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White American Elites represent the Worst Template for All the World — The Fable of the Gulping Hippo — When Elites no longer lead the Masses of their own kind, it’s Game Over for that People... unless Another Elite rises to represent, defend, and lead the Masses to Independence and Sovereignty

The Fable of the Gulping Hippo
The World Beware. White American Elites are the worst elites in the world, and all nations should be wary of the ways of such an elite. It’s a historical truth that a people are like a shapeless mass and can’t rule themselves. As the Founding Fathers knew, concentration of power may be evil but it’s a necessary evil. The power is like the watchtower. Its elevated and vaunted position allows those on top to see, hear, know, and reach more than the masses of individuals who make up the People. Imagine a village where most people are at ground level. In contrast, a few have access to the top of the tower and can see further than most people. Seeing more and knowing more, those atop the power can warn the people below of the dangers or fortunes far yonder. If an enemy tribe is coming toward the village, those atop the tower can see the threat before anyone on the ground. If a herd of deer or other prey animals appear in the horizon that can feed the village, those atop the tower can spot the good fortune before anyone on the ground.
Indeed, if not for the vision afforded by the tower, the people of the village may not even know of the herd that had passed by near the village. Also, those atop the tower can see everyone in the village, and everyone in the village can see in unison those on the top. At ground level at a gathering or rally, a villager can only see those in close proximity, and these people block all the others behind them. But from the tower, one can see the whole crowd. Those on the tower feel a sense of authority and privilege. And those below are likely to see those on top with a certain respect, even awe.
Now, those atop the tower can try to use their advantageous position for their own self-aggrandizement, and many elites have been like that through the ages. Or, they can be mindful of others in the village and use their elevation and greater reach in vision to serve the community. Thus, they become like the eyes, ears, lips, and brains of a the community that is the body. They speak to the community, they speak for the community, the listen to what the community has to say, and they plan for the community. After all, whatever special gifts those atop the tower may possess, they didn’t build the tower alone. All the community took part in laboring to erect such a tall edifice. And they surely didn’t do it just so the fortunate few could enjoy the cool breeze up above.
In the past, the American elites understood how much their good fortune depended on the people. After all, the elites alone couldn’t chop down trees, plow the fields, reap the harvests, lay down roads, build towns and cities, and etc. The fortunes of the elites relied on the labor of the masses. Of course, this was true of all societies around the world, but the ideal of the Modern West was that the elites must be mindful of those who do much of the hard work. When American economy was mainly agricultural and/or industrial, the elites understood the value of Labor and the Working Man. But as globalism changed so much of the US economy into a game of finance, high tech, and information-sharing(or intelligence-gathering), more and more of the American Labor force became obsolete, not least because (1) globalism could use cheaper foreign labor by outsourcing or mass-immigration (2) much of American Labor degraded under Union corruption, hedonism, & degeneracy(from drug use, family breakdown, feminism, declining white birthrates, and youth culture) and (3) rise of yuppie vanity & homo narcissism led to loss of respect for entire sectors of the economy as suitable only for ‘losers’ or ‘Mexicans’.
But perhaps, most crucial of all, the White American Elites came under the power of the Jewish globalists. Some might say the Jews are now the New Elites of America, but this isn't really true. While it’s true that Jews constitute the most powerful force in the US, they can’t be characterized as ‘American Elites’, no more than the British were really Indian Elites(in British ruled South Asia that once incorporated India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh) or Chinese Elites(in Hong Kong) for that matter. Rather, the British Elites in India and Hong Kong were Imperial Elites who ruled over the native masses via local ‘comprador’ elites who willingly collaborated with foreign overlords for self-gain. (To be sure, there could be mass support for foreign rule IF such was deemed far saner and more productive than native rule. It appears most Chinese in Hong Kong preferred British rule to that of Mainland China ruled by madman Mao.) In a similar vein, Jewish elites in the US are not really American Elites as they’re part of a vast worldwide network of power that could be called the Empire of Judea or EOJ. Jewish overlords and elites in the US don’t feel primarily as Americans. They feel as Jews, and they feel closer to fellow Jews around the world than with fellow Americans of non-Jewish stock. Jews in NY and LA feel closer to Jews in London, Paris, and Tel Aviv than to non-Jewish Americans in Idaho, West Virginia, Utah, Iowa, Tennessee, and etc. Indeed, the very fact that Jews want to flood the US with endless immigration-invasion goes to show their outlook is global than national. Jews don’t value any population that could be deemed as Core America. Jews don’t care about the history of Core America that was white, European(non-Jewish), and Christian. If they feel any sense of connection to that America, they would try to defend and preserve it. But they not only feel no love for it but feel much hatred and resentment. For Jews, Wasps will always be associated with better-looking and taller Anglos who didn’t let their grandpas into Golf-n-Country Clubs or didn’t let their pretty shikse daughters marry Jewish boys. And Jews will always associate White Ethnics with the big Polish Catholic lunkhead who called Jewish kids ‘Christ-killer’ and maybe stole some lunch money from nerdy neurotic kids named Isaac.
Of course, Jews see Mexicans as just losers who should pick tomatoes and shut up. Jews do prize blacks to the extent that blacks are lucrative in sports and music, two industries controlled by Jews, but Jews don’t worry too much about the Negroes because most Negroes can’t rise very high, even with ‘affirmative action’ wind behind their backs. (The main black threat to Jews is that Jewish girls are creating a new ‘covenant’ centered around their vaginas on the basis of ‘what does my pooter want’, and for many Jewish girls, it’s big Negro dong. So, perhaps, Jewish power will really be brought down by black dongs. As Jewish girls turn into wild skanks chasing after Negro dongs, Jewish boys will go with more Asian women, and their kids will be born with mellow yellow genes that are lacking in the chutzpah that's been so integral to Jewish power. After all, intelligence alone without the rocket boosters of pushiness lacks motivation to go very far. Indeed, consider the fall of the Episcopalians who had the intelligence but not the pushy drive to have it all and crush all competition.)

Jews never really became Americans. They never assimilated into the Core America as founded and developed by Anglo-Americans. It was too ‘gentile’ and too ‘Christian’ for the Jews with their strong individual egos and ethnocentric identity. Indeed, if later whites from Eastern and Southern parts of Europe came with sense of ethnicity, Jews came with a sense of ethnocentrism. Ethnicity can dissolve into the Larger Identity of a nation, but ethnocentrism resists being absorbed into something else. So, if most white ethnic groups were digested into White Anglo-America, Jews remained apart as a people and culture. If white Christians had long ago adopted a religion that arose in the Near East, Jews have always had a direct cultural and genetic link with the Near East. If whites adopted a heretical variant of Judaism, Jews founded a community 1500 yrs before Christ. As far as Jews were concerned, Christianity was the biggest ‘cultural appropriation’ of all time. It is a Stolen Religion as far as Jews are concerned. (It is no wonder than Martin Bernal the Jewish scholar goes even further and says that even the pagan core of Western Civilization was stolen from Africa and Near East in his book ‘Black Athena’, which was originally titled ‘African Athena’.)
Also, if whites have genetic roots in Europe, Ashkenazi Jews have been half-European and half-Semitic. So, Jews have always been somewhat ‘Zeligish’ and dualistic about their racial identity. They were both whites and Semites, a perception shared by Jews and all-whites alike. Then, it is not surprising that Jews didn’t feel like assimilating like other white ethnic groups in the US. Granted, some Jews did become racially and culturally mixed with whites. They Anglo-ized their names and took on Wasp manners and attitudes. But as more and more Jews arrived, especially from Eastern Europe, a distinct Immigrant-Jewish-Identity formed that overtook the earlier mode of Jewishness that leaned more toward assimilation. Yet, Jews knew they couldn’t get very far with mere isolation in their own ghettos. To rise in wealth and power, they had to work with whites and peoples around the world. So, Jews developed a powerful ethnocentric core and an adaptive cosmopolitan shell. For a time, certain Jewish scholars were especially fascinated with the Japanese who seemed to handle modernity in a similar way: Acting Western with foreigners but keeping it very Japanese at home and within their own community. But if Japanese could remain meaningfully Japanese only in Japan, Jews managed this even outside as minorities in other nations. After all, Japanese-Americans are utterly deracinated and deculturalized; they are cucky-san like Francis Fukuyama. Paradoxically, Jewish ethno-centrism strengthened Jewish cosmopolitanism and vice versa. Because cosmopolitanism tends to weaken and erase identity and culture, secular Jews felt they had to make an extra-effort to preserve and pass down their Jewishness. (In a truly inspired scene in A SERIOUS MAN by the Coen Brothers, it’s the Jewish ritual that keeps the community together and the culture intact because, without it, the formative culture for the children would be TV shows, drugs, rock music, and etc. Despite all such deracinating and degenerative forces, the father manages to pass down something ethnic, cultural, and spiritual through the ritual of the Bar Mitzvah.) And because Jews were so ethno-centric, they had to make an extra effort to be ‘liberal’ and ‘open-minded’ with other peoples. Because Jews needed both modes for success and power(and sometimes for survival) and because the modes were opposites, Jews had to work against ethnocentrism for cosmopolitanism(in dealing with goyim) and work against cosmopolitanism for ethnocentrism(in their own hearts). Granted, Jews eventually managed to persuade a lot of Americans that Jewishness-Zionism-Israel is as American as Apple Pie. Therefore, Jews can now be openly ethnocentric and cosmopolitan at the same time. But how long can this serious contradiction last?

To better understand the Jew, consider The Fable of the Gulping Hippo. Whatever the Gulping Hippo eats turns into the Hippo. This shouldn’t surprise us as this is true of all of organisms. When we eat carrots, we don't turn into carrots, e.g. our fingers sprout into carrots and our skin turns orange. When we eat beef or fish, we don’t turn cow-like or fish-like. We can eat 100 fish over several months, but we remain human. We don’t develop gills or scales or want to live in water. We can eat lots of steaks, but we won’t suddenly go ‘moo’ like cows or grow horns or develop an appetite for hay. Instead, whatever we eat turns into us. The proteins and vitamins are broken down and absorbed into our body. They become digested and processed into our bodily systems. And it’s the same with the Gulping Hippo. Whatever the Hippo eats turns into it. Now, this Gulping Hippo is an enviable beast. It is big and strong. And other creatures admire the Hippo so much that they want to be part of it. So, one day, the Gulping Hippo tells the other creatures that they are welcome to enter its mouth to its stomach. The Hippo’s melting-pot stomach will digest all of them and turn them into parts of the hippo. Other creatures like this idea of becoming one with the hippo. So, when the Gulping Hippo opens its mouth wide, other animals come onboard. Rabbits, badgers, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels, lizards, frogs, skunks, opossums, gophers, ducks, sparrows, and etc. all head into the Hippo’s mouth. The Hippo chomps on all of them and gulps them down. Its stomach processes and digests them, and they are absorbed by the hippo’s body. So, it doesn’t matter how many kinds of animals the hippo eats. It remains hippo while growing larger. Just because the hippo ate a dozen rabbits doesn’t make it rabbity. Just because the hippo ate a bear doesn’t make it a bear. To be sure, there is one creature the hippo has failed to digest all these years, and it’s a gorilla. Yes, sometime back, the Hippo had this idea of swallowing a gorilla thinking the ghastly ape would be nutritious, but indigestible simian has been stuck in the digestive tract since. But the Gulping Hippo has been able to eat other creatures and process them in its melting-pot-stomach into nutrients for its body. So, Hippo eats all sorts of creatures and uses them as nutritious building blocks to grow bigger and stronger as a hippo.
But one day, the Hippo came upon the hook worm. Hippo thought, "this doesn’t look very tasty", but the hookworm told the Hippo, "You should eat me. I would be most happy to be processed by your melting-pot-stomach and become a part of you... just like all the other creatures." But the Hippo eyed the hookworm and thought, "But this fella looks rather odd." The hookworm asked the Hippo why it’s so afraid. After all, the hookworm is smaller than other creatures that the hippo ate, such as racoons, rabbits, owls, wombats, gophers, bears, and hogs. I mean, what is a tiny hookworm? Is the big and mighty hippo too chicken to try a little hookworm? Thus assured, the Hippo decides to swallow a bunch of hookworms. The hookworms went into the stomach of the hippo, but instead of being digested like earlier creatures, it sank its hooks into the stomach of the hippo and began to suck on its blood. The hippo thought the hookworms were digested and became part of the hippo, but the hookworms refused to surrender their hookworm-ness and be digested by the Hippo. Hookworms clung to their hookworminess and, if anything, felt that the Hippo existed to feed the hookworms, the best organisms in the world. The hippo began to feel strange. It felt more drained of strength. Also, it began to notice blood in its stools. Because the hippo felt weaker, it felt the need to swallow more and more creatures, but its digestion was no longer working like it used to. So, the new creatures the hippo ate were only half-digested and caused all sorts of stomach-aches. Also, the hookworms released certain viruses that traveled to the brains of the hippo and began to take over the functions. The viruses told the brains to just lay the hippo body down and not defend itself from other creatures. Until then, the hippo was a powerful beast that devoured other creatures but made sure no other creature was able to devour it. So, the hippo digested other creatures to turn them into part of hippo-nes but wouldn’t allow other animals to take a bite of the hippo. If anything, when a Japanese monkey chucked a spear at the hippo’s butt once, the hippo got so mad that it stampeded over the hapless monkey and turned it into a pancake. Indeed, the hippo’s hide was thick and tough, like a wall between Israel and West Bank. But the viruses in the Hippo’s brains whispered that it’s wrong for the hippo to be hostile to other creatures that just want to play with the hippo. The hippo should stop fighting or fending off other creatures that seem to have a taste for hippo meat. If anything, the hippo should be flattered that such creatures love hippo flesh. The hippo should be ‘tolerant’ and ‘inclusive’ of the would-be-eaters-of-hippo. Also, the hookworms release certain chemicals that agitate the gorilla in the Hippo’s belly into acting wild and crazy. So, the Gulping Hippo increasingly feels weak from loss of blood to the hookworms, increasingly perturbed by some crazy-ass gorilla beating its chest, and increasingly deluded that it should stop defending itself from predators & scavengers and just lie down and rest. So, what happens? Lions, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, leopards, weasels, fire ants, badgers, and etc. move towards the Hippo and begin to devour it like a helpless beached whale. And that’s how the Gulping Hippo died. What happened to the Hookworms? When the other creatures at the hippo’s innards, the hookworms entered their stomached and caused new havoc.

So, you understand how Jews destroyed America. Until 1965, the US mostly took in assimilate-able fellow whites. Though Southern and Eastern Europeans posed some problems, they were fellow whites and once they adopted the American Way, they were more or less like the original white Americans. They were digested into Anglo-Germanic America. But Jews were different. They remained Jewish first and American second. They didn’t see America as something to melt into. They saw America as a trove of goy treasures to be melted down into gold for Jewish pockets. If Anglos thought Jews would be digestible like Poles, Lithuanians, Slavic Russians, Greeks, French, and etc., they were dead wrong. Jews were like hookworms that resisted digestion and, if anything, sucked on the blood of the host. Also, Jews took over the Anglo-American mind and reprogrammed Core Americanism into some ‘propositional’ and ‘open borders’ ideology whereupon White America would no longer have the right or means to defend and preserve itself. Thus, America went from a strong white hippo that pushed away invaders to a hapless hippo(as beached whale) that welcomes all manner of creatures to come and devour it in the name of ‘diversity’. (Whites have been told that Diversity is good because of More Restaurants, but the real menu of globalism is white nations fed to non-whites of the world who are steered into white nations by Jewish globalists.)
The Hippo once used to devour digestible creatures to make itself bigger and stronger. The creatures were digested to add to Hippo-ness. But now, the hippo is devoured by others to become parts of other creatures. It’s like the American Southwest is now being devoured by Mexicans to make it more Mexican. And parts of Minnesota and Maine are now being devoured by Somalians to make them more like Somalia. This is what happens when you swallow Jewish hookworms.

In the Current US, the white elites are not only useless but dangerous as a template for the rest of the world. White elites no longer exist to represent, lead, serve, and defend the white masses. They no longer play the Moses-role and David-role for whites. As power and means are concentrated in the elites, a people cannot do anything without them. It’s like a military cannot function without hierarchy and chain of command. A good army has generals who remain loyal to their own side and care about the men. If generals just go off the play golf and tell the soldiers to fight on their own, the army will lose. Individual soldiers may be tough, but they cannot coordinate battle plans as individuals. They need leaders and chain of command that allows for larger strategy, communication, coordination, and logistics. Take the film SEVEN SAMURAI. The seven swordsmen on their own cannot defend the village from 40 bandits, some of whom have guns. The battle will ultimately have to depend on the peasants learning to fight and showing courage. So, why do the peasants need the samurai so much? Because the peasants, though numerous, don’t know anything about organization, leadership, fighting, and strategy. So, in hiring samurai, they hired elites to lead them. In the Old Testament, the Jews are initially without kings. But as their numbers swell and their enemies multiply, Jews are in need of more organization and strategy. They need kings and ruling elites. This is why a people cannot do without elites. It’s like a headless chicken. And today, white people are like a headless chicken. Jews took over America, but they feel no great unity with white people. Indeed, Jews see themselves as globalist supremacist masters. If they feel any real love for any nation, it is Israel. If anything, Jews are hellbent on destroying Europe with massive African and Muslim immigration-invasion. Only Israel is given Pass-Over rights from the plague of Afro-Islamo Mass Invasion, just like only Jewish sons were protected from God’s Wrath when Moses returned to Egypt.

White elites are no longer the ruling class in America. Many of them still have lots of wealth, but they morally cuck out to Jews, blacks, and Diversity because of the change in the Official Narrative that made whites mainly responsible, indeed ‘guilty’, for the ‘sins’ and problems of America. Jews not only have wealth and power to out-match those of white elites but they occupy the ‘sacerdotal’ positions of society. As the Holocaust People, they strut around and sermonize as if each and every Jew is the new messiah. If white elites are cursed with the sin of ‘white guilt’, it means their wealth and advantages are morally illegitimate due to ‘crimes’ of their ancestors or their ‘white privilege’. Therefore, they mustn’t be proud or positive about their identity, heritage, and culture. Since white consciousness is out of the question, white elites cannot be the leaders of white people or the white race. If anything, they must cut ties to fellow whites on the political and cultural level. To justify their white wealth despite the burden of ‘white guilt’, they can use their power and wealth to lend aid or support only to non-whites. It’s like Bill Gates Foundation offers NOTHING to whites, no matter how poor, needy, and lost they are.
If white elites don’t particularly want to do favors for blacks, browns, or Diversity, they can partially redeem themselves by sucking up to the Jewish Globalist Overlords of the Empire of Judea, of which the US is now a colony. How things have changed. There was a time when white elites ruled the US, felt positive about whiteness, and represented, led, and defended white Americans(from foreign threats and from the tougher and stronger blacks). But today, white elites don’t rule the US, feel negative about whiteness, snub & insult fellow white brethren, only offer comfort to blacks & non-whites, and suck up to Jews(and even homos).

Such being the status of the White Elites in the US, The Way of the American White Elites is the most terrible template for national elites of any nation. Take Turkey. Suppose Turks decide to follow the American White Elite Way. Suppose Turks allow Jews or some minority to gain dominant power in Turkey. Suppose Turks allow this new elite to emphasize only the darkest and most tragic aspects of Turkish history and instill Turkish elites with guilt and shame about being Turk. So, no matter how much wealth and privilege a Turk gains, he feels shame and rejects the idea that Turkish elites should defend Turkishness and represent/defend fellow Turks in the middle and bottom. So, there is no unity and connection Turkish elites and masses. If anything, Turkish elites they must care more about non-Turks like the Kurds and even welcome massive immigration-invasion of non-Turks into Turkey with the hope of turning Turks into a minority in their own nation. And the Turkish elites shower praise and adoration on the non-Turks while heaping abuse on Turkish patriots who call for the demographic, cultural, and territorial preservation of Turkey. Indeed, the patriots are caricatured as the 'far right'. And, most of all, the Turkish elites don’t see themselves as the rulers of Turkey but cuck-collaborators to the globo-minority overlords who’ve gained real power in Turkey through control of finance, media, entertainment, education, vice industries, and much else. And the Turkish elites allow the globo-minority elites to replace Islam with Homomania and to teach kids from a young age that nothing is more sacred in the world than the homo anus, the Negro booty-and-dong, and Jewish soul. Well, what would happen to Turkey in a matter of decades? The total fading of a civilization from history, that’s what.

Now, let’s apply the White American Elite Template to Vietnam. What would happen to that country if the Vietnamese Elites were to emulate White American Elites? They would allow a foreign globalist elite to take the real power in Vietnam. This minority would take over Vietnamese banking, media, academia, and government(by buying up all the whore politicians). And this minority will change the Narrative and instill Vietnamese with ‘yellow guilt’. Feeling guilt and shame, the Vietnamese elites would no longer believe in the feasibility of promoting Vietnamese pride or self-respect. Indeed, Vietnamese identity and consciousness would be seen as ‘racist’, ‘hateful’, ‘ugly’, and ‘reactionary’. So, even though Vietnamese can still get rich and gain elite status, the Viet elites can no longer feel pride in their identity or feel a sense of unity and solidarity with their own people. Indeed, the elites come to see the Vietnamese masses as ‘deplorables’ for clinging to their Vietnamese identity. And then, the Vietnamese elites believe their own ‘deplorable’ people must be replaced by Diversity from all over the world. Since Vietnamese-ness is associated with ‘guilt’, the only redemption is for Vietnam to De-Vietnamize itself. And Vietnamese elites must see themselves as ‘global citizens’ than as Vietnamese patriots and leaders. They no longer represent, serve, and defend their own people. They only care about their own wealth and privilege that, under the New Narrative, can be morally justified ONLY BY the Viet support of mass immigration-invasion and Homomania. The Vietnamese masses feel lost as there is no longer an elite to lead them. And many of them come under PC brainwashing as the elites, taking their cue from globalist overlords, replace patriotic education with PC, anti-national self-hatred, and Homomania. How long would Vietnam last as a nation? Not long.

Indeed, if any nation’s elites follow in the footsteps of the white American elites(who are putty in the hands of Jews), it will spell doom for their nation. There are lots of great things about America, but by far the worst element of Current America is the Way of the White Elites. It is the worst kind of Elite Behavior in the world, but it has become the template for nearly all Western European nations and even possibly nations like Japan that remain under the thumb of the US. Whatever may be wrong with China, Russia, Iran, Turkey, and Israel, they still have national elites who feel a direct connection to their own people, feel pride and self-respect about their identity and culture, and believe the main duty of the national elites is to serve and defend their own people. Typical members of the US elites are Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Bill Gates, John Brennan, Mitt Romney, Jeff Bezos, Andrew Cuomo, Anderson Cooper(the Pooper), and etc. Now, what do all such goy white elites have in common? They feel no positivity about whiteness or European-ness. They have no connection with their own race and culture. They suck up to Jewish globalist overlords. Their definition of ‘American’ has more to do with ‘New Americans to shop for from around the world’ than with Historic White Americans who founded and built the nation. And they care more about Homomania as new religion than about Christianity. And they repeat the mantra, ‘Diversity Is Our Strength’ to justify their total abandonment of their own race and ethnic kin. Of course, they are all zealously committed to Israel being a Jewish state, but then, such hypocrisy is to be expected from decadent, degenerate, corrupted, and craven elites who, having lost moral legitimacy in terms of identity, believe they can keep their loot only by baptizing their whiteness in a tub of PC and Diversity.

It is precisely because the White American Elites got so useless that Jews thought they won for all time. Jews figured that the white elites would cuck out to Jews. And the white masses, being no longer represented and defended by white elites, would lose heart, lose their minds, lose their senses, become addicted to drugs, race-mix with Negroes, and be replaced by endless tides of Diversity that would make any united humanity against Jews nearly impossible. Indeed, Jewish globalist elites believe that the ONLY thing standing between Jews and total-eternal power is the white majority. Even if most white Americans weren't anti-Jewish, there is the possibility that they could be, especially as Jews get richer, nastier, and more supremacist. With Jewish power in hyper-drive, the ONLY guarantee for permanent Jewish supremacy is Diversity because a people divided along ethnic and cultural lines cannot come together to form a united bloc. This is why Jews also pushed Diversity on Europe. But Donald Trump won.

Now, Trump may very well fail in the end, and Jews may get what they want. But what Trump and the Alt Right represented was the awakening realization that the White American Elites are utterly useless to White People, many of whom are hungry for a true elite that can inspire and lead white people into Emancipation from the Tyranny of the Empire of Judea.
This is why Jews are so committed to stamping out the Alt Right and destroying Donald Trump anyway they can. Jews fear the emergence of a Real White Elite that believes in leading and defending white people. Such White Unity would mean the end of Jewish Supremacism because white head would serve the white body and white body would serve the white head. Mind and body would be one. In order for Jews to maintain their supremacism, they must make sure that the white mind serves the Jewish super-mind and that the white body has no white mind to lead it, thereby growing weak and dying.

Jews fear that Trump is secretly using Putinism as his personal template. What is the Putinist template? It is that Putin as son of Russia and leader of Russians must put the interest of his people, culture, and land above all else. Such nationalism is threatening to Jewish globalist supremacism that says all nations exist to primarily to serve Jews as the superior god-like race.

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