Sunday, November 11, 2012

DREAM OF CONQUEST ACT and Election of 2012. Victory for Hispanics? No. For Jews, Gays, and WHITE Hispanics, Yes.

There's been much talk of the importance of the Hispanic vote in the 2012 election. Indeed, the Hispanic vote has been instrumental in securing California for the Democrats. Though liberals attack conservative for playing 'racial politics', California went Democratic because most Hispanics think racially. Think of groups like La Raza. White leftist morons like Kevin Drum of Motherfuc*ing Jones tell whites to 'play nice' and shut up about a whole bunch of things, but this is just a pernicious 'model majority' argument that says white people must be 'nice', 'bland', and 'dweeby' and embrace their own racial demise. If 'model minority' ideal that calls for docile blacks, browns, and Asisns is wrong, the 'model majority' ideal is also wrong. If whites were the decisive power bloc in America, they could afford to be more generous. But as a dwindling pool, this is time when whites must be even more racially minded. Privileged white liberals may not feel this sense of racial urgency since they reside and work in their own little enclosed worlds of whitopia. Indeed, most white and Jewish leftist pundits are pretty well-to-do; some are fabulously rich and graduated from top schools and have fat trust funds. Or they rake in big bucks from the computer industry or globalism. Or they run 'non-profit' institutions and get to fly around the world and attend cocktail parties to discuss how to 'end poverty in the Third World' and etc.  But for many unprivileged white folks, their loss of electoral power means they must think more racially, more as a tribe.

Anyway, however and whatever most Hispanics think, this was not their victory. Even if Texas falls to the Democrats and GOP is finished forever and ever, most Hispanics--especially non-white ones--won't gain much if anything from the new order. It's like ANIMAL FARM by George Orwell. The smart pigs rouse up the barn animals and drive out the Evil Man. But what did the Horse get out of it? Pigs got all the power and used the Horse until it was finally turned into glue. Most Hispanics are that like the Horse.
This Democrat vs Republican battle is really between one bunch of white elites vs another. The Democratic elite is largely Jewish white and gay white, and the GOP elite is largely Wasp/ethnic white(though GOP has fatally been led by Jewish neocons).  Among white voters, white conservatives have more babies than white liberals. Therefore, the white liberal elite needed blacks and browns to defeat the GOP. But as in ANIMAL FARM, it's a case of Jewish and gay pigs using the black and Hispanic Horse. Anyone who thinks Obama has real power is kidding themselves. He's a black show-horse ridden by Jewish and gay pigs.

It may be that many white liberals really want Hispanics to succeed. Indeed, this has been true of white conservatives as well. Bush and Rove hoped that Hispanics would become the new Italian-Americans: make the social climb and become good middle-class Republicans. But it will never happen for both genetic and cultural reasons. Most Hispanics tend to be less intelligent than Anglos, Jews, and Asians. And culturally, Mexican and Central American societies haven't instilled their mestizos and Indios with anything like an intellectual culture. And American popular culture is so debased and trashy that many poor immigrants are turned into instant-morons by watching TV and listening to rap crap.
So, who will be the real winners of the Democratic Victory? Jewish and gay liberal pigs. They rode the Hispanic Horse to victory in places in California, but look at that state carefully. Who runs Hollywood? Who runs the vineyards? Who runs Silicon Valley? Who owns the sports teams?
Mexicans? Blacks? Haha.

Another big winner is the white Hispanic. Since 'Hispanic' is not a racial category, there are Hispanics of all kinds. White ones, black ones, mestizo ones, mulatto ones, and etc. But since so much of Hispanic immigration, both legal and illegal, came from Mexico and Central America, the great majority of American Hispanics tend to be mestizo like Guillermo on the Jimmy Kimmel Show. Such people generally don't make much of a social climb in society.
The indigenous natives of Latin America are closely related to East Asians but without the brains. And for several centuries, white Hispanic overlords have kept them ignorant and backward in order to preserve white power and privilege in Latin America.  One thing the native Indian population of Americas have in common with Asians is a certain degree of docility. Like the Japanese and Chinese, most native Indians of Mexico and Latin America tend to be a rather 'lame' bunch. Sure, there are dangerous thugs and criminals among them, but your average Mexican is not an uppity punk or thug. They are like Guillermo. But unlike Asians, they lack the brains(nor the intellectual culture instilled into Asians through 1000s of yrs of Confucianism).
So, the successful Hispanics in both Latin America and the US tend to be white ones. In most Latin American nations, whites are the minority, and they are a minority among American Hispanics too. But they have three advantages: tradition of power, higher IQ, and some degree of culture of success and intellectualism(though nothing like that of Germans, Anglos, and Jews). Just as 'affirmative action' for blacks favors mulatto blacks and African immigrants with higher IQ, 'affirmative action' and other policies for Hispanics will defacto favor white Hispanics over brown and black Hispanics.
Look at most leading Hispanic pundits, leaders, personalities, intellectuals, businessmen, and etc, and they are white or mostly white.

Indeed, anti-gringo-ism, anti-Yanqui-ism, and multi-culturalism have been the best tool for Latin American whites to keep the power in both South/Central America and in North America. Even conservative and right-wing white Latin Americans become Democratic and 'liberal' when they come to America. Anti-gringo-ism is a very convenient way for Latin American whites to wash away their own 'historical sins'. Long before Anglos settled North America, Spanish and Portuguese arrived in South America(and even southern parts of North America like Florida) and gained power over the natives. By the spread of disease, slavery, rape, and etc, the Latin whites created a three tier system of social rule: whites at top, mestizos/mulattos in the middle, and indigenous natives and pure blacks on the bottom. While there was a lot of race-mixing in Latin America, the elites tended to remain white or mostly white. Even Latin American leftists carried out this tradition. The elites of Castro's Cuba are almost entirely white. Chile under leftist regimes still remains white-ruled. Argentina, ruled by left or right, is ruled by whites. Only more recently have non-whites have gained a degree of power in places like Bolivia and Venezuela, but if you look at the real governing elites of those nations, they are still mostly white. And most Latinos in top institutions in America are white or mostly white.

So, one might think Latin whites have something to answer for: the history of 'genocide', slavery, and 'rape' over the natives and blacks in the long dark history of Latin America. But via the one-drop rule or cultural excuse, Latin whites have remade themselves into 'people of color'.  So, if some blonde Latin guy may have one drop of Indian blood, he too is a 'person of color', just like the whites in THE DESCENDANTS count as Hawaiians in Alexander Payne's movie: they can trace their ancestry back to some Hawaiian princess or something or other.

So, with a very straight face, a white Latino intellectual will lecture non-white Latinos about the evils of white 'racism' by which he means evil gringo racismo. Even though he's white or mostly white, because he's 'Hispanic', he paints himself as a 'person of color'. Since all Latin whites pose this way, they are no longer guilty of White Evil since they are no longer 'white'. And though Spanish is a European language imposed on Latin America by white Conquistadores, it has become the language of the 'people of color' since most Hispanic mestizos and Indians speak it. So, when white Latinos defend Spanish against English in American public schools, it becomes an issue of protecting the 'people of color'. This is all very clever.
It'd be like Southern whites all claiming to have an ounce of black blood, posing as 'Negroes' and 'people of color', and blaming Northern whites for all the history of 'racism' and slavery in Southern history. Actually, some whites do this by pretending to be American Indian. Ask the blonde Elizabeth Warren.

This multiculturalist shtick played by white Latinos is very clever, and it is to be expected since Latin whites--like Greeks and Southern Italians--never had much of a culture of dignity or integrity. They'll say and do ANYTHING to get ahead. And they are not called out for their hypocrisy by American whites. Liberal whites sense the BS but prize Latin whites as allies. And conservative whites, though treated in a hostile manner by Latin whites, sympathize with Latin white power in Latin America. White conservatives fail to understand that white Latinos who guard white privilege in Latin America  undermine white power in America because they have more to gain by posing as 'non-white people of color'. It is also a matter of inferiority complex. Yanquis did so much more than Latin whites, a fact that hurt Latin pride so much. Yanquis brought about the modern economy, the great military, the big factories, democratic rule, end of slavery, advances in science and technology, and etc.  Latin whites have little to show for, and so they've found this clever way to attack Yanquis as 'evil oppressors' of Latin 'people of color'. And even though Jews have been very successful, they too share Latin whites' envy of Anglo and Anglo-American achievements. No wonder Latin whites and Jews see eye to eye on so many things. Eric Hobsbawn the Jewish historian was a superstar among Brazil's white intellectual class.

And of course, Jews play the same game. They enjoy all the fruits of 'white privilege' BUT also pose as victims of 'white privilege'. How often have we heard of how some rich Jew was not allowed into some wasp country club?! Yeah, as if Jews have been so 'inclusive' of non-Jews. That must be why Hollywood top brass is so filled with Eskimos and Mexican-Americans.

Hispanic whites conveniently use the grand narrative of 'victim-hood at the hands of Yanquis and gringos' to wash themselves of their own 'historical sins'. Never mind what they did to the natives and blacks in Latin America. The new grand narrative is Latin Whites are 'people of color' by 'one drop rule'; they too are victims since all of Latin America was 'exploited' by the gringos. Of course, the truth is America didn't so much exploit Latin America but gained an upper-hand in the region because Latin whites were so slow in getting their act together in building up a modern economy. Latin whites begged for Yanqui capital and investment since they were too corrupt and unskilled to do it themselves. But put all the blame on whitey... though Latin whites are white too.

What Latin whites are doing isn't much different from what Japanese have been trying to do: portray themselves as victims of 'white American racism'. By invoking Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese say they were attacked and invaded by whites for racial reasons. And so, never mind what the Japanese did in other parts of Asia. As far as some Japanese are concerned, Japanese and fellow Asians are all victims of 'white racism'. Ridiculous, but no more than the BS pulled by Jewish whites and Latin whites. (Jewish whites conveniently forget their role in the slave trade, both white and black. Their role in communism. Their role in financial exploitation. Instead, they are just 'victims of white antisemitism'.)

And most amusingly enough, it seems white liberals are pulling the same shtick. Though white liberals don't deny that they are white, they pose as 'anti-white whites' in order to safeguard their white privilege. Since they voted for Obama, they can't be white-white. They are good anti-white-whites, and that makes them 'progressive' and justifies their white privilege. They may not be 'people of color' but they are like honorary 'people of color' by association with 'people of color'. So the whitest and the most privileged liberal will cackle with joy about defeating all those EVIL WHITE PEOPLE!!

But seriously, now that the Evil White GOP has been defeated, how long can this charade go on?

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