Tuesday, May 8, 2018

A Response to "Warrior-Hero of the West: Erich Hartmann, the Blond Knight of Germany" by Karl Nemmersdorf


 “Yet, the way he performed his duty, with courage and honor—and deadly efficiency—made him the highest scoring ace in history and one of the genuine heroes of Western history. Erich Hartmann is a splendid example of the qualities peculiar to Western Faustian man, such as an acute sense of individuality, iron willpower, and utmost daring.”

Sheesh. So. The Occidental Observer is now a full-blown Neo-Nazi site? What a waste of potential. It's almost as if TOO wants to live up to the smear campaign level against it by ADL and SPLC. But then, if TOO is really has a hardon for Nazis, it's not much of smear campaign, is it, to call it a Neo-Nazi site?

Look, I understand that many men who fought for the Wehmrmacht had sterling qualities as soldiers. And I can’t blame the soldiers because soldiers of all nations were recruited, trained, and sent to battle. German soldiers were no different. From movies like DAS BOOT, STALINGRAD, and DOWNFALL, we can see lots of good men, tough warriors with the right stuff. And we know soldiers must do as they are told. US soldiers were no different. When ordered to incinerate entire cities in Germany, Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, they had no choice but to follow orders. Soldiers are drilled and trained to obey. Therefore, we can’t blame soldiers for national policy. They can only be judged by how they performed in the battlefield.

But soldiers like the one featured in the the Occidental Observer article also serve as a cautionary tale that small virtues are not enough for a morally just order. Courage, honor, loyalty, dedication, camaraderie, and toughness are good virtues to have. But those qualities don’t decide the destiny of a nation. They don't ask the big questions. When a nation is ruled by a pathological nut like Hitler, even the best of men in the military are used to invade other nations, drop bombs on civilians, and even commit mass genocide.

There were plenty of Good Men in the German military, Japanese military, US military, Soviet military, and etc. The movie ENEMY BELOW shows that your average German soldier or sailor was not a monster with horns sprouting from his head. He was likely a man of courage, honor, and patriotism willing to fight and die for his country. But lots of Germans with such virtues didn't prevent WWII, the mass destruction of Europe, and the tragic immolation of Germany. They were mindful of being dutiful and committed but mindless about the bigger picture of a nation, the future of which was to be decided to psychopaths.

In a complex world, especially if you’re a member of a powerful nation that can destroy weaker nations, you must ask… “What kind people at the top are making policy that will affect countless lives?” Too many Good Germans blindly trusted Hitler because he had charisma and could give spellbinding speeches. To be sure, Hitler did do some good things, that is before he decided to throw caution to the winds and trigger a world war. In the end, what a sick tragedy that SO MANY GOOD MEN were wasted in a terrible war ignited by a pathological egotistical lunatic whose grand vision was to invade Russia, wipe out tens of millions, and turn survivors into illiterate helots.

And of course, we have the same problem now in the US. Lots of US soldiers are good guys, men of virtue and honor. But did US soldiers have a choice when they were ordered to invade Iraq? Did they have agency and true moral understanding? No, they were fed lies by the Jew-run Media and Judeo-Nazi Neocon warmongers whose agenda was to goad stupid goyim into fighting and dying in Wars for Israel and the Empire of Judea.

Sadly, all those US soldiers, though possessed of small virtues, lacked a larger understanding of the world and failed to realize that they were just toy soldiers of pathological crazy Jews(the new hitlers) who now control America.

We can acknowledge the fact that there were courageous and honorable men who fought for Nazi Germany. But it is morally disingenuous to to discuss that reality without considering the larger context of how all those Good Men were manipulated and ultimately destroyed by a pathological lunatic in a war that came to consume 40 to 50 million European lives.

By the way, ‘Judeo-Nazis’ is apt because, while ‘Nazi’ in the historical sense refers to Germans of the 30s and WWII, it can mean any group that acts like ‘nazis’ in the generic sense.
Now, how did Nazis act? Imperialist, supremacist, contemptuous, murderous, genocidal, pathological, ruthless, devious. Then, any existing group that acts most like that are generic nazis.

Well, what power acts most like that today? Jewish supremacist power, of course. Even Haaretz used the term ‘Judeo-Nazi’ to describe certain kinds of Jews.


Today, it is Jews who are most committed to spreading hatred all around the world. Jews use MSM, their ministry of propaganda, to spread HATE against Russians, Syrians, Iranians, Palestinians, and white gentiles. But even as Judeo-Nazis spit  on the faces of white gentiles, they also order dumb goyim to fight and die in Wars for Israel.

Germans went crazy in WWII period. But Jews also need to look in the mirror and realize the sickness in their own souls. How ironic that Jews, who invoke the holocaust 24/7, have become the very supremacist scum that they've condemned for so long.

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