Saturday, October 13, 2018

Ethno-Nationalism and Pan-Europeanism can co-exist

Ethno-nationalism and pan-Europeanism need not be opposites. They can be useful partners. One can be locally ethno-national but also unite with others for pan-European interests.

In a way, the most effective way of managing a society is on the ethno-national level. A secure and well-governed nation will get along fine with neighbors. Look how Norway, Sweden, and Finland got along through most of modern history.
It's like the human body. The liver is what it is, heart is what it is, eyes are what they are, and etc. They all have separateness and uniqueness. But they also work together for the good of the whole. For the whole body to work well, each organ must guard and play its unique role.

Excessive ethno-nationalism undermines pan-Europeanism because each nation will only think of 'my people' against other ethno-Europeans.
But excessive pan-Europeanism will also undermine the Eurosphere because mere European-ness, like mere 'whiteness', is too generic and bland to serve as a sole/core identity.
In a way, white power in both US and EU waned and dissipated because of the promotion of pan-identity whereby each people became cut off from their ethnic roots. Without core roots in unique heritages and histories, whites/Europeans sought new identity from pop culture that is all about fads and fashions. Whiteness is like the generic term of 'tree'. But there are different kinds of trees. Different trees can co-exist in the same forest but they must maintain their uniqueness as well. Oak is oak, and birch is birch. If both are merely designated as 'tree', then neither is special nor particularly meaningful. They've become interchangeable.

Imagine if Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Koreans dropped core ethno-identity and just opted for pan-Asianness. It would be rather dull and boring on the ethnic, cultural, and historical level. It'd be like one of those generic 'Asian buffets' that offers dishes from all Asian nations but without particular expertise or flavor.
The fact is each Asian nationality can maintain and defend its core ethno-identity while, at the same time, recognizing what all Asians have in common in terms of interests. Thus, 'narcissism of small differences' can be avoided.

In a way, the Golden Age of European cooperation arose from the ashes of WWII. It led to the rise of homogeneous European nations(like the article 'Us and Them' by Jerry Muller detailed in FOREIGN AFFAIRS), and each nation/people felt secure and safe. Thus, they were more likely to cooperate with neighbors. (It's like a person who feels secure about his home and property is more likely to feel at ease and work in good faith with others. But, if the house is being robbed or on fire, one's main focus is to save his property.) In contrast, the anti-ethno-nationalist USSR and Yugoslavia eventually fell apart, often violently.

Another thing. I think Alt Right(though I prefer the notion of the Left-Right) can be an international movement and not just a white one. By that, I mean Euro-Alt-Right can work with other Alt-Rights around the world for the common goal of universal nationalism and anti-globo-homo imperialism. So, let Arab Alt Right defend the Arab world, let Asian Alt Right defend Asia, and let Western Alt Right defend the Eurosphere.

The message that the Western Alt Right can send to non-whites is that the Alt Right Movement respects all expressions of national sovereignty around the world. In contrast, globalism seeks to undermine not only Western national sovereignty but national independence, cultural autonomy, and territorial integrity of all peoples. Indeed, look what globalism did to Libya and Syria by turning them into Open Borders Hellholes of endless strife and terrorism. Globalism seeks to Palestinianize all non-Jews. Palestinians used to be masters of Palestine. Now, they are a people without a home. The ONLY nationalism that globalism hypocritically respects is that of Israel. It goes to show who really controls globalism whose logic is: 'Nationalism for Jews in Israel, Imperialist domination for Jews around the world, and nothing for non-Jews except servitude to Jews and their Homo Allies.'

So, even though Alt Right in the West is a white movement and must be, it can inspire similar identitarian movements all over the world. Alt Right must send a message that what globalism does to the West today, it will do to rest of the world. It already happened in Iraq, Syria, and Libya. Open borders were imposed on them through invasions and the Zionist-controlled US funding of Jihadis who poured across national borders to foment wars and chaos.

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