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Politics of Saints and Sinners in the World of Political Correctness -- The Monstrous Idiocy of Rebecca Futo Kennedy, a hapless mental midget and puppet of Donna Zuckerberg, the Globo-Homo Jewish Termite gnawing away at Western Heritage

Donna Zuckerberg, the hideous Jewish globo-homo bitch and sister of a**hole Mark Zuckerberg, abuses her position in the field of Classical Studies as a termite gnawing away at the pillars of Western Civilization. Who is this vile and toxic Jewess to subvert another peoples identity and culture? 
Rebecca Futo 'Fatso' Kennedy

The Politics of Saints and Sinners.

People on the Right tend to believe ALL peoples are sinners. But through the cultivation of virtue, they can become more like saints.

People on the Left tend to believe ALL people are saints. But due to social conditions, they are corrupted into sinners.

With the rise of Identity Politics, things got a bit more complicated.

People on the Right(or at least the true right) care more about winners than sinners. The Right is about the competition among individuals/groups to win as much as possible. Libertarians emphasize winning on the individual level, whereas identitarians stress winning on the ethno-organismic level. The Right still believes all peoples to be 'sinners', but it has pretty much abandoned the Christian Project of 'saving the world' through Jesus Christ, the patron saint of sinners seeking redemption.

People on the current so-called 'left' believe certain groups are natural saints, certain groups are natural sinners(or historical sinners so stained with the legacy of guilt that wickedness has become their second nature), and certain groups are neither. Jews, blacks, and homos are seen as natural saints. Whites are seen as natural sinners. The rest are neither. (Muslims, for example, are sometimes seen as saints[as victims of white 'racism' or 'Islamophobia'], sometimes as sinners[as terrorists who want to harm Jews and Israel].) But since all groups prefer to be regarded as saints than sinners, they emulate the politics of Jews, blacks, or homos OR try to associate themselves with one or all three of the sacro-anointed groups. So, we have Muslims bitching about 'Islamophobia'(which sounds like 'homophobia'), and we have even successful Asians moaning and groaning as 'victims' in imagined alliances with blacks, Jews, or homos.

The New Left of Identity-Politics differs from the Old Universalist Left of the Rousseauean Catcher-in-the-Rye School that regarded ALL peoples as natural saints prior to becoming corrupted by social tyranny and injustice.
The New Leftism of Identity Politics bestows natural/automatic sainthood upon certain groups while reviling certain other groups as naturally/innately sinful.
This dynamics has ironically led to new sins: The sin of pride and moral vanity among certain groups, especially Jews, homos, and blacks. It has also led to the sin of self-debasement and suicidal mentality among whites. Atonement and redemption are one thing, but self-debasement and/or self-destruction are another. (Worse, those whites who debase themselves and call for white suicide feel a sudden rush of pride and vanity for being 'good whites' who've seen the Light. Their display of self-debasement thus serve as moral exhibitionism.)

There is a kind of moral exemption for white 'progressives' in the current 'leftism'. True, Identity Politics Leftism says that all whites are natural sinners, but by dramatizing their self-purgatory rituals, whites can score temp-sainthood points, at least against 'deplorable' whites who aren't so hung up about 'white guilt' and redemption.

Consider this piece of tripe: We Condone It by Our Silence. Confronting Classics’ Complicity in White Supremacy.

So, even though the putrid and disgusting Rebecca Futo Kennedy belongs to the race of natural sinners, she feels smugly superior by the virtue of smearing OTHER whites, alive and dead(even 1,000s of yrs ago), as 'racist'. She's the sort to dig up her great great great great great grandfather from his grave and spit on him just to score 'virtue' points with PC. This is the 'sinergy' that progs like Kennedy draw upon to congratulate themselves.

It never occurs to these smug (ass)holier-than-thou prigs and progs that people of different times and places thought and felt differently and had other priorities due to particular circumstances and crises. They lack empathy and fail to understand the rules of the game in other times and places.
For them, the PC of the Current Year is the absolute truth, and they wield it like a cudgel(or padlock for smashing skulls) and smugly pass judgement on others, even on Greeks who lived 1000's of years ago and struggled to survive in a dangerous and contentious world. (After all, Greeks not only invaded others but were invaded many times by others. It was a very insecure and dangerous world torn asunder with constant warfare, not least among the Greeks themselves.) But affluent, comfortable, and privileged bubble world of academia, prigs and progs like Kennedy have NO idea of how things may have been in other times and places. Any sensible person knows, just as it'd be stupid to judge ancient Hebrews by standards of today's PC, it'd be ridiculous to judge ancient Greeks with today's 'values'.

There was a time when historians and classicists tried to understand and empathize with peoples of different times, places, and cultures. They understood that only a narrow-minded self-righteous idiot studies history just to pass judgement on other times, peoples, and places, indeed as if current values and assumptions are the only true ones, the end-all of truth. Real scholars studied history to broaden their understanding of peoples and cultures, not to reduce history into Smug Self-Righteousness for Dummies.
Today, we have PC snobs like Kennedy feeling superior to others and even turning up their noses at 'ancient racists'. She's like a junkie addicted to smugasms. She needs her daily fix and is on the constant lookout to call something else 'racist' to get her next high.

Also, where do people like Kennedy get the idea that today's PC is the 'most evolved' and most advanced moral value-system? If so, why has it led to such decadence, degeneracy, and corruption in the West(and its political & cultural satellites) as the Whole World began to adopt Diversity and Homomania as universal truths? Is Sweden really getting better with the invasion of Africans and Muslims? Will Italy and France really fare better with millions of black Africans who come only for sex and money and whose idea of culture is gangsta-tribal rap music? Is it really morally uplifting to associate the venerable institution and tradition of marriage with men who do homo fecal penetration or have their penises and testicles cut off to get fake vaginas? Really? Has Western Europe really benefited morally and intellectually by handing its culture and discourse over to rappers, flaming homos, and Zionist globalists? Really?

As a sinner, one seeks atonement and redemption. When this is sound and sincere, it can lead to moral good and rejuvenation. But when one dramatizes one's 'sinergy' to feel holier-than-thou, it's just vanity of bogus sainthood by other means. Vanity is an especially corrupt form of pride, and as such, a sin.
Kennedy is saying that, though born of sinful white 'racist' blood, she is an honorary saint because she bleats endlessly about 'racism', even to the point of spitting on ancient Greeks for having been too white. What an idiot.

In truth, all peoples are sinners. The most they can do is draw some inspiration from saints, but then with caution because there real saints are exceedingly rare. Also, is it worth being a saint when genuine saints usually get martyred? (Sometimes, I suppose it is worth it. The Christian bakers who lost their businesses and their savings because they refused to bend over to degeneracy and bake 'gay wedding cakes' should inspire all decent people for whom there is higher value in life than profits and social approval of the corrupted.)
The best moral/spiritual formula is for all people to accept that they are sinners. 'Sinfulness' is just the way of human nature. With that in mind, people should also try to be winners since life is about competition, without which there is no achievement. But being conscious of our sinner-nature, we need to observe the Golden Rule that applies to individuals and to nations in their competitions. Just as an individual shouldn't do unto others what he doesn't want others to do unto him, a nation shouldn't do unto other nations what it doesn't want other nations to do unto it. The golden rule among nations should be DO NOT INVADE OTHER NATIONS AND DO NOT VIOLATE THEIR NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY.
The US is now a sick evil nation because, even as it bitches endlessly about non-existent Russian Collusion in US elections, it has done more than any other nation to interfere and mess with other nations' political processes.

The current problem is that Jews, blacks, and homos now act arrogantly, aggressively, and insufferably because they regard themselves as Natural Saints who can never do wrong. This has led to total moral corruption, a kind of moral nihilism or amoral morality. Indeed, what are SJW but a bunch of Justice Nihilists? Then, it's not surprising that blacks now think it is their Moral Privilege to carry out 'hate hoaxes'. Even when they get caught, they act like the aggrieved... because they've been flattered constantly as being natural saints NO MATTER WHAT THEY DO. So, a black doing wrong is more righteous than a white doing right. You see, blacks are BORN Saints whereas whites are BORN sinners.
And we have Jews acting the same way. When the Israeli hate-hoaxer was captured and exposed for having defamed white people as 'anti-Semites' who send bomb threats to Jewish centers, the reaction from ADL was the Jewish hoaxer is also an 'anti-Semite' and therefore, Jews are once again the pure-as-snow victims even though the Jewish hate-hoaxer had defamed white people to serve Jewish interests(by drawing sympathy to the Jewish community).
As for homos, we must believe the fiction that they weren't in any shape or form responsible for the AIDS epidemic. Never mind all their foul and irresponsible behavior in bathhouses. It was all the fault of "Reagan's Indifference". We must look upon homos as something akin to angels. In the Current Year, men who have other men stick their penises into their fecal holes are to be revered as possessing the cleanest souls. When will there be 'gay hymns' in churches singing about how nothing excites the angels as much as a guy cutting his penis and balls off to get a fake vagina?

The cult of Natural Sainthood for Jews, blacks, and homos has led to total moral corruption, not least because Jews, blacks, and homos tend to have out-sized personalities that lean toward pushiness, egomania, thuggery, and vanity. We have chutzpahstic Jews, rappin'-hollerin' Negroes, and bitchy-flaming homos acting like they are the paragons of all that is good & noble despite the fact that Jewish-directed US foreign policy has wrecked the Muslim World and restarted 'new cold war' with Russia, blacks commit the most crime and social violence in the US and other places where they are prominent, and homos routinely degrade culture around the world into a celebration of narcissism, decadence, and degeneracy. (If the Ancient Greeks should be admonished for one thing, it was letting too many homos and pederasts get out of hand.)

But there is another group of people who are a pain in the ass. The sinner-saints of the White Prog Community. Unlike Jews, blacks, and homos, these white progs see themselves as born sinners stained with 'white guilt'. So, their moral imperative is to make scenes of atonement and redemption. They have an obsessive-compulsive mental disorder of constantly washing themselves of sin. They feel so dirty, having been born with wicked white blood, so they do their Lady Macbeth thing as PC theater.

But paradoxically, those who feel most dirty and compulsively wash themselves feel so much cleaner than others who don't share in the obsession-compulsion. If Jews, blacks, and homos feel clean for having been born with clean blood, white progs feel cleansed and replenished by endless rituals of PC blood transfusions. The difference is Jews, blacks, and homos feel clean simply by being what they are since PC deems them to be natural saints. In contrast, white progs must tirelessly, or obsessively-compulsively, undergo self-cleaning ritual-therapies to feel cured. White progs can never feel clean; they can only feel cleansed, and this requires endless process of enema-like expurgation of one's natural sinner-status. The ensuing hysteria makes the sin-cleanser feel superior to those whites who aren't as obsessive-compulsive in their expiation of natural white sin.

Kennedy the white sinner constantly washes and dries her wicked dirty white soul. Because she feels dirty and constantly lathers her soul with PC soap, she feels so much cleaner and superior to whites who don't feel so dirty and don't feel an obsessive-compulsive need to take PC showers. So, Kennedy's sin-obsession has ironically filled her smug-ugly soul with the supremacist pride of soapy-sudsy sainthood. She may be not be a natural saint like Jews, blacks, and homos, but boy oh boy, she surely is saintlier than 'racist' whites who don't scrub themselves with PC soap as obsessively-compulsively as she does.

Her ilk doesn't impress me. They are just snot-nosed supremacists of another kind. They are virtue-nazis wallowing in ideological supremacism. She thinks herself so superior to other whites who don't preen, sneer, and virtue-signal like she does in her foamy white-guilt bubble bath.
Worse, her moral masturbation is blind to her preferred ideology being the biggest evil in the world, one that is destroying entire nations and communities. ONLY AN IDIOT thinks 'diversity' is a panacea for all problems. Diversity is the product of imperialism and colonization. Alexander the Great created an Empire of Diversity, and how much blood was spilled in the process? And eventually, the Greeks became part of a diverse Roman Empire that didn't expand peacefully. The loss of autonomy was NOT GOOD for Greek Civilization. PTOLEMY WAS RIGHT IN HIS PRIVATE MUSINGS in Oliver Stone's movie:

The last thing we need is Mark Zuckerberg playing Alexander the Grape, with his snot-nosed spoiled-brat sister Donna doing the Angelina Jolie part of the crazy mother hen.
At least the real Alexander, crazy and ruthless as he was, was a real romantic and courageous leader of men. The master-connivers of globalism like Zuckerberg are a bunch of snakes and weasels who risk nothing of their own power and privilege while endangering what is most meaningful and valuable for most people: A sense of homeland, a place to return to. If an Hungarian travels around the world, he may see all sorts of remarkable things and meet interesting people. But he will always be a stranger in other nations. It is only when he returns to Hungary that he can relax and feel 'this is my homeland.' It's good to know that there is at least one place in the world where you are not a stranger but an owner along with your fellow countrymen.
But what happens when Hungary fills up with foreigners? There WON'T be any part in the world where a Hungarian can feel at home. He will be a stranger even in a familiar land, in the land of his ancestors. Globalists and their well-paid and well-connected commissars don't understand this since they live in a Laputa-Elysium world of their own.
Globo-Homo Mark Zuckerberg, the cyber emperor of censorship and Jewish supremacism, pretends to sympathize with blacks and Christianity. These Jews...
Oddly enough, PC says the only way to clean whiteness is by staining it with color. (But won't, non-whiteness be 'stained' and infected with Evil Whiteness?) Oddlier enough, non-whites who denounce whiteness are ever so eager depart from and abandon their colorful societies to go to white nations and live & mix with whiteness because they prefer whiteness over their own kind.
Now, if whiteness is so problematic, then non-whites should stay in their wonderful non-white colorful world and revel in it. But all they ever dream about is running from the world of color and going to where white folks are. Since non-white immigrants prefer whiteness above all, even over their own kind, aren't they a bunch of 'white supremacists'?

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