Friday, September 7, 2018

Commentary on "Regime Change — American Style" by Patrick Buchanan. Of Conspiracy Theorists and Conspiracy Realists.

All of this proves there are conspiracies afoot everywhere.

Indeed, it's a fact of power. In politics, media, academia, government. Think Enron. Think Neocons and WMD. Think how Bernie Madoff was able to get away with so much for so long. He had powerful friends and connections. Or why virtually no one in Wall Street went to jail for financial crisis of 2008. Or how the Democratic Party undermined Bernie Madoff in 2016.

To see conspiracies, we don't need to make stuff up. We just need to closely look at the facts. That way, we can be Conspiracy Realists than Conspiracy Theorists. The problem with Alex Jones is he sometimes uses a telescope when he should be using a microscope. Instead of looking closely and clearly at facts through a microscope, he sees blurred images through a telescope and comes up with ridiculous theories. Uncovering conspiracies is usually mundane than mind-blowing. It requires more patience and perspiration than passion and inspiration.

There is NO need to make stuff up. Take the case of Sabrina Rubin Erderly and Jackie Coakley(and the made-up character of Haven Monahan). That was like a 'Consensuspiracy'. Even though Erderly didn't get together with rest of the media to defame the fraternity, the hive-mindedness of the Establishment Opinion-Makers was willing to endorse her story and spread far & wide WITHOUT checking the facts or raising obvious questions. The Narrative Consensus has been so geared toward shaming Evil White Males that most of MSM was willing to take her at her word, as was the case with Duke Lacrosse case where the Jew-and-Cuck-run media were all too eager to believe in the hoax about evil white boys raping a helpless black woman when, if anything, most real rapes in the US are overwhelmingly black-on-white. Now, how did the bogus UVA story become discredited? Key individuals just looked closely at the story, raised questions, and teased out the facts. And the story turned out to be total fiction.

The Deep State is filled with Conspiracy Practitioners, and they try to discredit their critics as 'conspiracy theorists'. Unfortunately, showmen like Alex Jones were all-too-happy to rant like lunatics and cook up crazy theories for sake of sensationalism and popularity(as people are drawn to wild stories). So, he was easy to debunk as a 'conspiracy theorist'.

But most honest journalists are, in effect, Conspiracy Realists. Their job is to look beyond the official story and uncover how abuses, frauds, or massive corruptions happen as the result of collusion among the 'connected'.

The fact that there are laws against insider-trading proves that conspiracies and collusion happen all the time. If they didn't, there would be no need to criminalize them. Sometimes, it's a case of conspiracy vs conspiracy. The men around Richard Nixon conspired to burglarize Watergate, and if Pat Buchanan is correct, the Deep State conspired to oust Nixon(even though it had conspired to protect men like Kennedy and Johnson of worse abuses). Politics of Scandal says what goes by the name of 'scandal' is more a media construct than objective truth. Because there is so much corruption in government, just about anything can be construed as a 'scandal' to bring down someone. Or, total fantasy, like the 'Russian Collusion' scandal, can be created out of the thin air to spread the impression of how Trump as the Siberian Candidate.

Maybe from all this mess, Alex Jones will finally grow up and go from being a Conspiracy Theorist to a Conspiracy Realist. We need more Conspiracy Realists when so many journalists in MSM are PC-addled scribes, propagandists, or even agents of the Deep State.

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