Monday, October 5, 2020

How 'Facts' are Spun to Make Whites serve Jews and the Other — Spin than the Fact is More Crucial to Political Control, i.e. anything can be spun to push anything

The spin is more important than the fact in political control. Thus, the 'facts' of white superiority, white equality, and white inferiority can all be used to make white people tolerate, welcome, celebrate, 'include', and serve the Other. The current order manipulates all three modes among whites to make them serve Jews and/or non-whites(usually as proxies of Jews).
1. How white superiority is used to make whites serve Jews and non-whites. Whites are made to feel special, rich, powerful, and accomplished. They are great whereas so many other peoples are pathetic, especially those starving or diseased black Africans. Therefore, superior white people should be decent and take care of all those non-whites by allowing mass-immigration and providing endless super-aid. The White Knight Syndrome. Jews play on this psychology too. Jews paint themselves as forever Holocaust Victims, and great-good whites must step up to the plate to save Jews from 'new nazis', such as Iranians and anyone who dares to criticize Jewish Power or Zionism. There is also an aspect of white superiority in LGBT stuff, i.e. whites are 'more evolved' than the rest of humanity because they are most enthusiastic about queer culture, therefore whites should guide the world to celebrate homosexuality and trannies. So, feelings of white superiority are made to serve non-whites or to spread Jewish-concocted 'Western Values' via globo-imperialism. (Globo-Homomania is totally the brainchild of Jewish supremacists.) Of course, no one explicitly says whites are superior, but the implication of White-Knight-ism is based on feelings of enlightened superiority. Even 'white guilt' is intrinsically white superiorist in that it judges whites by a higher standard. All of humanity practiced slavery and waged murderous wars. So, why are whites judged more harshly? Because they deemed as higher beings and should have known better. "Oh, how could the white race have done such a thing?" If Arabs, Africans, and Asians did it, oh well, that was because they didn't know any better. But whites? As higher beings, they should have known better.
2. How white equality is used to make whites serve Jews and non-whites. Whites are told that all races are equal or that race is just a fantasy. There is just common humanity, and therefore, it doesn't matter if white world is demographically taken over by non-whites or if whites mix with other races. Whites and non-whites, they are not only equal but virtually the same. It's just humans and more humans. So, whites should welcome mass immigration and be either demographically replaced or miscegenated out of existence; it doesn't matter because whatever happens, it's just humans replacing or mixing with humans. As whites are the global minority, such an attitude would make white world subordinate to or supplanted by non-whites in the long run. What will happen to Europe if 100 millions of black Africans go there? Anyway, white equality as currently understood doesn't bestow white people the equal right to survive as race and culture(as Jews in Israel do). It's not about universal nationalism. Rather, whites must be erased like Palestinians and accept it as a 'good thing' in the name of equality.
3. How white inferiority is used to make whites serve Jews and non-whites. Whites are made to feel that the Other, especially Jews and blacks, are so awesome that whites should worship and serve them. If we go by images than ideas(or idolatry than ideology), the current Western Culture is totally racial supremacist in entertainment and emphasis. Sports, sex entertainment, and music are heavily about black dominance, black power, black prowess, and black whatever. Blacks are so highly prized that even black lies are favored over truth. Take BLM, based on a total lie but a quasi-religion among so many foolish whites. When it comes to sports, diversity has led to something like 'monoversity', or monopolization by one group in a diversified world. California is very diverse with a white minority population, lots of Asians and many more browns, but its sports teams are heavily black. Europe celebrates diversity and has many more Muslims and Asians than in the past, but its sports are turning more and more black, with France leading the way. So, diversity doesn't lead to more diversity at the top but to domination by one group. Today, the typical European Sprint Events have nearly all blacks(representing France, UK, Holland, etc.) 'Monoversity' also results in brainy fields. Technology is an open field in welcoming diverse talents from all over the world, but the top are dominated by Jews/whites, Hindus, and yellows. And finance sector around much of the world is dominated by Jews. It's not about more people having equal possession and control of wealth but about Jews gaining more financial access/control over other nations. Across Southeast Asia, diaspora Chinese dominate much of finance and economics. So, the promise of diversity hasn't led to diversity at the top but a kind of 'monoversity' where more diverse peoples come under the domination of a single or few groups. Globalism promotes diversity as equal opportunity for more diverse peoples, but even if it were truly meritocratic, innate genetic differences turns meritocracy into 'monoversity' of one group or few groups hogging most of the trophies or prizes. But it's actually worse because Jewish Power at the center of globalism rigs the game to favor Jews and their allies/puppets over much of the world(Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, 'uppity' whites who believe whiteness is okay). Domination by meritocracy isn't enough for Jews. They must also rig the game by having the US sanction Russia and Iran(and any nation that does business with them). Also, Jews, who once used to take pride as champions of civil liberties, now use media monopoly, platform monopoly, financial service monopoly, and all kinds of lawyer tricks to shut down speech and discussion that goes against Jewish power and its favored Narratives. At this point, ACLU is just a wing of AIPAC. In a way, equality of opportunity allows for even greater manifestations of racial superiority. Allowing equal opportunity in sports led to black supremacy. Allowing equal opportunity in academia, media, and finance led to Jewish domination. Even as 'anti-racist' whites so often point to black success in sports and music as proof of 'progressive' triumph over white supremacy, they overlook the implications of black supremacy. After all, if blacks totally beat whites in sports, it may disprove white or 'Aryan' supremacy but it also suggests black supremacy, at least in sports. And if blacks are more 'athletic' and rhythmic in their music that excites people, then blacks must have certain advantages in sound & sensuality. What is 'liberal' rock culture but an idolization and imitation of blacks? It's about white sensibility under the spell of black sensuality. Dave Marsh the famous critic always posed as a 'liberal' or even 'leftist' who denounces white 'racism', but his entire worldview can be boiled down to whites should revere blacks because blacks are so much more awesome than whites. There's a book called GOOD BOOTY(by Ann Powers) that seems to be about how whites gained so much from the bouncing black butt. And what is all this Philosemitism about? It's a case of Heil Hillel. If the West is about equality and 'anti-racism', why is its current sacred law, "Thou shalt serve Jews and Zion uber alles, especially Palestinians and Arabs?" It's based on the notion that Jews are so awesome as businessmen, thinkers, entertainers, and etc. that white people should get on their knees and worship and serve the REAL SUPERIOR RACE. In other words, inferior whites should serve superior Jews. Now, how is it possible that white superiority, white equality, and white inferiority, though contradictory with one another, all serve the same purpose? Because 'facts' or assumptions are secondary to the spin they are given. Under current dogma and narrative control, all three modes have been spun to make whites serve the Other, especially Jews and blacks. Heads I win, tails you lose. It's like the story of the Talmudic Rabbi, the goy, and the chimney. Regardless of the scenario or situation, the Jewish guy comes out on top. Different 'facts', but same spin: "Jew is right, goy is wrong" In Ryunosuke Akutagawa's short story "In the Forest"(basis for Akira Kurosawa's RASHOMON), three people tell three different accounts of the same murder, but in a way, they're telling the same tale as each is driven by ego and vanity. In a similar vein, current whiteness, whether spun as 'superior', 'equal', or 'inferior', is spun to serve Jews and the Other. Whether it's a white knight, white man, or white slave, he exists to protect, welcome, or serve Jews(and their favored allies). Lawyers and pundits know this trick. Whatever the fact, no matter how irrefutable, they spin it to suit their agendas. Whether the truth is white superiority, white equality, or white inferiority, the power of spin is with Jews who spin whiteness around and around to serve Jewish Power. ZIOBOLSHEVIK TAKEOVER; SURVIVAL OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION

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