Thursday, October 29, 2020

White Awe of Black Prowess nullifies White Awareness of Black Criminality — White Awe of Jewish Riches nullifies White Awareness of Jewish Perfidy — The Low Crimes of Blacks and High Crimes of Jews collaborate against White People and American Nationalism by Steve Sailer

Would a Biden administration make it harder for citizens to access data on crimes committed by blacks versus whites? ...Back during the Bush administration, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics posted homicide count graphs online in convenient HTML format... Under the Obama administration... that was deep-sixed and only the much more awkward PDF format remained. PDFs... are pretty useless for informing the general public.

Does it matter? Everyone, truly EVERYONE, knows that blacks commit the most crime. Even those who chant BLM slogans know deep down inside that blacks are the top criminals — how can blacks in da Hood not know this as they're killed by other blacks and call the cops on other blacks? Gentrification is predicated on 'blacks are dangerous and must be migrated elsewhere.' The data may be suppressed and it may be taboo in respectable(or even in general) circles to discuss the Black Problem, but black crime has been a well-known fact since the 1960s(and prior).

The real problem is contextualization, the narrative, and the idol-factor. US and Allies committed lots of war crimes in World War II, but they're generally overlooked within the contextual narrative of the Good War. Maybe US and UK(and the USSR) did bad things, but the enemies were so evil and beyond the pale that the Allies were Heroes who crushed the Villains.
What is the reigning Narrative of the US(and its empire)? The evil of 'white supremacy' and 'systemic racism'. So, it doesn't matter that blacks commit lots of crime. It's regarded as the result of poverty caused by 'systemic racism'. Or black crime is a crude form of rebellion against 'white supremacism', or Nat Turner Redux. In other words, 'By Any Means Necessary'. Such views were especially fashionable in the radical chic 60s, but things went south so fast in big Liberal Cities that there was a 'counter-revolution' of sorts with the victories of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. It reverberated well into the New Democrat Clinton 90s with the tough anti-crime policies. But because of the Civil Rights iconography and vilification of 'racism', even those who woke up to the reality of black criminality and violence were loathe to speak honestly. The 'conservatives' were just as disingenuous as the 'liberals'. Accordingly, the problem was never with blacks, genetically or culturally. Rather, it was the Great Society programs that replaced blacks in plantation-mentality. Or it was lack of libertarian principles in Detroit. Just like white 'liberals' blamed white 'conservatives' and never blacks, white 'conservatives' usually blamed white 'liberals' whose policies failed blacks. So, either way, blacks were guiltless and victimized, either by 'lingering racism' or with 'good intentions' that paved them over with dependency. And this dichotomy is still the dominant political narrative. Granted, Donald Trump did it better than previous 'conservatives'. He made the case that US should slow down immigration and hire more blacks. He argued employment-policy is what blacks need. As the Democrats got too deep into mass immigration and foreign labor, they had difficulty countering Trump's offer. So, they decided to let blacks loot and get free stuff. "We can't offer jobs but we can offer loot." The idea was that blacks would loot the immigrant-stores, but blacks got over-ambitious and decided to also hit the tonier parts of town, resulting in broken glasses in posh districts as well. (The employment argument was also undermined by Covid hysteria devised by globalists to empower the state against populist nationalism.)

Given the contextualization and narrative, blacks are never blamed. And due to taboos around 'racism', which is focused mainly on harm to BLACKS, no one dares to mention genetics. (To be sure, it's okay to mention genetics when it comes to black superiority. No one gets in trouble by saying blacks dance better or sing louder. Or run faster. It's when people notice blacks inferiority in IQ and pathology in crime that the cry of 'racism' is heard.) So, it doesn't matter if data on black crime is more available or less. Indeed, even without such data, people know about black criminality from shows like THE WIRE and rap culture that exults in thuggery. And yet, THE WIRE has made so many white viewers empathize and even sympathize with black pathology. It's more realistic than most TV shows but also contextualizes everything within the history of American Inequality. So, the ultimate message one takes away is 'we still have a long way to go'. As for rap thuggery, it has actually made blacks more appealing with the 'cool' factor. It's like something outstanding is called a 'bad boy' than a 'good boy'. The association with the mafia never hurt the Italian-American community. If anything, it made Italian-Americans more popular than, say, Swedish-Americans or Estonian-Americans who are more law-abiding. People came to adore the Corleones, even the Sopranos.
So, black criminality is seen positively as well as negatively. No one wants to be a victim of black crime or see one's property values decline, BUT many people are enthralled with the notion that black criminality has the cachet of 'bad boy coolness'. (Also, there is the difference between knowing from afar and knowing up close. Whites who feel safe in their own communities may learn about black criminality, but as it doesn't affect them directly they don't take it 'personally'. It's like Michael Corleone knew about police corruption but got involved only when it affected him personally. People not 'mugged by reality' are more likely to go with the prevailing explanation, such as 'systemic racism'. People become less naive or gullible as they get closer to the violence. However, if one gets too close to the violence, a Stockholm Syndrome kicks in and results in cucking to the violence: "I'll kiss your ass, so please don't kick mine.") People are more likely to be killed by lions and tigers than by warthogs and wildebeest, but lions and tigers are romanticized far more. The reptilian part of the human brain admires thugs as natural predators. It's like audiences side with King Kong against humans. The cultural phenom of KING KONG is instructive when it comes to blacks. Pauline Kael in her review of the 1976 movie said all the black men she met liked the idea behind the movie. King Kong represented pop-Othello-in-gorilla-suit. In a way, it's a king/victim narrative. King Kong is the natural king of the jungle. He is awesome. But he is captured and shackled by puny little humans. He is a superior creature unnaturally placed in an inferior position. This leads to both admiration and sympathy in the viewer. King Kong, the naturally supreme beast of power. King Kong, the poor ape put in chains by greedy humans. A similar view applies to black violence. No one wants to be victimized by it, but, especially through rap music and the like, so many people associate black thuggery with the awesome power of natural predators, i.e. blacks are like tigers, the natural predators over natural prey races. Just like lions have a 'right' to kill wildebeest, blacks have a 'right' to prey on the weaker 'lame' races. People don't say this outright or even think it consciously, but it's somewhere in their reptilian part of their brains. So, the idea that more data about black criminality will somehow make people more aware and sensible about the black problem isn't necessarily true. So much of white(and non-white) mentality about blacks is irrational, a strange mix of sensuality and spirituality, or king-kong-christ, or Martin-Luther-King-Kong Syndrome: MLKKS.

With Philadelphia now being looted to defend the black man’s inalienable right to resist arrest... What does the future hold for this trove of impolitic data? Maybe rather than delete crime statistics outright, a Biden administration would merely append a warning saying: “If your race gets violently victimized by blacks a lot, that just proves you need to reflect very, very hard upon why you folks had it coming.”

That sounds like a case of chickens coming home to roost. US foreign policy for more than 100 yrs has been "If your nation gets violently victimized by the US a lot, that just proves you need to reflect very, very hard upon why you folks had it coming." Look at world statistics, and there's been far more US aggression than aggression against the US. But the empire keeps marching on. US encircles, sanctions, subverts, corrupts, and even invades other nations, but US is always the 'exceptional' and 'indispensable' nation. There was no serious reflection about Cuba, Philippines, World War I, Korea, Guatemala, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, and etc. There was some about Vietnam, but with Zionists in power in post-Cold-War Era, who cares about all those dead Vietnamese and dire effects of war? It's time for empire. There was some anti-war rhetoric when Bush II decided to invade Iraq — the protests were predicated on it being a great success, thereby bolstering the power of Christian Zionists —, but when Obama expanded wars and conflicts even more, there was silence among 'progressives' and hardly a protest from 'conservatives' who, prior to Donald Trump, were supportive of just about any US aggression. US can drop bombs, carry out coups, engineer 'color revolutions', use sanctions to destroy countless lives, and invade nations, but the US is never to blame. Rather, the OTHER nations must genuflect and contemplate why they deserved to be punished by the empire. US encircles Russia, but Russia is called the aggressor. US allows Israel to load up with nuclear weapons but blames Iran for trying to get the Bomb. US and Israel aided terrorist psychos in Syria, but Assad is the 'tyrant'. Palestinians were clearly wronged by Nakba and Zionist Occupation, but US attitude has been, "Suck it up, you scum." White Americans supported all this madness, and now THEY are the targets of Jewish Power that controls the US. Now, THEY realize what it means to live under Occupation. And they have candidates like Joe Biden, a spineless collaborator and puppet of Zion. Biden is to whites what Karzai is to Afghanis, what Mahmoud Abbas is to the Palestinians. Trump also belongs to Zion, but he played with fire with 'white populism', and Jews can't forgive him, and he must go.

One thing for sure, the current black mess has been engineered and can be easily disappeared. It's like ISIS and reconstituted Al-qaeda wouldn't have messed up Syria IF NOT for the the backdoor intervention of US and its allies, especially Israel, Saudis, and Turks. And there would have been no Maidan mayhem if not for US dirty tricks in Ukraine. While black criminality is here to stay, weaponized black violence is often(if not always) an engineered event. If not for the media and institutions, the death of George Floyd would have led to limited riots that would have abated sooner than later. But we had city mayors throwing gasoline on the fire. There were top Congressmen kneeling at the altar of Floyd. 'Woke' Capital hoisted BLM signs. Oligarchs were washing black feet. It was all to make blacks hate "Trump's America" and to energize white 'progressive' anger.
Antifa thugs are a pathetic lot. They can be easily contained and controlled if arrested and prosecuted, but they were allowed to run riot in cities. It was all part of the plan by globalism against nationalism. Sure, some businesses suffered from the riots and violence, but globalists see it as a gambit. Lose a little to gain a lot by dumping Trump. "Mostly Peaceful Protesters" indeed. Paradoxically, this all happened precisely because 'literally hitler' Trump is president. If Hillary had won in 2016, the chances are there would have been no mass censorship on the internet. And the Power wouldn't have allowed Antifa to run riot. Under Biden, Antifa violence will swiftly be suppressed. Cops will be ordered to arrest the lot, and the book will be thrown at them. And the media will be silent about it. Antifa scum was coddled only because they are anti-Trump. They are useful, just like ISIS and Alqaeda were useful in Syria(and quasi-nazi types in Ukraine). Fools are tools.

Just like Trump presidency led to more black violence and Antifa craziness, the chances are Biden presidency will lead to less of both. Black leaders, who are mostly opportunists, will urge the black community to calm down as Biden, their guy, is the president. Also, Jewish media will NOT urge blacks to act crazy as their puppet is in 'charge'. Kamala Harris doesn't care about blacks or the underclass. She happily exploited prison labor in San Francisco. All such people pretend to care only when it's expedient. It's like the US elite class and 'progressive' opinion were suddenly so concerned about the noble KURDS when Trump threatened to pull out of Syria. Kurds, who never meant anything to anyone, were suddenly the holy reason why the US must remain in Syria.
In a way, the Democratic Party has been silently threatening all of America: If you don't make Biden president, we will give you more Covid-hysteria and more street violence. And as Jews control media, politicians, money, and institutions, they can pull off just about anything, like the wholly bogus Russia Collusion nonsense that hobbled Trump for three years. And just when that silliness faded, there was Covid and BLM-on-steroids, funded by globalists. With Biden in the Oval Office, funds to BLM will dry up. Antifa will be marginalized and locked up if it gets out of hand. Never mistake tools for trends. BLM and Antifa have no innate power or agency. They are mostly made up of second-rate idiots who are switched on or off by the Power.

Biden presidency can do things that Trump cannot. It's like Nixon and Clinton. Nixon could go to China and deal with Soviets because of his anti-communist credentials. (Its far-reaching impact on US politics was it fundamentally altered the Republican attitude from one of confrontation to conversation with the communist world.) And Clinton could get tough on crime and do welfare reform because he was the 'first black president'. So, the globalists know Biden is useful to shut down Antifa and calm blacks down once Trump is gone. Antifa will no longer be useful and without Trump will be less energized. Also, with Democrats in power, black 'leaders' will work with Jews and Biden to pacify the blacks. Blacks being stupid, most will go along. Black crime will go on, but there will be less black riots and mass protests. If another 'Floyd' dies under Biden, there will be far less media hype. Jewish-controlled Media will be less likely to sensationalize black deaths at the hands of cops. And white 'progressives' will just go along because their souls have been hollowed out. Their idea of good vs evil is purely a matter of control from above. And Covid will dramatically fade with Biden presidency. It was all a stunt.

In US discourse, there are 'Jews', 'Palestinians', and 'Nazis'. 'Jews' are whichever group that is deemed holy at the moment. 'Palestinians' are people who don't matter; they might as well be invisible. 'Nazis' are villains of the Current Year. In the first year of Trump's presidency, the Illegal Immigrants were the 'Jews' and those in favor of border control were the 'Nazis'. When Trump threatened to pull out of Syria, Kurds were suddenly the 'Jews'. With BLM raging, blacks are the 'Jews' whereas immigrants and other victims of black violence are the 'Palestinians' who don't matter in the Narrative. White Americans are, at best, the 'Palestinians' whose voices and interests don't matter. All those hapless whites(or browns or yellows) attacked by black thugs or fleeced by Jewish financiers are 'Palestinians'. All those whites dead of opioids peddled by the Sacklers are also the 'Palestinians'. Whites who voted for Trump are the 'Nazis'. So, whites either don't matter or they're evil. The notion of whites as 'Jews' is inconceivable in current politics. Whites can be scapegoated and hated like Jews were in Nazi Germany, but the anti-white haters are the 'Jews' and whites are the 'Nazis' who are stuck in a Nuremberg Trial with no end in sight. And Jewish Power is behind this madness. And it will go on because of the perverse dynamics between Jews and whites: When Jews are displeased with whites, they hit whites even harder, but when Jews displease whites, whites hug Jews even more. If whites say, "We don't want more wars in the Middle East", Jews do everything to make whites into lowlife 'Nazi' scum. If Jews say, "Whites are scum who must be blamed for everything", whites say, "We must remember the Holocaust and support Israel and hate Iran." Guess which side is winning? The nasty side or the dumb side.

Just like there's a need to consider black genetics and black criminality, there is perhaps a link between Jewish genetics and Jewish pathology. Could it be that Jewish history/culture bred a kind of nasty personality so obnoxiously on display by the likes of Jerry Nader and Chuck Schumer? Or Tim Wise and the creeps who make up ADL, SPLC, and NYT? If Jews were poor and powerless like gypsies, it wouldn't matter. But given the power of Jews, it should matter that Jewish genetics may incline Jewish personality more toward pathology. What happens when people with personalities akin to that of Sabrina Rubin-Erderly become Supreme Court justices or deep state operatives? What was the Russia Collusion Hoax but one giant 'rape hoax' pulled off by Jewish Media: Putin raped America on shattered glass? And the WMD lies. And the stuff about 'Assad gassed his own people'. And Jewish pathology can bolster black pathology because Jews won't hesitate to use black violence to threaten and intimidate white people. Summer of Floyd was really another mega-hoax engineered in large part by Jewish Pathological Power.

There are two kinds of criminality. The low kind and the high kind. Blacks are the kings of low-level criminality as thugs, hoodlums, robbers, rapists, looters, murderers, and etc. And we do need more useful data on this kind of crime. But Jews dominate high-level crime, and there is far greater need for data on Jewish power and criminality(wrapped in legal garb). Now, power isn't the same as criminality, but more power means more magnitude of abuse. It's like men are stronger than women, but that doesn't mean a strong man is a criminal and a weak woman is a victim. A strong man can be good, and a weak woman can rob and murder. But because men are stronger, they can do more damage to women; and unsurprisingly, most inter-sex crimes are male on female. Same goes for race. Blacks being physically bigger/stronger doesn't mean they are all criminals. But black thugs can do more damage precisely because more of them are built like Mike Tyson and George Foreman. And this factor must be addressed. Same goes for Jews. A rich, influential, or powerful Jew need not be a bad person. But he has far greater means to do evil with real impact on world affairs. US foreign policy has essentially become a Zionist gangster-operation. It destroys entire nations hated by Israel/Jews and has even been near-genocidal at times. The mechanism of this power and its victims need to be exposed and explored as data and statistics. Too many people are in the dark about what Jewish gangster-capitalists did to Russia and how many people suffered as a result. If people knew this, they wouldn't be so hostile to Russia or regard Putin as 'Putler'. Many people don't know that Israel has hundreds of nukes and that Iran has none. Many are in the dark as to the extent to which Jews on Wall Street fleeced the entire world. Many still don't know anything about White Death from opioids and how it's tied with the Sacklers.
In 2020, the high-level criminality of Jews allied with the low-level criminality of blacks to bring us the Summer of Floyd. Blacks loved it because they got to loot and have a big party, all the while being heralded as 'mostly peaceful protesters' on the side of angels. And Jews loved it because they could ignite yet another Anti-Trump campaign. (Still, in the long run, it may have done more harm to Democrats as the craziness went way out of control. It was the Covid nonsense and its impact on the economy that really undid Trump.) Anyway, with Biden in office, Jews will cut off funds to low-level blacks. As most black 'leaders' are puppets paid for by Jews, they will go along with whatever Jews cook up once their boy is in the White House.

Whites have a fatal attraction to blacks and Jews. Part of it has to do with 'white guilt', but white cuckery is the bigger reason. For one thing, 'white guilt' has no agency or true conscience. If it did, whites would feel the most guilt about the American Indians, but it's nowhere to be found. Whites would feel guilt about what they did to Palestinians by supporting Zionism. But when have whites, 'liberals' or 'progressives', called for a memorial in Washington D.C. to commemorate Nakba? The only 'genocide' that happened on US soil is that of the American Indians, but the Indian museum in the mall is bland and dull while all the moral authority is hogged by the Holocaust Museum, an odd thing as Jews are only 2% of US population and the Shoah didn't happen in America. So, 'white guilt' is mostly bogus. Whites do feel it, but it's not something that naturally flows from within the wells of their conscience but something implanted by mass media as the latest outrage. But more than feelings of guilt is the timeless tendency of humans to suck up to the powerful. Whether it's French collaboration with the Germans during WWII or Japanese collaboration with the US after WWII, it's a case of weak sucking up to the awesomely powerful. As US is all about Money Power and Music/Sports Mania, most whites are in total awe of rich smart Jews and tough loud blacks. And that partly explains why data on black crime or Jewish abuse of power doesn't matter to many whites. They are so in awe of Jews and blacks that they will just carry on in their fatal-attraction mode, even if the obvious sign on the wall is white doom. Ironically, even though whites are called 'Nazis' by Jews, the mentality behind white cuckery isn't all that different from German mentality that went down with Hitler in WWII. Germans had become so spellbound with Hitler as demigod that they cucked to his iron will and were willing to follow him to hell itself. Now, whites follow and obey Jewish Power as the New Hitler.


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