Friday, March 1, 2019

Commentary on "Why ‘Apartheid Denial’ Must Be Made a Crime"(by Henry Wolff)

Biggest Apartheid Denials are:

1. Israel was created by Nakba Pogroms that ethnically cleansed Palestinians. Also, Israel illegally occupies West Bank, into which Zionist Caravans come invading(against international law), and Palestinians can't do anything about it... just like white Americans and so many Europeans are helpless to do anything about the foreign invasion. Now, what do West Bank, Western Europe, Canada, and US have in common? Their cucked goy elites -- Fatah or Liberals or Conservatives or Democrats or Republicans -- don't represent the national aspirations of their own peoples but serve the globalist hegemony of Jewish Power that insists on Mono-Nationalism(or Nationalism and pride of Identity for Jews only) against Poly-Nationalism(or all peoples have the right of identity and nationality). White elites in the West are hardly better than dog-like elites in Hong Kong who served the British Imperialists. If anything, Western Elites are worse. At the very least, Hong Kong elites kept Hong Kong Chinese and looked forward to the day when they would take the island from the white man. In contrast, Western elites are in the process of giving away their homelands forever.

2. Biggest forms of apartheid in the US are carried out surreptitiously. Progs have mastered the art of SAYING one thing while DOING something else. It's a form of Moral Masking. It's like US imperialism justifies itself by making noises about spreading 'liberal democracy' when, in fact, these are essentially Wars for Israel and MIC(military-industrial complex). And if Western Imperialism morally justified itself in the name of spreading Christianity, now it's all about spreading globohomo. As Western elites and white people in general have been sold on the lunacy that homosexuality and tranny business = holy 'rainbow', they can't think of anything more redemptive for all of mankind that spreading the glory of Anno Sodomini, even if it means dropping tons of bombs on other nations.

Anyway, Progs practice Cryto-Apartheid or Surrepto-Apartheid via Gentric Cleansing, often spearheaded by white homos. NY elected Rudy Giuliani for two terms and Michael Bloomberg for three terms, and both went after black crime in a very big way. Clinton locked up more super-predators than anyone before or after him. Stop-and-Frisk especially targeted blacks(who commit the most crime). And push for Gentrification changed many black neighborhoods into yuppie-hipster or 'yupster' ones in DC, Chicago, San Fran, and NY. When you have lots of money and legal muscle, you can do just about anything. But lest blacks realize what is really happening, these Progs made much noise about their adoration of blacks(and promoted globohomo to push black issues to the back of the bus, ironically under the presidency of Obama the black man; but then, Jews and Homos made him, not blacks, so he owed more to globohomo than to Negro; blacks got angry about lack of attention, and Obama tried to redress this in his last 2 yrs by supporting BLM, which spiraled out of control like the Cultural Revolution; it became Criminal Revolution). The current Crypto-Apartheid is like how white people drove out the Indians but then erected Indian statues and named towns after the Red Man to lend the impression of their respect than removal of Indians. Remove the bodies while hoisting the symbol. SAY one thing and DO something else. Just like the US war machine that wages war and destruction while calling it 'pacification' campaign.


We need a law against Black Rampage Denialism. Or Criminal Revolution Denialism. Due to BAMMAMA factor -- blacks are more muscular and more aggressive --, black freedom led to black bullying, battery, robbery, rape, and murder of so many whites. All over the US, stronger blacks have been terrorizing and assaulting whites, as Colin Flaherty has detailed so many times.

Yes, there was segregation in the past, but such was deemed necessary because freed blacks, being stronger and more aggressive, could act predatory against whites. And this exact thing happened since the 1960s when the Criminal Revolution took off. And things got so bad that Jewish and white liberals ran from blacks. The era of white flight or 'Exurbodus', or Exodus from Urban areas. Black Criminal Revolution effectively ethnically and racially cleansed so many whites from traditional white areas. Even as Jewish Liberals denounced Segregation in the South, they joined(even spearheaded) the Exurbodus to flee black criminality and thuggery(and to prevent their children being bullied by blacks in schools). This wasn't official segregation as in the South but effectively the same thing.

And how did rich whites and Jews retake downtown areas of cities? They used economic and legal muscle to tear down housing projects, drive blacks out to lesser suburbs and small towns. They boosted property values so that only globalist yupsters could afford them.


Why is the American South especially targeted for ideological abuse? If Confederate Flags, Symbolism, and Ceremonies must be suppressed because of their association with slavery, why is it okay to celebrate cowboys and the Wild West? After all, one could associate all that with 'genocide' of the Indians? Weren't a lot of Indians killed by guns? Maybe the Winchester 73 should be banned(and M-16 and Helicopters should be banned for their association with 'genocide' of Vietnamese in the Vietnam War). And 20% of cowboys were black, and that means lots of blacks also killed Indians. Jewish merchants sold guns and supplies to the pioneers of Manifest Destiny.
Also, didn't mass immigration from the Old World lead to more wars against Indians, effectively leading to their 'genocide' and expulsion from their sacred lands? The US flag can be construed as a symbol of conquest, invasion, imperialism, and 'genocide' against the natives of America, just like the Israeli Flag can be conflated with Nakba pogroms and 'genocidal' erasure of Palestine -- by the U.N'.s own definition of 'genocide', Nakba was clearly an official genocide. Statue of Liberty should be dismantled if we follow this line of moral logic. Though originally erected as a tribute to US freedom, it came to symbolize immigration. But it was immigration that destroyed the native peoples and cultures of America.
Now, it's my understanding that genocide is worse than slavery. Then, why all this celebration of the Statue of Liberty that symbolizes Mass-Immigration-Invasion that reduced Indians to wretched huddled masses, as opposed to all the vitriol spewed against the Confederacy? Was black slavery worse than Indian 'genocide'? If anything, it seems the South treated the blacks better than Northern Whites treated the Indians(and it was the North that spearheaded and financed most of the imperialist Manifest Destiny) -- also, politicians of the US North supported white elites in Latin America who employed 'death squads' to carry out near-genocidal campaigns against browns. Furthermore, what about all the US memorials to wars? Many US wars were imperialist in character and agenda. Taking SW territories from Mexico. Invading Philippines. Committing war crimes against Japan and Germany. Interfering and killing millions in Korea and Vietnam. Using worst kind of mendacity to destroy Iraq, Libya, Syria, and etc. It seems the US military has a lot of imperialist, even genocidal, blood on its hands. (Ironically, Obama's war on Libya led to open black slave markets over there.) So, how about tearing down all War Memorials as reprehensible tributes to US soldiers who took part in Imperialism and even near-genocidal acts?

American Indians were destroyed by imperialism and mass-immigration. Millions of innocents were killed abroad by US military machine and Wars for Israel. And yet, we must celebrate immigration. We must wave the flag and support the troops(not least because globo-homo Libs are now the biggest warmongers). Why? One reason is Proggism is actually 'sympa-supremacist'(or supremacist in selective sympathy that favors certain groups over others). Proggism is not animated by fairness or principles toward ALL peoples. Just ask the Palestinians and White Americans if they get a fair deal from Current Globalism? Current Proggism is about the idolatrous worship of Jews, blacks, and homos above all.
Why those three? One reason is Jewish control of media and academia. So, Jews control the narrative and decide who is holy, who is unholy. Jews naturally favored themselves. And they favored homos as a talented elite-minority. Jewish power and Homo power together posit the New Normal of Elite Minority Privilege uber super-majority goyim and super-majority straights. Jews chose blacks for two reasons. Profitability as Jews have raked in many billions off black sports, black music, and black sex. The other reason is Jews can use blacks to guilt-bait white Americans(with slavery consecrated as the 'original sin' of America even though the 'genocide' of Indians predated slavery), thus paralyzing white identity & pride and manipulating whites into serving the Other(mainly Jews) as atonement. Why do Jews make a bigger deal about blacks than about American Indians? After all, weren't Indians 'genocided'? But concentrating on the Indian Tragedy isn't good for Jewish interests. After all, Jews gained so much from Immigration. So, the notion of "immigration = 'genocide' of Indians" is problematic to Jews. Also, Jews have always owned Hollywood and made so many Westerns where Indians are little more than shooting ducks, and that makes Jews culpable in spreading 'hate' against Indians. And what Jews did to Palestinians is eerily similar to what was done to the Indians.
Another reason is that blacks are a more vocal and expressive people than the Indians. So, their hysterics make for better theater than the relative stoicism of the Indians. Also, as blacks have gained so much success in sports, music, and sex -- the three things Americans are most obsessed about -- , they've come to be seen almost as demigods by whites in US, Canada, and Europe. A lot of 'European' sports 'heroes' are now black, and white women flock to have sex with them, and cucky white boys stand in line to get their autographs from black stars. And white youth culture is mainly white boys imitating black rappers and white girls 'twerking' while fantasizing about sex with black men.
NCAA and NFL pretty much follow the same dynamics. College sports are about adulation of blacks as local heroes, and tons of white coeds put out to them while white boys sheepishly cheer for them. NFL is about black 'heroes' winning games and humping tons of white women and about white boys worshiping black men as super-jocks and super-studs. Because whites worship black prowess in sports, black song(rap is now the biggest genre), and black sex, whites are bound to feel more guilty about having committed wrongs against blacks. It's like Christians came to feel esp guilty about the death of Jesus because the Narrative says He was no ordinary man but the Son of God. It's like people get more upset about someone killing a lion than a hyena or coyote. Lion is seen as regal, the king of the jungle. More people get upset over someone killing a whale than a pig or lamb. So, even though American Indians suffered more, they are seen as dull and boring, a mediocre or inferior people. Whites may acknowledge that Indians suffered but don't get all hung up about it. But whites feel obsessive guilt about what they'd don to blacks, the superior race of sports, song, and sex.
Jews exploit this psychology because it could be used in their favor too. The reason why the Shoah is such a big deal is not because Hitler killed a lot of innocent people. Suppose Hitler spared Jews and killed only Gypsies. While the world would acknowledge it as a tragedy, they wouldn't make a big fuss over it 24/7 because most people regard Gypsies as a bunch of losers. Also, Gypsies don't have power and money to control media and set the Narrative. But Jews are talented and gained tremendous wealth to dominate media and academia. Also, precisely because Jews have demonstrated their mental prowess in science, medicine, letters, humor, business, entertainment, and etc, white people have come to regard Jews with awe, as the god-men of mind, wit, and soul. So, the Holocaust is seen as something even worse than a mass-killing of people. It's seen as something akin to Deicide, the murder of a godlike race of people.

Progs pretend to be about equality, but they are very selective and supremacist in their sympathies. Proggism is Sympa-Supremacist or Compassion-Supremacist where just a few groups are favored to hog and command most of the collective sympathy. Jews over Palestinians. Jews of Shoah over Ukrainians of Holodomor. Blacks over American Indians. Homos over straights. (Homos are revered for their style and vanity in current culture that is mainly geared toward narcissism and celebrity mania.) And of course, Diversity over Indigeneity.

Diversity is the product of Imperialism that destroyed Indigeneity. After all, the only reason why Hawaii is diverse is because whites conquered and then allowed mass immigration-invasion from Asia. So, the natives of Hawaii -- the REAL Hawaiians -- have been reduced to pitiful minority status in their own homeland. Indigenous people lost out to diverse invasive peoples. It is a sign of utter cognitive dissonance that progs say they are for both Indigeneity and Diversity. They are such idiotic NPC's that they aren't even woke to the illogical line of their (un)reasoning.

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