Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Neo-Fascist Science Fiction Nano-Novel or Nanovel: A WORLD WITHOUT JEWS

There was this Jew named Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein, but most people just called him The Fink. Not just Fink but THE Fink. The Fink was no ordinary Jew. Now, you might say too many Jews aren’t ordinary, for good or ill, but The Fink was even more un-ordinary than most Jews with certain reputations. He was more pushy, more neurotic, more egotistical, more deranged, and more intense by just about any measure. His parents were known for energy and drive, but The Fink was too much even for them. It was like having a leaky box of plutonium in the house. But like most parents, they loved their son, and The Fink grew up spoiled and full of himself, even more so than Richard Spencer. The Fink’s parents were, like most so-called Liberal Jews, hypocrites who overlooked and even surreptitiously supported tribalism, nationalism, identity politics, and even supremacism for their own kind but denounced such tendencies among goyim, especially the white kind, as ‘evil’ and ‘far right’.
The Fink grew up in this environment, and his politics and worldview were hardly different from those of the average Jewster in NY, Miami, or Las Vegas. But something happened to The Fink that would have mega-repercussions for all the world. It was during his trip to Israel when, feeling bored and weary, he sat down to watch four movies back-to-back. They were the TEN COMMANDMENTS, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, SUPERMAN, and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Maybe he was feeling sick that way, and his mind wasn’t working properly. Or maybe he was just being his usual weird self. But it was as if the themes of all those movies gelled together in his mind. According to TEN COMMANDMENTS and RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK, there is a spirit power(that of the God of the Jews) that eventually metes out comeuppance to the bad goyim who dare harm the Chosen. (But then, The Fink giggled to himself that, in recent history, goyim that treated Jews well have fared hardly better or even worse. In his fiendish hee-hee-hee, The Fink thought of how the Anglosphere, Francosphere, and Germanosphere worlds that bent over backwards to accommodate, flatter, indulge, and even worship Jews are bound to end up no better than the Ancient Egyptians in Cecil B. DeMille’s movie. The Fink knew that his clever Tribesmen, with their control of the Narrative, managed to strike fear into the hearts of goyim that their refusal or failure to appease Jews will condemn their ilks to the fates of Egyptians, Romans, and Nazis. God or History will punish them! So, be good to Jews, like the adults in The Twilight Zone episode "It's a Good Life" were so very very good to The Kid. But then, when the goyim do drop their guard and cave to Jewish demands, Jews do everything to subvert the goy order and take everything. It was just the nature of the Jew to gain supremacy by any means necessary because, after all, THEY were the Chosen of either God, History, or superior genetics.) The other two movies, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and SUPERMAN weren’t technically religious or had God in them, but they presented visions of how a higher and more advanced alien power may alter the destiny of mankind. And The Fink remembered how SUPERMAN II warned against miscegenation with goyim because Jews are the super-eternal folks whereas goyim are an inferior-temporal people. Superman nearly got killed in part II because he gave up his (((power))) out of love for some shikse(who even kissed and got naked with a Negro in Brian DePalma's SISTERS). Anyway, maybe it owed to the fact of having seen them back-to-back. Or maybe it was his particular mood on that day. Or maybe it was because he was in Israel of all places. But after having seen those movies, he felt pride of identity like never before. It went from Jewish hypocrisy(of his parents and others like them) to Jewish hyperbole. He identified with the spiritual and interstellar powers in the four movies and burned with conviction that Jews must rule the world and even take over the universe forever and ever.
He knew that Jews were currently the most powerful people on Earth, but there were serious vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Jews had hold of elite institutions and industries but didn’t have the numbers. If the majority of goy nations finally decided to wake up and say No to Globo-Homo, Jewish Supremacism could be in serious trouble. Granted, given the fading of overt antisemitism in the West and white world in general, even the rejection of Jewish influence in the form of Sororism and the like wouldn’t necessarily mean hostility toward Jews in general. But as The Fink understood all too well, Jews were no longer content with survival, well-being, or affluence. As the Ultimate Tribe, they were now addicted to supremacist power, even resorting to the use of Globo-Homo as a form of replacement-christianity. A starving person will be content with bread, but a man accustomed to the finest pastries must have cake. And Jews, having gorged on supremacist cake for most of the 20th century and 21st century, couldn't settle for anything less than all the cake.
But how could this be assured for all time and all places? The Fink, being a well-read person, understood history and the cycles of rises and falls of empires. He knew about Jewish history’s great triumphs and tragedies. The question was how can Jews go from triumph to greater to triumph to even greater triumph to yet even greater triumph to the infinite power? Now, if The Fink were a religious man, he might have believed prayer might do the trick. But like his parents and most modern Jews, The Fink was secular and atheist(or maybe agnostic). After all, it was the bombs, not prayers, that did in the Third Reich. It was the lag in technology and productivity that finally doomed the USSR as a superpower. So, Jewish Power would have to be secured by material advantage, which would afford Jews the means to morally manipulate goyim, e.g. paralyzing white autonomy and independence by infecting the white race with ‘white guilt’. The Fink, in his surveys of the world, understood that tribalist-supremacist members of the Empire of Judea were cleverly, cunningly, and deviously working overtime to maximize Jewish dominance in media & entertainment, academia & law, vice & drugs, and the Deep State. But as The Fink was very intense, his pride & arrogance felt not only great contempt for dumb goyim(though he lusted after blonde shikses as being superior in beauty to the Jewish Global Princesses or JGP who, in their resentment, promoted jungle fever among white women so that their mulatto kids will have flat noses, fat lips, and nappy hair than European features that drove Jewish girls crazy with envy, as magnificent pagan idols had driven Ancient Hebrews crazy; indeed, just as Ancient Jews and early Jewish Christians hated the Greco-Aryan representations of beauty in art and sculpture — condemned as ‘false idols’ — , Jewish Global Princesses hated the idea that any goy woman could be prettier than Jewesses, the Chosen Women of God.)but fear & anxiety. After all, there were so many goyim, so few Jews. Furthermore, how sincere was the white world’s love for Jews really? Just how did a civilization that had claimed for 1500 yrs that Jews killed Jesus suddenly turn about-face and insist that Jews are the best friends of Christians and the West? Could Jews really trust whites and Christians? But then, did whites and Christians really trust themselves? Or were they lying to curry favors with Jews who amassed so much power and wealth? After all, most goy elites are a bunch of prostitutes, and they will do anything for a buck.
But were Jews honest themselves? Of course not. The Fink, like most knowing Jews, knew all about how much contempt Jews feel for goyim. Jews never sought parity with goyim but mastery over them. The very concept of Jewishness was premised on a sense of superiority of spirit, blood, and experience. God favored the Jews. Jews have special blood in their veins. And the Bible and much of Modern History were written from the Judeo-centric Perspective. If Jews really sought true justice between Jews and goyim, they would have pressured the US and EU to treat Israeli Jews and Palestinians equally. But of course, Jews on both ‘left’ and ‘right’ have insisted that the West(and its puppets) all favor Israel over Palestinians. Rhetorically, some of these nations have spoken up for Palestinians, but in Reality, they've always known they better not interfere with Israel(as the wrath of the Jew-controlled US would come down on them). Saudi Arabia has long been a case in point. Ostensibly, it has stood with other Arabs against Israel but, in actual deed, has colluded with Zionists against other Arabs and/or Muslims. The Knowing Jews have minds and attitudes not unlike those of Hyman Roth in THE GODFATHER PART 2 and Kleinfeld in CARLITO’S WAY. The Nose Knows.

Now, The Fink was well-aware of the problematic relationship between Judaism and Christianity. Though he grew up, like so many of his generation, hearing the term ‘Judeo-Christian’ bandied about by all sides, he wondered if it had any real validity. While it’s true that Christianity grew out of Judaism, was it a reverent continuation or a rebellious separation? Wasn’t it Judeo/Christian than Judeo-Christian? Or from the Jewish perspective Judeo > Christian, whereas from the Christian perspective Judeo < Christian... though, to be sure, he laughed(like Bugs Bunny at Elmer Fudd, Yosemite Sam, and the Tasmanian Devil) at New Christianity that worshiped Jews and Holocaust(and even Negroes and Homos) above God and Jesus. A religion and culture like Christianity could never be simple problem for Jews given the troubled manner of its birth. Though understood as a Religion of Peace, it was born of war, strife, and terror. If not for the Greco-Roman invasion & occupation of the Near East, Christianity would most certainly not have emerged. It was the combination of foreign tyranny and new freedoms unleashed by the occupation(like the native locals in British India who were denied national autonomy but guaranteed freedoms unknown in Indian history & society) — as all forms of imperialism both repress national independence and release possibilities hitherto denied under local autonomy — that led to intense bouts of soul-searching, political debates, and prophecies. What were Jews to do under Roman rule? Resist and take up the sword, even if it meant dying to the last man, woman, and child? Collaborate and trade in Roman currency since doing so meant a lot of carrots for the ever-clever Jews? Or pray and await the Messiah? And this Messiah, if he were to come, would surely be a battle-angel who shall lead Jews to victory in the great war against goyim. In this trying period during which the Jewish Community was ripped apart from within among resistance fighters and collaborator merchants, the keepers of the Temple were faced with a most difficult task. As the representatives of the Will of God, which side should they take? After all, their decision wasn’t merely that of man but of God. It was one thing for greedy self-interested Jewish merchants to favor shekels over swords. It was one thing for hotheaded Jewish warriors to favor pride over sense. Either way, it was the decision of men. But religious elders don’t merely speak for themselves as individuals. They speak in the name of God, as His servants. Now, the Temple surely wanted to believe and preach that God is on the side of Jews and that He will surely aid Jewish resistance to victory against pagan Roman idolaters. But the Rabbis also knew that God had not always favored Jews in battle. If anything, Jews had traditionally been surrounded by powers much greater than their own. Jews had to be diplomatic with the goy pagans to survive as a people & culture. Given this difficult situation, the Temple was caught between a rock and a hard place. If it sided with the resistance warriors, the full wrath of Roman might would be visited upon Jews, in which case All the Jews could be wiped out or exiled. But if it sided with the merchants, its reputation could be blemished as a den of cuckowicz cowards. Now, if Jesus had arrived as a warrior messiah who could really kick Roman butt, the Rabbis probably wouldn’t have made a fuss about his blasphemy of being the Son of God. Just think. If some Jewish guy calls himself the messiah & Son of God and goes about whupping the Romans like the combination of Superman, Batman, Ironman, Thor, Flash, Captain America, and Ant-Man, the Rabbis and Jews in general probably would not have been triggered too much by his blasphemy. Furthermore, if such a warrior messiah could single-handedly whup entire Roman armies, surely he could whup pesky Jews as well who dare to call him a 'blasphemer'. But there was Jesus, claiming to be the Messiah but unable or ‘unwilling’ to take on the Romans and kick some butt. All the while, this ‘weakling’ even had the temerity to accuse the Rabbis of corruption and claim for Himself the title of Son of God. To the Rabbis, that was some infuriating nasty shit.
Anyway, both Jews and Romans decided it’d be better to have Jesus killed and put the whole thing to rest. But then, a bunch of heretical Jews, being verbally gifted, went about spinning an inspired narrative about how Jesus beat death and his spirit flew over into heaven. It was the like the ending of ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST where the big ‘dumb’ Indian absorbs Randall McMurphy’s soul and carries it to freedom by smashing the window with a big water fountain. (In THE EXORCIST, Damien Karras does something similar, but it was the demon-spirit he grabbed before crashing through the window to score a touchdown against the Devil.) Jews and Romans were enemies, but they saw eye-to-eye on the Jesus Problem that might do harm to both communities. So, they conspired to contain the germ before it turned into a plague, but the early heretical Jewish Christians had meme-magic. Like the Asian carp that escaped into the Illinois River and began to spread like crazy, Christianity came to pose a huge challenge to both Jews and Romans. In the end, the fact that Jews kept their religion whereas Romans gave up theirs to adopt Christianity goes to show that the Jewish formula of identity and culture was stronger than that of Romans. Romans were stronger of sword, but Jews were stronger of soul. Even though Christian Romans acquired souls comparable to those of Jews — after all, Christianity made Roman converts feel that they were blessed by the ultimate & one and only God of all power, wisdom, truth, & justice — , they were a defeated people because they abandoned their ancient myths for that of another people. Roman conversion to Christianity was profoundly different from its adoption of Greek gods to syncretize with Roman ones. Via pagan-to-pagan synthesis, Romans only enriched and strengthened their own gods. But in becoming Christians, they relegated all their original gods to the pits of hell.
Anyway, Christianity could have been a bridge between Jews and Romans(& later Gentiles in general), but it became a Wall. Since the end of World War II, one might say Jews and Christians have finally come to see eye-to-eye. After all, Christians, at least those in the West, have been showering Jews with love and praise. But it’s all been a one-way street because, in the same period, Jews have been mostly insulting, demeaning, and subverting Christianity(to its current form where neo-christianity is little more than idol worship of holy homos, magic negroes, and sacred Jews). If you adore another man’s child while he poisons yours, how long can good will last? Just when Christians chose to love Jews, Jews decided to destroy Christianity(and the white race associated with it). All said and done, Jews could only hate Christianity because its very existence threatens the Covenant. No matter what Current Christians may say about their love for Jews, the fact remains that Christianity says Jews killed Christ who offered a New Covenant to all mankind. Imagine if you’re Bob and someone else lives by a sacred text that says, "Bob sucks so bad and should have his ass kicked." Now, suppose this someone assures you(Bob) that he loves you and cares for you, and so, never mind what is written in the sacred text that he lives by. But even if he, in the here and now, promises love and compassion to you, the fact is his faith is still premised on a notion that you suck so bad and should have your ass kicked. It’s like Michael Corleone and Hyman Roth say nice things to one another and offer all kinds of assurances, but the sacred text Roth lives by is, "The rotten dago killed Moe Green, my surrogate son, and I will kill him if it’s the last thing I do" while Michael’s secret text reads, "Jews never forget, Roth will try to kill me like Barzini tried to kill my father, so I will have to get him before he gets me."
Now, it may be that most white Christians really do want peace and love with Jews, but Jews tend to be driven, paranoid, and anxious. Furthermore, if Jews despise anything, it is earnestness and trust(at least among outsiders). When Jews tell goyim, "Trust us", they may fume at the goyim who refuses the trust, but they totally despise and hold in contempt those who do trust them. It’s like a con-man despises the sucker more than he dislikes the person who sees through the trick. Look what happened to Palestinians who trusted that Zionist migrant-invaders wouldn’t totally take over. Look what happened to White America that trusted Jews who guaranteed that the demographic character of the nation would not be changed. With Jews, You Lose. It’s like ‘heads I win, tails you lose’.

Anyway, there was The Fink thinking along those lines. Jews could never live in peace with Christianity because of its spiritual and moral premise. One either surrendered to Christianity(like the Roman pagans did spiritually) or destroyed it entirely. If any vestige of it survived, it might once again turn into a weaponized movement against Jewish Power. Indeed, even without overt weaponization, Christianity essentially developed as a weapon against Judaism. It’s like Samson. Even though he was shorn of hair and weakened before the Philistines, the essence of his being was as a hammer for the Jews. So, if he could have a second chance, he would use all his might to smash the enemies of Jews. Same was true of Christianity. True, it has lately been ‘cucked’ under Jewish influence that has so many Christians believing that God and Jesus are all about celebrating homos and trannies. But whatever manifestation Christianity may take in the here-and-now, the fact is the canonical texts of Christianity remain what they are. The New Testament accuses and condemns Jews, and if anything, the recent Jewish agenda of subverting and befouling Christianity has only vindicated the charges made by the First Christians: Jews are a cursed people.
Christianity is a religion of peace but could only have arisen in a time of crisis and war. And even though Jesus and Disciples were caught between a rock and a hard place among all the forces vying for military control, legal authority, moral advantage, and spiritual righteousness, their words promised peace of heart and spirit in a world where so little was peaceful and stable. It was like the scene in film THE RISEN where Jesus converses with a Roman centurion: "What is that you seek, Clavius? Certainty? Peace? A day without death?" In an empire of constant war and strife, where everyday was like another play in a superbowl game with no clue as to how it would all end, there was surely an unspoken hunger for certainty among Romans, Jews, and everyone in between. After all, the Roman Empire, as great as it was, was a Kingdom of Man and, as such, could only be maintained through constant warfare and violence. If the Romans loosened their grip just a bit, the entire edifice of their tower of power would begin to crack. There was nothing in the world or beyond to suggest the Romans could achieve final everlasting victory, turn swords into plowshares, and rest on their laurels in a world of peace. The Roman Peace could only be maintained through constant warfare and violence. Romans had to maintain a huge military and mete out brutal violence to any tribe that exhibited signs of defiance or rebellion. Pax Romana or Roman Peace was really premised on never-ending war, and wars are wearying, especially generation after generation after generation. Also, as these wars led to the loss of so many brave Roman lives(before they even had children), the successive generations of Romans got weaker and wimpier because the men who didn’t go to the battlefield had the greater chance of passing on their seeds. Peace based on might is like a sports trophy. No matter how awesome the championship game and victory, the triumph is not forever. Come next season, even the champion team has to struggle yet again to keep the trophy.
Then, how appealing was the promise of Jesus who said there is yet another realm, the Kingdom of Heaven, the domain of God, where good souls could live in peace for all eternity. This realm wouldn’t be for God alone as He would welcome all those who accepted Jesus as Savior, the holder of the key to the Heavenly World. Today, when so many people in America and the advanced world haven’t known war, hunger, disease, and chaos(or have forgotten them in a benumbed culture of amnesia) for what seems like ages, they are content with distractions of food, drink, and hedonism. American Empire is many times bigger than the Roman Empire but requires far less in manpower and violence to maintain its hegemony as it is so much richer and relies mainly on technology for warfare; also, America's largess makes much of the world willing partners/collaborators of the American Way. The terrible recent wars in the Middle East were less about the necessity of violence to maintain American hegemony than about doing the bidding of Jews with narrow tribal interests.
But imagine Judea in the time of Jesus, a world where peace was ascertained only at the tip of the sword. And this peace was ideal neither for the Romans nor the Jews. Romans knew that Jews and other subject peoples would rise up against Roman power the moment they had the chance. So, Romans woke up everyday to do battle. And Jews knew that, while this peace could lead to order and wealth(as Romans expanded business opportunities for all groups), it also meant humiliating subservience to a bunch of goyim who worshiped false idols. In such a world, one can well imagine why the promise of Jesus could have an appeal to so many people: While peace and permanence were always beyond one's grasp in the real world, one may find eternal peace with God in the hereafter.

What was true of the Romans is now true of Jews(ironically the New Romans), thought The Fink. Just like the Romans had to tirelessly work day in and day out to maintain their empire, Jewish supremacist globalists always had to be on the lookout. Oy vey, he thought. What historical irony that Jews, the people whose Narrative is all about how they were pushed around and crushed by vast goy empires, became the top rulers of the greatest empire the world has ever seen? Jews became the New Romans, or a bunch of Romanowiczs. As the US rules as the Lone Superpower controlled by Jews, the world was like a Romanowicz Empire. But just like the Romans had known all too well, Romanowiczs knew that running an empire is endless work that demands tireless energy. It is also expensive as hell. After all, if others cannot be won with carrots, they have to be beaten with sticks. Both carrots(bribes) and sticks(military power) are extremely costly. But then, that is why Romanowiczs use Hope and Dope. Hope is spiritualist and wins people over with aura of inspiration. And the missionary faith used by Jews around the world is Homomania, a rapturous celebration of homos and trannies as the People of ‘Rainbow’. There is also the Hope of the Magic Negro. And of course, the Holo-Hope, the idea that Jews, as the People of Shoah, are especially wise & tragic, and therefore, any people who revere and serve Jews will be a blessed people. But if Hope doesn’t do the trick, there is the Dope of pop culture, vice(especially gambling), and drugs. People addicted to soma-soma-soma are less likely to have a clear and sharp understanding of reality and what is really going on. Sheldon Adelson turns goyim into gamblers, the Sackler family turns goyim into addicts, and Hollywood-and-Music-industry turns people into people whose groins and butts dictate their hearts and minds. With such stuff, Jews amassed tremendous wealth and power. But The Fink also knew that all such things carried within them the seeds of their own destruction. Sticks and Carrots don’t work forever. And especially when the terms of Hope and Dope are so corrupt and ridiculous, how long could the shtick peddled by the Romanowiczs last? For how long could humanity be duped into thinking that homo fecal-penetration and tranny penis-cutting are wondrous things to celebrate and associate with spirituality? And can goyim be subjugated with drugs and vice indefinitely? Jews feared the strong goy and sought to weaken him, but the sick patient may produce more problems. After all, a sick body has a way of rebelling. The sickness of the Weimar Period led to rise of National Socialist Germany, and IF Hitler hadn’t attacked Russia and instead formed a strong partnership, the 20th century might have been a Germano-Slavic Century. Stalin might have decided it’s better to work with Nazi Germans against Jews. Also, once UK realized it couldn't defeat Germany, it might have come to the table and made peace, in which case the 20th century would have been a Germano-Slavo-Anglo Century. Then, Jews would have had far less chance to pit and play one goyim off against others. If Nazi Germany had played the role of bridge and mediator between Anglo-West and Slavic-East, so much could have been different. Instead, the fool Hitler waged war on Russia and ended up fighting a two-front war he had no chance in hell of winning. Still, the reason why Germany had turned so radical in the first place was because it got so sick during the Weimar Period. Likewise, it was China as the ‘Sick Man of Asia’ that led to its tantrums to shake off foreigners and forge a new path based on nationalism and modernity. Sickness weakens but also searches for a cure. So, in a way, the Jewish sickening of white goyim has a paradoxical effect. On the one hand, the white goyim grow weaker and more helpless, and yet, in feeling dizzy and confused, they seek out cures and answers. Also, the sick goyim begin to wonder if the sickness owes to having listened to the false advice of Jewish quack-doctors who’ve been acting like the sinister woman slipping poison into the drink in Alfred Hitchcock’s UNDER CAPRICORN. Now, if Jews were content in being a Normal People — like what Germany and Japan decided after WWII — , they could just get along with others. But Jews are not a Normal People but a Certain People, and they now certainly want to rule the world and control humanity. So, it’s like Jews are playing several chess games simultaneously like Bobby Fischer once did. The Jew may be better at chess, but the more games he plays, the more he feels distracted. This is why Jews act so crazy nowadays. They are playing world chess AGAINST all the world, all the while pretending they are playing FOR the world. Notice how World Jewry play against Russia, but Jews in Russia assure Putin that they are on his side. Notice how World Jewry play against China while also working with China against White America. Notice how World Jewry play against the Muslim World while allying with Muslims to batter down borders against the West. With their massive power, Jews sure know how to play the game, and many Jews relish the thrill and excitement of power. But it is also a stressful and maddening game. Just like the Romans knew they had to work day in and day out to maintain their empire, Jews know that they must keep up the work ethic at top level to keep supremacist domination. But are future generations of Jews even up to it? Can Jews keep the loyalty of white goyim even as they support non-white goyim against whites? Perhaps, just like Hitler who didn’t know when to stop, Jews will keep upping the stakes to the point where the wheels start to come off. After all, there is a threshold for everything, even for the most powerful machine. Beyond the limit, the system begins to fall apart.

The Fink thought of all this, and he begin to worry. As a Jewish Supremacist, a Romanowicz, he couldn’t imagine or tolerate a world in which Jews weren’t the masters. As he'd come of age in the Planet of the Jews, the Tribe had to rule forever as far as he was concerned. But as he did his calculations in his head(in the way of the super-smart folks in Isaac Asimov’s THE FOUNDATION), he came to the conclusion that Jewish Domination was far from assured in the future. In the end, Romanowiczs might go the way of the Romans, fall from grace, and lose it all. So, he wondered, not unlike the dwarf in THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY though for nefarious reasons than noble sentiments, "What then must we do?" He began to obsess, "What then must Jews do? What then must Jews do?" This question so occupied his mind that he was unable to sleep for nights on end and began to feel like Edward Norton’s insomniac character in THE FIGHT CLUB.
And then, one day, the answer came to him. While watching a Youtube video by the odious-and-noxious(what Jews call anyone they don't like) ‘Anti-Semite’ J.F. Gariepy, he got interested in a movie called CONTACT and watched it for the first time. One thing for sure, this Gariepy guy didn’t know much about movies as CONTACT was, at best, a middling work. And yet, there was something in the movie that inspired The Fink. Jodie Foster entered the Wormhole and traveled as if through eons and galaxies, but when she re-emerged from the capsule, only a millisecond had gone by on Earth. As fantastic as it sounded, it was based on real physics theory as the movie was adapted from a novel written by Carl Sagan, a real bona-fide man of science. So, the theory was valid, and all that was needed was the technology to create a Wormhole Machine.
The Fink finally understood. The only way to ensure Jewish Supremacist Power would be to take the entire Jewish race through the wormhole. During its collective trip to the infinite and beyond, the Jewish race would attain the power of the Monolith of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY and power of the mind-planet in SOLARIS. The Fink wondered if Jews could also obtain the Force in STAR WARS and Vulcan magic in STAR TREK, but he reminded his over-excited self that those movies are just childish fantasies. Anyway, the Jewish Race would take this trip through the wormhole and re-emerge with godly powers inconceivable to mankind. The journey would be the Jewish Heaven. Jews didn’t believe in Heaven and eternal life, but via science and technology, they could attain something greater. They could journey through the secret places of the cosmos, scoop up all the mysterious quantum energies, and return to Earth as virtual gods with powers that made X-men look like a bunch of amateurs.
As The Fink was super-smart and studied physics, chemistry, & math in college, he knew he could figure out the path into the wormhole. But then, how would he be able to persuade all the Jews to come along with him on the journey? He figured all he had to do was code the Wormhole Machine to suck in only those with the Jewish DNA. As the wormhole circled Earth as satellite, it would run a genetic scan over the planet, identify all Jews, and then suck them all in when the moment of truth arrived. Indeed, The Fink would be the ONLY Jew who knew what was happening. Though the journey was bound to be epic for the Jewish souls zipping through the wormhole, the goy world would know nothing of it. No matter how long it took for Jews to collect cosmic powers like so many Pokemon points, it would be a mere instant on Earth. From the goy perspective, Jews who were merely human would instantly appear godlike.
Now that The Fink understood the plan and the theory, he had to find a way to fund the program. Should he go to a bunch of rich Jews to raise capital. He figured it would not be a good idea as fellow Jews, smart as they are, wouldn’t grasp the full scope of his awesome idea. They might just laugh at him. Or worse, they might blabber about it to the world as some kind of a joke, whereupon some Chinese guy might take it seriously, build the wormhole machine with the backing of the state, and run 1.3 billion Chinamen through the wormhole to re-emerge as cosmic Bruce-Lee’s with wanton powers. Worse, what if Iranians do it first? So, The Fink couldn’t share his idea with anyone. Then, how could he raise funds to realize his project? The idea came to him one day when watching a Michio Kaku video and the movie THE FOUNTAINHEAD back to back. Kaku was obviously nuts, but he understood something about humanity. Most people are dummies and no good at science. Then, what are they good for? They can be mindless consumers who work to pay for stupid shit. Kaku’s trick was to make the world believe that anyone who rejects madonna and rap music is a ‘terrorist’. If you don’t want to be a ‘terrorist’, just work hard and spend all your money on stupid consumer crap. This will lead to profits for corporations and tax revenues for government that can fund scientific research. And in THE FOUNTAINHEAD, something Gail Wynand the tycoon said struck a chord with The Fink. At the end of his life, Wynand realized that his empire, all his wealth, had value only as fertilizer for something greater. Yes, in order to fund great things, lots of money had to be made by selling stupid shit to people because most people are idiots. In order for there to have been CITIZEN KANE, Hollywood had to make lots of profits with dumb movies, the kind most people like. In order for Christopher Nolan to make INCEPTION and DUNKIRK, he had to make a ton of money for Hollywood with BATMAN movies... though INTERSTELLAR sucked so bad. The Fink understood what had to be done. He would have to come up with stupid shit to market to the masses, make a ton of money, and then use that money to build his Wormhole Machine.

So, what product could he sell to the public to make a lot of money real fast? He thought about what most people wanted. People like sugary stuff, creamy stuff, and fried stuff. People like to get drunk, get high, and get horny. People like to laugh like idiots. People like the thrill of playing video games and gambling. Then, if The Fink invented a drug that could produce all such sensations, people would snatch it up like candy. He did a lot of research into chemistry and created a prototype and tried one himself. Instantly, he felt sweetness and other yummy sensations in his mouth. He felt drunk, stoned, and high. He felt the most massive orgasm ever. His whole body felt the thrill of being on a roller-coaster ride. And he laughed like crazy. It was the most awesome drug ever invented by man. He had to force himself not to take a second dosage because he might become addicted. Besides, the ride through the wormhole could well be many times more awesome. His main objective was to build his super contraption, not get high on his own supply. Now, there was no doubt his drug would be a monster hit and turn him into an overnight super-oligarch. But what if people protested and denounced the drug as dangerous and addictive. But surely that was no problem. If Jews could sell goyim on ‘gay marriage’, legalized gambling, demographic replacement, and opioids, why couldn't he sell the goyim on this? After all, Sackler family made billions by greasing a few palms. So, he decided to bribe those involved in testing and inspection. He promised them options if they approved the drug as good medicine for all mankind. But what if Jews get addicted to the stuff too? He thought of sending out emails to all the Jews in Hebrew(so goyim wouldn’t know what’s up), but it didn’t matter because all Jews, addicted or not, would be funneled through the wormhole into godlike super-beings.

Things worked out just as he planned it. The minute the drug hit the market, people were hooked right away and told their friends who told their friends who told their friends. Within a month, nearly 90% of Americans were using the drugs, and by the end of the year, The Fink had amassed $100 billion, more than enough to build the Wormhole Machine that was budgeted at around $50 billion. But there was one problem. To build the thing, he needed a gigantic laboratory and even bigger factory. He had to hire highly intelligent people. But then, he couldn’t tell them what the project was all about, so he cooked up some story about how it was all about creating the ultimate cancer-fighting instrument. Even so, the government got suspicious, and he had to find a way to keep the deep state goons at bay. Then, the solution occurred to him. When he searched for the greatest American scientists on Google, all he found were a bunch of Negroes. Yes, Negroes are sacred cows in the US, and it’d be blasphemous to question anything in which lots of blacks are involved. The problem was, contrary to Google Search, most top scientists and engineers weren’t black. But what if The Fink could devise masks like the ones used in MISSION IMPOSSIBLE. He’d hire a bunch of Jews, whites, and Asians, but make them wear black-masks to give the impression that they’re all black scientist and engineers. And if they objected to his request, he would persuade them by offering them $1 million in bonus each. His calculations proved correct, and soon, his cancer-fighting project was seen by the world as being led and managed by a bunch of super-brilliant Negroes. The Fink knew that the government would be accused of ‘racism’ if it dared to question the project now.

In about 6 months, the Wormhole Machine was completed. After the workers all went home, The Fink stood before it fiendishly and giggled with hideous glee, clasping his hands together like the Happy Merchant. The time had finally arrived. Once the Jewish race was sucked in and out of the Wormhole Machine, they would have godlike powers and rule the world permanently without any viable opposition. Indeed, a single super-Jew would have more power than millions of goyim.
Now, the next step was to send the Machine into space to orbit Earth. He contacted NASA and said it could play a key role in the war against cancer by using its rockets to send the Machine into space. Hovering over Earth, the Machine would shoot anti-cancer rays that would make every man, woman, and child totally cancer-free. NASA couldn’t pass up such a prestige-earning opportunity and offered full cooperation. And all the Jew-run media went into hyper-drive to celebrate the event all over the world as it’d be the greatest pro-Jewish propaganda since Anne Frank and Mel Brooks. The world, even alleged ‘anti-Semites’, would have to feel gratitude toward Jews for having cured cancer. So, even if Jews continued to act nasty and vile toward rest of mankind, the anti-Jewish rage of gentiles would be tempered by the sense that "But Jews cured my mother of cancer." After all, even the dreadful Hitler went easy on the Jewish doctor who'd treated his mother. So, imagine if all the mothers of neo-Nazis, Muslims, and other anti-Jewish characters were cured of cancer by the Jewish rays from space. On the other hand, people do have short memory, and if the world was made cancer-free, people would just take it for granted and find other reasons to blame Jews. There was also the "Don’t feed the animals" rule. When Jesus went among the sick to heal them, He was overwhelmed by a mob not unlike packs of zombies in George Romero movies. It’s like when you feed the animals, they feel less gratitude than entitlement that they are owed even MORE FOOD. If you toss crumbs of bread at pigeons and geese, they don’t say, "Wow, thanks". They demand, "Give us more, dammit." If you offer food to bears, they come after you for more, chasing you down and clawing you to see what you have in your pockets. Only trained dogs show any kind of appreciation. Jews knew from their experience with Negroes that gentiles can be awful demanding. Jews spent a lot of money on Negroes, but the only thing they got from Negroes was, "Sheeeeeeeiiiit, we be on the Plantation run by them diamond merchants." And of course, God knew this of Jews as well. There was God, helping Jews flee from the loathsome Egyptians, but instead of saying, "Thank you, God", the Jews endlessly bitched and whined, even going off to worship the Golden Calf with Edward G. Robinson. Be that as it may, Jews figured, maybe just maybe, the worldwide message that ‘Jews cured cancer’ would be so momentous and awesome that it might buy good publicity for Jews for at least a century or two. But then, what did it matter? If Jews returned from the wormhole as godmen, all goyim BETTER obey the Jews or else!

The day finally came when the satellite was launched into space. As it revolved around Earth several times, The Fink knew that the Moment of Truth had come. All he had to the do was push the button. And then, all Jews would be sucked into the Wormhole, be transformed into Superman x 1000 + Monolith from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY + Akira of the famous anime movie, and reappear on Earth as virtual-god folks, the kind worshiped by nutball Michio Kaku as the dream of mankind. However long it took Jews to transform into godmen and godwomen in the Wormhole, it’d be in the blink of an eye as far as gentiles were concerned(like the relativity of time in CHRONICLES OF NARNIA). Goyim wouldn't even realize that the Jews had been away. All they would notice would be that Jews, each and every one of them, is equipped with ungodly powers and is no one to mess with.

As The Fink’s finger rested on the button, the whole world anticipated with abated breath the moment when all of humanity would be cured of cancer. All the media of the world covered the moment. As the excitement intensified, some among the crowd began to chant GO, GO, GO, and picked up by media outlets, the entire world was chanting GO, GO, GO as well. The world had never come together like this before, and for once, peoples didn’t think of the world in terms of rival nations or political conflicts. Rather, all of humanity was united as ONE with thoughts running through the minds such as "I won't lose my balls to testicular cancer", and "I can start smoking again."

With all the eyes of the world turned on him, The Fink decided the moment had finally come. The moment when Jews would become the permanent masters of all mankind. Things would never ever be the same again after he pushed the button. So, he pushed it.

In an instant, all the Jews in the world vanished. They found themselves in some strange warped corridor where they experienced the elasticity of time and space. They were hurling through realms both macro and micro: planets, molecules, stars, atoms, galaxies, electrons, black holes, quarks, Ten Commandments, reruns of Seinfeld. Except for The Fink, all the Jews were utterly disoriented, indeed flabbergasted by what they saw and felt. Even The Fink had no idea that it’d be this ‘radical’. Indeed, he hadn’t experienced anything this far-out since the time he read PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT on ecstasy to the music of Nirvana. But he soon recovered his senses and took charge as the captain of the voyage. He knew he had to find some ways to calm the Jews down who were acting like the sperm in Woody Allen’s EVERYTHING YOU ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX* BUT WERE TOO AFRAID TO ASK. But how would he go about establishing himself as the Moses + Captain Kirk of the Super-Jew Enterprise? He realized anything is possible in the wormhole. So, to make things less alarming to the gaggles of Jews losing their minds and freaking out like Gene Wilder in THE PRODUCERS, he decided to use the power of the mind. In the wormhole, realities could be shaped by consciousness as there was no clear boundary between matter and energy. The Fink imagined a giant space ark into existence, and he found himself as its captain; and then, his will to power pulled all the Jews in the Wormhole into the ark. As there was relative order and structure within the ark, the Jews began to calm themselves and try to make sense of what’s going on. And then, they heard from the speakers in the ark, "Hello my fellow Jews. This is Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein. I understand all of you are panic-stricken and filled with fright. You are wondering, ‘Where am I and what am I doing here?’ Some of you think you’re dreaming. Well, you’re not dreaming. Neither are you dead and in some other-world. You have been sucked into the Wormhole of Awesome Empowerment. As we voyage through this wormhole, we will attain powers beyond human or gentile imagination. And once we've returned to the conventional world on Earth, each of us will have near-divine powers. We will become super-Jews, and the stupid gentiles will never be able to mess with us again. So, just calm down and trust me. Learn to relax and have a good time, like you’re on a space cruise beyond anything offered by Elon Musk. This trip may take a few minutes. Or few hours. Or few weeks. Or few years or many years, but the gentiles on Earth will never even realize we were gone. Time works differently within the Wormhole. What seems like eons is a mere split second in the ‘real world’. Only we Jews could have cracked the god-code of space-time continuum, so it is only right that we Jews should benefit from this knowledge and rule over the dumb pathetic goyim." A moment of silence followed. And then, a Jew broke out in laughter, and others joined in the bellyache. They were convinced this was all just an elaborate prank. After all, Jews were famous for producing oddballs like Houdini, David Copperfield, and Bernie Madoff. Yeah, like making the Statue of Liberty 'disappear'. One Jewish rapper who was dressed like ‘whigger’ yelped, "Nigga’s craaaaazy!" Finally, an elderly Jew got up and said that it’s all been a marvelous prank, but as he has an appointment with a dentist, can he return to ‘reality’ now? Others were so fascinated by the ‘trick’ that they wanted to question The Fink as to how he conjured it. Yet, most Jews wanted the ‘trick’ to end. One Jew was supposed to get insider information for his next financial transaction at lunch. Another Jew was eager to get back to producing an episode of a TV show promoting jungle fever among white women and cuckery among white men. Another Jew was due at a conference of Neocons cooking up a new war, this time with Iran. Another Jew wanted to be back in the laboratory to distill new chemical formulas for opioids to make big bucks from the ‘white trash’ community that most Jews wanted drugged, deracinated, demoralized, and dead. Another Jew was working on TV commercial to promote globo-homo propaganda to consumers all over the world. So, while some Jews, especially those in physics and science-fiction, wanted to know more about the ‘Trick’, most wanted it to come to an end. None of them was willing to believe in The Fink’s theory of the Wormhole. Yeah, sure kid, they thought.
The Fink got awful frustrated, not unlike Charlton Heston in TEN COMMANDMENTS trying to keep the faith among the impatient and quarrelsome flock. But then, it happened. The Jews entered the first stage of transformation where each Jew experienced something akin to David Bowman’s encounter with extra-terrestrials in the Kubrick movie. They felt themselves being fragmented down to the atomic level and then reformulated into augmented versions of themselves. They felt different, healthier, stronger, and more intelligent. The Jew who had an appointment with the dentist no longer felt the toothache. His teeth felt as powerful as those of hyenas, and he was sure his teeth could crack open elephant bones. After the first phase of transformation, most Jews were sure that something really strange and extraordinary, either wonderful or terrible, was happening to them. This kid Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein was no mere joker or prankster. How long would this journey go on? How many more phases would there be? No one knew, not even The Fink.

A strange thing happened with people who were only part Jewish. While people who were all Jewish, mostly Jewish, half-Jewish, and quarter-Jewish were sucked into the Wormhole, those who were less than Jewish remained on Earth but they felt a bit empty, as if a part of their soul had been snatched from them. Some of them weren't aware of their part-Jewishness and just felt hollow for strange reasons. For those who knew of their trace Jewishness, they muttered, "I don’t feel the Jew in me." Day by day, they realized they had less predilection for deviousness cleverness, wit, and loopy logic. But it was even stranger for those in the Wormhole who were full Jews, half-Jews, or quarter Jews but had no idea they were Jewish for whatever reasons. It was especially weird for a guy named Thor Braunhammer, a hardcore 14/88 Neo-Nazi who’d always assumed that he was a full-blooded Aryan at war with Jews, the Eternal Enemy. In the Wormhole, he was wondering, "What am I doing here with a bunch of Tribesmen?" But as he listened to voice of Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein, the Jew inside him began to emerge, and he began to feel a different kind of pride, like with the skinhead Russian kid who discovers he’s half-Jewish in the film LUNA PARK. Thor was totally awed by the prospect of being a super-Jew with godly powers over all of mankind. He decided he would henceforth be called Thorowicz.

Meanwhile on Earth, things didn’t exactly pan out as The Fink had calculated. Based on CONTACT the movie, he’d assumed that, whatever the length of the wormhole journey, it’d be a split second for the gentiles who would never notice what had transpired. The wormhole journey for the Jews would take place between the frames of reality as most people knew it. But, in fact, Jews really disappeared from the Earth, and non-Jews were in an utter state of confusion. After all, the missing people were Jews. If all the Eskimos vanished from Earth, most people wouldn’t notice, at least not right away. Or imagine if all the Peruvian Indians vanished. While people in Peru would notice, most of the world would be unawares as Peruvian Indians have almost no stake in world affairs. Only gradually would people learn of the disappearance of Peruvian Indians through the media. But the sudden disappearance of Jews was HUGE, and the entire world felt it right away. For starters, all the world had been focused on The Fink, the super-genius whose rays were going to cure all of humanity of cancer. Where did he go? Once he pushed the button, he just vanished into the thin air. Now, some parts of the world hardly knew the difference. An African hunter chucking spears at a hippo didn’t know the world had changed. Or, to a hillbilly with a jar of moonshine in his trailer, it was the same old world. He realized something was odd only later when he turned on the TV and watched the news about how so many people, many of them Jews, went missing.

At first, the world had no idea that ALL the Jews were gone. They just knew that Jews they knew were gone. And gone were the people they knew personally but didn't know to be Jewish. There was a moment of sheer confusion, alarm, and pandemonium, rather like the opening scene of original DAWN OF THE DEAD when TV news people struggle to digest reports that the dead are walking again to feast on the living. As Jews played such prominent roles in Wall Street, Las Vegas, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, law firms, courts, academia, media, big pharma, intelligence services & rest of deep state, pornography, real estate, advertising, accounting, medicine, and etc., many sectors of the economy and state came to a standstill. It was only after a few days that it was confirmed that ALL Jews were gone... except goyim who had converted to Judaism. Certain sectors were far less affected by the vanishing of the Jews. Most pizzerias went on baking pizzas. If anything, they would have been more affected by the disappearance of Mexicans as supply of cheap labor. But in Hollywood, everything ground to a halt. Where did all the producers, executive, and talent agents go? And at Harvard, half the law professors were suddenly gone. The change was felt most dramatically in Israel when the Arab minority suddenly found itself as the majority. And Palestinians in West Bank suddenly realized that all the IDF and Zionist settlers were gone. They began to celebrate, especially with Arab women throttling tongues to make funny sounds. Palestinians were convinced that this was the will of Allah. Even secular Arabs began to feel that maybe God really does exist. After all, what power but that of God could have, in a single instant, removed all the Jews from the Holy Land? Granted, not all was well in the Holy Land. As Jews who'd controlled and operated much of society vanished, fires broke out, and there weren’t enough firemen to put out the fires. Also, looting broke out as Arabs figured they should just enter Jewish homes and take stuff. As the IDF and other security forces no longer existed to protect the borders, a whole bunch of black Africans decided to barge into Israel-Palestine, and this led to street battles between Arabs and blacks. Granted, there were some Jews left in Israel. Those who’d converted to Judaism, especially through marriage. And Ethiopian Jews who weren’t really genetically Jews. Soon after the real Jews vanished, Ethiopian Jews tried to lay claim to Israel, but they were too few in number and too incompetent to hold back the happy and assertive Arab mobs who danced and sang in the streets. And then, the entire Muslim world began to cheer the Holy Land’s return to the Arabs and Muslims. It took some time for events in the Middle East to become top news in the West. After all, so many of Western institutions and industries were shut down upon the sudden disappearance of Jews. As a typical big media company was 50% Jewish or more at upper management and owned by Jews, operations were suspended for several days, and it took time to sort things out and fill positions with credentialed goyim. It didn’t take too long because there were plenty of goyim who were up to the job. It was not like black Africa that usually imploded in economy and management following the withdrawal of whites, Arabs, Hindus, or Asians. Jews were maybe or maybe not the most qualified people in big media, but their absence hardly brought about the shutdown of operations as there were more than enough qualified goyim could, more or less, take up the task. It’s like media companies in Germany, Japan, and India can do most of what the US media do without Jewish talent.
Much the same happened in Wall Street, Hollywood, Ivy Leagues, and etc. Though the loss of Jewish talent was hardly inconsiderable, there were more than enough comparably or even equally talented goyim to pick up the slack. So, it wasn’t long before the Western Media were working again and relaying the news. The transition was even easier in Government. Jewish Congressmen were easily replaced with goy ones, and Jews in various departments were replaced by goyim. As it didn’t take much brains to work in government, there was hardly any discernible loss in operational quality, and bureaucratic disruptions didn't last too long. Indeed, some goyim even wanted to secretly get together and sing "Ding Dong the Kvetch is dead, the wicked kvetch, the wicked kvetch."

Anyway, by the time everything was back to normal and up-and-running again, Americans got the news of what happened in the Middle East. Palestinians laid claim to Israel as their nation and renamed it Palestine, which now included West Bank and Gaza. Christian Zionists fulminated about this, and some in the State Department grumbled about taking actions to restore Israel to the Jews. But the problem was there were no more Jews to restore the land to. Besides, as the entire Muslim world was cheering on the Palestinians and recognized New Palestine right away, the US was at a loss as to what to do. Furthermore, other than Christian Zionists, there was no one who was pushing for ‘regime change’ in Palestine. After all, the Jews were gone.
But more importantly, there were no Jews to push for more Wars for Israel against its perceived enemies. Jewish Power that had purged the ‘Arabists’ from the US politics and government was no more. Now, due to generations of Judeo-centric and pro-Zionist indoctrination over several generations, most Americans saw the restoration of Palestine as a bad thing, but they were not hell-bent on taking on the entire Muslim world that was so ecstatic about the reversion of the Holy Land to their kind. Besides, Christian Zionists notwithstanding, most American Christians had been de-spiritualized and neutered of religious fervor, not least due to Jewish cultural influence. And it wasn’t long before Christian Zionists realized how little power they had. They called for war on Palestine, but without Jews to lead in the effort, most people just treated the Christian Zionists as an annoyance. So, as days passed, it generally came to be accepted that restored Palestine was here to stay. And the Palestinians went about at breakneck pace to tear down Jewish monuments and erect in their place memorials to the Nakba and Palestinian-themed museums. With Palestinians in possession of the Holy Land, both Sunni Saudis and Shia Iranians went out of their way to win over the new keepers of the Holy Land.

In the US, there was a very serious discussion about what exactly had happened. How could it be that all the Jews vanished into the air just like that? Who did it and why? Was it a super-shoah? Was it the work of space aliens? Was it the will of God? If God did it, why? Did He call upon Jews to Heaven? Did He cast them down to Hell? Or was it some sinister use of science by a Neo-Nazi evil genius? Many forums were organized around the world to discuss this. Guests were invited from Europe and other parts of the world to offer their theories. But no matter how much they discussed the matter, no one could offer a conclusive explanation. But all were agreed that it was a tremendous tragedy and that humanity as a whole must find some way to honor and remember the tragic vanishing of the entire Jewish people. Some argued that goyim who’d converted to Judaism(or claimed Judaism as their own thing) should be recognized as the continuance of the Jewish line. Prominent among them were Ethiopian Jews who sought refuge from Palestine that was now Arabic and hostile to anyone with Jewish label. There was also the Black Israelites who claimed that Moses was really a black mofo. And then, there were guys like Luke Ford who argued that it’s time for all of mankind to convert to Judaism like he did. That way, even though the Jews are gone, New Jews can rule the world. Maybe, gentiles as New Jews could carry the mantle of Jewish tradition, just like white people are often the ones claiming to be American Indians preserving the old ways. But, one thing for sure, whether or not New Jews were acknowledged as the future of Jewishness, it was apparent to all that Jewish Power could never be replicated, any more than Elvis Imitators could be accepted as the real King of Rock n Roll. It'd be like Arabs in Egypt pretending to have real connection to Ancient Egyptian culture.

The UN convened to solve the riddle as to what had really happened to the Jews. All nations and peoples expressed their griefs about this sudden apparent tragedy. Furthermore, all peoples were anxious because, if it could happen to Jews, it could happen to any other people, right? But despite the public declarations of sadness, there were many people who were privately(or not-too-privately) glad that the Jews were gone. Palestinians were the happiest, obviously. But most of the Muslim World was ecstatic that the Holy Land was in Muslim hands again. Also, Arabs hadn’t forgotten their humiliating defeats at the hand of Jews who’d they’d historically regarded as a bunch of merchant weaklings. Among the Faithful, it was common belief that it had to have been the will of Allah. He had spoken and acted. Jews were sucked into oblivion for their sins like the Nazis were demolished at the end of RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Most of the world that was neither Muslim or Western wasn’t affected one way or another. While objectively aware of the calamitous-ness of the event, they knew little about Jews except through Holocaust movies and American comedies. As most of them favored action movies to Holocaust movies and never much understood stuff like SEINFELD, they failed to fully appreciate the full magnitude and implications of what had happened. It’s like most people hardly have any emotional response to news that thousands of people died in some natural disaster halfway around the globe. To much of humanity, Jews might as well be space aliens. Or Jews were mostly symbols of power. Some nobodies in Peru or Bolivia might have thought, "Jews control the world", but they’d never met a Jew or knew much about the extent of Jewish Power.

It was in the West that the vanishing of the Jews was most lamented. As generations of white people, especially in the US, Canada, and Western Europe, had been raised on Jew-worship since the end of World War II, they felt(or felt they had to feel) that the disappearance of the Jews was the biggest tragedy of all time, even topping the Holocaust itself. Western Elites gathered to figure out WHO, what sinister power, had committed this crime of crimes, the greatest horror of all time. They were almost certain that it had to have been someone in the Alt Right movement. It wasn’t long before most Alt Right and Dissident Right figures were apprehended for questioning. They were grilled mercilessly, but authorities got no closer to the truth. And even the authorities had to admit that a bunch of people in the Alt Right or Dissident Right couldn't have come up with the means to make all the Jews vanish into the thin air, no more than a bunch of ragtag Muslim Jihadis could have built a nuclear bomb.

Then, what the hell happened? Was it the Russians? The Iranians? The Syrians? Perhaps, the media would have followed such line of thought under Jewish control, but as non-Jews manned the media, they no longer had Jewish Supremacists breathing down their necks and using them as attack dogs to bark at any nation or people hated by Jews. So, even though some mentioned Russia or Iran as the possible culprit(mainly due to their conditioning under Jewish Power all their lives), there was no real passion to push in that direction. It’s like, without a master to obey, a dog is less likely to show zeal to win his approval. If anything, the people of Russia and Iran were just as eager to discover what had really happened.
The breakthrough finally happened when someone said, "Hey... didn’t all the Jews go poof into the air when Isaac Finkelschwarzenstein switched on the anti-cancer machine?" For the first time, someone made a connection between The Fink and the Vanishing. So, the FBI and CIA decided to check The Fink’s apartment for clues. The truth began to emerge when they read The Fink’s journal, in which there were lines like, "With this machine, we Jews will rule", "Our power will be like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion x 1000", "What Hollywood Jews only fantasized, I will realize", "Goyim will kiss our Jewish arse forever", "We’ll be able to outwit and out-think even the smartest goyim, and a single Jew will be able to beat up 1,000 Negroes", and etc. But, anyone can write crazy sentiments, so The Fink’s journals was hardly seen as the smoking gun. Rather, it was when the best scientific minds in the world carefully inspected The Fink’s scientific formula that they realized that it wasn’t about curing cancer but about traveling through the Wormhole to super-empower the Jews. Indeed, all the world had been hoodwinked by The Fink’s promise of a cancer-free world. But then, even if The Fink’s plan was evil and crazy, surely all Jews who got sucked into the wormhole were wholly innocent and, if anything, his victims because, after all, most Jews are good people and have no desire to rule as the super-master-race over goyim. That being so, the world must be do something to bring the Jews back from the wormhole. The Muslim world, for one, opposed the plan of creating a technology to bring back the Jews. Most Muslims insisted that it was the doing of Allah, and nothing could be done to reverse the will of God. The West disagreed and argued that its proposed technology would prove if the Muslims are right or wrong. If indeed it was the will of Allah, no attempt by man could restore the Jews. But if the technology could bring back the Jews, it was a scientific than a spiritual matter. The West brought together the best scientists to construct the Return-the-Jews machine.
And a bunch of scientists and engineers finalized the construction of a counter-machine based on blueprints found in The Fink’s apartment. After much fine-tuning, the scientists were able to peer into the wormhole that had sucked in the Jews. It was like one-way mirror where you could see into the other side but not vice versa. The scientists hooked up their machine to a giant TV screen and were able to see Jews trapped in the Wormhole. There seemed to be pandemonium among the Jews. Were they desperate? Were they in a state of utter shock and crying out for help? Was a kind of cosmic-holocaust happening? Scientists surmised that Finkselschwarzenstein the Evil Jew had abducted the entire Jewish race and was forcing them to submit to this Jewish Supremacist project. These Jews had to be saved from the Wormhole, and The Fink had to be made to face justice, possibly as the worse person since Adolf Hitler. The media soon got wind of the latest developments, and the world demanded to see what was happening. The scientists were under such pressure that they decided to invite the media to beam the image to all the world. And so, all the world was watching the images of Jews in the wormhole in a state of chaos as The Fink, as the head Jew, seemed to rant deliriously like a Jewish Hitler, Farrakhan, or Joe Pesci(in GOODFELLAS and CASINO). Those poor poor Jews needed to be saved as soon as possible. But there was frustration from the fact that the scientists only managed to access the visuals but not the audio of what was happening. So, the scientists decided to go on Ebay and buy the best audio hookup equipment in the hope of gaining sound along with the sight, and lo and behold, the world suddenly heard the Jews as well as saw them. People expected to hear cries of pain and calls for help, but they heard something else entirely. As The Fink ranted, "We Jews will rule the world and all goyim will kiss our arse", the Jews were shouting, "Heil Fink!" Various Jews were heard saying, "Those dumb goyim will be our slaves forever." "They will be like cattle." "I will have all the shikse whores I want." "I will beat up all the Aryan and Negro studs and bang all their womenfolk." "Stupid goyim will be like ants to us." "We’ll toy with goyim like a cat toys with a mouse." Bari Weiss was seen saying, "I will make all the blonde shikses pay for being prettier than me."

The people of the world were aghast, though not so much in New Palestine. People there were saying, "Yup, that’s how they treated us alright since the time of Nakba." And not all whites were shocked. Kevin McDonald chimed in, "That’s Jewish evolutionary strategy in action." David Duke tweeted, "These are not good people, folks." But most people, especially those in the West, were emotionally traumatized that the great majority of Jews in the Wormhole were most enthusiastic about The Fink Plan. As the Jewish Wormhole Show — called by many as the Worm Show — was broadcast 24/7 as Reality TV, more and more people were convinced of Jewish Supremacist perfidy and nastiness.
And just like Abraham had a devilishly difficult time finding a few good people in Sodom and Gomorrah, even the biggest Jew-lovers were hard-pressed in their efforts to find Good Jews among the bunch of Wormhole Jews whose wild behavior weren't acts of desperation but of sheer revelry. It was like Adam-Sandler-does-Triumph-of-the-Will. Jews were acting like the Golden Calf worshipers at the end of TEN COMMANDMENTS. But the goyim on Earth finally spotted some Good Jews. There was Philip Weiss, Norman Finkelstein, Max Blumenthal, Stephen Cohen, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, Naomi Wolf, Paul Gottfried, Robert Weissberg, Naomi Klein, and few others, and they were heard to be saying, "Come on people. We are all human beings, and it’s not right for us to become superhuman and treat all of humanity like Zionists treated the Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza." But most Jews, in the manner of Foghorn Leghorn, just told the decent Jews to "Ahhhhhhh, Shut up!" But there was Bob Dylan who was very displeased with what The Fink and other Jews were up to. He admonished his fellow Jews not to regard goyim as subhuman cattle lest the answer be blowing in the wind, but most Jews just told him to blow the ‘answer’ up his arse.

The World Community was taken aback by the voices of Jews Un-restrained. Especially white people since the end of World War II had adopted the mind-set that Jews are innately good and decent and, therefore, all the troubles between White Goyim and Jews had been the fault of the former. In other words, European Christians had been infected for centuries with ‘irrational’ and ‘pathological’ antisemitism that made them literally hallucinate all sorts of crazy fantasies about vile and vicious Jews. But as the Shoah Narrative made plain as day, White-and-Jewish relations had always been about murderously brutal whites targeting, persecuting, and even murdering countless numbers of Jews, 99.99% of them totally innocent and wonderful, like the saintly Jews in SCHINDLER’S LIST by Steven Spielberg.
But what about all the nasty Jews like Sarah Silverman and Sandra Bernhardt(and too many others to mention) who said the most awful things about whites and Christians? Well, maybe they were just kidding as comedians, merely pushing the perimeters of expression free from inhibitions. Or maybe Jews had a right to be nasty, at least toward whites, because they’d been traumatized by white hatred, brutality, and murderousness for too long. It could be the role of epigenetics, with today’s Jews having inherited the traumatized genes of Jews of yesteryear who had to survive the evil of white antisemitism.
Or maybe whites really did deserve all the abuse. After all, if it is possible for one people, the Jews especially, to be almost entirely good on an innate level, it must also be possible for another people, whites especially, to be almost entirely evil, also on an innate level. Indeed, the consecration of one particular group requires and even demands the desecration of another group. How else could one explain the history between them? Just think. Suppose there is Bob and John. Suppose there was a lot of bad blood between the two fellas. Bob blames John for much that went wrong, and vice versa. Bob says he was right and John was wrong. John says he was right and Bob was wrong. Now, to a third person observer, it’s likely to appear that neither Bob or John has been entirely innocent or guilty. Maybe Bob is somewhat worse than John, or John is somewhat worse than Bob, but it is highly unlikely, given the law of averages, that Bob is a total saint while John is a total villain. So, one might assume that in some cases, Bob was done wrong by John, but in other cases, John was done wrong by Bob. But suppose a narrative arises that says Bob is so wonderful and near-saintly. So, he is exonerated of any blame and put upon the pedestal as good-decent-honest-Bob. And suppose John foolishly decides to sign his name on the paper that essentially canonizes Bob as an angelic person. Now, what would this mean for John? Could he also be elevated to angelic status? Or could he now be left alone from Bob’s nastiness because Bob would be content with all the love and affection? No and no. The very fact of Bob’s consecration requires John's desecration. Why? Because if Bob is(and always was) the most wonderful person, then it means all the bad blood between Bob and John was entirely the fault of John. After all, Bob was, is, and shall always be regarded as angelic. That being so, any conflict between Bob and John had to have been the fault of John. And if there is any tension between Bob and John in the present, it must be John’s fault since Bob is so good and near-perfect. And since Bob has been consecrated, he must be regarded as angelic for all time, for all the future. So, it doesn’t matter what Bob does to John from now on; Bob shall always be right and John shall always be wrong if he goes against the will of Bob. So, Bob’s consecration necessitates the desecration of John.
After all, suppose BOTH Bob and John are consecrated. Then, in the conflicts between Bob and John in past, present, and future, who shall we say was, is, and will be in the right and who shall we say was, is, and will be at fault? If both are said to be angelic, then their conflict means one of two things: Only one is truly angelic whereas the other is fake-angelic OR neither is angelic and both are at fault. The ONLY way to sustain the notion, conceit, or myth that Bob is angelic is to make John out to be devilish. If Bob and John didn’t have a contentious history together, Bob’s elevation need not demote John to the pits of hell. But because they did share a troubled past, the consecration of one MUST FOLLOW the desecration of the other. If Bob is to keep his consecration, John(and others around him) must accept his desecration. There is NO OTHER WAY to maintain Bob’s consecration because, unless it’s established that good Bob was always right and bad John was always wrong, someone could draw up the past and demonstrate so many cases where Bob was bad and John was good. This is why the consecration of Bob requires not only the desecration of John but the internalization of the desecration by John himself. The ultra-humanization(to the point of near-deification of Bob) is incumbent on the dehumanization and ‘subhumanization’ of John and John’s complicity in his own defamation & negation as moral and spiritual necessity. Such logic came to define the relation between Jews and whites. Jews and whites(especially as Christians) had a long troubled past together. It wasn’t all bitterness and horror, but it was mostly marked by distrust, hostility, and bad blood on both sides. Jews often regarded white Christians as ‘filthy goyim’, and white Christians often regarded Jews as ‘stingy Christ-killers’. And for most of history, neither side was willing to give an inch in their mutually hostile perceptions of one another. Also, as Jews have tended to be more historically-minded than most peoples, their anger, resentments, and hatred usually had a much longer shelf-life than those of other groups. Jews have ‘elephant memory’ when it comes to hating, humiliating, degrading, and smiting their enemies. This is what white goyim failed to understand. Relatively amnesiac, naive, and childlike in comparison to Jews, they thought that bad blood between whites and Jews could be drained and disposed with a bit of atonement, forgiveness, praise of all things Jewish, and opportunity for both sides to prosper.
Whites simply had no idea of how Jews think. Imagine a rhino and an elephant that came to attack and hate one another. Suppose the rhino is less smart with shallow memory whereas the elephant is smarter and have deep memory. Suppose there comes a day when the rhino is willing to let bygones be bygones and have good relations with the elephant. And suppose it sincerely and truly loses its hostile feelings toward the elephant and projects its own good-will upon the elephant. So, the rhino thinks that the elephant feels as it does: Goodwill all around. But in fact, the elephant hasn’t forgotten its deep grudges. Even as the rhino tries to be kindly and friendly, the elephant remains driven by past hatreds and is sworn to see the utter destruction of the rhino. Unless the rhino learns what is really up, it is doomed because it is most friendly to the beast that is most hellbent on its destruction. When we apply the lesson of the rhino and the elephant to our world, it becomes obvious what went so wrong with the white community in relation to Jews. Whites failed miserably in understanding the true soul of the Jews that is angry, bitter, vengeful, and murderous. Whites are amnesiac rhinos, and Jews are memory-deep elephants. Furthermore, those who are amnesiac don’t remain as such for long. Lacking the autonomy and agency of deep memory, their memory becomes manipulated and controlled by those with powerful memory. Consider the memory-impaired guy in MEMENTO(directed by Chris Nolan) who is toyed with by the villainous cop, that is until things get out of control for a moment and the manipulator gets killed(like in HOUSE OF GAMES and eXistenZ) by the manipulated; indeed, that is what Jews fear most, i.e. even in the most ‘perfect plan’, something slips through the cracks and the player get played(or the game is abandoned in favor of Occam’s dagger); a chess champion is champion only as long as his opponents stick to the game; if one of them give up the game and pull out a gun, all the genius for chess is meaningless.

Anyway, white folks, who’d once been protected from Jewish claws by the power of the Church(that maintained moral-and-spiritual upmanship over Jews), the power of the aristocracy(that ensured that the power of Jewish money would not be supreme), and the power of nationalism(that united goy national folks against minority supremacism of Jews), lost all such defenses after WWII. The Church surrendered its moral-and-spiritual authority of defending its flock from Jews. The power of money came to dominate all, and since Jews made more of it, they had more power. And once the white elites dropped nationalism, they no longer carried the shield for the entire national folk. If anything, they decided to ‘get what is mine’ by cucking to Jewish supremacist elites.
Furthermore, just as John(in the aforementioned example)must accept his own dehumanization in order to sustain the ultra-humanization of Bob, white people have been led to believe that their collective dehumanization is a moral necessity in order to sustain the near-deification of Jews as holy angelic people. After all, if whites are equally as human as Jews, then it implies that both whites and Jews were to blame for the troubles between them, which was the theme of Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s TWO HUNDRED YEARS TOGETHER, a book that was full of praise and criticism of both Russians and Jews and, as such, was premised on the equal humanity of Russians and Jews as peoples capable of much good and much bad; but, Jews who control publishing in the US have effectively censored it because ultra-humanization of Jews demands the dehumanization of whites of all stripes, from Anglos to Russians. Jews were always right, Russians were always wrong.
Increasingly after World War II, the often vile and venal Jews were consecrated as an angelic and holy people. The logical outcome of such narrative and ethno-idolatry(or ethnolatry) was that Jews could do no wrong(and never did and never will), whereas any people who had a beef with Jews in the past, have a beef with Jews in the present, or shall have a beef with Jews in the future must be in the wrong. Since whites had a beef with Jews in the past and since Jews have been consecrated, it must have been entirely the fault of whites. To say otherwise would be a ‘antisemitic canard’. When the a beef must always be kosher, Jews win.
It’s like, since Muslims and Palestinians have a beef with Jews in the present, it must entirely be the fault of Muslims and Palestinians because, after all, Jews are forever the Holy Holocaust People, always blameless and innocent. So, if there's any group in the world that had a beef with Jews in the past, they better shut up about it because they will be declared the guilty party since Jews are the angelic and canonized holy holocaust people. What is deemed holy cannot be blamed. It’s like Ganges River in India. Its filthy water has made so many people sick, but it is never blamed because it’s holy. So, people continue to bathe in the filth because it’s been consecrated as a sacred river of gods. Just like the ‘Made Men’ in the mafia are above the law and can get away with just about anything, Jews(as the ‘consecrated tribe’) can do just about anything and get no blame. Consider Russia, a nation much harmed by Jewish greed in the 1990s. But Russia must swallow their pride and continue to heap praise upon Jews(even as Jews use all their guns to bring Russia down) because Jews are holy and never to be blamed for anything. Jews have become like the evil kid in "It’s a Good Life" episode of THE TWILIGHT ZONE.

Anyway, as the World Community(especially white folks) stared at Jews reveling in unrestrained chutzpah in the Wormhole, they began to realize how they’d been so hoodwinked by Jews. A white boomer muttered to himself, "And all this time, I’d been admiring, praising, and supporting them as the Holy Holocaust People. I thought they felt about my people as I thought about their people: As fellow Americans and good decent folks. But now, I realize they are vile and vicious and never abandoned their hostility toward us like we did in relation to them." Another white person said, "Wow, Joseph Sobran was right!" A black man said, "Man, I’ve been saying them Jew motherfuc*ers been doing some bad shit to us." A buxom blonde woman wept as she moaned, "I always thought Jews were the wisest and kindest people, but all these years, they just regarded me as a piece of shikse sex meat to throw to mega-donged Negroes after they themselves had their fun with me." And David Duke tweeted, "I told you so, folks."

The World community decided the Good Jews would have to be saved(like the good people of Sodom and Gomorrah) — it came to be known as Project Save Bob Dylan and Friends — but the rest of the Jews should be left inside the Wormhole, especially as they are in the process of gaining superhuman powers. Indeed, what would happen to all of humanity IF arrogant Jewish supremacists with godlike powers were to return and lord over mankind? It'd be like being ruled by the three villains in SUPERMAN II, except there would be millions of them. Only clowns like Francis Fukuyama and Michio Kaku — Japanese-American cucks of Jewish Supremacism — would approve of such fate as End of History or Eternal Awesomeness.
Anyway, it would take some time before the Save-Good-Jews-Machine could be conceived and completed. Meanwhile in the Wormhole, The Fink and most Jews were having the time of their lives. It was like the ultimate Jewish wedding-orgy on an Vacation Cruise. They had NO IDEA that the world’s gaze was upon them as they went on blurting out Toxic Judeanity about goyim.

The world without Jews began to change dramatically in many ways. Initially, it had been difficult as Jews had occupied so many elite, skilled, or sensitive positions in society. There was a sudden shortage of brain surgeons and advanced computer developers. Certain law firms found themselves minus half their staff. But as the days, then weeks and months passed, most of those positions were filled with people with comparable, if not equal, skills. But above all, people began to notice a sudden decline in tensions and conflicts around the world. With Israel having reverted to Palestine and without Neocons like Max Boot and so many others beating on war drums, American politicians lost interest in berating Iran as a ‘terrorist’ state that must be destroyed. Indeed, all US troops were soon pulled out of the Middle East. Also, without Jewish control of the media, people began to speak more honestly about why and how the US had gotten drawn into Middle East affairs. Conditioning doesn’t go away overnight, and, as such, even in a world without Jews, many talking heads still felt inhibited in their willingness to speak forthrightly about Jewish Power. But with each passing day, people felt freer to speak frankly about past foreign policy. While there were still accusations of ‘antisemitism’ by shabbos-goyim, their cries felt sillier without any Jews around. It was like someone defending the honor of the king in a world with no more kings. It wasn’t long before US and Iran finally made peace and became trading partners. Also, the ‘new cold war’ with Russia dissipated almost overnight. Without any Jews in Russia and US to play divide-and-rule between Russians and Americans, it was possible to hold a conference as to why the two nations had been at loggerheads. The panel concluded with a report titled, "Yeah, it was the Jews." With goyim in control of world media, the truth could finally be told that World Jewry had economically raped Russia in the 1990s and thought they had Russia by the balls(for castration). But there was resurgent Russia nationalism that removed the worst of the Jewish oligarchs and then said NO to Globo-Homomania, a proxy of Jewish Power. So, that was why the Jewish-controlled US and Russia had reverted to 'cold war' tensions again. Jews wanted to punish Russia for having said NO to Jewish-supremacism-by-oligarchy-and-proxy(homomania).
With Jewish Power having vanished in the US, it was difficult to muster much hatred for Russia. Whites in West Virginia knew nothing of Russia except that Russians danced on tables. Mexican-Americans knew nothing of Russia except that Russians drank vodka than tequila. And black-Americans knew nothing of Russia except that Russians wrestled with bears. They couldn't think of any reason to be anti-Russian. Some homos wanted to carry on with the ‘new cold war’ to spread globo-homo as the new gospel, but the problem was that homomania(and trannymania) began to lose favor almost overnight in a world without Jews. It turned that, out of 200 main homo-agenda groups, all but a few had been led by Jews. And most of the money had come from Jews. But without Jewish power to sustain and spread homomania 24/7, most people just lost interest in tutti-fruity. With the Jewish leaders of homo groups gone missing, the organizations were led by considerably less dogged and aggressive goyim. Furthermore, the money no longer came in like before when Jewish oligarchs had poured huge sums into homo movements to use them as proxy of Jewish hegemony. Hit even harder was SPLC, which folded almost overnight with its leaders embezzling the funds and fleeing to Bahamas. As for ADL and AIPAC, their reason for being had vanished.
And it wasn’t long before US politicians felt rather silly and foolish upon recollecting what a bunch of ridiculous dogs they’d been as servants of Jewish supremacism. "We stand with Israel"? "Israel is America’s greatest ally"? Did they really vote for an Anti-BDS bill that violated the US Constitution to please their Jewish masters? Without Jewish super-oligarchs to control them like a pimp keeping prostitutes in line, they began to obsess less about Beltway politics and began to be more responsive to the actual people who’d voted for them. The Democratic Party and the GOP, which no longer relied on funds disproportionately coming from Jewish donors, once again became something more like people’s parties. Meanwhile in the EU, all the globo-cuck parties and ‘leaders’ who’d been groomed by the likes of George Soros fell out of favor soon enough. Even SJW or NPC types began to realize how controlled and manipulated they’d been. They’d thought they had agency and autonomy in their ideological fervor and felt that history was on their side, but the moment Jewish money and support dried up, they realized they were without funds, support, and ideological programming. They felt like East German true-believers after the fall of communism. It was the realization their beliefs had never counted for anything. The real power had been with the Soviets and their lackeys in government. Once that keystone was removed, the whole edifice crumbled. Granted, some proglodytes stuck with their fanatic convictions, but lacking agency and autonomy, they were unable to hatch new ones as time went on. Eventually, they too realized that their convictions, like dyeing one’s hair green or purple to make a ‘statement’ or obsessing over their vagina, had been planted in their minds by Jewish hegemony.

Even in nations like Sweden with almost no Jews, the general rule was that the elites took their cues from Metropoles such as New York, Los Angeles, London, and Paris. As Jews controlled the main centers of ideas and ‘values’, even non-Jewish parts of the world came under Jewish influence. But it wasn’t just about power but about big-think personality among Jews. Most goy societies had basically four kinds of people: (1) Ruling class that was mostly fixated with maintaining order and privilege and, as such, had little tolerance for big think as Big Ideas tend to lead to revolutions or profound social disruptions. They made up perhaps 0.1% of the population. (2) The masses with small personalities lacking the brains and/or hearts to step forth with worldviews of their own. Masses made up 95% of the populace. (3) The analysts and critics who could dissect ideas or study material reality but lacked the means to pull it all together for a grand theory of everything, like what Karl Marx offered with his theory of economics. They made up maybe 3 to 4 % of the population. (4) The artistic types who could be bold and daring with sounds, images, and storytelling but, for the most part, lacked a unifying conceptual vision of the world. They made up maybe 0.01% of the population.
Despite the considerable and varying talents & skills to be found among the three groups(the ruling elites, analytic men of reason, and creative types; the masses have no special talent for the most part), they lacked the power of big think to ‘bring it all back home’ like Bob Dylan did when he pulled together various musical influences and traditions to alter the direction of what came to be known as Rock music. For better or worse, the Jewish community produced more individuals with big personalities with big think capacity, and this combo of big ego and big idea formulated Theories of Everything that came to captivate most human communities that failed to produce such individuals. Just like planets rely on the sun for light and gravitational pull, little minds & personalities will fall under the sway of big minds & personalities. Good or bad, Big Think will tower over little think. Big Ego will tower over little ego. It’s no wonder that Hitler gained such power over the German folks. There were many Germans who were smarter and saner than Hitler, but he had the combination of big think and big ego.

Anyway, with Jews gone from the world, there was a sudden lack of Big Think and Big Egos at the core of globalism. There was no one like mastermind George Soros. Guys like Warren Buffett and Bill Gates knew how to make money and had interest in ideas but were incapable of thinking big like sorcerer George Soros with his grand-master plans to mess up the entire world so that Jewish power may reign supreme forever. As time passed, globalism receded from around the world from the lack of powerful personalities to sustain it. Each nation and people became more concerned with their own local affairs as there was no longer an over-arching global vision imposed upon all intellectuals and politicians around the world by the Jews. This made for greater peace around the world and the return of moderate kind of nationalism.

Vice industries also suffered greatly from the lack of Jews. Without Jewish moguls to oversee gambling, there was a severe interruption in the industry. And when casinos were about to open their doors again, there was a great debate as to whether gambling was really a good idea? When Jews had controlled gambling, law firms, and the media, there hadn’t been much discussion on the topic because all Jews knew that gambling would mean More Money for Jews. But now that Jews no longer controlled the media and courts, there was an honest debate about the morality of the gambling industry and its ill-gotten loot. As for the pornography industry, it came to a standstill with the disappearance of Jews because Jews had controlled all of it. In order for the industry to get started, non-Jews had to take over the industry, but people began to wonder if any group should take up the slack and make videos that feature young women of America as cumbuckets. Finally, it was decided that it should be handed to the Japanese because their perversion knows no bounds.

All in all, tensions were greatly reduced around the world. Not only did good relations develop among the US, Russia, and Iran on the macro-level but people noticed subtle changes in their daily lives. Without Jewish power of media to pit various groups against one another with stuff like ‘white privilege’ and ‘Muslim terrorist’ tropes(so common in the news media and Hollywood TV shows/movies), there was less tension at the personal level. And without ADL to police social media, there was more fairness and tolerance of speech of all kinds. As for Neo-Nazi types, half of them finally admitted that they were Feds paid off by Jewish groups. And some of them had vanished into the wormhole because it turned out they were actually Jews pretending to be ‘white supremacists’ to give white consciousness a bad name. As for true-blue idiot Neo-Nazis, they were irrelevant in a world without Jews.
Gradually, people came to realize how they’d previously been poisoned by Jewish influence without even knowing it. They had assumed that their beliefs, opinions, and passions were their own borne of independent thought and agency, but they began to notice the changes in their worldview upon the disappearance of Jews. With non-Jews now running most institutions without pressure and intimidation from Jewish supremacists(who’d summarily fired, demoted, or blacklisted anyone they didn’t like), the media steadily became detoxified of Jewish supremacist hatred that had been sold as ‘social justice’ or ‘progressivism’. Indeed, without Jews around, there was finally a honest debate about history of Palestine and the BDS Movement. Also, white people came to realize that the heavy burden of ‘white guilt’ hadn’t been natural but drummed into them constantly thanks to Jewish domination of Idolatry and Narrative via the media, academia, and the state.
Without Jews, a kind of Progressive Thought still dominated much of elite discourse, but it was more honest and less hypocritical than when Jews controlled it to push, at once, Jewish supremacism and Universal egalitarianism. It dawned on many people that the main reason why the 21st century had been lurching towards possible World War III was due to the contradiction between Jewish supremacist agenda and Jewish universalist propaganda. In a way, it had been even more perverse than Nazi Imperialism that, at the very least, had been honest about its objectives. In contrast, Jews sought to take over and rule the world in service of tribal supremacy by invoking bogus principles about justice for all mankind. The result had been increasing power & wealth for Jews and meta-Palestinianization of goy mankind as the likes of Soros pushed mass-migration policies into every goy nation, whereby the natives would be replaced by hordes of foreigners as happened to Palestinians from the endless influxes of Jewish immigrant-invaders.

A world without Jews was far from perfect, but most people began to feel that the world was regaining its health, balance, and sanity in a profound period of healing following something akin to a radical surgery. History henceforth would not be easy, but then it was never easy. But the world seemed truer and most honest. It was almost as if the Cancer of Human History had been removed, and there was a new dawn for mankind.

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