions, and actions. Greeks understood this. By imagining wise gods such as Athena and Apollo, they could start a conversation in their heads along the lines of "what would Athena advise?" or "what would Apollo do?"
Cultivating such a ‘spiritual consiglieri’ might provide a sense of balance to young people in the Alt Right and Dissident Right who are full of spark but minus the sense to use it intelligently and meaningfully. Richard Spencer, being older and having been around more than your average Alt Right activist, is more serious and less rash, but he too got blind-sided and overlooked his very insights. He’d spoken extensively about how the Power controls the laws than vice versa, but he naively trusted that the Constitution would see him through at Charlottesville. But, everything that happened there and thereafter was a perfect illustration of what Carl Schmitt had expounded. Power controls and manipulates the laws to get what it wants. The Jewish Power’s contortions of the Law to get what it wants have been on full display. Of course, Jews also control finance with which to threaten and destroy anyone who dares to defend the rights of the Alt Right. And Jews also control the media and push only their side of the Narrative. What we call the Free Press are really a form of Owned Media by Jewish globalist oligarchs.

But then, these setbacks need not be a total loss. By diagnosing and documenting how the disease of Jewish Power really works, the Alt Right can use the current crisis as a Teachable Moment for all the World to see, i.e. the US is not a Constitutional Democracy but essentially a Tribal Oligarchy ruled by Judeo-Nazis who play all sorts of funny-clever games with the laws to get what they want.

In the end, there is no end. That is the essential fact of history. Even when something is over, it is never over. It is fought over and over through the battle of narratives. Jesus and His Disciples suffered a tremendous setback with the Trial and Crucifixion. Jesus lost big, and His Disciples scattered like chicken. It seemed as if the whole thing was over and done with. But that was only the beginning of the war. The Disciples never forgot Jesus and kept on preaching their version of the Narrative. They told it over and over to anyone that would listen. And they even twisted things to make it seem as though Jesus had been resurrected and triumphed over death.
So, even though specific historical events happen and end, the War of Historical Memory can go on forever. A people who lost a war in fact can win it in storytelling. Black slavery was a story of failure and defeat, but the Narrative especially since the 1950s has made blacks the great victor over whites who are now enslaved with chains of ‘white guilt’. Of course, Jews played a big role in this.
And even though Jews won decisively over Palestinians, the War of Memory continues, and if anything, the Palestinians have been gaining in international sympathy, especially as Israel has become synonymous with nasty Netanyahu the jerk whose keeps crying wolf about Iran.

Anyway, that is not what this particular post is about. It is about whether Nick ‘the Knife’ Fuentes should castrate James 'the Meat' Allsup. Of course, we don’t mean Nick or anyone should tie down James Allsup(who seems to be a nice feller) like a hog and cut open his scrotum and pull out his testicles. We don’t mean anything like this: So, there is no need for Allsup to worry. Neither Fuentes or any of his fans is going to stalk him to cut off his balls.
We mean Nick-as-metaphor(NAM) and James-as-metaphor(JAM). What is NAM? Nick Fuentes believes not only in traditional values but codes of conduct. So, it’s not enough to spout conservative or traditional talking points. One must LIVE the traditional moral life with its restrictions and responsibilities. It is for this reason that Fuentes isn’t primarily an Alt Rightist. The core of Alt Rightism is identity, and therefore, beliefs, values, and codes of conduct are of secondary importance. Not that ethos don’t matter to Alt Rightists, but ethnos comes first. So, Alt Right isn’t primarily concerned with whether someone is religious, atheist, pro- American or anti-American, traditional, futurist, or whatever. What matters most is that he has an unshakable sense of who he is and what ‘tribe’ he belongs to. So, Alt Right comprises everyone from an Odinist to a Christian to an atheist to a ‘White Shinto-ist’.
Also, because the main fixation is identity, the Alt Right as a big-tent movement hasn’t much to say about personal lifestyles or social conduct. The advantage of this is freedom, edginess, and spirit of experimentation. As aspect of Alt Right is genuinely bohemian and not necessarily at the margins. But there is a downside to such libertine-ism, and we see it among too many Alt Right people who tend to over-indulge in alcohol, drugs, and reckless behavior. Also, the emphasis on identity can drive some people to radical margins, as with fat Matt Heimbach who just became a Malt Right beer bellied neo-Nazi clown.

Nick Fuentes takes exception with the Alt Right on this matter. Though identity is important to him, it is not necessarily at the center of how he defines himself. As a Catholic, he believes God is the center of everything. He believes Jesus is the Savior, and that Western Civilization has been immeasurably enriched and empowered by the glory of faith. He also adheres to a code of conduct whereby men must try to act like gentlemen and women must try to act like ladies. So, it’s not enough to talk the talk. One must walk the walk. And this is where NAM, or Nick-as-Metaphor, comes in conflict with JAM, or James-as-Metaphor.
Not that James Allsup is a proponent of mindless hedonism and Animal-House anarcho-revelry. But his political vision is closer to the Alt Right in that European Identity is first-and-foremost and everything else is up for grabs. For example, one gets the impression that while James Allsup broadly subscribes to traditional morality, he believes there should be considerable leeway when it comes to partying and having fun. In a way, Fuentes and Allsup are like Pat Buchanan split into two halves. In the book RIGHT FROM THE BEGINNING, there is Buchanan the devout Catholic and sincere traditionalist-moralist. But there is also the Buchanan the reveler, brawler, and party animal.
It’s as if the intellectual, moral, and traditional side of Buchanan ended up in Fuentes while his more strident and rambunctious side ended up in Allsup. Ironically, Fuentes is rowdier and more assertive than Allsup whose style, at least as radio-personality, is even-tempered and relaxed. In social activity and sexual behavior, Allsup is more the ‘chad’, but in the art of polemics Nick Fuentes refuses to be anyone’s Sancho Panza. He has to be top dog like Snoopy in "What a Nightmare, Charlie Brown".

Anyway, could there be a moral argument as to why NAM should castrate JAM. (Again, this is a game of Moral Hypothesis, not a call to chisel anyone's pair of marbles.) From the point of Nick-as-Metaphor, James-as-Metaphor is a transgressor, violator, and ‘desecrator’ of sexual morality and family virtue. Why? Because as a ‘chad’, JAM is soiling the future wives of other men. After all, whenever a man is humping a woman he doesn’t intend to marry, he is sexually conquering and ‘exploiting’ a woman who could end up with some other guy. So, he will have soiled and messed her up for the other guy.
Imagine there are 10 plates of food at a cafeteria. Suppose some guy enters and looks around. The proper thing is for him to choosen and take one plate of food to his table. That way, he has his own dish, and the other plates of food can be taken by nine other men. Now, NAM would understand this principle. In contrast, JAM may look around and put his fingers on every plate to taste samples. Finally, he takes one plate of food to a table. But the fact is other plates of food will all have been touched by him. So, the other guys end up taking plates of food that had been touched by JAM.
If JAM had just touched the food on one plate, the foods on other plates would be fresh and clean. But, if JAM had sampled the foods on each of the plates, then other guys must have second-hand food. They can only have food that had already been touched by someone else. It’d be like using a toothbrush used by another person. Who wants to eat something that’s been touched by others in a restaurant?
But in today’s culture, it’s deemed okay for a man to marry some woman who’s already been had by lots of other men like a prostitute. So, the chances are, a man is likely to kiss the lips of someone that have been wrapped around who-knows-how-many-penises? And with the majority of white women having had sex with Negroes, the chances are a white guy will have to marry someone who’d been Afro-junglized. In the past, a man could look at his wife and believe she really belonged to him and him alone. But now, when a man looks at his wife, he is looking at someone who’d been passed around among a bunch of JAM(and maybe Negroes too).

Imagine a community of ten men and ten women. Among the men, there are NAM, JAM, and eight other guys. Ideally, each man will end up with a woman. If men have a sense of male courtesy, each will choose one woman and stick with her. That would be NAM’s way. But JAM’s way is super-horny. He figures, "Why should I stick to one woman when I can hump all of them by flexing my ‘downie hapa’ muscles and making them go into heat?"
Now, suppose JAM is humping all the women, and suppose other guys are giving him high-fives for his sexual exploits. They see JAM as a kind of stud-hero(like pathetic white boys worship black athletes who hump thousands and thousands of white women). But suppose NAM reprimands them for praising and flattering JAM. NAM explains to them that JAM is fuc*ing their future wives. After all, each of the guys is going to want to settle down eventually. And that means each guy will have to choose a girl. BUT, if JAM had already humped all ten women, the guys can’t have fresh a fresh woman to deflower and own as one's own. What they’ll get are leftovers of JAM’s leaky sperm-fest. Then, JAM could look around the room at the wives of other guys, snicker, and say, "Yeah, I humped all of them." Upon hearing this bit of logic from NAM, suppose the other guys come to realize how foolish it had been for them to high-five and flatter JAM when the horny bastard was actually humping and staining their future wives.
And it is then that the other guys decide to play funny physics and reverse time to the moment before JAM humped the womenfolk. So, what must be done before JAM gets out of control and humps & stains all the twots(that woman over there) into ‘thots’? It is then that NAM figures the solution is to castrate JAM into a eunuch so he won’t be able to mess it up for the other guys. JAM is to get the BEGUILED or HARD CANDY treatment and end up like one of the slaves in HISTORY OF THE WORLD PART 1. Otherwise, he might get out of order like the French king and grab-ass all the womenfolk. Of course, this is all just a thought experiment, but the dynamics of a microcosm with ten men and ten women applies to all the world. It’s something worth remembering when guys praise some guy for humping all the thots. One of those thots could be your wife, already used and soiled by someone else.

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