Sunday, March 17, 2019

Jewish Behavior goes Furthest in Promoting 'Antisemitic Tropes' — Why the Jewish-Supremacist Globo-Homo Elites HATE Tucker Carlson so very much — Globalese Decoded

For any serious observer of American Power, it should be obvious that Jews are the ruling elites, or the Real Supremacists. Indeed, all this Jewish kvetching about 'antisemitism' or 'antisemitic tropes' is pretty amusing when, if anything, their own behavior and deeds do most to validate those 'tropes' or 'stereotypes'. Do a little mental experiment:

Could one argue that Jews are the biggest ‘anti-Semites’ because Jewish behavior and actions validate ‘antisemitic tropes’?

Antisemitic Trope: Jews control the media and spread propaganda.

Well, Jews do control the media and spread much fake news(esp against Russia, Iran, Syria, Christians, and patriotic white people). Now, why are Jews perpetuating and validating an ‘antisemitic trope’ by acting it out? Why do they control the media and abuse it much?

Antisemitic Trope: Jews use white nations to wage Wars for Israel.

Well, Jews do use the US military and financial system as hammer against any nation hated by Israel and Jewish supremacists. Just ask myriad peoples of Middle East who've been gravely affected by Jewish stranglehold of US foreign policy and financial power. Now, why are Jews acting in a way that perpetuates and validates an ‘antisemitic trope’?

Antisemitic Trope: Jews are trying to demographically replace whites with non-whites in the West.

Well, Jews are totally for Open Borders in US, EU, Australia, and Canada... just like they push Open Borders on West Bank: Jews in Israel and from around the world can freely invade and settle in West Bank, but Palestinians in West Bank cannot freely enter Israel(formerly Palestine prior to Nakba pogroms). Zionist caravans pour into West Bank endlessly to grab more land. And Palestinians cannot say NO, just like whites in the West can't say NO. In the US and EU, non-white immigration-invasion, or the Great Replacement, has the full blessing of Jewish supremacist power. Jews brashly demand open borders for goy nations, especially prosperous white ones. Now, by acting thus, why are Jews validating an ‘antisemitic trope’?

Antisemitic Trope: Jews control banking and use deep state connections to favor and bail out banks that are too big to fail, or Too Jewish To Fail.

Well, there were numerous examples of Wall Street banks, many of them controlled by Jews, getting off scot-free after the 2008 financial meltdown(that was mainly caused by globalist banks). Jews remained above the law because of the collusion of Jewish media, banks, courts, and deep state. Now, why did Jews act in a way that only perpetuated and validated an ‘antisemitic trope’?

Antisemitic Trope: Jews use popular culture and advertising to subvert the morality of goyim and addict them to vice such as drugs, pornography, sexual degeneracy, and Homomania. 

Well, Jews do control Hollywood, gambling, and pornography. Jews played a huge role in organized crime in US, Western Europe, and Russia. Certain Jewish-run pharmaceuticals have concocted drugs that were meant to be addictive to white people and cause White Death. Most homo-supremacist organizations are funded and led by Jews, and they spread decadence all over the world. Now, why are Jews acting in ways that perpetuate and validate an 'antisemitic' trope? 

And so on and on. 

(Btw, imagine Germans spreading the notion of 'Anti-German trope' and then denouncing anyone who mentions Germany's role in World War I, World War II, and the Shoah as examples of 'Anti-German tropes' that spread hurtful stereotypes of Germans as vile warmongers, imperialists, and mass killers. Ridiculous, eh? Well, that is how Jews play the game by throwing hissy fits about 'Antisemitic tropes'. Even if something is TOTALLY TRUE on matters of Jewish power and its abuses, it must not be mentioned because it is 'offensive' as an 'antisemitic trope'. Ironically, Jewish condemnation of 'antisemitism' cannot exist without Jews stereotyping all whites and all of white history as pathologically prejudiced. Indeed, the biggest canard of all time is the stereotyping all whites and white history as 'antisemitic', which would suggest that Jews were always pure-as-snow and whites were dirty-as-mud in their dealings with one another. Jews invoke 'antisemitism' not so much to prevent prejudice against Jews but to promote prejudice against all whites as 'anti-Semites'. The notion of 'antisemitism' is an 'anti-white trope' that would have us believe that whites have especially sick and demented souls that just want to target and attack totally innocent people. In fact, Jewish-white relations were fraught with suspicions and hostilities on BOTH sides. If whites should be careful not to blame Jews for everything, Jews should be careful not to blame whites for everything. But as the game is played, Jews wield the whip tirelessly while whites grovel in pathetic atonement. If anything is pathological, it is white slavishness to Jews in the current order.)

It seems that the first step we must take to stamp out the evil of ‘antisemitism’ is to persuade or compel Jews to stop perpetuating and validating so many ‘antisemitic tropes’ by deeds and action. The way Jews are going, they are serving in the capacity of the Biggest Anti-Semites because they carry out so many deeds that only go to further perpetuate and validate ‘antisemitic tropes’.

Anyway, the US is a Jewish Supremacist state, and Jews make a big fuss about 'white privilege'(along with Russia threat, Muslim threat, Yellow Peril China threat, etc.) as misdirection so that the duped masses won't notice Jewish power. Jews rule America, and there are basically four kinds of peoples on this issue. (1) Those who know(and most Jews know the truth) but won't admit it or discuss it lest they lose their jobs and status in hyper-competitive world of 21st century globalism. (2) Those who still don't know because they get all their news and ideas from Jewish-controlled media and academia. (3) Those who know and praise it as the greatest blessing. Whether it's Joe Biden thanking Jews for spreading the wonders of Homomania or Christian Zionists worshiping Israel & Zionism as the greatest things since bagel and cream cheese, they know and bow down low. (4) Those who know the truth and have long ago realized that Jewish Power is in vile and pernicious supremacist mode and is indeed the greatest force of evil in the 21st century.

Therefore, on the matter as to why the Power hates Tucker Carlson so much, we-in-the-know must understand that it is Jewish Power that is the main source of hostility against him. Sure, there are plenty of non-Jews who hate Carlson but, having no minds or agency of their own, they are little more than barking dogs, hardly different from John McCain growling at Russia, Syria, Iran, and Libya at the behest of his Jewish masters.

So, why does the Power hate Carlson so much? Is it because Tucker Carlson has gone way too FAR RIGHT and is now beyond the pale? No. Ironically, Jewish fear has to do with Carlson turning LEFT-RIGHT, especially in class terms. In American discourse, libertarianism and ultra-capitalism are often labeled as 'far right'. Many people in the Dissident Right may disagree and argue that libertarian principles and 'free trade' ideology have little to do with true rightism or conservatism, BUT the current terminology, especially among leftist-progressives, insist that ultra-capitalists are greedy, cold-blooded, uncaring, heartless, and ruthless members of the Far Right. Another group that is often labeled 'far right' are social conservatives, the kind of people that Chris Hedges labels as 'Christo-Fascists'. Many on the so-called Left have long argued that the GOP is a den of far-right capitalists of greed and far-right moralists of intolerance. Given that 'far right' is often used to describe Neo-Nazis and the like, one might think Jews(who are mostly on the 'left') would shake with fright over far-right capitalists and far-right moralists because they are so purist in their ideologies or worldviews. One bunch of guys are all about the wallet, and the other bunch of guys are all about the Bible(to thump people with). You might think Jews would fear such groups less IF those groups became less 'rightist'(or fervent in their narrow obsessions) and took up some leftist ideas for balance and equilibrium. After all, such moderation would make them less 'far right' or even turn them left-right.
And yet, this is what the Jews fear most. Jews prefer that GOP remain 'far-right'-capitalist or 'far-right'-moralist because such purism has a fracturing effect on the goy populace. Besides, Jews can easily handle libertarians and hardline Christians. After all, despite most Jews being on the 'left', they are the richest and most talented capitalists in the world. So, libertarian pro-capitalism means more money and power for Jews. Whether Jews are on the 'left' or the 'right', they are the Apex Predators of globalist-capitalism, and so, libertarian economic policies are a great boon to them. But, GOP libertarianism is also useful in this regard: Even as Jews benefit the most from 'free trade' and 'free market' policies, they can posture as caring-and-compassionate 'progressives' who are pushing against the cold-blooded greed of men like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of the GOP. Jews, as top capitalists, gain most from 'free trade' but then, nominally as 'liberals' and 'progressives', pretend to be pushing against the heartless greed of the 'far-right' GOP. Furthermore, libertarians are such soulless toadies of power and privilege that they can easily be bought by Jewish Money.
As for hardcore Christians, Jews know that such an anti-intellectual and anti-rational bunch of folks won't gain much power and influence in academia and media; it's like Jews fear idiot Muslim fundamentalists less than modern secular Arabs who've mastered science and engineering to build nations that are somewhat comparable to Western ones. Jews may despise hardcore Christians but don't fear them. Also, because such Christians tend to be dupes for Israel-as-God's-country-and-closest-ally-of-America, they can easily be manipulated into expending most of their energies into praising Israel(and taking the blame as to why the US can't be fair to both sides in the Israel-Palestinian conflict).
Above all, Jews appreciate 'far-right' capitalists and 'far-right' moralists because they are incapable of creating a broad united front that might challenge the elites. 'Far-right' capitalists are all about MORE for Wall Street, Las Vegas, and Big Money. Even if most Americans love money, they will never be rich and will not warm up to pro-rich policies. Thus, 'far-right' capitalism has only made it nearly impossible to form a broad American coalition against the ruling elites. Guys like Rush Limbaugh appealed to the masses and talked like 'one of them', but his main message was 'free trade' and 'it is glorious to be rich'. Even as he railed against 'Chi-coms', he was full of praise for Walmart that could not have been possible without 'free trade' with 'Chi-coms'.  So, even as he had many fans, more and more of them grew disgruntled with him as either an out-of-touch or one fat lousy heartless bastard. So, Limbaugh proved to be a huge bust as 'free trade' globalism continued to erode away at the Middle Class. He spoke of the 'fruited plains', but the New Order was more that of fruits-and-planes. In the 1990s, when Patrick Buchanan spoke up for the American working class, Limbaugh joined with the other 'free traders' in denouncing Buchanan as a 'populist' than a 'conservative'. (But, what was 'free trade' conserving by shipping tons of US industry to Mexico and China, and then by outsourcing even white-collar jobs to places like India?) One of the great ironies of American Politics is that Jews, who made most money as ruthless and greedy capitalists, got to play the role of caring-and-compassionate 'progressives' while much of White Middle America, increasingly struggling and demoralized, was sold, at least for a time, on the gospel of 'you can have it all' in the era of Communism-Defeated and Capitalism-Triumphant. Imagine the fox playing the role of defender of hens while hens dream of becoming foxes.

'Far-right' moralists were also useful to Jewish Power because their moralism(often simplistic and/or single-issue, such as abortion) made it difficult to create a broad coalition, at least not in the age of decadence and degeneracy brought upon mainly by Jewish Power. Things were different in earlier times when America used to be far more Christian and/or moralistic. Back then, huge numbers of white people could be brought together under the common tent of Jesus and Justice(that is real justice, not bullshit 'social justice' of today about how men with penises & testicles are 'women'). But it's difficult to unite people around moral issues in a decadent society where so many guys get their cues from rap music and so many girls prioritize orgasm over organism(which is why NY now allows abortion up to childbirth). Actually, things are now worse than merely decadent and degenerate because neo-satanism has persuaded so many idiot minds that decadence is the new sacredness, or 'sacradence'. Not only do most people neglect true morality but they wave the banner of degeneracy as the New Morality and demand inquisitions upon those who insist on remaining true to their moral and spiritual convictions. Notice how rabid & virulent The Outrage Mobs(or TOM), with minds infected with Jewish globo-homo filth, employed pseudo-moral hysteria and lawfare to destroy Christian bakers who refused to bake 'gay wedding cakes'. (And even as those bakers had their lives destroyed, there wasn't a pip of support from the supposedly conservative Republican Party whose main gesture is to look over the shoulder to see if the Jewish Master is displeased. As Jews spread the message far-and-wide that the 'gay agenda' is a go and will happen and must happen, the GOP just cucked like a bunch of pussies that they are.) Because Jewish influence degraded so much of society, it's nearly impossible to unite the people around moral issues. Paradoxically, precisely because Jews spread immorality and filth all around, they value the 'purism' of 'far right' moralists. Jews know that in a foul and filthy world(of New Normal morality where the highest value is penis inside a poopchute or penis-and-balls cut off to make for a fake vagina), the words of moralists will have limited appeal among the vast population made up of cynics, decadents, or New Normals(who can only get 'morally' worked up for lunacies like 'homomania' or 'pussy march'). There was once a time when a man like William Jennings Bryan could rouse up the masses; today, you're more likely to find people who get all 'godly' over the 'divinity' of Bruce 'Caitlyn' Jennings. Because of its limited appeal in an age when white boys grow up to rap thug music and white girls grow up 'twerking' in imitation of Miley Cyrus(and where college-educated women's idea of culture is SEX AND THE CITY and CAPTAIN MARVEL), Jews know that 'far-right' moralism will only serve to alienate the masses. Just as it was impossible for Abraham to appeal to the people of Sodom and Gomorrah, it's nearly impossible to reach out morally to most people in the Age of Degeneracy.
It also doesn't help that 'far right' moralists tend to be mentally-limited and culturally incurious Bible-thumpers who are more into holier-than-thou-ness than roll-up-the-sleeves good work backed by good words(just like most 'social justice warrior' types tend to be in it for virtue-vaping and virtue-vanity than for anything that resembles true justice). While most 'far-right' moralists are good people, Jew-run media have sought to portray them in the worst way possible, especially by providing favored coverage to groups like Westboro church that protested military funerals in opposition to the homo agenda. I suspect this 'church' has been a 'false fag' operation to create the impression that Christians who oppose the 'gay agenda' are unpatriotic. Indeed, few things are more offensive to the American Right than people harassing military funerals. By highlighting the Westboro church Jewish-controlled media created the impression that those who oppose the 'gay agenda' are also unpatriotic and hate the military.

Anyway, why all this hatred for Tucker Carlson? Is it really because he is so hopelessly far-right and extreme? Or, is it something else? Indeed, are Jews angry at Carlson precisely because he rejects both 'far-right' capitalism and 'far-right' moralism? After all, why did Jews hate Donald Trump so much in the 2016 campaign? Jews tried to paint him as 'far-right' or even 'literally Hitler', but weren't they angry with him precisely because he wasn't 'far-right' on economic and moral issues? As Kevin Michael Grace argued numerous times, "'conservatism' needs to die" because (1) moral issues are too divisive in our degenerate age and (2) Republicans mouth moralistic platitudes but, as essentially 'paycheck conservatives', do NOT intend to take up the fight because their main priority is to stay inside the Beltway.
Furthermore, economic issues of 'small government' and 'lower taxes'(often demeaned as 'far right') have lost their luster as the US(and rest of the West) went from National Capitalism to Global Capitalism. In a National Economy, one could argue that the middle class and small businessmen have something to gain from less regulation and lower taxes. And if bigger government meant more welfare for bums, limited government might appeal to the working class as well, which is why many blue-collar folks voted for Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. Also, during the Cold War, even most of the American Working Class stood with capitalism against communism, which is one reason why the American Left eventually lost interest in the 'reactionary' and patriotic Archie-Bunkerite white working class.
Anyway, that was then, this is now. Cold War is long over though there is its shadow in the so-called 'new cold war' concocted by Jews who hate Vladimir Putin for having said NO to Globo-Homomania. And contrary to Neo-Liberal economists who argued for capitalism and market dynamics, it turned out that Big Capital in Wall Street, High Tech, Big Media, and Big Pharma closely colludes with the Deep State to own and control just about everything. Consider the Wall Street bailouts for banks that were 'too big to fail'. Contrary to the libertarian notion of capitalism = liberty versus big government = tyranny, the result has been a Convergence of Big Money and Big State, with the main glue being the 'chatechisms'(or secular catechisms of the chattering classes) of Jew-Worship, Afro-celebration, and Homo-fanfare(and babytalk about 'diversity', 'inclusion', and 'hate'). Today, we have Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Big Banks working with Big State to censor dissidents, especially of the White Liberationist and BDS movements.
But then, it was the Great Betrayal that led to the Great Awakening. Many ordinary conservatives were told that they must support capitalism against Big State to have liberty, but they found out that Big Capital is only too happy to work with Big State to deny platforms and financial services to people based on race, creed, and ideology. The silver lining of this betrayal is that scales began to fall from the eyes of Americans(mostly on the Right but also on the Left, especially those who champion the Palestinian cause) who came to realize that monopoly-crony-capitalism of the globalist era is not pro-freedom and protective of individual liberty. Indeed, for thinking people who know how to decode Globalese, the official terminology of PC and Zionist-US hegemonism is mostly smoke-and-mirrors.

Just consider the following globalist terms decoded by the trutherizer:

Liberal Democracy: It really means Tribal Oligarchy. If the US is really about spreading 'liberal democracy', why is it so blindly supportive of Zionist imperialism and the Occupation of West Bank? Why is the US so cozy with Saudi Arabia while so hostile to Syria, a secular Arab nation that has Westernized in many walks of life?

Diversity: It is really Division or divide-and-rule. Jews promote Diversity in goy nations to pit goy against goy, thus creating cracks through which Jewish Power can drive its wedges. When Jews say 'Diversity is our strength', they really mean 'divide-and-rule over diverse goyim means more power to us Jews.

Inclusion: It's really a euphemism for invasion. How can any community, order, or society survive without borders and exclusion? If Israel opened its borders and welcomed any number of peoples in the spirit of 'inclusion', it would be wiped off the map in no time as plenty of poorer folks from Africa and Middle East will come to partake of greater wealth in Israel. Also, 'inclusion' is used as mind-trick by elite institutions that have no real intention of being truly inclusive. Take Ivy League universities. If they really want to be 'inclusive', they should go for open admissions and include anyone on the basis of lottery. Of course, open admissions would destroy their academic reputations, and so, these institutions mouth platitudes about 'inclusion' and let in token numbers of 'diversity' via 'affirmative action programs' to create the impression that they are open to all.

Hate Speech: Rabidly and virulently hateful Jews who look upon goyim as cattle simply cannot tolerate speech that is critical of Jewish Power. Jews love to be radical and critical toward others, but they simply cannot take counter-criticism and push-back. So, Jews will use 'critical theory' against their enemies but will not abide by counter-critical theory that throws it back at Jews. Jews can dish it out but they can't take it. When people judge Jews by the same criteria that Jews use to judge others, Jews get all sourpuss and kvetch about 'hate speech' and 'antisemitism'. Jews have the personality of the Jewish God, the perfect Being who judges mankind but forbids mankind to judge Him. So, when Jews say 'hate speech', they really mean 'blasphemy' and 'burn the heretic that dares to challenge our power'. Indeed, this is why Jews got SPLC and ADL to pressure to ban THE CULTURE OF CRITIQUE by Kevin Macdonald. For Jews, 'critical theory' is a One-Way street. They can drive down the street to run us down, but we better not drive down the other way to run them down.

Far Right: Jews keep changing the goal-posts on this. Notice that current Israel is more 'far right' than any European nation(even any of the Visegrad nations), but the Jew-run media just refer to Israel as 'right-wing'(when not praising it as the 'only liberal democracy in the Middle East) whereas white nations that only to preserve their peoples and cultures are smeared as 'far right'.

If there's going to be Convergence at the Top, there might as well be Convergence at the bottom. The Convergence at the top is called Globalist Neo-Liberal Consensus, and it was mostly completed from the Clinton Era to Obama Era. The basic idea was to synthesize the GOP 'free trade' & de-regulatory supply-side economics AND Democratic Party's Globo-Homomania narcissism as the 'new progressivism'. The so-called 'right' would have to dump Social Conservatism and the so-called 'left' would have to shed Big Labor & class politics. In economic policy the GOP line since the Reagan Era would prevail, and in social policy the Democratic line would take the lead, e.g. on stuff like 'gay marriage', the Democrats would all be obligated to push it through whereas Republicans would all be obligated to just shut up and not oppose it. And as Big Media and Hollywood use the J-Ray(Jewish Ray) to sway the masses, there was no need for the GOP to worry about a massive moral backlash from the base. As even most Republicans are hooked to Pop Culture as their main culture, they were bound to come around to bending over to Homomania as well(as if one of the hallmark signs of virtue is to flash one's adoration of 'gayness', along with for Jewishness and blackness). In a way, one could argue that both the 'conservative' and the 'liberal' elites betrayed their base by, respectively, ditching social conservatives and class politics. But then, some of the pressures for betrayal came from the masses themselves as the majority of Americans had grown corrupted and gross from influence of mass education and mass media. Most lower-class 'conservatives' became vulgar morons whose culture consisted of watching THE JERRY SPRINGER SHOW and getting tattoos. Also, the rise of mall-churches turned Christianity into something like a Rock concert or personality cult. Such debased conservatives who took their social cues from Jewish-run Hollywood and TV came around to rapping, interracism, tattoos, and even Homomania. Being dumb, these 'conservatives' were incapable of thinking for themselves and relied on the terminology cooked up by PC globalists. So, EVEN IF Conservative elites had tried to defend True Marriage, there wouldn't have been much support from the base, and if anything, there might have been considerable pushback as sick and degenerate US is a nation where 80% now support 'gay marriage'. As for the 'liberal' base, their main passions consisted of various 'identity politics', Homomania, vanity displays(like slut pride), or irrational worship of Magic Negro. Even their economic issues were more about politics of theater or 'entitlementality' than true social justice. Workers in the past struggled for just pay and benefits for their labor. In contrast, the theme of OCCUPY WALL STREET was, "the banks are getting free money, so give us free shit too." Just like it is now difficult for a social conservative leader to appeal to the 'conservative' masses, it's difficult for a true economic leftist to appeal to the 'liberal' masses. Most people have been corrupted, from top to bottom, and much of what passes for morality is playing with shopworn symbolism than dealing with reality.
Jewish Supremacy, the dominant power in the US(and the world) loved this Elite Convergence because it severed the Democratic elites from their base and severed the Republican elites from their base. As the Democratic Party became the hothouse of 'identity politics', unity was impossible among the various groups, and the Democratic goy elites mainly focused on serving Jews and homos at the top. Not only do Jews hold the purse strings, but it's easier to serve one lord at the top than the contending mobs below. One might have expected more unity in the GOP, still mainly the white and Christian party, but even many of the 'conservative' base had fractured along variations of soulless libertarianism and mindless Evangelicalism. As a 'family values' party whose biggest donor was Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson(and in a world where 'conservative' spiritual values are represented by a flaky and/or scandalous Catholic Church, Mammon-worshiping Cult-Christianity of Mormonism, and brain-dead 'zombitry' of Christian Zionism), it was difficult to ascertain what American Conservatism stood for. Naturally, GOP goy elites, just like their counterparts in the Democratic Party, found it much easier, not to mention more profitable, to serve the single master of Jewish Supremacism than bother with the various confused factions of social conservatism, fundamental religion, and puritanical libertarianism. With both Democratic goy elites and GOP goy elites effectively severed from their own bases, Jews(and their homo partners) think they have it all: The combination right in their hands. And Jews want to keep it that way.

But what if there is another kind of Convergence? If the upper 'left' and upper 'right' converged(as Michael Lind warned in The Next American Nation: The New Nationalism and the Fourth American Revolution) by neglecting their own bases(thereby turning American Politics into a game of 'winners' and 'losers'), what if the neglected Democratic base and neglected GOP base began to converge into a kind of left-right populism. Though people like Pat Buchanan have been much mentioned as heralds of resurgence of populism, Michael Lind had also sounded the alarm and offered counter-proposals with books like The Radical Center: The Future of American Politics.
Now, mass-convergence is far more difficult to pull off than elite-convergence. Elites tend to be concentrated in key institutions and industries in a handful of big cities, college towns, and government. Most of the elites in the US are to be found in Ivy League schools and places like Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and top law firms. Though there is growing diversity among the elites, shared privilege is a great glue and, besides, there is the Jew-glue that bonds all the elites together. If there weren't a dominant elite group in the US, there might be more conflict at the top, like in THE GODFATHER when the Five Families figured that the Corleones are slipping in power and make their move. It was when the Corleone family reasserted their dominance at the end of the movie that the other crime families got back in line.

Jewish Dominance is like the Corleones of American Power. It is The Power around which the lesser elite-powers revolve. It is telling that the Golden Age of American Liberty and Freedom was from the 1960s to the 1980s when elite power was shifting from Wasps to Jews. Not only were Wasps losing grip on society but Jews had to champion maximum freedom in order to subvert the existing power structure. It was after Jews gained dominance that they suddenly began to roll back on liberties lest other groups challenge Jewish Power as the Jews had once challenged Wasp power. Because there is a dominant elite in the US, all the lesser elites are agreed that they must kiss the Jewish Hand to be accepted into the Power Club.

In contrast, no such well-understood norm or gravitational center exists among the masses. Not only are masses separated by vast differences -- what do oil workers in South Dakota have in common with hillbillies in West Virginia, Negroes in Georgia, or Mexicans in EL Paso? -- , but there is no common set of rites and rules that can pull them into a unity, all the more so because the US has grown racially, culturally, and socially more diverse and divided than ever. Also, if privilege at the top tends to pull together the affluent and connected, relative poverty tends to divide people at the bottom into warring factions, especially if they are diverse and without leadership(not least because the goy elites of both parties mostly neglect their own bases and spend most of their time sucking up to Jews).

That said, great numbers of people can be brought together in times of great crisis. It happened in both the US and Germany in the 1930s as the result of the Great Depression. But then, it was possible because both the US and Germany were largely white, gentile, and Christian. Germany was brazenly anti-Jewish, and even though FDR loathed National Socialism, he wasn't all too keen on Jewish power even though there were certain powerful Jewish figures in his administration. Back then, Wasps were solidly in command and control, and Jews had to think twice about pushing their tribal agenda too powerfully(which they were able to do more effectively through the presidency of the lackluster and clueless Harry S. Truman). Anyway, things got so bad that a sufficiently broad swath of Americans were able to unite from north to south and east to west to keep FDR in power for 12 yrs as the People's President. And even though the National Socialists came to power with only third of the vote in Germany, their successes in the years prior to the tragic World War II led to support from the overwhelming majority of Germans(and Austrians who clamored for unity with Germany). Even though the New Deal is remembered as 'leftist'(or even 'far left' by some) and National Socialism is remembered as 'far right', both were actually a kind of unity of left and right. The New Deal era, as recounted by chunkhead Ross Douthat, was remarkably socially conservative, a hangover and backlash from the wildly decadent excesses of the speculative 1920s that came to be known as the 'Jazz Age'. FDR used his quasi-socialist policies to shore up the American Family. Socialist novelist John Steinbeck wrote of strong families and need for moral fiber and mutual support.
As for National Socialism, it won over many of the German middle and working classes because it didn't only stress national unity and social values(which were pretty solid except for the pathologically radical notions about race and Aryan supremacism) but provided massive work programs and universal healthcare. Such unity of leftist and rightist themes & policies were possible because both Germany and the US were ruled by white gentiles and were overwhelmingly either German or white-American in demographics.
According to Jewish Historiography of the 20th century, FDR was a godlike savior of the free world whereas Hitler was the most evil 'far right' vermin that ever lived. But, such view was an accident of history, at least to an extent. Would Jews have been so reverent of FDR if not for his role in the war against Nazi Germany? Keep in mind that, for a few decades following World War II, many Jews were equally reverent toward Stalin as the great vanquisher of Hitler's empire. But over time, Jews came to loathe Stalin and Soviet Union as anathema to True Jewish potential and interests. And even though it took longer, Jews now feel the same way about FDR and the New Deal, which is why they are eager to use a turd-boy like Tahenisi Coates to smear FDR as a 'racist'. (LOL. What past politician, by today's standards, was not a 'racist'?) Back then, Jews saw FDR as enemy of Hitler and counterbalance against the American Right that was even more suspicious of Jewish power than the American Left was. But, once Jews gained supreme power in the US, they felt less love for FDR and the New Deal, which was essentially about unity of white gentile elites and white gentile masses; it was left-nationalism. (There were gains for blacks in the New Deal, but the main priority was about white elites making things a bit easier for the troubled white masses.) Jews hate this idea because Jewish supremacist power depends on white elites serving Jewish super-elites than connecting with the white masses. To prevent white elite and white mass unity, Jews exploit the issue of 'racism' and 'white supremacism', which now means privileged whites showing ANY concern for white people(such as whites in South Africa being raped and slaughtered by feral blacks). Of course, it won't look good for Jewish super-elites to say, "You white elites must ignore your own people and instead serve us Jewish overlords." Jewish supremacism would be bared and exposed. So, what moral cover do Jews use to perpetuate their supremacism? Jews invoke Diversity and argue that white elites should represent and serve EVERYONE of ALL COLORS than favor their own race. But it's all just a con-game because it is IMPOSSIBLE for white elites to represent so many different groups with conflicting interests. So, what is the only game that is left for the white elites? Serving Jewish interests at the top. It's a dirty but brilliant bait-and-switch con-trick. Jews shame white elites about 'white supremacism'(which can mean the slightest white sympathy for other whites) and pressure them toward serving Diversity, but as Diversity is impossible to serve or govern, white elites just end up serving Jewish Power. Indeed, if Jews are really all about Diversity and serving ALL groups equally, why did they use their muscle to criminalize BDS, silence Palestinian-American voices, and condemn Ilhan Omar for her criticism of Zionist supremacism that led to Wars for Israel and oppression of Muslims? Jews tell white elites to bypass the white masses and toss the ball at Diversity, but the chaotic hands of Diversity always lose the ball that just bounce off them and land on the Jews. Diversity is just Jewish smoke-and-mirrors trick or deflective tool to make white elites serve Jews than white people.

Then, it should be clear why Jews hate Tucker Carlson with such virulence. Even though Carlson is savvy enough to not name the Jew(as such is career suicide in US media and politics, especially for whites), his message, far from being 'far right' in capitalist or moralist terms, strives for a synthesis of rightism and leftism, of a new unity between the Beltway elites and the masses. It is that kind of unity that Jews fear most. Jews had no reason to fear the 'far-right' capitalism of Paul Ryans of the world as (1) capitalism is a boon to Jewish wealth and power and (2) politics of wealth, especially in the age of globalism, tend to alienate too many people. As for 'far right' moralism, we know it tends to alienate too many Americans who are addicted to hedonism, drugs, and abortion. One of the problems of Patrick Buchanan was his stridently moralistic Catholic conservatism, which just rubbed too many Americans the wrong way as 'taking my rights away to indulge in fun'. In contrast, Trump who mostly ignored moral issues and ran on protecting the American Worker miraculously managed to arrive at a populist formula that led him to the Presidency. (Even though Trump won by razor-thin margins, he probably would have won much bigger IF the media had been fair to both candidates. What Jews feared most about Trumpism wasn't its purported 'far-rightism' but the fusion of leftism and rightism, as when Trump denounced neo-imperialist wars and spoke in defense of Middle America, promises that turned out to be rather hollow for various reasons.)
Now, can Tucker Carlson goad the elites to care about Traditional White America? Jews claim to care about Diversity, but if we judge them by what they do than what they say, everything they've been doing for the past 40 years has been little more than serving the agenda of "Is it great for Jews?" Black underclass has gotten worse, and browns from Latin America are mired in menial jobs. White middle class is just barely holding on, and the white working class is in dire straits. Only the elites and the upper-middle class of the New Economy are doing fabulous or well. Contrary to Jewish claims(what they say), Jews use their power in the US to make America serve Jewish supremacist interests both here and abroad. Just ask the Palestinians. Even though Jews are on the 'left', they despite most gentile progs for being so dumb. How can Jews respect any people who so easily fell for Russia Collusion Hoax(that no Jew privately believes in) and Homomania(which Jews privately know to be a proxy cultural weapon of Jewish globalist hegemonism)? Jews use the easily 'triggered' dumb goy progs as barking dogs and little else. If anything, while moronic and insipid Outrage Mob types dye their hair green and growl at 'white supremacists', Jews continue to amass more fortune and gain more trophies to shore up Jewish supremacism. (Alt Right had a chance as a White Liberationist movement opposed to Jewish Supremacism, but instead, Richard Spencer got together with a bunch of 14/88 types and turned the movement into neo-white-supremacism. Instead of stressing the moral urgency of white emancipation from Jewish supremacism, the message was "We want to replace Jewish supremacism with white supremacism and conquer the whole world again." Talk about dumb.)

Anyway, Tucker Carlson's ideas are, as yet, confused and inchoate. He senses something profoundly wrong with the current system and the need for new political alignments & configurations as the old dichotomies of 'left' and 'right' no longer make any sense. He stares into the crystal ball and sees all sorts of signs of danger, but he isn't sure what must be done, what can be done and how. Indeed, American Politics is like Macbeth meeting for the first time the witches who offer prophecies laden with traps. Is Traditional America hopeless and lost forever, what with white elites having been reduced to cucks of Jewish/Homo elites and with white masses having been relegated to cuck-status vis-a-vis blacks, 'white guilt', and Diversity? Was Trumpism the last hurrah of White America before its inevitable demise into just another 'minority' group?

Or, is there something portentous in the election of Muslims to US Congress, a perverse but real sign of hope? While White American Conservatives, with neo-crusader instincts, feel closer to Jews and Israel than to Muslims, might there be an awakening among white Americans of all stripes that JEWISH SUPREMACISM is the main enemy of ALL humanity? Many on the Dissident Right are well-aware that Jewish power uses white Christians to smash Muslim nations and then uses Muslim 'refugees' against the white world. Also, there is grumbling among many Trump supporters who notice that Trump hasn't done much for White America but has gone to hell and back for Israel and Jews, incredibly the very people who've heaped most abuse on him. When white people see Trump surrounded by Jews and doing the bidding of the very people who did most to insult and abuse him, they don't see a proud national leader but a cucky-wuck. It seems unlikely at the moment, but if White America is lost forever as a majority power, could it be that white Americans can ally with Diversity against Jewish supremacist power and white cuck-elites who betrayed the white masses to get their thirty pieces of silver?

Also, Diversity is realizing that Jewish Power is the ultimate White Privilege. Not only did Ilhan Omar speak about Jewish money, but many among the Democratic base came to her side despite harsh words from the upper echelons of the Party that are totally beholden to Jews. With Diversity waking up to Jewish power and with white people realizing WHO really ordered the white cuck-elites to stab them in the back, could there be a diversity-and-white-mass coalition against Jewish Supremacism? Diversity will be motivated by envy & resentment, and white masses will be fueled by want of revenge. A unity of emotions: Envy + Vengeance = War on the Globalist Elites. The best thing would be to save and preserve White America and White Europe, but if such are lost, then the only card left for whites is the Samson Option. Pull down the pillars and destroy Jewish supremacism and white cuck-collaborator elites too. It's like what Lady Kaeda pulled off in RAN(by Akira Kurosawa). Her family dynasty was lost forever, but she could get revenge on the family that destroyed her own.

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