Monday, September 24, 2018

Commentary on "Is Google Biased?"

Is Google Biased?

Of course Google is biased.

But the real problem is not so much that it is biased now as that it was UNBIASED(relatively speaking) at the beginning.

Google began with DON'T BE EVIL statement of principles. It claimed to be a fair, neutral, and unbiased arbiter of searches and information. THAT is why so many people signed onto Google and trusted it. That is why it got so big.

When Google's Israeli employees were caught messing with 'Pat B', Google fixed the problem. We were led to believe a few bad apples did it. It wasn't the official policy of Google.

If Google had candidly started out with a statement of its political biases and agendas, at least half of current users would have used another search engine. Google would never have grown into a monopoly IF it had openly declared its intentions at the outset.

Same with Paypal and Twitter. They got so big because it was understood by all that they would be un-ideological, unbiased, and neutral, fair to all. If either had started out by declaring Liberal or 'leftist' bias, many would have sought out another service or platform. They were supposed to be neutral-Libertarian.

Because these companies gained monopoly status only by having promised everyone neutrality and fairness, they must be attacked for deviating from their original intent.

Imagine if a closet-rightist Arab-American began Facebook with the idea that it would be fair and neutral to all. Suppose everyone signs up from far left to far right. But once Facebook becomes a giant monopoly, he says it's his company and he can do as he pleases and begins to shut down leftist pages and suppress Liberal news; he also shuts down Zionist pages and hires BDS to monitor for 'hate', most of which is identified with Jews and Israelis. The issue wouldn't simply be one of a private company doing what it wants. It would be about a monopoly reneging on the very promise that made it a monopoly in the first place. After all, many Zionists and their allies would never have signed up to the platform IF they knew from the beginning its ideological agendas and tribal biases.

Imagine if Zuckerberg began Facebook with a statement that it would favor Jews/Zionists over Palestinians and would be working with Jewish-controlled groups to censor or suppress pro-Palestinian, pro-Iranian, pro-white, and pro-Christian voices in favor of Zionists, homos/trannies, radical feminists, and black thug culture(of rap). Many people would have steered clear of Facebook, and many people would have gravitated to an alternative social network site, one that is conducive for conservatives. Zuckerberg is now working closely with Neocons to shut down 'hate'. Knowing neocons, we know that Wars for Israel aren't acts of hate BUT the Palestinian desire for liberation is 'hateful' and 'terroristic'.

These are not just private companies but monopolies, and they became monopolies because ALL OF US were sold on the idea that they would be fair to all sides. They lied to us. They pulled us all in with that false promise. Now that they got the power, they are using their monopoly position to favor certain views over others.

Also, when they invoke 'hate speech', they don't mean Zionist hatred against Palestinians, Iranians, and Syrians. They don't mean Jewish vitriol, paranoia, hysteria, and derangement syndrome about European patriots, American nationalists, Russians, and Hungarians.

It's gotten to the point where the Right should wage its own war on Hate Speech, that of Jews, homos, and black rappers/lunatics.
The problem is Free-Speech-Only is morally defensive. The Right is saying 'We defend ugly speech because of the Constitution.' It is legally sound but comes across as morally tainted. In the end, emotions can win over reason. The consecrated righteous can win over constitutional rights. Righteous are morally aggressive.
To fight fire with fire, the Right needs to identify Zionism, Homomania, radical feminism, and black thug culture as HATE and condemn them as spreaders of dementia and violence. And Diversity has to be associated with immigration-invasion and ethnic replacement. No one won a fight just by playing defense only.
Paypal denies service to Jared Taylor and Alex Jones for 'hate'. But George Soros and Zionist war-mongers(whose policies have turned millions of Muslims into refugees if not corpses) can rake in billions and use whatever payment platform they wish.

Shame Paypal for offering services to Zionist warmongers, Obama the war criminal who wasted Libya, Victoria Nuland the recruiter of Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, Albright the killer of 100,000s of Iraqi kids, Hillary Clinton the terrorist-loving butcher of Syria, the moguls who promote gangster rap, and etc. Paypal is Hatepal.

Another thing. This isn't primarily about ideology but about identity. It's a myth that Silicon Valley and Jewish globalists are 'leftist'. Jews and globalists use 'leftism' as a ruse to push agendas that are good for the Tribe. If anything, Jews and their globo-cucks HATE leftists who are consistent in their principles. Jeremy Corbyn and Norman Finkelstein, like them or not, are consistent and principled universal-leftists. Corbyn attacks ALL nationalisms, even that of Zionism. And Finkelstein believes the US should treat Jews and Palestinians equally. And guess what? Jewish Power hates them.

Google pretends to be 'leftist' by hiring SJW nitwits to run funny doodles and hold anti-white-male struggle sessions. But this is all just for show. Notice it's always WHITE privilege but never JEWISH privilege that is condemned. Jewish elites are protecting Jewish Power by using 'white evil' as bogeyman. And all this Homomania is good for the Power Elite because vain homos serve the rich. And despite the tiresome PC slogans about Diversity, we know that Silicon Valley will be ruled by Jewish moguls, white execs, and Asian middle management and coders. Google Doodle is just a ruse, as are feel-good movies like HIDDEN FIGURES which gives the false impression that Hollywood Jews are really committed to black women running space programs.

Whenever people on the Right label globalists and Jewish elites as 'leftist', they are doing their enemies a favor. Globalist hegemonists and Jewish supremacists love being associated with the Left because it creates the impression that they are for the little guy, the downtrodden, the marginalized. The fact that homos and immigrant-helot-scabs than the native working class now define the 'Left' is proof that the Elites rigged the algorithm of Leftism to destroy True Leftism. If anything, today's Right(the real right, as opposed to cuckservatives) is more genuinely leftist in that it cares for the middle and working classes.

Also, the secret to Jewish Power was the use of left and right to serve Jewish identity. Jews make ideology serve identity. Without identity, ideology veers out of control. It's like without the sun, the planets will just fly off into space. Jewish rightism and Jewish leftism were given meaning, focus, and limits by the gravitational pull of Jewish identity.
Without an identity to serve, leftism becomes radical universalist nonsense.
Without an identity to serve, rightism becomes elite tyranny, like in the Age of Aristocrats when the elites looked down on the masses as mere serfs or cattle.
It is identity-as-covenant that makes the elites feel something for the people.
And it is identity that keeps leftism real. Leftism is good in championing the rights of the People. But which people? No ideology can serve All the people. Leftism works best in the national setting, as with the New Deal, Social Democracy in Northern Europe, and universal health care in Japan.
It is identity that humanizes the right(by making elites identify with the people) and keeps leftism real(by reminding the leftists that they should serve the nation than the world; the only reason Bolshevism survived was because Stalin opted for National Communism).

Because Jews have a strong identity, their leftism and rightism revolve around identity. Because whites now have a weak identity(unlike during the New Deal era), their leftism flies off the handle and obsesses over unrealistic things like 'endless refugees welcome' or 'Sweden as moral superpower must take in and save all of Africa and Afghanistan'.
Or their rightism turns into Ayn-Randian libertarian obsession with the successful, rich, and powerful with NO feeling for the white masses.
In the end, Chinese identity saved China from Mao's ideological madness. Even the nutty Chairman scaled back the Cultural Revolution because he grew worried about escalating Sino-Soviet tensions. Needs of national identity trumped ideological purism.

What Jews fear most is not white leftism or white rightism. They know white leftism will be too much about 'save the world' or 'worship the homo' to ever be about white unity. And they know that white rightism will be too much about 'muh money' and 'muh success' to be about unity of white elites and white masses. Paul Ryan the 'far right libertarian' only cares about the Koch brothers, not the white working class that is dying of opioids. What Jews fear most is white left-rightism. The unity. They call it 'fascist'. I call it 'neo-fascist'. But that is the secret to Jewish Power. Jewishism has always been quasi-fascist.

Finally, Jews pretending to be a Victim Group is as ludicrous as White Hispanics pretending to be People of Color. White Hispanics held tyrannical power over POC in Latin America forever, but now, they continue to hold elite positions in the US as the voice of the Hispanic Community BUT as members of POC. White Hispanics oppressed and raped browns forever in Latin America, but they dominate the Hispanic Community in the US in the name of the browns.
It can't get any lower than that. Well maybe not. Paul Ryan denigrating white identity(97% of him) but celebrating the 3% of him that is Jewish is even lower in character. Such a total cuck to Jewish moguls and oligarchs.

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