Friday, October 30, 2020

Muslim Demand for Respect is Valid in the Current Illiberal West that has No Use for Free Speech, Individual Conscience, and Rational Justice — Jihadi Phenomenon is Primarily the Product of Zionist and Western Intervention in the Middle East & North Africa

While we should all condemn the grisly violence carried out by Muslim lunatics, is there anything worth saving in current France? It chose Globo-Homo-Mania over Catholicism. It has 'gay marriage' like the rest of EU that is under Jewish Supremacist control. Also, what is secular France? Is it about philosophy, science, arts & culture, and reason? No, it's all about pop culture, mostly of dumb Hollywood movies and savage black jungle jivery. Pornography is the ONLY domain left for 'free expression', and it's controlled by anti-white Jews. If the choice is between Jihad and the Jungle, the former is better as the Muslim World is at least civilized whereas blacks turn more places into New Detroits and New Haitis.

Steve Turley foolishly praises Emmanuel Macron for his sudden hard-line stance against Islam, but what is globo-boy or globoy defending? Is he being nationalist? No, he's the same globalist. He wants more immigrant-invaders to replace white Frenchmen. He is denouncing aspects of Islam because they give a bad name to Diversity. He seeks to suppress the most violent aspects of Islam but only to increase mass immigration-invasion and hasten the Great Replacement. "You see, apart from the few bad apples, most are good and more than welcome."


And on occasions when the likes of Macron defend French or 'Western' values against 'Islamo-Fascism', they are not defending Europeans and their civilization. They denounce aspects of Islam as too conservative and antithetical to open sewage pornification of culture that they promote as 'empowering' and 'liberating'. It mainly means celebration of ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs and BAMMAMA or blacks-are-more-muscular-and-more-aggressive, i.e. because blacks kick white butts in sports, whites should cuck and worship blacks as the superior race of heroes who deserve to take white women. When Macron and such ilk denounce Jihad, they are defending the Junglization of the white race. (Muslim acts of beheading, cruel and grisly as they are, affect only a tiny number of people. In contrast, black 'bewombing' is affecting millions of white women. White women who could be using their wombs to create more white babies are now creating more blacks, the natural enemy of the white race as black males have the power to emasculate white men into a bunch of fa**oty-ass wussy-boys. Every time a white woman is 'bewombed', a potential white child is being pre-murdered in favor of creating a black child. A Muslim sicko beheading a 70 yr old woman is less threatening to the West than a bunch of Simon Mols 'bewombing' millions of white women in the West.)

In a way, Jews love the presence of Muslims in the West. Sure, there are downsides. It means more attacks on Jews and their property. But this very fact makes whites side with Jews against Muslims. So, Jews get to kill two birds with one stone. By pushing for non-white mass immigration-invasion, Jews undermine white power and white majority. But because Muslims are seen as hostile to Jews, whites become ever more protective of Jews. Now, in a sane world, whites would hate Jews for pushing mass-immigration. Whites would connect the dots and say, "Jews are increasing diversity to play divide-and-rule among goyim." But whites cannot say or even think this because of the cult of the Holy Holocaust. Whites have been inculcated to feel that it's 'antisemitic' to be critical of Jews in any way. One mustn't believe Jews can be wicked or have hostile intentions. One must believe in JEWISH POWER KNOW BEST and LEAVE IT TO BEAVEROWICZ. Also, whites have been so brainwashed with the wonders of 'diversity' and 'inclusion' that they can't say NO to mass-immigration and the Great Replacement, supposedly a 'far right' conspiracy-notion.

Goy Dog John McCain and His Jewish Master Joe Lieberman

Then, the ONLY option left for whites is to find a way to oppose mass-immigration that might flatter and please Jews. And that, of course, is anti-Islamism on account that Muslims are 'antisemitic'. So, the likes of Tommy Robinson can't say NO to more black immigration-invasion even though blacks cause the most problems in the UK. He can only oppose too-many-Muslims because... uh... they hate Jews and, of course, homos. So, never mind white identity and white interests. (Using his logic, More Muslims would be welcome if they were pro-Jewish and pro-homo.) Robinson and his crew don't oppose mass-immigration to save historic Britain of white folks. No, they oppose certain features of mass-immigration, mostly of Muslims, because nasty 'Muzzies' hate the Jews(and homos and feminists too). This is why Jews actually value Muslim Immigration. More Muslims in the West means more whites cozying up to Jews and saying, "We want to protect you Holy Holocaust Jews from those nasty Islamo-Fascists." Of course, Jews feel contempt for such white toadies. Jews go on pushing for mass-immigration to reduce whites into minorities throughout the West. But they play both sides. So devious and cunning.
Jews feel as gods over whites. Whites must make offerings to Jews. Jews take the offerings, but there's no guarantee of appreciation. After all, gods feel entitled to be served by humans. A master doesn't feel much appreciation for what the slaves do for him. He feels entitled to be served whereas the slaves are obligated to serve. Jews and white 'conservatives' are like a glutton and the cook. The cook makes lots of dishes for the glutton who gobbles up everything but pays nothing and doesn't even leave a tip.
As far as Jews are concerned, white 'conservatives' who oppose mass-immigration and rag on Muslims are merely variations of the Old Anti-Semite, and Jews aren't entirely wrong about this. White 'conservatives' have merely transferred their ancient distrust of the Jew as the Other onto other groups, such as Muslims. And yet, Jews also encourage such hatreds as they foster white support for Wars for Israel. Jews loathe anti-Muslim whites as arche-Anti-Semites(archetypal anti-semites) but also value them as useful attack dogs for Zion against Muslims as the 'other Jews'.

As for Free Speech and Muslims, I side with the Muslims. They have every right to call for curtailment of denigration of Islam and Muslims. Now, I prefer a world of total and unfettered free speech. If the West were genuinely committed to free speech for all, I would side with free-speechers against the Muslim hotheads. Back when the West stood for the right of Salman Rushdie to write a controversial book, I was on the side of free-speechers against Iran and Muslim firebrands.
But the notion that the current West is a 'liberal democracy' committed to free speech is a joke. Europe and Canada trample on free speech all the time. And Jews, once the biggest defenders of free speech(to say their say and gain power), are now the biggest enforcers of censorship(to defend the immense power they've accumulated). Jews killed free speech along with white identity and Christianity. So, the real dichotomy is NOT liberal West that respects free speech VERSUS atavistic Muslim dogmatists. The real situation is Muslims calling for respect for Islam on par with enforced respect for Jewish Supremacist Power, globo-homo vanity, and the Jungle Cult of the Noble Negro(and maybe feminist bitchery). In current UK where people are fined and/or hauled off to prison for making a mocking tweet about Nelson Mandela, exposing the dirty machinations of Jewish Power, questioning aspects of the Shoah(as the iron-clad 6 million figure is more numerology than history), making fun of homos, and positing honest questions about racial/sexual differences, where is the commitment to Free Speech? France and Canada are notorious for fining and imprisoning people for offending Jews. It began with the criminalization of denying the Holocaust, but now one can end up in the can for offending Jews in any way. Macron even supported a measure that would criminalize condemnation of Israel for its near-genocidal policies against Palestinians.
Given this context, Muslims have just as much right as Jews, blacks, and homos(and other groups) to demand respect and call on the state to ENFORCE the respect. Muslims are not going against the prevailing wind of Western Values. As the current 'Western Values' are about PC, 'wokeness', and the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, blacks, & homos, the Muslim demands are very much in sync with existing currents of 'Western Thought'. Even in the US, the so-called 'liberals' are supportive of silencing voices, censoring alternative news, and denying basic services of finance to thought-criminals. They are not for more debate, more discussion, more controversy, and more contention of opposing views. They think along doctrinal lines and insist that their 'values' of the Current Year are canonical and cannot be questioned. So much for 'liberalism'. They are 'doctrinals', not liberals. Notice how these mobs are in the habit of chanting slogans together than thinking and speaking as individuals.

In such a climate, Muslims are only conforming to the current 'Western' trend of demanding respect for certain groups and damning all those who don't comply. How many people have been 'canceled' in the West, not least in the US, by institutions and industries for refusing to 'take the knee' before the Negroes? How many people have a chance in business or politics in the US or EU were they to stand up to the power of Zion and dare name the evil of Jewish Supremacism? The new church puts up 'gay' flags and signs that say "All Are Welcome", but of course, you are NOT welcome if you are a moral traditionalist and refuse to accept the 'sodomization' of Christianity. In an illiberal West that worships the Tri-Supremacism of Jews, homos, and Negroes as the new holy trinity, Muslims have every right to demand that they too be included in the canon. Besides, if black violence is always excused in the name of fighting 'systemic racism' and if Zionist violence is always rationalized as Israeli self-defense — you see, Israel must continue bombing Syria and giving aid to ISIS Jihadis to 'defend' itself, the only nation in the Middle East with nukes — , why shouldn't Muslims use violence to get what they want? Is black and Jewish violence okay but Muslim violence isn't?

Finally, all this Jihadi business is the product of Western support of the worsts elements in the Arab-Muslim world. Following World War II, the Arab World did try to modernize and even secularize. Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and etc. all sought modernization and some degree of secularization. While some of the regimes were repressive and cruel at times, the last thing they wanted was Muslim rule. The main reason Iran went with the Islamic Revolution was not because most Iranians were opposed to secular power per se but because it became associated with the Shah puppetry to the Americans. Prior to CIA's installation of the Shah, Iran had a national secular government that could have developed into something decent. Gaddafi who came to power in Libya in 1969 was an unapologetic Muslim but not a hothead. If anything, he did everything to suppress Jihadi elements while modernizing much of the country; he also secured basic rights for womenfolk. Same was true of Egypt, Syria, and Iraq. The regimes there could be cruel, but they were NOT pro-Jihadi. Also, even when Iran became a Islamic republic, it didn't support Jihadi violence but usually fought against it. The main support for the Jihadis in Pakistan and Afghanistan came from US and Saudis.
Indeed, Saudi Arabia and other arch-conservative Muslim states in the Gulf were backed by the West. The so-called Liberal Democratic West had more cordial relations with theocratic and/or monarchic Saudi Arabia and Gulf States than with the modernizing and secularizing Arab/Muslim nations. Whereas most secular Arab nations were friendly if not allied with the USSR, the arch-conservative Muslim states remained close to the US. When Jews gained dominance in the West, the 'Arabists' were purged and US foreign policy became even more hostile to secular Arab nations and friendlier with arch-conservative Muslim nations that support Jihadi violence. Jews figured Jihadis are most useful in undermining stability in nations like Libya and Syria. When Syria was on fire, Western Europe did NOTHING to stem the flow of Jihadi types from Europe to the Middle East. European policy was "Let Muslims in Europe go to Syria to mess that place up and create a refugee crisis that will lead to more mass-migration to the West. It will please Jews, and we white cucks have no higher value that appeasing and pleasing the Holy Holocaust Jews who have so much money and carrots to dole out to the biggest cucks like us."
So, all this Muslim-bashing is disingenuous on so many levels. Truth is 'liberal democracy' is dead in the West, which is really under Jewria, Gayria, & Negria Law that are as stringent as Sharia Law. Also, Jihadis are to the Middle East what BLM and Antifa are to the West. They've been recruited, enabled, and funded by the proxies of the Jewish-controlled West. Saudis are happy to support Jihadis in Syria to appease Zionists and the West for favorable deals. And which power nudged the Muslim radicals to attack the US on 9/11? Look at the fingerprints. Zionists knew what was up and nudge-nudged the Jihadis to complete their mission. But all we get from the likes of Tommy Robinson and the Trumpkins is 'Muh Israel'.


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