Saturday, September 1, 2018

Globalism and the Revenge of Neo-Nomadism

Mankind is constantly at war with nature.

If mankind were to disappear, nature will go to work and take back all of civilization.

People have become so accustomed to human mastery over the entire world that they fail to appreciate how invasive and destructive nature is. And because we leave it up to others in specialized professions to maintain things, we don't fully appreciate how this maintenance of civilization is a full-time job.

What's true of civilization as a whole is also true of every human community or nation.
Humans are organisms and, as such, naturally invasive. Against such invasive-ness, other human communities must be nativist and defensivist.
Just like animals move to where there's food and good stuff, human nature searches out for 'green pastures'. Long ago, hunters went where the mammoth were. Before mankind developed agriculture and put down roots in fixed territories that became their homelands, they were constantly on the move. Nomadism was the norm, like among African savage tribes, Germanic barbarian tribes, Mongol raiders, and other such folks. The rule was simple: Go where the 'mammoths'(in both the literal and figurative sense) are. They were merciless and tireless in their pursuit of fruits and meats(and maybe of womenfolk too).
But then, the rise of agriculture made people more stationary, and people put down roots and developed a sense of fixed territories(and even borders). THIS is OUR land, THAT is YOUR land.
But globalism is threatening this long-held state of affairs. Just like electricity & electronica have amplified hedonistic urges and made humanity revert to a kind of techno-savagery, the ease of communication & travel has made a huge proportion of humanity revert to a kind of nomadism, indeed on a scale unimaginable even few decades ago.

Some scholars have said that Jacob's advantage over Esau represents the shift from hunter-nomadism -- Esau is hairy like a barbarian and loves to hunt -- to a more ordered and settled life. Though Jacob is a shepherd than a farmer, his life is more stable and sedentary than that of the wandering hunter led by whim, lust, and hunger.
As time passed, Jacobism gained more and more power among civilized folks. Even though there were times when the Esau-ians whupped the Jacob-ians -- Germanic sack of Rome, Mongol sack of China, etc -- , the Jacob-ians eventually triumphed and maintained modern civilizations. One could argue that mobile Western Imperialism was Esau-ian, but not so. It was more like Jacob-ianism on the move, especially since the Western Imperialists, far from being savage or barbaric, were more advanced than the peoples and/or lands they conquered. Also, Europeans conquered to create permanent stable civilizations than to 'play Indian' or slash-and-burn. They were more into New Romes than new roams. Indeed, it was the American Indians who were the Esau-ians, and it was the white arrivals who turned America into a permanent civilization with stable borders and settlements.
But today, it seems like we are witnessing the Revenge of Esau. We really are seeing the vast movements of savage and barbarian folks who, upon entering Jacob-ian domains, turn them upside down. Look what's happening to entire city blocks in Sweden, Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, and etc.

So, why is so little being done about this? My guess is the Jacob-ians had it so good for so long, they took the viability of their own domains for granted. As a result, they've forgotten that civilization needs constant maintenance, checkups, tuneups, cleanups, stress tests, reinforcements, and etc. They've fallen into the habit of thinking that a civilization just takes care of itself. It doesn't. Unless it is constantly defended and maintained, it begins to corrode, rust, bend, cave, and crumble. No bridge maintains itself. If not properly inspected and repaired, it will end up like the one in MOTHMAN PROPHECIES.

Another problem of the current Jacob-ian world can be seen with all this Russia Hysteria.
For much of human history, the Jacob-ian world was constantly under threat from the Esau-ian tribes. Even a high and mighty civilization like China could fall to ragtag Mongols. Even great Rome could fall to Germanic barbarians. This is why every kingdom had castles in which people could group together and take shelter when barbarian hordes came marauding into the area. Consider how both the Byzantine Empire and Persian Empire were shaken to the core by the sudden rise of nomadic Arab tribes led by Muhammad. And in Ancient times, great civilizations were shaken to the core -- and some were smashed forever -- by Sea Peoples. Chinese later got so worried about such things that they built a massive wall just to keep out Mongolian Esau-ians.

But then, with rise of modern technology, the idea of any civilization being brought low by a Esau-ian nomadic armies became laughable. Mongols invade Russia in the 19th century? Ridiculous. So, the only danger to a civilization was another civilization. It was no longer Jacob-ians vs Esau-ains but only Jacob-ians vs Jacob-ians... like in WWI and WWII, the clash of great civilizations. And this became a habit of mind among the most advanced peoples.

So, today, the EU still makes a lot of noise about the Russian Threat since Russia is a giant Jacob-ian power. It is a civilization with over 100 million people, and it has a sizable military and nukes. And some people in the West sound alarm about Iran, another major civilization.

Now, if every nation had strong borders and stringent rule of law on immigration, the West need only fear other Jacob-ian powers like Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, etc. After all, Russia can invade and destroy Poland if it wanted to whereas a bunch of ragtag migrants cannot. But that is ONLY IF Poland strictly maintains its borders and bans invasive migrant-marauders.

Disturbingly, the Rule of Law along the borders and the pride of identity(that morally justifies the defense of one's realm) have broken down in the EU. The weakening of national identities under EU domination has led to fraying and fading of the very idea of European-ness itself. It went from "a Pole can become a new Briton or Frenchman" to "a non-European can become a new European." It went from "one kind of white can become another kind of white" to "a non-white can become a new white."
Thus, the West has become defenseless against neo-Esaus from the Third World. Many Europeans believe such invasive peoples must not be banned from Europe. Why, they are just 'new Europeans', and anyone saying otherwise is a 'racist'. The pope, or Poop, says the same thing too. He even allows Islamic prayers in Christian churches, implying that Islam is the new christianity.

So, the real danger is no longer Jacob-ian vs Jacob-ian, except when the US, as the lone superpower, bombs and destroys nations like Iraq and Libya. The real danger is about the Jacob-ian world being invaded by neo-Esau-ians who are massively on the move for green pastures and mammoth meat. In the short term, these folks may be useful to businessmen in search for cheap labor they can exploit to maximize profits. But these invaders don't return to whence they came when their employment runs out. They remain and call on more of their kind to join them. Even without jobs, there is a better life to be had in the land of greener pastures. Better to scavenge off mammoth remains than be stuck in poor Africa or Guatemala where the natives are still in subsistence or slash-and-burn mode.
Esau-ians are on the move. Shiploads of Africans and Muslims are crashing onto the shores of Europe. Migrants from Central America and Mexico pour into the US. People are on the move all across Africa where effective border controls are non-existent. And the destabilization of Jacob-ian systems and infrastructure by the US and its allies in places like Syria & Libya opened the gates for Esau-ian ISIS and other Jihadis to move around and create all sorts of havoc.

Esau-ians are not to be confused with Mercurians, even though the latter often champion the former in reckless displays of virtue-signaling. Mercurians are elites and relatively small in number. They facilitate business all around the world and are most necessary. So, if a bunch of German executives travel to Paris, London, Hong Kong, New York, and etc., they are just doing business. It's like Japanese companies send their agents and representatives all over the world. Also, Mercurians move around the world with specific purposes. A German company will send its workers to Saudi Arabia to finish a project. It's like Burt Lancaster sent some guy to Scotland for a possible deal in LOCAL HERO.
In contrast, Esau-ians move around not as purposeful individuals but parasitic packs and hordes... like the gypsies, the locusts among humanity. A group of German engineers or Japanese negotiators outside their own nations cannot take over another nation. But tons of Mexicans and Central Americans have taken over entire swaths of Southwest America. African migrants have taken over entire areas of Marseilles France. And these Esau-marauders or Esauders come with no purpose but to feed on green pastures made by white folks. They have no specific skills or vision. They just come to take advantage of richer areas. Their mode of behavior is closer to wild nature than civilized norms. Because the current PC has done so much to subvert the validity of identity and territoriality, the Jacob-ian worlds are once again being invaded by Esau-ian peoples, a phenomenon that was thought to have passed into dustbin of history forever. It's coming back like some disease that was once thought to have been eradicated forever, at least in the advanced world. (To be sure, some people are waking up and embracing nationalism. Nationalism is the necessary bacteria(along with white cells) -- there are good bacteria and bad bacteria for humans -- for the survival of civilization, but globalism keeps coming up with new strains of PC antibiotics to kill the beneficial form of bacteria and white cells while the nasty bad ones keep multiplying. Hopefully, the lactobacillus of European nationalism can develop immunity against PC eventually, and then no newer strain of PC antiobiotic will be effective.) Today, the Jacob-ian worlds have all the technologies at their disposable to keep out the Esua-ian marauders if they chose to, but their minds have been psycolonized by deadly PC that paralyzes their defensivist mechanisms of human nature that are supposed to carry out necessary inspections and maintenance of the system to ensure survival of the realm. Without such mechanisms, cracks and fissures develop in the system and foreign elements begin to creep in in ever greater numbers. It's like a house that isn't properly maintained has more to fear from moisture, mold, ants, bugs, mice, and etc than from a wrecking ball. It's death by a thousand cuts. It's like a boxer with no defenses will lose even to a weak boxer. Even if there is no KO-magnitude punch, the constant barrages of jabs and punches will wear down the boxer. The EU is alert to the danger of KO from Russia but willfully blind to endless jabs from the Esau-ian Third World that are really wearing down Europe and turning it into hell. It fears the Czar's sword when it's really dying by a thousand cuts by razors and switchblades.

People of the world may be categorized as four types: Mercurians, Apollonians, -- as Yuri Slezkine defined them -- , Jacob-ians, and Esau-ians. Mercurians would be the cosmopolitan elite class of businessmen and intellectuals. As long as they are trading ideas and goods, they do no harm to anyone. If anything, they make the world richer by creating new opportunities. And their minds are focused on specific tasks of business, technology, science, information, etc. Apollonians would be a people who are rooted deeply in their own homelands. Japanese and Hungarians would be such, especially those in small towns and rural areas. Many Americans are not Apollonians but Jacob-ians. Jacob, as a shepherd, was both on the move and a bearer of social order. Americans move around a lot with in the US and have weak sense of roots to any one area, though there are exceptions, like Mormons and Utah. (Utah is a special kind of place because of its mythic association with Mormonism. Mormons might see it as their 'Israel', and their narrative isn't simply one of migration and settlement but of neo-Biblical significance. While other parts of the US also have their cultural distinctness -- Germans in Wisconsin and blacks in the South -- , Utah is to Mormons what Monument Valley was to John Ford. There's a mythic connection. Whatever their history in and affinity for Wisconsin, there is no mythic bond between Wisconsin and German-Americans like there is between Utah and Mormons. Mormons have been mobile but also very insistent on maintaining historical roots and ties to a certain state as distinctly their own. (Also, whereas the story of Wisconsin is simply that of some German immigrants having moved and settled there, the Mormons created an Exodus-like Narrative about their 'wandering in the wilderness' to found a neo-holy-land in Utah. One might say this decision was as much made for them as was theirs since Mormonism was regarded with suspicion and even disgust for good part of American history.) If Europeans, at least prior to the creation of the EU, tended to be Apollonians -- Hungarians in Hungary, Poles in Poland, Irish in Ireland, etc -- Americans were more like Jacob-ians because there was so much land and new opportunities in America. To be sure, there are two kinds of Americans: Some who like to stay put and some who like to move(like the family that made it all the way to Oregon in SOMETIMES A GREAT NOTION). 'Blue State' whites tend to be more mobile than 'Red State' ones who prefer to put down their roots. Southern whites must really like the South. I mean they insist on staying there even though there are so many Negroes. (College culture is contradictory. In some ways, professors could be said to be Mercurian since they visit other institutions and exchange ideas. But so many colleges are like closed provincial bubbles separated from the rest of the world. After all, the ideal of academia is to create a safe and quiet environment where thinkers can pursue the truth without distractions, pressures, and compromises. So, what happened at places like Middlebury?) Finally, Esau-ians are essentially barbaric or even savage, and the only logic of their behavior is primal-organicist. If possible, they will invade and feed off anything that looks like greener pastures. Just like Ice Age folks went where the mammoth was to feed off it and just like some African tribes stayed close to big game, today's Esau-ians see the White West as just one big whale or mammoth to hunt. And they may well hunt and feed on the West to extinction... like what happened to real mammoths and almost to blue whales. The Esau-ian mindset is hunt-and-kill-but-don't-know-how-to-breed-new-animals, slash-and-burn-but-don't-know-how-to-plant-new-trees, and take-but-don't-know-how-to-make.

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