Saturday, September 8, 2018

Is White Genocide Brewing in South Africa?

Christopher Mathias poster on Twitter: "Don't invite people on your show to argue there is a White Genocide in South Africa. There is not a White Genocide in South Africa. This is not a 'both sides' situation. This is the president pushing white nationalist propaganda."

First off, Donald Trump didn't mention genocide. He said there are large-scale killings of farmers. This has been confirmed even by Newsweek.  At this point, it is NOT controversial that white farmers in South Africa live in fear and under severe duress. These attacks on farms involve not only robbery or routine-killing but torture and the most horrendous kind of massacres. This is a fact, but Mathias doesn't want to deal with it, so he twists the issue into 'white genocide', which can technically be refuted. After all, Zionists can make the same argument. There has been large-scale killing of Palestinians by IDF death squads and Israeli air force(that indiscriminately leveled entire blocks of Gaza). Zionist mass-killing of Palestinians is a fact. But imagine a clever Zionist twisting the issue and claiming there's no need to worry since there is no Palestinian Genocide. Technically, that would be true. As heinous as Israeli violence against Palestinians is, most people wouldn't say it amounts to outright genocide. But would it make sense to pretend that large-scale killings of Palestinians haven't taken place because there is no genocide(as yet) happening? To be sure, by the UN definition of Genocide, what Jews have done to Palestinians since the Nakba Pogroms of 1948 can qualify as genocide. According to the UN, the willful destruction of a people or culture, in whole or in part, constitutes genocide, and that certainly applies to the realities of Israel/Palestine since 1948 when 700,000 were ethnically targeted and expelled from their ancestral homelands.
In a way, the moral dynamics of Israel and South Africa is reversed in the American Consciousness, not least because the US media and government are so thoroughly dominated by Jews and non-Jewish people who've been educated/indoctrinated and hired(with threat of being fired if they don't toe the line) by Jewish-owned/controlled media, think-tanks, and institutions. So, while we are made to turn a blind eye against the indigenous Palestinians in Israel/Palestine, we are made to turn a blind eye against the imperialist whites in South Africa. US Narrative favors imperialist Zionists and indigenous black South Africans while disfavoring indigenous Palestinians and imperialist whites(though, to be sure, some whites in South Africa have roots going back before whites settled North America by using mass immigration-imperialism to expel indigenous American Indians from their hunting-and-fishing grounds. So, why does the US Narrative favor the conquering people(the Jews) in Israel/Palestine while favoring the native people in South Africa(the blacks). Why do the US media generally dehumanize the native Palestinians(as 'terrorists') and white farmers in South Africa(as 'racists' and 'white supremacists' even though white farmers have been in South Africa far longer than Jews have been in Israel/Palestine as the Zionist project began only in the late 19th century)?
One obvious reason is Jews control the US media, academia, Deep State, whore politicians, Wall Street, Hollywood, and much else. So, Jews determine the Narrative. Since Jews love Israel and need American support, they use the media to make Jews the good guys while making Palestinians seem like a bunch of recalcitrant 'Anti-Semites'. We are often told that Palestinians don't recognize the 'right of Israel to exist', but NO ONE in media or government asks the Jews, "Does Palestine have the right to exist?" Indeed, no one mentions the fact that the right of Palestine to exist as a nation, people, & culture was violated by Zionist mass-immigration-imperialism that led to the replacement of native Arabs(many of them Christian) with Jewish invader-colonists(just like white invader-colonists used mass-immigration to push American Indians off their lands and reduced them to wretched huddled masses eking out a living in reservations). But, of course, it's worse. As if the 1948 Nakba Pogroms weren't bad enough, Zionists occupied West Bank and Gaza in 1967, and now, West Bank is being swallowed up into Greater Israel. Under Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, the 'settlement' building has been accelerating. And there is almost no coverage of the injustice of what is happening because the Mass Media, Deep State, and most whore politicians are owned by Jews. If there has been some awareness of what is really happening, it's almost entirely due to the alternative media made possible by the internet. This is why Jewish moguls and commissars are working tirelessly to shut down alternative news and information by spreading the canard that contrarian news & info are all 'fake news' funded by 'Russians'. I suppose we should rely on New York Times(that is financed by Lebanese-Mexican monopolist Carlos Slim) and Washington Post(funded by Jeff Bezos, the monopolist retailer with close ties to the Deep State). While MSM will occasionally report on the Palestinian issue, every pro-Palestinian story is countered(and overwhelmed) by 50 pro-Zionist pieces. Also, notice that Jewish pundits and columnists dominate NYT, WAPO, and many newspapers while there isn't a single Palestinian-American pundit or columnist in US mass media.

So, why do the MSM in the US favor Jews in Israel/Palestine and blacks in South Africa? One obvious reason is Jewish tribalism. Even though Jews claim to be 'liberal', their tribalism trumps everything. Also, 'liberalism' among so many Jews is really just a ruse to push a tribal agenda. Jews who are ultra-tribal and ultra-nationalist about Jewish power in Israel will pretend to be 'liberal' in the West. Why is that? It is because Jews are a small minority in the West. If the West were to go tribal, the result would be like Hungary and Poland: Hungary for Hungarians and Poland for the Poles, which are understandable sentiments since both peoples were under Soviet Occupation during the Cold War and, prior to WWI, were parts of empires dominated by Austrians or Russians. So, for Hungarians and Poles, tribal-nationalism has been the liberating force from imperialist domination. (Likewise, following WWII, all the liberation struggles in the Third World raged in the name of nationalism. Asian Indians told the British to pack up their things and leave. Vietnamese resisted the French colonist-imperialist and then fought the Americans whose idea was "Inside every gook is an American trying to get out." And Algerians fought a long hard war against French Occupation. Back then, when white colonists were threatened with reprisals, European nations took them back. Britain took back Anglos in India. French took back the French in Algeria. So, if indeed things get worse in South Africa and whites are indeed threatened with full-scale genocide, one would hope that Holland would take back the Boers who are Dutch in origin. But that is no longer doable because Europeans no longer believe in European Identity by blood and history. Rather, 'European' is now an Idea or Proposition, and 'Western Values' are no longer about preserving the West but inundating the West with the Rest. So, Holland would rather take in tons of Africans and Muslims as 'New Dutchmen' while pretending they have nothing in common with South African Boers. (Israel will take Jews from all over the world, but Holland won't take back fellow Dutchmen who live in abject fear in Africa.)
How did things turn out this way? Jews took over Western media & discourse and undermined national consciousness based on race and culture. Why? Because such consciousness would imply that Jews, with roots in the Near East, aren't full members of the National Family of the West. Of course, when it came to Israel, Jews were totally for race and culture. Jewishness was't a matter of religion but blood. Even a secular atheist Jew is welcome in Israel because Zionism is about ethnicity and territory, not about Jewishness-as-a-proposition.)
Anyway, Jews are a clever two-faced people. They will use nationalism when it is to their advantage(in Israel where they are the solid majority and where only Jewish Immigration is allowed) while using 'liberalism' in non-Jewish nations where Jews are a minority. Because Jews want to gain dominance in non-Jewish nations, they work to undermine and discredit the tribal-nationalism of the non-Jewish majority. After all, just look at Hungary and Russia. Because Hungarians are in nationalist footing, they favor their own ethnic and cultural interests over those of Jews like George Soros. And Jews had the greatest run in Russia in the 1920s & 1930s and in the 1990s when Russian nationalism was the weakest. In the early years of Bolshevik Rule, Russian nationalism was crushed in favor of rule by minority radicals, such as Jews, Latvians, Georgians, Poles, and etc. Among them, Jews were the most disproportionately represented in elite ranks, and they amassed immense power with which they killed millions of Christian Slavs and destroyed 10,000s of Churches. Some people now call this 'genocide', but Jews insist all the blame should go to Stalin and never to Jews. Incidentally, when Ukraine was being decimated by the Great Famine, the homosexual reporter Walter Duranty denied the mass killings in the pages of the NYT and won a Pulitzer Prize for that. NYT was a Jew-run propaganda racket back then too. And of course, in the 1990s when Russia was on the ropes after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Jewish globalists used Boris Yeltsin as their drunken puppet and looted the entire economy. Jewish modus operandi in Russia back then was 'everything exists to be raped and pillaged by us Jews, the superior breed.' Jews initially patronized Vladimir Putin as Yeltsin's successor because he seemed like a pliable little toady, but Putin gradually outmaneuvered the Jews and restored some degree of national sovereignty, the idea that the first duty of Russian elites is to serve the Russian masses. This is what made Jews hate Putin and Russia. Even in a nation in which they are less than 0.5% of the population, Jews feel they should control everything. That’s some chutzpah. In current Russia, Jews are well-protected and make up 20% of the wealthiest people, but even that isn't enough for the Jews. Jews love nationalism in Israel because it means unity of Jewish elites and Jewish people, but they hate nationalism in non-Jewish nations because it means unity of non-Jewish elites with non-Jewish people, like in Hungary. Jews want non-Jewish elites to become comprador-collaborators of World Jewry, just like British Empire pressured local indigenous elites to serve the Anglo-Empire than connect-and-unite with their own kind. The British imperialist were alarmed by the rise of men like Gandhi, an Indian nationalist who chose to represent the Indian masses than collaborate with Anglo-overlords. So, Jews push 'liberalism' in non-Jewish nations while tolerating and even promoting ultra-nationalism(for Jews) in Israel. Jews are the same way with Gun Rights. Jews have no problem with every Jewish family in Israel being equipped with assault weapons because such policy means the Jewish majority is well-armed against Arabs. But in the US, Jews push for Gun Control(even banning) because gun-ownership means the great majority of goyim are armed and may use their guns to defy the state that is controlled by Jews. As Jews control the government(via whore politicians who take money from AIPAC and via bureaucrats indoctrinated by Jewish-controlled elite academia), they want all the guns in the police and military that take orders from their superiors who take orders from Jews. So, Jews never live by fixed principles. They will twist anything to be in the service of "Is it good for the Jews?" Indeed, notice how New York Times got all worked up about the talk of "White Monopoly CAPITAL" in South Africa: Now, just ask yourself. Why have Jews in the media been cold and indifferent about White Farms but so incensed about 'White CAPITAL'? It's because finance and diamond merchant-industry in South Africa are dominated by white Jews. It's like the Jew-run media mostly overlooked the Knockout Game where blacks attack whites, BUT when blacks began to attack Jews in NY, it made the news. Jewish domination of the MSM has led to the Jewish Supremacist Narrative where Jewish lives, Jewish wealth, and Jewish interests are esteemed as more precious and valuable than non-Jewish lives and interests. Indeed, it is amusingly pathetic that Paul Ryan, who is allergic to the slightest whiff of white identity, gets the biggest hard-on about the 3% of him that is Jewish. So, 97% of his DNA deserves no identity or pride, but the 3% of him that is Jewish gets all the ecstasy. Imagine if some black guy found out he is 3% white and gets oh-so-very-excited over the 3% but feels nothing for the 97% that is black. That is what Jewish Supremacist Power did to white people and white consciousness.
Is Christopher Mathias a Jew? Or, is he like Paul Ryan or Joe Biden who cucks to everything Jewish/Zionist while denigrating everything white due to indoctrination from cradle that says Evil 'Racist' Whites deserve no identity and must seek atonement by serving the supremacist identity of OTHER peoples, especially Jews and blacks. (One thing for sure, Jews certainly don't want white people to side with Palestinians or Iranians against white Zionists who rule Israel. Jews also don't want whites to side with blacks and Hindus in South Africa against White Jewish financial and diamond interests in that country. Jews support People of Color against whites and order whites to favor POC over their own kind, but Jews will not tolerate whites allying with POC against Jews.) If Mathias is a Jew, he is pulling the age-old two-faced trick of supporting Jewish identity & interests where Jews dominate demographically(like in Israel) while pushing 'liberalism' on non-Jews so that Jews can take advantage of weakened identity, unity, and solidarity among 'filthy goyim'. (Indeed, Jewish language is instructive. Jews have long called non-Jews 'goyim', which is equivalent to 'nigger' or 'kike'. The epithet means non-Jews are filthy and less-than-human and only exist to serve superior Jews. And it's been common for Jewish men and women to refer to non-Jewish women, especially white ones, as 'shikse', which means something like 'filthy whore subhuman bitch'. People who've held such attitudes since the dawn of time now rule the US and much of the world. Is it any surprise that Madeleine Albright said it was worth it to kill 500,000 Iraqi children? Would she have supported such mass-deaths for Jewish kids? Of course not. But Iraqi kids were just 'goyim' or 'Arab niggers'. as far as Jews in the Clinton administration were concerned. And incredibly, the Jew-run media don't seem to mind that the GOP's main donor is Casino mogul Sheldon Adelson. It's bad enough that Adelson's billions come from fleecing 'goyim' by addicting them to gambling. Worse, the guy is a genocidal Jewish-supremacist maniac who even called for nuking Iran, a nation with ZERO nuclear weapons unlike Israel that stole uranium from the US and has 300 nuclear warheads and even sent nuclear technology to white-minority-ruled South Africa. Adelson and his Zionist-supremacist goons also insist that West Bank is not under Occupation. They say those territories are 'disputed', therefore open to further Jewish colonization. The Jew-run media bitch about Donald Trump being a 'nazi' or 'white nationalist', but they never excoriate him for continuing the policy of Jewish-Zionist supremacist project in the Middle East. Indeed, has Trump posted anything on Twitter that expressed sympathy for Palestinian women and children gunned down by IDF Death Squads along the Gaza border? The only crime of those Palestinians was the desire to return home to the land from which their parents and grandparents were expelled in 1948 by a series of bloody pogroms.) How come MSM isn't running non-stop stories about how both the GOP and the Democratic Party are so slavish to Jewish supremacists who force all Americans to support the Zionist-supremacist state of Israel(that continues to occupy & colonize West Bank and Golan Heights, which was stolen from Syria)? If all these 'liberal' Jews hate supremacism so much, why are they so insistent on the US supporting Israel that is clearly Jewish-imperialist-and-supremacist(against Palestinians), waging Wars for Israel(whereby a million Muslims have died and millions more have been forced into refugee status), and hating on nations like Russia, Iran, and Syria simply because Jews hate them? Why must we love whatever Jews love(Israel) and hate whatever Jews hate(Russia, Iran, Syria, Palestinians, and White Christians)? Are we humans with agency and individual conscience/choice OR are we dogs that must appease our Jewish masters? I don't want to hate Russia, Iran, Syria, Palestinians, and Christians. They are not the ones who are using the power of media, finance, and the state to take away our freedoms and liberties? It's the Jews at SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, Big Media, Elite Academia, Law firms, and courts who are colluding to take away our rights of free speech, gun rights, and sovereign identity and interests. What person with real pride wants to be like the mealy-mouthed Paul Ryan who sneers at the 97% of him that is white but wets his pants over the 3% of him that is Jewish?

I don't know if Mathias is a two-faced Jew or a pathetic cuck, but I will presume the latter. He doesn't look Jewish or part-Semitic, or maybe he's just part-Jewish. Now, if he's a white cuck, exactly what kind of cuck is he? A True-Believing Cuck who has swallowed whole hog all the PC pushed by Jews in academia, news media, and entertainment? If so, he's an idiot like the average braindead commissar. During the dreadful Cultural Revolution in China, there were countless true-believing Red Guards who swallowed Maoism whole-hog and waged total war on the 'feudal past' by smashing anyone and anything deemed 'reactionary'(or 'bourgeois' or 'imperialist'). But there were also many people who just mouthed radical platitudes to survive(because otherwise they could be mobbed and lynched) or because they wanted to rise up the hierarchy. Just like some Jews converted to Christianity in the past for career interests, some people in China mouthed Maoist platitudes because that was the ONLY means to rise up the ranks during the upheavals of the Cultural Revolution. Is Mathias a true believer? Does he really believe that the slightest whiff of white identity and interests(or even survival in South Africa) is tantamount to 'white nationalism' that, according to Jew-run PC, is synonymous with White Supremacism and Neo-Nazism? Or, is Mathias a sly opportunist who knows all-too-well that in Jewish-controlled US, the surest bet to social approval and favoritism is by vilifying whiteness? After all, whites can climb the social ranks as long as they decry whiteness as identity and interest. Whites can rise as individuals if divorced from any sense of white identity, white continuity, white solidarity, and white unity. Whites may succeed as deracinated individuals but never as members of the white race that is worthy of pride and prestige. Now, if PC was truly anti-identity and anti-racial, it would make this demand on ALL groups, but it isn't so. If anything, even as Jewish-controlled PC tells whites to give up their own identity and solidarity, it tells them that they must work overtime to praise Jewish identity and support Jewish interests, indeed even when Jews are clearly crushing and massacring helpless Palestinians, waging Wars for Israel(against Muslim nations), and spreading hatred against Iran, Russia, and Syria, nations that mean no harm to the American People. Also, it's rich coming from Jews in the media to bitch about 'Russian meddling'. Jewish Globalists are the 2% of the US that meddles in the affairs of all the world and even makes the US drop bombs on nations simply because Jews hate them, BUT they bitch about how American Sovereignty was compromised by 'foreign' meddling. Jewish Americans are not American Patriots. They feel zero sense of camaraderie with fellow Americans. Their main loyalty is to fellow Jews in other nations like Israel, UK, France, and etc. Also, Jews boast of how they are pushing for Open Borders to replace all white majority populations with masses of non-whites in the US, Canada, Australia, and even Europe(the ancient homeland of whites), any yet, they have the temerity to bitch and whine about 'foreign meddling.' What Jews really mean is that they, the Jews, have a right to stick their noses into the affairs of ANY nation, but if any non-Jewish people say NO MORE to the pushy Jew, then Jews defame that genuine expression of national interest as 'foreign meddling'. Imagine a Jew as a pickpocket with his hand in your jacket. You warn him to stop, but he accuses you of meddling in his affairs. It's no wonder Jews were called 'dirty' through the ages. Jews are like a pimp who accuses a family that takes back its daughter(from a life of prostitution) of 'outside interference'. Jews have been ruling the US and EU like globo-pimps, but when majority populations say NO MORE and seek emancipation from Jewish supremacism, they are accused of falling under the sway of 'foreign meddling'. Notice that it's the globalist Jews who meddle all over the world but, when things don't go their way, they invoke the bogeyman of 'Russia' to explain the setback. What Jews are trying to do is persuade the non-Jewish peoples that their desire for independence from Jewish supremacist power is not legitimate because 'Russia done it'. I suppose Palestinian desire for emancipation from Jewish Occupation is also a case of 'Russian meddling'. If Jews could help it, 'real' Palestinians love Zionist meddling and occupation as the true expression of 'Palestinian Values'. Palestinians who say NO to Jewish supremacist Occupation and Colonization must be "Putin's puppets".

White people have been led to believe that the suppression and rejection of White Identity and White Interests would lead to some Utopia of Individual Meritocracy. They were told, as 'race is just a social construct', 'whiteness' must be eradicated. This doesn't mean that white people should be physically eradicated as a people. Rather, they should no longer identify as white, think in terms of shared white history, believe that any piece of territory(even in Europe) belongs to white people, or that white people have a shared destiny(though they should still cling to Negative Identity of whiteness whereby whites are blamed for everything that is wrong in the world). No, they should all act as individuals, pursue excellence on the basis of meritocracy, and just become globo-homo 'citizens of the world'. So, if whites succeed and gain elite status, they shouldn't feel sympathy for less successful, poor, or suffering whites. If you're a rich white person, don't pay any attention to poor 'white trash' dying of opioid crisis. If you're safe and sound in some nice part of Europe or the US, don't pay any attention to whites being robbed, raped, or murdered in South Africa. That would be whites caring for whites, and that would be white identity, and that would mean white consciousness, and that can't be good because 'whiteness' is 'racist' and 'supremacist' and should be eradicated as a awareness. PC doesn't seek to physically exterminate white people. It seeks to exterminate the white soul or white consciousness within the white soul. This means, if there are suffering whites in some part of the world, well-off whites shouldn't feel more sympathy for them than for any other suffering people. After all, sympathy that feels more affection or concern for one's own group over another must be 'racist', right? Why should white people in US or EU care more about whites in South Africa when there are lots of violence all over Africa? When there are explosions of violence in Philippines, Guatemala, Cameroon, Burma(aka Myanmar), and etc.? After all, we all bleed red, so why should whites care more about other whites than for non-whites? (If we follow this logic, even the notion of Civic Nationalism should go out the window since it is about favoring one's fellow countrymen over the countrymen of other nations. US embassies all over the world go out on a limb to serve the interests of American Citizens, be they workers or travelers or whatever. So, the US embassy in Kenya or Vietnam will do everything to secure safety and well-being for American citizens in that country but will ignore the requests of the locals who are not American citizens. When the US was departing from South Vietnam as the Communists were descending upon Saigon, the top priority was reserved for US citizens.)

Anyway, the War on 'Whiteness' was done in bad faith. It was concocted and led by Jews who had NO intention of surrendering Jewishness, Jewish identity, and Jewish interests. Indeed, the core root of Jewish Identity has been about WE JEWS(the Chosen of God) versus Them Gentiles(the filthy goyim who exist as human cattle to serve us superior Jews). If Jews were sincere in their desire to create a deracinated World Community of 'global citizens', they should have abandoned Jewishness, a deep-rooted ethno-spiritual identity(that says Jewish Blood was especially blessed by God). But, Jews pushed Zionism. Jews didn't want to become just ONE PEOPLE with Palestinians. They wanted to expel Palestinians and create a Jewish State where national priority and immigration policy would be based on boosting Jewishness. Also, Jews in the US didn't want fellow Jews to abandon Jewishness in the way that whites were pressured to surrender whiteness and European-ness. If anything, just as Jews were admonishing whites to abandon white identity, they were demanding that whites serve Jewish identity and interests. So, a cucky-wuck like Paul Ryan should say NO to the 97% of him that is white but be so thrilled about the 3% of him that is Jewish. White Americans should attack and demean the slightest hint of white consciousness as 'white supremacist' but repeat the mantra, "Israel is our closest ally, Israel is our greatest ally, Israel is our dearest friend." Also, whereas groups or organizations devoted to white identity and interests are to be hounded, defamed, and de-platformed, those organizations and causes devoted to Jewish identity and identity are to be celebrated, praised, and funded to the tune of billions of dollars. If any white politician expresses sympathy for the white working class, that is 'white supremacism', but all white politicians must show up at AIPAC and pledge all the love and money that Israel needs to build more tanks and jets, maintain its arsenal of 300 nukes, colonize more areas in West Bank, and gun down more Palestinian women and children in Gaza.
Now, whether deracination of all of humanity into 'citizens of the world' is a good thing or bad thing, the overwhelming evidence is that Jews waged war on White Identity not to eradicate racial supremacism but to make whites serve Jewish supremacism. After all, whites with white identity will favor their own people and interests over those of others. Then, whites won't be such running dogs and servile wussies of Jews. Likewise, in order to make Europeans serve Jewish globalist hegemonic interests, they had to be made to revile and reject the sense of national identity, history, and territory. If Hungarians believe in their people-hood based on shared ancestry, shared history, shared territory, and shared destiny, the main theme of Hungary will be Hungarians-serving-Hungary. But Jews want Hungarians to serve JEWISH interests first, and that is why George Soros and his ilk have been trying to replace Hungarian Christianity with Homomania(as the substitute faith for traditional faith) and replace Hungarian nationalism with global deracination. Jewish globalists subvert Hungarian borders to make them porous to Muslims & Africans and try to persuade Hungarians that mass-migrant-invaders from the Middle East & Africa are just as Hungarian as Hungarians with deep ancient roots in that land. Jews pulled a 'heads I win, tails you lose' trick. Notice that American Jews decry as 'far right' Hungary's desire to remain Hungarian and Poland's desire to remain Polish, but they demand that ALL Americans support the right of Israel to be a Jewish state(despite the fact that the Israel's 'right to exist' was secured only by denying the right of Palestine to exist).

Now, if Christopher Mathias is Jewish, he is a two-faced weasel. But if he's a white 'goy', he is either a naive & stupid True Believer or a Sniveling Opportunist who spouts PC platitudes so that he will be accepted into the elite world. In a country where whites are no longer allowed to have identity or interests, all that is left is status. And to gain status in the Jewish-controlled West, white people must cuck and sneer at whiteness while singing hosannas to everything Jewish and Zionist(and black and homo). It was no different under British Imperialism. Wherever the Brits ruled, the local elites had to reject national identity and cater to British Imperial authority. They had to serve the British overlords by suppressing the nationalist aspirations of their own people. If they chose to resist the British Empire and took on roles as patriotic elites, the Empire silenced them, exiled them, imprisoned them, or even executed them. The British Imperialists didn't want the local elites in Africa to serve Africans or the local elites in India to serve Indians. The British pressed upon the local elites to serve Britannia and Queen & Country, just like the Japanese in Manchuria(aka Manchukuo) made sure that Puyi the puppet emperor served Japanese imperialist interests than the interests of the Manchurian people.

The US is now ruled by Jewish elites, and the Jewish War on White(or J-WOW) is not a war on supremacism per se. After all, Jews denounce not only the last remnants of the KKK or Neo-Nazi morons but even the slightest sign of white identity or awareness. Even though Jews tell us 24/7 we must protect Jews in Israel from Palestinians and Iranians(despite the fact that it is Jews who are tyrannizing & killing Palestinians and using the US government to levy harsh sanctions against Iran), they throw tantrums about how some white people in the West are becoming aware of whites in South Africa being robbed, raped, tortured, and murdered by blacks. So, even when the Israel Air Force kills thousands in Gaza and IDF death squads gun down innocent Palestinian women and children, all we hear from US media and US government is 'We stand with Israel' and 'We must protect Israel'. But when a handful of whites in the West express alarm about the horrible anti-white atrocities in South Africa, the ADL(a Zionist supremacist organization that supports Israel's mass killing of Palestinians) howls about 'white supremacy'. Now, imagine if Israel became 10% Jewish and 90% Arab, and suppose Arab marauders routinely entered Jewish farms to rob, rape, and murder Jews. How would Jews react in the US? They would be screaming Holocaust 24/7 and calling on the world to SAVE THE JEWS. Jews like Madeleine Albright were okay with 500,000 dead Iraqi kids, but they throw a fit if a single hair on a Jewish child were ruffled. By now, any honest person should admit that the Jewish War on White is really a Jewish Supremacist Agenda. Jews hate white identity because it implies whites should prioritize their own interests than grovel before Jews and serve Jewish supremacist interests.
And why do Jews hate nationalism? Because it is anti-imperialist. After all, what finally brought down Nazi Imperialism? Nationalist fervor among Russians, Poles, and many others who resisted German Imperialist Occupation. What brought down Japanese imperialism? Nationalism of Americans, Chinese, and others who pushed back against Japanese aggression. What brought down European empires? The rise of nationalism in places like India, Algeria, Vietnam, Indonesia, Kenya, and etc. What doomed Soviet Imperialism? The dream among Eastern Europeans of national liberation from Soviet Occupation. Soviets realized that it was too costly to maintain imperialist domination over Eastern Europe where every nation detested Soviets and their puppet regimes. This is why Jews hate the rise of nationalism. The Empire of Judea(or EOJ) is now the most powerful ruling agent in the world. It is no longer Pax Americana but Ziocana. Even more powerful than the US-as-superpower is the Jewish-network-of-power all across the world. From London to Paris to Berlin to Tel Aviv to Mexico City to Los Angeles to San Francisco to Chicago to NY. Who started the 'new cold war' with Russia and why? Jews did because Putin restrained the power of Jewish globo-homo oligarchs who looted and raped Russia in the 1990s. Who were the main forces behind the Middle East wars? It was the Jews who used the US as one Big Stick to destroy, militarily or financially, any nation that Jews don't like. Jews saw Iraq as a rival of Israel, so WMD lies were cooked up by the Jew-run media to gather public support for the invasion. Obama took out Libya because French Jews and their American counterparts demanded it. Obama and Hillary, shills of Jewish oligarchs, also worked with Saudi Arabia to send Alqaeda terrorist into Syria to tear that nation apart. And Israel provided sanctuary to ISIS fighters. Syria survived only because Russia and Iran aided secular modernizer Assad. Under Obama and Trump, the US has been aiding Saudis against Yemen. Why do Jews want Yemen destroyed? Because its rebel forces have ties with Iran. And Jews used Obama to recruit Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to pull off a coup.
This is why Jews hate nationalism. If the US were to act more like a nation or republic, it would mind its own business. It would fix its own problems. It would say NO to the demands of the Empire of Judea. All Americans would tell Jews, "You fight your own wars. We want no part of your globo-homo neo-imperialist domination and destruction of the world." What Jews fear most about white identity and nationalism is not their aggressiveness. Most 'white identitarians' or 'white nationalists' do NOT want to bring back empire and rule the world. And they don't want to bring in masses of non-white immigrants, lord over them, and exploit them to maintain White Supremacy and White Privilege over masses of Brown People as helots. If anything, so-called 'white nationalists' are saying whites should fix and run their own economies. White people should do all kinds of work, ranging from high-skilled to low-skilled. It is the globalists who say that so many jobs are too lowly for Americans and must be done by brown peons from Mexico and Guatemala. 'White nationalists' reject white dependence on non-white labor as a form of short-term greedy white supremacism that is doomed to fail. Consider South Africa vs Israel. In South Africa, whites came to rely on black labor to do the heavy-lifting. Whites stuck to the 'better kinds of jobs'. The end-result of such white supremacism was whites being outnumbered and threatened with genocide by black laborers and underclass. In contrast, Zionists founded Israel on the premise that Jewish labor should make up the backbone of the Israeli economy. The kibbutz movement was to accustom Jews to manual labor, the kind Biff talks about in THE DEATH OF A SALESMAN. So, Jews should own and manage the economy, but Jews should also work on farms and factories. That is why Israel remained majority Jewish. Even though Israel was founded with Jewish imperialism, it survived only because it had a National Economy, one where Jews took part in every level of the economy. If Israel had gone the South African route and relied on Arabs to take up most of Labor, then Jews in Israel would today be in the position that whites in South Africa are. Whites in South Africa chose the white-supremacist economic model where white elites would manage black labor. Zionists in Israel chose the Jewish-nationalist economic model where Jewish elites would hire and manage mostly Jewish workers. Which worked out better?
Donald Trump is calling for a national economic model for America. This model would prioritize what is good for all Americans, even the working class. In contrast, the globalist economic model prioritizes whatever maximizes the profits of the Jewish upper-classes in New York, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The American Working class is to be replaced by endless peons from the Third World. Jews also seek to increase Diversity because it means they can play divide-and-rule among the increasingly diverse 'goy' populations. The ONE thing that is supposed to unite the various diverse peoples(who can't agree on much) is "Israel is our greatest ally." Notice that all politicians in the US, regardless of their race or ethnicity, repeat the mantra about Israel, Israel, and Israel. Even politicians who may have been slightly critical of Israel's treatment of Palestinians shut up once they rise to higher ranks and become dependent on Jewish money and control of media.

Now, why does South Africa matter so much to Jews? The reasons are threefold: (1) Jews control the diamond business and financial industry in South Africa. These rich Jews never have to worry about crime and brutality because they live in the poshest urban parts in South Africa or live abroad. Blacks will never break into the homes of Jews in South Africa and rape/murder Jews. Because Jews need good relations with the black government in South Africa to keep their loot in diamonds and finance, they direct all black rage at the Boers. (2) Another reason why Jews are eager to be seen as pro-black in South Africa is because World Jewry hedged their bets during the Cold War. One bunch of Jews, pretending to be communists, sided with the ANC and worked to bring down white power. But Zionists in Israel sided with the white-ruled government during the Cold War. The agreement was as follows: Israel supports Apartheid in South Africa, and South Africa supports Zionist Occupation of West Bank. The agreement also entailed Israel supplying South Africa with technology for nuclear weapons. ANC was closely allied with the PLO, and Mandela deeply admired Yasser Arafat as a comrade resisting Western Imperialism. But, white rule finally ended in South Africa, and Jews have been working overtime to flush the fact of the alliance of Zionists and Afrikaners down the memory hole. (Jews would love to forget that such an alliance had ever existed, just like Jim Carrey's character in ETERNAL SUNSHINE OF THE SPOTLESS MIND would like to forget he was ever in love with a funny-haired woman.) Israel now pretends that it had been a supporter of Mandela and ANC all along. Arnon Milchan who played a role in shipping Israeli nuclear technology to South Africa later produced 12 YEARS A SLAVE to show he loves black people so much. (3) The reason why Jews elevate Mandela to god-like status(not just in South Africa but all around the world) is to use him as a Trojan Horse against whites. Mandela, like MLK, is the symbol of the triumph of peace and reconciliation between whites and blacks. So, whites are to gaze at the Mandela-Trojan Horse, dream of peace, and not worry. Gee whiz, maybe if whites worship MLK & Mandela and apologize to blacks, couldn't there be peace among the races and everyone will live happily ever after?
Jews need to push such potent symbolism because the reality is so different from the promise. The fact is white-black integration will lead to disaster for whites because evolution made blacks tougher-and-rougher than whites. Blacks are naturally more muscular and more aggressive. They are more primal. In the US, freedom made blacks revert to the jungle-thuggery of rap culture. Blacks dominate sports, and just like black athletes kick white butt, black thugs routinely terrorize white kids. White males become beta-male wussies before blacks who treat them with contempt as 'faggoty-ass white boys'. And with plummeting white manhood, white women come to regard white men as inferior males and go with black men. Thus, the BAMMAMA(blacks are more muscular and more aggressive) leads to the ACOWW(Afro-Colonization of White Wombs). And the only thing left for white males(called 'white boys' by blacks) is wussy cuck-behavior.

South Africa is the racial reversal of the US. If blacks make up 13% of US Population, they make up 91% of South Africa. So, if more productive and more law-abiding non-blacks can carry and sustain the blacks-and-their-problems in the US, there is no way that all those blacks can be supported by the 9% that is white in South Africa. So, whites are eventually doomed in South Africa. Also, because so many blacks, even with freedom and equality(and affirmative action preferences), fail to achieve much in South Africa due to their lower IQ and impulsive temperaments, there is rising resentment and demand among blacks to just kill whitey and take his stuff... like what happened in Zimbabwe when Mugabe decided to appease the black masses by setting them loose on 'whitey' and grab white farms. South Africa is making more whites wake up to the truth of race and racial differences. Whites should realize that black failure is mainly due to black DNA that evolved to make blacks wild hunters, warriors, and dancers than farmers, engineers, and managers.
So, why don't Jews want whites to wake up to this fact? It's because Jewish power over whites depends on the cult of 'white guilt'. Whites must be made to feel that everything wrong with blacks is the result of 'white racism'. (Black Africa was primitive and savage long before whites ever set foot on the Continent, but never mind. Maybe there were all these Wakandas, but their glories were wiped from African Memory by Evil White 'Racists'.)
If whites don't feel 'white guilt', they could feel white pride. And then, white pride can serve as the basis of white unity, white solidarity, and white autonomy. Whites will serve their own interests, just like Jews serve Jewish interests and Chinese serve Chinese interests. But, if whites serve their own kind, it will mean the end of Jewish supremacist power. Just like British supremacism ended in India the minute the Indians chose to serve their own identity and interests than those of the British overlords, Jewish supremacism cannot survive White Emancipation. Jews are only 2% of the American population. Jewish power depends on white politicians, managers, engineers, generals, and personnel in every department serving Jewish power and Jewish interests. It's like a military commander has no power IF his troops decide to abandon him. Patton was a great general, but what could he have done if his troops no longer obeyed him? What becomes of Russian commanders in DOCTOR ZHIVAGO when the soldiers abandon the war? Same thing that happened to the British when Indians decided on disobedience. Jews fear white racial disobedience and non-cooperation with Jewish supremacism. As more whites wake up and don't want to fight Wars for Israel, Jews are beginning to shit. This is why Jews use the media to spread the hysteria that any resistance to Jewish supremacist power is ordered by Putin and Kremlin. (At the very least, there were real communists in the highest echelons of the US government when HUAC began to raise questions about people like Alger Hiss and the Rosenbergs.) Jews are making up total nonsense to spread the conspiracy theory that Trump colluded with Putin to win in 2016. But Jews can get away with such foulness because they have ethno-monopoly of the big media, Deep State, and whore politicians who will say anything demanded of them by AIPAC. Incredibly, the Jewish 2% controls 95% of the media in the US, but we are supposed to worry more about few Facebook ads paid for by Russians. Never mind Facebook is owned by a Jewish globalist(with close ties to Israeli's Judeo-Nazis who mow down Palestinians) and shut down conservative, patriotic, and independent voices. Never mind the trillions of US economy owned and controlled by Jews. Jews say that we should worry more about $100,000 worth in Facebook ads bought by a bunch of Russian nobodies. Jewish globalist hysterics make Joe McCarthy seem like a man of reason and balance in comparison.

Jews need to push the White Guilt Narrative to paralyze whites into submission. Indeed, this has always been the case with imperialists. The British didn't rule over non-whites with guns and sticks alone. They also played mind-tricks. They made the natives believe in Non-White Shame. They were to feel shame for having achieved so much less than Western Civilization. Because they were so backward and unenlightened, it was only right that they should obey and serve white people who knew all the answers. Of course, Non-White Shame, like White Guilt, had a kernel of truth to it. The non-white world did come to lag far behind the dynamic West. And it's true enough that whites gained hegemony over the world, and this domination entailed terrible tragedies as well as great triumphs. But the lesson to take from Non-White Shame and White Guilt is that they were devised as mind-tricks for manipulation. Non-White Shame wasn't just about the need for non-whites to wake up, learn from the dynamic West, and make progress. It meant that non-whites, being so shamefully backward vis-a-vis the West, should defer to Western authority & prestige and do as told.
Likewise, White Guilt isn't just about white people acknowledging the dark side of Western Imperialism and its tragic impact on non-whites but about how whites should seek atonement and redemption by cucking out to Jewish power. Indeed, notice there is no consistent logic to White Guilt. Since the West aided the Zionist-imperialists in destroying and wiping Palestine off the map, shouldn't white people make amends for their Crime Against Palestinians by sympathizing with the people in West Bank and Gaza? Shouldn't there be White Guilt about the plight of Palestinians? NO!, the Jews say. Jews say whites must support the ongoing Zionist occupation and oppression of West Bank and just pooh-pooh the Palestinians.
Since the white-ruled US engineered the 1953 coup in Iran that led to the long reign of the awful Shah and his Savak forces, shouldn't white Americans feel 'white guilt' about Iranians and try to be nice to Iran? NO!, the Jews say. Jews say white-Americans must share in the Jewish HATE on Iran. Jews say white-Americans must support more sanctions against Iran to make the people suffer. Why? Because Jews coded White Guilt to mainly feel sorry for Jews(and blacks) and seek redemption by sucking up to Jewish supremacist power.
Now, consider the Big Theme of Immigration. Americans are told that they should take pride than feel guilt about the US having been a Nation-of-Immigrants. But shouldn't Mass Immigration be associated with White Guilt? After all, the biggest crime of American History was the 'genocide' of the American Indians. (Why is slavery called the 'original sin' of America when the 'genocide' of Indian preceded the slave trade? Also, isn't genocide worse than slavery? After all, 300,000 blacks brought to the US grew into 40 million people. In contrast, 10 million Indians in the American continent was reduced to 1 million.) Now, what led to the 'genocide' of American Indians? Mass Immigration-invasion from Europe. American Indians hoped that whites would stop coming, but whites came and came and came. And Jews came too, and they ran frontier shops that sold guns and ammos to whites to kill Indians with. So, Immigration = 'Genocide' of the Indians. Whites and Jews called for more and more European Immigration so that ALL of America would be conquered and settled by Europeans and Jews. Manifest Destiny was westward territorial-imperialism. Emma Lazarus' favorite people, the European and Jewish immigrants, conquered all the hunting grounds of Indians, wiped out nearly all the bison, and reduced Indians into wretched huddled masses inside Reservations. So, how come we hear so little about White Guilt in relation to Mass-Immigration-Imperialism? (To the extent that the Chinese also aided the building of Railroads to facilitate white conquest of all the West, they also participated in the 'genocide' of the Indians.) What Immigration-Imperialism did to the native folks of the Americas:

Also, given that the still white-dominated US military destroyed so much of the Middle East since the End of the Cold War, why do we hear nothing about White Guilt in relation to Arabs and Muslims? And given that the people who suffered most from Nazi imperialist wars were the Slavs — it's been estimated that over 20 million people in the USSR died as the result of Nazi invasion — , why don't we ever hear about German Guilt in relation to Slavs and Russians?
It's because Jews have coded the Cult of White Guilt to favor Jewish Interests. After all, if white Americans really began to feel guilty about what the US did to the Muslim World, they would think twice about participating in the Jewish HATRED against Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and Yemenese. Also, if white Americans realized that the people who suffered most from the Nazi invasion and did most to defeat Nazi Germany were the Russians, they might feel sympathy for Russians. But Jews don't want that because they HATE Russians. Jews hate Russia because it refused to be the property of tribal Jewish globalist oligarchs. Also, Jews fear that the Russian example of nationalist liberation from Jewish globalist domination might catch on in other nations. In WWII, Russians defeated the Nazi Empire. And today, Jews feel that Russia is the only great white power that won't totally cuck to Jews. Jews got the US and its satellite puppets Canada, Germany, UK, France, and Australia. The white elites of all those nations were educated in Jewish-dominated academia like Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, and the like.
In contrast, Russians have their own sense of identity, history, and spirituality. They won't bend over to Homomania that would have us believe that there is no higher value in the universe than homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting that are to be associated with the rainbow. Given their tribal interests, why would Jews want White Guilt to be associated with the plight of Palestinians and the hardships of Iranians? Jews want whites to serve Jews and Jews only. And notice Jews never mention Jewish Guilt even though Jewish bankers financed much of European Imperialism, Jews dominated the opium trade in China, Jews spread communism & killed millions, and Jews were the most dominant slavers in Brazil, the place that took in 10x the slaves as the US did. Notice how everything is so selective with Jews.

The reason why Jews don't associate White Guilt with Immigration(that led to the 'genocide' of the American Indians) is because Immigration has been good for Jews in the 19th and 20th century. Also, Jews now used Weaponized Immigration to gain permanent supremacist power over white nations. In the 19th century, immigration to the US meant new opportunities for Jews. So, who cares if the American Indians got conquered, expelled, and replaced? For much of Hollywood history, Jewish studios were cranking out Westerns where it was great for cowboys to wipe out Indians. Also, it was immigration-invasion that led to the creation of Israel. What began as a trickle turned into a deluge, and Jewish immigration-imperialists replaced the native Palestinians. Of course, Jews oppose non-Jewish immigration to Israel because what Jews did to Palestinians could be done to Jews by others. If Israel had open immigration for Muslims/Arabs and Africans, it won't be long before Jews will be reduced to a minority like the white population in California, or worse yet, like whites in South Africa.
For Jews, everything revolves around the question, "Is it good for the Jews?" Such tribal-supremacism is the only real principle that Jews live by. Jesus was a different kind of Jew who argued for a universal principle for all peoples, but Jews had Him killed for that. When Jews talk of 'Western Values' or 'Universal Values', it all comes down to "Is it good for the Jews?" Currently, Jews push a form of Weaponized Immigration with the goal of securing permanent supremacist domination over Western nations. Jews claim that they push for more Diversity because Jews feel safer in a diverse nation. But with the exception of Nazi Germany, this hasn't been true historically. Average Jews were always safer in more racially homogeneous nations. Jews were safer in America, Canada, and Australia that were overwhelmingly white than in Diverse nations like Mexico, Venezuela, Brazil, Egypt, and etc. Also, historically speaking, Jews were met with the most discrimination in the very diverse Russian Empire. In contrast, Jews in the more homogeneous UK, Netherlands, and Sweden fared much better. And if Jews really love Diversity, why did they try to emigrate to overwhelmingly white United States than to less white and more diverse Latin America? A Jew is surely safer in the streets of an all-white town in Canada or Sweden than in the diversely populated areas of Colombia, Paris, or London that are now teeming with blacks and Muslims. There have been many attacks on Jews in Paris. So, why do Jews push for Diversity? It's not because the average Jew in the street feels safer in a diverse community. If anything, Jews in the US generally look for mostly white areas to settle. Jews push for Diversity as a means to secure Permanent Elite Domination. It is to ensure supremacy for Jewish elites, not safety for the average Jew in the street. Jewish elites fear that Too Much Jewish Power may lead to resentment and anger among the majority population, especially if the economy tanks(not least due to Jewish financial machinations), leading to populist anger and mass uprising. Diversity is a useful leverage against such possibility because the masses of 'goyim' will be too much at each other's throats to unite effectively against Jewish Elite Power. Look at Current America. Because of Diversity, too many Whites are committed to bashing Muslims. Jews exploit this to make whites support Israel even though Jews feel mostly contempt for whites. Meanwhile, Jews embrace Muslims as 'refugees' even though Muslims are refugees from Wars for Israel engineered by Jewish globalist elites. Also, most conservative whites are too busy butting heads with non-white immigrants to ever notice that it's the Jews who've done most to flood the West with the Rest. And non-whites are so eager to gain entry into the richer West that they side with Jewish globalists against white populism even though many of them have no real love for Jews. With all these 'goyim' tearing at each other, there can never be any effective alliance against Jewish elite power.
Even in the case of the rise of National Socialist Germany, it never would have happened if not for the vicious agendas and vile behavior of Jewish elites. Jews who took over Russia carried out wanton destruction of culture and were responsible for mass terror, enslavement(as much of the communist economy was little more the state-slavery), and man-made famine that came to kill millions. And Jews in Weimar Germany did what Jews would later do in Russia of the 90s. They manipulated markets to rake in tons of ill-gotten profits. Germany was robbed blind by the Bernie Madoffs of the time. And Jews promoted cultural degradation and treated Germans like today's Jewish porn-meisters treat 'shikse' women. Germany was turned into an Open Flesh Market by Jewish hucksters. Germans really tried their best at Liberal Democracy, but Jews made it impossible because they exploited the new freedoms to grab all the loot for themselves and to treat Germans like cattle. The reason why Germany did much better with democracy after WWII(despite even greater hardships) was because there were hardly any Jews to mess up Germany this time. Japanese democracy also worked because the Japanese ran the show. In contrast, when Jews financially and culturally dominated Germany of the 1920s and Russia of the 1990s, it was a time of highway robbery and dehumanization of non-Jews into a race of cattle to be degraded and exploited. Just consider Jews like William Kristol, Jennifer Rubin, Max Boot, Paul Krugman, Richard Cohen, Victoria Nuland, Michelle Wolf, and etc. Can you expect any of those Jews to act with integrity or decency? No, they just feel contempt for non-Jews, and their only priority is "Is it good for the Jews?" And because so many Jews are so repulsive in their personality and attitude, it is nearly impossible for them to realize why the behavior of their Tribesmen have rubbed so many people the wrong way through the ages. This is why the most moral demand that white people can make is to call for EMANCIPATE THE WHITE. Emancipate the White from Heinous Jewish Supremacism. Just think. Could the psychotic Nazi elites have caused much trouble around the world IF the German people had emancipated themselves from Nazi lunacy? Of course not. It was because the German masses decided to submit to the Fuhrer that they blindly obeyed him and enabled German Imperialism that would bring ruination to Europe. If the German people had said NO to the Fuhrer, all that mess could have been avoided. Likewise, imagine what the world would be like IF white people(especially in the US) had said NO to Jewish supremacist power. White people would not have supported the Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians who suffer to this day because the US(and USSR) collaborated in the destruction of Palestine. Imagine if white Americans had said NO to Jewish financial de-regulation of the 1980s and 1990s. We would not be living under Wall Street tyranny. Suppose if white people had said NO to 'free trade' and globalism that led to so much environmental degradation around the world and the destruction of the American working class. Imagine if white people had said NO to all these Wars for Israel. A million people in the Middle East would still be alive and spending time with their families. US would not be bombing all these nations in the Muslim World. Iraq, Libya, and Syria would still be in one piece. Imagine if whites had said NO to Jewish takeover of all the elite institutions. Then, Jewish American globalists wouldn't have been able to collude with Jewish Russian sharks to fleece the entire Russian economy in the 1990s. Imagine if white people had said NO to the spread of Jewish-controlled gambling. So many Americans would keep the money in their pockets than hand it over to the Sheldon Adelsons of the world. Imagine if white people had said NO to Jewish porn-meisters who not only use white 'shikse' women as sex meat but have pornified mainstream culture as well. You can thank Jews for trashy idiots like Miley Cyrus. But instead of saying NO to the Jew, white Americans came under the spell of Jews as the Holy Holocaust Billionaire People, and everything Jews demanded was given to them. Sacha Baron Cohen exposed the mentality of white ‘conservatives’ who are willing to do ANYTHING to appease and seek the approval of Jews. Of course, Jews only feel contempt for such dummies who are so easy to manipulate.

Now, it’s understandable why Jews need to sustain ‘white guilt’ in relation to Tribal interests in order to make whites cuck to Jewish supremacism. (Notice that Judeo-Nazis in Israel who oppress, terrorize, and kill Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza invoke the Holocaust to keep whites supporting Zionist imperialism. Ironically, we are told whites should support Jews-acting-like-Nazis because Jews were once targeted and killed by Nazis. Sure makes a lot of moral sense!) It is why Jews selectively promote White Guilt in relation to certain groups but not with other groups. Jews never promote ‘white guilt’ in relation to all the horrors the US has committed against Persians, Muslims, and Arabs. No ‘white guilt’ about all those dead Iraqi women and children. No ‘white guilt’ about the fate of Palestinians. (Jews could not have wiped Palestine off the map without the support of white-ruled nations like UK, US, and USSR.) Also, Jews hardly associate ‘white guilt’ with Immigration even though Mass Immigration led to the ‘genocide’ of the American Indians. Rather, Jews associate Immigration with saving-people-from-genocide. We are told that the US should have taken in more Jews in the 1930s when Nazis were growing more radical by the day. (Of course, American Jews never said anything about saving millions of starving Ukrainians during the Great Famine, but then Jewish commissars were working with Stalin to kill them.) So, according to the Jewish Narrative, More Immigration = Saving Jews from Holocaust. But Jews overlook the fact that More Immigration(in the 19th century) = More ‘genocide’ of the American Indians. In the end, Jewish Moral Logic all comes down to "Is it good for the Jews?"
Recently, Jews have bleated so much about how Immigration is necessary to save people from horrors all over the world. So, every Mexican illegal is like a Jew-fleeing-the-Holocaust, which is totally LOL. Mexicans own Mexico, and they can do a lot to make their nation better. It’s not the fault of the US that so many Mexicans are corrupt, stupid, and incompetent. Also, if Mexicans can’t stand other Mexicans and want to work for and live with gringos instead, why should Americans want to live with Mexicans? White people are told that they must want to live with all these non-whites, but all these non-white immigrants can’t stand their own people and want to flee to white-majority nations. Notice they always prefer white-majority nations as destinations than non-white nations or white-minority nations. How many people want to move to South Africa or Venezuela? But those nations must be so nice because they are so diverse and racially-mixed and already have a white minority. (We are told whites-becoming-a-minority in the future will be good for America. Just take a look at Latin America, and the evidence is to the contrary. If anything, it seems all those Latin Americans are fleeing from white-minority nations to the US and Canada that are still white-majority nations. White nations are growing more Diverse not because Diversity is what the non-white immigrants are after. Non-whites want to be in white nations and under white rule. Even as they form ethnic enclaves in these white nations, they prefer living under competent white rule than under the tawdry rule of their own kind. It’s like Mexicans prefer to live in a Mexican-community in the US than in Mexico. Why? Gringos run things better. Same with Asian Indians. Even as they form their own ethnic communities in places like Chicago and Toronto, they like being under white rule because they know that Hindu rule back in India is so totally dreadful. Because all these non-whites flee their own non-white nations for white nations, Mass Immigration is really closet-white-supremacist. Immigration-behavior is predicated on the notion that whiteness is better for maintaining and running societies. And of course, Jewish immigration patterns have ALWAYS favored white, especially Anglo-Germanic, nations over all others. If Jews love immigration and blacks, Jews in America can become immigrants again and move to Africa and start over there. Jews can even erect a new Statue of Liberty on the African shores. But of course they won’t. Even as Jews bleat about ‘white racism’ and ‘white supremacism’, they've always followed white people and piggy-backed on white adventure and white conquests(and profited off them greatly). Jews now claim to care about Muslim refugees, but it’s all just a ruse to hide the fact that millions of Muslims were forced into refugee status due to Wars for Israel. All those people in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine would be content in their own nations IF NOT for the fact that the US, under the control of Zionists, decided to spread wars in service of the Yinon Plan.

All those Muslims were made homeless and lost loved ones by the 100,000s(by some estimates, by the millions) because US foreign policy got hijacked by Zionists who’ve used US power directly and indirectly to undermine, cripple, and even destroy any nation in the Middle East or North Africa that was regarded as a threat to Israel. Jewish Power wrecked countless lives all over the Middle East. So, how do Jews cover up their inhumanity and war crimes? They make all these noises about how the West must save all those poor Muslim refugees. NEVER MIND THEY WERE TURNED INTO REFUGEES BY JEWISH-CONTROLLED FOREIGN POLICY. Even in Iran, many people want to leave because of dire economic straits. But why has Iran been crippled economically? Because Jews control the US and even though billions are funneled to Israel despite its 200 nuclear warheads and its occupation of West Bank(and theft of Golan Heights), innocent Iran has been hit with sanctions upon sanctions. Jewish moral posturing is rather like that of the US in the Vietnam War. Its intervention and bombs destroyed that nation, but the US covered up its War Crimes by taking in refugees. But if the US hadn’t intervened in the first place, there would have been no war and no refugees. Also, given that Jews and Israel have played such a big role in the Middle East Wars, shouldn’t Israel and Jews accept most of the burden for the plight of Muslim refugees? But expecting such accountability from Jews is like expecting termites to rebuild your house as compensation for their having destroyed it. Predictably, Jews pushed all the moral burden on Europe and the US. Even on Japan. Even as Israel refused to take a single Muslim ‘refugee’ — if anything, Israel aided terrorists in Syria and illegally bombed targets to prolong the suffering — , Jews all-over-the-world pressured ‘goy’ nations to be nice and take in all those ‘refugees’. Of course, once the word got out that Germany was taking in ‘Syrian Refugees’, millions of non-refugee Muslims decided to take advantage and pose as ‘Syrians’ to gain entry into West as well. This is why Jews were called ‘dirty Jews’ through the ages. They do things that are so despicable and contemptible but then act as if THEY are the moral arbiters of the world. How disgusting.

One thing for sure, the politics of ‘White Guilt’ isn’t principled or morally consistent. If anything, it is coded and manipulated to serve certain agendas and interests. Because Jewish Power controls the West, ‘white guilt’ is shaped and molded to favor Jewish interests. It’s about whites feeling ‘guilty’ about Jews but not about Palestinians or Muslims(except as poor darling refugees championed by Jews who wrecked Muslim nations). It’s about whites feeling super-guilty about slavery but not about the immigration-imperialism that led to the ‘genocide’ of Indians in the American West(as more whites arrived on ships and moved Westward to take the remaining lands of the Indians). Since immigration was good for Jews, never mind what happened to the Indians. And even though Western Imperialism led to the deaths of millions of Asians in 20th century wars, never mind that too. White Guilt for Yellow People may mean competition for White Guilt for Jews. (Many Jews did support the Anti-War Movement in the 60s and 70s either to serve the Marxist cause or discredit the ruling Wasp elites with defeat in Vietnam, but as the New Ruling Elites, Jews are now pro-War in their projection of US military in Wars for Israel and 'new cold war' with Russia. If the Cold War was about ideology, the 'new cold war' is purely about Jewish supremacist animus toward Russia. To be sure, many Jews sided with the Communist side in the Cold War for closet-tribal reasons; they assumed communism would be the best bet for Jewish Power.) Jews will promote Yellow Resentment against Whites(as with Sarah Jeong and her ilk), but they will not promote White Guilt in regard to Asians. If anything, even as Jews encourage Asians to feel Yellow Resentment(and Envy) toward whites, they use media and Hollywood to spread Yellow Peril fears among whites(and others). We are told that China is a growing menace. Magazine covers are glossed with images of the Chinese dragon encircling the world. So, Jews encourage yellows to bark at whitey but also alarm whites with fears of Yellow Peril.
Another example of the moral opportunism at the core of Jewish-coded ‘White Guilt’ is evident in regard to Hispanics. Anyone familiar with history knows that what is now called ‘Latin America’ was conquered by the Spanish and Portuguese who were white Europeans. Their arrival led to spread of diseases that wiped out over 90% of the native population. And there was mass rape and sexual conquest. Mestizo is the product of white sexual imperialism on browns. Also, Latino peoples of South America, especially the Portuguese(and Jews), brought in tons of black slaves. All in all, Latinos enslaved more than 12 times the slaves that the US did. So, if we follow the moral logic of White Guilt, Latin-American whites should be burdened with lots of it. But in the US, Jews overlook all that and carry on with the fiction that Latin Whites are People of Color because (1) they aren’t gringo or yanqui and (2) they have a bit of non-white blood. So, even a Latin American white who is overwhelmingly European can pass as ‘person of color’ and play for victim sweepstakes. And then, non-white peoples of Latin America, such as brown Indios and blacks, are labeled as ‘Hispanic’ even though they are not of Spanish/European ancestry. (It’d be like calling American blacks and American Indians ‘Anglos’ because they speak English.) That further confuses the issue. Why do Jews not make a big stink about Latin American White Guilt? It’s because they find Latin American whites as useful allies against White Americans. Both Jews and Latin American whites play a two-faced game. Jews count as white but also invoke ‘antisemitism’ and make themselves out to be the main victims of whites. Latin American whites function as whites in most respects but, politically, they pretend to be Latin American POC victims of Big Bad Yanqui Gringo. Guillermo Del Toro is a good example of such low-down two-faced weasel behavior. It’s no wonder Jews and Latin American whites see eye-to-eye. They play a dirty game. And their foulness exposes the cult of White Guilt to be a fraud. It is a pill than a pillar. Jews diagnose the ‘illness’ and determine the dosage. In the US, ‘white guilt’ means white people must atone by repeating the mantra of "Israel is our closest ally" or "Israel is our greatest friend". It never means "West Bank is our closest ally" or "Gaza is our closest friend." If anything, Jewish Supremacists are using their muscle to force all New Yorkers to do business with Zionists who occupy West Bank and deny the right of Palestine to exist.

The other reason why Jews are so eager to prop up White Guilt(and White Fever) for blacks has to do with profitability and idolatry. Jews control media, sports, and entertainment. As blacks are the best athletes, have stronger voices, and bouncier-booties-and-bigger-dongs, Jews see blackness as black gold. They rake in billions from blackness, something Louis Farrakhan gripes about all the time, possibly because he came of age at a time when so many black entertainers and athletes were fleeced by Jewish managers and agents. (Jews now have subtler means of controlling blacks.) This is why Jews feigned hysterics over scandal surrounding the Jewish mogul Donald Sterling. No Jew would have been outraged by his comments in a private conversation. And surely, other Jews have expressed the same views or knew that Sterling held such views. The problem was Sterling’s comments were made public because his bimbo mistress released recordings of private chat between Sterling and herself. He didn’t even say anything anti-black. He just wished she’d stop being so openly flirtatious with black athletes. Jews feigned outrage over this because they profit so much from blacks in music, sports, and our increasingly pornified culture where the biggest dance craze is ‘twerking’. So, all these Jews put on a show of, "Oh my, I’m SO SHOCKED that such a ‘racist’ Jew exists! Not I, Not I!" Jews even tried to shift the blame on whites by saying Sterling spoke like a Southern plantation owner. In other words, if Jews are bigoted about blacks, it's all due to white influence.

Related to black profitability is black idolatry. Indeed, blacks are profitable because they are the idols of athletics, pop-music-and-dance, and sexuality. White women imitate black women shaking their booties. Even though the culture prefers white faces(and perhaps lighter skin), it prefers black bodies. In Brazil, white women get butt injections to get Afro-booties. And white women in the US try to sing like black women and move their bodies like black ‘biatches’. And they try to take black men from black women, which makes the black ‘biatches’ angry. (But more forward-looking ‘biatches’ don’t mind because they know that white wombs will produce black kids who will have stolen aspects of white intelligence and white beauty for the black race. After all, Obama has white features and white intelligence, but blacks regard him as fully black. So, even though white women may steal black men, it is the black race that ends up stealing white advantages in smarts and facial beauty.) Blacks are more profitable because they have more idol-worthy traits in music and sports.
What does this have to do with White Guilt? It’s because there is more fascination, admiration, sympathy, and even worship for the more idolatrous. Now, this may not be rational or morally valid. After all, just because someone can run faster or jump higher doesn’t make him a better person. If you can lift 200 lbs and if another person can lift 250 lbs, it doesn’t mean the other person is better. Just because a person is more attractive doesn’t make him or her a nicer or better person. Just because someone can speak louder or singer with deeper/higher voice doesn’t make him more moral. But our moral sense isn’t merely rational or fair. It is emotional, sensual, and visceral. This is why movies, even when they are ‘based on a true story’, cast someone far handsomer than the real person for the role. Compare Robert Redford with Bob Woodward. Would we have been as sympathetic with the character in ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN if the movie had cast someone who looks like Woodward? And Oliver Stone cast handsome Kevin Costner to play Jim Garrison in JFK. In BROADCAST NEWS, the dumb Wasp guy gets the top slot in TV news because he is good-looking and pull on viewers’ heartstrings. This is the biggest blind-spot of Liberals and ‘progressives’. They think of themselves as so secular, rational, and factual, but so much of their worldly assumptions is based on the idolatry of the Holy Three: Jews, Homos, and Negroes. Largely due to comedy and wit, Jews have become part of our lives. When we think of funny guys, we usually think of Jews. Humor has a disarming impact, and Jews have melted our defenses. Even people who dislike Jews will watch Don Rickles and Rodney Dangerfield and feel, "I love that Jew". Also, with their control of media, Jews have all these movies and documentaries about Jews as the saintly victims of the Holy Holocaust. Meanwhile, Jew-run media have blanked out all the bad things done by Jews. Also, Holocaust Memorials are meant to consecrate Jews as the race of neo-messiahs. This is why Jews have done everything in their power to keep Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s last book virtually unknown in the US. It details the dark side of Jewish history in Russia. Also, this is why Jews are pulling all the strings to silence and de-fund the BDS movement that raises consciousness about how Jews are now the nazi-like oppressors. And this is why Jews are shutting down counter-Jewish voices on the internet. Jews fear that people will wake up to the fact that Jewish Power is the most destructive and dangerous force in the world in spreading Wars for Israel and Mass-Migration-Invasion of the West by the Rest. Also, Jews now fear Free Speech and the Power of Humor because some people are mocking Jews. Jews know that there is no more effective way to de-legitimize a people than to turn them into objects of mocking laughter. Jews love to make the world laugh at their enemies, but they hate being laughed at in turn. So, people like Sam Hyde have been effectively shut down. And ADL ordered Twitter to shut down Godfrey Elfwick. But Jews may suffer from this as well. If PC becomes ever more triggered by humor, this will hurt Jews because the main ‘idolic’ status of Jews comes not from tragedy but comedy. After all, while no one wants to hear about the Holocaust everyday(even if he or she is sympathetic to Jews), everyone wants a good laugh day in and day out. It’s why millions of people tuned into Johnny Carson and Jay Leno everyday for decades. It’s why Woody Allen, Mel Brooks, and Jerry Seinfeld made millions from comedy and became world-famous. But if Jewish wit could no longer touch on many topics, Jews will lose their idol-status. Jews are not particularly handsome nor athletic. Some have great musical talent but usually as composers and eccentric personalities(like Bob Dylan) than as performers, figures like Barbra Streisand notwithstanding. And even though there have been notable Jewish athletes like Mark Spitz, as the saying goes, "A Jew is more likely to own a football team than play in one." Death of comedy could really hurt Jews. Another danger to Jews is the Negro Dong Factor. As Jewish women have extreme personalities and are now ‘liberated’ with their vagina-obsession, so many are into Jungle Fever. Jewish men in Israel know about this and do everything to keep out ‘African Infiltrators’ because they know that their crazy Jewish girls will go ape over Negro men if they get the chance. (Jewish women also want revenge for all the Jewish guys who dumped them for blonde ‘shikses’. "You got yourself a blonde bimbo? I’ll get myself a big-donged ‘groid’." That’s Jewish psycho-sexuality in a nutshell in the 21st century. Many Jewish men are secretly shitting over this but dare not say anything because they value their alliance with blacks for profit and ‘white guilt’. Lots of Jewish men feel like Donald Sterling, though, to be sure, his case was about jealousy over some mulatto-mestizo weirdo-bimbo.)

Anyway, because blacks have ‘idolic’ features, Jews know that White Guilt is more potent with blacks than with any other race. Remember when some white guy shot a lion in Africa? People got so angry because they felt he killed a magnificent beast. Now, he didn’t kill an endangered species. There are still lots of lions in certain parts of Africa. So, why did people react so vehemently? Because people think of the Lion King. Suppose the guy had killed a wildebeest, warthog, or hyena. How many people would have cared? We can debate the injustice of feeling more sympathy for certain animals over others, but we are all like this. Many people love bears(from afar of course), and they’d feel sadder over a dead bear than over a dead coyote, raccoon, skunk, or badger. Now, why would this be when bears are big & strong and kill other animals? It’s because the human heart feels more admiration for power. It seems more tragic when 'greatness' is fallen or destroyed. This is why people still see great tragedy in the Fall of Rome even though Romans were conquerors and oppressors. This is why whites used to feel more sympathy for American Indians than for blacks. Whereas blacks were brought over to work as slaves, American Indians had been proud warriors who fought the white man. So, even though whites felt much hatred for the ‘red savages’, there was also a sense of tragedy + admiration. But over the years, as American Majestics came to be defined by sports and pop music, blacks have taken the top position as the most awesome and superior race in the eyes of whites who are most obsessed about sports, pop music, and now wild hookup-culture where white women got jungle fever and white guys got cuck-flu. In contrast, while Indians were fearsome warrior savages with tomahawks in the Wild West, they don’t arouse much interest as athletes or singers/dancers. Because blacks have taken over as the ‘idolic’ role of the top warriors of the US, white race has wild fever for blacks. And because they admire blacks so much as the True Superior Race, they are bound to feel more guilt over what they’d done to blacks than to other peoples.
Jews are very adept at reading people’s psychology. This is why Jews are insistent on using blacks as the main totems of White Guilt. People just don’t feel much guilt for what are deemed inferior. The Vietnam War was maybe the most traumatic war in US history. Not only did more and more American men come back in body bags, but increasing number of Americans began to feel guilty about the mass-killing of Vietnamese by bombs and atrocities. The US also felt guilty for having abandoned the South Vietnamese to the communists and tried to make amends by taking in the Boat People refugees. But once the Vietnam Era-Trauma passed, no one cared about the Vietnamese despite their great suffering because they are a small, runty, and reedy-voiced dweebs who speak a funny-duck-sounding language.
In contrast, White Guilt for blacks come naturally because White Fever admires blacks as the True Superior Race with more muscle, bouncy butts, bigger dongs, and loud boom-box voices that, to many white ears, might as well be the voice of god hisself. This may sound ludicrous, but this really is the reality of the US and the West(and even the Rest that has heavily come under Western Media and Hollywood influence; indeed, isn’t it interesting that both Zionists in Israel and Palestinians in West Bank sing insults at one another by imitating black rappers?) And blacks are poised to take over as the New Idols of Japan because half-black kids in Japan(all of them the products of Japanese women rejecting Japanese-men-as-weak-and-inferior and having sex-and-kids with black-men-as-superior) are taking over sports. Japanese are sports-obsessed like the rest of the planet, and even though half-blacks are still small in number in Japan, they are shooting to the top of the sports and they will likely take over pop music as well because Japanese have among the weakest voices in the world. This is maybe why Ancient Hebrews feared idols so much and called for their destruction. The power of idolatry makes people fixate on allurement(often of the Other) than on the shared humanity within the Tribe and its codes of virtue. As other peoples had more ‘bling’ in monumental architecture, fancy jewelry & adornments, and beautiful sculptures, there was the very real possibility of Jews being seduced by the Pagan Cultures. Indeed, so many peoples around the world want to abandon their own nations/cultures and come to America because of its ‘idolic’ power disseminated by Hollywood and media. The US is the land of Big House, Big Cars, Big Stadiums, Big Buildings, and Big-Ass Burritos. And why are white women in Europe going to Africa for vacations? In their ‘liberated slut pride’ state-of-mind, the main object of their worship is the big-ass Negro dong. And Cuba is the favorite sex-vacation destination for white women in Canada. They are not going for the cigars unless we are talking of Freudian phallic symbols.

So, Jews have figured it all out. White Fever and White Guilt are not the same thing, but the fever amplifies the guilt many times over, i.e. people are far more likely to feel guilt over what they have fever for. If some Mexican laborer who sweeps up after L.A Lakers games is murdered, no one cares. But if some black ball player dies(even of his own stupidity), it is deemed a great tragedy, even if the guy was a total creep. Consider Magic Johnson. He got HIV because he humped everything that moved. But he was hailed as a ‘hero’ simply because he admitted he got the disease. George H.W. Bush even appointed the Magic Negro to some commission. Imagine that. A self-indulgent and irresponsible Negro gets HIV but is showered with endless outpouring of love, admiration, sympathy, and respect because he’s a sports celebrity. Mike Royko was one of the few people with the spine to call foul on the silliness. But silly or not, people ‘think’ viscerally than rationally. Why did Benito Mussolini get away with so much crude behavior? The people he cheated on his wife and did some shady things. It was because he was so flamboyant and charismatic as a personality. And Evita Peron got away with a lot of bad shit because she was a glamour queen. Because blacks are deemed to possess the Magic that makes white people feel special ‘guilt’ about them, Jews value the Magic Negro cult as the most potent way to maintain White Guilt. Indeed, Jews have noticed that even whites who have no historical record of having committed wrongs against blacks have a special affinity for blacks. Take Sweden that never had African colonies or imported black slaves. But Swedes are especially crazy in their sympathy and fever for Africans. So, if it’s not ‘white guilt’, it’s ‘white sympathy’ for blacks. Jews find such emotions useful because it saps whites of confidence in their identity, unity, and solidarity. Whites who are overcome with guilt or sympathy for blacks will put their own whiteness in the back-burner. They will feel that the main purpose of whites is to live for The Other, and Jews take advantage of this by channeling this Serve-Other-mentality toward Jewish interests.

In the US, we see this on a daily basis. Whites are excoriated for feeling any sense of white identity or interests. So, what are whites supposed to do? Show equal affection for all peoples around the world: Iranians, Syrians, Palestinians, Russians, and etc? No, Jews make sure that whites who reject white identity go all out in worshiping and serving Jewish identity and interests. Guilt and Fever are used together by Jews. It might be called the Mandela-Mandingo Complex. By promoting Mandela as a kind of globo-MLK(who lived to ripe old age and presided over rainbow nation of South Africa), Jews make whites feel guilty about past ‘racism’. I mean just look at the elder-statesman Mandela. He looks so kindly and gentle. Never mind he practiced terrorism like other rebels and resistant fighters such as Yasser Arafat. And never mind that Mandela came to the peace table ONLY BECAUSE whites offered to hand over everything. (Jews sometimes say the problem with Palestinians is they didn’t have a leader like Mandela. But if Jews had offered to Arafat & Palestinians what whites offered to Mandela & blacks in South Africa, the Palestinians would have taken the offer in a heartbeat. Imagine if Jews had allowed Right of Return to Palestinians who overnight became the demographic majority and elected one of their own to rule Israel/Palestine. Indeed, if whites had offered Mandela what Jews offered the Palestinians, Mandela would never have come to the peace table and just called for more terrorist attacks like the Hamas still does. Jews were especially okay with Mandela because of the promise that Jewish financial power and diamond-mines ownership would never be touched. Even today, blacks will go after white farmers but dare not go anywhere near the far greater wealth of Jews in South Africa.) Anyway, Jews use 'Mandela' to make whites feel guilt and dream of ‘hope’ and then use 'Mandingo' to infect white women with jungle fever and white men with cuck-flu. Indeed, the white race is now so pathetic. It’s about cuck-face white male dorks praising the black stud conquering white women with ACOWW or Afro-Colonization-of-White-Wombs. But this is spreading even to Japan and other nations because yellow dorks follow white cucks.

Now, on the matter of White Genocide, the main issue is not that it is happening but that the grounds for it is being prepared by certain elements in South Africa. Also, attacks on white farmers have been extensive since the end of Apartheid. If such attacks were to take place on Jewish ‘settlers’ in West Bank, it would be international news. Indeed, whenever there was a terrorist attack on Jews in Israel or West Bank, it was big news in the states. And Israel being harassed with homemade rockets that killed a handful of Israelis got as much coverage as the high-powered Israeli bombs and missiles that killed and maimed thousands in Gaza. The fact is there are lots of genocidal feelings on all sides in South Africa and Israel/Palestine. I’m sure some whites in South Africa wish an all-out war could decide things. Many will die, but maybe whites can carve out a sizable all-white area in South Africa. And there are many blacks in South Africa who, if given the green light, will butcher whites like Hutus massacred Tutsis in the Rwandan genocide. (Of course, in neighboring Burundi, it was the Tutsis who’d massacred 100,000s of Hutus.) There are many angry Palestinians whose feelings toward Israeli Jews is akin to Russian feelings toward Germans or American feelings toward Japan in WWII. After German invasion, Russians wanted to get even and mete out ultra-brutality as vengeance against Germans. As a result, the Soviet invasion of Germany led to countless atrocities and millions of rape victims. And the US firebombed Tokyo and killed over 100,000 people in a single night and then dropped nukes on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Newly released documents show that the US was prepared to drop 10 or 12 more nukes if Japan didn’t surrender. If Americans felt that way over thousands dead in Pearl Harbor(when Hawaii was still not officially part of the US), just imagine how Palestinians feel about Jews who ethnically cleansed them, occupy them, and continue to steal land. Palestinians are the underdogs and victimized by Jews, but IF they could gain the upperhand, genocide of Jews is possible. And the same is true of South Africa. Despite Mandela’s politics of 'reconciliation' that allowed whites to remain and keep their wealth & property, the fact is South Africa can only be a land of extreme inequality. The main reason for this is that blacks are less intelligent, culturally more backward, and more impulsive(with their oogity-boogity genes), but then, blacks would rather blame others than themselves. Never mind that Zimbabwe and other African nations fared far worse when whites were forced to leave. Blacks have little understanding of brain power. Because they think in terms of ‘muh dick’ and ‘muh fist’, they think white people who manage farms don't do anything but sit around and sip lemonade. But any enterprise isn’t just about workers and their hands but the entrepreneurs and managers with their brain-power. Of course, people who work with their brains seem to do less work because they don’t sweat and work with their muscle. But can any enterprise come into existence without brainy people conceiving the project in the first place and devising plans of organization and operation? Of course not. But such ideas are too abstract for blacks to understand. They think, "Man, dat whitey, he be sipping lemonade and not be carrying bales of cotton and shit. He don’t do nothing while we be toiling." But, what happened when white farmers were expelled from Zimbabwe? Without anyone to direct and manage things, blacks just ran around like hyenas and wildebeest while the farmland turned to crap. But that is how blacks think, and that is why there could be a massive White Genocide in South Africa. Because blacks are too stupid and too proud to understand reality, their explanation for everything is, "Shit ain’t working because of the honkey-ass mothafuc*a." Okay, South Africans don’t talk like American blacks — though with all the Rap music influence, many now do — , but their way of thinking isn’t much different. So, if there were to be a green-light for blacks to attack whites, there could easily be a White Genocide in South Africa. The reason why such has been avoided so far is because the black rulers of South Africa know that they could suffer severe economic consequences IF they were to let black mobs run totally wild. It would be difficult even for Progs to keep making excuses for South Africa if indisputable news comes out about wholesale massacres of whites.

Nothing is certain in this world, but some things are more certain than others. It’s like the horrible Yugoslavian War was NOT inevitable, but the conditions were there. The region was a powder-keg because of the sudden implosion of communist authority that had held the nation together, deep-seated historical animus among various ethnic groups(especially Serbs, Croatians, Bosnian Muslims, and Albanians), and US ambitions to gain a foothold in the Balkans. Though American globalists usually decry nationalism, they stoked ethnic tensions in Yugoslavia to play divide-and-rule. As Serbians were closest to Russia, the idea was to separate non-Serbians from an alliance with Serbians. And then, when Serbia was isolated, it was to be blamed for most of the ‘genocide’ and then beaten into submission so that it would come over to the US-EU camp. This is how NATO gained dominance over Belgrade. And of course, Kosovo was given to Albanians. The US sure loved stoking Albanian nationalism. If local nationalism serves Jew-run US globalism, it’s tolerated here and there. (For some reason, we are told that Jews were right to commit ethnic cleansing to regain their ancient homeland, but it’d be wrong for Serbians to regain Kosovo as their ancient homeland.) Some say what happened in Yugoslavia in the 1990s amounts to ‘genocide’, but it wasn’t inevitable. It was likely but could have been avoided. It’s like even a powder-keg will not blow up if no one throws a match into it. The US threw a match into Yugoslavia, and let it explode. The US did the same in Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Due to ethnic, tribal, and/or sectarian diversity, those nations could easily go up in flames without powerful central authority. Just like Lebanon in the 1980s. NATO used air power to weaken Gaddafi’s forces, and then Libya went up in flames as tribes and clans all descended on government troops and then turned on each other. And the removal of Hussein led to an explosion of internecine fighting among the various groups within Iraq. And the US and its allies exploited divisions in Syria and made things worse by violating Syrian borders and sending in thousands of well-armed Jihadis. What happened in all these nations was not inevitable. But it was likely because Diversity is a Powder-Keg. If central authority weakens and if some outside force throws a match to light the powder, then BAM, the whole place goes up in smoke. And it must be said South Africa is now a powder-keg. Anyone who rejects this fact is living in denial, either out of naivete(from too much PC propaganda and Afromania) or willful blindness(out of careerism or ideological dogmatism). While White Genocide isn’t inevitable, there is no doubt that it can happen IF blacks get the green-light to go on a rampage. The blood-curdling passion is already there, justified or not. It’s like IF Palestinians could gain the upper-hand and massacre lots of Jews in Israel, they most certainly will, just like Americans who cheered the nuking of Japan and the Soviets who thrilled in the mass killing and rape of German civilians. Revenge is a powerful emotion.

In history, nothing is inevitable but some things are more likely. For example, there is little chance of Japanese killing tons of Japanese. Suppose we give the Japanese in Osaka the means to take over all of Japan, loot the wealth of other Japanese, rape as many women as they want, and become tyrant-shoguns of Japan. The chances are, even with such power, the Japanese in Osaka will not want to terrorize or hurt other Japanese. They have no reason to feel ill-will toward co-ethno-nationals. But if we were to give the Palestinians a chance to rise up and beat the shit out of Zionists and take all Jewish wealth, many of them will. Diversity is a Power-keg, and furthermore, Palestinians have bitter feelings about what the Jews did to them.
World War I wasn't a sure thing. But Europe at the time was a powder-keg because of imperialist tensions in the Balkans between Pan-Germanism and Pan-Slavism. Also, Germany and Russia were ruled by vain emperors, French simmered for revenge against Germany, and the most insane kind of alliances had been formed among the great powers. So, when someone threw a match, the whole thing blew up. As for the Armenian Genocide, that too wasn’t inevitable. But when Turks lost their Near Eastern Empire and then felt the weight of Greco-Russian-Armenian Christian Alliance rolling toward them, they panicked and carried out great horrors. The Great Famine in Ukraine was also not inevitable. Under the New Economic Policy after the Russian Civil War, things seemed to be returning to normal. But Stalin and his Jewish Bolsheviks were radicals at the core. They could be pragmatic at times but wanted to build socialism, and that meant collectivization of agriculture. Also, the Soviets needed to sell grain to other nations to purchase material for industrialization. So, it finally happened, and millions died. It was especially supported by Soviet Jews because they wanted revenge against Ukrainians who were seen as the biggest thugs of the anti-Russian pogroms. As far as Bolshevik Jews were concerned, all those dead Ukrainians were Cossacks who deserved their fate. They were Devil’s Spawn, what Rachel Abrams called Palestinian children. Jews felt no pity for millions of Ukrainian women and children dropping like flies and driven to cannibalism. It’s like Madeleine Albright was so nonchalant about all those dead Iraqi women and children. Jewish cultural habit is to see Jewish lives as precious and non-Jewish lives as expendable.

Given the history and demographics of South Africa, it is one of the nations where genocide is most likely. Also, whereas Jews have total power over Palestinians, whites in South Africa are really in a precarious state as they’ve lost the government and the military to the blacks. The main reason as to why South Africa continues to tolerate whites is due to economics. Even though blacks are ashamed to admit it publicly, they know that South African economy would turn to crap without whites. Indeed, when Apartheid ended, South Africa had an economy bigger than that of all of black Africa. Why? Unlike other African nations, whites kept the power and ran things competently than into the ground. If not for Apartheid and prolonged white rule, South Africa would have ended up like Zaire, Mozambique, or Angola. So, even as blacks see whites as imperialists and oppressors, they also see whites as a gold mine. It’s like blacks totally depend on whites for everything in the US and Europe. So, one side of black power South African wants to hold onto whites, while another part wants to kick them out. It’s like blacks in the US bitch about how they were brought as slaves but don’t want to go back to Africa. If anything, Africans flock onto boats to migrate to Europe and live off whitey.

Another reason why South Africa doesn’t want to go hardline(for now) against whites is because its World Image as a ‘rainbow nation’. Even though South Africa is overwhelmingly black, it does have a minority population of not only whites but Asians, mostly Indians. It is that image of Mandela and the Rainbow that has made South Africa such a darling among Western Proggies. Indeed, the Jew-run Western Media even denounce nationalism in South Africa that calls for border security against other Africans who seek entry for jobs and ‘free gibs’. As miserable as things are for many blacks in South Africa, it’s worse in nations like Mozambique and Zimbabwe where the economies totally tanked after the departure of whites. (Also, whereas South African economy was built by enterprising Anglos, smart Jews, and tough Boers, the economies of Mozambique and Angola were once sustained by far less capable Portuguese colonists.) South Africa isn’t just a nation or an economy. It is an international symbol founded on the Myth of Mandela, and if that symbol is destroyed by all-out war on white people, the international community is far less likely to invest in South Africa or defend its public image. And the South African elites know this. But the danger is that if the masses of blacks grow increasingly angry & demanding and accuse the elites of coddling whites instead of helping the black majority, the elites may have to tolerate massive violence against whites to appease the black masses to keep the power.

Ideology can blind people to certain dangers. Communist-sympathizing journalists and politicians in the West were unwilling to believe in communist terror and mass-killing. They didn’t heed the warnings that such were on the horizon under Stalin. And when the reports trickled out, the reaction among many Progressives was to deny the reports or apologize for them by arguing that it was necessary for the Revolution. And we know that the West willfully colluded with the Soviets in covering up the truth about the Katyn Massacre of Polish officers. And many scholars in the West were unwilling to believe in reports of mass killings and mass famines in Mao’s China. Even college professors dismissed them as Taiwanese or Red Scare propaganda. Even when Mao was tearing the nation apart with the Cultural Revolution, so many Western radicals were willing to rhapsodize about China’s fictional accomplishments than face facts.

Often, the Western Left has been prone to dismiss valid warnings from the other side. For example, as the war in Vietnam seemed unwinnable, the Left was right that the US should withdraw. In time, many on the Right came to agree but still held that there would be bloodbaths when the communists take over. The Left, so enamored of the heroic Viet Cong and North Vietnamese as saint-warriors, expected utopia. As the anti-communists(Conservatives and Liberals) suspected, Vietnam turned into one big Gulag, culminating in the Boat People tragedy and a cowered population living under typical Leninist tyranny. But Vietnam was a picnic compared to what happened in Cambodia. The leader of the Khmer Rouge were influenced by French radicalism and came under Maoist dogma. Also, the massive bombing of Cambodia by the US had left a traumatized and crazed population with zero concept of mercy. Sidney Schanberg, the communist-sympathizing reporter for the New York Times, had no idea what would happen when the Khmer Rouge took over Phnom Penh. To his credit, he did a serious mea culpa about Cambodia.

And key Western intellectuals, such as Noam Chomsky, refused to believe a democide was happening in Cambodia. The truth was finally exposed when the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia and brought in Western reporters. It was only then that the American Media began to pay real attention to the reports of Cambodian refugees in Thailand. Such blindness was partly ideological. But it was also because so many lies had been told about the Vietnam War. If the Gulf Tonkin incident was a lie, maybe every report about Bad Commies was a lie. There was also a sense of reluctance and shame. After all, the UN charter says Genocide is a crime against humanity, and all the world must act. After the US pulled out of Southeast Asia, no one wanted to re-enter to save 'gook' lives. Western Left didn’t want to believe in leftist mass-murder, and the American Right had enough of Southeast Asia. So, both sides had reasons to look the other way, just like after the Mogadishu fiasco Bill Clinton was reluctant to get involved in another African tragedy and dragged his heels in acknowledging the bloodbath in Rwanda as a genocide. Clinton admitted to the true nature of the horror only after the fact. And there were cases in which the US had good reasons not to make too much of stink because the regime doing the bloodbath was valued as a necessary ally of the US. With the Vietnam quagmire, the last thing the US wanted was another anti-communist front in Southeast Asia. So, when the Indonesian military stopped the communist coup and then unleashed a wave of terror that killed anywhere from 200,000 to a million people, the US said nothing. As Suharto, the new leader of Indonesia, would become a most valued ally in the Cold War, the US also remained silent about the bloodbath in East Timor in the 1980s where it’s been estimated that 100,000s were killed. It’s also been estimated that 200,000 died in Guatemala following the CIA-led coup against the Arbenz government.

Both the Left and the Right have been complicit in lying about massacres and mass killings. And generally, their knee-jerk justification for the denial has been to discredit a certain report as ‘communist propaganda’, ‘Nazi propaganda’, ‘Marxist disinformation’, ‘far right fantasies’, ‘white supremacist misinformation’, ‘Jewish deception’, and etc. And sometimes, these suspicions have been valid because all sides have used lies to further their own cause or interest. All governments and all activists have cried wolf. We have Fake News from both Trump and from the Jewish supremacists who hate him. The Jew-run media recently lied about Assad using chemical weapons in Ghouta. Trump is telling lies about Iran to restart the sanctions policy. The Jewish supremacists cooked up a big fat lie about Russia Collusion to prevent good relations between Trump and Putin, two men Jews hate because their implicit gentile nationalism goes against the Zio-hegemonic globalist agenda of the Jewish Supremacists. So, there is good reason not to believe so much of what we hear from the media, the government, and even the academia(which is now a stinking pisspot of PC and Globo-Homo mendacity).
Still, just because you detest a certain side or group doesn’t mean that it is always wrong or always telling lies. One would have to be insane these days to reject the fact that Nazi Germany carried out a genocide against Jews and Slavs(though Jews only want to focus on Jews). And one would have to be a diehard far-left nut to still maintain that Stalin or Mao were good guys who didn’t kill countless millions. And you would have to be a cold-hearted Zionist bastard or a worthless cuck-maggot to deny what happened in the Nakba pogroms of 1948 or that Jewish Power has been mainly responsible for the deaths of possibly a million people in the Middle East since the end of the Cold War.

Now, when it comes to South Africa, it is a fact that thousands of white farmers have been massacred(often in the most horrific way that makes the murder of Emmett Till look like a picnic) especially since the end of Apartheid. Also, if the same thing had been done to Jews in Israel and West Bank by Palestinian thugs, there would have been a great big outcry in the US, and the president and Congress would be calling for more support and security for Jews. Indeed, the US has no problem with Israel’s apartheid-like policies in West Bank to guarantee security for Jewish 'settlers'. West Bank is filled with endless walls, barriers, and check-points to keep Palestinians hemmed in like rats in a maze. And IDF forces swarm all over the region and mete our harsh violence against any Palestinian suspect.
But when people call for more security for white farmers in South Africa, all we get from the Jew-run US media is ‘Trump is a racist or white nationalist or white supremacist’. So, we shouldn’t care about whites in South Africa because the talking points are those used by ‘white nationalists’, such bad people. Now, why isn’t the same logic used when Jews call for greater vigilance for the well-being of their tribesmen in West Bank or Israel? Do the Jew-run media say such talk has no place in US discourse because it’s ‘Zionist-imperialist talking points’ or 'Jewish supremacist rhetoric'? Odd, isn’t it? Whites in South Africa handed power to blacks. All they want is security and the stop to the bloody attacks. BUT that is ‘white supremacism’. In contrast, Jews still occupy West Bank, continue to kill thousands in Gaza, and use all-out apartheid policies. BUT, if Jews call for more money, more support, and more sympathy for Jews in Israel(and West Bank), that is just wonderful and everyone from Trump to Congressman to anchorman to pundit is supposed to repeat those talking points.

Of course, we know the reason. Jews denigrate any concern for white farmers because it competes with support for Jews. Jews want whites to serve, support, and obey Jews, Jews, Jews 24/7. If whites were to ever deviate from that single-minded commitment to Jews, Jews, Jews, maybe just maybe they will come to favor their own racial identity and interests over those of Jews. THAT is why Jews freaked out about Trump’s show of concern for whites in South Africa. Mere concern by whites for whites is defamed as ‘white supremacism’ because Jews want whites to spend every minute of the day loving, caring, admiring, supporting, and obeying Jews, Jews, Jews. Whether Israel kills thousands in Gaza or Lebanon, we have to worry about Jews, Jews, Jews. Even when Israel violates Syrian air space and drops bombs on Syrians(and Iranians and Russians), we must care only for Jews, Jews, Jews. Jews act as if there’s something strange or peculiar about Trump, a non-Jewish white person, having concerns for whites in another part of the world. Now, why would that be strange? It seems there is nothing more natural than white people caring for white people. After all, would it be strange if Hindus in India felt concern for Hindus in other parts of the world? Would it be weird if Chinese in China expressed concern for Chinese in Southeast Asia, Africa, or the US? Jews sure as hell care about other Jews in Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and etc. Zionist COMMENTARY magazine ran articles about how the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela badmouthed Jews. When Nazis were killing European Jews, American Jews didn’t say, "We don’t care because we are AMERICAN Jews whereas those are EUROPEAN Jews." No, Jews care about other Jews all over the world. And blacks in America certainly expressed sympathy for blacks in South Africa. There was racial sympathy and solidarity there.
So, why shouldn’t whites in America show concern for whites in South Africa? Some might argue that whites in South Africa deserve no sympathy because they once oppressed blacks. But ALL European imperialists oppressed native populations all over the world. But when those Europeans colonists came under threat from local uprisings, the European nations took them back. France didn’t abandon the French in Vietnam and Algeria. The UK didn’t abandon British colonists who faced danger from natives. And Holland took back the Dutch who’d colonized Indonesia. And Japan took back the Japanese colonists in Manchuria and Korea. So, why shouldn’t white people care about whites in South Africa now that the shoe is on the other foot? Blacks have political and military power in South Africa. And some of these blacks are acting like gorillas in THE BATTLE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES and calling for total race war. For how long will whites be safe in South Africa? Why is it wrong for whites to express concern?
If anything is strange, it’s the craven silence among white people, both elites and masses in the US and EU, in regard to the dangers faced by whites in South Africa. Jews are much safer in Israel and even in West Bank(and, if anything, routinely brutalize and kill Palestinians), but American Jews never stop talking about how even more must be done for Jews, Jews, Jews. And it’s not just Jews caring for fellow Jews but pressuring the rest of us to care about Jews too, indeed more than for our own kind. Jews were surely tribal when they pulled the 'Save Soviet Jews' stunt in the 1980s. Jews in the USSR were not facing genocide, not even pogroms. At most, they had to deal with Affirmative Action that favored Slavs and other peoples over some Jews. But Jews hysterically turned it into a case of SAVE SOVIET JEWS, as if Jews were facing imminent catastrophe. Also, there were plenty of OTHER peoples in the USSR who had it much worse than Jews, but American Jews insisted that the US prioritize the interests of Soviet Jews. This is how Jews think and act. And let’s keep in mind that, just like white South Africans were once oppressors over blacks, Soviet Jews were once oppressors over Slavic Christians in the early yrs of the Bolshevik Revolution. Indeed, Soviet Jewish commissars killed many more people than whites in South Africa ever dreamed of doing. And yet, Jews still care for Jews. Indeed, there are lots of Jews in Israel and the US who have blood on their hands as Soviet commissars. But are they ever hunted down like Nazi criminals? And Zionists carried out a massive ethnic expulsion of an entire people. Palestinians had their nation pulled from under their feet and still live under tyranny and brutal occupation, but we must still care about Jews, Jews, Jews in Israel and West Bank. Jews insist on all this, BUT they find it so strange that Trump, a white guy, should care about white people in South Africa.

Of course, what is really strange is that white people all over the world have shown so little regard for whites in South Africa who’ve been robbed, raped, and murdered over the years and in some of the most brutal ways. That is the real scandal. If blacks in South Africa were killing Jews the same way, you bet that Jewish-Americans would be up in arms and pressuring the government in South Africa to take measures to save Jewish lives. You see, Jewish Lives Matter. White Lives and Palestinian Lives apparently don’t matter in the sick and venal minds of Jewish supremacists. Jews insist that whites caring for fellow whites is a case of ‘white supremacism’. Now, if whites said the White West should bring back imperialism and conquer & rule over non-whites, I could understand how that could be construed as ‘white supremacist’. But if white people care about other white people around the world, why would that be ‘supremacism’? Or even ‘white nationalism’? It just sounds like White Sympathism or White Securitism. Is it wrong for whites to want to secure the survival and well-being of other whites?
The real scandal is not that ‘white nationalists’ have expressed concern for whites in South Africa. If anything, those are good, decent, and necessary talking points. The real scandal is that white cucks, white collaborators(of Jewish supremacists), and white self-loathers have offered nothing but Silence on White Murders in South Africa. (If some regard their silence as atonement for 'white guilt', it is cheap and lowdown because their moral vanity is paid in blood by OTHER whites.) It is craven and cowardly silence. The assumption among White Cucks, White Collaborators, and White Self-Loathers seems to be that whites have a moral obligation to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Whites of South Africa who carry the evil mark of Cain of Apartheid.

Whether white lives are ruined by globalism & ‘free trade’ or opioid epidemic in the US, degraded by African & Muslim migration-invasions in Europe, or massacred by black thuggery in South Africa, the talking points of white cucks, white collaborators, and white self-loathers amount to "Don’t look that way. Just kiss the Jew’s ass, suck the Negro’s cock, and bend over to be rammed in the ass by a homo’s fecal-stained penis." Why do white cucks act this way? It’s due to either careerist opportunism(sucking up to Jews to gain social mobility in Jew-run institutions), earnest gullibility(‘white guilt’ as substitute for Christianity), or sheer craven cowardice. These cucks would rather bleat and throw tantrums(for sake of ‘virtue signaling’) about the fantasies of Black Lives Matter(BLM) that would have us believe that the biggest threat to innocent black lives in the US comes from rogue ‘racist’ white cops. These cucks overlook the fact that virtually all blacks are killed by other blacks, and that, if anything, stronger police presence has saved black lives. These cucks overlook the real facts about black-on-white and black-on-non-black violence. Most interracial violence in the US is black-on-white, black-on-brown, black-on-yellow, black-on-Arab, and etc. Even the biggest attackers of homos are blacks. But because blacks have been elevated to Holy Schmoly status, we must brainlessly chant the mantra ‘black lives matter, black lives matter’ when, in fact, black lives don’t matter to blacks whose idea of culture is Rap thuggery and calling each other ‘motherfuc*er’ and ‘nigga’ before shooting one another all across the country. This PC spell needs to be broken because it is so divorced from reality, but the Jew-run media, Jew-run academia, and Jew-run government push the BS because Jews believe that the most effective way to maintain White Guilt is by playing the Mandela-Mandingo Card.
Jews are fearful of white-on-white sympathy because they possess the personality of their God. The Jewish God says He is a jealous God. So, Jews shall have no god over Him. Jews feel such godlike arrogance in relation to ‘goyim’, especially whites. Why especially whites? Because the West still runs on white talent, white skills, and white competence. Without the support of whites, Jewish supremacism will crumble. Imagine if all the Jews in the US were to move to Africa and depend on black ‘talent’. Blacks would just rob, rape, and murder the Jews. Despite the troubled history between Jews and Europeans, the fact is Jews came to great power in the West because white people had quality genes, quality culture, and excellent skills. It’s like a rider is nothing without a well-trained horse. Steven Spielberg knows what this is all about. His movie WAR HORSE is about owning and controlling the ‘goyim’(though some might argue it’s an allegory of the Jewish elites leading and saving the Jewish masses; the young lad is like mini-Moses and the horse is like the Tribe of Israel that is brought back home after much suffering).
If Jews were content to just live with whites and get along, there would be no need for whites to serve Jews. And there was a time when Jews in the US mainly co-existed with white goyim. In NY, there used to be all these ethnic neighborhoods. Italians took care of their own business, and so did Poles, Irish, Greeks, and so on. And Wasps had their own clubs and societies. And Jews had their own community and took care of their own interests. So, each group was most concerned about its own community. But as the US turned into a melting pot, non-Jewish whites mostly lost their sense of identity and roots. And Wasps had an idealistic streak whereby they sought to abandon racial consciousness and try to create an America that would be amenable to everyone. In contrast, Jews didn’t lose their identity in the melting pot. And unlike Wasps who were willing to relinquish their privilege to make things fairer for all Americans, Jews consolidated power to make all groups put Jewish identity and interests before their own. This is why we so often hear from politicians of all shades and color the mantra of "We stand with Israel." It’s Jews, Jews, Jews. Jews sought supremacy, and the reason why they defame white-on-white sympathy as ‘supremacism’ is entirely due to projection. It’s the Jews who are the supremacists. Jews not only care for other Jews(which is fine) but demand that the rest of us prioritize Jewish interests over our own(which is not okay). Also, Jews insist that we must HATE whatever they hate. Jews see us as dogs who must bark at whatever they tell us to bark at. This is why the Jew-run media is Hate News. We are made to hate Russia, Iran, Syria, Palestinians, Christians, and etc. We are made to hate White South Africans who face robbery, rape, torture, and murder. Why? Because Jews hate them.

This is why the movement we need in the West is EMANCIPATE THE WHITE. White people must be emancipated from the vile, filthy, and gross hate-filled supremacism of Jews who are insatiable in their greed and megalomania. Jews say NO to WHITE-ON-WHITE SYMPATHY. The only thing that is allowed is WHITE-SUBMISSION-TO-JEWS. Jews are like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM. They see themselves as Effendi*, the master race, that deserves to be served by the rest of us ‘goyim’ who better put our own interests in the backseat and just sing hosannas to Jews and dance around the pyre of Eternal Jew-Worship. Jew-run media have pulled an inversion of norms. In a sane world, white people should care about white people. But that is treated as a pathology in Jew-run America where white people must care about Jews who oppress and murder Palestinians than for whites in South Africa who are robbed, raped, tortured, and murdered by black Africans. White people should care more about an IDF Jew who is smashing the skull of a Palestinian boy in the West Bank than for a white woman who is being raped and tortured by a gang of blacks in South Africa. This inversion is not unlike what Jews did with Homomania. In a sane world, straight people should prioritize real biology and real marriage that is about morality, life, and family. But in our morally-inverted world, the overwhelming majority of straight people must worship Homomania and make believe that the term ‘pride’ and the rainbow image are synonymous with homos into fecal penetration and trannies into penis-and-balls-cutting. Instead of homos and trannies(as deviants) showing respect for the straight and normal society in exchange for tolerance, we have the opposite where straight people are supposed to line up like idiots and wave the homo flag in celebration of homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting as acts of ‘pride’. Jews want it this way because they like the New Normal of the huge majority sucking up to the tiny minority. Non-Jewish Majority sucking up to Jewish Minority Supremacism = Straight Majority bending over to Homo Minority Megalomania. Jews can be vile creatures. If you don’t believe me, ask the ghosts of millions of Christian Slavs killed by Soviet Jews. Instead of ‘Save Soviet Jews’, what the world really needed was ‘Save Slavs from Soviet Jews’. Or just ask the Palestinians. They will tell you how vile, wicked, and atrocious the Jews can be.

When it comes to the issue of South Africa, it’s very difficult for people around the world, especially in the West, to think clearly. The mind works like the mouth. Sensations and thoughts don’t work like mouthwash. They don’t always rinse out the mental junk and keep things fresh with facts and truth. Rather, much of the sensations, issues, info, idols, and ideas work like foods that lead to tartar buildup. Same thing happens to the heart with buildup of plaque in the arteries. Certain ideas, especially in combination with idolatry, have a lingering and lasting effect on the mind. They stick to the mind even when they are actually harmful. Everyday, we are bombarded with news from all over the world. Many stories involve oppression, violence, corruption, and host of political problems and moral issues. And yet, they enter and exit our minds without leaving lasting impressions. We treat them as mere news. We glean them with our eyes, give it some thought, forget, and go on with our lives. But, there are cases where the news becomes something bigger. It turns into a Narrative. Unlike news items that seem disjointed and distanced, a Narrative has a sense of continuity and unity of theme. It’s a story that is easily recognizable with its simple morality tale of heroes and villains. Also, it has a cast of big-name characters that are known to many, even most, people. Narrative has a face and a story. Also, the telling of a Narrative is laden with charged emotions and iconography that lend it a kind of sacro-glow.
There have been countless cases of oppression, violence, and tragedies all over the world. And yet, why are people far more transfixed with the stories of certain nations/peoples over others? Why are the fates of certain nations presented as Narratives while those of most nations are merely news. After all, consider all the bloodshed in Guatemala, El Salvador, Indonesia, Mozambique, Angola, Cambodia, Nepal, and etc. And yet, if an average person in the West were to hear about those nations, their minds would be blank. Many would not even know such nations exist. And even the more educated who know something about those nations would feel little emotion about them. They may know about the history of violence, suffering, oppression, and resistance in such nations but lack a semblance of Narrative about them. Also, they wouldn’t be able to associate most such nations with larger-than-life personalities who serve as emblems for something approaching the universal.

The power of Narrative is that important. When it comes to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, most Americans know of the Exodus Narrative — Jews leaving Europe and other parts of the world for the Holy Land — but hardly anything about the Nakba Narrative, the story of the massive ethnic expulsion of Palestinians from their homeland of many centuries. Also, whereas Hollywood has made a movie about the Exodus and even a TV movie about Golda Meir, it has yet to make a single movie about Nakba or a favorable biography about men like Yasser Arafat. Furthermore, the Jew-run media interwove the Exodus Narrative with the Holocaust Narrative, i.e. Jews were owed the (re)possession of the Holy Land because of what happened in WWII, and the entire world must recognize this as just compensation(even though most of humanity had NOTHING to do with the Shoah and even though Palestinians were utterly innocent as to the events that led to WWII). Jews and Israel have a Narrative. Indeed, Jews are the masters of the Narrative as they wrote the Book that made the whole world see Ancient events in the Near East from the Jewish perspective. Jews, Christians, and Muslims interpret ancient events from the Judeo-perspective because Jews wrote the spiritual history of the region from the beginning to the kings and to the prophets who promised greater things to come. And even when the Torah was set in stone, the Jewish mind wandered through the Talmudic landscape to map out themes of the Narrative. So, even before Jews gained control of world finance and media, they’d long honed their skills as the creators of the Dominant Narrative. Even though Jews didn’t impose their Sacred Text on others, it had such force of depth and meaning that other peoples eventually came to adopt them, especially with the spread of Christianity and Islam that were billed as the ultimate fulfillment of God’s design.

When we study the past 500 yrs, there is no evidence that Jews and blacks suffered more than other peoples. And in the 20th century, blacks can hardly be considered among the greatest victims, except in the case of Rwanda, but that was black-on-black. Blacks in America had it pretty good compared to most peoples in the world who were killed by the millions in wars, famines, and genocides. And even though Jews got it in the neck in WWII, the 20th century was also a great time for their rise and power. And Jews also took part in lots of violence and have blood on their hands in the last century. Also, the black experience in South Africa was actually better than in the rest of Africa. Whatever one may say of Apartheid, it ensured further economic development and sound political governance in South Africa — compared to African nations run and managed by blacks — , and blacks in South Africa benefited from the trickle-down effect. Apartheid was clearly racially discriminatory, and it was psychologically humiliating to blacks. Still, the reason why South Africa surpassed all other nations in Africa was because (1) it had a substantial white population and (2) whites kept the power far longer than in other African nations where blacks gained independence in the 50s or 60s. It’s like Hong Kong was under British rule, and however humiliating that may have been for Chinese pride, it spared the city-state from the madness of Maoism that made a complete mess of China for a quarter-century. Also, since the end of Apartheid, black rule in South Africa has unleashed endless crises, and there has been horrific outbursts of violence at whites. And in the case of Israel-Palestine, it was a case of Jews oppressing Palestinians from the very beginning.

And yet, the information diet we’ve been fed over years has led to buildup of plaque in our minds that anointed Jews and blacks as the permanent Holy-Victim-Peoples who are always justified, righteous, and noble no matter what they do. It’s a case of Cult of Ethnicity. When a figure is wrapped in the cult of personality(or celebrity), it’s as if he’s larger-than-life, and therefore, he cannot be judged by standards that apply to the rest of us. It’s no wonder that countless fans are so willing to forgive their celebrity-idols for whatever. Oftentimes, the bad behavior is celebrated as ‘cool’ and ‘badass’, like when Rock Stars get drunk and smashed hotel rooms, something Keith Moon was especially notorious for. And we know athletes can get away with the worst kind of behavior and are even lionized for it. And the Great Leaders buoyed up by the Cult of Personality could act like gods. They were always right, even when their actions contradicted their stated principles(that never seem to be constant, by the way). For the followers of Mussolini, Hitler, Stalin, and Mao, their god-heroes could never do wrong. This is bad enough with individuals. It is downright dangerous with entire populations, as is the case today with Jews and blacks(and homos). The Jewish Cult of Holocaust Holiness and Awesome Genius means they are so tragic and triumphant that they are more-than-human. They are like a race of jesuses and messiahs. And it doesn’t matter that most Jews living today were born into affluence and enjoy lots of privilege. Being Jewish ‘epigenetically’ makes them a great tragic people too. So, some Jewish brat born to millionaire parents is also a Holy Victim. And it doesn’t matter that he had a big fat rich Bar Mitzvah and got everything he asked for. Being Jewish makes him holy-schmoly. He has Anne Frank blood. Being Jewish means he has automatic-communion with Tragic Jews who died in WWII. This is all so ridiculous, but so many people go along with it because the Jewish Narrative is stuck like plaque-buildup in their hearts and minds due to endless barrage of Jewish This and Jewish That in the Jew-run Media that promoted the Shoah above all other historical events and made Jews out to be the greatest victims of all time: A victim-hood so awesomely tragic that it has bestowed messiah-hood to every Jew, which means even the fat Jewish guy in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET deserves our utmost reverence and respect.

And of course, blacks are also shrouded with this kind of Narrative. The history of black Africa has been brutal from the dawn of time. It was tribe vs tribe, a bloody mess. Bantus became the dominant race in Africa because they invaded and wiped out other races of Africans. And the slave trade was mostly about blacks capturing blacks and selling them to Arabs and whites. Blacks didn’t care about blacks. Also, things got considerably worse all across Africa AFTER white colonialists left. Whereas non-black races were able to modernize after gaining independence, black Africa has been sinking lower and lower. Also, there have been many bloodbaths across Africa, many of which would be called ‘genocide’ if it happened elsewhere. (The moral bar for black behavior has been very low. Even the much beloved African among Western Liberals, Nyrere of Tanzania, has been linked with the deaths of 100,000s of peoples of rival tribes.) And yet, just about the ONLY Black Narrative that matters in the current globo-discourse is American Slave Trade and South African Apartheid. Given that many more slaves were shipped to Latin America than to North America, shouldn't the Slave Narrative be focused on Brazil, Cuba, Venezuela, and etc? (And let’s not forget the Arabs and their role in the inter-continental slave trade.) But we hardly hear about the horrors of Latin American history. Instead, it’s all about US America. One school of thought says that Latin America, despite its far greater importation of slaves, wasn’t so bad because the races got all mixed. So, race-mixing somehow washed away the sins of ‘racism’.
In truth, despite all the race-mixing, Latin America is still divided along racial-and-class lines. Also, couldn’t one make a case that race-mixing throughout history has essentially been a case of mass-rape by one people against another? Didn’t the Spanish do to the Meso-American natives what the Mongols did to Persia and Russia? Or what the Turkish rapists did to Greeks and other European Christians? If anything, one can argue that Anglo disdain of race-mixing meant other races were bound to be less violated and ‘raped’ by the dominant people. As for post-war and Cold War era Africa, only a liar would say blacks had it worse in Apartheid South Africa than in other parts of Africa ruled by blacks. Even though we can understand the Politics of Pride when it comes to Apartheid — even if it had material benefits for blacks in South Africa, it was humiliating for the black majority to live under the white yoke — , the fact is white-ruled South Africa was hardly the worst place on Earth. If anything, countless blacks in black-ruled nations sought to migrate to South Africa in search of work.

Then, why did whites become so appalled with the Race Issue in the US and with Apartheid in South Africa? One reason was white people held themselves to a higher standard. Paradoxically, white self-loathing is the flip-side of White Narcissism. Whites think, "How could a people as noble and wonderful as ourselves have done such a thing?" Well, maybe if whites did such things, they aren’t so noble and wonderful; maybe they should just accept themselves as members of flawed humanity. But the white mind, even as it spirals into self-loathing, is addicted to self-righteous narcissism. White people are hard on themselves for acts-of-injustice that whites would be willing to forgive in any other people. But then, having a higher bar for your own people means that you feel that your people should be better. The other reason as to why whites became especially guilt-ridden about Jews and blacks(while not caring all that much about other peoples — just ask the Palestinians) is due to the incessant barrage of the Holy Narrative and Iconography about Jews and blacks. Consider the endless movies about the Holocaust, from Art Films to the most vulgar and schmaltzy. Consider the endless news stories, TV shows, and movies that remind white people of Slavery and Jim Crow. People are not born with memories, and besides, they are usually forgetful. So, unless people’s minds are refilled with certain Narratives and Images over and over, they will revert to amnesia, apathy, and/or self-interest. In order to make white people care more for Jews and blacks than for themselves, they must be reminded over and over and over as to the Favored Narrative and Iconography. And this has NOTHING to do with ‘anti-racist’ or ‘color-blind’ universal striving for Justice. After all, Jews get angry if white people care as much about Palestinians as about Israeli Jews. Look how Jews are hounding Jeremy Corbyn for his criticism of Zionist oppression of Palestinians. And even so-called Liberal Jews feel this way. How would most Jews feel IF all Republicans and Democrats in US government stood up in unison and pledged to care equally for Palestinians as for Israeli Jews. We know Jews would shit and throw a fit. Suppose every goy in the News Media went to their Jewish bosses and said that, henceforth, they will cover Palestinian issues with as much attention and sympathy as they cover Jewish-Israeli issues. How would all those ‘good’ Liberal Jewish bosses react? Praise the goy underlings for seeing the light and rejecting ‘racism’ in favor of color-blind justice? When donkeys fly. In fact, the Politics of Sympathy was programmed to be ‘neo-racist’. While it denounces HATE, it emphasizes the need for GREATER SYMPATHY for certain peoples over others. So, even though Liberal Jews generally don’t scream, "GO HATE THOSE PALESTINIAN GOAT-FUC*ING SCUM", they do insist, "SHOWER MOST OF YOUR LOVE ON THOSE JEWS, JEWS, JEWS." This is really a veiled form of Politics of Hate. After all, when Jews are oppressing Palestinians in the Middle East, what is the effect of the West’s greater concern for Jews than for Palestinians? It means the West aiding and abetting the Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. It is a kind of Soft Hate. It doesn’t say "Hate those Palestinians" but it does effectively say "Turn a blind eye to those Palestinians who are getting terrorized by Israeli Jews whose power is enabled by the US." Jews bitch endlessly about the evil of ‘hate, hate, and hate’, but they are the ones who are filled with the most hatred for Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, Arabs, and white Christians. And they sneakily carry out this Politics of Hate on a global scale by rigging the Politics of Sympathy to weigh heavily in favor of Jews. Let’s admit it. The Current West is all about Sympathy-‘Racism’. Even though PC tells us that we should sympathize with ALL groups, the actual practice of power and influence is about showering far more sympathy on certain groups than on others. Just ask the Palestinians. The idea that the US can be a honest and neutral broker between Jews and Palestinians is now a bad joke. We hear politicians say endlessly that they ‘stand with Israel’, but how many dare say that they stand with Palestinians or with West Bank or Gaza? And how would most Jews react to such politicians? Even the most Liberal Democratic Jew would howl with fury about ‘antisemitism’. Jeremy Corbyn in the UK is not being more favorable to Palestinians against Jews. He’s seen the situation in the Middle East, and he sees Jewish Power crushing Palestinians. Any honest person would have to agree. So, Corbyn isn’t favoring Palestinians over Jews but seeking to dole out equal sympathy to both groups. As Jews hog overwhelming support of the West, equal sympathy calls for tipping the scale in favor of Palestinians. But this call for justice turns Jews into vile hideous monsters calling for Corbyn’s head. And this isn’t just from Jews in the Tory Party but in the Labour Party. So, the Jewish Politics of Sympathy is really the Politics of Hate by other means. Jews cover up their Hate by yammering about Compassion. But how can the Politics of Compassion be just and fair when governments and the media in the West always make sure that Israeli Jews receive the lion’s share of the Sympathy. Suppose Jews promote themselves as a generous people by saying the West should share the wealth with the world. But suppose, for every dollar that goes to Palestinians, a thousand goes to Jews in Israel. Now, technically speaking, the West would be generously sharing its wealth with the Rest. Both Israeli Jews and Palestinians would be getting something. But when Jews get $1,000 for every $1 that goes to Palestinians, the result is Jewish Power crushing Palestinian Aspirations. The current Politics of Compassion is useless, even if it’s said to be about ‘universal justice’ and ‘diversity’, because it was never meant to be practiced on an equal basis. Compassion becomes just another weapon when far more of it goes to one side over others. Suppose there are 10 puppies facing starvation. Suppose you’re told to feel compassion for the poor dogs. But suppose you are made to feel Special Compassion for one puppy in particular. So, even as you greet all puppies with a smiley face, you give the lion’s share of puppy-chow to one puppy while the others remain emaciated or starve to death. Consider what happened to Iraq in the 90s. Jews and their puppet-politicians didn’t tell us to ‘HATE THE IRAQI MUZZIE RAGHEADS AND KILL THEM’. No, they weren’t so blatant in their animus. But Americans were told that they must sympathize more with Israel with its especially wonderful Jewish People. Since Iraq may pose a threat to Israel in the future, we must feel less sympathy for the Iraqis. We may feel a bit of sympathy but not much, at least not enough to oppose the sanctions regimen meant to cripple the Iraqi economy and military. The end-result was that most Americans were fine with the deaths of 100,000s of Iraqi women and children. This wasn’t because Americans were filled with MURDEROUS HATE toward Iraqis. It was because American Sympathy in the Middle East was steered mostly toward Israel and Jews while lowered to a bare minimum(bordering on indifference and apathy) for the Arabs. Granted, there were also calls for outright hatred against the Arabs, not so much by political figures(who always couched their neo-imperialist rhetoric with cliches about ‘human rights’ and ‘spreading democracy’) as by Jew-run entertainment industry that, for a time, presented Arabs as only one thing: Terrorists. This is why all those Progs are really disingenuous people. They bitch and whine endlessly about ‘HATE’ — supposedly the sole possession of Pan-European Identitarians(despite their opposition to globo-homo imperialism) — , but they practice the most insidious kind of Hate, a Soft Hate, that effectively favors the tyrannical power of one group over another. Indeed, their Politics of Compassion serves the extreme tribalism of the Jews at the expense of everyone else. Because we must feel such super-sympathy for Israel, we must feel little or no sympathy for Iran. (Iranians deserve sympathy ONLY WHEN they protest the government.) So, never mind Israel has 300 nukes while Iran has none. Our sympathy for Israel blinds and mutes our sympathy for Iran. And also for Syria. World Jewry continue to pull strings to bring about more horrors in Syria, a nation where 500,000 have died already. But because Jewish Interests come first in our heart, most Americans in the corridors of power are okay with prolonging the misery in Syria IF it serves Israel and Jews. And never mind what Jews did to Russia in the 1990s. Never mind all the money they stole and all the people they abused and exploited. Because of our ‘undying’ sympathy and compassion for Jews, we are supposed to care more even for Jewish Greed than for Russian Justice or Russian Sovereignty. So, Jews don’t need to push a blatant kind of Hate. They don’t have to say Russians, Iranians, Syrians, and Palestinians are subhuman or untermensch. All they have to do is to make us care SO VERY MUCH for Jews(and homos) that we automatically come to feel near-zero sympathy or even hatred for those who displease Jews(and homos). It is no wonder so many Americans feel such indifference or even hatred toward Palestinians, a people who never did any wrong to Americans. Because Americans have been instilled with Pathological Compassion for Jews, they have hardly any sympathy left for other peoples, especially those disliked by Jews. To love Jews means to hate whatever and whomever displeases Jews. Are wonderful Jews displeased with Russians who’ve regained some of their sovereignty? If so, we must have no sympathy for Russians even though they were fleeced and exploited by Jews in the 90s. We must even hate them.

As for Bernie Madoff, never mind that he’s a Jew who’d been fleecing goyim to make fellow Jews very rich. Never mind other Jews gave cover to Madoff. Our main concern should not be the goy victims of Madoff but only the Jewish victims. Uhhhh, poor poor Jews, tricked by Bernie Madoff, maybe the sole bad Jew, eh? This is why the concept of Pathological Altruism among white people promoted by Jared Taylor and Kevin MacDonald is fundamentally flawed. According to the theory, white people are genetically predisposed to feel all this sympathy for the Other, even at the expense of their well-being. Well, this would come as a surprise to peoples who came into conflict with Europeans. I mean, how ‘pathologically altruistic’ were the whites as they conquered much of the world and practiced tribal-racial forms of politics? If the theory of Pathological Altruism is true — if white people have an innate propensity to be just and fair to all peoples, even strangers — , then why is White Compassion, among Progs as well as among Cons, so biased and skewed in favor of certain groups over others? Is ‘pathological altruism’ really intrinsic to white genetics or has it been injected into white consciousness by institutions of media and academia? Also, is it genuine altruism or tribalism-by-other means or will-to-power-by-other-means? If White Compassion really flows from innate white moral character, then whites should feel equal sympathy for Jews and Palestinians, for Israel and Iran. But where do you see that? Even if we were to say White Conservatives are a bunch of ‘racists’, why is it that White Liberals are mostly heartless about Iran and Syrians? Also, why such outpouring of sympathy for Syrians-as-refugees but no outrage about how Syrians-were-turned-into-refugees? If white Liberals have this innate sense of sympathy and justice, they should be enraged by the fact that so many millions were turned into refugees in the first place by terrorist wars instigated by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey. But most White Liberals paid no attention to that side of the story and got all weepy ONLY WHEN the ‘refugees’ began to show up on European shores. Also, given the history of WWII in which so many millions of Russians died, why is there no sympathy for Russians? We are told that we must be sensitive toward Jews for what they suffered in The Shoah, but Russians suffered horribly too. And they also suffered in the 90s due to Jewish mass-theft. But where do you see the sympathy among White Liberals for Russians? Indeed, even Germans who did all the killing in Russia feel no sympathy toward Russians even as they never shut up about those Poor Eternal Jews. If white altruism is so selective and biased, even to the point of utter indifference toward entire peoples, then it can’t be real altruism that naturally flows from the heart. Rather, it sounds like something planted in white consciousness by the institutions of media and academia. (And indeed, we are seeing the same kind of social phenomena now in East Asia where the education is heavily influenced by Western PC.) If it’s not real altruism, what is it? Isn’t it really tribalism-by-other-means or will-to-power-by-other-means? Since white tribalism/nationalism has been suppressed, white people want to feel tribal passion by means that are approved. Since Jews have the Moral-Prestige-Trophy of the Holocaust, it means Jewish Power is noble and wonderful. So, Jews can exercise Jewish Power(and even Jewish supremacism), and white people can get a taste of tribalism by serving Jews serve their own tribalism. Of course, the sweetest kind of tribalism is one’s own, but if it’s been disapproved, what else is left but to serve the tribalism of another? It’s like the vampires in TWILIGHT really want to drink human blood, but their moral sense prevents them from doing so. Their solution is to suck on the blood of animals. Likewise, whites who cuck to Jews aren’t really being altruistic. They are sharing in the thrill and glory of Jewish Tribalism since they aren’t allowed to revel in their own tribalism. If whites were truly altruistic, they would reach out to Palestinians and Iranians as well.

Now, why is there a special thrill in serving Jewish Tribalism among whites? Is it because white people feel oh-so-sorry for Jews because of the Holocaust? Really? Suppose the Holocaust happened but today’s Jews have an average IQ of 90 and haven’t produced any notable figures in business, science, and technology. Suppose Jews don’t control media, academia, finance, entertainment, and etc. Would white people really be climbing all over themselves and clamor to be the cuck-servants of Jews? Of course not. White people flock to Jews because serving Jewish Power means to be associated with the biggest power in the world, the greatest show on Earth. It is a way to taste some of that Will-to-Power. Jews got most of it, and by serving Jews, you get a taste of it too. Of course, the Holocaust Card is useful in veiling the Jewish Will-to-Power. After all, even as Power attracts many who want to serve it, it also attracts much envy, resentment, animus, and vengeful feelings(among those who were wronged by it). So, even as Jews amass ever greater amounts of power, they carry on with the pretense of being the Holy Victim People. Also, all those goy cucks who prostitute themselves to Jewish Power for opportunistic reasons can pretend they’re working in sympathy for poor noble Jews. This is what John McCain was all about. He was a feeble-minded goy cuck who served Jews because he wanted to be where the Power was, but he always put on the White Knight act, as if he was this awesome white warrior committed to protecting helpless Jews the world over. Jews were the master who manipulated him as the dog, but he pretended to be the master protecting the poor Jewish dog from evil threats around the world. Just because he barked loudly at Russia, Iran, Syria, and etc., he pretended to be a ‘maverick’ and a man of power. He served Jewish Power, but Jewish Power could camouflage itself as Jewish Powerlessness by association with the Holocaust. Thus, McCain's serving of Jewish Power could be re-interpreted in his silly head as Jewish Powerlessness seeking refuge behind Mighty McCain Prowess.

The same dynamics explains why whites are so full of compassion for blacks. Sure, there is the Narrative of the pitiable Negro who experienced slavery and racial discrimination, but a people being oppressed or treated differently has been a universal fact all over the world. Even among peoples of the same race, there has been much bloodshed, as we know from the histories of black Africa, Arabia, Europe, and Asia. Consider all the bloody wars among Europeans due to ethnic, religious, ideological, or political reasons. And Aztecs were fierce warriors who terrorized other indigenous peoples of Old Mexico. So, why do whites feel special compassion for blacks? It has to do with what might be called ‘dompassion’, or dominance-passion. People gravitate toward power or dominance. And because blacks proved their superiority in sports, prowess in vocality, and demonstrated what they can do with bouncier booties and bigger dongs, white people are now in awe of black race as the superior race. So, why don’t whites just come out and say, "We want to cuck out to blacks because they are the True Master Race"? It’s because the West is still under the moral spell of Christian ethos that favors the Holy Victim over the Haughty Victor. Of course, the real power in the West has always been about Might and Power, but Western Civilization wanted to believe that its might was premised on righteous morality and compassion. By worshiping Jesus, it could carry both the torch of holy victim-hood and the hammer of power. After all, Jesus was victimized and killed, but He turned out to be, according to Christo-mythology, the Son of God, the greatest power there is.
Indeed, would the power-obsessed Romans have converted to the New Faith if the Christian Narrative didn’t have that thing about Jesus defeating death and reaching Heaven to be with the one and only God, His Father? So, in Jesus, the Romans got the elements of both compassion and ‘dompassion’. The feel-good kind of sympathy for the downtrodden(without which morality turns into a cold-hearted matter of might-is-right) and the will-to-power kind of passion for the awesomeness of might. And in the Negro, the white race finds both compassion and ‘dompassion’. As the white race is now post-religious — even so-called Evangelicals worship MLK and Zionism more than God and Jesus — , it feels a need to latch onto new messiahs, and it just so happens that Jews and Negroes fit this bill most aptly because (1) the controlled Narrative has elevated them above all other groups as the most holy-schmoly victims of history and (2) Jews and Negroes have demonstrated their superiority in areas that matter most in the game of power and idolatry. Especially for would-be-elites, Jewish power is awesome stuff worthy of admiration, emulation, and reverence. As Jews now have so much power, the game of social-climbing has turned into a matter of (1) how do learn from Jews and gain success or (2) how can I serve Jews and get a taste of power as a toady. As for the masses whose main culture is sports, pop music, and mass culture that grows even more pornified by the day, blacks are seen as the superior race because they dominate football, holler loud, and hump white cheerleaders after the game. It’s like the moronic masses in the movie IDIOCRACY hero-worship the black president played by Terry Crews.

As the result of the Selective Sympathy for blacks, a combination of compassion and ‘dompassion’, we have nonsense movements like Black Lives Matter(BLM)that highlight the negligible police violence on blacks while totally ignoring the fact that (1) most blacks are killed by fellow black thugs (2) most interracial crime & violence are about blacks attacking whites and other non-blacks. Because white-on-black violence is so rare, BLM focused on police violence on blacks while totally ignoring that the fact that most violent encounters between police(of whatever color) and blacks are the result of blacks refusing to follow orders, resisting arrest, or even attacking the police. Unlike most white people who cower in the face of black violence, the police have the license and duty to stop black violence. Naturally, police must use counter-violence against black thugs, and this leads to some black deaths, but all such could be avoided IF blacks didn’t act so out of line. But as with schools, we are supposed to believe that the problem is with those who handle bad blacks than with blacks themselves. So, if many black students are suspended, it must be the fault of the school(even though most school administrators and teachers are proggy-wogs). And if violent blacks are often arrested or restrained by cops, the problem must be with the police. Based on hard evidence and reality(powerfully documented by Colin Flaherty), movements like BLM make no sense. So, why do they have such a huge effect on society? Because of the culture of Pathological Compassion mixed with Pathological ‘Dompassion’. Whites are now so used to worshiping blacks as pop stars & athletes and atoning for ‘white guilt’ in regard to the True Superior Race(by standards of Pop Music and Sports) that they have this need to believe in Black Victim-hood, and when such cannot be found, it must be conjured as a fairytale out of whole cloth. And of course, Jews promote it because they need blacks as Symbolic Allies of Holy Eternal Victimhood and because ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks paralyzes white identity, unity, and pride, the only potential force in the world that can bring down Jewish supremacist power.

That’s how the Narrative works. (Consider how relatively few people obsessed over the Shoah up to the early 1970s because it hadn’t yet been turned into a the Dominant Narrative of the West. It had been treated as an incident of WWII, but once the Shoah Narrative took off, it became the Central Story of not just WWII and the 20th century but all of history.) Unlike the logic of news that reports daily facts(to be disposed and forgotten), the Narrative presents a Sacro-Story that lends shape and meaning that transcend the mere details of the story. The story 'shines'(like certain things in the Kubrick movie). For example, Emmett Till isn't merely himself, an individual, but an emblem of the whole history of Southern injustice. Every story has a theme, and that theme determines what shall be remembered, what shall be forgotten, what figures shall be canonized and what figures shall be demonized. So, it doesn’t matter if, in the past year, there have been so many local news stories about blacks-acting-badly and attacking whites. The Narrative makes us see the current reality in relation to slavery and Jim Crow. As such, everything wrong with blacks is the result of whites having failed to live up to MLK’s Dream than the product of bad black behavior that, in many respects, seems to be getting worse and worse, not least because blacks are genetically predisposed to be self-centered, nasty, and megalomaniacal. Due to their brain-structures, racial personality, and hormones, blacks are more prone to believe that they always be right and shit, and everything exists to revolve around theyselves. This is why blacks often fight and holler at each other. Each Negro or Negress thinks he or she be the greatest thing in the world, sheeeeeiiiit.
So, when well-meaning whites stoked the Negro Ego out of compassion, they had no idea what they were doing. From a historical perspective, it’s understandable why many whites wanted to square things with blacks who’d been slaves and faced racial discrimination. But what these well-meaning whites overlooked was that blacks are not merely white-people-with-black-skin. Blacks have different personalities and more aggressiveness. So, once blacks begin to think of themselves as the most innocent angels and saints in the world, they begin to burn up with self-righteous fever, like they be god and jesus, sheeeeeiiiit. Blacks feel both excessive moral arrogance and physical arrogance. They feel contempt for whitey as the ‘slow faggoty-ass race’ and ‘evil racist mothafuc*as’. The Narrative trumps the News. Daily news soon turns into yesterday’s news. So, all the news stories about white victims of blacks don't amount to a plate of beans because they were just treated as news, disposable and forgettable. What is the difference between white victims of black crime and Emmett Till? The difference is all those white victims only made the news whereas Till became an icon of a Narrative. He isn’t remembered as some random black kid who was killed by whites but seen as emblematic of Jim Crow and the great Civil Rights Movement that sought to bring justice and dignity to blacks. There is much validity to the Black Narrative insofar as blacks were used as slaves in the US(that was founded on liberty and democracy) and were denied basic rights even after the end of slavery. But the Black Narrative is simplistic and ultimately deceitful because it overlooks the real racial differences between whites and blacks, a disturbing reality that makes Race Relations far more complicated than the MLK fairytale would lead us to believe. The fact is whites had every right to fear blacks as the stronger, more aggressive, and more psychopathic race. And what is needed is a Narrative of Black Rampage that exploded in the 1960s when blacks really began to revel in thuggery, robbery, rape, riots, and murder. And blacks acted this way due to racial than historical reasons. Being less intelligent, blacks were bound to achieve less than other races even with the removal of discriminatory measures. Also, being more aggressive and stronger, they were bound to act like thugs and cause much destruction. Even though NY Jews are loathe to admit it, Jewtropolis was almost brought to its knees from the 70s to the early 90s largely because of black crime and thuggery. Even as Liberal Jews were making all the PC-sounding noises about ‘social justice’, they were privately griping about how blacks were messing up everything. And Jews and whites elected Ed Koch who referred to black criminals as ‘animals’. And many in NY considered Bernie Goetz as a local hero. The Black Rampage Narrative needs to portray blacks as the Eternal Thug, not because blacks are innately evil but because evolution made them destructive to civilization, something they’ve been unable to build on their own and something they've laid to waste to all over the world. Take a look at Detroit and black parts of Baltimore and Chicago. Look what black Africans did to white infrastructure as soon as the European colonialists departed. Look what all those African migrant-invaders are doing to entire blocks of European cities. If Muslims and Arabs degrade European nations, black Africans destroy them.

The problem is not that blacks are evil but that they are ‘evol’. They evolved to be thug-like, aggressive, wild, nasty, and destructive. It’s like many animals pose a threat to humanity not because they are evil but because they are ‘evol’. They evolved to be harmful to humans. They can be tiny(like malarial mosquitoes) or huge(like a hippo or grizzly bear), but the fact is it would be dangerous for humans to live in close proximity with such organisms. And blacks are most definitely ‘evol’ in their relation to whites. And whites might wake up to this fact, but the problem is black ‘evol’-ness comes with a hook. It’s like awful-tasting poison is far less dangerous than good-tasting poison. If poison tastes awful, people will not want to take it. It’s like no one wants to swallow castor oil. But suppose poison tastes good, which serves as a hook. Such use of poison has been one way to control wolves and coyotes. Mix the poison with meat, and the dumb animal is too busy savoring the meat to be aware of the poison. Pitcher plant traps and devours insects by alluring them with fragrant but lethal nectar.

Or consider drugs like meth and heroin. They are toxic to the body in the long run, but addicts return to them over and over because they feel so good. And this is the hook that blacks have on whites. Because whites built sports-and-pop-culture industries and became addicted to thrills provided by them and because blacks excel in sports and dominate pop music, so many whites are blind to the ‘evol’ toxicity of blacks on the white race. Some whites know of the dangers from blacks but are so addicted to Afrorgasm that they’ve become like meth-users who know they’re being destroyed by the drug but can't stop using it. Worse, whites have been guilt-baited and manipulated into worshiping blacks as the saint-angel-race as the result of the Narrative centered around TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD, MLK myth, and Emmett Till horror stories that would have white folks believe that lynching of blacks was the commonest thing in the South when, in fact, even prior to the 1960s, the real problem of racial violence was black-on-white. And it wasn’t only in the South. Even in the North, the reason why so many whites moved away from black areas had to do with blacks kicking whites around. Even though the Black Rampage really exploded in the 1960s, black violence had long been a feature of American Life. Norman Podhoretz’s youth was spent long before the 1960s, but he remembered how weaker Jewish kids were easy prey to bigger and stronger black predators. But all those interesting and telling facts were never turned into a Narrative. Jews, with their control of the media, could have woven a Black Rampage Narrative(especially since the 1960s), but they regarded white people(especially Wasp elites) as their main rivals for power(and besides, Jewish socio-economic advantages meant that most Jews had the means to live apart from the most dangerous blacks) and valued their political and symbolic alliance with blacks as the most effective way to undermine white pride, white power, and white unity. If we want to be generous, it’s understandable why people were willing to be more forgiving of bad black behavior in the 1970s because it had been only a decade since blacks earned full political and legal equality. Besides, many social revolutions and experiments go through bloody or chaotic periods as the result of seismic changes in the socio-political landscape. So, it’s understandable why people in the 1970s hoped that the black problems unleashed in the 60s would eventually blow over as blacks came to be better adjusted to their freedom under equality. And it might have worked IF blacks were merely white people with black skin. As it turned out, there were deep-rooted differences that went way beyond skin color. The main problem was black men are more muscular and more aggressive than white men. This meant black guys kicking white butt, and it meant the loss of white male confidence. It also meant blacks losing all respect for the White World because they came to regard it as ‘faggoty-ass’ punkass bullshit filled with weaklings whose asses could easily be kicked by blacks. Blacks, being naturally physical and sensual than intellectual or cerebral, have a visceral and instinctive contempt for anything that seems ‘weak’ and ‘wussy’. So, the black problems of the 1960s were not something that time could eventually heal. They were bound to get worse and worse because, with each passing decade, blacks would come to regard whites with greater contempt. Notice how blacks today dominate the NFL more than ever and openly display their contempt for the white race. As far as most black guys are concerned, white boys exist for black guys to beat them up & humiliate and white girls exist for black guys to hump & impregnate. Blacks see everything white as really belonging to them. White lands exist to be colonized by African migrant-invaders. White sports exist to be taken over by blacks, not only in the US but in the EU. White institutions exist to serve blacks. White government exists to provide blacks with everything. White/Jewish media exist to praise and celebrate blacks. Awards of all kinds exist as blings for blacks. Blacks feel this way for both historical-moral and ‘evol’ biological reasons. The Black Narrative says blacks were perfect saints and angels who were enslaved by evil whites; therefore, whites must make amends to blacks forever. And the Black Instinct says that a race as weak and wussy(and slow and ‘faggoty’) as the white race exists only to serve the Superior Race of blacks. In this regard, blacks are very much like Jews. Jews, with their traditional habit of regarding themselves as the most intelligent, blessed, and wise people, have long have felt that OTHER peoples, the stupid goyim, exist mainly to serve the superior Jewish People who deserve to have all the power and eat like ‘effendi’. Given the similarities of attitude, the Jewish-Black Alliance makes a lot of sense. It is a case of Instinctive Supremacism justifying its arrogance and contempt with Victim Narrative. Jews feel supremacist toward white goyim but mask their supremacist agenda by making whites feel guilty about the ‘white supremacism’ of Nazism. Blacks feel supremacist toward ‘weak’ and ‘wussy’ whitey but mask their supremacist aggression by posturing as the Eternal Slave Race that deserves reparations from whites forever.

There has been tons of bad black behavior in the US, but I can understand why so much of it has been swept under the rug. Yes, Jewish Power and the Narrative have much to do with it, but it’s also due to the fact that (1) US is a huge country (2) blacks are still a minority and (3) and there is enough wealth to take care of errant blacks. An average white middle class person can still find many opportunities to live in relatively safe communities because the US has 50 states(some of them still overwhelmingly white) and many white suburbs. Also, integrating with non-black minorities(such as Hispanics, Meso-Americans, Asians, Hindus, Muslims, etc) also provides for relative safety because most non-black groups are not that violent. (Even though some Mexican gangs are involved in scary amounts of crime, most Mexicans in the US are hardly more violent than whites. And even though some Muslims turn radical and blow things up, most Muslims are pretty law-abiding as long as they are not black.) So, even though blacks do cause a lot of problems in the US, many people can find myriad ways to avoid blacks and all their foulness. So, even though the Jew-run US media and academia are mostly delusional and/or deceptive about Race Issues, we can understand why so many Americans would rather not think about it. Many non-blacks have ample means and opportunities to stay away from most blacks.

But things are different in South Africa. It is over 90% black. If 13.5% of people in America who are black cause so much trouble, imagine the kind of problems in a nation that is over 90% black. If South Africa were 25% white, 25% Arab, 25% Hindu, and 25% black, I can sort of understand the Progressive Dream of a Multi-Cultural Nation where different peoples learn to tolerate one another. But a nation that is over 90% black? Only a mad man would believe that the experiment could succeed in the long run. Indeed, since the end of Apartheid, many whites who could leave have left. And those who chose to stay are among the most security-obsessed people on Earth because there is no telling when a bunch of crazy Negroes will barge in through the window or door to rob, rape, and murder your family. If blacks treat other blacks like shit in South Africa, imagine how they feel about whites. If black-on-black violence is far more common in South Africa, it’s because most blacks live with blacks. Also, many whites departed already after too many robberies, rapes, and murders of loved ones. Also, whites with means have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure security.
At the very least, Jewish Power around the world has compelled all Western Nations to be mindful of the well-being of Jews not only in Israel but in West Bank(despite the fact that Jews are occupying remaining Palestinian territory). So, at the very least, Jews in the Middle East, know that powerful nations around the world are looking out for their security and interest. Also, Jews are the overwhelming majority in Israel, and West Bank is tightly controlled by the IDF and has walls running everywhere to enforce neo-apartheid policies. But the very Jews who've pressured Western nations to watch for the interests of Jews in the Holy Land have done everything to suppress and even vilify any Western concern for the well-being of whites in South Africa. Even after so many attacks, robberies, rapes, tortures, and gruesome murders of white people, most of the West turns a blind eye. Why and how did this come about? When European colonialists were endangered by rise of indigenous nationalists in Asia, Africa, and elsewhere, fellow white Europeans cared a great deal and did everything possible to bring those white people to safety in Europe. France bailed out the French in Algeria and Vietnam. UK took back the Brits in India, Kenya, Rhodesia, and Malaysia. White people back then didn’t think, "Those colonialists are guilty of racist-imperialism, therefore, WE don’t care what happens to them." Whatever the history or morality, they were taken back by the home nations as national kinsmen. Similarly, Japanese took back their nationals in Manchuria, Korea, and Taiwan when they lost the war and the empire. And yet, there is almost NO concern among most whites in the West for white people facing danger in South Africa. If anything, some of these wretched Western progs seem to relish the idea of the slaughter of whites in South Africa. Many more simply refuse to believe that things are terrible for whites, or they’ve been mentally programmed to feel that it is morally wrong for a white person to sympathize with a fellow white person, especially when it involves blacks.

It is especially difficult, even painful, for white progs to believe that something like White Genocide could happen in South Africa because they’ve been so indoctrinated with canonical teachings about the Magic Negro, Blacks-as-Eternal-Victims, and Afro-sacrosanctness. PC has instilled their minds with the Narrative and Iconography of All-Powerful-Wicked-and-Evil-Racist-Whites oppressing and brutalizing poor, helpless, wonderful, saintly, angelic, and ‘cool’ blacks for so long that they have a hard time processing reality that doesn’t fit the Narrative. If anything, they are totally blind to their own bigotry. Their obsessive pathological compassion for blacks is so over-the-top that they see ‘noble victim’ even when blacks act like thugs(like Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown), and they see ‘evil oppressor’ even when whites are attacked and brutalized by blacks. It’s like people on the Left were blind to all the victims of communism because their ideological and ‘idological’ minds were so thoroughly trained to see socialist revolutionaries as noble souls fighting for humanity and justice while seeing anyone on the other side as evil ‘reactionary’ monsters who were so evil and oppressive that they had no right to live. Consider the sheer murderousness of films like BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN and OCTOBER. ‘Reactionaries’ are presented as something worse than bad people; they are gargoyles, goblins, & demons, and they must be eradicated to bring about the new dawn. And of course, Americans have also been blind this way time and time again. As Doug Bandow remembers US-history in Philippines, Americans were often oblivious to the horrors they visited upon the Philippines because, as far as they were concerned, they were the Good Guys on the side of God and liberty. Most Americans weren’t willing to believe that their own guys could be capable of carrying out the kind of atrocities they did in the Philippines War. And this blindness also afflicted white Americans who bought all those slaves from Africa. As far as they were concerned, the white world was Christian and civilized whereas Africa was filled with savages. So, from their perspective, it was a win-win for both sides. White plantation owners would reap the benefits of black labor, and black slaves would get a taste of order & civilization(and even gain conversion to Christianity) that was surely better than savagery and cannibalism. But this was mostly self-serving self-righteousness on the part of whites, the kind that can easily turn a blind eye to what is really happening.
And now, we are seeing a similar kind of blindness among so many in the West who are so invested in the Mandela Myth and the cult of South Africa as a ‘rainbow nation’ that they prefer fantasy over facts. Because of the Narrative and current idolatry of the Magic-Tragic Negro, progs simply don’t want to believe that blacks are capable of vile acts. Bill Clinton and Liberals downplayed the gravity of the Rwandan genocide for two reasons. They didn’t want to get sucked into ‘another Somalia’, and they didn’t want to deal with a history where blacks acted like ‘jungle nazis’ and carried out massacres against other blacks. The fact that blacks could be capable of such horrors was so traumatic to Progs and self-centered blacks that they spun a Narrative that traced the blame to whites. (In a similar vein, Jane Goodall mistakenly concluded that chimpanzees are peaceful jungle creatures. But upon closer scrutiny, it turned out 'chimpocide' was a common feature of apedom.)

Supposedly, the Hutus and Tutsis came to hate one another because of the introduction of white ‘racial theories’ into that part of the world. While it’s true enough that imperialists exploited divide-and-rule in their far-flung colonies — just consider what Jewish Globalists have done in Ukraine, Syria, Libya, and Iraq by pitting tribe against tribe, sect against sect, ethnicity against ethnicity — , the Tutsi-Hutu divide long pre-existed the arrival of Europeans. The more advanced and intelligent Tutsis had been lording over the more primitive Hutus for a long time, just like caste divisions had existed in India before the British arrived. While Europeans deserve some blame, it would be ludicrous to say they were the main culprits. It’s like the US & NATO deserve some blame for the explosion in Yugoslavia in the 1990s, but those tensions had been simmering in the Balkans and kept under the lid by iron rule of communism. The West threw a match into a keg of gunpowder, but the combustibility was already there. Granted, from the example of Korea and Vietnam, it’s obvious how foreign influence can divide one people and pit them against one another almost overnight. The North-South divides in both Korea and Vietnam were engineered by foreign powers. But in many other cases, the tensions predated the arrival of imperialists, often due to diversity, which is usually more problematic when the minority has elite power over the majority(as was the case in Iraq and is still the case in Syria). Indeed, by increasing Diversity in nation after nation, the globalists are planting the seeds of future blowups like in Iraq, Syria, Rwanda, Indonesia, Guatemala, and elsewhere. Increasing Diversity foments future Discord that can very well lead to Disaster. All the great disasters of the 20th century could be traced back to Diversity. WWI was the result of imperial conflicts, mainly between Pan-Germanism and Pan-Slavicism, in disputed territories where nationalist aspirations were trampled by the Imperialism of Diversity. Latin America was politically and socially paralyzed due to its Diversity. The great wars of insurgency and counter-revolution that raged all across Latin America in the 20th century were essentially Race Wars between the white ruling elites and the brown masses(ranging from mestizos and indigenous folks, though often led by white radical elites). The racial nature of the conflict was masked by Cold War rhetoric of ‘American Allies’ vs ‘Soviet Agents’, but the real reason for the conflagration was racial tensions arising from too much Diversity that fueled inequality. WWII was also triggered by Diversity as German and other peoples were trapped as minorities in Other Nations, leading to much mutual recriminations and resentments. And the Cold War was a bigger burden to the USSR because it ruled over a vast Empire of Diversity that drained an economy that dis-incentivized initiative. Whereas Western European nations were under US dominance, they were given far greater leeway than Eastern European nations under Soviet rule. So, the Cold War seemed like a conflict between independent Western European nations vs Soviet Imperial Diversity that denied true national sovereignty to Eastern European nations(and to various republics within the USSR). So, the end of the Cold War was about the emergence of free Eastern European nations that finally had the means and wherewithal to determine their own destinies. And that could have been a happy ending and the start of something new and wonderful IF Jews hadn’t taken control of the US, the dominant power of the West. Jews didn’t greet the End of the Cold War as the liberation and rise of free nation-states. They saw it as an opportunity for Jews to claw into those nations and gain control over them. Why not? After all, if Jews were able to wrest control from peoples as great as Anglos, French, and Germans, why not from a bunch of Dumb Polacks, Stupid Hungarians, and Lazy Russians? And, for awhile, everything seemed to be going according to plan. Russian economy in the 90s was taken over by Jews who also controlled most of the media and had many Russian politicians in their pockets. And Polish globalists seemed to be ascendant as they portrayed themselves as the alternative to Polish Communists(rebranded as Social-Democrats) and Polish Conservatives(who were depicted as ‘uncool’, ‘old-fashioned’, and overly statist). But Russians had enough of globalism as Jewish Rule turned out to be one of plunder and exploitation. And Poles finally woke up to the dangers of globalism when the Jew-controlled Angela Merkel decided to open up not only Germany but all of Europe to millions of Muslim and African ‘refugees’ in the name of... atoning for WWII for the umpteenth time. This logic seemed especially ludicrous to Poles and other Slavs who’d been the primary victims of German aggression. Indeed, almost ALL victims of the Nazi Germans were fellow Europeans, mostly Slavs. And Germans were able to carry out so many atrocities because they violated national borders and invaded neighboring territories. And yet, here was Germany(taking orders from Jewish globalists) using their clout to once against violate the borders of other nations. This time, the German military didn’t invade those nations. Rather, German Decree was "We are committing national suicide by blowing up our own borders. You must do the same by blowing up your borders too. If you don’t comply, we will label you as ‘far right’ and use the full might of the EU to destroy your economies." If Nazi Germany committed National Homicide against other peoples, the Jewish-controlled Globo-Homo-Germany seeks to enforce National Suicide as the ideal for all European nations. Why do Jews want this when they surely must know that Diversity leads to more discord and dissension, eventually to disaster? Because the main priority of Jews is to claw their way into every nation and take over. It’s much easier for Jews to gain power in a Diverse nation than in a Homogeneous one. To be sure, Jews gained power over Sweden when it was homogeneous, but Swedes were fooled because they became complacent with too much peace and prosperity. In contrast, many Eastern Europeans still have fresh memories of domination by foreign peoples: By Germans in WWII and Soviets/Russians during the Cold War. And they also have memories of problems with other ethnic groups, as either troublesome minorities or overbearing majorities. So, every Eastern European people prize their national independence and sovereignty. They didn’t go through the hellish 20th century just so that, in the 21st century, their nations will be ordered around by Germany and France(that are ordered around by globo-homo Jew-run US) and be compelled to welcome invasions by countless Muslims and Africans. To Jews, Diversity just means more opportunity for the Tribe. If whites are at odds with Muslims and other immigrants, Jews forge alliances with whites. But Jews also seek alliances with Muslims and Africans against ‘far right’ elements. Also, Diversity splits the native population into two camps: the Patriots and the Prog-globalists(aka Proglob). So, instead of white unity, there is white division, something Jews can exploit.

We see it in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, France, Germany, Sweden, and etc. Now, if Jews are doing all this shit, why can’t white patriots call out the Jew? Because the Cult of Holocaustianity has elevated Jews to the status of a messiah-like people. Also, there is the element of fear because Jews are so powerful. Even Putin’s Russia, despite being well-aware that Jews are behind all the anti-Russian propaganda and campaigns, remain protective of Jews and sing praises to Jews, Jews, Jews, and have good relations with Israel. Jews benefit from both White Compassion and White ‘Dompassion’. The Shoah Narrative has instilled white Europeans with the idea that Jews are the biggest victims of all time. Zio-Globo-Homo Hegemony reminds white people that Jews are not a people to mess with because they control the US that can destroy any group or nation by military means, financial means, and propaganda means(as Jews control nearly all the MSM in both sides of the Atlantic). Blaming Nationalism for WWI and WWII makes little sense. It was over-arching imperialist ambitions that led to the clash among the Great Powers. Indeed, if WWI was only about nationalism why did it lead to complicated alliances: Germany and Turkey, France and Russia? Why did a Christian nation like Germany make common cause with Muslim Turkey? And why did Republican France make common cause with Tsarist Russia? And why did the UK play off all sides before finally throwing its lot with France? And why did Japan join the Allies against Germany? None of this makes sense from a purely nationalist point of view. It was the result of clash of empires. WWI was the result of imperialism and all the ethnic tensions caused by excessive Diversity in the Balkans, the part of Europe that was denied national independence for so long. The fact that much of the region was Slavic but ruled by Germanics(and by the Ottoman not long ago) created frictions that set off the sparks of WWI. As Jerry Muller wrote in Foreign Affairs, the golden age of European Peace followed WWII when great European powers gave up on empire(eventually outside Europe as well) and when most European nations emerged from the conflict with secure borders and homogeneous populations. Indeed, the reason why many Europeans were willing to join EU was because of the peace and prosperity made possible by national stability, something that eluded Europe in the past when so much of the political energy was expended over disputes over territory and demographics.
And what was the main source of political instability and chaos in 20th century Asia? It was imperialism. It was Japanese aggression and colonization in Korea, China, and later Southeast Asia that set off wars all over the place. Japanese invasion of China also weakened the KMT government and created the political vacuum for communist takeover. It was only when Japan lost the war and departed from rest of Asia that there was peace between the Asian continent and Japan. And the Vietnam Tragedy finally came to an end when the US left that part of the world. Even so, US intervention undermined the regime in Cambodia and set the grounds for the takeover by the Khmer Rouge. Indeed, most communist victories came on the heel of imperialist wars or interventions. Many Vietnamese turned to Ho Chi Minh as national hero because he was the most notable resistance fighter against the French. And Cubans came to revere Fidel Castro as the nationalist hero against the Yanqui Imperialismo, CIA, and the Jewish Mafia. And neither the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia nor Mao’s victory in China would have been possible without the role of imperialism. Tsar’s entry into the War-of-Empires against Germany led to the downfall of his government. And Japan’s destruction of KMT forces in China paved the way for communist victory, not least because the US called on the Soviet Empire to enter North China; after the Soviets mopped up Japanese forces, they handed over control of entire territories to Mao’s forces. Indeed, it’s very likely that there never would have been a communist regime in the 20th century IF the Game of Empire hadn’t undermined so many national orders, leaving behind chaos that was rife for radical exploitation(or reactionary repression). So, the cure for imperialism and all its problem has been nationalism, or universal nationalism where the people of every nation respects the right of national security and survival for every other nation. Jews insist on this kind of nationalism in Israel Proper(even though they continue to cause problems in the West Bank with the practice of imperialist occupation, never a pleasant thing; irony of ironies, Jews now act toward Palestinians like Ancient Romans toward Hebrews). If Jews value nationalism for Israel, why not for other nations? Why can’t Jews accept the principle of Universal Nationalism? Why do Jews insist that goy nations support the ‘right of Israel to exist as a Jewish nation’ but reject such right for Poland, Hungary, France, Sweden, Japan, and etc? It is because Jews want to control the world. They want nationalism for Israel because Jews are the solid majority but seek to undermine nationalism in other nations because it acts as a barrier to Jewish takeover. Also, since Jews don’t have the demographic numbers to take over all nations, they use the Cult of Diversity to undermine nationalism in every nation. So, Jews urge Hindus to move to Africa and take over the economies. Jews urge Arabs and Muslims to pour into Europe. Jews urge black Africans to move into other black African nations. By increasing Diversity, Jews undermine the notion of a United People in every nation. It’s like Jew-run BBC excoriates black South Africans for opposing massive black migration from other nations. As Jews have tremendous diamond and financial interests in South Africa, they want to increase Black Tribal Diversity and set black tribes against other black tribes. So, Jewish power applies pressure on the black South African government to practice Open Borders policy with neighboring African nations(and even with far-away Nigeria). The last thing Jews want is a united black consciousness that may make demands on the Jewish elite power in South Africa. If Jews were a humble and modest people, they would be content with their national ownership of Israel. But Jews are arrogant, ambitious, ur-imperialist, and supremacist. Because they are a smarter race with stronger personality and grandeur of vision(the prophetic will), they believe they have a quasi-divine right to gain mastery over all peoples. There are many means by which Jews achieve this. One is military power. With their control of the US, Jews have been pounding the ‘enemies of Israel’. Also, Jewish power compels the US to shower Israel with billions in aid, the military superpower of the Middle East. Jews use financial hegemony and sanctions policy to favor or disfavor nations depending on how much they are willing or unwilling to kiss Jewish ass.

Our meta-moral dynamics colors and shapes our view of events around the world. It makes us favor certain groups over others, but just as importantly, it’s about who-does-what-to-whom. For example, even though the West cares more for black lives than for non-black lives, it doesn’t much care when blacks cause harm to other blacks. It is most problematic when WHITES do harm to blacks. It’s like people don’t care when lions are killed by hippos, elephants, cape buffalo, crocodiles, or cobras. They only care when lions are killed by humans, especially white hunters. Because of the image of the white man as, at once, Force of Evil and Higher Being(to be judged by more elevated standards), his 'bad deeds' are deemed far more evil. Ironically, White Evil is a corollary of White Superiority. It seems worse when white people do ‘bad things’ because people expect better behavior from whites, but that implies people think of whites as people with innately superior ethics and culture. So, if a black guy kills a lion, it's regarded as an act by a lowly savage who doesn’t know any better, but if a white guy kills a lion, it is seen as vain act of a cultured man who should know better. The same meta-moral dynamics applies to black tragedies in Africa. Even though many more blacks have been killed by blacks, white progs in the West are rarely judgmental about such things on the assumption that it isn't as bad as whites doing harm to blacks. Even though blacks-harming-blacks is bad, it’s not evil because it's as if we can’t expect the same kind of ethical behavior from blacks. Also, PC is so used to seeing blacks as victims that when Western Media reports on blacks-harm-blacks stories, only one side of the violence registers: Blacks as victims but not blacks as perpetrators. So, when BBC covers African atrocities, the bulk of the stories is about the victims while little is made of the perpetrators. That would be like discussing the Slavic victims of WWII without mentioning the fact that the Nazis did it. So, even though Western Media have covered lots of stories of black victims all across Africa, 90% of the story has been about black victims while only 10% has been about black killers and torturers. In contrast, when the West covered South Africa during the Apartheid era, the main emphasis was on how White Rule is committing all the injustice over there.
This meta-moral dynamics applies all over the world. Why have most progs been so silent about the horrors visited upon Arabs, North Africa, and even blacks all across the Middle East and North Africa? Because much of it began under Obama, the ‘historic black president’. Because of Obama’s aura as a ‘transformational’ figure, the progs were invested in making him look as good as possible. So, progs turned a blind eye to all the horrors unleashed by the Obama regime(that took orders from globo-homo Judeo-Nazis). What about the destruction of Libya, the rise of terrorism, endless tribal wars, and return of the slave trade? Progs turned a blind eye because the story would make Obama look bad. And the war on Yemen also began under Obama, the stooge of Jews. As Jews hate Iran and oppose the rebellion in Yemen as loosely backed by Iran, Obama was instructed by Jews to work with Saudi Arabia to bomb Yemen back to the stone age. There’s been a devastating war over there as the result of Judeo-Obamaic policy, but progs pretended not to notice because the tragedy didn’t put Obama, the ‘historic black president’, in a positive light. Progs are more into idolatry than humanity. They idolize the Magic Negro and value its myth more than real lives. So, if progs had to choose between mythologizing Obama and condemning his crimes-against-humanity(at the behest of vile and vicious globo-homo Judeo-Nazis), they go with the former. Besides, in the Jew-run West, one’s career gets a boost for appeasing Jewish interests while remaining mute to power.

And it is for this reason that whites in South Africa are in a truly dangerous spot. It’s the confluence of factors that makes them so vulnerable to what might truly become White Genocide. For starters, blacks outnumber whites by a huge margin in South Africa, and blacks also control all the political institutions. If 13.5% of blacks in the US causes so much harm to whites, imagine what blacks can do to whites in a nation where they comprise over 90% of the population. Also, blacks in South Africa are far poorer than blacks in the US, therefore far more angry and volatile. If the white majority in the US has been able to produce enough wealth to take care of black Americans, the far smaller productive minority of whites and Asians in South Africa has not been able to provide all blacks in South Africa with modern standards of living. Also, the Jewish capitalist-communist bloc in South Africa is far more poisonous than in the US. Jewish communists worked with blacks to overthrow Boer rule, and then they used their close ties with the ANC to give cover to Jewish capitalists. For Jews, the Tribe comes before ideology. Jews don’t think in terms of Left VERSUS Right but in terms of Left AND Right. Like a boxer using both left jab and right-across, Jews will use both ‘leftist’ and ‘rightist’ ideologies in combination and/or collusion to further Jewish Tribal interests. The reason why Jews hate fascism(among goyim) is because they want it to be used only by Jews. Fascism developed as a fusion of leftism and rightism, and that has been the secret to Jewish Power. Zionism was a movement of Jewish socialists and Jewish nationalists. Because the main Jewish interest in South Africa is safeguarding their power over finance and diamond-mines, they are willing to sacrifice any number of whites to gain favorable terms with the black-ruled government. So, the Jewish capitalist-communist complex in South Africa is totally okay with blacks singing ‘Kill the Boers’ because it directs black anger on white goyim than on Jewish elites who have the real wealth and privilege. Jews in South Africa are acting like classic Dirty Jews. Also, the black elites in South Africa would rather have the black masses blame all their plight on whites than on the failures of the government. Hating the Boer is valued as an safety valve for black rage; it endangers Boer lives but makes things safer for black elites and Jews. So, even though White Genocide in South Africa is not inevitable, all the pre-conditions are there. If the South African leader gives the green light to blacks to go on a rampage, it will happen overnight, just like Hutus went wild in Rwanda when the government told them to go hack Tutsis to pieces. The only thing that prevents White Genocide is the red light. But all the savage hatred and pent-up rage are there, ready to erupt like a volcano. Within South Africa, White Genocide is very much a certainty IF the black rulers were to say "Go kill". Then, the ONLY insurance that the white minority has is International Intervention, especially from the West(as the Rest doesn’t really care all that much about South Africa). The West — US and EU especially — can exert pressure on the black-ruled government to protect whites because the South African economy depends so much on Western ties and investments. Also, if all hell breaks loose, the West could militarily intervene to save whites if a genocide were to break out. So, World Power can restrain South Africa from going full massacre. But, the West is ruled by Jews who hate the idea of White Unity, White Identity, White Solidarity, and White-Sympathy-for-White.
It may well be that Jews don’t want to see harm done to whites-as-individuals in South Africa. What Jews fear and hate is not white individualism but white identitarianism. White individuals succeed or fail as mere individuals. They don’t form into a bigger power. In contrast, white identitarianism has a connect-the-dots effect on white consciousness & community. Ever look at a connect-the-dots book? If the dots aren’t connected, they are just a bunch of random-seeming specks with no larger meaning. But if you connect the dots, you notice a ‘constellation’ of patterns and shapes that form into a discernible image. White-sympathy-for-white is an emotion-laden racial connect-the-dots game that creates a sense of belonging and power far beyond that of the individual.

Just think. Could Jewishness-as-a-power exist IF all Jews just saw themselves as individual dots? If so, why would they care about Jewish history, Jewish culture, and Jewish interests, none of which has value or makes sense unless they are shared and preserved within a community of like-minded and like-blooded people? Why would Jews care so much about the Shoah, indeed far more than the tragedies of other peoples? Why would they care so much about what happens in Israel? If Jews only thought of themselves as individuals, even the massive Jewish Power in the US wouldn’t be very consequential. After all, if most Big Media were owned and controlled by Jews-who-acted-only-as-individuals, there would be no pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist bias. Jews in the media, in the name of color-blind fairness, would be equally empathetic with Jews and Palestinians. And there would be no organizations such as AIPAC and ADL. And Jews in the Deep State would NOT be using their power to favor the Tribal Interests of World Jewry. Jewish Power is all about Jewish-sympathy-for-Jews. And because Jews are outnumbered by whites and because Jewish supremacism(that lacks the numbers) needs white submissivist collaboration, Jews do everything to discredit and disparage the slightest sign of white-on-white-sympathy. Jews know that if whites feel, think, and act like Jews, they will be Eurocentric than Judeo-centric. White interests will revolve around "Is it good for whites?" Jews need white emotions and ethics to revolve around the Judeo-centrism of "Is it good for Jews?" To do this, Jews need to mask their supremacism with all this schmaltzy-holocaust(or schmolocaust) talk. So, even though Jews are making whites serve Jewish supremacism, whites are made to feel they are protecting helpless Jews from ‘nazis, nazis, nazis’ that seem to be everywhere. (If it’s not ‘nazis, nazis, nazis, it’s the ‘muzzies, muzzies, muzzies’, even though this isn’t as easy for Jews to pull off anymore since Jews have forged an alliance with Muslim immigrant-invaders against Donald Trump and white patriots. It is getting tricky for Jews to argue that good white Americans must go fight Wars for Israel and smash those ‘Muslim terrorists’ while, at the same time, telling Muslims migrant-invaders and white cucky-wucks that they must work with Jews against those Evil White Gentiles and Christians who are bunch of ‘nazis’.)

Anyway, this is the main reason why Jews are against white-sympathy-for-whites between the West and South Africa. It is not really about Jewish animus against whites. While Jews don’t much care about whites in SA, they don’t necessarily want them killed either. But Jews DO fear that worldwide white sympathy for whites in South Africa may have an emotional-and-racially-conscious connect-the-dots AWAKENING effect on white people. Such sympathy will be especially potent(as political awakening) IF whites around the world see whites in South Africa as the victims of black rampage, Jewish perfidy, white traitor-cuck-indifference, and/or ignorance/cravenness among white peoples around the world who should have known better. Also, as more white people around the world ponder what is really happening in South Africa, they will learn about black psychopathy(on a massive scale), Jewish communist-capitalist-complex(or com-cap-com), and the deception of globo-homo Jew-run Big Media that have been promoting the Magic Negro myth around the figure of Mandela while closing the Kosher Curtain over the news about horrors visited upon whites. Why is it that a handful of Jews killed in Israel/Palestine is big news in the US media, but many more white victims in South Africa hardly make the news? It’s because Jews run the media, and Jews do everything to suppress the fact that whites can become victims too. Jews want Victim-hood to be permanently allotted to Jews, blacks, and homos. Just like the UN has only a handful of nations as permanent members of the Security Council, PC has only three groups — Jews, blacks, and Homos — as permanent members of Grade A Victim-hood. All other groups can be members only on a rotating basis.
As for white goyim, their very existence is to be permanently affixed to Villainy. Because whites are placed at a moral disadvantage vis-a-vis OTHER groups, their goodness must always be demonstrated, proven, earned, or bought. Whereas non-whites can take their goodness for granted, whites must strive to win goodness points because their default position is as Villains. Non-whites have angel wings, whereas whites must work hard to earn them(like with Clarence in IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE), but then, they can only use them on a temporary basis. Jews, blacks, and Homos own moral property. Whites can only rent it. (But Jews, Homos, and Blacks are 'more equal' than Other groups. Jeremy Corbyn has sought to wash his White Guilt with sympathy for brown Palestinians, but Jews won't have any of it because Jewish interests must come before Arab interests.)
Jews are using their variation of the Christo-mental-strategy of permanently blessing Christians with Noble Victimhood while permanently damning Heathens with Evil Tyranny. The story of Jesus killed by Pagan Romans & Angry Jews and the tales of Early Christians fed to the lions by Nero became so iconographic in the Christian Narrative that they became blind to their own tyranny and terror when they had the power. So, it didn’t matter how many pagans and ‘heathens’ they conquered, destroyed, or killed. It didn’t matter how much more powerful the Christians had become over the ‘heathens’. In the sanctimonious Christian mind, it was the same old story of noble-Christians-fed-to-lions versus satanic or godless pagans. Even though Jews hate Christianity, they learned all its tricks(which, by the way, are the product of Jewish Genius as Jesus and the Early Christians were almost entirely Jewish). Likewise, the mental plaque inside people indoctrinated by Western PC is stuck with the Narrative of Eternal Jewish-and-Black Victimhood and Eternal White Villainy. This mental plaque has hardened in the minds of so many that they have a difficult time seeing the reality. The mind is such that it keeps imposing and projecting what it wants to see of reality. It’s like what the kid says in THE SIXTH SENSE: "Ghosts see what they want to see." This is why it was frustrating to deal with radicals whose minds were coagulated with Marxist dogma. They had this mental habit of seeing EVERYTHING in terms of class conflict, of the ‘bourgeoisie’ oppressing the ‘proletariat’, indeed even in backward nations that hardly had a bourgeoisie or a modern working class. At the very least, Karl Marx understood that a communist revolution must necessarily follow the rise of capitalism, i.e. the working class shall inherit the wealth that only capitalism can create. But in backward nations under communist rule, there was hardly any economic development since the Marxist-Leninist regime forbade the rise of the bourgeoisie that, despite their ‘exploitative’ character, knew how to build and manage a modern economy.

Jews who control the media and academia are too smart not to know what is happening in South Africa. And they know full well that the West is ruled by Jewish supremacism, and they, as fellow tribesmen, want to keep it that way. So, they will go to any length to suppress white-sympathy-for-white that may blossom into White Unity that may lead to whites primarily looking out for their own interests than for Jewish interests(that are so harmful to whites). Jews know that the ONLY way they can ensure the continuation of Jewish Supremacism is by shaming white identity(as ‘white supremacism’) and making whites feel that they can atone for their ‘evil whiteness’ only by serving OTHER peoples, especially Jews and blacks(but never Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, and etc). Indeed, Jewish bogusness is plain to see in their vilification of Jeremy Corbyn. There is no reason for British patriots to like Corbyn, a cuck-proggy who wants to increase non-white immigration-invasion into the UK. But, his undeniable virtue is he sticks to his principles. He is anti-nationalist, so he attacks all nationalisms, even that of Israel. He is for the underdog, so he naturally sides with Palestinians against powerful Zionists. It’s obvious who is David and Goliath in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. Corbyn is a principled globo-leftist. He attacks not only white identity and European nationalism but Jewish identity politics and Zionist nationalism. You’d think Jews would praise Corbyn for being a Good White Man because he opposes white/Western power in favor of the Wretched of the Earth all over the world. He sides with Muslims against white Britons, and he sides with brown Palestinians against Israel that was founded by European Jews with the backing of the most powerful nations on Earth. Yet, do you see Jew Liberals praise Corbyn for siding with powerless brown Palestinians against super-powerful white Jews who have the backing of the US and EU? Of course not. Jews are foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs over the fact that Corbyn favors poor powerless browns over rich powerful white Jews. Jews are full of BS.

If Jews really know what is happening and what they are really doing and why — all for Jewish Supremacism around the world — , many white goy proggies have no idea. They are just silly stupid little children who really believe all the PC dogma and iconography that was crammed into their heads by education, ads, media, and entertainment(all of which are controlled by Jews) since they began to talk and walk. Jews have instructed white parents that their kids were ‘born racist’(and ‘homophobic’) and that steps must be taken from cradle to brainwash white kids to be wary of their own whiteness while fawning like slobbering dogs over Jewish Blessedness, Magic Negritude, and Homo Homilies. These goy cucks are like dogs. They’ve been raised and trained to obey and seek approval. So, they bark accordingly to win doggy biscuits and pokemon points from their Jewish & homo masters and to beg forgiveness from their Magic Negro god. So, if Jews know what is happening in South Africa but suppress the truth to push their own tribal agenda, the goy cucky-wucks really and truly believe that South Africa must be a place of hope and wonder because it was blessed by the holy presence of Nelson Mandela, the greatest man since MLK. And as they are addicted to sports and pornified pop culture, these goy cucky-wucks also worship blacks as the natural-master-race. It’s the Mandela-Mandingo Complex.

Now, consider the dangers. The political and demographic conditions in South Africa have made things ripe for White Genocide. There are plenty of blacks who would love to pick up guns, knives, & machetes and slaughter whites IF they were given the green light to do so. South Africa is a dangerous place, a real powder-keg that can explode if someone lights a match. It is like Eddie Murphy’s dream or nightmare in the NUTTY PROFESSOR.

But what makes the situation in South Africa even more dangerous is the fact that the West, as controlled by Jews, no longer believes white people should care about other whites. After WWII, white nations were still ruled by white people. And when white colonists were being pushed out of Africa and Asia, white nations cared for them and took them back. Back then, whites still cared for whites. But the rise of PC taught whites that it is wrong for whites to care for other whites, especially over non-whites. So, the idea of white Europeans caring about whites in South Africa is now seen as ‘evil’, ‘racist’, and ‘nazi’. Instead, white Europeans should care about Jews in Israel. They should care about black African invaders washing up on their shores. As for Muslims, white Europeans should NOT care about them as victims of Wars for Israel but care about them ONLY WHEN they approach European borders. So, if Israel or the US drops bombs and kills countless Arabs and Muslims, no need to care about all them ‘muzzies’. If Jew-run US sanctions bring about so much hardship and even death to many Muslims, just never mind. But, if these Muslims or Arabs depart from the Middle East or North Africa and approach Europe, then and only then, white Europeans must turn all weepy with compassion and hold up ‘Welcome Refugee’ Signs. Now, European elites surely know what the Jews are up to. They must know the EU is just a vassal of the US that is, in turn, a vassal of the Empire of Judea or EOJ. They must know Jews are full of shit. So, why do they go along with the BS? It’s because (1) they are well-taken care of by Jews who shower prizes on comprador-cucks (2) Jews got the dirt on them and can ruin their careers with revelations of corruption and sex scandals (3) they can be rejected by their own people who’ve been weaned on PC of Holocaustianity, Magic Negro faith, and irrational ‘anti-racism’. A leader like Charles De Gaulle or Enoch Powell would be torn limb from limb by the majority of Frenchmen or Englishmen who’ve been brainwashed with PC by schools, pop culture, and media. Most people are pretty dumb or gullible and go with the Official Narrative pushed by the Powers-that-be. Look at all those dummies who really believe Putin is behind Trump.

Because white-on-white compassion has been pathologized, whites in South Africa are most vulnerable. Faced with a 90% plus population of angry blacks who’d loved to be given the green light to loot, rape, and murder, the ONLY hope that whites in South Africa have is support of white people around the world. But the West came under Jewish control, and Jews spread Multi-Culturalism and Diversity as the new defining ‘identity’ and ‘values’ of the West. Jews changed the coding(or algorithm) of the West, and this program was written to 'pathologize' and destroy any white emotion that feels MORE for fellow whites than for non-whites. According to the Globo-Homo Algorithm, whites in the US and EU must always tell themselves that Hindus, Muslims, blacks, Asians, and other non-whites are their fellow countrymen. The identity of white people must be totally devoid of racial consciousness. Of course, such rules don’t apply to blacks or Jews. Blacks in the US are allowed, even encouraged, to feel greater connection to blacks in Africa and black immigrant-invaders in the West. And Jews in the US are totally tribal-ethnic-racial in their solidarity with Jews in Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Even though the Jews at New York Times feel NOTHING for non-Jewish whites in South Africa, they get furious when blacks and browns target the business interests of Jews. War-on-White is A-Okay AS LONG AS it passes over and spares white Jews.

If history teaches us anything, it is that ANYTHING can be 'pathologized'. There is a difference between natural pathologies and cultural pathologies. Indolence and excessive intake of greasy & sugary foods are natural pathologies. They are bad for your health. Fecal penetration — what homos and sodomites do — is also a natural pathology. It is hazardous to the bunghole and to the penis(that gets smeared with fecal matter). It also leads to a host of diseases, such as runny-anus and rectal cancer. From a biological perspective, we know what is good or bad for people’s health. Granted, science can sometimes be wrong, as when nutritional experts in the 1970s said margarine is a healthy substitute for butter. But regardless of what is healthy or pathological at the natural level, culture can ‘pathologize’ just about anything, even good habits & activities, while ‘healthizing’ & normalizing what is ugly, sick, dangerous, and/or degenerate. Consider the use of corsets in the 19th century that led to digestive problems and fainting spells among women. Worse, consider how foot-binding was prized as the desirable norm among Chinese women in the pre-modern era. It took foreign influence to finally awaken the Chinese to the fact of how unhealthy and disgusting it was(and how demented their culture had become). The culture fell into the trap of desiring the crippled feet of women who could barely walk. It was sick, but the Chinese became blind to the obvious because of the sickness at the core of their civilization. Even though Confucianism had positive themes of knowledge & cultivation, the excessive fetish for genteel sophistication led to the disdain of body and labor, which came to be seen as brutish, beastly, and low. So, everything dainty, gentle, and elegant was favored over the robust, direct, and virile. Men and women were overlaid and constricted with layers and layers of decorum and manners. It vanquished everything that was forthright, spontaneous, inspired, passionate, and/or honest. Truth mattered far less than the propriety of presentation. Style became 'substance' while real substance was buried underneath superficiality and mannerisms. Paradoxically, Chinese became blind to their vanity because it was expressed in the form of humility. Confucius said a man of cultivation must be humble than boastful, but human nature being what it is — vain and prideful — , the Chinese mastered the art of taking pride in humility. The disingenuous blend of pride and humility made the Chinese blind to their own vanity, leading to cultural anemia and dissipation. In effect, the Chinese ‘healthized’ the loss of virility. While vanity and pride must be checked, they cannot be denied. People are naturally vain, and it is pointless for people to deny their nature, though it is equally stupid to indulge it. Chinese culture disdained pride in favor of humility, so the Chinese ended up concocting ways to take pride in artful displays of show-off humility. On some level, the Chinese must have sensed this problem because they came up with some of the most elaborate herbal & medicinal methodology of restoring vitality. Of course, the best way was to eat natural foods and exercise one’s muscles. But because the Chinese elites became overly sedentary and obsessed with manners, they sought revitalization via exotic items like tiger penis, bear paw(or bile), rhino horns, and etc.

When we survey the Current West, we see a similar ‘pathologization’ of what is obviously healthy & normal and, conversely, the ‘healthization’ of what is sick, demented, degenerate, gross, and excessive. In the Current Year, people who believe that real sex involves a man and a woman are deemed to be weird in the head while those who profess notions of 50 genders are promoted by the Power Elites(mostly Jews) as ‘more evolved’ and on the ‘right side of history’. Bruce Jenner declaring himself a ‘woman’ is an act of ‘courage’ according to Obama, puppet of Jews. Covering one’s body with ugly tattoos(or bodily graffiti) is supposed to be sexy, ‘badass’, and ‘cool’ while people who speak against such ugly pollution of the body are seen as ‘strange’. We are supposed to believe that sodomy or fecal penetration is a legitimate form of ‘sex’ and that those who disagree are mocked as ‘intolerant’, ‘bigoted’, and ‘homophobic’. Indeed, celebrating homosexuality is next to godliness(or even the equal of godliness according to many Mainline Christian churches) while calling it out as deviant perversity is grounds for dismissal. Anyone who isn’t as enthused about Homomania is treated like a ‘heretic’ in the Middle Ages. Not being celebratory about homo guys doing fecal penetration or tranny men who ask their doctors to cut off their penises can only mean one thing to the Globo-Homo elite that foist PC on all of us: It means YOU are sick in the head. If we must believe that a guy is really a ‘woman’ if he wants to be regarded as one, it means the fantasy of vanity trumps reality. If a man’s vanity insists he is a ‘woman’, he must be one. But it doesn’t end there. If an ugly man insists he is a Beautiful Woman, then we must indulge his fantasy of being not just a ‘woman’ but a beautiful woman. After all, many of these trannies go out of their way with makeup, dresses, and wigs. They aren't merely trying to be ‘women’ but divas who deserve to be adored by all. So, the PC fantasy went from pretending that a man is a ‘woman’ to convincing ourselves to believe that a tranny, no matter how gross and ugly, is a ‘beautiful woman’, a real diva. People thought the fat tranny actor Divine was just doing it for campy kicks, but in fact, such people are deluded enough to see themselves as hot stuff. Furthermore, as natural exhibitionists whose self-regard was never sufficient to stoke their egos, they incrementally did whatever they could to nudge and pressure all of society into regarding them as sex symbols. They never would have amounted to much on their own, but they got lucky because the demented & neurotic Jews gained dominance in the West and had the means of academia and media to push Homomania as the neo-religion for all of humanity.

Granted, there is something intrinsic to human nature that will keep most people resistant(on some level) to trannies. Even the most fervent straight proponents of Homomania, at least one some level, squirms from the notion that trannies are real women, and that is why PC looneys rabidly foam at the mouth at those who reject Homomania. Just like a fire that can’t sustain itself must be fed with gasoline or paper, a passion that lacks an inner core has to be sustained by external provision. There is NO inner passion in human nature that gets all excited over homos and trannies. It is not natural for most people to celebrate homo-tranny decadence. Much of PC passion is manufactured and artificial, and the only way to keep it going is by having the Power pour more gasoline on it. Seriously, how long would Homomania last IF the super-rich globo-homo elites and powerful academia/media didn’t promote, encourage, and fund it 24/7 while also using their power to shame, silence, and destroy anyone who says NO to such lunacy. A real fire burns on its own. Real passion flows from one’s inner soul. Wood fire is a real fire. In contrast, a stone fire cannot sustain itself and can continue only with added fuel from the outside. PC is very expensive because, without elite support and funding, it will fade almost overnight as it’s too deviant from reality and truth. Granted, PC progs are impassioned in this sense: They are addicts of self-righteousness and holier-than-thou sanctimony. In the end, it is the Feels that matter most to them, not the Facts. So, it doesn’t matter if PC sold them on lies. What matters is it made them FEEL good, so ‘more evolved’, and so ‘justified’. They crave the FEEL, and this is why they are addicted to PC and most grateful when the elites supply them with more funds, support, praise, and encouragement. It’s like what a drug addict craves is not intrinsic to human health. If anything, that stuff will weaken or even kill him in the long run. But the dosage gives him such highs and feels that he seeks out the pusher for more hits. Facts no longer matter to him. The only thing that matters is the drug sparks him with the feels, the high that his body cannot produce on its own. So, even if the drug is destroying him, he believes it’s wonderful because it makes him FEEL so good. Likewise, PC addicts are so into Feels-Narcissism that they no longer even care whether something is true or not. What matters is they are continually supplied with the Feels that make them feel better and ‘more evolved’ than rest of humanity. It’s like the girl in THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER, upon getting a taste of the Devil’s brew, becomes addicted and wants more of it, even returning to the scene of the crime.
It’s like Christians don’t really care if God and Jesus’ existence cannot be proven. What matters most to them is the holiness of the Feels of being one with God and the Messiah.
If PC, for the most part, ‘healthizes’ what is unnatural, ridiculous, and degenerate(while ‘pathologizing’ what is truly normal, natural, and healthy), much of Black Pop Culture and Sports culture tend to push the natural and instinctive to such excessive degree that they become ‘pathologized’ into animalism. We see this especially with Negroes. In a way, Rap music expresses much that is natural to what humans are. It’s about territoriality, sexuality, and the warrior instinct. It’s about the ego, and everyone has some ego. But man is more than an animal. While excessive repression of the natural leads to complexes, excessive reversion to the natural leads to apelike beastliness that brings about the fall of civilization. It is especially bad in the modern world because of the power of technology to amplify the natural side of man. (Technology amplifies the animal side of man via electronica and also neutralizes the negative consequences of excessive behavior via medicine and safety nets. Animal-Amplification minus Moral Hazard could be a road to hell.) Ironically, the power of technology, the most advanced achievement of civilized mankind, is now promoting and celebrating the prowess of the most chaotic and destructive animal drives of man. White technology(and even the Japanese kind) is being used to disseminate Afro-Jungle-Savagery all over the world. The best of human genius creates technology to celebrate the beastliness of human savagery. In a way, one can say the Greatest Evil of the Modern World is the fusion of White Technology and Black Savagery. White Technology in service of white civilization is about the High serving the High. It is not evil. Black savagery in the jungles of Africa is suited to the environment that shaped its evolution. It is not evil, no more that chimpanzees or hyenas are evil. But when High Technology is fused with Low Savagery, it is a cause for worry. Imagine if man’s technology was used to promote the ways of chimpanzees and gorillas. It’s one thing to admire and appreciate the great apes for what they are in their own habitat, but should human technology celebrate the Ape Way as the ultimate way for humanity?

Even though blacks are humans than apes, facets of their racial personality are closer to apes and baboons than to Europeans or Asians. Not for nothing have people come up with terms like ‘sheboons’. Why is this? It is because humans have developed a wide range of natural personalities as an adaptive strategy. Unlike most animals that are narrow in their modes of survival — lions hunt for meat, deer eat plants and run from predators — , humans with their complex brains became far more adaptive to different environments. Cats all over the world have evolved by stalking small prey and hiding from bigger predators. So, even though every cat is unique in its own way, most cats have very uniform ‘personalities’. This is also true of eagles. As birds of prey, their niche in nature has been to hunt for rabbits or some other small creature. There was no need for a wide range of ‘personality’. But consider the dog. As social animals with an eagerness for approval, dogs developed a more fluid and flexible ‘personality’. And humans noticed this aspect of dogs and created different breeds. Even though all dogs have certain common characteristics, the amazing thing is that some dogs have certain ‘personality’ types that are more similar to certain non-dogs than to other dogs. Take the chihuahua. It is a dog like the golden retriever, so one might assume that a chihuahua is closer in ‘personality’ to a golden retriever than to a mink or mongoose. And yet, in some ways, the chihuahua, due to its irascibility and jumpy restlessness, is closer in ‘personality’ to certain non-dog species than with other dogs. Some dogs tend to be as gentle as a lamb while other dogs tend to be as ferocious as a badger.

And what is true of dogs is also true of humans. Most species are narrowly adapted to a specific environment(or set of environments). So, what may seem to us like slight changes to the environment can be devastating to such species whose habits and behaviors operate within a very narrow spectrum. For example, polar bears can only be polar bears. If they can’t procure food and shelter by acting like a polar bear in an altered environment, there is a good chance they will die. Most species will indeed perish if the environment changes. And even if some of them do adapt to a different or altered environment and develop new behavior patterns, their mode of existence will once again operate within a narrow range. In contrast, humans had bigger brains, and that meant more adaptiveness and creativity. It began with their monkey-ancestors. After all, there is a saying ‘monkey see, monkey do’. Monkeys are good at mimicry, something we don’t see in most animals. Cats don’t look at humans and try to act ‘human’. Horses don’t try to imitate human behavior. But monkeys will see people and do like people do. Humans have the same capacity, except to a much higher degree. So, in different environments, humans can eventually adapt/evolve their behavior to make it more useful. And because the range of human activity is much wider than among animals whose basic mode of existence is find-food/seek-shelter/run-from-danger, the human personality can take on many masks and manners. An average person expresses a wide range of personality styles on a given day as he navigates through different settings. The way he acts at work, with family, among friends, in a church or temple, and etc. varies from place to place. (Dogs are like this too, of course, drastically changing their behavior depending on the present company.) When an entire group of people are placed in a certain social or natural setting, external pressures may favor certain personality types over others, and as those favored personality types have a better chance of being passed down, the group will eventually develop a prominent racial or ethnic personality. Consider the Jews whose main mode of existence was either business/finance or scholarship. According to Harpending and Cochran, this resulted in higher IQ among Jews. But it surely affected Jewish personality as well. After all, a businessman has to be savvy and cunning. And a scholar has to be obsessive with ideas and theories. So, the personalities most suited for profit and prophecy became prominent among Jews, and that may explain why so many Jews are neurotic. One part of their personality became most pronounced through worship of Mammon while another part of their personality came to the fore through contemplation of the Moral God. Among the Japanese, samurai rule created a world where one’s only hope of survival was strict obedience to the master. Anyone with a wild personality who cracked a joke at a samurai would have had his head chopped off. So, the personality of servility and conformist timidity became the hallmarks of Japanese-ness. Now, Jews and Japanese are both humans, but Jewish personality is more like that of weasels while Japanese personality is more like that of sheep. Now, let’s consider the Negroes. Unlike most other races that evolved for thousands of years within the cultural-civilzational setting, most black Africans lived in close proximity with nature until the 19th century when Europeans began to make serious inroads into the Dark Continent. That means black personality evolved more in relation to other animals than non-black personalities did in other parts of the world. This means that there was something similar between ape-existence(or baboon-existence) and black-existence in Africa. Both had to run from lions & leopards, freak out over snakes, holler warnings about badgers and hyenas, dodge hippos and rhinos, and be wild-and-crazy. And this may explain why blacks, even though they are of the human species, tend to have personalities that are, in some respects, closer to chimpanzees, gorillas, and baboons. Though all races belong to a single human species, their group-personalities adapted to different environments under different social and/or natural pressures. Indeed, a white person might feel that a golden retriever acts more ‘white’ than does a Negro who acts more like a baboon or chimpanzee. And the Japanese may have a group personality that seems closer to that of sheep than to Jews whose personality is closer to that of wild goats.

‘Pathologizing’ the natural & normal and ‘healthizing’ the deviant & degenerate certainly didn’t begin with PC. One can find it in all civilizations that carry a lot of neurotic baggage because so much of human achievements go against the way of nature.

Humans are part of nature, and human nature is similar to the nature of other organisms. All organisms seek to maximize their numbers, security, and dominance. Left unchecked, all organisms spread and take over. If left alone to grow, the grass will cover an entire prairie. Yeast, bacteria, mosquitoes, flies, and rats will multiply like crazy. No organism has a sense of limits or care about the ‘balance of nature’. Each seeks total domination. If there is a 'balance' in nature, it is because the dominant drives of countless organisms cancel each other out. So, grass is eaten by herbivores. Rabbit population is controlled by coyotes, badgers, and raccoons. Deer are hunted by cougars, and fawn are eaten by bears. Wolves fight with other wolves, often killing one another. Another way domination by one organism ultimately fails is because it consumes all the foodstuff and wallows in its own waste material. We see this with yeasts in the wine-making process. Yeast acts like it’s in heaven. Yeast multiplies and multiplies and keeps gobbling up all the sugars. But eventually, the sugars run out and the waste material in the form of alcohol destroy the yeast. In nature, it’s impossible for one organism to dominate and take over everything due to counterbalances of other organisms that also seek domination. Clash of dominant drives leads to a kind of ‘balance’. Also, if one organism were to rapidly multiply and take over an eco-system, its dominance won’t last long as it will soon eat up all its food supply. A forest without predators may be paradise for deer but not for long. Eventually, too many deer will eat all the plants, and then famine will ensue and most deer will die. Only humans broke through the ‘sound-barrier’ of this natural balancing act. First, they were able to create their own communities that could reasonably keep out threats from other organisms. With greater security, humans could expand in number and become the overwhelmingly dominant organism in their world. But if this is all that humans were capable of, their dominance wouldn’t have lasted long because too-many-humans would have eaten up the food source and spread disease by shitting all over. Humans were able to overcome this problem through agriculture and animal husbandry. Instead of just consuming what was available, they produced food independent of wild nature. They were able to create their own food. Also, they developed means of sanitization that eliminated or recycled fecal and other waste material, especially as fertilizer for agriculture. In China, human feces were spread back into the soil. In Europe that came to depend heavily on livestock, horse and cow manure made for excellent fertilizer. So, the shit, human and animal, didn’t just pile up but were returned back to the soil and put to good use. Thus, alone among organisms, humans were able to break out of the natural inter-‘balance’ and gain dominance over huge territories, eventually over the entire planet. In this way, humanity(especially the white race) was like a ‘cancer of history’ in the sense that it refused to stay in its place. Rather, it sought dominance and spread out all over and upset the ‘balance’ of the natural world. The West took this the furthest, but all human societies sought dominance, either local or imperial.

Oddly enough, the triumph of the West owed to the combination of culturalism and naturalism. For many great civilizations, culturalism became an obstacle to further progress. They fell into the civilizational trap. Because civilization developed by the rise of man’s culture away from nature, many civilizations assumed that they were advancing further with greater suppression of nature in favor of culture(and spirituality and social order). They failed to understand that, while it’s true enough that civilization is only possible with the suppression of nature and the rise of tradition-spirituality-hierarchy, the weight of culture can stifle and suppress man’s creative energies that flow from individual genius unfettered in ingenuity and imagination. So, in order for mankind to advance further, culture and tradition were not enough. Man had to revive the natural spirit of freedom, of the mind and heart. The Enlightenment sought to free the mind to roam and explore freely(like birds and wolves), and Romanticism sought to free the heart and soul to create new art and ponder new gods. Still, it’s no easy task to balance culture and nature in the highly complex world that humanity(especially the West) has created. And this has led to all sorts of complexes and neuroses, confusing so many people as to what is healthy and normal and what is sick and degenerate. For the longest time, the Chinese couldn’t see the obvious sickness of foot-binding. Certain Catholic rituals became sickly and gross, a fetishization of the suffering of Jesus. And certain Christian ideas about sexuality were way-too-repressive of natural human drives, leading to all sorts of hysterics and lunacies among men and especially women. And the French aristocracy on the eve of the French Revolution became effete, decadent, and tutti-fruity. And British culture got overly ‘gay’, with all that hoity-toity nonsense. And the Japanese got overly obsessed about duty and honor, coming up with insane rituals like seppuku. And certain Jewish sects got weird with funny hairlocks and excessive textualism. Overly immersed in the Talmud, they became like prunes, dried of all spiritual essence and shriveled into dogma.

The work of ‘pathologizing’ the pathological and ‘healthizing’ the healthy needs to be done, but it is difficult in a Weimar-ized world where so much of the New Normal is sick and degenerate. And yet, the Rise of Decadence and Degeneracy as the New Normal has roots in the failure of National Socialism and Communism. National Socialism, in waging war on Weimar decadence and degeneracy, failed to revive what was truly organic, healthy, and natural. Rather, pathological figures like Adolf Hitler and others took power and concocted dark plans of war and genocide for Europe. The Nazis didn’t merely adopt the theory of evolution but twisted them to serve an ideology of ruthless imperialism. Hitler was driven mad with megalomania and hubris. But he fooled a lot of people by emphasizing healthy-and-beautiful-seeming expressions as the Real Art of Germany. But behind the official facade(that was second-rate and cliched), the real animating force of National Socialist Germany was not a sense of balance and limits but cold-blooded ambition to apply weaponinzed Darwinism as an instrument for remaking the world.
As for communism, its championing of the working class against the capitalist bourgeoisie had a strong humanist element. Communists saw the bourgeoisie as the new aristocracy, indeed a hyper-aristocracy that transformed all the world, hogged everything, and wallowed in wealth & privilege(often decadent) while the masses of toiling workers were barely eking out a living. So, communist revolution would sweep away the greed and decadence, and the New Order of Marxist Justice would be a serious world of good decent hard-working people who shared in the ownership of society. It’s no wonder that most communist had little use for Modern Art. And they argued that much of capitalist entertainment celebrated vice and vanity, appealing to the hoi polloi as fantasies of luxury and adventure when, in fact, the movie-going audiences were a bunch of suckers being taken for a ride. But in the end, communism failed too. Not only did it kill millions and oppress millions more in the name of ‘justice’ and ‘liberation, but it turned out that a society cannot advance on virtue alone. There must be freedom for individuals of talent and vision to take risks and tread where no one dared to go. As if to emphasize this very point, the so-called ‘new leftism’ after the Cold War turned into a freak-show of ‘creative degeneration’.

Perhaps, the ‘pathologizing’ agent is intrinsic to human nature, which may be ‘too complex’ for its own good, i.e. the human psyche is too self-consciously aware to be content with basic existence. For instance, polar bears take it as a given that they reside in the cold arctic and must feed on seals. And lions try to make the best of hot Africa filled with hyenas, hippos, and Negroes. Hawks don’t wonder why they can’t swim, and dolphins don’t wonder why they can’t fly. They are designed to live in a certain kind of habitat, and they do their best. The idea of complaining about their world never crosses their mind. Even animals as intelligent as chimpanzees don’t ask, "Why am I some jungle ape that acts like Negroes in Baltimore?" They make do with what they are, and that’s that. But humans, with far more complicated brains with the capacity for language(which amplifies the power of memory), and creativity, have conceived of an alter-world separate from the real world. The ideal vs the real. The fantasy vs the factual. Nostalgic vs. the Actual. Most animals are almost always fixed on the here-and-now, the then-and-there. Granted, more complex animals like dogs do have multiple levels of consciousness. A dog may long for a master or companion-dog that is dead and gone. A cat left alone may look forward to the return of its master. A spider is fixated only on weaving and web, catching food, and surviving. But more complex animals with advanced consciousness and depth of memory can long for ‘what was’ or ‘what should be’ than what actually is. But it is with humans that this element can overwhelm the real and the actual. This is why VERTIGO, THE SHINING, THE SIXTH SENSE, and MOTHMAN PROPHECIES are fascinating movies about how traces of things can overpower the actuality of things. Traces can ‘shine’ and dominate our thoughts & desires. So, it’s hardly surprising that every human community, from the most primitive to the most advanced, rely on myths. Primitive tribes believe that all objects are imbued with ‘spirits’. Greek Mythology has a set of gods and spirits who serve as a medium between man’s actual lived world and his imagined world of dreams and demons. And even in the mostly godless world of modernity, so many creative expressions, such as movies and music, serve as conduits between the real and the ideal. In principle, the ideal is supposed to be a perfected form of what is not possible in reality. For instance, we want health, but even the healthiest person will grow sick and die. So, a person of perfect health and eternity can only exist as an imagined ideal. For kids, such figures are found in super-hero comic books. For religious people, there is Jesus who was whupped real bad and killed but whose spirit transcended His flesh and ascended to Heaven. Jesus was able to shed His imperfect and transient vessel of flesh and bone, defeat death, and return as spirit bound within the indestructible new body of God Himself. It’s like David Bowman in 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY sheds his old mortal body(that ages, withers, and dies) and is born as a Star Child, a perfect unity where spirit is flesh and flesh is spirit(which is no wonder Heideggerians admire that film along with the terrible TREE OF LIFE by Terrence Malick).

But principles don’t always work the way they should. Humanity doesn’t always use creativity to imagine the idealized perfection of what we long for in reality but don’t have. We want gold and can imagine an El Dorado, but no such place exists. (And according to the King Midas story, maybe we don’t want our dreams to come true.) We want perfect health, and we can imagine a figure like Jesus who defeats death(and heals the sick with the magic touch) or the virtually indestructible vampires in TWILIGHT, but no one lives forever(and maybe we would go nuts if we could as our memories and emotions are suited for a single life). We want beauty, and the Egyptian and Greek imaginations created sculptures of marble and bronze that captured ideal forms that have lasted for thousands of years(and may last for thousands more if civilization survives the lunacy of Negroes-urged-upon-by-Jews). We want intelligence, but even the smartest person can’t know or solve everything, and he too is mortal. Stephen Hawking RIP. So, we imagine gods or God, possessed of the cosmic mind that knows far beyond the capacity of even the most intelligent humans. And geeks and nerds imagine a computer revolution that takes on a life of its own.

Finally, what we need to know about South Africa is the stark reality of racial consciousness as a component in the violence. We know from China and Cambodia that mass-killing can be carried out within a more-or-less homogeneous society. In both cases, most of the killings happened among ONE people. Maoism was mostly about Chinese killing Chinese, and Khmer Rouge violence was mostly about Cambodians killing Cambodians(even though minorities were targeted as well). With communism, the violence was predicated on the notion of Class Conflict. Supposedly, it was the duty of the radical intellectual class to lead the lower classes to wage war on the upper-classes. Even so, in the long run, class ideology is less poisonous than politics of racial identity. Today, Russians aren’t angry at fellow Russians because of serfdom or communism. A bunch of Russians don’t say to another bunch, "you guys kept us as serfs" or "you guys sent us to the Gulag." Whether Russians have noble ancestry, serf ancestry, Bolshevik ancestry, or anti-communist ancestry, it’s all water under the bridge. Russians identify mainly as Russians.
Suppose the Shoah had been about Jews-killing-Jews. Suppose upper-class Jews killed a whole bunch of poor Jews, or suppose lower-class Jews killed a whole bunch of upper-class Jews. It would have been ugly, but it would have been Jew-kill-Jew, and with the passage of time as healer, all Jews will feel as one again. Even though Jews will recognize the tragedy, they will regard it as their own horrible folly, not something that can be blamed on another people. As such, future Jews will feel both a sense of victim-hood and responsibility. As Jews killed Jews, Jews both suffered and caused the suffering. So, class violence within a homogeneous population can be forgotten eventually. But it is problematic when the races are different. The Shoah means a lot to Jews because Germans(and their goy collaborators) killed Jews. So, Jews feel the victim-hood but not the responsibility. And this is also why so much of black-on-black violence has been forgotten in Africa. Blacks were victims, but blacks were also perpetrators. But South African history is different because blacks remember the past as WHITES oppressing BLACKS. And due to racial differences, the politics of radical identity and divide linger even after Apartheid.

For many centuries, the Japanese caste system was about the samurai ruthlessly ruling over the peasants who made up the bulk of the population. This system was brutal and harsh. Samurai had the right to summarily execute peasants who were deemed out-of-line, disobedient, or uppity. And this oppressive system lasted for much of Japanese history. And yet, there is no bitterness about class oppression among the Japanese. If anything, ALL Japanese take pride in samurai heritage even though the ancestors of the vast majority of Japanese were not samurai and, if anything, were oppressed by the samurai. Why is this? It’s because all Japanese shared the same blood, and that means even Japanese of non-samurai ancestry could identify with the samurai as the emblem of Japanese culture and pride. Likewise, even though the Ancient Spartans were brutal toward the helot peasants who made up the vast majority of the population of Sparta, all Greeks of the modern region of Sparta take pride in Spartan valor and toughness. The chances are an average Greek in that region has more helot blood than Spartan blood(as helots made up the greater majority of the population) but may feel a deeper sense of identification with ancient Spartan warriors because of their great feats and fame while they lasted. People like to identify with power than with powerlessness, and the Ancient Spartans were once the mightiest people in Greece. Indeed, if the American South had enslaved whites instead of blacks, the descendants of those white slaves might actually feel a stronger sense of connection with Southern gentry than Southern slaves. Consider European history where only a tiny percentage of the population belonged to the warrior class of noble knights while the great majority were serfs and mud-stained farmers. So, white people today have more serf blood than noble blood. And yet, when they look back on the distant past, they feel greater affinity for the knights and their glories on the battlefield than for the peasants who dug up turnips from sunup to sundown. Despite class differences, the knights and peasants were one people. People can easily overlook or ignore class differences for the sake of racial solidarity or identification.

But the factor of race reinforces resentments along caste or class lines. So, American Blacks don’t identify with the glory of the pre-Civil-War White South. If anything, following the bloody and bitter war, it was far easier for white Northerners and white Southerners to patch their differences and bury the hatchet... just like Anglo-Americans and Anglo-Britons became friends again soon enough after the Revolutionary War. Despite their political conflicts, the fact remained that they were brothers-and-sisters-of-blood. Of course, Jews dug up the buried hatchet and poisoned Northern Minds to hate White Southerners. Indeed, Jews have even brainwashed many Southern Whites into hating their own heritage and ransack Confederate monuments and banish the Flag. But Jews know that this white-versus-white divide isn’t natural. It exists only because Jews used their control of media and academia to fill so many whites with rabid and virulent hatred toward ‘bad whites’. It’s like the Cultural Revolution in China wasn’t normal. It simply wasn’t likely for millions of Chinese youths to go nuts overnight and wage war on Chinese culture and fellow Chinese accused of being ‘reactionaries’. The madness happened because Mao’s minions had control of education, media, and military; they hatched a plan to radicalize young people across China and set them loose in the biggest witch-hunt in history. Because Jews fear white unity and white solidarity, they use their control of media and academia to ramp up non-stop hysteria about ‘white supremacy’. White people should tell Jews, "If our whiteness is so tainted and wicked, you noble Jews surely don’t want to be associated with our kind. Since our whiteness is an affront to all that is pure and noble, we will have NOTHING to do with wonderful Israel & Zionism and instead smear ourselves on the Palestinian cause, thus besmirching your enemies with our evil nature."

Anyway, there is a clearly a racial component to the conflict in South Africa. Tensions can get pretty serious on the ethnic level — whites vs whites in former Yugoslavia OR black tribes vs black tribes in Africa — , but matters could be come many times worse when it’s a matter of race vs race, especially considering that whites and blacks are so starkly different. It’s been said that all of humanity can roughly be divided between black Africans and everyone else. Thus, despite the periodic violent outbursts between Indonesians and Chinese minority, the two groups still aren’t as starkly different as blacks and whites. Also, even though Chinese are fare more talented than Indonesians, there are still enough talented Indonesians(and Malaysians) so that the difference between the two communities isn’t like night and day. In South Africa, much of the black-white divide is like primitivism vs modernity.
Now, consider Latin America. There are many conflicts between whites and mestizos and between mestizos and indios(or Meso-Americans), but they’ve been able to get along with some semblance of peace over the centuries. In contrast, whites found it very difficult to deal with the black majorities in Zimbabwe and South Africa. And American cities went to hell when ‘too many’ blacks arrived and took over entire neighborhoods. Because of the stark contrasts between whites who Europeanize whatever they touch and blacks who Africanize whatever they touch, the difference between whites and blacks in South Africa isn’t merely of race or merely of class. In Hong Kong and Singapore under British rule, the difference was mainly of race because Chinese proved themselves to be capable learners who could do business as well as the whites. So, over time, both city-states were filled with many rich yellows and many rich whites. But in South Africa, the divide between whites and blacks is starkly of race AND class. It’s a poisonous formula, especially because blacks outnumber whites by a huge margin. There is a black-white divide in the US that is also based on race AND class, but whites outnumber blacks(and whites have lots of browns as a buffer between themselves and blacks). Whites in South Africa aren’t so lucky. They are 20th century people living alongside a people whose genetically are suited only for jungle-jive savagery. And it is for this reason that an all-out White Genocide is a real possibility. And we mustn’t pretend it isn’t simply because of the Current Faith in the Magic Negro and the PC dogma that ONLY whites can do truly evil things. We need to wake up to the Truth.

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