Thursday, May 24, 2018

Is ‘Indispensable’ and ‘Exceptional’ America a Worthy Template for the Rest of the World?

When American Hegemonists speak of the US as an ‘indispensable’ and ‘exceptional’ nation, they are posing two contradictory ideas. One is that the US is so awesome and great that all the world should emulate the American model. The other is that, precisely because the US is so awesome and great, no other nation can ever come close to replicating the American Way. Thus, Americanism is both a model and a mirage. It is why Americanism suggests that (1) other nations should aspire and strive to make their nations into Another America but, (2) being unable to do so, should instead dream of coming to America to become New Americans.
Another contradictory stance of Americanism is that Americans are better than everyone else — after all, the people make the nation — , BUT, the would-be-Americans are MORE AMERICAN than existing Americans. So, non-Americans should admire the great Americans and want to be like them and even, via immigration, become them. And yet, in BECOMING American, they are said to be MORE AMERICAN than the existing Americans, especially ‘old white ones’. America is hyped as the ever newer, fresher, rejuvenating, and reinventing nation, and in order for America to be ‘born again’ over and over and over, it needs new ‘converts’ in the form of ‘immigrants’. But then, the New Americans soon become Old Americans and must, in turn, be replaced by yet Newer Americans.

Indeed, much of America reflects lack of constancy and continuity. A particular town in Greece likely had Greek inhabitants for centuries, even millennia. A village in Japan may have been Japanese for as long as anyone can remember. An Arab city was likely Arab for many centuries. But a part of American city could have been Anglo, then Irish, then German, then Swedish, then Chinese, then black, then Mexican, and etc. There are so many parts of the US where the people and buildings & monuments aren’t culturally or historically synced. A town with a Catholic Cathedral and Polish-themed monuments could be inhabited by Mexicans, Hindus, or Arabs. The working-class Poles who used to live there may have left for the suburbs or dispersed into other cities and towns. Or, as mere White Americans, they may have lost their identity, culture, and language.
Thus, the American Way is anti-permanence. After all, the movement to America has always been a Faustian bargain for would-be-immigrants. You come to a land of greater freedom, opportunities, land, and wealth... but you lose your roots, culture, and heritage; indeed, you may even serve the US in a war against your nation of origin. After all, America was born of betrayal against the Mother Country by the colonialists. Your sense of identity weakens and fades. In the end, there is only materialism, consumerism, pop culture, and PC... and their particular forms of idolatry and iconography.

But people do want to come to the US. Of course, many people also want to move to EU. The reasons are obvious. Humans are just higher animals and feel & act like creatures in the wild. Animals move toward greener pastures, toward places that are warmer(from the cold) or cooler(from excessive heat). Animals seek material bounty and greater comfort. Snakes and amphibians also migrate from higher ground to lower ground as seasons change. Humans are no different. If allowed, they will go from poor region to wealthier region. They will go from repressive places to freer places. EU, US, and Canada may be increasingly stifling with their PC, but they are far freer places than much of the world. Say or do the ‘wrong’ thing in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, and you can end up dead.
Also, people move from chaos to order. Even as people desire freedom over repression, they prefer order over chaos. South Africa may be free but for what? For acting like wild-ass ‘Jafros’ who be robbing, raping, murdering, and driving hippos crazy. If a nation like Saudi Arabia is too restrictive and repressive, a black African nation is too wild and crazy. So, it’s no wonder that so many Muslims and black Africans try to move to EU. And it’s no wonder that so many brown folks in messy and diverse Latin America try to move to Anglo-made US.

Now, there is a reason why the EU and North America have been nicer places. Until recently, EU was virtually all-white, populated by peoples with higher IQ(than world average), rich culture and history, and great achievement. And the US grew to such power and wealth because of Land, Legacy, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. There was plenty of land with good climate, fertile soil, and tremendous resources of all kinds. There was also the Legacy of Anglo founding, so crucial because Britain, at the time of America’s creation and long thereafter, was the center of world advancement in ideas, science, and technology. Thus, the US was an offshoot of the most dynamic and productive people on Earth... as opposed to Latin America that came to be culturally defined by a stagnant and declining power of the Spanish and Portuguese who had had a great head-start but fell behind in the longer race. There was also the element of genetic lineage. For much of the first half of American history, the US was overwhelmingly Northern European. There were lots of blacks in the South, but whites had tight control over them. In contrast, Latin America’s whites were outnumbered by non-whites or extensively mixed with them to the point of racial and cultural confusion, thereby leading to the formation of social stratification not unlike the caste system of India though not as elaborately codified. The US, in its critical formative and developmental period, had excellent genetic stock — higher IQ Northern European folks — ,and demographic consistency paved the way for greater unity and easier assimilation. After all, it was easier for a Swede or German to become Anglo-ized than for other folks. In Latin America, no matter how much a brown Gomezer tried to be white, the snobby Latin white elites might look upon the poor fellow with either derision or condescension. Finally, there was the spirit of Liberty, a can-do cowboy spirit like what John Wayne has in those Westerns. Compare the can-do spirit of Pike Bishop(William Holden) in THE WILD BUNCH with the way of Mexicans who just like to drink and laugh like simpletons. Now, Pike likes to party and have fun too, but when he must lead, he leads. He doesn’t go around making big noise about ‘stinking badges’.

It was those things that made America great. Indeed, America became the most powerful nation on Earth long before the 1965 Immigration Act that opened the nation to all the ‘darky’ folks around the world. Land, Legacy, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. And Germany and Japan also modernized quickly and became major powers because of they had unity and solidarity. They lacked the Land and Liberty(comparatively speaking) of the Americans, but they had rich Legacy and Lineage of their own. They rose to status as first-rate economic powers as homogeneous nations. In contrast, so many nations that were very diverse failed to make similar progress. Of course, homogeneity alone doesn’t mean anything. Detroit and Haiti are homogeneously black, but blacks being blackity-black, too-many-Negroes just mean things-fall-apart. If anything, a nation that is all black will be worse off than a nation that is half-black and half-nonblack. In the former, blacks will just do their ugabuga nonsense and tear things apart. In the latter, blacks could at least leech off the productivity of non-blacks. But, because blacks are essentially a parasitic and pillaging race, non-blacks would be much better off without them. A homogeneous white nation is better than a half-black and half-white nation, which in turn is better than a homogeneous black nation.

The real reasons for America’s greatness are Legacy, Land, Lineage, and Law & Liberty, BUT Jews, via control of media and academia, have fooled amnesiac Americans(made forgetful by Pop Culture and PC) into believing that American Greatness was the result of Diversity because, after all, LOOK AT ALL THOSE PEOPLE-OF-COLOR IMMIGRANTS. Of course, in fact, all those non-whites were attracted to America because it was already rich. They are not the ones who made it rich, though to be sure, blacks did considerable labor as slaves and Chinese did work on the railroads. (But what was a net economic plus with black labor later became a net economic minus with black crime, corruption, and parasitism.) Jews and progs like to yammer about how America was always a ‘Nation of Immigrants’, but not All Immigrants are the same. After all, Israel is a Nation of Immigrants, but it made all the difference that the immigrants were Jewish than non-Jewish. Just like Israel took in Jews from all nations — European, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and even few African — , America developed mainly by taking in white Europeans of various ethnicity. Initially, the US favored Anglos and Northern Europeans. But the need to settle more land and fill more factories with manpower expanded immigration rolls to more backward Southern and Eastern Europeans. This was bound to cause tensions due to bigger cultural differences, but in time, due to genetic similarity, all white Europeans were easily able to assimilate into Americanism. The two exceptions were the Southern Italians who were prone to corruption, clannishness, and crime. (Perhaps some of them were ‘part eggplant’ due to Moorish invasion of Southern Italy.)

More problematic were Jews who(with their high IQ and ambition) certainly contributed a great deal to America in terms of industry and culture but also caused lots of problems because, alone among the white immigrants, they arrived with a nasty baggage of neurosis that was bound to make them hostile, rabid, and virulent toward White America. In the end, Jews even came to promote ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs) and Homomania(Queertianity as replacement for Christianity) as the New Official Credos of America. Jewish Credo works to destroy the Anglo Cradle that was bedrock of American Civilization. The Founders envisioned America as a great new extension of the Western Saga. In contrast, Jews rewrote the Book of ‘Western Values’ to fool whitey into believing that the ultimate meaning of Western Civilization is to worship Jews, Homos, & Negroes and to trample on the last vestiges of white identity, culture, and claim.

So, when we speak of Americanism in the 21st century, we mustn’t confuse it with Americanism a century ago, let alone at the beginning. Indeed, America today is a vastly different place than even America in the 1960s. Given the rise of Homomania, even the America of the 1980s may seem like an alien place. If we were to go back to the 1980s in a Time Machine and tell people back then that the main features of American culture and values would be (1) Attack, humiliate, and dehumanize Whitey (2) Worship Homos, believe in ‘gay marriage’, and destroy bakers who won’t make ‘gay wedding’ cakes (3) smash historical monuments (4) Jungle Fever and ACOWW and (5) restrict free speech as ‘hate speech’, most Americans wouldn’t believe it. They’d say, "You gotta be kidding."
Also, what goes by ‘liberalism’ and ‘conservatism’ in the Current Year has little resemblance to what those ideologies or movements represented several decades ago. And even though the US had already become overly favorable to Israel by the 1960s, the sheer submissive whoring to Israel and Jewish Power in the present would have been beyond belief even up to the early 1990s. Especially since Bill Clinton, the main theme of US politics has been Appeasing Jewish Supremacist Power.

Anyway, given the ways of the Current Template of Americanism, is it any kind of sane model for rest of the world? Now, one might argue that what-works-for-America-may-not-work-for-the-world, but the Globalist Message is "What is good for America is good for the world, for each and every nation." But then, is it really even good for America? Was America made better and improved as the result of the social, ideological, demographic, and political transformations especially since the 1960s? I would say, for the most part, NO. So, if it’s bad for the US, why would it be good for the world? Of course, we know the answer. It’s the Jews. While the changes haven’t been good for America as a whole, they’ve been spectacularly wonderful for Jewish power that gained not only supremacy over America but all the world by using the US as the Jewel in the Crown of the Empire of Judea. Jews are virulently ethno-centric, and their main concern is, "Is it good for the Jews?", and indeed, all the massive transformations and myriad revolutions have been very very good for Jewish wealth, privilege, and power. And that is why Jews, as ‘change-makers’, want more and more and more. They don’t care about the goyim or America as a whole. What they care about is their own power and on a globalist hegemonic scale. But if the lesson of America is that "What has been so very good for Jews have been mostly bad, even terrible, for others", then maybe just maybe Americanism is NOT a useful template for the rest of the world.

So, what are the main tenets of the Current Template and what kind of influence have they had on America? And if their effect on America was such-and-such, what would their effect likely be on OTHER nations that adopt them? For that purpose, let us imagine what Americanism will likely do to Hungary and Japan.

1. Worship-Diversity-and-Promote-Minority-Supremacism. That is surely one of the major tenets of New Americanism. So, what has its impact been on America? It meant the white majority becoming a minority in states like California that is now effectively a one-party state. It meant loss of prestige for the white majority population that is blamed for everything that is wrong among non-white minorities. Whites have become the scapegoat of American PC. In every facet of business, politics, culture, and life, there is endless complaint about ‘too many whites’ and ‘not enough diversity’. Prior to 1965 Immigration Act, whites were a comfortable 90% of the population. Due to Diversity-Worship, white share of the population keeps sinking, and some project that whites will become a minority in a few decades. Progs say THIS IS A GOOD THING.

Okay, so let’s apply this Americanist tenet to Hungary and Japan by supposing that they embrace it as national policy. What will it mean for both nations? It will mean both nations will fill up with foreign immigrants who will be favored politically, legally, socially, culturally, and morally over the native population. Indeed, Japanese majority will be blamed for all the problems of immigrants in Japan, and the native majority will face the same fate in Hungary. There will be endless complaints about how Japan needs MORE foreigners whose needs must be accommodated at the expense of Japanese who are to be blamed for ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’, ‘exclusion’, and ‘intolerance’. Even when the problems are caused by foreigners who prey on Japanese, the blame will be placed on the Japanese. After all, that is how the current Americanist Template works. No matter what goes wrong with non-whites, we must understand them and make excuses for them. As for whites, they need to just shut up and try to make things even nicer for Diversity.
Meanwhile in Hungary, certain Christian monuments will likely be torn down because they might offend Muslims as ‘New Hungarians’. After all, in a world of Minority Supremacy, the Majority must make concessions to appease and accommodate the Other. And if ‘New Hungarians’ from the Muslim or African world commit lots of crime or cause a lot of havoc, the blame must always fall on Hungarians for not having done enough to make things nicer for the foreigners, aka the ‘New Hungarians’.

In the long run, Japanese and Hungarians must look forward to a day when they will be reduced to a minority in their own nations. And they must WELCOME AND CELEBRATE such a prospect because, after all, one of the tenets of Americanisms is that a nation must be totally reinvented and transformed. The Old must be cast out to make way for the New. Thus, Japan will fill up with Chinese, Hindus, Muslims, Africans, and etc. And Hungary will fill up with Arabs, Afghanis, blacks, and riffraff from all over the world. And both Japanese and Hungarians must do their utmost to convince themselves that their nations will be immeasurably blessed by these huge changes.

Now, does anyone really think this tenet of the American Template would be a good thing for Japan and Hungary? To me, it sounds like the demise of Japan and Hungary... just like all this Diversity-mongering led to the demise of White people in California and threatens to do the same to other states and to the nation as a whole. White Americans are told that they must rejoice and welcome this. If so, replacement of the native majority is a MUST according to the American Template. And if it is implemented in Japan and Hungary, the people there must also welcome being replaced by masses of foreigners who will take over as the New Majority.
Jews insist this is a great thing... but when it comes to Israel, they say they must make sure, BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, that Israel remains the homeland for Jews as the solid majority.

2. Another Tenet of the New American Template is Worship Jews and Israel. And in a way, Tenet #2 complements Tenet #1. Indeed, they were made to go together, at least in gentile nations. After all, it is much easier for Jews to gain a solid foothold in a Diverse nation than in a homogeneous one. If all people are united by identity and solidarity, they might come together and say NO to Jewish takeover. But if the nation is divided along various ethnic lines, Jews can play various groups against one another. So, Jews think, ‘more diversity among goyim, more opportunity for us’. Jews think this way, but it isn’t a foolproof formula for Jews. After all, Jewish Power and Wealth have depended on the power and wealth of gentiles. More powerful and wealthy the gentiles are, the more wealthy and powerful the Jews can become by piggybacking on gentile greatness. It’s no accident that modern Jews achieved most in Germanic and Anglo civilizations. As Germanics and Anglos had the most wealth, best institutions, and most advanced methods, it was to the Jewish advantage to live and work in their world. Surely, a Jew in homogeneous Germany was better off as a businessman or professional than a Jew in diverse Bolivia or Venezuela. There was a reason why Jews wanted to come to Anglo-made America. Jews knew Anglos could do great things; therefore, it was better for Jews to be with people like Anglos and Germanics than with corrupt Italians, backward Spaniards, or lazy Russians. But Anglo and Germanic ability also meant greater competition for Jews. Also, the racial contrast was starker between Jews and Anglos/Germanics than between Jews and swarthy and exotic looking folks in Southern or Eastern Europe. A Jew might look similar to a Greek, Southern Italian, or a Slav(with some Central Asian blood), but he stood out next to an Anglo or Germanic. So, not only were Anglos and Germanics more prone to seeing Jews as the Other but Jews themselves felt it too. Anthony Weiner and Eric Schneiderman look more out of place among Anglos than among Italians.
Also, the great pride of achievement among Anglos and Germanics made them feel special, and that meant they might react with greater hostility and resentment to the meteoric rise of Jews. And exactly this happened in National Socialist Germany that reacted to Jewish pathologies with a pathology all its own that was just as crazy if not crazier. Perhaps, if WWII and the Shoah hadn’t happened, Jews wouldn’t have been so averse to gentile nationalism and homogeneity, but the historical trauma of the period branded the Jewish mind with the idea that Gentile Homogeneity(especially if white) = Big Danger to Jews.
So, on the one hand, even as Jews sought out relatively homogeneous white nations as favored immigration destinations — Jews preferred North America to South America — , once they'd established themselves, they worked tirelessly to increase Diversity, even to the point of relegating the existing majority population into an eventual minority. Jews looked around the world and noticed that white majority or white-homogeneous nations are richer and offer more opportunities. So, Jews did everything they could to move to such nations, but once settled and gaining in influence, they worked to increase Diversity to weaken the pride and power of the majority. This was especially done through Minority Supremacism, which is great for Jews who are, after all, one of the minorities. If the template says the nation must be more sensitive and mindful of minorities than of the majority, it means people like the Jews get special consideration. Also, it means Jews and other minorities can scream ‘racism’ endlessly to berate and belittle the majority for not doing enough to appease and accommodate their demands. So, even though Jews and Somalis are at the polar opposites of political and economic power, they are allies as fellow minorities whose power expands at the expense of the white majority that has been made to feel ‘guilty’ of everything unless they try even harder to make things easier for the Other.

Now, one may argue that Jewish talent has been a great boon to the US, and there is a lot of truth in that. Jewish contributions to medicine, science, technology, business, arts, culture, and so many fields are truly astounding and incalculable. And if Jews were happy to be fellow whites and get along with rest of white society, Jews would have been a great plus to America. But Jews weren’t only intelligent and creative but hostile, vicious, nasty, and neurotic. Too many Jews had the vile, venal, and/or vindictive personalities of men like Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Eric Schneiderman, Bernie Madoff, Harvey Weinstein, Louis B. Mayer, and etc. Granted, there are lots of a**holes in any group, but the combination of high IQ, chutzpah, and nasty personalities among Jews made their a**holery more dangerous. So, all the good things Jews did for America were, in the end, bad for America. Not because those things, in and of themselves, were bad but because the great wealth and influence that Jews gained through them were used to destroy what was so great and magnificent about White America.
Suppose I enter a community and invent a new medicine that is a wonder drug. The community respects and hails me as a great new member who did much good. But then, suppose I take my profits from the wonder drug and use the money to fund all sorts of things that are terrible for the community. In the end, the girls are turned into sluts & skanks, the Negroes are encouraged to beat up whitey, foreigners take over entire streets and replace existing folks, homos strut around as neo-aristocrats, and culture has been degraded to the point where men are a bunch of soyboy dorks and women are bunch of skanks. Furthermore, suppose I no longer make wonder drugs but make addictive nasty drugs that make the people of the community sicker than better.
And this is why the genuine contributions of Jews in America have, in the end, done more bad than good. Even Jews who gained influence or made money by honest success in business or technology ended up funding some of the most toxic and deranged ideas, idols, and trends in America. Immense Jewish riches funded Homomania, Afromania, insane forms of feminism, the pornification of mainstream culture, dehumanization of Whitey & other poison pills of PC, and the Third-Worldization of California, once the Dream State of White America that was on the up-and-up. Steven Spielberg is a great entertainer and film-maker, but what kinds of causes has he been funding and pushing all these years? Anti-white mania. Sergey Brin and Larry Page did something remarkable with Google, but they use it for Evil against whites, Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, and decent moral folks.

Now, let’s apply this tenet of Americanism to Japan and Hungary. Suppose both nations decide It’s-grand-and-glorious-to-welcome-Jews-and-let-them-take-over. Let us suppose that, in time, Jews do to Japan and Hungary what they’ve done to US and UK. Jews gain control of all financial institutions and steer the national economy to serve Jewish interests and funnel tons of money to Israel and Zionist causes worldwide. Also, Jews disallow their critics or enemies from using financial services. So, just as Jewish financial capitalist monopolists use their muscle to deny service to men like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer, and others, Jews in Japan and Hungary make sure that patriotic critics of Jews cannot carry out financial transactions. Would this be good for Japan and Hungary? To force patriots into penury? And, as in the US, Jews will use their vast wealth to take over all the media. Would it be good for Japan and Hungary to have all their media be owned by Jews? And suppose Jews take over elite academia and train Japanese and Hungarian elites to do the bidding of World Jewry at the expense of their national interests.
Also, the Cult of Shoah and Eternal Guilt about Jews are made to take front-seat to nationalism and patriotism that are pushed to the back... eventually out of the bus altogether. Who really thinks this will be a blessing for Japan and Hungary?

Incidentally, Hungary had this very problem with George Soros who used his riches to fund a university there to train an ‘intellectual’ army of globalists more loyal to the Empire of Judea than to Hungary itself. Thankfully, Viktor Orban and fellow patriots saw the dangers and did everything they could to drive Soros out of Hungary. But Soros still has his minions all over the EU, and they are all working together to force Hungary to take in Muslim and African ‘migrants’ who keep arriving in bigger numbers to colonize white wombs and turn Hungary into an Afro-Islamic nation.

Do the Japanese and Hungarians really want their nations to be ruled by Jews just like US and UK are. What are Jews doing to white majority populations in US and UK? Jews have insulted them and dehumanized them. Jews are mocking them while celebrating their racial demise. If the New American Template means giving Jews a blank check to do as they please, then Jews will do to Japanese and Hungarians what they’ve already done to whites in US(and UK and Canada).
When the majority population of any nation around the world studies America, they need to pay attention to what Jews did to the White Majority. They need to realize that what the New American Template did to the White Majority will do the SAME THING to them in their own nations. If Jews took over Japan, they would do to the Japanese majority exactly what they did to the White Majority in US. Jews would do everything to rob Japanese majority of their pride and claim to Japan. Jews will persuade that Japan has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’ and therefore must taken in endless foreigners from all over the world... until Japanese are a minority in their own nation. Also, Jews will convince the Japanese that future policy must be about favoring Jewish interests over Japanese ones and always putting foreign minorities(as the New Japanese) ahead of the Japanese in all positions in society. Good for Japan? Good for Hungary?

3. The Third Tenet of the New American Template is Homomania as the New Official (quasi-)Religion. Every society needs some kind of myth or symbolism to hold it together. The spiritual and moral core of the West used to be Christianity, as Islam was for the Middle East and North Africa. But Jews have always hated Christianity as the Enemy Faith. Also, Jews weren’t willing to universalize their own religion and identity for all of mankind. Jewishness is only for Jews. Granted, one could argue Christianity was the Universalization of Judaism, but Jews regard it as ‘gentiles stealing our God’. So, Jews have been adamant about desecrating and destroying Christianity, and they’ve succeeded for the most part. But a civilization still needs some kind of spiritual symbolism and guidance. Without such, people become confused and lost. Then, it becomes difficult for the elites to create a shared sense of purpose. After all, in Marxist-Leninist nations, it was the mass communist rallies and symbolisms that brought millions of peoples together as comrades. In the West, people were brought together with a sense of purpose by Christianity and Nationalism. But not only do Jews loathe Christianity but they fear non-Jewish nationalism. So, what was to be done? How could masses of people in Western nations be brought together under some sacred vision or holy narrative? Jews chose Three Holies: The Cult of Shoah, Magic Negro Worship, and Homomania. Cult of Shoah paralyzes whites with guilt and brings them together in collective atonement(even though most whites had nothing to do with Nazi crimes). Magic Negro Worship, especially in relation to MLK and Mandela, makes whites dream of redemption by revering black jesus. It’s especially effective because it transfers unity among whites away from white identity & pride toward identification with and admiration for black nobility. And finally, Homomania is the new celebratory fanfare and missionary zeal among Westerners. If Shoah Cult is too gloomy for celebration and if Magic Negro Worship is too reverential for bacchanalia — though Jungle Fever and other forms of Negro-related Experience are meant for revelry and wild abandon — , Homomania can be fun and fabulous. It is popular in our consumerist celebrity-saturated age of neo-pagan idolatry where vanity and narcissism are the main modes of self-actualization. As vain Homos and narcissistic Trannies are into pathological self
regard, Homomania is a religion of self-worship, which is what most people want because their cultural consciousness revolves around superhero comic-book movies, fashion models, athletes, entertainers, and people who are famous just to be famous.

So, what has been the effect of Homomania on American/Western Culture? It has led to degradation of marriage as something to be associated with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-and-balls cutting. It has led to desecration of churches that are now festooned with homo colors, indeed as if God and Jesus are all about blessing the ‘art’ of sodomy and genital mutilation. And it had led to threats against decent bakeries that won’t make cakes for disgusting ‘gay weddings’. Not only threats but financial ruin with the full backing of Jew-run law firms and Jew-run big media. By the way, why is the wonderful rainbow associated with guys who do homo fecal penetration or tranny-penis-cutting? Also, the spread of Homomania has people believing that being critical to homosexuality means you’re sick in the head, or ‘homophobic’. This is what Jews gave us. And Jews plan on spreading it all around the world because it is good for Jewish power. As far as Jews are concerned, the vast majority of straight people worshiping Homo minority is complementary to vast majority of ‘gentiles’ worshiping the Jewish minority. Also, sacralization of degeneracy means loss of pride of decency. A majority population with no sense of decency has no real pride. Incredibly enough, the majority of Americans now think Degeneracy is the New Decency because their only experience of culture is through Jew-run TV and other garbage. The normalization of sodomy via Homomania has also removed stigma from dirty ‘sexual’ acts, thereby quadrupling the number of anal-cancer cases among millennials.

Now, what kind of effect would this happen on Japan and Hungary? Of course, Japan and Hungary have already been affected by Homomania, the new missionary zeal of Jew-run West. Jews who control world media, world finance, and world institutions, have pressured EVERY nation(except some Muslim nations where Open Homomania will lead to violent backlash) to bend over to Homomania. According to Jews and Homomaniacs, other nations’ cultures and heritages don’t count. The cultures of other peoples must make way for the bigger god of Homoamania. Jews recruit and fund local homo collaborators all over the world to spread Homomania as the #1 neo-religion of the world. Since Homomania is a Jewish-created neo-religion, those who fall under its sway effectively become mental tools and soul-puppets of Jews. By spreading Homomania, Jews desecrate all other nations with filth. By means of money and power, Jews effectively threaten and pressure all nations to accede to the Worship of the Holy Homo Anus.

Though Japan and Hungary have conceded to Homomania somewhat, they haven’t gone as far as US, UK, and Canada. But suppose Japan and Hungary decided to go whole hog on the Tenet #3 of the New American Template. It means legalization of ‘gay marriage’ in Japan and Hungary. Thus, all marriages would be associated with homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting. It means Japanese and Hungarian bakeries will be destroyed if they don’t bake ‘gay wedding’ cakes. It means endless homo and tranny propaganda in schools as defacto-Jewish propaganda. (By weakening national identity and moral authority via Homomania, Jews figure it will be easier to manipulate demoralized, corrupted, or confused non-Jews. Of course, there is always the danger of Jews getting high on their own supply. 70% of Israelis are for ‘gay marriage’, but the strong religious and moral power in the nation hasn’t allowed it.) Jews figure, "If we can make entire people worship men who take it up the ass or cut of their dicks, what can’t we do?"

4. Of the Holy Three, the third is, of course, Negroes. Therefore, Afromania is another tenet of the New American Template. Now, all peoples have a history of suffering, so why does black suffering matter more? Main reason is Jews control the media and use it to guilt-bait whites with moral paralysis. But why blacks than other groups? It’s because blacks emote and dramatize their suffering more colorfully, like Chicken George holding a dead bird in ROOTS. Also, blacks mix it with song and dance. And they are big in sports, holler loud(like negrovah-like god), and excite white folks with their larger dongs and bouncier booties(that made ‘twerking’ the #1 dance craze around the world). Thus, Negro suffering and tragedy seems more dramatic and eventful than the suffering of inexpressive brown peons in Latin America. Or consider PLATOON or APOCALYPSE NOW. When a Negro gets blown away, he be wailing crazily like not only he’s dying but the universe is about to turn off the lights. In contrast, the rice-and-rat-eating Viet Congs face death stoically with stony faces. "Nobody knows da trouble I seen, nobody knows but Jesus... sheeeeeiiiit"

Now, some reality check. The biggest problem of the US is Too-Many-Blacks. Whatever entertainment value blacks may have and whatever tragedies they experienced in America, the fact is blacks are dangerous due to BAMMAMA Factor: Blacks are More Muscular and More Aggressive. So many blacks act like thugs and lunatics. Just check out Colin Flaherty’s channel on — he was kicked off Youtube by Jews who own Google.

Indeed, it wouldn’t be much of an exaggeration to say 80% of America’s problem is due to blacks. In robbery, rape, murder, gun violence, thuggery, corruption, mayhem, ugly behavior, nasty attitudes, and etc., there is no more destructive race than blacks. While all races can be destructive, they can also be spectacular builders and reformers. But blacks only destroy and destroy some more... until the result is Detroit or Zimbabwe.

But if you go by the Jew-run media and entertainment, you’ll get the impression that poor, decent, and upstanding blacks are being gunned down by Evil Nazi white police. TV shows and movies will feature wonderful and noble Negro heroes while most villains are Evil Whitey. And even though blacks have committed so much violence and mayhem since the 1960s, there is a media gag-order, a consensus of silence, on all that, and we are supposed to revisit the narratives of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD for the umpteenth time.

Now, this is bad enough in the US. The bigger problem is this madness is pushed on other nations. Europe was far worse off than the US after WWII, but it had one blessing the US didn’t have: NO NEGROES. So, while European cities recovered and rebuilt, many American cities began to rot and decay despite the booming economy. Blacks destroyed huge swaths of cities. In some cases like Detroit, they nearly destroyed the entire city.
And yet, the Global Narrative had us believe that Noble Blacks were just using righteous violence to rebel against ‘racism’, ‘white supremacism’, and ‘bigotry’. Europeans swallowed this BS hook, line, and sinker. Also, as black Africans seemed so poor and backward, Europeans thought they would come to Europe with gratitude and happiness. Also, because of Black Cool in music and sports, maybe Europe can have fun singers and athletes too(like America) if they took in lots of blacks.
The current African invasion of Europe has roots in the American Template because it is in the US that the Negro gained the greatest traction as tragic narrative and greatest attraction as sports-and-music figure. Also, after the moral shame of WWI, WWII, the Shoah, and even Communism, Europeans felt that the Black Issue was the one they could exploit to morally brown-nose White Americans. "Okay, we killed Jews, but YOU white Americans enslaved those noble Negroes and kept them poor."
And by taking in lots of blacks from Africa, the Good Reformed European Whites would prove their moral superiority to white Americans who’d mistreated blacks. In a way, the current Africanization of Europe is more like an African-Americanization-done-right. By having blacks thrive in Europe, Europeans would prove their moral superiority to white 'racist' Americans who failed with the blacks.
Even though the blacks are coming from Africa, the EU is trying to make itself resemble the US with a heavy black presence. Since the New American Template makes Negroes out to be holy, this seems to be the right thing to do... for ALL THE WORLD. UK, France, Sweden, and Germany(and even Poland) are making a Big Deal of "Our Magical Negroes". But the result of Too Many Blacks is the same all around the world, and Europeans are now finding out the hard way that the (Jewish)American PC Narrative was too simple. Yes, it’s true blacks did experience slavery and humiliation in the US, but the main problem was biology than history. Blacks are genetically prone to acting like thugs and psychopathic loons whose pathological self-centeredness is blind to the rights and feelings of others.

Now, what would happen if the Tenet #4 were to be applied to Hungary and Japan? Actually, Japan already seems to be moving in that direction due to rising Jungle Fever. As increasing numbers of Japanese women are into Negro men, they reject their own men and fly off to Jamaica to have sex with Negroes, bring the Negroes to Japan, give birth to black kids, and have the black kids beat up Japanese kids in schools and sports. But it’s not yet a mass trend as in France and UK that have gone totally nuts with Afromania. But let’s suppose Japan goes whole hog on Afromania and open Japan to tons of Negroes. If Negroes can whup white folks, they will surely make mincemeat out of short, scrawny, and dorky Japanese who are shy, timid, and craven. Negroes will feed on Japanese like coyotes on rabbits. Also, once Negroes are in Japan in huge numbers, it will be difficult to get rid of them. As Negroes are Holy, the world community will condemn Japan if it mistreats blacks or tries to expel them. So, Japanese will have to apologize and take in more Negroes, spend lavish sums on blacks, and never ever blame blacks for all the troubles they cause. And as black men are stronger and bigger than dorky Japanese men, they will be no Japanese manhood left in Japan. In no time, all sports will be dominated by blacks, and Japanese men will become even more cucked than they already are.
As for Hungary, its fate will be predictable. It will become like UK and France where Negroes are already acting with supreme arrogance, contempt, and nastiness. Praised and promoted by PC and Afromania, the Negroes of UK and France regard themselves as demigods. Black women believe whites should worship their booties. Black guys go around in the mode of ‘muh dick’ and ‘where da white women at?’ And most white guys in UK and France are pathetic cucky-wucks who believe they must surrender their white women to black men whom they regard as superior in every way: creatively-musically, athletically, sexually, vocally, and spiritually(as Negro suffering just seems more colorful and dramatic).
So, why wouldn’t the same fate befall Hungary? Indeed, the problem for Hungary is that, even if it keeps Muslim and African ‘migrants’ out, they must take in blacks and Muslims who have citizenship rights as ‘New Europeans’. So, Negro ‘Englishmen’ can go to Hungary and aks, "Where da white women at?"

There are other Tenets of the New American Template too, of course. Decadent Feminism is one, but you get my drift. People around the world may fallaciously conflate all these tenets with American Power because, after all, the most powerful and richest nation on Earth embodies and embraces them. But they are not the factors that made America great. It was Legacy, Land, Lineage, and Law & Liberty. If anything, the New American Template is eroding everything that was great about America. In the end, the Land may be the only thing left if current trends continue. At any rate, only a foolish nation would mistake those tenets as the reasons for American greatness and adopt them. Just look at what the New American Template did to the White Majority in America. It divided the white population, spread degeneracy and decadence, and paved the way for White Death. If the New American Template did that to the Founding-and-Developmental Majority in America, its adoption will do the same to the native majority population of any nation. And of course, that is precisely what Jews want in order to weaken the unity and solidarity of every nation(except Israel) so that they, the Jews, can infiltrate and take over.

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