Friday, November 23, 2012

Trolls and ConTrolls, the Pathetic Saga of the Internet.

Worthless Troll 'Violentacrez'
Worthless ConTroll Chen

Until a few days, I never heard of the internet troll who went by the name of 'Violentacrez' nor did I know anything about the internet site Reddit until I read an article referring to the controversy. Having checked out Reddit since, I've no desire to revisit what amounts to just another forum where users trade mostly images and gossip.
What really interests me is the media hounding and shaming of this 'notorious troll', especially following his outing by Adrian Chen in this Gawker article.

There's also an interview with Michael Brutsch(the man behind 'Violentacrez') in the CNN video below:

What interests me is not Brutsch himself. He is your typical 'loser', but I suspect there are many such people all over the world. In a way, he's Walter Mitty on steroids. Paradoxically, he'd been revealing his 'real side' over the years precisely because he was able to conceal his true identity. It's a kind of hidden exhibitionism. This sort of thing is, of course, nothing new. Sometimes, a person can say or express his or her true feelings only behind a mask. Joe Klein did this with his novel PRIMARY COLORS and eventually got in hot water when outed. As a Jewish liberal Democrat hanging with other liberal Democrats, he didn't want to come across as being too harsh on Bill Clinton. So, he wrote his novel under a pseudonym. Some scholars even argue that the real Shakespeare was actually someone else, most likely a nobleman who hid his identity lest his plays undermine his position among his peers—it’s not uncommon for the social peers of an artist to suspect that the works are really about them(and often at the expense of their reputations). And in the Soviet Union, many dissenters had to use pseudonyms to avoid being arrested by authorities.
But if some people hide their identities due to political oppression and/for a worthy or noble cause/endeavor, people like Brutsch just hanker for attention. Personally, I agree with most sane people that he's a jerk, dork, and loser. What is truly pathetic is not the nasty things he posted but the fact that he needed this kind of attention to feel alive. What a waste of life. There are so many things to do in life, and he spent his spare time posting garbage on the internet for morons to gawk at. Though I believe in the freedom of speech, what a waste of freedom of speech. According to the article by Chen, Brutsch's wife not only knew about his ‘hobby’ but was a fellow reddit addict or reddict. And his son seems to have known about his father's clown act too. Let us hope this is not the typical American family for it sounds almost like the SIMPSONS or FAMILY GUY come true. If Brutsch were in his teens, his clown act would be somewhat more understandable. If he were a total loser, he would have some kind of an excuse. But he's had a steady job over the years. He also claims to be part Jewish, so he must not be a total dummy. So, why waste his life this way?

Perhaps, all of us have wasted time on the internet one way or another. And before there was the internet, most Americans probably watched too much TV. And before there was the TV, Americans probably listened to too much radio. In highschool, I should have done more homework and reading instead of listening to pop music. (In my defense, I probably had better musical taste than most people.)
What we call 'wasting time' is probably normal. Lions hunt and eat 3 hrs a day and sleep 21 hours a day. It would be nice if we spent our spare time doing worthier stuff—like reading literary classics, developing an skilled hobby, gaining greater knowledge, getting involved in local politics, and etc.—, but most of us would rather relax or 'have fun', and 'fun' means not taking things too seriously. So, even college students stare at the TV set or facebook page for hours on end instead of doing their reading assignments. Kids get together and 'party', drinking and saying stupid things all through the night.

But not everyone is socially successful or popular, especially if one happens to be ugly, fat, and gross. Brutsch is ugly, fat, and gross. Such people probably feel resentment at the world, and a kind of 'revenge of the nerd' mindset develops within them. They are timid nerds in the social sphere, mice among men. But even beta-males have some repressed alpha male fantasies inside them, and their dynamics aren’t much different from the repression of sexual feelings. A timid beta male who cannot assert himself sexually in the social sphere may write fantasy porn stories. Or he might become a fan of Horror, and indeed, most horror film fanboys, writers, and directors are, as personality types, not much different from Brutsch.
It helps if you have talent whether it's visual, literary, dramatic, comedic, or whatever. Indeed, a lot of artists and 'critics'—it's hard to tell what is a real critic these days—tend to be (social)'losers' who happen to possess talent. Matt Groenig, Stephen King, David Cronenberg, George Romero, and Larry David are as gross a character as Brutsch, but they had the talent to make entertainment with great mass and even intellectual appeal. If they were without talent, they could very well be pathetic figures like Brutsch.
For the untalented like Brutsch, the only outlet for their frustrated resentment is the cult of outrage. And so, Brutsch went for the most obviously outrageous topics like 'underaged girls', Hitler, Jew-baiting, misogyny, and etc. He was a genuine troll in having no real interest in these topics—except for maybe scantily clad underaged girls—except to use them just to win plaudits(mostly from other dorks) and opprobrium(from the politically correct). As they say, "Don't feed the troll". Trolls are sado-masochistic. They not only bask in praise but gorge on attacks... at least until they're outed. In a way, the psychology of the troll is like Snoopy's in "The Mad Punter Strikes Again", albeit with far less innocence--though I suppose there are lots of G-rated trolls too, though I don’t see any point to that.
It's not always easy to say where honest criticism/expression ends and trolling begins. Armond White, the black film critic, has his champions but also detractors who insist he's just a mean-spirited troll. Roger Ebert, once a defender of White, concurred that White just loves to push buttons on people. To an extent, there's an element of troll-ism in much of journalism. If the essence of trollism is exaggeration, outrageous-ness, and/or sensationalism, most news headlines have an element of trollism for their main objective is to grab your attention. Headlines are often highly misleading on purpose. The news coverage of Amy Chua's book THE BATTLE HYMN OF THE TIGER MOTHER was trollish in hyping her semi-satirical memoir into something like “Lady Fu Manchu Plans to Conquer the World.” And most accusations of 'racism', 'sexism', and 'homophobia' are no better than trolling. Indeed, they may even qualify as just another form of trolling even if the politically correct are to dim to realize it. If one of the hallmarks of trolling is to ignore the real subject at hand and turn the debate into a 'flame war', then some of the biggest trolls are on the so-called left. Accusing defenders of traditional marriage of suffering from a clinical ailment called 'homophobia' is hardly better than trolling. Indeed, most of political correctness is waging endless flame wars by telling people to shut up for their ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘antisemitic’, and ‘homophobic’ views. And people like Violentacrez are useful because their expression of political incorrectness is purely nonsensical. If Chen had real courage, he wouldn’t bother with goofy clowns like Violentacrez and challenge/argue with people with sincere politically incorrect views like Kevin MacDonald, Jared Taylor, Robert Weissberg, and Paul Gottfried. But then, he would be confronted with politically incorrect views with real facts and logic behind them. Much easier go after a clown like Violentacrez and pretend that all ‘racist’ views are of such silly ilk as found on grungy forums on Reddit.
People like Chen should be called ConTrolls. Controlls are dorky closed-minded fussbudgets uninterested in the true meanings and implications of the serious issues. Though they fashion themselves to be open-minded and curious ‘liberal progressives’, they are actually pathologically intolerant of any views at odds with the politically correct lessons they soaked up in classrooms as teachers’ pets and from the Jewish-controlled mass media. (Of course, if one points out that the media are indeed controlled by Jews, one is summarily dismissed as an ‘anti-Semite’ though it is a irrefutable fact that the media are indeed owned by Jews. What an easy way to end and ban all debate with certain words used as witch-hunting cudgels. Political correctness is not an invitation to individual thought and free criticism but a set of rules that some people can attack others but not vice versa. So, Jews can piss on white gentiles but not the other way around. Jews can dump on Palestinians, but Jews tell us it’s ‘antisemitic’ for Americans to sympathize with Palestinians and take up their cause for freedom from Zionist oppression. While all Nazis and neo-Nazis are anti-Jewish, not all anti-Jewish people are Nazi or neo-Nazi. To say otherwise would be fallacious. But little pricks like Chen would rather draw public attention on someone like Violentacrez to imply that anyone with hostile views toward Jews are crazy Nazis. This is all the more amusing when Violentacrez’s political views weren’t even in earnest and he’s part Jewish himself.)
When conTrolls come upon certain politically incorrect thoughts or views, their simple-minded robotic programming kicks into gear and they go into panic mode and start spewing invectives to silence what they don’t want to hear as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’, or whatever.
They think they are always right, and they claim to really hate trolls. But their simple-minded outbursts and reduction of moral and social issues into flame-and-shame wars of hysterically accusing people of this-evil-ism or that-evil-ism makes them hardly different from trolls. In some ways, controlls are worse than trolls for trolls are at least honest about their need for ‘notoriety’. In contrast, controlls are no less hungry for attention and topical sensationalism but pretend to be heroic crusaders against all cosmic evil. But seriously, what true lover of truth and justice would waste his time stalking losers like Brutsch? Aren't there nobler and more urgent objectives in a world filled with so much misery and injustice?
Adrian Chen, a controll, is hardly better the troll he outed. In a way, his gleefully geeky bragging over his pathetic trophy betrays his pitifully dorky self. No real man would waste his time stalking and hunting trolls; no real man’s claim to fame would be having outed a loser posting garbage onto the internet; there are so many ‘notorious trolls’ on the internet that catching one is like catching a fly around a manure pile. Chen is surely no lady's man or any kind of dude that commands the respect and admiration of other dudes. So, the only way he could feel big about himself was to out the identity of some loser who wastes his time on Reddit. Unwittingly, all Chen really did was to out himself as an attention-hungry dork. Though it’s a case of a politically correct loser geek bagging a politically incorrect loser geek, Chen would have us believe he’s George Smiley or something. His pathetically exaggerated bragging rights suggests he think he accomplished something on the order of Adolf Eichmann’s capture. You can just imagine dorky Chen sitting in a restaurant acting big and important—mostly around guys even geekier than him—because he outed the identity of a totally useless dime-a-dozen internet troll.

It's all the more ironic considering that Gawker, the online rag that Chen writes for, is nothing but a source of trash news and trollish gossip, but hey, at least most of the garbage it serves up is of the 'liberal' and 'progressive' variety.
I suspect that the real problem that guys like Chen and other politically correct dorks have with Violentacrez was not so much the trolling as the 'rightist' aspect of some of his forums. In other words, had Violentacrez set up forums praising Stalin, New Black Panthers, Mao, Chomsky, and such ilk, there would have been little fuss about his trolllish behavior. (Consider the affection that the liberal community has for Roman Polanski, an anal-rapist of a twelve year old girl who escaped justice by fleeing to Europe. Chen and his ilk want to ruin the lives of losers like Violentacrez—though most of them never broke the law—but they heap praises on guys like Polanski who ran from the law. A politically correct liberal is someone who would take away the right of free speech from trolls but demands that Polanski be pardoned, protected from American laws, and be allowed to keep working.) Violentacrez’s real sin was that he created forums that attracted Jew-haters and the like. That and not the other filth he posted was the reason why he became the special target of Jewish-controlled MSM and politically correct drones like Chen. After all, the internet is filled with extreme Zionists—sincere ones or mere trolls—who post horrible stuff about Palestinians and Muslims—some even call for mass killing of all Arabs—, but what is the chance that Gawker or CNN going after them? And surely, there are Zionist trolls who not only spew anti-Palestinian invective but dabble in racy pictures of underaged girls, but again, what is the chance that Chen and his ilk will try to expose them? Surely, consciously or subconsciously, Chen understands that it’s a poor career choice to be critical of Jewish abuses and Jewish power, and so he went for the easy game of outing some ‘Nazi troll’.

Now, I'm not defending Violentacrez and his forums. I haven't checked them and don't want to, and based on what I've read about him, he seems to be a worthless idiot. Also, even though I loathe Hitler-admirers, I can at least acknowledge the sincerity and conviction of their views. But, guys like Violentacrez who post stuff just to draw attention simply aren’t worth anyone's time. He’s like the kid in school who pulls out his boogers and eats them. The sensible thing is to ignore booger-eating losers and not give them the time of day, and that is precisely most winners do. But some losers can only feel superior and good about themselves by putting down even bigger losers, and Chen seems to be that kind of loser. He’s life is so empty and devoid of reason to live that he elevates himself by picking on a loser who picks his nose on the internet.

So, Adrian Chen is equally pathetic. Violentacrez may have been something of a sensation in the trashy world of Reddit, but MOST people with better things to do with their lives never knew or cared about the likes of Violentacrez who infest the sewage areas of the internet. For all I know, the internet could be filled with videos of fat bald-headed Mexican dwarfs having food sex with grossly obese ugly women. I don’t know and I don’t want to know, and I’ll leave it to Chen and his ilk to hunt down freaks who upload such videos and out their identities. If that’s the sort of thing that makes Chen and other geeks feel like ‘real men’, what can I say?

What attention Violentacrez may have garnered among losers at Reddit, the fact is most Americans knew nothing about him or his existence. If anything, it was CNN that turned him into a household name. Just consider the sheer number of forums, blogs, comment sites, and etc. are on the internet. There must be tens of millions of blogs, and among them, there must be lots of garbage. To illustrate my point, simply by Googling, “Nazi Jew fuc*er suck my dick”, I got , I got over 6 million links. In other words, losers like Violentacrez are dime-a-dozen and all-too-easy to find. I’ll leave it to Chen to check each of the 6 million links to smoke out more ‘notorious trolls’. He can be the great hero as most Americans have better things to do.

On the internet, there are all sorts of sites run by communists, neo-Nazis, homosexuals, pedophiles, religious nuts, and just about every other creature under the sun. There are who-knows-how-many porn sites featuring everything from hardcore videos to salacious stories. But why should they bother anyone since we can all choose to ignore them? Whatever Violentacrez did or didn’t do, he had no power to force others to read or share in his stuff, any more than Marilyn Manson can force us to listen to his trashy music. I loathe shows like FAMILY GUY, and I just choose not to watch them. Would our world be a better place without people like Violentacrez and the obscene creators of FAMILY GUY? Yes, but in a free society, people are freely allowed to create content and people are freely allowed to consume them.
Most TV shows, most movies, most pop music, most gossip, and most of everything are pretty awful, and most of us, having good sense, ignore most of them. Who cares who's a troll? The only people who care are controlls like Adrian Chen who desperately search for excuses to justify their empty lives. For Chen, the great meaning of his life derives from troll-hunting, which is like someone devoting his life to going down into the sewer to catch rats.
Judging by the tone of Chen's article, it's obvious that he's rubbing his hands with the gleeful prospect of being patted on the back by the cooler and hipper members of society. In this age of political correctness, there is no greater sin than 'racism' and 'antisemitism', and Chen bagged a 'racist and antisemitic' troll, and wow, that means he’s a very good boy.

Indeed, what is most off-putting about the whole affair is the utter blindness of Chen and his ilk to their own hypocrisies. Chen mocks defenders of free speech for rallying around Brutsch, but isn't it free speech that allows Chen to write whatever he wants? Politically correct goons like Chen almost certainly agree with the likes of Elena Kagan who invoke 'hate speech' to control who gets to say what, but then, who is to determine what is 'hate'? And why should 'hate' be outlawed when it's a natural emotion? The whole noting of repressing ‘hate’ is the new Victorianism. If people in the Victorian age couldn’t discuss sex—there was the fear that any frank discussion of sex would lead to social chaos and mass rape—, today’s politically correct gang wants to stamp out ‘hate’ lest a ‘noxious’ and ‘odious’ thought lead to WWIII and another Holocaust!
But if Chen is really angry with what he calls 'racism'--defined as racial hostility or hatred toward other groups--, should he be wasting his time on losers like Brutsch who have no power or influence? Chen makes Brutsch out to be some grand conspirator/conqueror of the internet, but Reddit was just one site among millions of others. And even if Brutsch had lots of fans on what happened to be a popular site, whoever took his ‘shock jock’ antics seriously as politics or ideology? And was he ever showered with millions rewarded to the likes of Howard Stern, Sarah Silverman, and David Chapelle whose stardom came with full mainstream institutional backing? The only reward Brutsch ever got from Reddit was a little toy.

If Chen is really outraged by 'racism', why doesn't he write something about the power of Zionism? About how Zionism dispossessed and ethnically cleansed Palestinians from their ancestral land. Why doesn't he write about Zionists control both American parties and our foreign policy? Why doesn't he write about Israel, a nation with 300 illegal nukes and violator of every international nuclear treaty, keeps receiving American foreign aid--indeed more than any other nation though Israel is the richest nation in the Middle East--while Iran, a nation that possesses not even a single nuke and is a signer of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty--is being economically strangulated to death by Zionist-controlled America? Why doesn't Chen mention that the mass media in America is 95% owned and/or controlled by Jews, and Zionist lies have spread the false rumor that the Iranian president said he wants to 'wipe Israel off the map' when he never said anything of the kind. Who has the real power in the media? Are the likes of Michael Brutsch really that important? Did anyone take anything he posted seriously? Did he have any influence on Wall Street, education, American military, American foreign policy, Hollywood, media policy, and etc? Did he have the power to elect presidents, start wars and invade other countries, and open American borders to hordes of illegal immigrants who drag down our economy? No, he’s some loser who played king among losers on some internet forum most people knew nothing about. At least Roman Polanski has tons of defenders who say he should remain free and continue to make movies and live high on the hog. And, Howard Stern gets to say whatever he likes—no matter how offensive—and rake in over a hundred million dollars. What power did Brutsch ever have?

If Brutsch has caused harm to anyone, it is to the champions of free speech. Through his ridiculous antics, he’s given controlls like Chen an opportunity to smear the principle of free speech with filth and garbage on the internet. (Though to be sure, Chen seems to be selectively allergic to filth spewed by ‘white conservative males’ while having no problems with the endless barrage of filth that comes from the movie, TV, music, and porn industry controlled mostly by liberal Jews. Yay for Larry David, Ron Jeremy, and Sarah Silverman but boo to ‘angry white males’ filled with ‘hate’. Yay to fans of Che Guevara—the man who wanted to nuke the US during the Cuban Missile Crisis—but shame on those with critical views of Jewish power. Shame on you if you’re offended by ‘progressives’ like Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers, but do join the cause of shutting down ‘hate speech’ of people on the Right—though, to be sure, it could very well be Brutsch isn’t any kind of ideologue but someone like Silverman and Stern who just loves to push the buttons to stir up as much as trollish controversy as possible. When Stern wrote his first book and ragged on Filipinos, that was supposed to be FUNNY—and made Stern even richer than he already was. But if someone like Brutsch creates a forum on the internet where people trade gay jokes, why that is ‘homophobic’ and must be shut down and the man must be fired from work!) As far as I can tell, MSM's main objective in outing and shaming Brutsch was to associate free speech with losers and 'haters', thereby suggesting that we need some kind of regulation of speech--especially on the internet--in order to end the 'hate'. (This is rather ironic considering that liberals praise the closet-communists of the 40s and 50s who took the fifth and refused to come out of the closet and admit their ties to the Communist Party. The very liberals who say it was wrong to ‘out’ communists via McCarthyite ‘witch hunts’ now say that America must root out and destroy people on the internet whose views are ‘intolerable’ to the politically correct ‘progressive’ community.) Of course, the politically correct jerks like Chen are utterly blind to or even approving of all the hate spewed against whites--especially white males--by Jews, blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and the like. La Raza, which means 'the race', is an all-out Chicano nationalist group. Obama was a member of Wright's crazed church for 20 yrs, but the mainstream media--that shows so much interest in utterly powerless losers like Brutsch--tried to suppress the truth about Obama’s connections to Wright as long as possible(even though it pertained to a man who might be president one day). And following the 2012 election, just look at the vitriol expressed by Jewish pundits and commentators on TV and MSM. Few yrs ago, Tim Wise hailed the death of old white people, especially the Greatest Generation, but he's still invited to TV shows and high schools to give speeches. At Harvard, a woman named Stephanie Grace sent a PRIVATE email explaining her belief in IQ differences among races, but she was not only 'outed' by the girl who received the email but hounded by the university president and MSM for her thought crimes. And if the likes of Elena Kagan--and surely Adrian Chen--can help it, certain views would be outlawed, and people who express them would be destroyed by being fired and shunned. These are the very people who condemn Joseph McCarthy’s anti-communist crusade in the 1950s. According to their logic, an American communist admirer of Stalin the mass-killer should have had the full protection of rights guaranteed by the Constitution—and shouldn’t even have been blacklisted from government positions with access to state secrets—, but if anyone today says anything that smacks of 'controversy' about race, sexuality, or nationality, that person should be fired from his or her job and tarred-and-feathered by MSM.
Personally, I don't much care what happened to Brutsch. In a way, he was asking for it by playing this cat-and-mouse game in the internet community, indeed even daring people to out him. Nor do I care if idiot clowns like him are mocked and derided for they are really nothing but attention hogs.

But there are many people on the internet who do harbor and express controversial, contrarian, unpopular, unorthodox, and 'dangerous' views. They are sincere about their beliefs or creeds, and they should never lose the freedom to express and share their views. The real outrage is when a teacher gets fired from his or her school because he or she posted a comment that is critical of the gay agenda. When such things happen, so-called 'progressives' and 'liberals' never come to the defense of the person who freely expressed his or her views. If anything, they celebrate the fact that someone was punished or had his life destroyed simply for having certain views. This is deeply disturbing because most of the media and academia, which are supposed to be on the side of freedom and liberty, are controlled by liberals and 'progressives'. If liberals won't defend free speech, who will? Conservatives don't have a good record on free speech as they've tended to favor social pressure and even censorship in the name of patriotism, Christian values, community values, and anti-obscenity laws. Traditionally, it was the liberals who argued for more freedom of expression, for the airing of views that might upset community standards—as during the Scopes-Monkey Trial. But a sea-change took place in liberalism since the 1960s. The very radicals who fought for and championed more free speech in the 50s and 60s, having gained power in the 80s and 90s, now want to control what others can say. And this radical generation indoctrinated entire generations of children to submit to the politically correct orthodoxy than think their own thoughts and ask their own questions. Chen is clearly of the generation that grew up under the influence of the radical boomers. Just as the Bolshevik communists, when they didn’t have power, championed free speech against the the Russian Tsar and the provisional government but then banned free speech once they got the power, many American leftists adopted free speech in the 1960s as a strategy to challenge the powers-that-be and gain power. They wanted free speech for themselves to overthrow the Establishment--and therefore pretended to be for the principle of free speech for all--, but once they gained control of the Establishment with their 'long march through the institutions', they've used their power and influence to suppress this thing called 'hate speech'--as if they themselves are without this thing called ‘hate’ that supposedly exists only among white heterosexual conservative males.
As it stands, the new Establishment doesn't even need 'hate speech' laws to control and suppress speech. They can just have people fired left and right or exert pressure on businesses and institutions to not hire or promote people of certain ideological views. Fire people for what? For personal views EVEN OUTSIDE the job or institution. So, if a teacher on her personal facebook page condemns 'gay marriage', that is grounds for dismissal, and liberals approve of it. Now, imagine if a teacher were fired for praising Lenin or Mao on facebook. The liberal community would foam at the mouth and scream 'McCarthyism'. It would say a person's Constitutional rights have been violated, a person's life has been destroyed by 'paranoid' character assassination and the like. Imagine if a librarian had been fired for comparing George W. Bush with Hitler or Jack D. Ripper. Liberals would tear out their hair in fury and scream 'fascism!' So, Bill Ayers can step on the American flag and still be a professor at a college. But if student at Harvard sends a PRIVATE email expounding her personal views on racial differences, she must be outed and shamed by the entire community, beginning with the powerful president of the university. It’s not sufficient for so-called ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ to express their own views to challenging the views of people they disagree with. Instead, the ‘hater’ must be hounded and warned not to even express his or her views because they are simply INTOLERABLE in a university, which is rather odd since the academic institution is supposed to promote free and open exchange of ideas.

As I recall Gawker and similar sites all piled on Stephanie Grace for those private emails. Though Grace was no troll and sincere in her views--right or wrong--, the only message from the liberal community was 'You better shut up because we will destroy you.' It is this kind of neo-Orwellianism that is the real danger to America, but dorks like Chen obsess about some loser like Brutsch who posted trash for other idiots at some forum site called Reddit.

We live in a country where the corrupt MSM colluded with the administration in pushing the American public toward supporting an illegal war against Iraq. Why? Because the media happen to be overwhelmingly controlled by Zionist interests, and both liberal and neocon Zionists saw an invasion of Iraq as a useful ‘War for Israel’. And more disturbing than any amount of trolling by losers on sites like Reddit has been the cult of personality around Obama promoted and disseminated by none other than the so-called free media that are supposed to serve as a check on political power. The media are supposed to be the Fourth Estate working to scrutinize the powers-that-be, but what is to be said of the MSM that function essentially as the propaganda wing of the White House and the Jewish oligarchy?
And if the media are really interested in going after destructive and evil people, what about all those Wall Street banksters who played a key role in bringing down the economy but got rewarded with huge so-called 'bailouts' from both political parties(controlled largely by global Zionist money)? A truly independent media would have gone after Wall Street tooth and nail, but it just so happens that the oligarchs who own the big media have the same tribal loyalties as the guys who run Wall Street. In other words, the globalist Jewish elites get to do just about anything and get away with it, but fools like Chen think the greatest threat to truth, beauty, and civilization comes from the likes of Brutsch whose only reward for trolling on Reddit was a little doll given to him as an award.
Perhaps, deep down inside, Chen and his ilk know what cowards and phonies they really are. They are status seekers, and to make the social climb, they know they must show off their politically correct 'anti-racist', 'anti-homophobic' and 'anti-whatever' credentials, and what easier way than to expose some 'notorious troll'? I mean there is no shortage of 'notorious trolls' on the internet. Just google "I love Hitler" or "I wanna fuc* grandma", and you get tons of searches. Yes, there are lots of losers all over the internet who'll say anything just to grab attention, but that's like looking for degenerate gamblers in Las Vegas or drunken bums on Skid Row. It's too easy!

Chen, being Asian, is likely a drone. If Jewish radicals in the 50s and 60s at least had the chutzpah and individuality to challenge their professors and other establishment figures, most of these Asian-American 'liberals' and 'progressives' sound like they’ve been programmed by their white or Jewish 'progressive' teachers and professors. The boomer generation went against their professors, but today's generation of kids, especially the Asian-Americans, think and do as their professors tell them. In the 60s, campus protests were against the university. Today, the protests are initiated by the professotariat that claims to be 'radical' when, in fact, it is peddling stale politically correct orthodoxy. And there are no better drones than Asian-Americans. They lack chutzpah, and their rage and anger are totally in tune with politically correct dogma fed to them by white/Jewish 'progressive' instructors. They have about as independence of mind as the Red Guards under Mao. Basically, Chen the geek is saying in his article that he's a very good boy--very politically correct in outing an 'evil white male'--and is therefore deserving of higher status in the social hierarchy. He acts like an independent journalist, but he really wants to impress his social superiors in the PC class order. He's a silly little running dog. Though he makes himself out to be a maverick, the fact is he would never ever challenge the real power in American politics, economics, academics, and media. Indeed, I dare him to question his Jewish friends why Israel is allowed to get away with so much abuse against Palestinians. I dare him to write an article about the new American elite dominated by the Jewish overclass that uses its privileges and advantages for narrow tribal interests at the expense of everyone else.
I dare him to expose how the MSM willfully distorted the facts of the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman case to spread anti-white lies. Yes, this is the true nature of the Jewish-controlled media, but the cowardly Asian drone Chen only wants to 'do the correct thing' so as to win plaudits and be favored for promotion in the world of politically correct 'creative' class.

People like Chen have no interest in truth. They prefer to see the world through insta-formulas of political correctness. Everything is mindlessly and summarily judged, dismissed, and condemned as ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘antisemitic’, or whatever. These are used as one-word-arguments that are no arguments at all. It’s no different from Christian fanatics in the Medieval Ages condemning someone as a ‘heretic’ or ‘witch’. It’s no different from some Christian Fundamentalists today who say stuff like ‘God hates fags’. It’s no different from certain cynical anti-communists in the 50s who attacked anyone or anything they didn’t like as ‘communist’. Ironically, the very people who condemn the so-called ‘McCarthy Era’—which was actually too short-lived to call an ‘era’—are using the same tricks.

Do people like Chen have any real curiosity as to why some people disagree with him and feel and think the way they do? If Chen had a genuine journalistic mind, he would show curiosity and empathy, but he’s just another Asian-American drone who thinks and acts according to the programming of liberal Jewish political correctness. If Chen were genuinely curious, he would realize that issues of race and sex aren’t as simple as dreary and ideologically conformist political correctness would have us all believe. You cannot understand the depth and complexity of the world with the silly habit of yelling ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘homophobic’, or etc. at the drop of the hat. That is not thinking. It is following the program.
This isn’t to suggest that anyone should take Violentacrez forums on Nazism, Jews, blacks, and etc, seriously. They were clearly NOT intended for meaningful discourse but meant to wallow in what might be called ‘ironic’ or ‘hipster’ ‘racism’. As far as I can tell, Brutsch has no particular interest in the subjects he toyed with. He simply knew that certain topics were more likely to stir ‘controversy’ than others. As Hitler and the so-called N-word are easy magnets of ‘controversy’, it certainly helps to set up a forum about Nazis and ‘niggers’ than about Stalin or Pol Pot—whom most Americans don’t even know. So, even as Brutsch was keeping his identity secret, he was playing by the rules of popularity, and notoriety is a grubby form of popularity. He wasn’t as talented at it as Don Rickles or Eddie Murphy was, but it was the same logic.

So, only a disingenuous weasel would claim that politically correct speech on race, sex, and other matters shouldn’t be tolerated because of the kind of filth found on Violentacrez’s forums. The fact is Brutsch was never serious about the views and ‘ideas’ that he shared.
Americans need to understand that there are many valuable lessons to learn from ‘politically incorrect’ but genuinely serious views on race, sex, national borders, Jewish power, and revisionist history. Also, even people who are loathsome and despicable in certain respects may have something important to say, and therefore their views shouldn’t be entirely discounted—never throw the baby out with the bathwater—, and they certainly shouldn’t be denied the freedom of speech.
Brutsch is really a red herring in the debate on free speech. He willfully played with fire by playing the ‘bad boy’ and then got caught. Though Chen could have spent his time more constructively, it’s difficult to feel sorry for Brutsch who kept on pouring gasoline to the fire of his notoriety. All I can say is in Brutsch’s defense is that if he didn’t do anything illegal, he should NOT have been fired from his job since a man’s personal views and actions OUTSIDE WORK should have no bearing on his employment. If it’s wrong to fire someone for having communist, pro-gay views, atheist views, religious views, pro-Zionist views, pro-Muslim views, pro-porn views, and etc, then it is also wrong to fire someone for having pro-Nazi, anti-gay, anti-Jewish, anti-black, or whatever views. A person at work should only be judged by his or her professionalism. What he or she does outside work is his or her own business and shouldn’t be a determinant in whether he or she remains employed or not. Suppose Adrian Chen personally likes to read incest pornography laced with sadism in his own time; suppose he even likes to write such stories and post them online under an alias. Now, I’m not saying he’s into that sort of thing, but suppose he is. Should he be fired from his work? No, not in a free society, not under the Constitution that says no one should be discriminated on the basis of RACE, COLOR, OR CREED. Creed means belief, convictions, views, opinions, values, faiths, ideology, and etc. Everyone is entitled to his own personal views on politics, values, philosophy, lifestyles, society, and etc. A person should be fired for messing up at work, not acting professional at work, and so on. But outside work, a person is in his personal environment, and what he or she feels, thinks, or says shouldn’t decide whether one gets to work or not.
Imagine a overwhelmingly Fundamentalist Christian community saying a teacher should be fired because he or she believes in evolution and is an atheist to boot. Imagine a neighborhood that is heavily Muslim-American and the community demands the local librarian be fired for posting ‘hateful’ pro-Zionist and anti-Muslim views on her pro-Israeli blog. Imagine a conservative community arguing that anyone suspected of Marxist sympathies should be dismissed from work. Liberals and ‘progressives’ would argue that all such would amount to violation of Constitutional rights. But if a liberal community were to say a person should be fired for opposing ‘gay marriage’ on his or her personal facebook page, liberals seem to have no problem with that. Or, if Jewish liberals say a librarian should be fired for running a blog that is sympathetic to Hitler, ‘progressives’ would likely come down on the side of community pressure. And I’ll bet so would Adrian Chen. Of course, ‘progressives’ will disingenuously say not all freedom of speech is the same since certain speech isn’t merely controversial but hateful and therefore should be banned. But isn’t communism hateful of certain classes, religion, traditional cultures, and national identities? Aren’t all religions hateful of something? Aren’t many atheists—especially radical ones like Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens—hysterical in their radical hatred of anything that is even faintly religious? And from the viewpoint of Palestinians, couldn’t Zionism—a Jewish nationalist ideology that justifies the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians and the right of Israel to use whatever means to maintain the second-class citizenship of Arabs—be construed as a form of ‘hate’? So, who decides what is hate, what is not? If Chen had an independent mind, he would ask such questions, but being a typical Asian-American drone, he barks like dog, sounding off cliches like ‘racist’, ‘antisemitic’, ‘sexist’.

As long as we’re on the subject of sensitivity, why is Brutsch’s kind of ugliness worse than what we find in popular culture? At least Brutsch’s filth—and it is mindless trash—was shared only in some corner of the internet and ignored by most people who have better thing to do. (Apparently, there are too many people like Chen with too much time on their hands.) But what about the open filth of rap music promoted by the major music companies? How are all those songs about ‘skanky bitchass hos’, ‘mothafackin niggaz’, ‘punkass faggoty ass white boys’, and etc. any less obscene and filthy? And what about stuff like ‘Girls Gone Wild’ videos? What about TV shows like ‘Flava of the Month’ where women are reduced to sex animals? What about all the dirty filthy porn that uses white women as cumbuckets in a sex industry controlled by liberal Jews? What about shows like FAMILY GUY and THE SIMPSONS where degeneracy of all kind rules the day? What about the pathological, disturbed, and sadistic movies of Quentin Tarantino who encourages millions of people to laugh at mayhem and bloodbath? What about children’s entertainment that encourage young girls to use makeup and dress like hookers? What about Hollywood movies that have depicted Muslims as nothing but subhuman terrorists whose only purpose in life is to be blown away by American bombs and weaponry? What about the constant filth that pours out of the mouths of stand-up comics? What about the stuff like VAGINA MONOLOGUES that would have idiot women—as well as some idiot guys—believe that telling pussy jokes is ‘empowering’? What about all those horror movies by Eli Roth and his ilk that wallow in torture, gore, and cruelty? What about the films of Sacha Cohen that mock Muslims, Central Asians, and Christian Americans? (Cohen, who is so sensitive about ‘anti-Semites’, seem to be fully supportive of the ongoing Zionist oppression and dispossession of Palestinians.) What about the state of black churches in America where little else happens them but wild dancing, screaming and shouting, and anti-white invective? What about Jewish-controlled MSM that rigs the news so that Zionists can do as they please to the long-suffering Palestinians whose oppression and deaths are cheered by most dumb Americans brainwashed by the Zionist media? And the list goes on and on. So many celebrities involved in the creation of such filth have been hyped, praised, rewarded, awarded, and elevated to near-god-status. But Chen is blind to all that. Instead, he targets some loser whose only claim to fame is playing shock-troll on Reddit. Chen isn’t bothered by Bill Maher spouting his filth on TV. He’s not disturbed the movies of Tarantino that are becoming sicker with every new installment. No, he acts as though the source of all evil is some loser on reddit who posts stupid filth for other losers.

In a way, today’s Nazi-Scare is many times more pathetic than the Red Scare of the 50s. In a way, Chen’s hysteria like an Asian geek version of THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO that fantasizes some grand neo-Nazi conspiracy taking place in Sweden, a nation that is totally controlled by politically correct liberals and globalist Jews and is filling up with tons of unskilled and criminal elements from the Middle East and Africa. But never mind reality, just fan the fears of Nazi Scare and make all those goody-good ‘progressives’ believe that Nazis are about to take over the entire world. Some loser like Brutsch creates some dumb ‘Nazi’ forum on Reddit, and Chen the dummy goes into ‘They Saved Hitler’s Brains’ mode.

While men like McCarthy did overplay the communist threat, the post-war era was indeed a scary time. Stalin, the mass killer of perhaps 20 million people, had swallowed all of Eastern Europe. China fell to the murderous Mao regime in 1949, and communists pushed for war in Korea in 1950. There was the danger of communism spreading in the Third World, and there were many radical leftists in all levels of government, arts and culture, media, and entertainment. For proof, consider that the most carefully guarded secret in the United States—the formula for the atomic bomb—was stolen by Jewish agents like Rosenberg and handed over to Stalin, the mass-murderer of so many innocents. Leftist Jews in American government gave a communist tyrant the secret to building a bomb that could murder hundreds of millions of people in Europe and America. If that wasn’t scary, what is? And in the early 60s, Khrushchev decided to install nukes in Cuba. But according to liberals, it was all just ‘hysteria’ and mindless ‘paranoia’. No, there was nothing to worry about in regards to Stalin, Mao, and Jewish spies working in the US government. No, the real danger comes from guys like Brutsch who post ‘hate’ in some corner of the internet! Of course, this is absurd, but Chen, being a typical Asian-American drone, just goes along with the grand narrative fed to him by his Jewish teachers, controllers, and bosses.

It made sense to be scared of communism during the Cold War. It must also be said that the anti-communist ‘hysteria’ was no more extreme than anti-Nazi, anti-Japanese, and anti-Fascist ‘hysteria’ during WWII. If anything, it was far less so. When US was at war with Germany and Japan(and Italy), powerful institutions in America did everything to scare the American public as much as possible. So, even though the American elite knew that Japan had no intention of invading the US—Pearl Harbor attack was to keep US out of Asia, not to conquer the US—, it used the media power to spread the ridiculous notion that the Japanese were planning to attack the American heartland. This hysteria even led to the rounding up of over 100,000 Japanese-Americans, dispossessing them, and herding them into ‘internment camps’. And even though Germany declared war on US following the attack on Pearl Harbor, American elites knew full well that Hitler had no plan to attack or invade the US. Hitler declared war on US to send a message that America should stay out of the European war. It was an attempt to scare Americans than to fight them. And American elites knew this, but they still spread the hysteria that German spies were all over America and that the American coastlines were teeming with Nazi subs.
(Of course, the main hysteria today is the notion that Iran is about to develop the nuclear weapon in order to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. According to Jews, it made no sense for Americans to be worried about a communist tyrant like Stalin conquering all of Eastern Europe and stealing American atomic secrets with the help of Jewish agents. It made no sense for Americans to be worried about the fall of China to Mao and the spread of communist wildfire all throughout the Third World, culminating in nuclear weapons planted on Cuban soil and aimed right at America. HOWEVER, we must all be shaking in our boots about Iran using the nuke to ‘wipe Israel off the map’, even though Iran has complied with everything in the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has no nukes while the rogue state of Israel has over 300 illegal nukes. Both political parties are totally committed to destroying the entire economy of Iran just to prevent it from ‘wiping Israel off the map’ though Iran has no nukes and its president NEVER SAID he intends to ‘wipe Israel off the map’. If liberal Jews really hate the culture of political hysteria, why do they either fan the flames of anti-Iranian hysteria or ignore it despite all the damage it’s causing to the United States in foreign affairs? Because for most Jews, liberal or neocon, what always comes first is Jewish Power and Jewish Interests. Doesn’t Chen find something strange about all this? Of course not. Since he’s just an Asian drone, he’s happy to play a nice running dog to his Jewish bosses in the media. The stupid idiot doesn’t even know that liberal Jews in Hollywood, when they not ragging on Muslims, often use the Evil China card to make Americans hate his yellow kind.) So, FDR and liberals spread all sorts of hysteria—as well as crude racial stereotypes of Teutonic Germans and slanty-eyed Japs—during WWII, and this sort of thing served as the template for the Red Scare in the first round of the Cold War, but liberals have conveniently suppressed all memory of their Nazi-and-Jap-Scare during WWII and convinced so many gullible Americans that the politics of scare-mongering was begun by the American Right and anti-communist McCarthy. And Jews have been especially invested in pushing such a view since many people who came under suspicion during the Red Scare were Jewish communists and Jewish communist-sympathizers. Since Jews control the academia and media, they get to decide what we remember and what we don’t. Similarly, because of the Jewish control of the media, American sheeple root for Israel that oppresses Palestinians while sneering at the suffering of the latter. Because of Jewish control of the media, we hear so much about how China is mistreating Tibetans, but we hear nothing about how Israelis are oppressing Palestinians—and indeed how Israel was founded by massive ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.
Because of the Jewish control of the media, we think some Jewish communist screenwriters had a harder time during the ‘McCarthy Era’ than over 100,000 Japanese-Americans targeted, dispossessed, and imprisoned by FDR and his liberal regime. They say the winners get to write history, and in America, liberal Jews are the winners and controllers of the media, and so they get to frame the terms of the debate and indeed the terminologies themselves. Since drones like Chen have been raised with the politically correct regimen, they never bothers to ask, “what is ‘antisemitism’?”, “what does it really mean to be a ‘racist’?” “What exactly is ‘homophobia’?” Instead, the likes of him just see the world in terms of good and evil, black and white, us vs them, and etc. So, anyone who criticizes Jewish power is an ‘anti-Semite’. Anyone who dares to speak the truth about blacks is simply this monster called ‘racist’. Anyone who questions the biological and moral worth of two men sticking their sexual organs into each other’s fecal holes—fecal penetration—is denigrated as clinically suffering from ‘homophobia’. So, if you believe that the anus is for defecating and not for sex, YOU are the mentally sick one. And if you believe that the homosexuality is unworthy of moral recognition for marriage, you are some kind of ‘odious’ and ‘noxious’ ‘hater’. Never mind that the very notion of ‘gay marriage’ is hateful to the normal definition of real marriage. Saying that ‘gay marriage’ is the bio-moral equivalent of real marriage is like saying Creationism is the scientific equivalent of the true biological theory of evolution. ‘Gay marriage’ and Creationist advocates may invoke the cult of tolerance and ‘inclusiveness’, but when something of genuine value is forced to accept something of no value as an equal, it is a form of contempt against truth. But the likes of Chen, having been drummed since childhood that gays are angels and that rainbow is a gay color, simply cannot think outside the box. They cannot think beyond one-word-argument-judgmental cliches that goes something like “gay good, homophobia bad”, “blacks good, racists bad”, “Jews good, anti-Semites bad.” It’s all black and white, this vs that, ‘us’ vs ‘them’.
What can we say about a generation that learned about racial reality from trash like GREEN MILE, which in its lies and manipulation, is actually far more evil than Violentacrez’s crap? What can we say about generation—such as Chen’s—that seems to equate the miraculous color of the rainbow with two guys sticking their sexual organs into holes designed by nature to serve as fecal organs? People are so easily manipulated, and Chen is prime example of this. I’ll bet he’s actually a fan of lots of snarky, filthy, obscene, and violent videogames, movies, TV shows, and etc. And he must know that almost all of popular culture are dominated and controlled by liberals, and that Jews control the media. He must know that our culture often depicts women as skankyass ho’s, blacks are cool badass ape-like thugs, Mexicans as short and tubby clowns, Asians are geeky nerds who can’t get a girl, Muslims as terrorist scum who should be blown away, southern white males as dimwit numbskulls, and etc. And yet, Chen is blind to the racial stereotyping perpetuated by liberals and Jews 24/7. Instead, he finds the culprit and the source of all evil in some internet geek loser whose only claim to fame was posting stupid trash in some site called Reddit. Was it Brutsch or David Geffen who offered all those million dollar contracts to black thug rappers whose idea of music is to spew anti-human nursery rhymes from morning to night? Was it the Weinstein brothers or Brutsch who signed Tarantino to make a series of movies where 90% of what happens is filth and sadistic violence? Was it Brutsch or Tarantino who wrote the scene in PULP FICTION where the running joke is that some “nigger’s brains splattered all over the car window”? But of course, Tarantino is a ‘hipster racist’ like Howard Stern and Sarah Silverman, and so that sort of thing is okay.

Like so many of his generation, Chen surely indulges in all this filth and garbage in his choice of popular culture. So, why is he so offended by the antics of Violentacrez? What Brutsch did was essentially a third-rate imitation of mainstream culture. So, Brutsch used some racial epithets like so many pop culture personalities. Why attack him having the sensibility of ‘hipster racists’, horror genre fanboys, and other vulgarians who are celebrated all year round in shows like FAMILY GUY?
Who made TAKEN and TAKEN II where Muslims are depicted as white-slaver-scum who should be killed like cockroaches? Who made all those movies that depict religious people—especially Christians—as a bunch of cartoonish mental retards? And if American sports is so ‘progressive’, how come it confirms just about every racial stereotype? Many of the teams are owned by Jews, confirming the stereotype that Jews are smart, cunning, rich, and clever. Many of the power positions are dominated by blacks, confirming the stereotype that blacks are stronger and more aggressive than other races. And where are the Mexican-Americans and Asian-Americans in NFL and NBA? Their virtual absence confirms the stereotype that Asians are geeks—like whiny and dorky Chen—and that Mexicans are mostly too stubby and short to win in sports. And if liberals are into ‘diversity’, how come so much of popular culture—especially the now mainstream-ized industry of porn—is governed by racial stereotyping? I thought liberals were supposed to disdain all such stereotypes as ‘social constructs’ created by ‘evil patriarchal white males’.

According to many feminists, sex—what they often refer to as ‘gender’—is really just a ‘social construct’, but homosexuality is not. So, the differences between men and women are mostly based on social and cultural factors—and can be altered or ‘corrected’ through sensitivity training and politically correct indoctrination—, but the differences between straight men and homosexual men are so profound that nothing can turn homosexual men into straight men—though it must be said it’s rather easy to turn lots of straight men into a bunch of pansy ‘metrosexuals’ like Adrian Chen. In a nutshell, the so-called ‘Left’—‘so-called’ because what goes by the label of ‘leftism’ today really caters to SWPL hipster snobbery than serves the economic interests of the working masses—has no use for principles, logic, or truth. All it cares for is power as it sees the world in terms of ‘will to power’, a notion that ‘progressives’ lifted from Nietzsche. Why did ‘progressives’ come to forgo principles? Because principles, rooted in theory and logic, often don’t turn out the way you want them to. Marx predicted the first communist revolutions to take place in advanced capitalist societies like the UK, Germany, and the US, but communists came to power in the most backward great European power, Russia. Since Marxist theoretical prophecy proved to be wrong, Marxists had to play loose with its rules. Even so, Russian communists tried to remain faithful to communist ideology to the best of their ability, but communism didn’t turn out as predicted. In the end, it was not a sound economic system. As for the liberal principles of individual liberty and free enterprise, they led to rise of powerful groups who came to exert tremendous influence on government and other institutions, which is true to this day—perhaps even more, as the Jewish elite that rules America is untouchable: If the Wasp elites of yesteryear openly displayed their power/influence and exposed themselves to criticism, today’s Jewish elites still carry on like they are victims of the Forever Holocaust while the rest of us are too scared to call out on Jewish power and its abuses and hypocrisies lest we be accused of ‘antisemitism’ and lose our jobs. Just as Israel gets to break every international law and still be rewarded by the international community—largely dominated by the US and EU that are essentially controlled by globalist Zionists—, Iran is punished with endless rounds of sanctions and embargos even though it has obeyed every international law on nuclear energy. American Jews not only get to do as they please and get away with it, but they’re praised night and day by both sides of the political aisle as it’s impossible for any politician to get anywhere without Jewish approval and support. Jews can destroy you through the media, government, laws and courts, and scare-tactic hysteria cooked up groups like ADL and SPLC. Abe Foxman is the new-and-Jew McCarthy, but unlike the anti-communist Joe of old, Foxman is well-protected by his fellow Jewish goons in high places.

Liberalism was supposed to lead to greater freedom and equality, but it didn’t happen that way.
Since neither communism nor liberalism worked according to their principles, promises, and theories, the New Left beginning in the 60s adopted Nietzschean ideas and came to regard everything in terms of Power. So, whatever gained more power for your side was good and whatever gained more power to the other side was bad. Even if your side violated principles, it was okay as long as your side got more power. As Malcolm X said, ‘by any means necessary’, a kind of crude version of ‘will to power’ or ‘ends justify means’. The New Left argued—with some validity—that their enemies had exploited principles to justify and conceal their power-lust all along. So, Christian Europe used God and Salvation as justification to rule over the sheeplike masses and then later as a cover for imperialism and colonialism. And Founding Fathers invoked freedom and liberty to take control of the colonies away from the King of England. It had less to do with principles than the desire for power. Since Founding Fathers needed some moral justification to wage war on Imperial Britain, they cooked up high-minded -sounding rhetoric about the ‘rights of man’, but they were slave-owners and waged wars on the Indians. The New Left saw even the American Civil War as a conflict of economic interests than a morally Manichean clash between freedom and slavery. So, everything was really a matter of power, and so, the thing is to win more power for your side.
Of course, using the logic of the New Left, we can argue that even liberal Jews and so-called ‘progressives’ are just a bunch of cynical operators who will play fast and loose with rhetoric, rules, principles, and values to maximize their own power. Why else would Jews be for tight selective immigration for Israel but open immigration in the US? In both cases, it’s about increasing Jewish security and power. And why would blacks call for equal rights in the 50s but then later call for racial favoritism for blacks? It serves black interests. And why would even white Hispanics—whose ancestors conquered and ‘raped’ South America—wear the mask of ‘people of color’ and gain favors as an ‘oppressed minority group’? Why would liberals who invoked the US Constitution to condemn the policies of George W. Bush remain silent when Obama not only extended but strengthened those policies? Of course, there’s hypocrisy galore on the Right as well.

So, principles be damned. Principles no longer stand above or as a corrective to narrow tribal/special interests but are merely just another bag of tricks in the struggle for power. In a way, one could argue that White America lost so much ground because, at least more than any other group, it tried to live by high-minded principles since the 1950s. Even American conservatism came around to adopting the high-minded principles of ‘equality’ and ‘color-blindness’, but as it turned out, their rivals didn’t play by the same rules. Led by the feisty and devious Jews, the ‘progressive’ strategy became ‘Principles for whites but Power for us’. And this hypocrisy was defended on the basis that ‘whites have ALL the power’ and ‘people of color have NO power’. Thus, only white people can be ‘racist’ since only white people have the power. ‘Racism’ has no bite unless it’s backed with power. So, if a Nazi German in a death camp hates a Jew and the Jew hates the German, the only hate that really matters is that of the German since he has the power of life-and-death over the Jew. If one wolf has fangs while the other wolf is toothless, the rage of the toothy wolf matters more than the rage of the toothless wolf.
The logic of “Only white people can be ‘racist’ since white people have all the power” has translated in a political reality where white people must serve as a ‘model majority’ that sticks to the principles of ‘color-blindness’ whereas non-whites can so whatever they want to gain power.
You’d think that non-whites would have gained some power by now—especially with the likes of Bill Maher popping champagne bottles over how White America is over and the GOP is finished forever and the Old White Guy is history(as the Newsweek cover declared)—, but old habits die hard. Even if white power is dead, Jews and their allies must prop up the Frankenstein monster of ‘evil white power’ in order to justify their hunger for more power at the expense of the diminishing power of whites. As long as Jews can steal from the white middle class to ‘bail’ themselves out or to shower blacks and browns with bread-and-circuses, Jews will keep alive the trope of ‘evil white power’. (Jews also welcome increased Asian immigration since Asians tend to work hard and will likely pay the disproportionate amount of taxes—as the white tax base grows ever smaller—, and so, Jewish in high places will look to milking the growing Asian-American community to take care of browns and blacks, many of whom remain pathologically dependent on government handouts seemingly forever. Jews also know that Asians make nice drones, nice running dogs. So, even as Jews will exploit the Asian-American community, most yellows will just be nice little politically correct toyboys of Jewish power, just like Chen is.)

The notion that ‘only white people can be racist’ is predicated on the notion that power relations remain fixed forever. So, we are to believe that whites will always be the powerful and privileged groups forever itching to oppress the peoples-of-color. So, even though Jews are now the most powerful elites in America, we must pretend that Jews are still powerless and white gentiles have great power over Jews—when in fact, most white gentiles now grovel before Jews. We are supposed to pretend that something like ‘gay marriage’ is about equal justice when it means changing the core meaning of marriage just to satiate an extremely privileged bunch of gays in high places. The notion of ‘only white people can racist because they have all the power’ also misses the true nature of power. There is no monolithic power bloc called ‘white folks’, especially when the white elite in America have such contempt for their less fortunate brethren. Since when do rich white elites care about poor whites being raped, robbed, beaten, or murdered by black thugs. Since when do white elites care about the white working class losing their jobs and wages to cheaper illegal and foreign labor? Also, there are all kinds of power. There is economic power wielded by Wall Street—which is Jewish-dominated by the way—, but there is also public power wielded by black thugs on buses, schools, parks, and etc. Why is it that so many places in big cities have become no-go areas? Because tough black thugs act like it’s their private fiefdoms and routinely attack anyone who enters their turf.

Anyway, given the nature of today’s politics, what the White Right must do is go into Corleone or Corleonist mode in THE GODFATHER. Jews and the so-called ‘people of color’ are now acting like gangsters. So are the devious neocons who’ve manipulated the GOP for narrow Zionist purposes. It’s time to say farewell to principles and fight for white power, especially as the demographic, economic, and sexual future of the white race appears grim due to the manipulations of the Jewish elites.

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