Thursday, March 28, 2019

Jewish Facebook to Ban White Nationalism. Imperialism Hates Nationalism — Then, It’s No Wonder Why Jewish Imperialism Hates, Defames, & Attacks White Nationalism, aka White National Liberation

Black nationalism’s alleged hatred for whites is described as a “predictable reaction to white supremacy” while its reported antipathy towards Jews isn’t quasi-rationalized in a similar manner.

I can accept the justification of black nationalism as a reaction to white imperialism that conquered the Americas and shipped over slaves from Africa.

Nationalism has been a reaction to Imperialism, and for most of modern history, whites were the leading imperialists. Granted, white imperialism led to great discoveries, integrated the entire world, spread knowledge far and wide, inspired revolutions, and created vast new wealth & opportunities.
But it was also destructive and devastating to many peoples and cultures on every continent.

Naturally, the weaker peoples whose lands, cultures, and autonomy are threatened or crushed by an imperialist power are going to move into nationalist mode to defend and preserve what they have. That much the whole world must respect of all nationalisms.

As blacks were under white imperialist domination in the US, it’s understandable that there was a movement to define, preserve, and protect blackness as something other than a tool of the white power structure. Black nationalism was one aspect of this struggle by blacks to define their own identity and history.

But times change. White Imperialism came to be usurped by Jews around the time of the End of the Cold War. In time, the US became less a superpower nation than a super-colony or super-puppet of an even greater power, the Empire of Judea, a worldwide network. And this Jewish supremacist imperialist power has been compelling white people to participate in Judeo-centric hegemonic ventures to destroy Russia & Iran, wage Wars for Israel, support Israel’s eradication of all vestiges of Palestinian nationhood, and etc. Because the dominant world power is now Jewish Imperialism, we need white nationalism or, more precisely, white national liberation movement to break free from this supremacist bondage.
The world may regard white Americans as having immense power and wealth, and it is true that many white Americans have much more of everything than most peoples of the world. Still, there are even greater powers over the power. Just like prosperous Japan and Western Europe, despite their great wealth and considerable power, are under the thumb of the even more powerful USA, prosperous white Americans, despite being the most successful and powerful gentile group in America, are under the thumb of even more powerful Jews. Just because someone or some people are rich and powerful doesn't mean that they are dominant and independent. It's all relative. The rich and powerful have to be mindful of those who are even richer and more powerful. Donald Trump is a very rich man but nothing compared to true oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson and others. Also, the power of the President isn't much compared to the combined force of the Deep State and its connections in Media and Courts.

It has been a Constant in History: Imperialism hates all nationalisms except for its own(in certain cases). British Empire promoted British nationalism and patriotism but crushed the nationalist aspirations of subject peoples. It said NO to Indian nationalism, even resorting to ruthless means on occasion to suppress it. French empire suppressed Vietnamese and Algerian nationalisms, and it took prolonged bloody wars for the French Empire to finally recede from those parts.
Feudal Japan found itself in nationalist mode when threatened by British and American imperialism, but as it modernized into a major power(and was accepted into the imperialist club as ‘honorary whites’), the Japanese made imperialist moves on continental Asia. Japanese empire did all it could do to suppress Chinese and Korean nationalism(and then Filipino and Vietnamese nationalism as the empire expanded). Nazi Empire trampled on Polish and Czech nationalism and sought to crush Russia nationalism. Soviet Imperialism suppressed Polish and Hungarian nationalism.
Hungarian National Liberationist Uprising against Soviet Imperialism. It was also a rebellion against Jewish Communists who'd been installed by Stalin.
Imperialism hates all nationalisms except for its own(in certain cases). Roman imperialists ruthlessly suppressed Jewish nationalism. Of course, Romans took pride in Roman power and glory, but non-Romans had to suppress their own pride of identity and instead serve & honor Rome as the metropole of the empire. Soviet Empire was somewhat different because it suppressed Russian nationalism along with other nationalisms… though, over time, Russian national component of the empire did come to the fore.

Why do Jews hate white nationalism? Jews vehemently conflate white nationalism with white supremacism, but that’s mostly BS. White nationalism has actually been far less aggressive than White imperialist Liberalism. Throughout American history, white nationalism emphasized America’s need to mind its own borders and affairs(at least once the continent was taken and tamed). It was white liberalism and white progressivism that wanted to expand and dominate the world. Since late 19th century, US began to shift increasingly into imperialist mode as all the US continent was united and settled. White Imperialism came to dominate over white nationalism. But because the world was dominated by great European empires, American imperialism pretended to be for self-determination for all nations. In truth, American imperialism was only trying to invalidate existing empires so that it would gain hegemony over the ‘liberated’ nations. The US defeated the Spanish Empire in the name of liberating its exploited subjects, but the US essentially acted as the New Boss in Cuba and Philippines.
However, sour feelings after the failure of the world order in the aftermath of World War I made Americans look inward. For a time, it seemed as 'isolationism' would prevail over 'expansionism'. Then, the double whammy of WWII and the Cold War turned the US into a full-fledged world empire, though in counterbalance to another empire, the ‘evil’ one of the Soviets.

With the end of the Cold War, US could have retreated from imperialism and minded its own business, but the business opportunities of Free Trade and spectacular rise of Jewish power changed all that. Jews preferred expanded imperialist-globalism over nationalism because Jewish power owes more to horizontal networks around the world than vertical elite-mass unity in any nation(except in Israel). The main loyalty of Jews was to the Network, the Empire of Judea, than to the US or any particular nation(except Israel). As Jews gained dominant power in the US, the so-called lone superpower essentially became a colony of the Jewish Empire, like India was the Jewel in the Crown of the British Empire.

Precisely because Jews don’t have the numbers, they need gentile support and obeisance to Jewish supremacist imperialist power. And among all the goyim, whites are most crucial because they are most numerous, capable, and talented. Jews may be the overlords, but they need white managers, engineers, generals, negotiators, lawmen, and etc. to do the heavy lifting to keep the empire going. But the ONLY WAY to ensure that whites will do as told is IF they are denied white identity and white nationalism, aka white agency. After all, if whites think as white nationalists, they will focus on ‘what is good for whites in our white nation’ than serve the identity and interests of another people(especially one that feels so much hatred and contempt toward whites). They will be less likely to support Jewish supremacist agendas around the world such as hatred toward Russia, Iran, Syria, and endless Wars for Israel. And this is why Jewish Imperialism must suppress white nationalism or white national liberation. Nationalism tends to be rebellious, defiant, and uppity against the empire, especially if it’s of an alien people.
Imperialism hates all nationalisms except for its own(in certain cases). Jews love Zionism and Israeli nationalism. Jews love to promote and glorify Jewish identity(as synonymous with nobility). Jews, who’d once been nationalist resisters against Roman imperialism in ancient times, are now the New Romans, and they regard whites as the ‘new Jews’ to suppress and control(or threaten to destroy and scatter to the winds if they disobey Jewish Neo-Roman power).
Just like Jewish Imperialism can’t abide by Palestinian nationalism, it can’t tolerate white nationalism. Both threaten Jewish imperialist hegemony, the Jew World Order. Palestinians in West Bank demand independence from Zionist Imperialist Occupation. And white nationalists want white liberation and emancipation from Jewish imperialist globalism. White national liberationists want OUT from the globo-homo empire and more Wars for Israel. This is what Jews fear. This is why Jews smear white nationalism as ‘white supremacism’ when, if anything, it is anti-supremacist in its call for collective white disobedience to Jewish Imperialism. What Jews really want is for white cuck-collaborators to keep supporting Jewish imperialist hegemony around the world. Jews are projecting their own supremacism onto white nationalists. But then, Jews, who'd created Israel through use of extensive terror, blame Palestinians as a race of terrorists. (It's also interesting that, even as Jewish Imperialists deny agency to white collaborators, they blame whites for everything wrong in the world as if whites are the ONLY ONES with agency. Even the disaster of the Iraq War was dumped entirely on gentiles Dick Cheney and George W. Bush by Jewish Hollywood in VICE. Just pretend it was War for Oil than War for Israel.)

Now, why are Jews okay with black or non-white nationalism in the US? Because they don’t really see it as a threat. Black nationalism is mostly angry noise. Browns are too mediocre to gain dominant power. Yellows hardly exhibit any nationalist sentiment in the West. (If anything, they are more likely to stick up for other peoples such as Jews, blacks, homos, or blurred mass called 'immigrants'. Even though the US has gotten incredibly diverse as the result of mass-immigration-invasion, only a few identities matter, and most groups rally around those few tent-pole groups who happen to be Jews, blacks, and Homos, aka the Holy Three.) Besides, Jewish Empire relies far less on black ability and talent. While black success in sports and music is very profitable to Jews, it is white talent and ability that are crucial in managing and running the Empire as engine and warship. So, it is far more important for Jews to make whites submit and obey.

Also, black nationalism can be used to guilt-bait or morally condemn whites for past history. White guilt paralyzes white pride, and an ashamed people are more likely to cuck. Indeed, even as imperialism generally hates nationalisms, it may tactically support one nationalism against another nationalism(deemed a bigger threat) or a rival empire. It’s like the Empire of Judea is supportive of Ukrainian nationalism against Russian nationalism(which is seen as a bigger obstacle to total Jewish world hegemony). Jews regard black nationalism as akin to Ukrainian nationalism. A useful tool for the moment against white identity and pride. (Jews do fear black nationalism in South Africa however because blacks are the overwhelming majority and can burn down the entire system if things get out of hand, especially in opposition to Jewish economic imperialism. One problem with black national liberation is that, once the imperialists are gone, blacks are unable to run or build an economy of their own.) Remember that Japanese imperialism supported Manchurian nationalism(through puppet 'emperor' Puyi) against Chinese nationalism that began to resist Japan and demand the return of  Manchuria.

Now, was there a history of white nationalism that was supremacist? In a way, yes, but it was still less belligerent and dangerous than white liberal imperialism and Jewish imperialism. White nationalist rule in the past did treat non-whites as second-class citizens or worse, BUT white nationalism had a limiting effect on the despoilment of America by the Whole World. By limiting immigration mostly to whites, American Indians lost their land mainly only to Europeans(and to blacks brought over by whites). Had America not been white nationalist and allowed open door immigration from the very outset, American Indians would have lost all their lands to all the world in no time. And much more of nature would have been destroyed. White nationalists did defeat and conquer the indigenous folks, but their noble race-ism still allowed some space for Indians and their narrative.
Furthermore, white nationalist race-ism served as a check on black biological supremacism and imperialism. As blacks were brought as slaves, they were socially oppressed by whites. But because of their superior muscle power, greater natural aggression, rowdier butt energy, and bigger dongs, they could easily become biological imperialists and supremacists over the weaker white race. In a state of nature, blacks will dominate over whites. If you take 200 whites and 200 blacks and strip them naked and put them on an island, blacks will beat up white guys and hump white girls. So, white race-ism and nationalism against blacks were both supremacist and defensive against black natural supremacism.

Anyway, the most destructive, evil, and venal power in the world today is Jewish Imperialism. Look what it did to Russia in the 90s. Look at its spread of demented globo-homomania. Look at its Wars that leveled so many nations in Middle East and North Africa. Look at its economic destruction of Iran. Look at its demographic policies against US and EU. Look at how it makes white soldiers wreck Muslim nations and then pushes Muslims into the West. Look at how it spreads anti-white hatred in media and academia and Hollywood. Look at how the Sacklers acted like Sassoons who sold opium to the Chinese.

Indeed, if white nationalists could pry themselves free of Jewish imperialism, the world would be a much nicer place. After all, without white cuck-collaboration with Jewish imperialist power, Jewish power and influence would do far less harm to the world. Suppose if whites(in national liberationist mode) had said NO to all these imperialist Wars for Israel. Middle East would be in one piece, and millions would have been spared death and displacement into other nations(esp in the West). And, there could be justice for Palestinians finally. US would not be in another ridiculous and immoral ‘cold war’ with Russia. And back in the 90s, the US(one that is free of Jewish power) might have been constructive and helpful toward Russia than merely rapacious as the ‘shock doctrine’ turned out to be the shylock doctrine of looting the entire economy to enrich the Tribe. Anglo-elites were somewhat more honorable than Jewish elites.
The world should welcome white nationalist liberation from Jewish Globalist Imperialism like the world celebrated the national liberation of India from the British Empire. 'Ding Dong, the witch is dead.' To Jews, a white national liberationist who refuses conscription into the Jewish Empire is like an uppity slave who says NO. He must be whipped. White National Liberationists must say “Hell No, We won’t go” and “Globalists suck, we won’t cuck.”

But then, the reason why so many in the non-white world participate with Jewish Imperialism against white nationalism is because white nationalism says “We want our white nations to remain white”, whereas Jewish imperialism says, “We will hand out free tickets to you non-whites to come to white nations IF you, as ‘new Europeans’ or ‘new Americans’, support OUR agenda.” Non-whites will do ANYTHING to come to richer and nicer white nations. So, they collaborate with Jewish Imperialism in the demographic imperialism against the West. Non-whites want access to white riches and to have sex with fairer whites. Black African males want white women, and Asian females want white men.

Imperialism produces resisters but also collaborators. When the British empire ruled quarter of the world, many Hindus and Chinese took advantage of Anglo hegemony to spread out across the globe for business opportunities. Most people will do JUST ABOUT ANYTHING for whatever that improves their lives materially. Materialism often trumps tribalism.

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