Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who's Responsible for the Real War Against Women?

In the 2012 election cycle, the Democrats picked on the theme of 'War Against Women' against American conservatives. Why? Because American conservatives oppose the idea of free birth control  for American women, especially affluent ones who could easily afford it themselves.
The poster-slut for the 'War Against Women' hysteria was Sandra Fluke, a chubby privileged Georgetown university student who expects others to pay for her birth control pills. So, according to New Feminism, there has to be War against economic and moral sense in order for America to be a safe place for women! Unless Fluke gets her free sex soma, a war is being waged on her ilk by evil American conservatives.

More serious is the issue of abortion. Though most conservatives are not hardline anti-abortionists, there are people like Todd Akin who want to ban abortion in all cases and say utterly stupid things about rape. I suppose such idiots do wage a kind of war against women's interests, especially since I'm one of the biggest advocates for abortion for the sake of eugenics. Spending $500 to abort the low-IQ child of a poor dumb woman is better than spending $500,000 to raise a kid who will likely turn out to be no good and useless, even criminal.

Of course, there are sound moral reasons for being made against abortion. In a perfect world, there would be no abortion. No matter how one looks at it, it is a taking of human life or near-human life. But I don't subscribe to the notion that all lives are sacred or equally valuable, and evidently neither do liberals, especially considering that black women perform the disproportionate number of abortions. Despite all the liberal talk of the evils of 'racism', liberals are only too happy to oblige dumb black women to abort their kids. Feminists defend abortion as a woman's right, but in fact, most educated and privileged women tend to be responsible and intelligent enough NOT to end up with unwanted pregnancies. Those who are burdened with such problems tend to be low IQ black and 'white trash' women, and feminists are only too eager to facilitate the killing of their children. If dumb Democratic women want to kill their own kids, I say let them.

Of course, many conservatives are sincerely moral in their opposition to abortion, and their view that unborn lives are the sacred blessings of God isn't evil nor meant to be a 'war on women'.  There are, to be sure, some men who want to ban abortion and restrict women's access to birth control because such choices facilitate greater sexual freedom among women. Even so, it would be a stretch to call it a 'war against women'.  Liberals, after all, want to restrict our freedom to eat certain kinds of food, but it would be ridiculous to call it a 'war against eaters'. While anti-abortionists and anti-junk-food people can be over-zealous in their desire to control how we live, they don't see it as waging war against sections of humanity. Conservatives think women shouldn't abuse sexual liberties, and liberals don't think we should abuse our eating freedoms. Both are costly to society when people mess up.

That said, there is a Real War Against Women in America, and most of it is not coming from the conservative side. Most of the real war against women--of all races--are committed by black men. Black men rape lots of black women, white women, Hispanic women, and Asian women. Look at statistics, and black men--nearly all of them Democratic--are the main perpetrators of sexual crimes in this country. And Rap Music is saturated in the language of hatred toward women. Women are called 'hos' and demeaned as prostitutes. Black men are also more likely than others to get women(regardless of race) pregnant and run off to have sex with yet more women. MLK himself was notorious for this. His drunken war against women was relentless. He would sometimes get sloshed, beat up women, and then later brag about it. Black men, almost all of them Democrats, are more likely to beat up their spouses or girlfriends. The Knoxville Horror Case involved black men doing horrible things to a white woman.

And in a case in Texas, over 20 black males raped an 11 yr old Hispanic girl, but of course, the Jewish-controlled media tried to minimize the extent of the horror. Indeed, the liberal media have a double-standard when it comes to the coverage of War Against Women. In the case of the Duke Lacrosse Team rape hoax, the media jumped to conclusions and accused white males of raping a black stripper. But in the case below involving a real rape of a white girl by a black thug, the media all but covered up the story. So, there is no doubt that the liberal Jewish media also take part in the Real War Against (mostly)White Women:

And in female to female violence, there is a good amount of War against white women committed by black women. Black women, who are bigger and stronger, will often push around, intimidate, and beat up white women. Of course, most of the victims are 'white trash' than affluent white girls who live in their safe communities and remain blissfully ignorant of all the black-on-white violence.

Hispanic men also tend to be neglectful toward their women. Many Hispanic males get women pregnant and run off, leaving the women and children to be raised by welfare paid for by white tax payers, many of whom are conservative. Conservatives are forced to pay for so much of this Real War against Women, but it's conservatives who get blamed for the 'war on women'.

Jews are also notorious in their War Against Women. Jews run most of the porn industry that degrades white women as into sex meat to be penetrated through every orifice. There is no dignity in porn, no empowerment. It's just Jewish promotion of interracism and miscegenation in order to demoralize and commoditize the white race into sex objects to be packaged and sold. This is why Jews love Marilyn Monroe; she was the symbol of white beauty turned into commodity to be marketed by Jewish men. How did she end up, by the way? Indeed, how do so many porn stars end up? And how do many young white women who enter Jewish-controlled Hollywood end up? They are turned onto drugs, fast & easy life of self-destruction(as with Lindsay Logan), and many of them die young or end up messed up for life.
Also, Hollywood movies and pop music culture promoted by liberals encourage young girls to dress like whores, act like fools with drugs/alcohol/sex, and take wild chances that lead to all sorts of trouble. Worse, by encouraging men to act like apes, liberal popular culture has encouraged a lot of young men to act thuggish, and that can't be good for women.

And despite feminism's claim to be for women's rights and interests, the culture of hostility it stirred up between men and women has been negative for both sides. Men and women prosper and find happiness together, but the bad blood instilled between the sexes by radical feminism has led to much social tension and unease. And liberal popular culture, by encouraging males to never grow up, has robbed women of mature partners in love.

As for Great Society and other big government programs, it has encouraged dependency on government among poor women who raise their children as 'single mothers' without need of husbands; morally and emotionally, it's bad for the women and the children. And the erosion of traditional values and the suppression of the culture of shame has liberated men to act like sex fiends, especially in the black community where too many black males act like punks who go from sack to sack without any shame.

So, we need to ask... who committed the Real War Against Women?

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  1. Rich liberal women don't care that poor women can't afford feminism.