Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Afro-centric 'Wokeness' is Winning because It is a Proxy of Judeo-centric Supremacism — White Psychology associates Black Domination in Sports, Sex, & Song with Entitlements in Other Fields

The Only Polemicists Left by Steve Sailer

“Why Is Wokeness Winning?” asks veteran pundit Andrew Sullivan, recently fired by New York magazine for distressing its more fragile younger staffers by thinking for himself.

Why is 'wokeness' or PC winning? Because the Power gets to do as it pleases. So, it's the wrong question. A more sensible question is, "Jews won as the ruling elites, so what are they up to lately?" Another sensible question is, "Why don't whites take on Jewish Power as the main nemesis? Why not go for the queen and king? Why go after the pawns on the chessboard?" This BLM woke-wakanda is just a pawn on the chessboard dominated by Jewish Power. Jews won already. And that's why they keep doing stuff like this. So, unless whites address the question of power — which group has it, what is its attitude and agenda —, they won't get anywhere near a solution.

This is primarily about the power of Jewish Identity using black identity to browbeat whites with a combination of loopy ideology and obnoxious idolatry. Who spread this PC nonsense? Academia and media. And who dominate those? It sure ain't Eskimos. Arabs and Muslims may ask a similar question. After so many years of insane US foreign policy, why is 'Neo-Conservatism' still the guiding force. Russians may question also. Why after all the mess the US caused in Russia, Ukraine, and neighboring states, why is the US still in 'cold war' mode? What sense does it make? It makes no sense unless we factor in the role of Jewish Power. As Jews rule the US(and its allies and puppets, which are at least half the world), the policy of the US will be Judeo-Centric. So, what whites face in the US isn't all that different from what Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, Russians, Hungarians, and many others face around the world. Just like US foreign policy has backed, directly or indirectly, Al-Qaeda and ISIS fighters in Syria & Iraq and backed quasi-nazi elements in Ukraine, US domestic policy supports blacks, diversity, and white cucks against saner and prouder whites. Jewish Power has already used homo power to subvert and desecrate Christianity. As Jewish Power controls the US, both foreign and domestic policy is about Jews pitting one bunch of goyim against others.

Blacks, idiotic or not, don't own the media. They don't command the academia. They do have idolatrous value due to sports and pop music. But as most Americans have short memory and a mentality geared towards fads than heritage/history, relevance is accorded to whatever is hyped most. In other words, if Jewish Power hadn't hyped MLK, Mandela, tropes of American South = Nazism, Emmett Till cult, BLM, and Civil Rights narrative, most Americans wouldn't be as into blackness. Most people don't think or seek out truth on their own. They passively accept whatever is pushed down their throats in school or beamed at them through TV and other electronic gadgets. It's the 'passive passion' of couch-potatoes. Watch all these PC-addled TV shows and become charged with 'woke' outrage. And Jews have virtual monopoly control of those things.
And Jews do this not because they're so crazy about blacks. Jews know blacks are problematic. And most Jews, 'liberal' or otherwise, know all about IQ differences. Most Jews know they are smarter even though they won't admit it publicly. Jews pushed stop-and-frisk in NY for many years. Jews welcomed Bill Clinton as the new kind of Democrat who enacted tough law-and-order policies, all the while placating blacks with photo ops with black secret service men, lending the impression that white bubba loves black bubbas. True, Jews have a certain fascination for blacks as both groups have effectively subverted white America. Both groups have passion for basketball, a game Jews used to dominate when blacks were discriminated against. Jews took musical inspiration from blacks. Jews cashed in big time by controlling sports and music where blacks are prominent. Also, especially following WWII, many Jews sincerely sympathized with people who faced racial discrimination. That said, Jews privately know there are big differences between Jews and blacks. It's all there in the movie UNCUT GEMS. Brainy diamond merchants and monster-athletes & thugs.

Be that as it may, the real source of Jewish Power is control of whites, not blacks. By controlling blacks in sports and pop culture, Jews rake in lots of money. Also, Jews need some controls against black crime because it degrades quality of life. Still, if Jews controlled blacks but not whites, Jewish Power would diminish overnight. Blacks are good at 'cool' and 'badass' things but not most things. It's whites who are good at most things like managing, soldiering, engineering, and all the myriad things that make up civilization. Besides, whites are still the majority in the West. If blacks came to hate Jews but if whites still supported and served Jews, Jewish Power would be intact. But even if all blacks were servile to Jews but if whites gained independent spirit and racial identity/pride and refused to serve Jews, Jewish Power would effectively be over. Jewish Power can survive black hate and white love but not white hate and black love. White subservience to Jewish Power is the real key to Jewish Power and Hegemony.
This is why Jews use blacks to morally browbeat whites. It is to rob whites of pride, confidence, and sense of independence. It is to make whites feel that they owe something to Jews and blacks. If Jews stressed white moral debt to JEWS ONLY, it might come across as too greedy and self-centered. Also, Jews are mainly famous as comedians and they don't command the respect and awe of music stars and athletes, the demigods of our age. That is why Jews need this alliance with blacks. Of course, this is a risky move on the part of Jews. Insulting and humiliating whites can be effective. We certainly see a lot of white cucks and wussies on their knees kissing Jewish toes and washing black feet. But it can also lead to backlash. Whip a horse, and it will usually obey... but there's always the chance that it will get angry and kick the man with whip in the head. When the Saxon begins to hate...

This is why Jews use both sweetness and bitterness to manipulate whites. Jews offer up figures like Oprah and Obama. They promise a new age is dawning where all will be well if whites cozy up to Magic Negroes. Also, chants like 'diversity is our strength' gives the impression that diversity is the greatest gift to whites. More restaurants, more vibrancy, more excitement. It's all to add color and flavor to the white world. And whites are made to feel that black athletes are playing for white fans. So, if the NY team wins, the victory is for ALL New Yorkers, white ones too. And black celebrities are coached to say nice things about white folks once in awhile. To be role models for white kids.
But just in case such isn't enough to fool white folks, there is also the bitterness narrative. Whites have done terrible things in history, especially to holy Jews and magical blacks; therefore, whites are especially guilty and must atone. New generations of white kids must be taught that they are born with 'white privilege' made possible by white oppression and exploitation of Jews, blacks, and others(but mainly Jews and blacks as Jews don't want white remorse for Muslims and Arabs). And this is where PC 'wokeness' enters the discussion. 'Pokeness' for happy smiley feelies, and 'wokeness' for sad frowny faces.

So, this isn't about IQ, crime, or even ideology. Ideology comes with a certain logic, e.g. "if racial discrimination is wrong, then ALL racial discrimination is wrong." There is no inner logic to 'wokeness' except 'anything goes to make whites servile to Jews, morally and emotionally'.
If 'wokeness' is an ideology, it would raise questions not only about 'not enough blacks in ice hockey' but 'not enough whites, browns, yellows, hindus in NBA and NFL'. But the moral outrage is always about 'not enough blacks'. Likewise, 'too many Jews' is never an issue. Even in Hollywood, the issue is couched in terms of 'so-white', not 'so-Jew'. When Jews are not using the Holocaust or 'You are Nazi' card, they use the MLK and Jim Crow card. We know 'wokeness' as ideology is BS because Jews, blacks, and so-called 'progressives' hardly mutter "Palestinian Lives Matter" and, if anything, actively suppress BDS. Palestinians are resisting Zionist apartheid policies, but most Jews are okay with what Israel is up to. And blacks overlook the blatant ethnic oppression and discrimination. And white 'liberals' hail Jews and Israel and say nothing about violation of civil liberties of Palestinians.

So, 'wokeness' is really about idolatry of Jews and blacks. Blacks are crucial because Jews feel that blacks have special juice, voodoo power. In a world where masses are obsessed with sports and rap music has become global, blacks have become 'iconic'. Anatoly Karlin says even Russian TV is filled with blacks. US Wars for Israel have been killing countless Syrians, but no one in Europe cared. But George Floyd dies of drug OD under police custody, and countless people in US, Canada, and Europe go crazy like black jesus was killed. Just like people ignore most deaths(even those of relatives) but get all worked up over celebrity deaths, people ignore the sufferings and plights of most groups and only care for the special groups.
A group can be made special by media hype. Like the romanticism about the 'heroic Kurds'. But some groups have innate special qualities. Jews are especially adept with wit and brain power, blacks are dominant in sports and rhythm. Even though brains beats brawn in actual accumulation of power, brawn has idolatrous advantage over brains. Socrates and Aristotle were great minds, but we remember Ancient Greece through sculptures of muscular heroes. Jews own the NBA teams, but all the attention is fixed on the athletes. China is far away, but black NBA stars are among the biggest idols there. Europeans can't get enough of advertising with blacks. This is why Jews use blacks as the prominent faces and voices of 'wokeness'.
Blackness is also useful because of the wishful associative tendencies of the mind. Certain advantages or forms of superiority make people associate them with all-around superiority. If someone is good at accounting, you don't expect him to be good at everything. It's just a skill, a profession. But when someone is dominant in a 'popular' field, it rouses idolatrous feelings about him. The cultism around him makes people want to believe he is a superior being either capable of superhuman feats or deserving of all the love/money in the world. This isn't rational, but the human mind often works mythically. It's like lions are romanticized as something more than predators. They are seen as 'kings of the jungle', thus deserving to rule over nature. Whites feel this way about blacks due to black success in pop culture and sports, the two biggest obsessions of the modern West. So, whites believe blacks should be great or extra-deserving in everything. It's the 'logic' behind advertising. Any commercial product is created by researchers and manufactured by workers, and yet, a box of cereal, for example, is associated with some athlete who is offered millions. So, the actual people who make the product make less money than the athlete who had NOTHING to do with its creation and manufacture. And yet, people have no problem with this because the athlete is a star, and that means he deserves to have more than anyone else.
But rationally and factually speaking, just because blacks excel at rapping and dunking balls doesn't mean they are good at math, engineering, doctoring, accounting; it doesn't mean they are entitled to or deserving of trophies in every field. Now, people may rationally understand this, but they are usually emotional, sentimental, and 'mythic' than rational and factual. The irrational part of their being feels that the race of Muhammad Ali's, Tupacs, Long-Dong-Silvers, and MLK's(as blacks have booming voices) should have MORE, if not everything. But as it happens, fields such as sports and pop music are about winner-takes-all, and there are just few winners. It's like in pro-boxing, champions make most money, handful of top contenders make some money, and everyone else gets chump change. In basketball, few make it to NBA and all those 'promising' college players end up with nothing(like in HOOP DREAMS). But as white kids in countless numbers grow up time cheering for blacks as their heroes, they feel that blacks deserve more. And this is why it seems so unjust that blacks fail in so many areas. The hero is seen as deserving of adulation and tributes from all sides. Notice even 'socialists' aren't opposed to their famous celebrities and stars becoming ever richer. Now, when it comes to American Indians and brown 'Latinos', whites aren't so sentimental because those groups don't succeed in 'popular' fields; therefore, they don't seem 'heroically' deserving of MORE if not everything.

Jews understand this. They know about the sentimentality that accompanies white awe of black prowess as athletes, rappers, orators, sluts, and studs. Jews know white women try to sing black. They know white boys look to black rappers and athletes as top heroes. Jews know white girls got jungle fever and white boys got cuck worship. And this awe leads to white sentimentality because blacks don't do so well in all professions. In many areas, blacks downright suck. But because of the awe in the 'cool' areas, whites feel sentimental about black failure in other areas. When 'uncool' Mexicans fail in many areas, it's seen as par for the course: "Mexicans suck at 'cool' stuff, so why shouldn't they suck at everything?" But when 'cool' blacks fail in many areas, it's seen as an affront to white mythic adoration of blackness: "Cuz Blacks are so awesome in the coolest fields, it's totally unjust that they fail in many areas." And this sense of injustice and sentimentality leads to 'white guilt'.
Now, Occam's Razor answer to this problem is simple enough: "Blacks are better at muscle-fields but less good at mental-fields." But such is hard to swallow because success in 'popular' fields leads to a kind of cult-worship. Once a people are seen as demigods, it seems wrong to feel they are inferior in anything. It's like the thing with movie stars. Movie stars actually suck at most things but faking it. They are not particularly smart, they aren't all that physical. But they play 'cool' and 'badass' action stars in the movies, and countless audiences want to believe Sean Connery = 007 and Sylvester Stallone = Rocky/Rambo. The actor and his roles dissolve into a singularity. Rationally, anyone knows that the actor and the larger-than-life character he plays are not the same, but emotionally and viscerally, a kind of psychological fusion takes place. And something similar happens with white psychology about blacks. Black domination in 'popular' fields has led whites to fuse black prowess in sports/music with all-around prowess in just about everything. And this is why Jews can exploit white psychology so easily by making whites believe that the ONLY REASON awesome blacks haven't been awesome in all fields is due to the legacy of 'white privilege' and 'systemic racism'. Of course, one wonders why the legacy of 'racism' hasn't prevented blacks from dominating sports and pop music. How is it that natural black athleticism overcame 'racism', but natural black intellectualism cannot? But then, reasoning questions about god will be met with the rage of the rapturous. In this sense, blacks aren't so much the pawns on the chessboard but the bishop. Jewish Power uses blackness as a neo-religion for cucked whites.

Still, Jews are the brains behind it all. If the media and academia were in other hands and fostered more free discussion of facts, public perception and policy can change. So, how does one deal with Jewish Power? There are two ways. One way is to honestly and accurately discuss the truth of Jewish Power in the West with data, statistics, and the like. But should one be entirely objective in a polemical battle?
The other way is to do exactly what the Jews do. If Jews will use any group or any narrative to demean and undermine whiteness, then whites should do likewise to the Jews. Whites should defend, sentimentalize, and hype any group that can be effectively used to expose Jewish abuses, crimes, hypocrisy, and corruption. Whites can bring up the matter of all the Christian peasant folks fleeced by Jewish tax collectors. All the Slavs killed by Jewish communists. Palestinians who lost their homeland to Zionists. All the Arabs and Muslims killed by Wars for Israel. Whites can also use the black card. Jewish slavers were prominent in Brazil. Jewish agents ripped off countless black athletes and entertainers. Of course, Jews anticipate such attacks and invoke 'antisemitism' to smear anyone who dares to go on the counter-attack. In other words, Jews can smear whites, Russians, Iranians, Arabs, and etc. but no one better generalize about Jews. On the white right, a problem has been that many who have denounced Jewish Supremacism also defended white supremacism, making it easy for Jews to smear them as 'nazis', which some of them are. But if whites totally reject supremacism on their own side while attacking the obvious supremacism on the Jewish side, it can be effective, especially as the victims of Jewish supremacist violence have grown exponentially in the 21st century with Wars for Israel.

It's like THE GODFATHER PART 2. Sure, Rosato Brothers made the move on Frank Pantangeli, but who gave the go-ahead? Who gave the go-ahead to blacks to trash the white race? Big Media and Elite Academia are not controlled by blacks. And they aren't controlled by Eskimos. Anyway, UNLESS whites finally admit that Jewish Power is their nemesis and formulates a new political paradigm where whites unite with the likes of Palestinians, they won't have a chance. It's really that simple. When Jews beat whites with the black club but whites refuse to notice the Jewish hand holding the club, it's hopeless. But current reality is worse. Jews beat whites with the black club, but one bunch of whites, the 'liberals', bleat about Russia while another bunch of whites, the 'conservatives', whine about China. And I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel. So, if the white race is over, the future will really be about how non-whites face Jewish Power. But even when whites become minorities in the West, Jewish Power may remain strong because white cucks, 'right' and 'left', will continue to serve Jews for naive sincere reasons or craven cynical ones(as Jews got the money). America in year 2100. Whites are 30% of the population and serve Jews. The great majority of non-whites are too diverse and divided to form a united bloc against Jewish Power at the top that is served by whites. What a future.


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