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‘Phobia’ is one of the Most Misunderstood and Misused Terms — Jews, Power, and Personality — Why Jews just Can’t Stop their out-of-control Madness

Eric Schneiderman, yet another vampiric Jew with Excessive Personality

Some people suggest that Antisemitism should be called ‘Judeophobia’, but it’d be wrong and misconceived, just like what goes by the name of ‘Russophobia’. (The current lunacy about Russia is hype and hysteria, not a phobia. Big difference.)

In the strictest sense, phobia is a medical condition. It isn’t a common case of mere dislike or fear. It is an extreme, irrational, and panicked fear of something harmless. The term should not be abused for political or ideological purposes. Its meaning should remain within the range of clinical psychology and psycho-social behavior. When you say someone is ‘phobic’ in the political context, you aren’t merely suggesting that he is anti-something. You are saying his antipathy is a mental disorder. Indeed, it is worse than a slur. A slur suggests someone is a bad person or an a**hole. In contrast, labeling someone with a phobia is to diagnose him as mentally ill or soul-sick. We know Jews in WWII hated and feared Nazis; so, does that mean Jews-in-hiding were Nazi-phobic? Of course not. They had sane and sound reasons for evading Nazis. Likewise, it is why the term ‘homophobia’ is totally bogus. Finding homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting is NOT phobic. It’s natural and normal.

So, what is a phobia? THIS is a phobia:

And even though Charles Grodin fakes it in MIDNIGHT RUN, extreme fear-of-flying is also a genuine phobia:

This is why ‘phobia’ has been effective as a political smear. It not only says your enemy is wrong in policy or position but sick in the head, heart, and soul. Cuckoo.

Critics of Jews, for the most part, are not ‘Judeophobes’. They are Judeo-Critics or Judeo-Skeptics. Furthermore, most people who are smeared as ‘Anti-Semites’ are more like Anxi-Semites, or people who are ANXIOUS about Jewish-Semitic Power.
Now, there are Judeo-Psychotics, the kind of people who are obsessed with Hitler-as-hero or Shoah-as-charade. The Nazi movement certainly had lots of Judeo-Psychotics, though, to be sure, their radicalism was an extreme reaction to Jewish pathologies that exploded with Bolshevism and Weimar decadence.

Most critics of Jews are not Shoah-desecrators. They are Shoah-atheists, which is to say they take a secular historical approach to the event. After all, the Shoah has been turned into a quasi-religion that cannot be discussed rationally and empirically. It must be ‘believed’ than studied. Indeed, there’s no shortage of Shoah-worshipers who insist that the 6 million number is sacrosanct and must never be ‘denied’. We are to adhere to ADL’s sacro-narrative just like good Catholics are supposed to obey and follow the positions of the Vatican.

Also, in regards to our problems with Jews, it has little to do with ancient traditions or beliefs. After all, would people care about Jewish culture or credo if Jews were without power and influence? We learn about the Jewish past to look for clues about Jewish Power in the present. If Jews today were a powerless people, we would be far less interested in their history, culture, and attitude(especially toward non-Jews).
Mongols were once a fearsome people who regarded the rest of humanity as LOOT to pillage and plunder. Today, Mongols still revere Genghis Khan, which suggests they aren’t the most sensitive or conscientious people when it comes to historical memory. But who cares? Mongols got no power except in wrestling in open fields among yaks and using eagles to hunt wolves. Modern Mongols pose no threat to Russia and China and Iran. So, even if Mongols may be unrepentant and still dream of the ‘good ole days’ of Genghis, it’s neither here nor there. If anything, most people would find it rather amusing, even endearing. Two million Mongols dreaming of taking over China or Russia on horseback. LOL.

Same logic applies to any people, including Jews. Suppose present Jews have an IQ average of 90. Suppose they got little power or wealth. Suppose they have the mild personality of Amish. Would it matter what they think? Suppose these Jews believe that it’d be wonderful to conquer all goyim, kill goy kids, and suck out their blood. Suppose their ideology is utterly diabolical. Should it alarm anyone? No, it wouldn’t matter because Jews wouldn’t have the power to make a difference in the world. It’s like American Indians were once frightening blood-thirsty childish savages who reveled in hacking skulls with tomahawks and whooping like wolves. But they got no power in our world. They just drink, watch Negroes on TV, and collect some cash from the local casino to buy some more booze. So, it doesn’t matter what Indians think. Their power doesn’t amount to a plate of beans.

In contrast, what Jews think does matter because of Jewish ability, intelligence, personality, and drive. Jews got chutzpah. Alan Dershowitz, an especially chutzpastic Jew, wrote a book by that title. Fun reading.
The matter of personality is crucial in understanding the Jewish Problem. Granted, personality alone isn’t sufficient to explain it. Southern Italians, Gypsies, and esp Greeks can be pretty nasty, tenacious, and devious in personality too. Just look at Joe Pesci in GOODFELLAS and CASINO. And when it comes to throwing tantrums, Greek women take the cake. Even Negroes never scared me as much as an angry Greek woman.
But Greek IQ and Southern Italian IQ’s aren’t anything special. Same goes for the Other Semites, the Arabs who have personalities not unlike those of Jews. But those cousin-humping camel-piss-drinkers aren’t all that bright either.

With Jews, it’s the combination of pushy personality and high IQ. Joe Pesci does real damage throughout GOODFELLAS and CASINO, but thuggery is limited in range and scope.

Another thing about Jews is they are more passive-aggressive whereas Greeks and Southern Italians are more aggressive-aggressive, thus less effective in being devious. When Greeks lose it, they really lose it. It’s tantrum hour, Greek drama and tragedy. Jews can get wild and passionate, but they are more adept at juggling hot and cold. As merchants and wheeler-dealers, they developed chameleonic personalities. They had to be more like octopus or squid that can shape-shift and change colors. Very Zeligish. Jews always hold reserves of emotions than pouring them all out. An angry Greek will just throw a tantrum and burn up in fury. An angry Irish will growl and try to knock you out. A Jew may get angry, but there’s a huff-n-puff thing going where you aren’t sure how much of it is fire and how much of it is smoke.

So, Jews have personalities that are driven and pushy… but also fluid and deceptive. And they have higher IQ, more talent, and greater ability for cunning. Now, if the world were filled with non-Jews with similar traits and abilities, Jews wouldn’t have amounted to much. But as it happens, non-Jewish personalities tend to be more one-dimensional, obvious, and/or straight & square, and that means they often fall prey to more devious and cunning Jews.
Sure, Negroes got that jive-thing going, and PC blinds people to the Way of the Negro, but any honest person can soon enough learn to see the bull-jive for what it be. With Jews, it’s far trickier.

Anyway, because Jewish personality and ability evolved octopus-like to survive, adapt, and gain an advantage in a Sea of Goyim, Jews naturally developed a kind of contempt for non-Jews. The Jewish way is to hoodwink and fool others, and it just so happens that the hoodwinker will always look down on the hoodwinked. (Also, if non-Jews see the world in terms of the Powerful over the Weak — the Weak must bow down before the Powerful — , Jews believe that they should and could prevail even against the Powerful by whatever means necessary. Most peoples, as Davids, would have knelt before the bigger Goliath. But the Jewish David found a clever way to prevail over Goliath. When most immigrant groups came to America, they were awed by Anglos and wanted to serve the Great Anglo Power. But Jews thought otherwise. From the very beginning, they were looking for ways to take over America and prevail over the very people who’d founded and built the nation.) Jewish tradition of CULTURAL chauvinism and exceptionalism may have contributed to the current chutzpah, but it’s not the crucial factor. Suppose Jews have milder personalities and mediocre intelligence. Then, Jews would soon realize that their cultural chauvinism is just a lot of hooey. It’s like Chinese have long thought of themselves as the superior people of the Middle Kingdom and felt contempt for other peoples. And Japanese were into the conceit of belonging to some sacred Yamato race. But as minorities in the West, they realize they aren’t anything special. They got dull personalities, and their IQ’s are on par with whites. As diligent drones, they study and get admitted to nicer schools, but they don’t feel special because they really aren’t when compared with most whites.

But even secular Jews who never read the Torah and Talmud often feel contempt for goyim. Smart people tend to be impatient or eye-rolling around dupes and dummies. (Dummies are just dumb, whereas dupes could be smart people who’ve been ideologically, emotionally, or psychologically tricked into believing horseshi*... like the Lindsay Crouse character in THE HOUSE OF GAMES, an intelligent woman who is tricked by a bunch of con-men hustlers. Dupes, like dummies, draw only contempt from people who are either smarter or savvier.)
Most non-Jews seem pretty dumb, naive, or gullible to Jews.
Now, a nice smart person can feel compassion than contempt for the dumb and have no design to dupe others. But being trusting and kindly is difficult for many Jews due to their passive-aggressive haggly-waggly merchant personalities. Jews evolved to survive in a world of many larger tribes who could even be hostile and dangerous. So, Jews had to seek out angles to squeeze through cracks and crevices of power. They had to be like Houdini. And this personality type made Jews tireless and restless in their penchant to score another one, then another and another and another. If some people are degenerate gamblers, Jews are like degenerate scorers. They just gotta score another round. It’s like the personalities in David Mamet movies. Never trusting anyone and always using one’s wits and antennae to stay ahead of the game to score some more. If some Jews are neurotically offensive in scoring more and more — such Jews have gangster mentalities — , other Jews are neurotically defensive(and paranoid) in protecting their treasures or nest-egg from Others, the gangster Jews and pitchfork goyim(who may be out to loot the properties of smarter Jews). Take Mamet’s SPANISH PRISONER. If HOUSE OF GAMES is about clever ‘gangster Jewish’ types looking to make another score, SPANISH PRISONER is about a smart ‘genius Jewish’ type aiming to guard what is rightfully his from a world of sharks. We don’t know where intuition ends and insinuation begins.

Because of this personality + ability, many Jews just can’t help themselves. Taking advantage of dumb, naive, or craven goyim is to those Jews what hunting for wildebeest is for lions and hyenas. It’s like crack to a Negro or meth to a hillbilly. They gotta have it. This aspect of Jewishness was colorfully illustrated in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET. Sure, the real Jordan Belfort tried to rationalize his financial hijinks as revenge against Wasps who’d kept his grampy out of some golf club. But, EVERY GROUP has resentments. Mexicans probably have lots of resentment about how they generally serve as helots to gringos and Jews. But where are the Mexican Belforts? Guillermos of the world are too mild in personality and too low in ability. The most they can do is get together for tacos and tequila and tell lame jokes about gringos and Jewez.

But someone with Belfort's drive, personality, and ability could go very far. And Belfort didn’t just use drugs to feel good. He got HIGH from cheating people. He just couldn’t stop swindling people. It was better than sex. It was better than drugs. Besides, more money meant more sex and more drugs.

Now, some Jews are troubled by all this. David Brooks, in his esoteric way, urges Jews to act more like model ruling elites. Learn from the best of the Old Wasp way. The Dean Witter way.

But at this point, collective Jewish morality may be hopeless. It’s like with the Negroes and Homos. There was once a time when some sober Negroes like Booker T. Washington not only pleaded with whites to be fairer with Negroes but pleaded with Negroes to be a credit to their race and value work ethic and lead proper lives. But such dreams are impossible today. With rap culture all over, with mandingo-sports-stud as the icon of the ‘west’, and with Magic Negro cult(that sacralizes Negroes to a holy race), Negroes just can’t help themselves and are into self-worship, hollering, walloping, and crazy behavior. BLM is used as excuse to throw tantrums, shoot cops, riot and loot.
As for homos, forget about doing their own thing in their own space and keeping it discreet. ‘Gay liberation’ means homos can do whatever they please, and any criticism is derided and denounced as ‘homophobic’. Homos are now addicted to excessive vanity and self-celebration. Indeed, Milo the ‘gay conservative’ defends liberty mainly because he wants no barriers to his deranged revelry in everything ‘dangerous’. And women are into slut culture and believe they deserve both the right to act like sluts and the respect of ladies. They want the cake and eat it too. Negroes wanna burn down cities but also be seen as saints. Homos wanna bugger every bung but be seen as ‘new normal’ and respectable. Feminist women wanna act like whores but also seen as victims of ‘misogyny’.

And Jews don’t want any restraint in their hunger for wealth, influence, and domination. They revel in Zionist-globalist nihilism. They are addicted to power and can’t stop. Jews sitting before Power & Money is like a Negro sitting at a table filled with watermelons, buckets of chicken, and entire case of Colt 45. Or, it’s like a lesbian with bed full of dildos and vibrators and cucumbers. It’s like a hillbilly with a big batch of moonshine and meth to drink and smoke all night long. Jewish drive, personality, and ability all ‘conspire’ to make Jews excessive in their behavior once it goes out-of-control. Today, even Moral Hazard is dustbin of history because Jews control most elite institutions. So, if Wall Street goes bust, there are Jews in the FED and government to bail out Wall Street Jews. If Neocon warmongers mess up, Jews in the media push most of the blame on goyim like Bush, Cheney, Hillary, or Obama. Jews remain untouchable. Notice how Jews act as a tag-team against Trump. The combination of Deep State, Ivy League, Big Media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and Think Tanks all work together and close in on him.

Even though Bernie Madoff finally got caught, why had he been able to run such a scheme for so long? Surely, many experienced Jews knew something fishy was up. Madoff could be Madoff because he was a Made Guy(like certain members of the crew among the Mafia who have the "license to steal, license to do anything"); he was one of the Tribe, and he was making other Jews very rich. He had connections. And even when he was finally brought down, there was the Jewish-controlled Media to shield the Jewish community that had made Bernie Madoff possible. The media spun it as "Madoff stole mostly from Jews" and "it’s antisemitic to see his behavior as part of a Jewish pattern." Media failed to mention that before Madoff sunk Jewish fortunes, he had fleeced tons of goyim to pass their wealth over to Jews. And the ‘antisemitism’ taboo has indoctrinated and conditioned generations of Americans not to notice certain patterns that keep recurring among Jews.
It’s like David Schraub made the utterly bogus argument that the Zionist kid who’d faked bomb threats is really an ‘anti-Semite’. This from a legal scholar at an elite college! Never mind that the Jewish kid defamed white Christian gentiles for the ‘hate hoaxes’ he himself committed. Never mind he did it to serve Jewish interests. Schraub conveniently blamed it all on ‘antisemitism’. So, ‘antisemitism’ is not only when gentiles defame Jews but also when Jews defame gentiles to serve Jewish interests. Jews are ALWAYS the victim.
But then, according to Jewish logic, the Antifa scum who initiated the attack on the Alt Right at Charlottesville after the Jewish mayor violated constitutional rights were just ‘protesters’ whereas white patriots who defended themselves were ‘violent extremists’.

Part of the problem is Jewish wheeler-dealer personality. Jews get high from spinning things via propaganda, advertising, and finance to increase wealth and power. It’s like Matthew Weiner of the TV series MAD MEN making a big stink about ‘white privilege’ while pretending Jews got none. Hoodwinking others is part of the Jewish DNA that evolved in competition not only to survive but to gain mastery to smite all others.
But, it’s also due to panic and fear. After all, Jews are only 2% of the population, and who knows what might happen if the taboos against ‘antisemitism’ were finally lifted.
Paradoxically, Jews are more paranoid about ‘antisemitism’ precisely because so many Jews are now acting in ways that almost validate antisemitic stereotypes.
It’s like what Yossi Sarid said: In These Very Moments, The Protocols Are Being Rewritten.

The Protocols of Elders of Zion is a forgery BUT so much of bad Jewish behavior is just giving ammo to old antisemitic stereotypes. Given this development, wouldn’t it make sense for Jews to sober up and act more responsibly? Sure. But the problem is Jews have an extreme personality that, once allowed to run free, can’t stop running. Same goes for Negroes. The black genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Negroes are naturally savage and love to swing their dongs and pump their booties and holler like Aretha Franklin and wallop like Mike Tyson. They be wild. So, there is no way to stop black lunacy. With blacks acting crazy, there is bound to be more anti-black feelings.. and this is why blacks must double-down on PC and ‘white guilt’ to ensure that whites will continue forgiving blacks and offering more freebies.

Likewise, Jewish egomania is totally out of control. We see it in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Pornography and the Pornification of culture at large(even for kid shows), support of homomania as new religion, in foreign policy with likes of hideous Victoria Nuland messing up Ukraine, and etc. If not for internet sleuths, the loutish Sabrina Rubin Erderly would have gotten away with her appalling piece of defamation against Southern white men in Rolling Stone Magazine run by homo Jew Jann Wenner. Is it any wonder that there is an alliance of extreme personalities? Jews, Homos, and Negroes? And to some extent, the People of Dot as some Hindus got the IQ of Jews but the moral character of Gypsies.

At this point, Jews are loathe to admit something is wrong with their community even though they know full well that something has gone terribly wrong. So much is rotten that they fear that the slightest admittance will lead to more holes that may break the dam. When power grows rotten and fills up with gas, everyone dreads to pierce it as its foulness will explode all over(like with a beached whale). (But maybe the fall of Harvey Weinstein and others is a sign that things are really beginning to change.)

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