Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Commentary on “Ilhan Omar's 'Tropes' are True”(by Kevin Barrett) — Whites need an Emancipation Movement from Jewish Supremacist Power — Whites need Non-Governmental Organizations to Speak Truth to Jewish Power — Whites need to base their Power Strategy on the Jewish Rise to Dominant Position


Omar leads the way for White Americans.

White Americans are so fearful about losing majority status, but this is because they only fight with shield than with sword or spear. Lacking an offensive weapon, whites only rely on defensive instrument of demographics: "Hopefully, there will be enough of us to stem the PC tide."
But if whites had an offensive weapon, they could concentrate all their force on the sharpened tip against the heart of the enemy. Where does PC flow from? It mainly flows from the Jewish elite community. Then, it makes sense for whites to drive the sword into the Beast. It's like Siegfried killed the dragon by thrusting his sword into its heart.

In a way, whites must begin to think and 'strategize' like Jews. Just think. How did Jews gain so much power, indeed the dominant power in the US? They certainly didn't have the numbers. Jews were never more than 3% of the US population, and now they are slightly below 2%. Obviously, Jews didn't have the numerical advantage to elect themselves to power like the Irish or Germans did in big cities and entire states in America. Jews gained power by concentrating their offensive energy against the top rulers of the US, the Wasps. Take over the brain, and you gain control of the entire body. Jews pulled this off by two ways: They focused on areas that would gain them the most cash and influence: finance, vice industries, medicine, high tech, big media. And then, with power of media and academia, they sought to de-legitimize Wasp power and privilege by any means necessary. While elevating themselves as a morally holy people, they made Wasps out to be a bunch of phony snobs and 'racist' war-mongering scum. Jews didn't need to worry too much about elections and demographics because they took over the BRAIN CENTERS of the operation. As ideas and narratives flow from the top, Jews in top positions were able to alter the minds of the majority by decree and propaganda. And since Jews were so powerful, it didn't matter which party won as both parties had to kowtow to the real bosses at the top. Jews didn't approach Wasps with a shield. They attacked with a sharpened spear or slingshot that hit the Wasps right in the head(and balls).

In a democracy, there's this conceit that power moves from bottom to top. The people decide what they want and elect politicians to represent their needs and aspirations. But this was more myth than reality. In a democracy, more often than not(and today, almost totally), politicians are puppets vetted by the donor class. They don't so much represent their voters as serve their vetters. Jews understood this. There was no need for Jews, who lacked the numbers by the way, to try to elect politicians who might represent them. Rather, Jews should reach the top by means of economic success and intellectual influence, and then they could vet and own all the puppet politicians, indeed even those from regions that aren't very pro-Jewish because, as the game is played, ALL politicians depend on big-time donors, especially in the modern age of electronic media and interconnected economies that have pretty much undermined local-yokel-ism.

There are two ways to practice power in the US.

1. Elect puppet leaders who will hopefully topple or at least check the bad elites.

2. Select puppet leaders by becoming the new elites.

#2 will beat #1 all the time since 99% of politicians whom people vote for are 'selected' before they are 'elected'. They are vetted before they are voted for. And who does the vetting? The elites.

This is why White America needs to stop with the habit of electing 'conservative' candidates and then hoping they will do their job. The fact is they are puppets. Just look at the likes of Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio. The donor class might as well put up dummy dolls for office.

This is why we need a new kind of politics. This kind of politics doesn't rely on elected officials. Rather, all we need is a growing number of truth-tellers, big and small. Instead of focusing on elections(which are now meaningless because it's only a matter of time before Texas, Florida, and Georgia will turn permanently 'blue'), whites need to use the power of Narrative to name the power. Not with Neo-Nazi or KKK craziness but with simple honesty, courage, and integrity. The fact is the ruling elites of the US are Jewish-globohomo-supremacist. Also, the great majority of Jews are supportive of this power. All Liberal Jews and at least 50% of Neocon Jews. So, 90% of Jews are with globohomo tribal oligarchy. It is this power that has spreads anti-white hatred, anti-Christian degeneracy, moral decadence, jungle fever interracism, cucky-wuckery, opioids to profit off addiction and deaths of whites, broken borders, evil Wars for Israel, and etc. It is this bunch of elites who pushed 'new cold war' with Russia that prevented post-cold-war peace and reconciliation. This power spreads Hate News against Russia, Syria, and Iran. Lately, even against Venezuela. And this power has blanked out most news reports about plight of Palestinians. It violated Constitutional rights in criminalizing BDS. They use Big-Tech-and-Finance collusion to deny freedom of speech and banking services to True Conservatives. They violated freedom of assembly for Unite-the-Right people at Charlottesville. (Whatever one thinks of the people gathered at Charlottesville, they had every right to assemble and speak.)
The recent C-PAC conference showed how utterly fruitless Conservatism Inc. has become. It has Sebastian Gorka saying we need to oppose the 'left' because it's like Stalin taking away your quarter-pounder. (Given the obesity problem, Stalin would be doing Americans a favor.)

Never mind that the so-called 'new left' is totally in bed with Big Capital that has been leading the charge in censoring speech, deplatforming people, firing & blacklisting people based on creed, ruining Christian bakers who refuse to participate in degeneracy, and even denying banking services(which should be criminal as people can't live without banking -- what are they supposed to do, hide all their cash under the bed?). It's especially contemptible because Big Banks used the government to force ALL taxpayers to bail them out, but now, they are selectively denying service to people on the basis of ideology. Meanwhile, Zionist supremacists who spread Wars for Israel, tyrannize Palestinians, and aid ISIS terrorists in Syria can raise all the cash they want and use all the finance and big-tech services as they please. This isn't about Big Tech waging war on 'hate'. It's about imperialist-supremacists clamping down on nationalists who prefer 'republic, not an empire'. Just like Japanese Imperialists shut down Japanese patriots who wanted the Japanese military to withdraw from China and mind its own business, the globo-homo imperialists clamp down on Western nationalists who say NO MORE to empire and call for border security and sovereignty. Imperialism hates limited nationalism. These globo-homo imperialist are even worse than imperialists of old who, at the very least, felt loyalty to their mother country, e.g. British Imperialists believed in Queen and Country, French Imperialists believed in the French Republic, and Japanese Imperialists believed in Sacred Japan. In contrast, globo-homo imperialists in the US see the US itself as just another colony. So, the US isn't the core base, fortress motherland, of their power projection. Rather, the US itself must be invaded and taken over by globalism. In contrast, even as British Imperialists took over foreign domains, they made sure foreigners didn't take over Britain. Of course, today's UK is the same as the US. It takes part in globo-homo imperialism to support Wars for Israel, spread hate and paranoia against whatever Jews hate, and welcomes massive Third World invasion to turn UK into something like North Africa + Pakistan. Granted, there is ONE nation that globo-homo imperialism protects and safeguards as worthy of national survival and sovereignty, and that is, of course, Israel. Globo-homo Imperialism is Mono-Nationalist in insisting that Jews and Only Jews are deserving of national identity, national pride, and national territory. All other peoples and lands must put out to endless waves of globo-homo madness, be they in the form of military invasions, economic sanctions, homomania, jungle fever, and demographic transformation via endless immigration-invasions. Globo-Homo says NO to Poly-Nationalism that respects the identities and territories of all peoples.

White people must learn from the Jewish Way of Power. While demography is destiny, so is elitocracy. After all, Latin America is majority non-white, but whites have managed to hold most of the power. And Jews have economic dominance in South Africa, and Asian-Indians have most politicians in their pockets in Kenya and some other African nations. And Chinese minorities have immense clout in Southeast Asian nations. And Jews, though even a tinier minority in Europe than in the US, have tremendous sway over UK, France, Russia, Germany, and etc.
Now, gaining elitocratic power isn't easy. Jews lucked out due to higher IQ, stronger personality & will, and long historical experience of networking in the diaspora. So, no people can just gain elitocratic power... just like most people can't make it in professional sports simply because they want to or work hard at it. Genetics favors blacks in brawn, and genetics favors Jews in brains. Still, as the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat.

Even with all the censorship and deplatforming, there are many ways by which whites can get their voices heard to strike fear into the heart of the ruling power. For inspiration, whites should look to Ilhan Omar and BDS movement. Omar has very little power in Congress as a freshman representative. But with a few tweets, she has made the entire Jewish Establishment shake in their boots. If ONE politician can make a difference, imagine what several more could do? And then even more? Now, one may argue that she's been able to get away with this because she is black, a woman, and Muslim. Jewish Power, in order to smear Donald Trump as a 'Islamophobe', elevated people like Omar in the hope that she would only bash 'evil racist conservatives', but she struck out at the Lobby as well, and if anything, all those 'evil racist' Republicans came to the aid of Jewish Power. ROTFL.
Jews: "Omar, we noble Jews support you against those evil racist white male Republicans."
White Republicans: "Dear Noble Jews, we cucky-wuck white Christians support you Jews against that vile and evil anti-Semite Ilhan Omar." Imagine Bill recruits Bob to beat up John. So, Bob beats up John while Bill cackles with hideous glee. But then, Bob turns around and slaps Bill. Now, how should John react? He should be cheering on Bob for beating on Bill for a change, right? But in US politics, John denounces Bob for beating on Bill even though Bill got Bob to beat up John. Jews use Muslims to beat up whites -- Jews also use whites to beat up Muslims in the Middle East -- , but when Muslims badmouth Jewish supremacist power, whites grovel before Jews and offer them protection from Muslims. Jews get an attack dog to maul whites, but when the dog barks at Jews, whites denounce the dog for daring to defy the master. Then, it's no wonder why whites are losing in the US. Never mind all these elections. The main reason why whites lose is they are most slavish to the very people who are most hellbent on white destruction. Why are whites so slavish? Because there isn't a single White America. There are two Americas ideologically and culturally. Ideologically, so many whites have been brainwashed to be self-loathing that they welcome their own demise and hate whites who want to survive and preserve the white way. Economically, there is comprador white America and rest of white America. While white cucky-wuckery is despicable, it pays very well at the top. Look at the wealth and status of the likes of Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney. So, even though cucky-wuck white elites will also lose White America, they have it so good as 'house honkeys' who snub their noses at 'field honkeys'.

This is why White America needs a new kind of power game independent of electoral politics. Consider ADL and NAACP. Or SPLC. These are not political parties but hold great sway in American Narrative and discourse. And consider the rising power of BDS despite all the nails strewn on the road to burst its tires. The effective thing about those organizations is they always have a voice regardless of who wins elections. In politics, only the winner gains the platform, and since he won with money from donors, he really has nothing to say but 'cuckity-cuckity-cuck'(like some blacks have nothing to say but blackity-blackity-black). Palestinian-Americans finally have ONE politician in Congress, but that's not where their real power is. It's in the BDS movement and effective use of alternative media. The reason why Jews dread BDS far more than Neo-Nazis or KKK is because BDS narrative makes Jews out to be the supremacist tyrants over the Palestinians as the people in bondage. BDS cuts to the chase like the boy in EMPEROR'S NEW CLOTHES and points to Jewish Power as the dominant force in US politics. Jews denounce it as 'antisemitic', but as long as Palestinians spell out the facts of what is really happening in the Middle East, Jews cannot win the argument. And this is why Jews are loathe to openly debate with BDS. So, they use extralegal means to criminalize BDS. They pay off politicians to attack anti-Zionism as same as 'antisemitism'. Jewish power was so afraid of the Aljajeera documentary THE LOBBY that they lobbied to have it shut down, but it leaked out anyway(like the truth about Michael Jackson), and it revealed an ugly reality about Jewish Power and its pernicious effect on media, academia, and politics.

What white people need is something like BDS, ADL, NAACP, and etc. Some organization or movement that always gives voice to white concerns REGARDLESS OF who wins elections. Alt Right could have played this role, but fool Richard Spencer and cohorts insanely ran on White Supremacism 202. Jews would never have gained power in the US had they openly played their game on the basis of Jewish Supremacism. People would have told Jews to go to hell. Jews, being clever, ran on challenging WASP privilege and white power(often associated with supremacist groups or 'racist' laws). Thus, Jewish Power Grab came across as ennobled by association with combating unfair white domination and discrimination. Of course, Jews were not trying to be equal with rest of America but merely weakening White Elite Power so that Jewish Power could replace it. But, the lesson to learn is that Jews moralized their agenda with a theory of justice. In contrast, there was Richard Spencer the fool pontificating about how he and a new Aryan aristocracy deserve to rule because they are like James Bond crossed with Darth Vader. He should write comic book fantasies. A movement so devoid of moral element has no legs to stand on, especially in the US where the concept(though usually a conceit) of 'human rights' is so important in public consciousness. The fatf*** Matt Heimbach was yet another clown. He could have done something worthy by championing the white working class faced with a host of problems ranging from 'free trade' outsourcing to opioid crisis. He gave lip-service to some of these concerns but just couldn't resist putting on Nazi helmets and playing fat fuhrer, which made it so easy for the MSM to paint him as Neo-Nazi(and it seems the moron is really that). I suppose it's more fun to 'larp' as superhero white-knights than roll up the sleeves to do some real work. All this arrogance and hubris led to the fall of the Alt Right... just like the implosion of the Black Panthers who overestimated their awesomeness. Cucky-wuckery is bad, but so is Cocky-Wockery. As Harry Callahan said in MAGNUM FORCE, "A man's got to know his limitations."

This is why a truly effective white movement must emphasize White LIBERATION and White EMANCIPATION. The notion of 'liberation' and 'emancipation' raises the question of 'freedom and independence from WHAT or WHOM?' And that is when whites can make a most effective and potent case against Jewish Power as the ruling and dominant power in the US. For proof, listen to this local-yokel from Montana in the video below. Even before she could run her campaign, Jewish supremacists descended on her like locusts and made her sign this, that, and everything under the sun for Jewish-Zionist interests. She admits she didn't even know where Israel was on the map. As a person of Montana, she wanted to do something for her own people, but Jewish Power made her offers she couldn't refuse.

Now, we can't expect political hacks and puppets to speak honestly to Power. US democracy is a mere shell. It's like hermit-crab-democracy, where the shell exists but without the original organism that has been replaced by another organism that uses the shell for its own purposes. Call it shellocracy or shillocracy, but US politicians are puppets and can't be trusted to do anything.
This is why blacks have often turned to NAACP and even Nation of Islam. Given that NAACP is so controlled by Jewish money, there is more truth coming from Nation of Islam though its ideology is poisonous and its leader, Farrakhan, though courageous, is a pathological nut. Still, Nation of Islam is invaluable in some ways because it often voices truths that no one is willing to talk about. Now, it is morally compromised because it stands for its own brand of supremacism on some crackpot theory about Yakub grafting the evil white race out of the black race, and etc. It has the same problem as Spencer's Alt Right that, even as it bitches about Jewish power, dreams of a white supremacist world in which Spencer as 007 with Darth Vader helmet conquers all the world and humps all the girls.

A true white movement must honestly and courageously speak truth to the Power and demand emancipation of whites from Jewish supremacism, Zionist imperialism, the false god of globohomo degeneracy(spread by Jews), jungle-fever-black-supremacism(that says inferior white males must hand over their white women to Negro men and then die of opioids), and mass invasions that seek to turn whites into defeated & defamed minorities all over the world. (And being an anti-supremacist movement, it must say NO to anyone associated with KKK and Neo-Nazi craziness, many of whom are either Feds or psychos.) And to drive home this point, whites must draw parallels between whites and Palestinians. Ann Coulter and others try to shame the Jews by asking, "How come Israel can defend its borders but US and European nations can't?" But this is a bogus question because Israel is not defending its borders. Israel is already secure as can be. Palestinians cannot re-enter and even African migrant-invaders have been shut out. What Israel is doing is not defense but offense. Zionist Caravans are streaming into West Bank and taking over land, water, houses, and all the resources. It is the Palestinians who are denied the right of border, security, autonomy, and sovereignty. Sound familiar? Is the situation of White Americans closer to that of Jews in Israel or Palestinians in West Bank? It's obviously the latter. Whites are being mocked, defamed, and ridiculed constantly by the power just like Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza are. Now, just imagine the shit storm -- a damn healthy and necessary one -- IF Ann Coulter or some prominent Conservative were to draw parallels between Whites in US/Europe and Palestinians in West Bank. Imagine what would happen if Ann Coulter said whites can't do anything to protect their own nations just like Palestinians cannot preserve the last remnants of West Bank because both whites and Palestinians are under neo-imperialist globo-homo hegemony of the Same Power: Jewish Supremacism.
This is why we need leaders, spokesmen, and movements OUTSIDE politics. Because Jews, homos, and blacks lacked the numbers to take over government outright, they mastered the art of creating non-political organizations to get the message out and drive the agenda. In contrast, most whites just relied on going to voting booths every 4 yrs. This used to be effective for whites in the past because they were the overwhelming majority and because US politicians weren't always beholden to Jewish power or PC dogma. There was a time when white masses elected white politicians who felt some real connection to the people of the community. That is no more. Politicians are useless. Congress is a rubberstamp parliament of the Zionist globo-homo deep state complex.

As whites are poised to lose even electoral majorities in US and European nations in the coming future(mainly due to Jewish PC and money power), they must drop the defensive shields and craft sharpened swords & spears for concentrated attack on the TOP POWER. Just hiding behind the ever-crumbling demographic shield isn't sufficient for whites to keep any meaningful power in the West. Whites must go on the offensive, but against what? Never fight a two-front war, as the Germans found out in WWI and WWII. Go for the main enemy first, and once that falls, move the forces against other enemies. Jewish power is not only the main enemy but the linchpin of the anti-white war wagon. If it goes, the wheels come off. It was Jewish power that was most instrumental in pushing for destructive & supremacist Wars for Israel, mass immigration-invasion & cult of Diversity(which is mainly a strength for Jewish elites hellbent on playing divide and rule among diverse goyim), jungle fever(to weaken white male pride and destroy white female beauty, much hated by resentful & envious Jewish feminists), the new normal of cucky-wuckery(to turn white men into a bunch of sappy dogs that growl and bark ONLY in service to their Jewish masters), Homomania as replacement for true spirituality(such as Christianity) and true morality, and the Cult of Compulsory Hate(whereby all goyim in the West must hate and revile whatever Jews hate: Russia, Iran, Syria, you name it). If Jews love, we must love. Since Jews love themselves, we must love Jews. Since Jews hate Iran, we must hate Iran.
This is why white people need emancipation from Jewish supremacist power. A free people have autonomy of emotions, and they choose for themselves what they love and what they hate. But under the current domination of Jewish supremacism, 'hate speech' is totally controlled by Jews. So, whites must support Jewish hatred against Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Russians, and Christian Conservatives as 'liberal democracy' while denouncing calls for independence and autonomy from Soros-ian globo-homo madness as 'far-right hate', 'autocracy', and 'extremism'. Why should Jews be the hands and goyim be the clay? Do Jews allow goyim to mold Jewish brains and hearts to think and feel in certain ways that favor goy interests over Jewish interests? Whenever whites tried to control Jews, Jews said NO THANKS and even NO WAY! Jews insisted on thinking for themselves and forming their own emotions/passions on issues of the world, esp as pertaining to Jewish interests. Then, it is only right that whites stopped letting their hearts and minds be used as clay by Jewish hands. Whites must turn into hands and mold their own destiny.

Look at Ilhan Omar. The tweets of one black Muslim woman made Jewish Power tremble in fear. Imagine what 5 or 10 Ilhan Omars can do? Imagine what would happen if a bit of Ilhan Omar sprouted in the hearts and minds of whites. That would be the start of the White Liberation Movement.

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