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Commentary on "Lying about Judeo-Bolshevism"(by Andrew Joyce) — Judeo-Bolshevism and Judeo-Christianity — Karl Marx & the un-tamable Beast of Capitalism — The Jewish Culture of Prophetics and the Nuclear Mind of Jewish Will to Power, aka the Schwill of Spaceballsian Schwarzian Magnitude

The notion of Judeo-Bolshevism is as problematic as the notion of Judeo-Christianity.

While Karl Marx and many early communists were ethnically Jewish, they were not happy Jews nor were they secret supremacists pushing a radical agenda for crypto-Jewish-hegemony. One could argue that their Jewish genetics(especially intelligence, personality, and temperament) shaped their attitudes, perspective, and worldview -- after all, the political grows out of the personal -- , but there's no doubt that men like Karl Marx and Leon Trotsky were sincerely committed to World Revolution premised on the Brotherhood of Man.
Now, on the subconscious level, were they driven by tribal-megalomaniacal energies going back to ancient times? Perhaps, but it can't be ascertained one way or another, only speculated. While it's true that Jewish historical experience on both the personal and social front shaped the Marxian worldview, this can be said of any group. After all, every people interpreted and practiced Christianity in their own way: Italian Catholicism, German Lutheranism, Southern Baptism, Negro Church, etc. And when communism spread around the world, it was 'nationalized' differently in every nation. Owing to variances of history, demographics, culture, and tradition, Cuban communism was distinct from Romanian communism that was distinct from North Korean communism. Then, it should hardly surprise us that Marxism was indelibly stamped with the Will of Jewish Personality because ethnic Jews played such a prominent role in the formation of radical communism. Likewise, Ayn Rand's theories of individualism were far more radical and prophetic than those of relatively restrained Anglo tradition or pragmatic American tradition. Rand may have considered herself secular and godless, but she had one powerful Jewish personality. Marx and Jews didn't invent socialism or communism but gave it a distinct ethno-charge that, for awhile, achieved critical mass to alter the rotation of the world in a new direction.

Karl Marx and many early communists were secular Jews or Anti-Jews(just like Nietzsche was Anti-Christ), and many had negative feelings toward Jewish religion(as a drag on Jewish progress) and Jewish bourgeoisie(as a driver of inequality and injustice, thereby instigating more anti-Jewish sentiments among the pauperized goyim). Later, the Chinese communists would feel much the same way about their own culture. Maoists attacked Confucianism as a dead weight around China's neck that prevented progress; they also attacked capitalism as the tool of collaborators and imperialists(as Chinese capitalists had profited from business with European, American, and Japanese aggressors). People like Marx, in rejecting both ancient Jewish tradition and modern Jewish capital, hoped to find a new path which would lead to the resolution of all contradictions, be they class or tribal conflicts. A world in which all classes would merge into one, a world in which Jews and Gentiles would just be comrades committed to equal work, equal leisure, and equal commitment to arts and culture.
Tremendous changes were afoot in a world turned upside down by the Industrial Revolution as Karl Marx noted in THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO. The reason for Marx's emphasis on economics owed to the realization that the material dynamics behind capitalism was fueling the greatest revolution in human history REGARDLESS of ideas or arguments for or against it. The rapid transformation of the world from the late 18th century to the 19th century owed little to ideas. After all, there had been ideas as radical or even more so all throughout history since the beginning of time. Besides, the politically less radical UK and Germany(which was ruled by the Kaiser and reactionary ministers) underwent far greater material revolutions than France where radical ideas and movements were more commonplace. If ideas alone can change the world, the Ancient Greeks, who were so rich in ideas, would have changed everything. But they didn't because they lacked the materialist dynamics that could take on a life of its own. Today, some people worry about A.I. superseding mankind and taking over the world, but in the 19th century, hyper-economic forces took on life and logic of their own and could not be stopped. Once the industrial revolution took off due to a confluence of cultural, legal, and material factors, humanity was confronted with a power much bigger than philosophy, religion, politics, tradition, and privilege. It was as if capitalism had unleashed the Beast driven by market forces of greed and profit. As Karl Marx saw it, NOTHING could stop this Beast. No idea, no plea, no movement, and no amount of moral condemnation could stop it. Indeed, Marxism was meant less as a manual for action against capitalism than as a preparation for the day when the Capitalist Beast will collapse from its own contradictions. The most that Marxists could do is ready themselves for the eventual day when the Beast has collapsed from its own weight and can be finished off by radicals who'd been waiting patiently with sharpened spears. It's like the story of Cyclops in THE ODYSSEY. As the one-eyed giant is too big and strong, the men have no chance of defeating it. So, they just wait for the gluttonous and self-indulgent giant to gorge on food and wine to the point of becoming incapacitated, and it is then they strike.
Intoxication of Cyclops
Marx understood the power of the Beast of Capital. As the material world changed, traditions and conventions faded, and it led to both spiritual malaise and visionary renewal, and this is what Friedrich Nietzsche became the prophet of, indeed the rare non-Jewish one. And as the new order allowed more individual choices unloosed from old restraints, sexual temptation was bound to be a key factor in capitalism for its profit potential. (Capitalists would seek to commoditize sexuality, anarchists would seek to weaponize sexuality, and communists would seek to re-moralize sexuality in terms of men and women as comrades.) Anyway, with so much of the Old Way fading fast but without new truths to replace them, the era from mid-19th century to Fin-de-Siecle was bound to be a time of prophets, visionary artists, and radicals. Jews played a prominent role in this period because (1) they've long had a prophetic mindset and tradition and (2) freed from the confines of Rabbinical Messianism, modern Jews could apply their prophetic outlook on the secular world. Incidentally, we are living in similar times today as (1) there is exponential growth in technology that has taken on a life of its own (2) old credos have lost their authority while new ones offer little more than empty idolatry of holy Holocaust Jews, Magic Negroes, and 'rainbow' Homos (3) calamitous times are afoot due to demographic upheavals. There is also the great contradiction between the conceit of 'liberal democracy' and the reality of rule by tribal oligarchy of Jewish Supremacists.
Karl Marx believed that money is to Jews what alcohol is to the Irish. Jews take to money like leeches to blood. Marx lamented how Jews practiced the Shylock Doctrine wherever possible to make profits on the backs of long-suffering humanity. He was convinced that the only way to resolve the Jewish Question was to rid the world of capital. A kind of Economic Prohibition. Jews, more than any other people, had become intoxicated with capital as the result of their experience as financiers, middlemen, and money changers.
But the end of capital could not be brought about by any leader or movement. The power of capitalism and the beast it unleashed were too powerful. Such a force could only be brought down by its own internal contradictions, and then and only then, the radicals would pounce on the Beast and finish it off. But, in some ways, Marx saw capitalism as the biggest blessing for mankind. No pain, no gain. As merciless, greedy, and ravenous as capitalism was, no force had been as powerful and effective in transforming the world from rural backwardness & aristocratic privilege to urban awareness & mass consciousness. And once the ownership class were eventually destroyed by the contradictions of capitalism, all the property, infrastructure, and wealth they'd built and accumulated would fall into the hands of the workers. Capitalism was like the greatest forest fire of all time. It led to much destruction but cleared the deadwood and provided fertilizer so that new trees could grow, hopefully by feeding on the nutrients equally.

The early communists were both Jewish in ethnicity and anti-Jewish in agenda. But this could be said of early Christians as well. All early Christians were Jewish, and then, for a long stretch, the majority of Christians remained Jews(or heretical Jews). The term 'Judeo-Christian' might indeed be applicable to this period because the movement was so heavily dominated by heretical Jews and had yet to completely sever ties to Jewish tradition(much in the way that Freudianism had trouble recruiting anyone but eccentric Jews to the field). Early Christians were both Jewish and anti-Jewish in espousing a new faith that grew out of Judaism but also railed against it. But then, Jesus Himself had been rather ambiguous, sometimes portraying Himself as a reverent bearer of tradition, at other times intimating that His mission is to change everything.
As Christianity is a universal faith, once its flames spread and caught on with the gentiles, it naturally came to be dominated and defined by gentile converts & their children than by the descendants of the Jewish early Christians.
Same was true of communism. Given its universal character, communism was bound to attract many more non-Jews than Jews in the long run: China, Vietnam, Cuba, Angola, and etc. Especially when Israel allied with the US and communist Jews began to feel stirrings of Zionist pride(or were suspected of such), the hammer came down hard on many communist elites of Jewish background... though, all in all, your average Jew in the USSR or Eastern Europe was probably better off than your average goy, not least due to higher IQ, adeptness at economic bootlegging, and connections to rich Jews in the West(however tenuous). American Jews did a lot of favors for Soviet Jews though, in fact, your average Jew in the USSR was better off than your average goy Soviet.

In the early years of Christianity, Jewish Christians were persecuted by Jews and disdained by pagans. But eventually, they managed to capture the imagination of pagan Rome, and then the movement took on a life of its own. It is somewhat analogous to what happened later with communism as it passed from Jews to Goyim. While it's important for us to remember the horrors of communism and the Jewish role in it, we also need to ask why Jewish-created worldviews had such a messianic impact on humanity. Kevin MacDonald has written about the Jewish Culture of Critique, but he has yet to fully discuss something that is more important: the Culture of Prophetique. According to MacDonald and his admirers, Jews are the Eternal subversives who deconstruct and undermine the social order, especially that of the goyim. But no idea or movement can gain such momentum and power as communism did for a time just by being anti-something or counter-something. It has to be FOR something too. And this is where the Jewish Power of Prophecy comes into play. Communism presented the final prophetic formula that would unite science, sociology, economics, morality, history, spirituality, and creativity all in one. It envisioned a new world of justice, equality, and brotherhood of man, and this inspired many people(mostly goyim) around the world. We must give the Jewish Devil his due in the sheer ability to think big and convert masses of mankind.

Why do Jews control so many goyim? Why are Jews the hands while goyim are the clay? It's because Jews have had the chutzpah and audacity to think big, to imagine the one and only God. Jewish Prophets reached beyond the scope of most men and sought to peer into the mind of the all-knowing Deity. It is this bigness of vision and thought that has made Jewish Thought so paradigmatic in world history. In the 20th century, who was the most influential author? Franz Kafka. Who was the most admired film-director with cult-like following? Stanley Kubrick who made 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. Jews use the Culture of Critique to clear the way to fulfill the far more important Culture of Prophetique. Unless goyim learn to think 'bigly', their minds will always be the clay in Jewish hands. Even when Jews think up utterly crazy and stupid shit(like Homomania or Diversity Is Our Strenght or DIOS), they gain such mass following because they do it with such energy, drive, vision, and determination. Like many people, I think Ayn Rand was nuts, but THE FOUNTAINHEAD is something more than a dry theory on individualism. It is individualism as far-seeing and far-reaching heroic mythology. Western Civilization produced many great warriors, scientists, philosophers, artists, leaders, inventors, and etc, but no prophets... with the possible exceptions of Martin Luther, Ludwig van Beethoven, Richard Wagner, Friedrich Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Carl Jung, Martin Heidegger, and Adolf Hitler, all Germans by the way. The reason why the world burned to the ground from fires emanating from Central Europe was due to the friction of Jewish prophetic power and Germano-Aryan prophetic power. History couldn't take that much heat. Upon losing World War II, Germans have suppressed their romantic passion and now await national death. They have lost the power of will. Jews still have prophetic power, but all their wealth and privilege have turned them decadent and degenerate, and their current vision for the world is 'worship the holy homo and franny tranny' and 'worship the mandingo with mega-dong'. Anyways, those with prophetic power will rule over those without. Prophets claim to see the world and history from a higher perspective. As such, they can look further into the distance for meaning and truth, past and future. People who lack the prophetic vision just follow those with the vision. As Jews have verbal ability, they use terminology to define the world to buttress their preferences and prejudices. So, terms such as 'racism', 'antisemitism', 'homophobia', and 'xenophobia', as defined by Jewish Academia(in the role of modern rabbis) and Jewish Media(in the role of modern calls to prayer), set the 'terms of service' for those who are unwilling or incapable of thinking for themselves. Those who don't think or think small will always be owned by those who think big. Just like the big fish eats the small fish, big brains own the smaller brains. Romans knew how to conquer with swords and shields, but it was the Jewish mind that conquered the universe with visions of the one and only all-knowing God.

In the 19th and 20th century, Jewish capitalists had an ambiguous relation to communism. On the one hand, they saw it as a threat, as did all capitalists. But they also saw it as a useful weapon against the much loathed Russians. But then, foreign policy is always a game of ‘enemy of your enemy is your friend’. FDR allied with Stalin against Hitler. Nixon met with Mao to use China against USSR.

Also, with the fading of religious faith, many young idealistic Jews decided to join the messianic movement of communism as their ticket into the modern world. Judaism no longer had much meaning for them, and Christianity was too much the faith of the enemy; furthermore, Christianity was also fading in the modern world. But many Jews loathed communism and radicalism as threat to tradition or bourgeois privilege, something Western European Jews had plenty of. Though Jews were more likely to take part in radical politics, there were powerful Jewish forces that did everything to oppose it or lent it support only selectively against certain enemies -- but then, it was the right-wing German government in World War I that sent Lenin back into Russia to stir up trouble. (Jewish Radical and Jewish Capital in the 20th Century didn't fully go head-to-head for two reasons. They had to work together to defeat Tsarist Russia, contain Nazi Germany, and topple WASP elites in the US and UK. Also, the rise of Zionism served as a quasi-fascist compromise between Jewish Capital and Jewish Radical as both agreed on the Jewish National Project. Eventually, with the fading of communism and bourgeois culture[of respectability] altogether, there was the Convergence of Jewish radical energies and Jewish capital excesses in the worship of the Holy Homo and Magic Mandingo.)
HAIL CAESAR! Foretaste of the Great Convergence or New Covenant of Jewish Capital and Jewish Radical in the Realm of the Tootkin-Fruitkin.
Similarly, many Jews have long had ambiguous feelings about Jesus, St Paul, and Christianity. In some ways, Jews regard Jesus and St Paul as traitors, renegade Jews, and heretics. Jesus and St Paul took the sacred Jewish fire and passed it to the filthy goyim who, once empowered by the Faith, came to persecute Jews as Christ-Killers. Jews have regarded Jesus and Paul like Zeus regarded Prometheus who stole fire from the gods and passed them to humans. Prometheus was 'crucified' too, albeit with an eagle than with a cross. And yet, Jews also feel immense pride in Jesus and Paul because those two Jews changed the world. Romans conquered tiny Judea, but a simple Man from Judea and a handful of His followers managed to conquer the souls of all Romans and beyond. That is tremendous prophetic power. Europeans were unable to produce their own prophets. In contrast, Arabs produced their own in the figure of Muhammad who, taking inspiration from Judaism and Christianity, came up with his own vision as the basis of a New Book. In contrast, European Christians came to worship a 'Jew on a stick', being unable or unwilling to come up with their own prophecy.

Whatever one thinks of Marx, Freud, Rand, and Leo Strauss, they thought bigly. Sure, there was the element of Jewish networking to promote Jewish thinkers, but that alone wouldn't have done it. Suppose the media expend lots of resources to promote Mexican or Polish-American thinkers. How many bold or exciting Mexican or Polish-American thinkers are there? Neocons were a bunch of a**holes, but one reason why William Buckley caved to them and why Paleo-Cons were swept aside was because Neocons thought bigly. Crazy but bigly. Jewish Mind has more Forward Thinking. In contrast, the goy Buckley-Mind saw history in terms of pleading, "Stop, please oh please" and goy Fukuyama-mind saw history as, "Gee, I think it stopped, didn't it?"
For Jews, history is a ongoing process of propheticism, and that is why they rule. It has something to do with higher IQ among Jews, but there is another factor. Jews have greater intellectual drive and will. After all, reason and logic alone are neutral and objective. They don't necessarily favor one side or one vision. To be prophetic, one has to tap into the energy source of the mind. It's been said East Asians have IQs comparable to white Europeans, and some East Asians are as smart as Jews. And given East Asian success in academics, one might expect them to produce the next batch of Big Thinkers, but where are the Asian Marxs, Freuds, Rands, Friedmans, Strausses, and etc? Though East Asians have proven themselves adept at learning and mastering established knowledge, they've been lackluster in coming up with new visions and revelations. Francis Fukuyama is maybe the most renowned Asian-American scholar, and the guy certainly has an encyclopedic knowledge about lots of things, but his main contribution to the discourse has been "It's all over, and Liberal Democracy won, and that's that." It's like the Tokugawa Dynasty calling for an end to all further progress and change in the conviction that it has reached the 'end of history' for Japan. As for white people, they've been highly talented in innovation, creativity, adventure, analysis, and enterprise, but they seem to lack the prophetic will(and the only people who somewhat had it, the Germans from Martin Luther to Adolf Hitler, totally immolated themselves).
HAIL CAESAR! Romans, the master conquerors of physical space.
HAIL CAESAR! Jews, the great conquerors of spiritual space.
Also, white people, with special roots in Greco-Roman and Germanic consciousness, tend to favor the actions of the body. Greeks and Romans erected countless tributes to physical health and beauty. They became masters of warfare and conquest. Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar were tireless conquerors. British were renowned for science and philosophy but also reveled in adventure, war, and conquest. They had a powerful martial culture. And the cowboy came to epitomize the American frontier spirit of the pioneer. White people developed a tremendous heritage in knowledge and thought, but their conquering spirit was expended on physical conflict, conquest, and domination. Indeed, body was for conquest, and the mind was for reflection and analysis. In contrast, Jews learned to conquer with the mind. As a race of rabbis and merchants, Jews didn't have much chance to play warrior, conqueror, and adventurer, unlike the fighting-and-dominating goy aristocratic classes of Europe. So, the conquering energies had to be expended within the cerebral and spiritual space of mind and soul. Surrounded by much bigger physical powers since ancient times, Jews knew they had no chance against them in one-on-one combat. But through the power of mind and will, Jews could imagine and own for themselves the greatest conception of God and then imagine peering through His eyes and hearing from His lips the prophecy of what must be. Thus, Jews developed the nuclear mind. In physics, we learn of different kinds of energy. Simple physical energy, more potent chemical energy, and ultimately nuclear energy. Mind works the same way. Most people use 'physical' energies for mundane thinking. Their minds don't function beyond 'what I want now'. The more advanced minds could be said to exercise 'chemical' energy. More sophisticated and educated, they use complex methodology and abstract concepts to solve problems or spark new ideas. And then, there are minds that have the combination of intellect, knowledge, will-to-power, and bigness of vision that can drop the bomb that changes history itself. Such men are rare, but a good number have been Jews in ancient and modern times. And the Arab Muhammad, who dropped a nuclear bomb of his own, was inspired by Jewish prophecy. Indeed, one could argue that even Germanic prophetic will was, in some ways, a reaction to the emergence of Jewish Will in the 19th century. No Jews, no Hitler. And Richard Wagner's great opera of DIE NIBELUNGEN was a Teutonic counter-prophecy against the Jewish Will to take over the world. Jews have atomic minds, and that's why their ideas blow away the competition. It's not necessarily because Jews are correct or sane but because they think bigly & boldly and also minutely & incisively. After all, the devil is in the details if you want to split hairs or split atoms. Einstein pondered everything from the biggest galaxies to the tiniest atoms.

In the end, those who conquer souls win over those who conquer bodies and lands. Alexander the Great conquered vast territories and spread Hellenic culture, but when his armies departed, it was as if they'd never been there. And Hellenic cultural influences, though beautiful and enticing, didn't inspire souls and faded away into nothingness. Same with the Mongols, among the greatest conquerors of all time. When they were on your land, you bowed and trembled in fear before them. But once they were gone, they left nothing but bitter memories that they were a bunch of a**holes. But consider the tremors of Islam that still reverberate in the lands it conquered. Why? Because Islam conquered souls that felt grateful for having been redeemed by the True Faith. And Christianity also had a long great run as a conqueror of souls in Europe and then around the world. This drive to conquer souls arose from Judaism that birthed Christianity and Islam, and it had to do with the prophetic will and the nuclear mindset. Just like no physical or chemical energy can match nuclear energy, no 'physical' mind or 'chemical' mind can match the 'nuclear' mind. Jews have the power to set off nuclear explosions of the mind that paradigmatically alter the landscape. Marxism was one of those nuclear explosions of the mind that changed the world.

Ultimately, communism was a double-edged sword for Jews in USSR. Initially, Jews had much to gain as many of them were in elite positions and as the New Order outlawed discrimination on basis of religion and ethnicity. Also, communism destroyed 50,000 Churches and wiped out much of the Orthodox clergy that was regarded by Jews as ‘antisemitism central’ and bastion of reaction.
But then, communism also put brakes and obstacles to Jewish success just as Marx had intended. Without accumulation of capital and all the things it could buy(such as media, entertainment, vice industries, whore politicians, real estate, and etc.), there was a limit to what Jews could do.
As communism was egalitarian, it prevented any group from rising way above all the others and accumulating limitless wealth. Also, the egalitarian ethos eventually led to massive 'affirmative action' policies that came to favor non-Jews over smarter Jews. Furthermore, the humanist-moralist element of communism made it difficult for Jews to use vice industry, gambling, advertising, drugs, and pornography to corrupt and control the goy masses with cults of vanity, hedonism, narcissism, and degeneracy. So, in the long run, it was a net loss for Jews under communism. It was with mastery of capitalism(especially in the US) that Jewish Power came to inherit the world. And it is this power of Tribal-Capital and 'testicular fortitude' in Prophecy that keep Jews far ahead in the field of dreams.

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