Tuesday, October 20, 2020

White People Tolerate, Accept, and even Praise Jewish Hatred & Black Violence against Whites because they regard Jews & Blacks as God-Men while regarding themselves as Irredeemable Sinners — Judgement Day Mentality can Doom the White Race

Maggoty White Cuck worships Negro-as-god. He also plays 'new jesus' washing the feet of the 'Wretched'. Thanks, Jews.
It's been said when General Douglas MacArthur was running for the presidency back in the US, Japanese who came to revere him put up a sign, "We play for MacArthur's erection." They got the 'l' and 'r' confused.
In the US, the only politics in town is goyim playing for Jewish Supremacist erections. US politics is just Viagra for the Jewish Pud. Even when Donald Trump, much loathed by Jews, became president, all we got was more 'Muh Israel' and playing for Jewish hard-ons. It's a Portnoic World.

It's beyond Jews as godhead. They are godpud as well. Jewish Power constitutes the god-mind of America. But mind without hysteria and violence can only go so far. So, Jews have groomed 'woke' whites as the furies and black thuggery & Antifa goonery as the fist. But there has to be some sweetness in the mix, and homos play the role of angel-fairies. How often have we seen BLM and globo-homo signs side by side?

Now, given that the Jewish Mind directs 'woke' hysteria and black violence at the white community(and rest of middle America), why does it get away with such foulness? Shouldn't most Americans be furious with the Jewish Mind, white self-loathing hysteria, and black thuggery? After all, if someone spews hatred and threatens/attacks you with violence, you would naturally hate that person and push back. But then, maybe not when the aggressive force comes with the aura of divinity.

It's like the stories in the Bible. God does lots of violence to humanity. He sends plagues, floods, fires, pestilence, and etc. And yet, the Biblical message is not to hate or oppose God but to get on your knees, apologize, beg forgiveness, and seek atonement/redemption before God. As the Bible says God is righteous and true while humans are sinful and bogus, it doesn't matter what horrors God visits upon mankind. God has the right to judge and punish, and humanity deserves to get kicked in the butt. So, God could destroy your community. He could smash your property. He could wipe out your kinfolks. He could whup your ass. But He is right, and You are wrong and deserved all the misfortunes because of your systemic sinfulness. Pagans thought likewise. Aztec gods were fearsome and monstrous. Aztecs believed the gods often acted violently toward people. So, did the Aztecs hate the gods and curse them out? Did they unite to wage war on the gods? No, they groveled before the gods. Gods were super beings, and whatever their motives, they were greater than mankind and could sit in judgement and punish as they wished. Aztecs even offered human sacrifice to the gods.

So, even though it's generally true that people hate whatever force that does them harm, the dynamics plays out differently IF the people (1) believe that the fearsome power is divine or morally superior by some degrees and (2) believe that their own side is especially foul and disgusting. It is why Germans today feel hardly any hatred and rage toward the Allies that smashed their nation and killed millions. Germans, rightly or wrongly, believe that they were so awful, vile, disgusting, scummy, loathsome, and worst-ever that they deserved to be smashed/punished and were, if anything, saved by Allies from their own diseased German souls that led to Wagner and Hitler, even if the 'saving' entailed millions of deaths and raped womenfolk. So, if you were to point out that Allies firebombed Hamburg & Dresden and killed a lot of innocent people, the German response will be, more often than not, "Oh, we deserved it, so thank you, thank you very much for kicking our vile and sinful Germanic butts."

And a similar mentality explains why so many white people in US and EU are supportive of Jewish Power and BLM even after the alliance of Jewish Mind and Black Fist led to so many eruptions of violence that paralyzed entire areas of US and Europe(and parts of Canada as well). Given that Jewish Power called for mass hysteria all across the West and that blacks & self-loathing white Antifa took up the challenge by looting, pillaging, burning, and attacking ordinary people, one would think most people would be totally livid with anger toward Jews and blacks. But as they've been brainwashed and browbeaten by academia, news media, and entertainment(as well as 'acceptable' political discourse), their mentality is neo-biblical. They don't see it as virulent Jews and violent blacks acting like scumbags and destroying peace & stability in the West. They see Jews and blacks as divine forces of historical justice and spiritual sanctity. Jews are the holy Holocaust people, and blacks are the MLK people who are also good at rapping and playing basketball. And in an age when 'twerking' is the most celebrated expression of 'Western Values', it's an added bonus that blacks are very sexual with dongs and buns. Thus, Jewish Mind and the Black Fist are seen as divine. Therefore, their hatred and violence come with spiritual pedigree. It's the violence of righteous judgement.
In contrast, whites have internalized the notion that their race is especially guilty, foul, lowdown, disgusting, putrid, and irredeemably sinful, mainly because it committed wrongs against holy Jews and noble Negroes in the past. (After all, whites need not feel 'white guilt' about what they did to Arabs, Muslims, and Palestinians. Indeed, Muslims matter ONLY AS a immigrant-minority that can be used by Jews against 'white supremacist' nativists in the West.) So, just like Biblical Jews only blamed themselves more when God hurled brimstone and hellfire at them, whites-as-sinners grovel even more when the Jewish Mind and Black Fist concoct another round of Kick-Whitey's-Ass. Or to put it in the pagan context, when the Jewish Mind and Black Fist are angry and do violence, whites offer White Human Sacrifice in the form of more sucking up to Jews, more sucking up to blacks, more purging of whites, more promises of promotions for blacks, more support for Israel, and etc.

It's all satanic because when one group of people worships other groups as godly and divine, it is worship of man-as-god. Jews are not gods. Black feet don't come with divine toes worthy of kissing. Homos are not angels, and true worship isn't celebration of sodomy and tranny-penis-cutting.

But that's where we are in the Sicko West. 

THE Z MAN - REACHING THE TIPPING POINT (MYTH20C - EP141) - Myth of the 20th Century

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