Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Great Reversal. A Response to "Douglas Murray: Europe is committing suicide" in Hungary Journal

A kind of reversal has happened between the West and the Rest. The Great Reversal.

There was a time when people in the Rest stayed put and minded their own business in their own world.
In contrast, the people in the West, as adventurers-businessmen-conquerors-missionaries-or-colonizers, intruded into the world of the Rest and began to take over. In some places, their colonization and replacement of natives were permanent, especially in the Americas and Australia.

Because of Western aggressions into the World of the Rest, there was growing resentment and hostility among the non-white natives. They became anti-imperialist and pro-nationalist(once they developed modern nationalist consciousness borrowed from Western political ideology). The message of the Rest to the West was 'Go Home'(back to Europe) and 'This is OUR land'. Nationalist wars of liberation against Western imperialists heated up and some were fierce & bloody and cost lots of lives. British let go of Kenya only after many bloody battles. French didn't leave Vietnam and Algeria willingly.

But eventually, most imperialists and colonizers from the West retreated back to their homelands of origin. Even the well-entrenched French in Algeria went back to France despite their considerable numbers and investment in the region.

Back then, non-whites had no hope of moving to the West. Europe hardly took in foreigners, and US immigration policy was virtually all-white prior to the 1965 immigration law. So, non-whites in the World of the Rest were in nationalist mode and focused on developing and improving their own nations. This was the time when all the world thought of nationalism as the gold standard and best weapon against imperialism. The idea was that the non-whites should have sovereignty and control their own national destinies. Therefore, white imperialists and colonizers in non-white nations should return to their own nations of origin. And indeed, most European colonizers packed up things and returned to their homelands(even though many of them had been born in places like India, China, or Africa).

And in the Cold War, the two great superpowers professed to champion nationalism against imperialism. Soviets supported Vietnam and Cuba as nationalist liberation struggles against American Capitalist Imperialism. And the US supported Afghanistan and Eastern European anti-Soviet dissidents as patriotic resistances against Soviet Communist imperialist aggression. So, there was nothing worse than imperialism in world affairs. Even the US and the USSR, though hegemonic powers, claimed to be for the independence of all nations and accused the OTHER side of being imperialist and hostile to nationalist aspirations of peoples who want to be free.

So, how did all this change? One big factor was the change in immigration policy. Once the West allowed in non-white immigrants, many non-whites all around the world came to favor Global Invasion over National Defense. After all, they could instantly improve their material lot by moving from Asia, Africa, Middle East, or Latin America to the First World of the US, Canada, EU, or Australia. Why bother with the poverty, corruption, repression, or violence at home when one's life can be improved overnight by becoming an 'American', 'Englishman', 'New German', or some such? Why stick around in Pakistan when one can live much better in UK or Australia? Why remain in Nigeria, China, or India when one's material well-being can immeasurably improve by moving to Canada or Australia or Sweden?

So, Diversity-Immigration undermined patriotism among the Rest. The Rest, which had once resisted the Invasion by the West, came to support the Invasion of the Rest into the West.
So, there is now a reversal of World Migratory Policy and Trends. It is white people who are into patriotic/nationalist mode and trying to stem the Mass Invasion by the Rest into white homelands. And it is non-white peoples who are into demographic imperialist mode and trying to flood into the West to take over communities, leech off welfare, usurp institutions, and colonize white wombs(or, if non-white female, marry white men who are deemed preferable to non-white men).

The former imperialists(whites) are now in nationalist mode, and the former nationalists(non-whites) are in imperialist mode. Whites want to save their nations, and non-whites want to invade and take over white bounty of the Richer West.

And of course, Jews like George Soros push the New (dis)Order because Diversity means they get to play divide-and-rule among the goyim. After all, the only way a patriotic people can overthrow an alien elite is by coming together as a united folk. The reason why the Irish were ultimately able to push out the British was because Ireland was virtually entirely Irish. Irish could unite as one.
But suppose British imperialists had imported millions of non-Irish into Ireland to the point where the native Irish became only1/4 of the population. Imagine an Ireland that became 1/4 Irish, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Africa, and 1/4 Muslim(or Hindu) under British Imperialist rule. Would the real Irish be able to make common cause with the 'New Irish' to push out the British? Of course not. The real Irish, the 'black Irish', the 'yellow Irish', and 'brown Irish' will be divided among themselves, a fact that can be exploited by the imperialists in divide-and-rule manner.
Also, why would the 'New non-white Irish' rebel against the British imperialists when it was the Empire that had allowed them to come to Ireland and enjoy better living conditions? They would most likely collaborate with the British against the native Irish. (Is it any wonder that non-whites collaborate with Jewish globalist imperialists against the white native folks in the West?)
Sadly, both UK and Ireland are now in the same straits. Financially, culturally, politically, and ideologically, both are under the domination of the Empire of Judea that has duped both peoples into believing that the greatest truths are Diversity, Magic Negro, Homomania, and Shoah-Worship. In contrast, any show of genuine patriotism is 'far right' or 'neo-Nazi'. (This is all the more hilarious when Jewish supremacists compel white peoples everywhere to support the Zionist ethno-state of Israel.)

It is time that white people woke up. Their lands are being colonized and taken over by the combined force of Jewish globalist elites and non-white mass invaders. And of course, white cuck-collaborators gladly take 30 pieces of silver to destroy the White West while spouting off the usual cliches about 'racism-schmacism'.

White people must become like the Viet Cong or the FLN.

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