Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Cynics and Sinners — The More Cynical You Are, the More You Need Saving as Sinner — The De-Sanctification of White Bodies to Make Whites Serve the Supremacist Power of Jews

It’s been oft-remarked that humans are naturally spiritual, religious, or magic-minded. Even people who know astronomy is a real science while astrology is superstition would rather dabble with the latter. It’s not only because real science is far more difficult and daunting than fanciful assumptions about how stars affect our fates. After all, there is much that is fantastic that doesn’t appeal to most people, at least not in any deep way. Kids may get into dungeons-and-dragons video-games but don’t much care about them after ‘game over’. Also, kids eventually grow out of Santa Claus myth about a fat old man in a flying sleigh who distributes gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world. While many people are drawn to the fantastic as means of escapism, they don’t seek nor find much meaning or depth in that stuff. So, when we say that humans are naturally ‘spiritual’ or ‘religious’, we don’t simply mean that they are drawn to outlandish fantasties. Rather, we mean people need to believe in the sacred or to experience holiness in certain figures and fables. Without this element in their lives, they feel empty and meaningless.

And by considering this aspect of human nature, we may better understand the Prog Paradox of the Cynic/Sinner Complex. This phenomenon especially applies to white(non-Jewish) progs. Jews and certain non-whites, especially blacks, are allowed self-worship and auto-sanctimony. If a secular Jew wants to feel holy-schmoly, he merely needs to invoke the Shoah or the Holy Holocaust and feel himself to be a member of the Eternal Victim People. And blacks, being emotionally crude and childlike, can easily be goaded into worshiping themselves as the Sacred Slavery Folks. The Cult of Christian Guilt/Conscience never affected Jewish Culture. Traditionally, Jews could feel guilty toward God or fellow Jews but almost never toward ‘dirty filthy goyim’. If anything, Jewish Culture stressed over and over that God’s laws and Jewish morality mattered only within the Tribe. Jews had no obligation to the rest of humanity that existed to ultimately serve Jews. So, it was permissible for Jews to cheat others IF it was good for the Jews, the Chosen of God.
Granted, not all Jews approved of such contemptuous attitude. Many secular Jews adopted universal Enlightenment principles. Some turned to socialism and world revolution. But in the end, even secular Jews concluded that Jews will always be Jews and the goyim will always be inferior in some ways(especially in intelligence, depth, wisdom, or will-to-power, wit-to-power, and cunning) or superior in other ways infuriating to Jews(whereupon Jews must seek to either destroy this threatening superiority or gain ownership over it): Jews found Aryan features to be superior in beauty, so they gained ownership over it by pornifying white society and reducing white beauty into a mere commodity that no longer belonged to the white race but could be bought and sold by the highest bidder. When white beauty was in noble race-ist mode, it belonged to the white race to maintain the organic unity of white men and white women who'd evolved as a single genetic-phenom for 10,000s of years. But once white society was altered with Jewish anti-race-ism, whiteness was no longer a sacred property of the white race but something to be bought and sold. As Jews gained control of media and entertainment(and vice industries), they turned white beauty into something to be traded like wheat and pork bellies. Today, Jews sell white beauty to black men while white men are reduced a bunch of pathetic cucks.
As for blacks, Jews noticed the Negroids have superior strength; Jewish athletes, even tough ones like Max Baer, were no match for Negro athletes; Sambo could destroy Samson. If a Jew faced off with a Negro, the latter would surely kick the former’s ass. BUT, what if Jews gained control of black bodies by ownership of sports and entertainment media? Thus, black bodies too were commoditized in the meat market controlled by Jews. Even so, there is a holiness attached to black bodies that is not with white bodies. Jews promote books like the one by Ta Nehisi Coates(aka The Nasty Coates) that wax spiritual about the tragedy of black bodies(at the hands of evil whites). So, even as Jews market black bodies as profitable meat in sports, music, dance, and pornography, they also allow for black bodily tragic dimension, especially in relation to North American slave trade. (Jews would rather not have us realize that the biggest slave trade was in Latin America, especially Brazil, and that Jews played a very big role in it.) This way, even as Jews economically exploit black bodies, they can pretend that they sympathize with the Holy Negroes and weep for their suffering under White ‘Racism’.
In contrast, even as White Bodies are also exploited by Jews as sex meat — Jewish men see white girls as ‘shikse whores’, and Jewish women delight in Jewish men and black men abusing & degrading white women because they envy the superior beauty of Aryan women — , they aren’t allowed any tragic dimension(unless they are martyred in confrontation with something like Nazism, as in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN; white bodies gain a bit of holiness only when combating White Evil). All those whites battered, beaten, robbed, raped, and murdered by stronger & more aggressive blacks in the US and South Africa aren’t allowed a moment of grace or sympathy. Jews know what white people are capable of IF THE SAXON IS AWAKENED.

It was not preached to the crowd.
It was not taught by the state.
No man spoke it aloud
When the Saxon(or English)began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.
It will not swiftly abate.
Through the chilled years ahead,
When Time shall count from the date
That the Saxon(or English) began to hate.

When Jews in the Weimar Period pushed Germans too far, it led to rise of National Socialism and the terrifying war on the Jews. When the Japanese pulled a sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, the American Saxon finally awoke and killed millions of 'Japs'. When Anglo-Americans heard about the massacre in Alamo, they got riled up and went about smashing the Mexican military and taking huge chunks of land. Jews know that there’s no greater rage than Moral Rage. It is when people feel tragic about themselves or their own kind that they can become most angry and mete out the greatest kind of violence to their enemies. If violence against a people is denied a tragic dimension, it just seems unpleasant and nasty, not necessarily sacrilegious and outrageous. It’s like the destruction of a church seems worse than the destruction of any random building. A church is supposed to be a holy place. A destruction of a great work of art feels far worse than the destruction of some random painting of little value. We think of great works of art as priceless. To destroy them is to destroy something quasi-sacred. And there was a time when white people regarded their own bodies as blessed with holiness. So, the idea of non-whites killing a bunch of whites seemed outrageous to whites. The unholy act of desecration had to be dealt with and corrected. Even if dead white bodies couldn’t be resurrected, white honor had to be restored through vengeance against the destroyers of the white body. When Jews in Weimar Germany abused and exploited so many German people(especially the women) as pieces of meat on the sex market, German men and women said enough is enough. They turned virulently anti-Jewish. And when Japan struck Pearl Harbor in a sneak attack and killed thousands of white people, enraged White America was outraged and felt it had to teach the vicious yellows a lesson. In a way, America’s Pacific War was like a White Riot against the yellow desecration of white. (Likewise, the reason why the Japanese were so traumatized by defeat was they didn’t see their nation as just a political entity but as the sacred land of the gods. Just like Jews needed to de-sacralize white bodies in order to gain control over white souls, the US needed to de-sacralize Japan[and its spiritual relation with the Emperor] into a soulless & plastic economic zone in order to gain control over Japan. Thus, Japan just became one big factory and marketplace, and its women became a bunch of whores for the globo-marketplace.) A people feel moral(and even spiritual)outrage against their enemies when they believe in the holiness of their race and bodies. They see their own people and culture as a Temple than as a mere bazaar. In order for Jews to gain power over whites, they had to de-sacralize white bodies into mere matter and then to 'toxify' it with 'white guilt'; thus, whites feel filth but not faith in their own bodies. Jews went about doing this by associating white beauty with Nazism and ‘racism’/slavery. Jews said National Socialism was an Aesthetic Movement to preserve Aryan Beauty. Thus, any ideology that values white beauty as something holy is evil. (Ironically, globalists value blackness above other racial traits for aesthetic reasons. They are addicted to black muscle, dongs & butts, and voice. A kind of Afro-'Aryanism' informs much of globo-homo cult, even with the bung of Milo.) White beauty may be appreciated but only as a commodity to be bought and sold, especially by Jews, non-white races, and blacks. Jews also re-interpreted American Southern History as one of white men using racial discrimination to preserve white beauty and white womanhood from challenges posed by black men equipped with harder muscles and bigger dongs. So, any white male attempt to keep white women and preserve white beauty was(and is) evil and ‘racist’. White beauty may be white, but it must no longer belong as a sacred property of the white race. It must exist to be bought or taken by other races. White race must become like a Dairy Cow to be milked by the World. It used to be white teats produced milk for white kids. Now, white teats are to be milked by all the world, especially Jews of course who take creme dela creme for themselves: White Elite Power must serve Jewish Globo-Homo interests.

Because whiteness has lost its sacred dimension, it no longer seems tragic for whites to suffer, especially at the hands of non-whites. In the past, when blacks raped white women or killed white men, white folks got together to teach the Nasty Negro a lesson(like the 'Japs' were taught a lesson for Pearl Harbor). How dare the Nasty Negro violate the sacred bodies of white women or white men? But today, PC has instructed countless people that black lives are holy — Black Lives Matter — whereas white lives are just commodities. So, it doesn’t matter how many white lives are robbed, beaten, raped, or murdered by blacks. It doesn't matter that white inmates in prisons are routinely anal-raped by monstrous 'groids'. We must pretend that the mayhem isn’t happening OR that it’s no big deal since it’s happening to lame white people(who probably deserve it). (Consider the attitude of Sarah Jeong, the yellow dog mind-poisoned by the Jews. Just like South Koreans in the past were trained by the US to kill and torture Vietnamese, Korean-American yellow dogs are now trained by Jews to bark and bite at whitey. Jews know yellows are servile dogs that always obey the Top Power.) Indeed, because white bodies no longer have sacred value while black bodies have much sacred value, white women feel that their wicked white bodies have value only when taken by black men and impregnated with black seed; and white boys cuck out to this new racial dynamics because they believe whiteness is just ‘white bread’ and exist to serve the Holy Three: Jews, blacks, and homos; nothing would make these cucky-wuck boys happier than to see the next James Bond be a Negro. (White bodies also gain special pokemon points IF they take homo penises up their bungs: Poopjobs.) Because of the Slavery Narrative — even though slavery was universal, the only worthy victims of the Slavery Narrative are blacks of North America — and Shoah Narrative, black and Jewish bodies are seen as holy and sacred. It’s like Jesus’ body was made especially sacred by the Narrative of the Crucifixion. TV shows like ROOTS & THE HOLOCAUST and movies like AMISTAD & SCHINDLER’S LIST — and all those shows with Wonderful Jews and Magic Negroes — created the impression that No Peoples suffered so nobly, tragically, and beautifully as the Jews and Negroes. For most people, Seeing(TV)-Is-Believing. Jews understand the Psychology of Tragedy and how it relates to the Sense of the Sacred. A people are appalled by desecration of the sacred but don’t much care about destruction of non-sacred things. Why do Hindus react violently to non-Hindus mistreating cows in India? To Hindus, cows possess a certain sacred essence. In MCCABE & MRS. MILLER, even the whores and ne’er-do-wells try to save the church when it’s on fire.

Jews know that a people are most empowered when they see their own kind and their own shared property(especially the homeland territory) as (1) sacred and (2) belonging to themselves. A people are bound to be far more furious and outraged when their own kind is attacked IF they regard themselves as special and united in that specialness. After all, that’s been the bedrock of Jewish Power. Jews regarded themselves as not just another tribe but a special Tribe with the Covenant. The Chosen People. This made them feel holy about themselves. Also, even in exile, Jews regarded the Holy Land as sacred because God gave it to them. Many peoples got beaten and crushed so many times in history, but Jews took their setbacks with greater sense of tragedy because they regarded their bodies as holy and ‘chosen’. Also, while Jews were hardly the only people exiled from their homeland, Jews never forgot it because they maintained the Narrative of how God had given it to them and to them only. If Jews hadn't had such feelings about themselves, they would have been just another Tribe. But because of this auto-sense of sacredness, Jews never forgot their self-chosen destiny in history and the world. Naturally, Jews don’t want non-Jews to think likewise because it will mean competition in the Holiness Sweepstakes. After all, holiness isn’t democratic. In every religion and tradition, some things are holy, most things are not, and some things are marked as wicked. And even among holy things, some things are holier than others. Crucifix is holier than rosary to Catholics. So, if Jews are to be a holy people, non-Jews must be made either less holy, unholy, or downright evil. After all, could the Zionist project have succeeded beyond its wildest dreams IF Palestinians had been made equally holy? If whites in the US and EU saw Palestinians as equally holy as Jews, would they have supported the Nakba pogroms of 1948? Would there be such a deafening silence among most Americans concerning the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza IF they regarded Palestinian lives as just as precious as Jewish lives? Of course not. This is why the Politics of Holiness can never be egalitarian. It must deem certain peoples and narratives as holier than others. White silence about dead Palestinians is similar to white silence about dead whites(especially those killed by blacks[directly] and by Jews[indirectly] — blacks often rob, attack, and murder whites, whereas Jews use Wars for Israel, opioid addiction, gambling, and other vice industries to destroy whites indirectly, like all those American Indians killed indirectly by alcohol). Whites don’t care about Palestinian bodies for the same reason they don’t care about white bodies. In the Jewish-controlled West, white bodies and Palestinian bodies are not holy. They are just bodies. Palestinian bodies are usually associated with ‘terrorism’, and white bodies are usually associated with ‘nazism’, ‘white supremacism’, ‘far right’, and also ‘terrorism’. Even though it’s the Jews who de-sanctified the white body and insult whiteness(just like Jews defamed and destroyed Palestinian bodies), whites worship and serve Jews while hating on Palestinians. Why? Because human nature worships the sacred, even when it attacks your kind; and human nature attacks the ‘unholy’, even when it’s in the same straits as your kind. Imagine a monarchy where the king is deemed divine. You revere the king as special while seeing yourself as merely ordinary. Indeed, while the king possesses autonomy of value — he has value just for being what he is and serving his own needs — , you possess no such and your value only derives from serving the divine king. Now, suppose this king mistreats you. And suppose he mistreats another lowly servant. Shouldn’t you, as a lowly mistreated servant, identify with the other servant who is being exploited and kicked around? You would IF you regarded the king as just another person. You might ask yourself, "Why does that a**hole get to push me around? And that other servant too?" But what if you do regard the king as divine? Then, you’d believe the great king has the right to make demands on you, judge you, and punish you. After all, you exist to serve him. And if the king gets angry at another servant and kicks him around, you naturally side with the king because he is great while the other servant is just another lowly body. Even though you yourself is a lowly servant, you want to prove that you’re the best servant there is and win the approval of the divine king. So, upon seeing the king mistreat another servant, you egg on the king while hurling abuse at the terror-stricken servant. It’s the Politics of Status, especially when the higher-above is regarded as holier(than merely rich and powerful). In our world, people want to climb the ladder and serve someone higher. Still, if one is serving a rich white person, there is no special aura to one’s service to him. It’s just a matter of worker serving the boss. But, if the higher-up is Jewish, there is an added element of holiness. By golly, you’re serving a Holy Jew. Now, we know why it was so delicious for John McCain and other such cucks to be serving Jews. They felt as loyal dogs before their holy masters. As Jews came to be the Holy Holocaust people, brainless cucks like John McCain could easily be manipulated into believing they were doing something especially noble because they were doing whatever it takes to appease the agenda of the Holy Jews, the people of infinite wisdom and tragedy. Then, we know why John McCain felt zero sympathy for Palestinians and other Muslims. (He only felt programmed-selective-sympathy for those Muslims who were willing to collaborate with Zionists to destroy much of the Muslim world. So, if Jews informed John McCain that Jihadi terrorist types in Iraq and Syria were ‘freedom fighters’ on the side of ‘democracy’, he went along because doing so would please Jews, the holy people).
According to the Bible, God often punishes the Jews like He punishes non-Jews. In the Old Testament, the oft-angry God kills lots of Jews and goyim. Given that all humans, Jews and non-Jews, suffered under God, why don’t Jews side with non-Jews against God? Because God is holy. And Jews can gain a measure of holiness of themselves ONLY THROUGH the blessing of God. So, Jews try to appease God and win His approval by presenting themselves as the best servants of God. While Jews fear God, it’s not only a matter of power. After all, power is simply might-is-right. It can be magical but it’s not holy. The holy must be righteous and blessed. And according to Judaism, God isn’t merely powerful but holy and good. So, even if God sometimes bashes Jews, there must be a good reason, and it is the duty of Jews to atone and regain His grace. So, just because God punishes Jews and non-Jews, it doesn’t mean Jews should empathize with non-Jews as the fellow-victims of God. Rather, they should seek to grow closer to God so that He will favor Jews as His favorite servants, the Chosen. Similar kind of logic prevails among the goy cucks of Jews. Due to the Holy Holocaust Narrative, these cucks don’t see Jewish power as merely powerful but as holy. They see Jews as the race of New Messiahs. Supposedly, the Shoah crucified the entire Jewish Race that emerged from the ashes of WWII as virtually the second coming of Jesus. Since Jews are holy, they must be perfect. So, even when Jews do bad things to whites, maybe whites deserve it because they are no longer a holy people.
Indeed, PC has successfully impugned the history of white holiness as ‘racist’ and ‘supremacist’. In the past, when whites did everything possible to defend white lands, preserve white beauty(by keeping white women together with white men and having kids together), promote white pride, and defend white honor, they had to favor their own kind as special and holier than other races and peoples. So, American Indians had to be removed to make way for the white man. And black prowess had to be suppressed as a threat to white manhood because black men are more muscular and have bigger dongs. And whites had to mete out ultra-violence against any people who dared to mess with divine white people. So, if Mexicans dared to massacre the gringos at Alamo, they would be crushed without mercy. If the yellow ‘Japs’ dared to attack the US, Japan would be crushed, and Japanese-Americans would be ‘interned’. And if a bunch of commie Jews sent atomic secrets to Stalin, they would be captured and fried on the electric chair. In order for the white race to be divine, whites had to favor whiteness over non-whiteness.
It was difficult for Jews to gain mastery over white people when whites saw their own kind as most sacred, not least because they, as Christians, felt they were the favored of God, especially as the White West spread the Faith all over the world. Jews didn’t seek equality with whites. Jews sought to take the Divinity-Rights from whites. After all, how could Jewish Power gain supremacy if Jews only sought equality-of-human-value, especially when they were a small minority? How could Jews create Israel IF the world were to regard Zionists and Palestinians equally? The great powers had to favor Zionists over Palestinians, and in order for this to happen, Jews had to be regarded as the Holier People. And it was precisely because Jews had more respect and reverence than Arabs in the Western Mind that Jews were able to pull off the Zionist project by gaining support from great white powers. But that was just a rehearsal for a much bigger project: To gain power over all white folks and all white lands. Since Jews didn’t have the numbers to conquer and take over the white world physically, they had to do it psychologically, or psycho-‘spiritually’. They had to manipulate white minds into regarding Jews as a people as holy as whites. And then, Jews had to make whites believe that Jews are holier than whites because of the Holy Holocaust. And then, Jews had to make whites believe that whiteness isn’t holy but wicked and in need of atonement, mainly by cucking out to holy Jews. And to really humiliate whiteness, Jews had to promote blackness as the other great holiness next to Jews. Whites had to cuck out to Jews and blacks. White elites had to serve Jewish globalist-hegemonists, and white masses had to cheer for black athletes and surrender their women to black men. And then, to finally destroy Christianity once and for all, Jews promoted Homomania as the neo-religion of the West. Jewish Media made homos(and even trannies) another Holy People.

Now, we know why Jews were so obsessed about the field of psychology in the 20th century. A people who can’t be conquered in body can be conquered in mind. And then, the body will follow as it is dictated by the mind. After all, how did Christianity conquer Rome? It’s not like ragtag Christians defeated the Roman Military. No, Christian psycho-‘spiritualists’ had a way of telling stories, spreading symbols, manipulating minds, and winning over souls. Body may be strong, but it obeys the commands of the mind. Jews pulled the same stunt in the 20th century. Even though Jews admired the great feat of Christians(whose early proselytizers were mostly Jewish), they hated the fact that Christianity passed the righteous authority of God over to the gentiles. Thus, even as non-Jews were mentally conquered by Christianity, they became empowered by the authority of God and gained moral power over Jews. As the Gospels say Jews killed Jesus the Son of God, Christian Converts didn’t see Jews as the Holy People of the Book but the stingy Tribe that refused to share God with humanity and even went so far as to kill the Son of God whose mission was to bless all of humanity. For this reason, Jews have always hated Christianity and never gave up their long-term agenda of destroying it for good. And they finally succeeded in the 21st century by elevating Homomania as the neo-religion of the West. Today, an average person in the West finds a homo’s fecal-smeared penis holier(and rainbow-like) than Jesus. If anything, Jews have used homo-pervert-agents to festoon Christian churches with homo colors, as if to suggest that Jesus’ main message to mankind is ‘a homo dick up the anus’ and ‘tranny turning his penis into a fake pussy’ are the main reasons why he sacrificed himself for mankind. Jews are cackling among themselves at how easily the white shmucks and shikses fell for the Jewish shtick with the shekels and schmaltz. And to bring about such transformation, whites had to be addicted to the Dumb Culture of Youthful Impatience and Mindless Hedonism. Those with infantile minds can be manipulated far more easily than those with strong values and deep faith. Infantile clods demand instant-answers, whether it’s the idiot-patriotism of chanting USA USA USA at sporting events or imbecile-deliverance of worshiping Oprah, Obama, or Homos as the new messiahs. So many shallow souls cut off from roots, family, history, & heritage(and addicted to pop culture, drugs, hook-up sex, & celebrity-mania) were bound to be easily manipulated by fiendish Jews who know how to read and manipulate minds.

Now, a certain curtailing of white holiness wasn’t a bad thing. Indeed, few things are as awful as radical self-worship. When a people come to regard themselves too highly, they become blind to the suffering and dehumanization of others. It was wrong for white Americans to take part in the slave trade and use blacks as chattel labor in the South. And there was another side to the ‘Remember the Alamo’. In fact, the US was the aggressor manipulating events to take over the SW territories from lazy and mediocre Mexicans. And the yellow journalism of William Randolph Hearst exploited the theme of sacred white bodies to ignite a war that Spain did not want. False stories were spread about white American women being stripped naked and abused by swarthy Spanish brutes. Also, so-called American 'liberators' instigated a war in Philippines where things spiraled out of control and unleashed hell on earth. And the US-Japan conflict in the Pacific was really a contest between two forms of self-worship. White Americans though they should rule the Pacific, and the Japanese thought they should. Both sides were too full of themselves to recognize their own hypocrisies and arrogance. Japanese, increasingly into self-worship as the rightful divine rulers of Asia, couldn’t see how much harm they were causing all around. And the US failed to understand its role(along with the UK) in encouraging the rise of an aggressive Japan(mainly to counter Russia). Also, it was rather amusing that the US would be championing China against Japanese aggression when its own attitude toward China had been hostile and contemptuous. If anything, until the embargo, the US had been one of the main enablers of Japanese aggression in Asia, and US culture was filled with stereotypes of the fiendish Chinaman. As long as Japan served as a bulwark against the USSR and checked the rise of China, it had been useful enough to the US & UK. But when Japanese got overly ambitious as the rightful Asian hegemon, tensions increased and led to the Pacific War. But both Japan and White America couldn’t see their own moral flaws because they were so full of self-worship. Japanese arrogance was two-fold. As the holy Yamato race, they were supposedly better than other Asians and fit to rule over them. But as ‘fellow Asians’, they were supposedly the generous brother and comrades of all yellow peoples. This contradiction between ethno-supremacism and pan-Asian-camaraderie was never resolved because the Japanese were too full of themselves. But White America was also blinded by too much power and racial narcissism. According to the US narrative, Pearl Harbor was truly wicked and venal. But in fact, the US had pulled off moral equivalents of Pearl Harbor many times over in Asia(and with Mexico and Latin America). The US war in Philippines was many times worse than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, the US and other imperialist powers had used all kinds of brutal means to pacify Chinese resistance since the 19th century. And the US had aided Japan’s bloody aggression into Asia. But what did it matter as long as the dead bodies belong to the Filipinos or Chinese who weren't deemed sacred? As long as holy white America and divine Japan(as a kind of honorary white nation) had a gentlemen’s agreement to divvy up the Pacific, neither side was bound to be very self-aware of their moral hypocrisies. But the craziest kind of self-worship was that of Nazi Germany(and later that of Jewish globo-homo supremacism). That was radical self-worship gone utterly bonkers. It’s one thing to defend one’s race, territory, and heritage. It’s one thing to love one’s own people and appreciate everything associated with tradition and blood-and-soil. Nazi German self-love didn’t end there. It turned into the most extreme kind of cultish self-worship of one’s race as the superior breed. Just like a person who’s excessively filled with self-regard cannot regard the worth of other individuals, a people into excessive self-worship cannot appreciate other peoples. It was Racial Diva-ism. And this most dark side of Nazi Germany revealed itself in its imperialist wars and genocidal massacres. Indeed, what was truly frightening about the Shoah was it went far beyond revenge. German feeling of revenge toward Jews was understandable given the Jewish role in Bolshevism and degenerate Weimar Period. But vengeful rage eventually burns out. It’s like Russians felt vengeful rage and carried out horrors in Germany, but eventually the hatred abated. And White America felt vengeful rage toward the ‘Japs’ and went about destroying much of Japan. But once the war ended, the animus gradually subsided. In contrast, Nazi German policy toward Jews went beyond revenge. Radical Nazi German self-worship not only failed to recognize the humanity of Jews but came to identify Jews as the source of all evils against the Aryans. But the Nazi moral argument against Jews didn’t make much sense. What’s the point of condemning Jewish supremacism IF your side is pushing a supremacism of its own? The only sensible moral argument would have been to condemn Jewish supremacism and viciousness while, at the same time, pledging not to engage in your own supremacist projects. But, even as Nazi Germans condemned the Jewish Agenda of World Hegemony and supremacism, their strategy wasn’t all that different. Indeed, the Nazis embodied much of the evils they identified in Jews. They were invasive, imperialist, contemptuous, and exploitative of other peoples. Indeed, the main point of Nazism seemed to be that, whereas Jews had no right to conquer and rule the world, the Germans apparently did. Why? Seemingly because Jews are ugly and Nibelungen-like whereas Germans are tall, handsome, and magnificent. Since Jews are ugly and craven, they can only take over the world by fraud and deception whereas the noble and tough Germans can take over the world like great warriors. Alberich vs Seigfried.
Better to be invaded by eagles and wolves than by rats and weasels. But ask the peoples who experienced Nazi conquest in Poland and Russia, and being mauled by wolves and clawed by eagles is hardly more pleasant than being gnawed by rats and bitten by weasels. The National Socialists had a chance, but they blew it because Hitler was pathological and driven by radical racist theories. National Socialists could have denounced Jewish Bolshevism and Jewish bad behavior during Weimar years and offered a sounder alternative to the world. They could have presented themselves as honorable nationalists who oppose communism, finance capitalism, and cultural degeneracy. Regarding Jews, they could have done two things. Expel them or, better yet, forge an alliance with good patriotic German Jews while dispossessing the bad ones who fleeced Germany, spread cultural degeneracy, or promoted communism during the Weimar years. But worse, Germany failed to stick with principles of nationalism and instead lurched into the imperialist project in the very heart of Europe, setting off another political earthquake even more devastating than World War I. But to the very end, pathological Hitler and his cohorts couldn’t understand why they failed. Hitler just blamed the others because he was blinded by worship of the self and the volk. He was too full of himself as the Man of Destiny to see what a reckless degenerate gambler he really turned out to be. His failure obviously couldn’t be blamed on him because he was just so very great. And why should he feel remorse for the Germanic invasions of Slavic lands and the massacres? After all, weren’t the Germanic Aryans the ubermensch, the people most sacred and fit to rule the world? The example of Nazism goes to show the dangers of self-worship when it becomes radical and crazy.

And so, it was not a bad thing for White self-regard to be tempered by criticism from both within and without. And if there was a valuable lesson from the Vietnam War, it was the realization that White America isn’t always right simply because ‘Cowboys should beat the Indians’. Furthermore, if the Pacific War had at least been triggered by real Japanese aggression(and had great emotional support from Americans), White America failed to come up with a compelling reason as to why Americans should really risk life and limb in Vietnam and kill countless 'gooks'. Gulf of Tonkin Incident, a kind of faked mini-Pearl-Harbor to engage American emotions in the war effort, was bogus. As Vietnamese bodies piled up, the American excuse for the war made increasingly less sense. There was something about saving South Vietnam from communism, but if so many people in the South really loathed invasion from the North, why didn’t they take up arms and resist? Why didn’t they support the government that had to be propped up by US forces? Whether North Vietnam and Viet Cong were good or bad, one thing was clear. People in the South didn’t have the will to fight to defend the existing order that could survive only with massive US military presence(that was resented by many Vietnamese patriots). Some white Americans may have supported the war out of feelings of revenge. After all, they saw white Americans dying and coming home in body bags. So, why not go get the ‘gooks’? But even this argument didn’t work. At least, Japan attacked the US. North Vietnam never attacked the US. If anything, the US military was in Vietnam. Also, if the US vs Japan was a simple case of whites vs yellows, the Vietnam War was sold to the American public as noble white Americans defending wonderful yellows from commies. On the one hand, the Vietnam War seemed like a ‘kill the gook’ affair, but it was billed as ‘save the good gook from the bad gook’, which really complicated matters. Anyway, as awful as the whole affair turned out to be, one of the positive outcomes of the war was the awareness that, in certain world affairs, ethical issues are far more complicated than ‘Cowboys and Indians’. Vietnam War couldn’t be explained by John Wayne’s GREEN BERETS.
But the Vietnam War proved to be morally instructive for the Left as well. So many naive idiots on the Left had romanticized the North Vietnamese and Viet Cong as salt-of-the-earth saint-warriors. They were so sure that once the US pulled out, Vietnam would become some kind of socialist paradise. While it’s true that North Vietnamese soldier and Viet Cong were patriots and tough warriors, their communism wasn’t going to be a picnic. So, following the war, just about everything fore-warned by anti-communists came to be realized. Vietnam came under Marxist-Leninist tyranny, and as for Cambodia, its horrors went beyond even the wildest ‘paranoid’ fantasies of the most hardline anti-communists. So, the Vietnam War proved to be a sobering event for both the Right and the Left. The Right realized that it’s stupid to see the world in terms of Good Guys(our side) and Bad Guys(the commies). The world is not always that simple. As for the Left, it ended up with eggs on its face with the Boat People fiasco, reports of gulags in Vietnam, and the horror in Cambodia. In the end, the so-called Vietnam Syndrome was good for both the Right and the Left in the US. It urged caution in militarily engaging in other nations; it also urged against childish idealism that was common on the Left. If the Right erred by thinking Cowboys could fix any problem, the Left erred by thinking the Indians were the Real Good Guys. In the end, the Vietnamese Communists(yellow Indians) proved they could be nasty and brutal, and Cambodian communists proved how utterly crazy a totalitarian system can be.
Given the lessons of Vietnam, one would think the US would have valued the Vietnam Syndrome as necessary medicine for a mature empire that should be cautious(and wiser) with its power around the world. And you’d think the American Left would have grown wiser too. But it didn’t happen that way. Increasingly, the Vietnam Syndrome came to be regarded as a disease and evil curse than medicine and good lesson. Not only were there idiot movies like RAMBO, but, as the Cold War wound down, there were new policy experts saying the US could fight and win all future wars with the assurance of No-More-Vietnams. With the Soviet Union having thrown in the towel, the US as the lone superpower was apparently unstoppable. And supposedly all the lessons had been learned and all the problems fixed. All future wars would be winnable and efficiently executed. Why the sudden war fever? US elite power fell into the hands of Jews and Zionists, and they were hellbent on more Vietnams in the Middle East, except that the US would win all of them handily under the guidance of brilliant globocrats. We all know of the result of these New Vietnams. Hardly what anyone would call successes.
As for the Left, the hope for sobriety and maturity was soon lost. The rise of Political Correctness and Globo-Homo Degeneracy led to the Left allying with mega-Jew-run corporations and the Deep State to push a new kind of radicalism divorced utterly from classic leftist themes and serious thought. Since the Left couldn’t gain power through a Working Class Revolution or Third World Rebellion(and given that Jewish Leftists, the leaders of the movement, got tired of working class dummies and people-of-color idiots while becoming addicted to massive rise in Jewish privilege and wealth), it figured it was more fun to join the Power, especially when so many Jews actually had taken power from the Wasp elites. As Jews took over the elite institutions of power and created newly dominant industries(especially in finance & high-tech and amassed huge fortunes by normalizing vice industries such as gambling), it wasn't a matter of Jews compromising with the powers-that-be. It became a matter of Jews becoming the new powers-that-be, and if anything, non-Jews had to compromise their own values and principles in order to be allowed into the Jew-world of globo-homo power. Sure, Jews kept up with some of the leftist rhetorical flourishes about the workers and the have-nots, but year after year, the New Power came to fixate more on elite-privilege than the People. For example, all the cult of Diversity was essentially about forming an alliance among Jewish elites, white elites, black elites, yellow elites, brown elites, and etc. It was (Fareed)Zakaria-ism. By invoking Diversity, the elites could justify their own privilege by showcasing how their world of power and privilege is oh-so-inclusive, goo. So, it didn’t matter that society became generally less equal and that the rich got richer. The fact is the New Power had token diversity of blacks, yellows, browns, Hindus, and etc., and that apparently meant that The Power was 'fair' and 'just'. Diversity wasn’t about promoting greater equality for all peoples regardless of power. It was about justifying elite wealth and privilege by showcasing that the upper ranks are diverse. So, it’s okay if billionaires get richer and richer if they spread the wealth around to guys like Obama(who got a $60 million book deal). Another major theme of Globo-Homo elite supremacism was Homomania. The Jewish elites made Homos(and even trannies) the poster-children of New Progressivism, and this was even more advantageous than Diversity-ism to the Elites because no people are as obsessed with vanity, privilege, and power as the Homos are. Emancipate and Elevate the Homos, and all they will do is stick around fancy cities and cater to the rich, privileged, and narcissistic. Homos spread diva-ism. Homo Diva-ism + Diversity = Divarsity. Homos are gushy-wushy ass-kissers of the rich and powerful; this is nothing new as the history of the Aristocracy has been about homo artisans making nice fancy things for the rich and powerful. Who do you think made all those powdered wigs for the French aristocrats? It was the fancy-pants fruitkins.
And so, the hope of a more sober and mature Left went up in flames. The Real Left vanished as it was body-snatched by a new bogus ‘leftism’ that justified Elite Privilege with displays of Diversity Tokenism(where the likes of Zakaria kissed the asses of the Empire of Judea, or EOJ) and blessed Elite Power with diva-like homo ‘rainbow’ colors. You see, we shouldn’t care about how Amazon.com is all about super-oligarch Jeff Bezos lording over his underpaid minions. Instead, we should praise him to high heaven because he doles out huge sums to promote Homomania as a neo-religion. And we should honor him for using Washington Post to further the interests of the Deep State that takes orders from the ‘minocracy’(or rule by minority-elites) of Jewish-Globalists. Deep Pockets and Deep State, they go hand in hand by the twisted logic of ‘new leftism’. Worse, the fact that patriots and nationalist continue to refer to such super-powerful people as ‘leftists’ only helps the globalist oligarchy because it creates the false impression that the Elites are for the People. True Leftism has been about People Power, and all successful modern movements had a noble leftist as well as sacred rightist element. If nationalists and patriots had real sense, they would take the mantle of leftism and declare that they represent the fusion of both the left and the right. Instead, they keep calling globalist oligarchs, Jewish ultra-supremacists, and their Deep State minions the ‘left’, creating an impression that Globalism is all about People Power of the downtrodden.

Anyway, white people are not allowed to have autonomous value like Jews and blacks do(especially). Their bodies are not sacred. Jews insist on this because, if whites regarded their own bodies as sacred, they would go into ‘Remember the Alamo’ or ‘Day of Infamy’ mode upon perceiving harm to white bodies. They would be outraged at the notion of their enemies, especially non-whites, massacring or committing atrocities against whites. What is John Ford’s THE SEARCHERS about? It’s about a white man who is driven to rage because of violations committed against what he deems to be sacred white bodies. (Why do Muslims react violently to desecration of Muhammad? He is sacred to them, and defiling his name or image isn’t merely an insult but an infamy. Even crazy Negroes who believe in nothing get all wild and angry when someone says something about their mama, the one person dear to them.) Ethan(John Wayne) is outraged that Red Savages raped and mutilated white women, especially ones dear to him. And he wants to save a white girl from the Red Savages before she is turned into their sexual property who gives birth to half-breed Braves who will wage war on whites. His sense of outrage is nobly race-ist because he doesn’t just see white bodies as instruments of white power but as temples of white sacredness. Indeed, one of the justifications of White Imperialism was that whites have a sense of sacred White Worth whereas non-whites just see their own kind as cannon-fodder and chattel. Of course, in truth, white civilizations used tons of white folks as mere cannon fodder too. Consider how soldiers are used in the famous battle scene in BARRY LYNDON.

They’ve been trained to walk straight into rows and rows of gunfire. Still, ideally at least, Christian and later Enlightenment ethos instilled white folks with the idea that each and every white person is an individual with a unique soul and has value as a member of the most advanced race and culture in the world. So, even though all peoples sacrificed large numbers in wars and revolutions, white elites seriously grieved over their own dead as fellow tribesmen whereas non-white elites just saw their own fallen as expendable dirt. The narrative about the Greeks vs Persians would have us believe that Greek warriors regarded themselves as free men fighting for their independence whereas the Persian army was filled with slave-soldiers who just took orders from above.
This ‘we care for our kind as sacred’ vs ‘they treat their own kind like dirt’ dichotomy was used even in white-vs-white wars. So, in World War I, Anglos and Americans were led to believe that they fight for freedom and honor whereas the Germanic ‘Huns’ just fight out of mindless obedience to tyranny. And whereas Anglos and Americans care for their own fallen, the wicked ‘Huns’ don’t care how many of their own kind die. And similar themes were used in World War II. We’ve all seen movies and TV shows where Americans go out of their way to save their own — like in SAVING PRIVATE RYAN — whereas Germans will even kill their own to gain an advantage. In so many TV shows, American soldiers will lay down their weapons to save one of their own who is held hostage by Germans, but when roles are reversed, the Germans will shoot the German hostage and then the American. Of course, Germans saw things differently. After all, Nazism operated on the premise that German Aryans were infinitely more precious and valuable than the subhuman Russian Slavs, i.e. Germans deserved to win because they regard themselves and treat each other as members of a Noble Race whereas the Slavic order is all about tyrants treating their own kind like serf-like cattle who sheepishly accept their own inferior lot. If the Slavic way is to be slave, then why shouldn’t the Slavs be lorded over by Germans? After all, wasn’t the Russian Empire replaced by the Soviet Empire that had Stalin and Jews rule over Slavs as a slave-race? (Granted, the Soviet Line was that communism values all people as equal comrades whereas Nazi-Fascism is all about capitalist tyranny secured by stooge-demigods such as Mussolini and Hitler. Nazism had difficulty arguing that Soviet Union must be destroyed because it was about tyranny and equality. Both? Apparently, Jewish communists needed to be destroyed because they were tyrannical and egalitarian at once. And Slavs needed to be destroyed because they were slavish and demanding of equality.) If Slavs must be slaves, why not before the most superior race, the Aryans? Of course, Germans were blind to how they themselves had become mental slaves of Hitler who, despite his theory of Aryan Value, used too many of his men as cannon fodder in outrageous wars. Indeed, excessive self-regard of one’s people as sacred can paradoxically pave the way to their slaughter. After all, if one’s race is so sacred and great, any amount of sacrifice is necessary to serve its glory. Japanese had such mindset with their Yamato Race cult. To fulfill the destiny of the Yamato race, Japanese were to go to extreme lengths in war efforts, even if it meant sacrificing millions of Japanese lives. The idea of Japanese sacredness justified the sacrifice of countless actual Japanese lives. It was a mega-macro version of the Japanese cultural principle that honor must take precedence over human life. It is honor that makes life sacred, and therefore it must be preserved at all cost, even if the person must die. Thus, committing seppuku to save one’s sacred honor is dearer than life itself. And in the closing months of WWII in Europe, Hitler and his radical loyalists were willing to have Germany utterly destroyed than survive as a defeated power. Why? They had such high regard for the sacredness of the great Aryans that they preferred that the Aryans all perish in a glorious death than survive as a defeated race.
Finally, the Cold War also used the trope of ‘we care for our kind’ vs ‘they treat their kind like dirt’ as moral justification. So, the US was a Christian nation ruled by principles of liberty whereas the Communist world was all about tyrants using their minions as a slave-army. Given the ways of Stalin and Jewish Bolsheviks, there was a certain truth to such view of the Soviet Empire. Stalin and Jewish Bolsheviks didn’t seem to care how many millions they killed to build industry or enforce ideology. And it seemed even truer with China under Mao. Despite communism’s message of Social Justice, Mao treated his people like so many expendable slaves, dogs, and minions.
Anyway, for much of Western history, especially following the Enlightenment, there was the sense that the white race is more precious because they have a sense of sacred racial worth, something missing from other races where the elites regarded their own people as just minions, slaves, and cannon fodder(and where the people accepted such servile lot, like in the TV show SHOGUN where the Japanese never think in terms of 'my self worth' but 'my service to my superior'). When the US fought China(in the Korean War) and the North Vietnamese(and Viet Cong), it was often noted by Americans that whereas White Americans care for their own kind, the ant-like yellows with their hive-mind and collectivist-outlook, are willing to sacrifice any number of their own kind. White folks thought, "Why should we care for their lives when they don’t care for their own lives?" Of course, the yellows might have argued that they were sacrificing many of their own kind because they had no choice: They had inferior weapons and had to rely more on raw manpower; furthermore, they had a sacred cause worth dying for — National Liberation from Imperialism — and, in that sense, were freely offering up their lives for freedom and independence. Still, the white American viewpoint was, "We deeply care for each of our dead, whereas our enemies don’t care how many of their own kind die."
We hear this theme in regard to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, i.e. that whereas Jews care for Jewish lives, the dirty ‘raghead’ Arabs are willing to sacrifice any number of their own kind(even children), even in suicide bombings, to further their insane terroristic cause. In other words, whereas Zionism is a culture of self-preservation, Arab-ism is a cult of suicide(to commit homicide). When Israel was raining bombs on Gaza, we were told by Israel-Firsters that whereas the Israeli Air Force goes out of its way to avoid civilian targets(LOL), the dirty Arabs use their women and children as ‘human shields’. Never mind it was the Jews who took the land from Palestinians. Never mind Zionists were more than happy to give aid to extreme Jihadi terrorists to wreak havoc in secular modern Arab nations. (The last thing Jews want is the Kemal-Ataturkization of the Arab World. Better to have the Arab world ruled by theocratic Medievalists who depend on Western technology or be overrun with Jihadis who blow up anything that resembles modernity and civilization.) One thing for certain, all the Arab women and children who died in Iraq as the result of US sanctions were not ‘human shields’. They were just victims of the Judeo-Nazi US foreign policy to enforce Zio-Hegemony all across the Middle East. (In such cases, both sides could accuse the other of cold-blooded heartlessness. The Jew-run US could argue all those women and children died in Iraq because cold-blooded Hussein wouldn't budge and would rather have his people die than submit to the righteous West. But others could argue that the Jew-run US was heartless enough to sacrifice countless Arab women and children just to weaken Iraq as a rival power of Israel. Or, both sides could be blamed. Hussein and Zionists were both utterly heartless in their power-obsession, and countless civilians had to pay the price. In the end, it was about power, not morality. After all, Israel has committed many Human Rights abuses and has tons of WMD. It has also sponsored lots of terrorists. But would any Jew support sanctions on Israel that leads to the deaths of 100,000s of Jewish women and children? If such happened, Jews would call it the Second Holocaust, probably claiming the number of 600,000.)
Anyway, whites are no longer allowed to have a sense of sacro-autonomy. Jews are surely aware of what the Awakened Saxon can do when he is outraged by attacks on his kind. In the 19th century, white people had a sense of sacro-autonomy, and this fired up rage against American Indians and violent blacks. While we can argue that American Indians had their own reasons(much of it legitimate) to use violence against White Invaders and that blacks had reasons for rage and rebellion against white oppression, the fact is whites couldn’t abide by non-white violence on whites. So, if black slaves rebelled and raped/murdered white folks, white folks got outraged and taught the Negroes a real serious lesson in violence. And if Indians went on a bloody run against whites, whites made sure that Indians got it much worse. This is how a people with sacro-autonomy react. They get spitting mad over wrongs done to their own kind. This is why Jews had to de-sacralize the white body. For one thing, as Jews came to rely more on the pornification of the white body(as sex meat and commodity to be sold globally via pornography and white-slavery in Israel) for their profits, they had to remove the element of divine-rage from the white soul. It’s like Kosher bleeding of animals. Remove the blood, and the animal grows weak and dies. It’s like castration. Remove the hormones produced by the testes, and the animal is much easier to tame and control. White sacro-autonomy depended on white blood and white balls. Even though we like to think of spirituality and sacredness as divorced from flesh and blood, the fact is we can’t be outraged by defilement and desecration unless we remain hormonal. Why are viewers outraged when demonic forces desecrate the Madonna statue in THE EXORCIST? If we were all spirit and no flesh, we’d just be flaky and feel no emotions at all. We feel outrage when holy things are desecrated because of powerful hormonal drives. If you suck out all the hormones from a Christian, he won’t feel outrage when a Church is destroyed. He’ll just be zonked out and find everything ‘equally beautiful’. An experiment was done on some guy who had all his hormones sucked out, and he couldn’t feel anger over anything and found everything equally 'nice'. Nothing offended him. So, Jews needed to castrate and bleed the white body. Castrated white male goes cucky-wuck and feels no manly pride and manly outrage over the Jewish defilement of the white female body, especially as plaything for Negro men. (In contrast, precisely because Jews do feel a powerful sense of sacro-autonomy, they would be OUTRAGED if pornography was controlled by Arab men and exploited mostly Jewish women as sex-meat for Negroes. Or if Jews found out Slavic gangsters were enslaving Jewish women and forcing them into prostitution to serve filthy goy men.) Anemic white souls devoid of blood cells after PC-kosherization feel no special sense of outrage when they hear about how white bodies have been attacked, raped, brutalized and mangled by black savages in South Africa or in the US. This is why Jews and blacks can use white women as cum-buckets & sex-meat BUT there is no pushback from white men. When Jews did this to Germans in the Weimar period for a decade and half, especially during the dire yrs of Depression, Germans just about had enough and decided to teach the Jews a lesson for defiling the German body and soul. And if Jews had done in the first half of the 20th century what they’re now doing to the white race, many white Americans would have been outraged by the filth of the Christ-killing Race. (If there was far less outrage over Jewish Communist massacres of the white race in Russia, it was because whites in Western Europe and the US had gotten accustomed to regarding the Eastern Slavs as not fully white or worthy. And Orthodox Faith seemed like some exotic heresy.)
But that was then, this is now. Jews have so thoroughly messed up the white mind that white people now think it is sinful — ‘racist’ or ‘antisemitic’ — for white folks to be outraged by violence done to sacred white bodies. Via Ta Nehisi Coates, Jews got white people to fret about and atone for sacro-tragic black bodies but never ever to worry about white bodies. This is why Jews hate any white person who cares about whites in South Africa. This is why Jew-run Youtube shut down Colin Flaherty who documented the black-war-on-white-bodies all across America(and even Australia). Today, white elites who yammer on and on about how ‘black lives matter’ and how we must care about sacred Jewish bodies in Israel say NOTHING about all those White Death resulting from drug overdose, opoiod addiction, and suicide. If anything, they are deathly afraid that any expression of white-on-white sympathy will be denounced as ‘racist’, ‘nazi’, ‘far right’, and ‘white supremacist’. Indeed, Jews have convinced white people that whites suck so bad that they don’t even deserve to give birth to white kids to inherit white-created civilization. Instead of preserving and bequeathing the white-and-white-made world to white kids, whites must import tons of non-whites to take over as not only New Americans, New Canadians, and New Australians but even as New Europeans in the very birthplace of the white race. BBC even goes out of its way to retro-fit European heroes and great men with Negroids. And white wombs are no longer the sacred creators of white lives but to be regarded as colonized spaces for creating black mulatto babies. The ONLY kind of permitted white rage is against signs of recovery of white sacro-autonomy. According to Jews, whites-caring-for-whites is evil because it will lead to white supremacism.
Now, if white self-regard turns into radical self-worship, it can lead to something dangerous. But what is wrong with whites wanting to survive in their own nations? Why do Jews and non-whites fear ‘white separatism’ and ‘white independence’ so much? It’s one thing to denounce white imperialism and white aggression, but what is so wrong with whites who want to live in a world of their own and mind their own business? After all, non-whites can live in their own worlds and mind their own business too. Of course, we know the reason. Jews and non-whites fear white separatism not because it’s aggressive against Jews and non-whites but because it means Jews and non-whites will have to make it on their own in their own worlds. The fact is they want entry into white worlds because, deep down inside, they believe whites do everything better and are better people to be around. Indeed, the cult of immigration & diversity are about demographic imperialism into white lands by Jews and non-whites who want to partake of white success because they do so much worse among their own kind in their own worlds. So, if they prefer whiteness so much, why do they attack and disparage whiteness? Because they must shame whites with ‘white guilt’ in order to lower white defenses against non-white immigration-invasion. Look at Jewish immigration patterns, and Jews always chased after white people and white success. If Jews now have it so good in white lands, why do they push Immigration and Diversity? Because they fear the rise of the Awakened Saxon who might bring down Jewish Power. Why might ‘Saxons’ awake to take on the Jew? Because Jews know themselves to be a bunch of a**holes. Jews know that too many of their kind are like Howard Stern, Sarah Silverman, and other nasty creatures. Jews know they can’t help their Jewish a**hole nature. Jews know that, eventually, they will wear out their welcome as they’d done over and over throughout history. Because so many Jews act so wretchedly, even Holocaust Guilt will fade in time, and the Awakened Saxon could very well kick Jewish butt. This is why Jews promote Diversity-Democracy where the once-majority will become just another minority, and then the various goy minorities will be tearing each other apart while Jews at the top eat and enjoy life like Effendi.

Jews bitching about white ‘racism’ is too funny because the #1 demand that Jews make on white people is to favor Jews, Zionists, and Israelis over Palestinians and Arabs. And it’s even funnier when Jews pretend to care about Arab lives. Remember when parts of Syria like Aleppo were on the verge of being liberated by Assad’s military from Jihadi terrorist elements? The very Jews who’d aided and abetted the Jihadis who tore Syria apart were pretending to care for poor innocent civilians who might fall into the clutches of evil Assad. Also, vile Jews who pushed for the Syrian War that turned so many people into refugees were pretending to care about those refugees who were to be resettled in Europe. Jews never opposed the wars that forced so many people into refugee-status. If anything, Jews instigated those wars and loved to see Arabs turned into refugees. Jewish faux-sympathy began ONLY WHEN those refugees poured into Europe. Jewish morality doesn’t oppose the forcing of millions into refugee-status. It only makes noises about caring for those refugees to be resettled in the West. Jewish Sympathy is never genuine when dealing with non-Jews. It is always weaponized and politicized. A Jew will burn someone’s house down and then blame YOU for being a cold-hearted bastard for not taking in the stricken family. If you mention that the family lost its house because the Jewish guy burned it down, he will scream ‘antisemitism’. What a vile people. Now, we know why antisemitism existed for so long. And we know why Jews are so eager to push Diversity. A people so dirty and lowdown are bound to be found out sooner or later. Jews are like Gypsies or Southern Italians with higher IQ. They are like Puerto Ricans with IQ of 115. Too many of them have no integrity or honor. Their greedy-profit and arrogant-prophet mentality makes it impossible for many of them to be self-aware of their pathological wretchedness. Ironically enough, their pathology is similar to that of Adolf Hitler who was impossible to reason with. Consider the personality of Ayn Rand and Adolf Hitler, and there is little difference. Sure, Rand talked of individual liberty, but she really meant the right of the super-duper uber-individual towering over the dummy masses.

Anyway, white people can no longer regard themselves as sacro-autonomous. Jews can feel holy for being Jews and demand that the world do something to safeguard Jews wherever they are. And blacks can feel holy for being black and make demands on the white world to do MORE for blacks. (Never mind that blacks among themselves don’t treat blackness as holy. They see blackness as something to beat and kill, what with rappers insulting one another endlessly. And black Africa is about tribal jungle savagery of black-on-black violence not unlike violence found among crazy chimpanzees and howling baboons. Among themselves, blacks see and treat each other like wild apes. Ironically, even as black bitch about white ‘racism’, their ticket to holiness is through white eyes because, despite white historical violence against blacks, it was white people who created the sacral image of the Noble Negro as something akin to black-christ who done suffer and get whipped for the sins of white folks, sheeeeeeiiiit. While blacks in Africa saw each other as jigaboos and jungle-bunners to chuck spears at, white folks instilled with Christian Guilt and Enlightenment Hopes saw in the Negro the hopes of salvation, for both Negro and white man alike. Via the white man, the Negro would rise from savagery to spirituality. And via the Negro as slave-to-savior, white man would rediscover the true meaning of Christianity. After all, Christianity began as a slave religion. Thus, as slaves, blacks would carry the American Cross, and whites would be soul-saved by it. This was all the product of white imagination and idealization. It was a projection of white fantasy onto the Negro. Ironically, white oppression of the Negro was necessary for sanctification of the Negro. It wasn’t only a matter of white sympathy for oppressed blacks but white molding of more powerful black energies. Savage black energies under slavery and white domination couldn’t just run wild like a pack of chimps and baboons. Under white rule, blacks had to curtail and restrain their raw and powerful drives. Thus, Afro-savage energies sang about serving Da Lawd and loving Jeeeeesus. The themes were spiritual, about ‘muh soul’ than ‘muh dick’. If not for white oppression, this ‘noble’ side of the Negro would never have emerged because, when allowed to run free, the Negro has only one thing on his or her mind: ‘Muh dick’ or ‘muh booty’. Upon black emancipation, year after year, black culture has been drifting toward reversion back to jungle savagery. Among blacks in the US, there is constant violence and mayhem. Among black Africans, it’s endless ape-like tribal violence, mass rape, and murder. This is why blacks rely on White Guilt and White Hope to maintain the myth of black holiness because, all on their own, the only thing blacks care about are black holes[either bullet holes or vaginal holes] than black holiness. This is what sets blacks apart from Jews. While Jews exploit and manipulate the cult of white guilt, they’ve long possessed an idea of Jewish Holiness rooted in the Covenant with God. Jews were not a bunch of savages but among the most civilized peoples in the world. In contrast, blacks were totally into oogity-boogity jungle savagery before modern world encroached on Africa. Blacks never thought it morally wrong to capture tons of blacks and sell them to whites and Arabs. There was nothing transcendent about their world that had no written language, no deep religion, and no mythology beyond primitive animism. Indeed, it’s telling that the Noblest African figure has become Nelson Mandela, whose mythology is totally linked to White Guilt and White Redemption. It goes to show that while whites care about white injustice done to blacks, blacks across Africa don’t give a shit about what they’d done to other blacks.)
Anyway, we now have whites with no sense of independent self-worth or sacro-autonomy. It is wrong for white folks to worry about the state of white bodies. (After 9/11, the Jew-run media were careful to frame the attack as an outrage against American freedoms[such as shopping and whoring around] than against American bodies, especially white ones who did most of the dying on that day.) You see, White Guilt informs whites that when they fought to defend or avenge white bodies, they committed all sorts of evils against non-whites, most problematically against Jews and blacks. So, whites must stop caring for fellow whites because that would mean white bodies are sacred, which would be a form of ‘far right’ supremacism. BUT, Jews must care for the holiness of Jewish bodies. So, if there’s any violence against any Jew in some part of the world, not only all Jews but all whites must do something about it because Jewish lives are oh-so-very-precious. As for blacks, we should ignore all the black-on-black violence and black-on-white violence and just fixate on how White Guilt must atone for all the violence done to black bodies and make amends by massaging black ego and opening Europe to endless migration-invasions by Black Africans. Furthermore, jungle-feverish white women and cucky-wuck white boys should worship black bodies as superior because of harder muscles and bigger dongs and bouncier booties(though not to the extent of GET OUT where black-worshiping whites want to literally take over black bodies; the fear in GET OUT is rather like Aryan fears of Jews as the parasitic agent upon the host body).

If whites cannot care for whiteness, what is left for them, especially if they are ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’, i.e. filled with the conceit of being secular, rational, skeptical, and even intellectual? Should they merely be cynical about most things? Should they always be in the satirical mindset, mocking naive beliefs and passions of the mob? Should they raise questions about everything and fix a cold gaze on any assumption or prejudice without the backing of hard evidence? And surely enough, plenty of White ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ types display such demeanor and act as if they’re too smart, educated, and sophisticated to fall for idiocies, superstitions, prejudices, and mob passions that characterize so much of American Life and Politics. TV fare like THE DAILY SHOW, THE STEPHEN COLBERT SHOW, BILL MAHER show, and etc. played on such conceits. You see, being ‘liberal’ and ‘progressive’ meant they weren’t afraid to challenge authority, ask hard questions, and cut through the nonsense to get at the truth. Unlike the moronic masses hoodwinked by religion or chants of USA-USA-USA, these supposedly rational and skeptical ‘liberal’ or ‘progressive’ types were properly irreverent in their discussion of politics, power, and the larger world... except that they really weren’t.

For intellectual, sophisticated, and/or satirical types to be truly rational, skeptical, and secular, they must have a reserve of cynicism about all the official dogmas that govern our society, culture, and power structure. And yet, these so-called rational-skeptical-secular types get all mushy-gushy about certain subjects, themes, and issues. Their rational and empirical mental faculties completely shut down when confronted with certain icons and narratives. Why is this? Part of it could be fear and cowardice on their part. After all, anyone who doesn’t toe the PC line about Jews, blacks, and homos will be destroyed by the Powers-that-be. But another reason could be that, given human nature’s innate leaning toward the sacred and religious, they need SOMETHING to worship, something to hold dear as sacrosanct and redemptive of the soul. It became apparent pretty early on that Marxism and Leninism, despite their claims of ‘science’ and ‘reason’, could only survive as neo-religions. Indeed, most communists felt a need to not only admire Marx and Lenin as great thinkers but worship them as prophets and deliverers. Not only was communism vulnerable to rational and empirical(and moral) scrutiny by naysayers but communists would have felt pretty empty if they believed that their ideology was correct simply as an economic theory. The appeal of communism had to do with the idea that Marx, godlike in his wisdom and prophecy, figured it all out and threaded all the themes of history, morality, philosophy, economics, science, and politics into a single unified idea. Though communism claimed to be a materialist philosophy, the sheer feat of Marx’s depth and breadth of understanding was deemed so astounding that he was virtually worshiped as a god-man. Thus, Marxism-Leninism not only satisfied the vanity of modern intellectuals who regarded themselves as scientific and rational but their repressed spiritual longing for deliverance and redemption.

We now live in the post-Marxist age, and the new batch of ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ like to consider themselves as more knowing and aware than the leftists of the past who’d foolishly fallen for the false utopian dreams of communism. Indeed, even people who claim to be ‘communist’ today more likely got their ideas from songs of the Clash or Rage Against the Machine. They are pop-communists or punk-radicals, more attitude than conviction. Some of them are really just anarcho-terrorist thugs who need to justify their shitty behavior with something. In this, they aren’t much different from ISIS that hides behind Islam to revel in rock-n-roll kind of anarcho-terrorism. At any rate, most of today’s Progs and Libby-dibs are not communist or even socialist. Sure, they may call themselves ‘socialist’, but their primary interest is cultural(mostly pop-cultural) than economic. And even their socialism has less to do with justice for the working class than with more free stuff and benefits for wanna-be-elites who didn’t make the cut. Vast increases in college enrollment created a vast pool of graduates who think they have a ‘right’ to be professors or have some fancy ‘creative’ profession. When things don’t pan out that way, they want Bernie Sanders to write off their college debts and offer them SOMETHING that resembles ‘creative’ professions. They want to maintain the illusion that they too belong to the Creative Class or Creass. So, their main fixation is about attitude and conceit of being part of the hip, cool, smart, creative, sophisticated, and irreverent clique(that now counts for more than class): Claque. They act like they are so aloof and above it all. But being human, they have human nature, and human nature is innately spiritual. So, even as they act like they are above most things, they still feel a need to feel immersed in something holy, sacrosanct, and redemptive. Some find it in New Age cults, but that stuff is too flaky and weak to satisfy one’s longing for sacro-religious deliverance. Then, this explains why PC is so strong among those who claim to be rational, skeptical, & secular OR hip, cool, & aloof OR satirical, cynical, & irreverent. Despite or precisely because of those claims, they feel empty unless they have some strong sense of the holy or sacrosanct. Since they are too educated or hip for Old Time Religion and too cynical(and/or impatient) for elaborate textual theories like Marxism(that sought to explain everything with the Big Idea), they are drawn to icons, idols, narratives, the ‘feels’, chants, delirium, hysteria, and/or fits of righteous rage. They must believe in something to feel justified and blessed. So, paradoxically, some of the most cynical, irreverent, and mocking people tend to be totally delirious and enraptured with the sanctity of certain things. If they were cynical about everything, they’d feel empty because human nature longs for the sacred. But since they are utterly cynical about most things, they do feel a great deal of emptiness(because glib and smarmy derision of others cannot be the emotional core of life), and this emptiness has to be filled by their faith in SOMETHING. Since they are too cynical and derisive to conceive of something holy on their own, they rely on others to supply the holiness to them. And this is where Jew-run PC does its magic. It offers neo-holy-relics to the cynical, the hip, the aloof, the irreverent, the smarmy, and etc.
Jews understand the paradox of human nature. By promoting cynicism, they also promote sinner-ism. The more someone feels cynical, the more he feels like a sinner since he doesn’t believe in anything. Therefore, the cynic longs for some strong faith, but he doesn’t know where to find it since he is, well, too cynical. It is then that Jews supply such people with The Answer. Because the modern cynic tends to be secular and ‘educated’(and/or hip or cool), he can’t accept Old Time religion. Because he’s too immersed in pop culture, he cannot sit still and read to imbibe complex theories and philosophy. Rather, he must find the Answer in jolts of images and sounds via electronica. And because his mind is too aloof and cynical to accept the ‘spiritual’, it has to enter through modes of sensory-overload... which is why TV, Hollywood, pop music, and glitzy celebrity-images(as well as massive colorful homo-tranny pageantry) are so crucial in turning cynics into sinner-converts seeking redemption. Whether it’s Lindsay Lohan or James Comey, the cynic-sinner complex works more or less the same way. Lohan blew her career with excess of cynicism. She was into drugs, alcohol, partying, and the wild life. She indulged in all sorts of vice as if life is about nothing but fun, fun, and fun. But at the end of the day, she felt empty and found meaning in PC notions of SAVING people... like in her recent stunt involving 'refugee kids'.

James Comey hasn't been a debauched lunatic, and he got the best of secular modern education. He couldn’t go for Old Time religion or Tradition. He regarded himself as a rational man who understood power. And he climbed the ladder in the FBI. No one can get that far in such a field without much cynicism about power and privilege. And Comey was a social-climber and status-seeker. Cynical operator who knew the tricks of the trade. But that wasn’t enough for him as human nature calls for sacredness. So, Comey attached himself to PC globo-homo faith and convinced himself that his foibles in the bowels of the Deep State was all about honor and serving the holy writ of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD and feminism-with-pussy-hats. And look at Michael Moore. Nasty, boorish, irreverent, cantankerous, and cynical about power and the official story. But is Moore consistently cynical about everything? No, his excessive cynicism about the world made him long for certain sacred truths, and like so many of his ilk, he found it in presenting Negroes as the Holy Race who are ALWAYS VICTIMS. Even fat disgusting irreverent Moore has to believe in something. In contrast, whatever one thinks of Jim Goad(who is a self-admitted a**hole and not a very nice guy), he has the courage to be an equal opportunity offender to all sides that dare to champion some form of holiness. In this, Goad is something of a mutant, a freak of nature, because he has overridden the innate longing for the sacred. In his brief debate with Kevin Michael Grace, we see the difference between cynic-sinner and cynic-cynic.
Kevin Michael Grace is a rightist-cynic who has a sharp tongue about most things, but he feels a need to believe in God and the sacraments of Catholicism. Cynicism about everything would feel empty and hollow to him. In contrast, Goad has either the courage or madness to embrace cynicism wholeheartedly and rain abuse on all sides that dares to say skepticism should be sacrificed for the sake of the Faith(in God or PC). But generally, people who believe in nothing feel a need to believe in something for compensation to patch the spiritual deficit. This is what Vito Corleone understood about Luca Brasi, a self-loathing monster of a man with no sense of meaning in life. So, when Vito Corleone, obviously a superior man, offered his friendship to Brasi, it was like a Saul/Paul in Damascus Moment for the thug. The fact that a man as impressive as Vito Corleone offered friendship to a monster such as himself was overwhelming to Luca Brasi. And in RESERVOIR DOGS, Mr. Blonde(Michael Madsen) is one crazy bastard psycho-killer who believes in nothing. And yet, it is all-too-credible that he, of all people, turned out to be the most loyal member of the crew to the father-and-son team. His one redemptive point of pride was that he keeps his word. He may be a predator but he’s no rat, and he is loyal. A total psycho-cynic, he feels his sins are redeemed by his total devotion to his boss. And consider the very cynical thriller CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER where it turns out that the government is overrun with cunning, unscrupulous, and devious operators. After all, what do we expect from politicians and the Deep State? And yet, despite all the cynicism about power, the film-makers felt a need to present a Magic Negro in the form of James Earl Jones as an ailing CIA director. (We are supposed to believe that the head of the CIA has the heart of an angel, but then, cynics-as-sinners must believe in something, and PC has promoted the Magic Negro as one of the most reliable tropes.) And incredibly, Oliver Stone’s conspiracy-epic JFK would have us believe that the US government and Deep State are utterly corrupt, compromised, and ruthless BUT John F. Kennedy was the great hope of Camelot who was a true pearl among swine. But if the system is really that corrupt and compromised, how did it allow such a noble idealist to gain the presidency, finally to be murdered as Caesar-as-Christ? Also, why is a man as cynical as Oliver Stone so willing to believe in the nobility of ‘great men’ like John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro, or Hugo Chavez? Doesn’t power have its own logic and corrupt anyone? But Stone seems to believe that it’s all about personalities: Noble ones vs Nasty ones. His rampant cynicism makes him feel empty and cries out to be delivered by some myth of the Noble Deliverer, the man who offers hope and cleansing to sinners. (It’s like BLADE RUNNER 2049 presents an utterly bleak and cynical future of ruthless power and mindless hedonism BUT asks us to ponder the possibility of the redemptive ‘miracle’.) But such a man doesn’t exist as no man, even the best, is no angel or messiah. So, it’s not surprising that JFK the movie is all about the myth and not the man. In contrast, NIXON is all about the man, the one who embodied what we ‘are’ than what we want ‘to be’. It is truer about the nature of power but also bleaker... and people want that light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's artificial light.

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