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On the Three C's. The 3Cs of Convenience, Conversion, and Convulsion. Wolf vs Dog. Negro vs White Man. Savage and Slavish. Civilization and Its Costs.

On Convenience, Conversion, and Convulsion.

Some people have noted that blacks have achieved least in the creation of civilization, complex societies, and high culture. And yet, maybe in a certain sense, blacks could take pride in not having been able to create Wakandas. After all, for every gain, there is a loss. And for every loss, there is a gain.

To create civilization, the slavish genes have to outnumber the savage genes. Obviously, slavish dogs are easier to control and handle than wolves. And yet, wolves are freer, wilder, and more robust. Dogs are more useful, more cooperative, and gentler, but they are comparatively wussier creatures than wolves.

The races that created civilization needed to be more slavish. Maybe natural forces, such as extreme cold that necessitated closer cooperation and delaying of gratification, made them more slavish, and then perhaps, 'civilizational' factors compounded the slavishness by weeding out the savage genes by execution or exile. So, as a community, such people could achieve more collectively, but this came at the cost of individual savage gene that was more robust, rambunctious, colorful, exuberant, and etc.

It’s like Chinese and Japanese built high civilizations, but they regarded by Modern Pop Cultural standards as colorless, mostly skin-and-bones, timid & sheepish, and not very good at singing, dancing, and sports. They are regarded as akin to dickless space aliens who appear at the end of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. The natives of Mexico may have built the great city of Tenochtitlan, but their descendants are deemed a dull, timid, and sheepish bunch. In order for them to have built civilization, they had to be have been more slavish than savage. (Granted, slave-made complex civilizations could carry out savage deeds like human sacrifice, but that's not the kind of savagery we are talking about. Savagery in our context means a primitive level of human existence and culture.)
Now, compare the wolfish Mongols with the doggish Chinese. Mongols, by Asian standards, are big & robust and have barbarian souls. They don’t like to take shit from anyone. They preferred to sack and loot other civilizations than build their own, but there’ something vital about their character, duly noted in the novel and movie WOLF TOTEM by a Chinese author who lamented that his Han tribe, in building civilization and establishing order, lost something vital and natural that the Mongols still possessed. For sure, Mongols in Sumo summarily bounce Japanese guys off the 'dojo' like ping pong balls. Though both Mongol and Japanese societies were warrior-centered, Mongols prized the robust and hale rider-hunter who took charge of things. In contrast, samurai favored the obedient subordinate and ruthlessly executed those who exhibited independent streaks; thus, a vital element of human nature was weeded out of the Japanese gene pool. This made the Japanese more cooperative and mindful of others, but it also made them duller and more neurotic. This is why so many Japanese are like the character Yohei in SEVEN SAMURAI.
Pitiful Yohei, the typical Japanese Male.
Because Negroes failed to develop civilization, they came to be subjugated by other races with superior organization, technology, and culture. And they became slaves in Arabia and the New World. But even if historical and economic circumstances made them more likely to be slaves, their nature was less suited for slavery(at least in a complex order). Blacks have more savage genes than slavish genes. From a modern social perspective, the black savage gene has been problematic because it made too many Negroes run wild and act like lunatics. But countless people also find it vibrant, exciting, manly, sexy, badass, and etc. Look at the worldwide success of rap music, reggae, and other black-infected pop music. And blacks have dominated so many of the world's most popular sports. No one watches Chinese sports outside China, but many millions of Chinese love to watch the NBA where big ass Negroes dunk the balls while being cheered by blonde women cheerleaders who now salivate over big muscular Negroes who be seen as the superior males.

Among all the arts, music is the most spontaneous and powerful, and blacks have been, pound for pound, the most dominant force in pop music in the 20th century with their contribution to or invention of blues, jazz, rock n roll, soul, reggae, rap, and etc. Such music arose from the savage genes, and it turns a lot of people on. Even though so-called 'black music' of the 20th century would not exist without white influence, input, and instruments, one could argue that the core energy is the black fire. It's like gasoline is useless without an engine, wheels, and other parts of the car, but it is the fuel that fires up the engine. So, even though something like Rock music owes a great deal to white contribution, much of its raw fuel is black coal. White influence gave it structure and style, but the core energy of beat, rhythm, and soaring/scouring vocals owes to something particular to blacks. (Similarly, much of the power in classical music owes to the Germanic soul that added an especially potent mix to the musical form invented by others.) In contrast, the world community is far less interested in the slavish-genes-music of, say, Mexicans or Chinese. Now, a musicologist could argue that there are no objective standards by which to argue that some music is 'better' than others. Also, popular doesn't necessarily mean better. Fast food is more popular than fancy food, but is it better? TRANSFORMERS made more money than worthier films, but it's certainly not better. And yet, there have been lots of great black music(and white rock fueled by black coal) that managed to be both popular and inspired, and that surely counts for something. As for rap, even though people like myself detest it as attitude and expression, there is no denying its appeal as a means of forceful expression that many find infectious.

So, in some ways, blacks may take pride in not having been able to build the Pyramids of Egypt -- most Ancient Egyptians were not black-black -- and the Great Wall of China. They were too independent-willed, too 'badass', and too wild to be subjugated into hauling bricks to build stuff for oppressive kings and queens. They preferred to run wild & free and chuck spears at hippos and then run from hippos when hippos had enough of the Negroes acting wild and funky.

For every gain, there’s a loss. Chinese may have built a great civilization, but look how scrawny they became. Non-Asian women feel no excitement about Chinese men, and just about any good-looking Chinese woman in the US would rather marry anyone but the men of her own race. Asian women are the Story of the Horniness of Women with Hots for Bigger/Tougher warriors. http://dailybruin.com/2012/11/29/rally-responds-to-incidents-of-hate-speech_1129_1129/ Despite the matter of Asians having higher IQ than blacks, if a white guy were presented with a chance to become a Negro or a yellow, he would likely prefer to be Long Dong Silver than Wong Dong Lee. Consider the first part of the animation movie HEAVY METAL where a white guy enters the body of a black guy and turns into a warrior-stud who humps white women. It was cuck-fantasy before cuckery took off. And all those white college boys cheer for black athletes as demigods that they wish to be. And the movie GET OUT is about how Liberal Whites actually see blacks as so superior that they want to kill blacks to take over black bodies. While whites may feel that Asian-ness is preferable on the cerebral level, most people's immediate responses tend to be visceral than intellectual. One can admire an athlete right away, whereas it takes time to appreciate a writer, scientist, or an artist. A woman can be turned on by a tough guy right away, whereas it takes time for a woman to appreciate an unexciting guy who happens to have good qualities as friend and companion. It's the same with men in how they react to women. Any man can look at a 'sexy babe' and be turned on immediately, but it will take some time to appreciate a homely woman who happens to have good qualities.
Animation Movie HEAVY METAL where a white boy enters a body of a black guy to hump white women.

Humanity operates, for good or ill, according to three main modalities: Convenience, Conversion, and Convulsion.

Civilization greatly improved the means of Convenience, and this has been especially true of the West(that came to change the Rest). Think of all the great Western scientists and techno-inventors who created stuff like cars, refrigerators, airplanes, machines, toilets, and etc, etc, that made life so much easier, more comfortable, and more convenient. We owe so much to such individuals, but how come they are almost invisible to us? Because the purpose of convenience is to serve us and make us forget it even exists. We don’t think about the technology of plumbing every time we use the faucet to drink water or flush the toilet. We are very glad to have such things, and they make life easier. But they don’t turn us on. They make life more bearable but not more pleasurable. They lessen the pain but don't intensify the pleasure. Once they've become a part of our lives, we really notice them ONLY WHEN they malfunction or are denied to us. Who thinks about water or electricity except when the service fails?
Also, they don't move us sensually or emotionally. Once the air conditioner is on, we hardly think about it or respond to it, any more than we think about the very oxygen we breathe, essential as it is. Elevators are useful but we don’t get excited about being inside one. Western civilization has been the king of convenience, but how many white folks are reading books about past inventors to get their jollies? Think of the guy who invented modern textile technology. He did something very great. But I don’t know his name and likely neither do you. Machines are essential for they exist to serve us and make life more convenient. And convenience is very very nice, even essential, but it’s utilitarian, not 'orgasmic'.

Then there is the matter of Conversion. It comes alive in the realm of ideas and emotions, the mind and heart. Religions and ideologies are 'conversionary'. Religions and ideology may require time and patience for us to appreciate. To truly understand Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Taoism, or whatever, we have to calm & control ourselves and do some intense reading & contemplating. And there is the need for prayer and meditation. Thus, we gain inspiration and the passion to serve something higher and greater than ourselves.
To understand ideologies, we have to attend meetings, read certain texts, and join discussions. In the end, religions or ideologies may be very fulfilling and transforming. They may provide us with the meaning of life, a sense of truth and righteousness, and the possibility of redemption and salvation. They make us realize that there’s a higher meaning to life, i.e. life isn’t just about material well-being but about spiritual, moral, and/or intellectual pursuit of truth.
The Middle East, Asia, and Europe achieved great things in 'conversionarity'. Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Greek philosophy, Confucianism, and many schools of thoughts arose from those civilizations. Conversionary stuff may not make life easier in the physical/literal sense -- as the instruments of convenience do -- , but they are compelling because they imbue us with a sense of truth and meaning. And this is why some Muslims in the West still cling to their Old Faiteh. Sure, the Modern West offers a great deal in terms of convenience -- medicine, technology, and etc -- , but it’s not very meaningful to worship a refrigerator, ponder the significance of carburetors, or meditate on the truth of toilets. People find meaning by thinking about God, myths, high art, philosophy(ultimate meaning of life), history, moral progress, and etc.

When it came to matters of Convenience and Conversion, black African produced next to nothing. No great science/technology/invention. No great religion, philosophy, ideology, or school of thought.

But then, there is the power of Convulsion. Human eyes, ears, tongue, genitalia, and certain parts of the skin are all erogenous-like zones. Convenience makes the body comfortable. Conversion makes hearts and minds feel meaningful. But it’s convulsion that makes the erogenous-like senses explode like Juicy Fruit gum and go crazy.

Convenience is like a perfect chair that makes the ass comfortable. Conversion is the book one holds while sitting on the chair. In contrast, convulsion may not offer any long-term utility or any deep meaning, but it provides intense explosions of pleasure. It’s like a vibrator-dildo up a nympho’s pooter(though some might call it cooter).

Now, we could argue that humanity should be wiser and favor convenience and conversion over convulsion, but the power of pleasure(especially in our electronically-connected world overflowing with leisure) is so powerful for a lot of people that they’ve come to favor convulsion over all else. It’s like if you give cocaine to a monkey, it will just want more doses. It’s like once a boy or girl experiences orgasm, he or she has to look for more and more. It’s like once young ones listen to pop music, they don’t wanna do anything else but listen to more. It’s like sports addicts are crazy about sports 24/7. It's no wonder that Soma and Feelies are so crucial to the world of Aldous Huxley's BRAVE NEW WORLD. The Power figured that, instead of maintaining order through strict repression and regimen, people could be better-managed by making them carry out certain tasks in allotted roles for routine rewards of intense pleasure.

It is in the areas of convulsion that blacks pose the greatest threat to the white race. Though convulsion may be the opposite of convenience and conversion, paradoxically the power of convulsion became magnified because of the success of convenience and conversion. The Western triumph in convenience led to huge technological advances. As people in the West have all the basic amenities and own TVs/stereos/computers, their minds are barely fixated on convenience(even as their lives owe so much to it). In the 19th century, white farmers struggled to eke out a living. They had to grow food, and their minds were occupied with making life easier by gaining greater convenience with improved methods of agriculture and tool-making. Also, as there were no radios, TV, and stereos, fun and pleasure amounted to local folk dances and get-togethers where parents and preachers kept a watchful eye on the young ones(who had to grow fast into adulthood to take on backbreaking labor). And as morality and spirituality of Conversion guided society, sexuality was carefully regulated.

But today, we have enough food and water. We don’t worry about disease and cold. Also, religion has faded due to science, wealth, and education. And grand ideologies such as Marxism have lost their appeal in a world with far less need, one where even poor people get fat. If anything, 'idology'(the politics of idolatry) has supplanted ideology. Our social mores are more libertarian and freewheeling and hedonistic. So, people take basic necessities for granted and instead seek wild/intense pleasure through sports, music, movies, TV, porn, dating-services(aka hookups), and free sex.

Conversion also paved the way for the rise of convulsion. How? Because conversion-dialectic led to the emergence of the kind of political/social/moral philosophies that best served to create and maintain modern societies of peace, law, and order. Once such socio-economic-political success was achieved, people began to take ideas for granted. After all, how many people regularly read the documents of the Founding Fathers? How many read up on the history of advancement of law and ethics from Roman times to the present? Though some people do find intellectual fulfillment in reading and learning, most people don’t much care about ideas as long as life is pretty good for them. What passed for ‘ideas’ since the 'End of History' has been stuff like WWG(world war gay) and WWT(world war tranny).

But one thing people are mad about is pleasure and more pleasure. If you’re dying of thirst, a glass of water will suffice as pleasure, mainly to overcome the pain of thirst. But if you have all the water in the world, you want something like an ice cold beer or soda pop with the fizzle.

Since the success of the Modern West put people’s minds off convenience and ideas -- as their utility is taken for granted -- , people are looking for more and more pleasure. People on a cruise ship don't think about the engines, steering, plumbing, and myriad other things that make the trip possible. They are fixated on fun. Likewise, how many people watching a movie think about the machinery of film-making and film-projection? They are just fixated on the fun images on screen. How many people think about how their smart-phones work and what went into them in terms of ingenuity and innovation? They just want to trade 'butt pics' and 'dick pics'.

And it is in the area of convulsion that Negroes are beginning to take over.

Look at sports. Muscled Negroes dominate. White girls cheer for black studs and line up to have sex with Mandingos who give them the biggest orgasms. White boys in the stands cheer for black athletes like crazy. The emotional response of white male fans to black athletics is almost 'orgasmic'. White boys turn quasi-homo in their worship of black muscle and mastery on the field. They act like white cheerleaders. They scream their heads off like they’re having orgasms all over their bodies.

And consider the worldwide potency of rap music. Black guys sing about how badass they be, about how white girls worship their muscle and big dongs. And white girls have conniptions listening to that stuff. They ‘twerk’ their asses to rap as if they’re mounting big Negroes. And white boys listen to that stuff too and get quasi-homo jollies in their worship of black toughness and cool thug attitude. White rock critics sing hosannas to Kanye West. White guys try to emulate black rappers. White homo guys look for black guys to pump them in the ass.

Intense sexual pleasure are found through feelings of conquest or feelings of submission. White girls and white guys find great orgasmic pleasure in submitting to the Negro as Nature's Master(and in vicariously ‘sharing’ the conquest by the Negroes). There was even an article in DETAILS mag about how white elites are having 'mandingoes' hump their wives on their own beds. White wives must have the big Negro, and white guys can get off only by submission fantasies before black guys as the superior race over wussy whites. This has now caught on in Japan, with clubs where small Japanese men gather to see big black Americans hump Japanese women who, having caught jungle fever, are having more kids with black men and producing offspring who dominate Japanese sports and defeat weaker yellow guys.

The power of convulsion is huge in the current Globo-Homo-Afro-Shlomo order. It’s like WUTHERING HEIGHTS where some hussy runs off with Heathcliff. Or Kate Chopin's THE AWAKENING which I haven’t read but I think it’s about some white woman getting turned on by a mulatto. Or Jane Campion’s silly PIANO where some white hussy goes off with some white guy who’s gone native and acts the Maori warrior. She feels ‘liberated’ by sexually submitting to the ‘savage’.

We may admire Japanese contribution to the technology of convenience, but in the area of convulsion, Japan fails at least in its male-dom. East Asians make the bulk of world electronics, but what most people watch through TV, computer, and smartphone screens are whites and blacks than Asians(who are more likely to be depicted in cartoon form in anime or manga). Japanese males are seen as a bunch of 'scrawns'. Hard-working drones who make good radios but who count for zero in convulsion factor. On the other hand, Japanese women may offer some convulsion goodies since men prefer women who are feminine, and it seems men all over the world have fantasies about me-so-horny mama-sans.

Negroes achieved zero in convenience and conversion, but they seem to be masters of convulsion. And yet, this triumph of the Negro has been made possible by Western triumph in convenience and convulsion. Western invention of electronics, TV, stereo, and etc., made black music accessible in the bed room of every white boy and white girl. Western moral-intellectual development led to the feelings of ‘white guilt’, and MLK-ology is the reigning ideology of White folks. And of course, it was the white-made transport systems and economies of scale that led to whites going to Africa AND blacks coming to the West. Without the triumph of convenience, whites would have remained in the white world, and blacks would remained in the black world.

So, even though blacks are only really good at thuggery, humpery, and jiveassery, their power in these areas have been magnified as pleasure-drugs all over the globe through Western media. And ease of travel have sent Negroes all over the world to hump women of all color.

Pleasure may be fleeting, but it is intense(just look at the loonies who totally lose their minds during Santana’s ‘Soul Sacrifice’ in WOODSTOCK), which is why some druggies are hopeless. Also, there is an endless barrage of pleasure-inducing sounds and images via countless devices that service pop culture. Junkies may know that the drugs that give them convulsions are destroying them, but they are so addicted to the pleasure, they gotta have more and more and more. It’s like the orgasmo-orb in Woody Allen’s SLEEPER.

Just look at the state of UK today. You still have elites who are well-mannered, well-read, and well-spoken(though all seem to be committed to Diversity and Vulgarization of Society), but the main cultural interest now revolves around convulsion, especially in relation to the Negro. Andrew Sullivan the homo may find meaning in books and surely appreciates modern conveniences(created by so many white scientists and inventors), but where does he find the greatest pleasure in life? By having some muscled big-donged Negro pump him in the ass. Milo shares that excitement as he's 'married' to a homo-Negro. That pretty much sums up the essence of what the British elites stand for nowadays.

Today, Jews control much of the Convenience industry(especially in high tech) and the Conversion industry(academia, media, publishing, etc). Control of sectors like Silicon valley and finance technology gives Jews tremendous amount of wealth. And with that money, they’ve bought up all the media and funded much of the academia. And they use their control over conversion-spheres to promote ‘white guilt’ as the main moral-spiritual 'idology' of the age.

And as Jews own much of sports, media, TV, music, and porn, they work in cahoots with Negroes to push the Negro dope or Negrope on white junkies who are totally addicted to orgasmic convulsions from sports, rap music, porn, and even watching one’s own wives humped by Negroes.

So, as we look to the future, the issue is no longer a matter of which people created the greatest civilizations but which people produce the biggest convulsions for humanity?

Though non-blacks created the greatest civilizations, the price they had to pay was the rise of slavish genes over savage genes. The higher degree of slavishness among whites, Near Easterners, Hindus, and yellows enabled them to build bigger cities and get along better and obey orders. But they also grew wussier, wimpier, doglike, Dan-Quayle-like, and David-Cameron-like. Without inspired leadership from above, most non-blacks fear to step forward and take action. In the past, British elites led the British masses in defense and aggression. Today, with the elites have been brainwashed by Jewish Conversion and/or addicted to Negro Convulsion, they no longer rouse up the British masses for racial solidarity and national power. Your average Briton, left to his own devices, would rather accept national suicide than give offense to others with 'nasty views' such as 'racism'. His instincts are more slavish than savage.

Just like Japanese built high civilization but get bumped around by bigger & tougher Mongols(who excite Japanese ladies who also run around Yokohama looking for Negro studs) in the Sumo 'dojo', white folks built greater civilization but at the cost of becoming dweebier and doglike, at least when compared to blacks.

Even though the dweeby and doggish naturally fear the wolfish and savage, they are also turned on by displays of wolfish or pitbull-ish prowess. It’s like dogs are more impressed by wolves than vice versa, and female dogs will could well have bigger orgasmic convulsions with male wolves... and in time male dogs will find their jollies as quasi-homo bitches of male wolves. Looking forward to the future of wolfish Negro males and doggish white males?

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