Sunday, July 8, 2018

A Most Useful Slogan: "West Bank and Gaza are America’s Greatest Ally" or "Palestine is America’s Closest Ally" — An Effective Way to Expose the Most Important Fact of America: It is a Jewish-Supremacist Colony

The Left-Right(aka National Humanists or Neo-Fascists) should oft-repeat a message for all to hear: "Palestine is America’s Greatest Ally" or "West Bank and Gaza are America’s Closest Ally". What for, one may ask? For the simple reason that, before anything is possible, we must expose and examine the fundamental truth about the current state of the US, namely that it is essentially a Jewish-Supremacist colony. If politics is a struggle for influence, authority, and power, then one must clearly identify the nature of the power. It is like a doctor treating a patient. Unless the doctor correctly and honestly diagnoses the disease, he won't save the patient. Imagine if someone is dying of cancer, but the doctor treats him for everything but cancer. No matter how much money and medicine go into the treatment, the patient will surely die. Indeed, less money spent based on the correct diagnosis will be more effective than all-the-money-in-the-world spent on the wrong diagnosis. Suppose someone is suffering from a heart disease that can be treated relatively easily and inexpensively. But suppose the doctor comes up with a series of diagnoses that call for expensive treatments that never get to the core of the problem. Now, if the doctor is truly incompetent, his diagnoses may at the very least be the result of ‘honest mistakes’. He may have made the patient sicker or even killed him but didn't meant to do any harm. But suppose the doctor is a wicked creature who willfully mis-diagnosed the problem? He’d be like a crooked auto mechanic who could fix a minor problem at small cost but informs the owner of the vehicle that a lot more work needs to be done. Now, if the crooked doctor or auto mechanic did identify and fix the actual problem despite the overall fraudulence, at the very least the problem would have been dealt with. But what if a truly wicked doctor willfully mis-diagnosed the patient and made lots of money by carrying out elaborate and expensive procedures(that overlooked the real sickness) that ultimately did nothing to save the patient? It would really be a form of murder. What goes for medicine also goes for politics. A nation or society is like the human body. It is always in a state of birth and death, growth and decay, health and sickness. Just like the body regulates itself, nation or society has internal mechanisms that make sure things run right. Farmers produce food, truckers transport materials, factories make products, disposal services remove waste, fresh water is brought to residents and foul water is sent to sewage-treatment plants. But when the system breaks down, then people-with-power must take the extra-step to identify what is wrong and fix them. Every society has criminals. Every society has accidents, mistakes, and natural disasters. Every society has the problem of corruption. So, even though we prefer most problems to be solved by socio-economic factors that maintain equilibrium, there are times when the system breaks down and requires the strong hand of the government as the national physician. Think of the problems following the Great Depression of 1929. Or following the financial crisis of 2008.

The main problem of the US is that most people have no idea what kind of people has the real power. Unless people come to realize this, they won’t understand why there are certain serious problems that never go away and, if anything, get worse... just like, if you don’t know the disease, you won’t know why you’re getting sicker and sicker(despite your best efforts to regain health). It’s like Future America of IDIOCRACY couldn’t fix the crop failure because everyone from top to bottom was so convinced that Brawndo(an energy drink), being all-around elixir, couldn’t possibly do any harm to anything. So, even the crops were watered with the stuff.

So many Americans have a Brawndo-mentality. Just like the mindless confidence(bordering on faith) in Brawndo prevented people in IDIOCRACY from realizing that it is not a fixer-upper for all problems, most Americans have their own ‘brawndos’ that keep them from waking up and seeing the real truth. Many Americans believe the US is a ‘liberal democracy’ based on Rule of Law and rights protected by the Constitution. Or, if they find much that is wrong with the US, they believe that the solution to all problems is the ‘brawndo’ of Diversity and Inclusion. And they believe that Evil resides in the neo-Satan of Hate(or Hatan) that supposedly infects only the hearts of white people or right-wingers. So, even though the implosion of much of California clearly owes to Mass Invasion by non-whites, too many Americans fail to see the obvious problem as the real problem because Diversity and Inclusion are ‘brawndo’ to their ears.
There has also been horrible cultural and moral degradation of America, much of it owing to decadence of Homomania, neurosis of Jewish culture, and savagery of black culture. But, how can they be problems when we’ve all been told, day in and day out, that Homos are wonderful angels, Jews are eternal saints, and blacks are Magic Negroes? We don’t have real morality in the US that is about individuals with conscience learning to be self-critical, self-aware, and self-reforming. True morality is about personal integrity of choosing moderation, balance, and restraint over greed, gluttony, lust, pride, envy, wrath, and laziness. But capitalism, especially in the expansive US where everything seemed possible, made a mockery of favoring virtue over vice. In a world of rags-to-riches fantasies, dreams of celebrity, and universalization of pleasure, why hold anything back? Even if you are capable of delaying gratification to win the bigger prize, you are expected to indulge yourself once you are awash in money and power. So, we have shameless rich or powerful people who indulge themselves. ‘Greed is good’ because it fuels ambition. And why not go for El Dorado in the nation of Hollywood, Disneyland, and Las Vegas? Make more money, buy more, indulge more. And why not enjoy food to the fullest? So what if you grow fat. Be body-positive or sue your doctor if he tells you that you need to lose weight to regain health. And why restrain your sexuality? Lose your virginity as fast as possible like it’s a disease. Go to Spring Break and have sex with lots of strangers. Don’t worry. There are birth-control pills, contraceptives, day-after pills, penicillin, and abortion. Why deny yourself anything? You must eat and have sex to the fullest. And who said laziness is a sin? Why not be like a pothead and use lots of drugs and be like Brad Pitt’s character in TRUE ROMANCE? It’s ‘cool’. And who says anger must be checked? Be like Antifa and just attack anyone whom you deem a ‘nazi’. Or be a rapper or punk rocker and spew endless filth like degenerates. As for sin of pride, not only is it good but it can apply to any vice. So, sluts and prostitutes deserve pride. And homos into fecal penetration and trannies into penis-cutting might as own the term itself. In such a cultural climate that urges everyone to indulge shamelessly to excess, personal integrity and morality are no longer possible. If anything, vice is the New Virtue. We even have ‘mainstream’ journals and news outlets urging people to commit adultery in ‘open marriages’ or take up ‘cuckolding’. Wall Street sharks not only got to keep their vast stolen wealth after 2008 but were allowed to rake in billions more. They say fish rots from the head, and the three most exalted groups in the US are Jews, blacks, and Homos. They wallow in Vice-as-New-Virtue. With a culture that tells people that you’re a ‘loser’ unless you are having the most fun, it’s no wonder that most people watched THE WOLF OF WALL STREET not as a cautionary tale but a celebration of greed, lust, pride, envy, gluttony, sloth, and wrath all rolled into one. American Culture is now all about the Grasshopper. Even people who still work in the mode of Ants believe in Grasshopper values, i.e. they believe they must make the money to have the means to live like Grasshoppers. Even though Counterculture boomers loved to blame it all on the Reagan Yuppie 80s, the attitude really began in the 1960s when even radical leftist politics became inseparable from Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll. Even though the hippies claimed to be for ‘love and peace’, they were selfish jerks who thought it was their birthright to party all day and night long, while mooching off others. It’s like what Albert Brooks said of the guys in EASY RIDER. They sold cocaine to pay for their carefree self-indulgences. In time, the flaky pretensions faded away from the 60s Youth Culture, leaving only hedonism and shamelessness for later generations. Already in the bicentennial year of DAZED AND CONFUSED, the Richard Linklater film, the young ones are into partying and having a good time with little concern for ideals. As Americanism came to be about shameless hedonism and self-indulgence, personal integrity(the only basis for real morality) was no longer possible and was replaced with bogus group-idolatry and ideo-fanaticism. As Jews, blacks, and homos were sanctified the most, they were deemed to be good simply on the basis of their identities. Whatever Jews did, no matter how foul, they could invoke the Holocaust as get-out-of-jail card. And blacks only needed to cry ‘racism’ and do the Magic Negro BS. And Homos merely needed to wave the ‘rainbow’ flag and claim ‘pride’ as their own. As for the others, their primary sense of goodness derived from PC fanaticism. Being fanatical, they didn’t need to contemplate or question anything. They simply needed to drink the Kool-Aid and chant favored slogans about ‘diversity’ and ‘inclusion’, about ‘racism’ and ‘homophobia’. They came to be about as stupid as Red Guards mindlessly quoting from Mao’s Little Red Book.

Now, being quiet inside a library is a virtue. It’s about being mindful and respectful of others who are reading or studying. It takes self-awareness and respect for knowledge. It’s about mutuality. Others respect you and you respect others in the spirit of learning and good manners. But such real morality means nothing to blacks and the PC mob. Blacks, for the simple ‘virtue’ of being black, think they have the right to disrupt a library and howl like gorillas because they, as blacks, be so sacred, magical, cool, badass, and shit. And non-black PC idiots will join along and feel so holier-than-thou because they always claim to be fighting ‘racism’ or some other ‘evil’(and are rubbing shoulders with the sacred Magic Negroes). It’s a hysterical and hyped War Morality. In war, military-morality works differently from civilian morality. In order to win the war by beating the ‘bad guys’(the other side is, of course, deemed ‘evil’), the military-morality allows all sorts of mayhem and mass-killing of even innocents that would be unthinkable in peace-time. We were led to believe that Shock and Awe in Iraq and other mass bombings were ‘justified’(even though many innocents died or were wounded) because the US was working toward the higher good of removing an evil tyrant and planting a democracy in the Middle East. PC tells its foot-soldiers that, because history is on their side against the forces of Evil, whatever they do is justified by the delusional nobility of the cause itself. These people really have mass-murder in their hearts, and they must be countered accordingly.

Anyway, the main fact of American Power is that Jews control just about everything that matters. Indeed, one could even say the US is a Jewish-Supremacist colony. How? In so many respects depending on how we define ‘supremacism’. If we define supremacism as ‘wildly disproportionate power’ held by a certain group, then Jewish Power is indeed supremacist because no group comes near Jews in having power, wealth, and influence that far exceed their share of the population. Recent census shows that Jews make up 1.7% of the US population. Now, suppose Jews controlled 10% of Wall Street, Hollywood, Las Vegas, Silicon Valley, Real Estate, Top Law Firms, Ivy League schools, Big Media, Deep State, and etc. Jews would be vastly over-represented with the 10% figure. But in fact, Jews control 95% of media and almost all of Hollywood and Las Vegas. Jews control most of the biggest players in Silicon Valley. And Jews control at least half of Wall Street. Jews control the Ivies. Jews control Deep State and foreign policy. Jews control most politicians who’ve been bought and sold by Jewish money and know that Jewish media can make or break them. Jews control most of the top law firms that even engage in Lawfare against dissident voices. And not only do Jews have all this power and wealth, but they interact and coordinate with one another across the industries and institutions. After all, look how people like Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor have not only been deplatformed and sued but denied financial services by monopoly industries controlled by Jews. In the current USA, American citizens are denied basic services of communication and consumption(of products and services) by globalist-imperialist Jews who’ve occupied much of America. And Jewish media work with Jewish Deep State and Jewish finance to ‘dox’ and destroy the livelihoods of anyone who cares about his own people. So, while a total scumbag like Marc Rich was pardoned by Bill Clinton and a lowlife weasel like Jonathan Pollard was pardoned by Obama and handed a plush job upon release, good decent patriotic white Americans who refuse to serve Jewish Supremacism get labeled as ‘white supremacist Nazis’ who aren’t allowed to enact financial transactions or communicate with people freely.
In theory, anyone can be fired for his ideological views, but in truth, it doesn’t work this way. After all, if someone is fired for being Alt Right or ‘white nationalist’, the employer suffers no consequences. But suppose a company fires someone for being Zionist or a Neocon supporter of Wars for Israel. Suppose the employer finds the person’s views to be Judeo-Nazi. Or suppose Twitter has a new policy(of working with BDS than with ADL) that favors Palestinians and denounces & bans Zionist speech as ‘hate speech’. In theory, it'd be allowed, but the Power will come down so hard on the employer or Twitter that neither would dare take any actions against Zionists EVEN IF he/it sincerely believed Zionism is evil or that Jewish Power around the world is murderous and supremacist.

To continue, Jews can be said to be ‘supremacist’ in more ways than one. Jews certainly have disproportionate power way beyond what their demographics would warrant. But suppose we argue that Jewish over-representation owes strictly to meritocracy. In other words, Jews haven’t sought supreme power but accidently ended up with it because they are naturally smarter and more studious. Still, by rules of PC, that doesn’t cut the mustard. After all, even the argument that whites do better than Sub-Saharan-West-African-Americans(or SWAA) and Meso-Americans on merit isn’t good enough. What matters is Results according to the theory of Disparate Impact. So, it doesn’t matter if whites, blacks, and browns all agreed that the tests are fair. If whites do considerably better than blacks and browns, it is an act of ‘injustice’ that perpetuates ‘white supremacy’. So, following that logic, Jewish Power would have to be condemned as ‘supremacist’ EVEN IF it was entirely based on individual merit.

But of course, Jewish Power isn’t just the result of individual talent. While many highly talented Jews did gain great success through intelligence and ability, less bright Jews have also gained lots of traction in academia, business, law, government, and other areas due to Tribal Networking. In other words, smart powerful Jews have worked together to favor their less-bright tribal brethren over more deserving non-Jews, especially European-Americans and Asians. Also, when equally smart Jew and non-Jew must go head-to-head, the Power will favor the Jew. There’s little doubt that Jewish entrepreneurs got favorable funding from banks on big projects. Also, Jews are advantaged because they have the Moral Shield. As a Holocaust People, they can’t be disgraced or destroyed no matter what they do or say(unless they offend blacks, who are deemed equally holy, as Donald Sterling learned), whereas non-Jews, especially whites, must always be careful. Furthermore, it’s far easier for non-Jews than Jews to be destroyed for this very reason. Suppose some Jewish guy said awful things about Iran, Russia, Syria, Palestinians, or whatever. Suppose he said something as crazy as Sheldon Adelson’s proposal of nuking Iran. A Jew can openly justify the Israeli death squad’s killing of Palestinian protesters. He will not lose his job, standing, or wealth. But what would happen to any goy politician, businessman, or some such IF it’s revealed that he once said something mildly critical of blacks or Israel? He could be fired, demoted, or denied funding. Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas were gone in no time for mouthing criticism of Jewish power or Zionism. So, while goys, especially whites, must walk on eggshells and live in fear of being outed as an ‘anti-Semite’ or ‘racist’, Jews can spew any kind of filth about Palestinians, Russians, Iranians, Arabs, whites, Christians, and etc. The only people Jews must be careful about are blacks(and to a lesser degree, Homosexuals). So, there’s clearly no equality at work in how the power operates in the US. If we look into the ‘kitchen’ of power, what really happens is so different from what is presented in the dining area. Just like Anthony Bourdain’s book KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL detailed what really happens among the chefs and owners, the more inquisitive journalists and maverick ex-insiders have been trying to inform the public about the Power Kitchen Confidential. John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt even wrote a book called THE ISRAEL LOBBY. But even among journalists and whistle-blowers with more spine, there’s been a tendency not to rock the boat on the Jewish issue. Even Wikileaks was most restrained in spilling the beans on Jewish or Israeli secrets. I guess Julian Assange knows something about what Jewish power could really do to him if it wanted to.

There is yet another layer of Jewish Supremacism. Not only are Jews vastly over-represented in elite industries & institutions and working in cahoots with one another to favor the Tribe over other groups but the sum of Jewish Power is hyper-actively working in supremacist mode in the West and the Rest(especially pertaining to the Middle East and Russia). The so-called ‘new cold war’ is Jewish War on Russia III. (Bolshevik Revolution was Jewish War on Russia I, and the Jewish economic looting of Russia in the 1990s was Jewish War on Russia II.) Jew Matthew Yglesias says American conservatives, who’d been fiercely anti-Soviet, are warming up to Russia because it’s become the center of White Nationalist Politics. The real reason is Russia managed to regain some degree of national sovereignty from Jewish supremacist domination. According to Jews like Yglesias, it is outrageous that Russians should own and control their own nation. Jews must control Russia even though they make up only 0.2% of the population. Even with such a small number, 20% of the richest people in Russia are Jewish, and they are well-protected by Putin and Russian government. If anything, they are favored over most groups. But even that isn’t enough for Jews who seek total domination. Also, American conservatives once feared the Soviet Union because it was expansive. It supported communist movements all over the world. Also, in the 40s and 50s, lots of Soviet spies in the US(many of them Jews) sent bushels of top secret material to the USSR. Jews even sent to mass-killer tyrant Stalin the secret of the Bomb. Why did Jews do this? Back then, Jewish-Americans saw the Soviet Union as the main base of Jewish Power as the so-called Russian Revolution had largely been a Jewish Revolution. And even though Stalin won out over Trotsky, there were still many Jews in the upper echelons of power in the USSR that also defeated Nazi Germany. Jewish-American support of the USSR wasn’t purely ideological or idealistic. It was tribal, especially as Stalin was initially a more fervent backer of the Zionist project. Before there was the Space Race, there was the Jew Race between USSR and the US. Stalin hoped to gain the support of World Jewry by backing Zionism, but when Israel was founded, the Jewish state threw its lot with the US that was richer and more promising in the long run as capitalist hog-heaven for Jews. That is when Stalin really turned against Jews and Zionism, and relations gradually worsened between the USSR and Jews as years passed.
At any rate, why do we need a new ‘cold war’? Unlike Jewish-Americans who actively aided and abetted the USSR, American conservatives just want peace and better relations with Russia. That’s it. All this Russian Collusion is the fetid fever-dream of Jews who are prone to projecting their own conspiratorial madness onto other peoples. According to Jews, the hunt for REAL Soviet spies in the US was a ‘witch-hunt’ and ‘Red Scare hysteria’ — Rosenbergs and Morton Sobell really were agents of Stalin — ,but the utterly bogus Trump-Russia collusion fantasy warrants each and every one of us to look under our bed for Russians, Russians, Russians. Also, Putin’s Russia is less about whiteness than about Christianity, traditionalism, and nationalism. Also, unlike the US that goes around claiming to be ‘indispensable’ and ‘exceptional’ nation that has some God-given right to invade, sanction, and destroy any nation, Russian foreign policy isn’t so ambitious. Russia didn’t lift a finger while the Jew-run US was ravaging the Middle East. Russia had to swallow the fact that Jewish-Americans colluded with Russian Jews to economically rape Russia in the 1990s. Russia stood by helplessly as the US and allies reduced Libya to a rubble. And it is Jew-run US that is aiding Saudi Arabia’s destruction of poor Yemen. Putin finally came to the rescue of Syria because the Jew-run US was using Alqaeda and ISIS to take down secular Assad. Also, Putin reacted to the US-funded coup in Ukraine that even recruited neo-Nazi elements. Imagine that, Jewish-Americans working with neo-Nazi elements to bring down a government. These ‘progressive’ types used to lament what the US did to Salvador Allende, but they have no problem with US backing forces to take down democratically elected governments in Ukraine and Egypt(that is once again ruled by the military). There’s a saying, "Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." No truer words have been spoken. It is not Russia that has the missionary complex. It is the Jew-run US that has the crusader-missionary aggression to remake the world in its image. Russia is building Churches, but it’s not trying to force its Orthodox Faith on other nations. If anything, it’s the Jews and post-Christian Americans who are trying to spread Homomania as Jewish-Satanic-substitute-christianity around the world. Russia doesn’t try to force US cities to have Orthodox Church processions. It is the Jew-run US that tries to turn every national capital into Victory March grounds for Globo-Homomania as new religion of the West. Jews now control the West and decided to replace Christianity with a new faith of their own making. But Yglesias the Jew strikes out in pain as he punches Russia and American conservatives who simply want peace and mutual respect. Peace between US and Russia is triggering to Jewish supremacists like Yglesias who fear that the Russian example may spread to other white-majority nations. Is Putin’s Russia trying to spread ‘white supremacy’? Well, Putin has a strange way of carrying out such agenda. In Russia, neo-Nazi speech is strictly curtailed. If anything, it’s the Jewish globalists who are allied with neo-Nazi elements in Ukraine. Also, Putin has gone out of his way to maintain good relations with Muslims, and he’s been especially protective of Jews. Indeed, just about any Jew can travel to and invest in Russia, but many Alt Right figures would be banned there. Also, Putin’s Russia has good relations with non-white nations like China, Iran, and Syria. If anything, all the virulent anti-Arab and anti-Persian sentiments are coming from the Jewish community. But then, of course, THAT is the problem. Russia supports Syria and Iran. That is why Jews hate Putin. So much for Putin’s ‘white nationalism’. When the Jew-run West decided to sanction Russia, Putin moved closer to China and Iran. How is that ‘white nationalism’? Also, keep in mind that Poland and Hungary chose on their own to say NO to ‘refugees’ who were uprooted by the millions due to Wars for Israel instigated by Jew-run US. Jews are devious in using their bogus sympathy for ‘refugees’ to mask the fact that Wars for Israel created those ‘refugees’ in the first place. Imagine a Jew who burns down someone’s house and then feigns sympathy for the destitute family; then, the Jew insists that YOU take in the family-made-homeless by Jewish arson. And if you say NO, the Jew calls you a heartless ‘nazi’ or ‘supremacist’. Israel and its rabid backers in the US have been most instrumental in spreading wars and mayhem in the Muslim World that led to so many ‘refugees’, but notice how no one expects the Jewish nation to take in any ‘refugees’. Indeed, Israelis still illegally occupy Golan Heights and West Bank where Arabs live under Apartheid conditions. But you won’t hear much about that from Matthew Yglesias who is just another devious Jew. It’s no wonder Jews were hated universally all over the world. What is most disgusting about Jews is they bitch on and on about ‘white supremacism’, but all their favored immigration destinations have been places made by ‘white supremacism’. Indeed, Jews have supported ‘white supremacism’ when it was to their benefit. Consider how Jews celebrate the US as a ‘Nation of Immigrants’. Now, from the vantage point of American Indians, all those ‘immigrants’ were invaders whose arrival meant more westward expansion and more loss of territory to newcomers. But Jews only care about their interests. Since Jews arrived as immigrants and grew rich and fat off what the white man conquered from the Red Man, Jews celebrate the history of invasion-immigration in the US. Anyway, the reason why Jewish Supremacists like Yglesias hate Russia and American conservatives so much is because both peoples are nationalist than imperialist. Russia is for Russian national interests, and American conservatives are for American national interests. But both sides understand how they can co-exist in peace, trade, and respect one another. Jews hate national sovereignty among goy nations because it means resistance to Jewish globalist neo-imperialism. Jews believe that they, as the supreme race, should have the right to stick their noses into the affairs of all nations. Jews now see themselves as god. Just as God was said to see and know everyone and everything in the world that all belongs to Him, Jews feel they have some divine right to penetrate anywhere, lay claim to anything, and decide what is right for anyone. (Jews say Homo-Worship is compulsory for all peoples now.) What Jews once regarded as the outlook of God has become their own outlook because they no longer believe in God. There's no more need to project Jewish personality onto God. By outsourcing their neurosis to God, Ancient Jews had gained a measure of humility. (God was like a scapegod. Jewish arrogance and megalomania were pushed onto God who burned brightly with Jewish fury. Worshiping their own megalomania as a collective spiritual entity, Jews found a measure of peace. But in the absence of belief in God, Jewish arrogance remains within the Jewish soul and burns out of control.)

Jews are now a self-worshiping bunch of a**holes who thinks all nations and peoples exist to serve Jews. This is why Jews hate American conservatives and Russia. American and Russian nationalisms, though humbler, are more resilient and stronger because they know their limits and duties. American nationalism is supposed to serve Americans, and Russian nationalism is supposed to serve Russians. Why does this idea trigger Jews? Because Jews think Americans and Russians ought to serve Jews. This is why Jews spread Homomania all around. Homos are the proxies of Jews who favor the New Normal of elite minority supremacism. And this is why Jews say existing Americans are less American than Americans-yet-to-be by never-ending waves of Mass Invasion-Immigration. If existing Americans really felt they owned the nation, they would have a clearer sense of what is good for most Americans who are not Jewish. Jews hate the idea of Russians, Americans, or white people caring primarily about themselves. It’d mean they would put their own interests above those of Jews. So, Jews push any mentality and outlook among goyim to make them think less about themselves than of the Other. And since Jews are the most powerful group among the Other, they take the lion’s share of the white cucking out for the Other. One thing for sure, white Christian American concern for the Other sure favors Jews over Palestinians.

There is no doubt that Jewish power is nakedly supremacist. Jews surely control the Narrative with their ownership of the World Media. That is why, to this day, so many Americans have no idea that Jewish communists carried out mass-killings in the USSR and ruled over goyim-as-cattle. They have no idea that it was Jews who raped Russia in the 90s and led millions to die of destitution. Jews also carried out massive White Slavery by turning countless Slavic girls into sex-slaves in Israel and other parts of world networked by the Jewish mafia. Also, the wars of Bush II and Obama/Hillary were all Wars for Israel. Isn’t it funny how Jews say it’s all about spreading ‘human rights’ and ‘democracy’, but Jews have no problem working with Saudi Arabia, hiring neo-Nazis in Ukraine, and aiding Alqaeda and ISIS in Syria. Surely, the likes of Matthew Yglesias know all this, but their vile Jewish personality and tribalism apparently trump everything. Their Jewish-supremacist imperialism simply cannot tolerate the humble nationalism of nations that want to retain or regain their national sovereignty and work with other similar nations in a spirit of truce and respect. It’s like Russia and China. There’s mutual respect and sense of limits. Russia doesn’t interfere in Chinese affairs, and vice versa. Each seeks its own national interest but finds areas in which they have mutual interests. And they learned to get along. And we can have the same between US and Russia. But nasty Jews won’t have it because they want all nations to serve Jews. Jews bitch and lie about how Trump is servile to Russia when, in fact, they are really pissed because he isn’t wholly servile to Jewish Globalist Power. According to Jewish Logic, US wanting good peaceful relations with Russia is ‘appeasement’. These vile Jews invoke the language of 1939 even though they are the ones who are allied with real neo-Nazis in Ukraine, practice Apartheid in West Bank, and use IDF death squads to kill Palestinian women and children who want to see their stole homeland again. Not being servile to Jews is being servile to Russia. Any honest observer would note that if the US government is servile to one thing, it’s is Jewish Power and Israel that now operates as a vicious Judeo-Nazi state that guns down innocent Palestinians who were forced into refugees status by the Nakba Pogroms in 1948. As if that wasn’t tragic enough, Jews instigated a war in 1967 and stole West Bank and Golan Heights as well. And of course, Jews expect Americans to support their acts of warmongering and imperialism. The real servility is to Jewish Supremacism, but the likes of Yglesias are either blind or dishonest in their refusal to call out reality like it is.

Anyway, the reason why we should spread the ‘meme’ of "Palestine is our greatest ally" or "West Bank and Gaza are our greatest ally" is it makes the scales fall from our eyes and make us realize how duped and brainwashed by Jews we are. Initially, those who hear the utterance will find it absurd. They’ll think, "What? Palestine our greatest ally? West Bank and Gaza our best friends?" But then, it will provoke people to consider the slogan, "Israel is our greatest/closest ally." After all, isn’t the sentiment just as ludicrous as "Palestine is our greatest ally?" Besides, WHO said Israel is our greatest ally? Most Americans are not Jewish. So, what does Israel matter to us? Why should the passion of 1.7% of Americans be the passion of all Americans? Perhaps, Greek-Americans love Greece, but do they make us say, "Greece is our greatest ally?" Do Turkish-Americans make us say, "Turkey is our greatest friend or closest ally?" If the US and Israel are very close, it has nothing to do with what most of us really feel. It’s because Jews rule the US and used their supremacist power to favor Israeli and Jewish-globalist interests over all others. In other words, this ‘closeness’ narrative between US and Israel has been imposed by Jews. Imagine if Iranian-Americans had control of 95% of media, owned Wall Street and Hollywood, dominated Ivy League, and bought up most politicians. Suppose they tell us over and over and over through puppet politicians and front-men, "Iran is our closest ally, greatest friend, and etc." For that to be the case, Iranian-American would have to have supremacist control over us. After all, most of us being non-Iranian, there would be no reason for us to be ecstatic about globalist Iranians and their wildly out-of-proportion interests.

Granted, there is widespread American support for Jews and Israel, but then why? This also owes to Jewish supremacism. It was Jewish control of media and academia that filled so many minds with the notion of Good Jews and Evil Arabs. Hollywood gave us all those Arabs-as-terrorists movies. Hollywood has yet to make a film about the Nakba pogroms, just like it has never made a movie about the murderous Jewish role in communism or about how Jewish-American agents sent Bomb secrets to Stalin. Instead, we get stuff like ANGELS IN AMERICA where Ethel Rosenberg is some saint while anti-communists are scum. It’s all tribal. Jews defended communist agents and vilified anti-communism because so many Jews were on the radical left back then. Of course, Christianity itself spread the supremacism of the Jewish Narrative. Even though Christianity was often anti-Jewish, it disseminated the Bible, the Old along with the New, all over the world, and this came to favor the Jewish Narrative over all others when it came to the Holy Land. So, many Christians supported Zionism as a kind of neo-crusade to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims. Jews were seen as the proxy. But the kind of American Christian Zionism is really disgusting and ultimately pathetic and pitiful. It’s really about low-IQ ignoramus white Evangelicals being hoodwinked into supporting Israel despite the fact that most American Jews despise and hate Evangelical Christians. A poll few yrs back revealed that most Jews prefer even Muslims over Evangelicals. So, those white Christian dummies are being taken for a ride. They are being manipulated by Jewish money that bought up these whore politician who never shut up about ‘muh Israel, muh Israel’.

Jews constitute the most supremacist power in the US but, via their control of the media and academia(and whore politicians), they’ve created the impression that they are the main force of resistance against ‘white supremacism’. Of course, what Jews deem as ‘white supremacism’ is really just White Emancipation from White Submissivism to Jewish supremacism. Jewish masters find it incredibly uppity for whites to say NO to Jewish demands. So, if whites no longer want a ‘new cold war’ with Russia that only perpetuates Jewish supremacism, that is deemed as ‘white supremacism’ by Jews. If whites no longer want to fight more Wars for Israel and kill Muslims or get killed, that is ‘white supremacism’. No more Wars for Israel will surely end the ‘refugee crisis’, but what do Jews care? They only pretend to care about ‘refugees’ without ever addressing the fact that their Zio-supremacist wars led to the violence that uprooted so many peoples. If white people say NO to Homomania, the proxy neo-satanic-christian religion concocted by Jews, that too is ‘white supremacism’ because, for some reason, it is ‘nazi’ to feel that homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting don’t have the same biological value and moral pedigree as real sex and real love & marriage. Using Jewish moral logic, the US must have been a ‘nazi’ nation before Jews made ‘gay marriage’ law of the land. People weren't truly human prior to becoming 'more evolved' by associating homo fecal penetration and tranny penis-cutting with rainbows and marriage. What a truly gross, disgusting, and vile people, these Jewish supremacists.

Even more outrageously, these Jews, who constantly berate white Americans for having favored their own kind over others in the past, zealously insist that Jewish and Israeli interests must take front seat over all others. Should Israel and Iran be treated equally? After all, if the US favored Iranian interests over Israeli interests, wouldn’t that be supremacist? If US is to be a totally fair global power, it would treat all nations and peoples equally. It would not play favorites. If the US were to favor one nation over another, the ONLY justification would be national interest. Now, what national interest does Israel have for the US? Does the well-being, security, survival, or prosperity of the US depend on the existence of Israel? Suppose Israel had not been founded in 1948. Would the US today be less wealthy or powerful? If anything, US relations with all of the Middle East might be much better. So, if anything, US sacrificed much of its national interest to favor Israel, the ethno-megalomanical project of Zionist Jews.

Another proof of Jewish supremacism is that Israel and only Israel among ‘Western Nations’ has sovereignty and full control of its borders. All other Western nations have no such authority. Hungary and Poland have decided to protect their borders, but they’ve come under tremendous pressure and denunciation from the Jew-run EU. But hardly anyone mentions that Israel has the toughest border walls in the world. When we look back on the imperialist histories of Britain, France, Nazi Germany, and the USSR, it’s obvious that the supreme power had the ‘right’ to go anywhere and also to keep Others/Foreigners out of the home-nation. So, the British imperialists could freely move into India, Africa, and Asia. And they could move millions of people from one place to another. They could ship blacks from Africa to West Indies. They could colonize a million Asian Indians in Africa and other parts of Asia. And Indians couldn’t say NO to British intrusion into India, and Africans couldn’t say NO to British relocation-migration of many Hindus to work as coolie labor. But, the British could keep non-British out of Britain itself. Brits could protect their home-base like Jews protect Israel from the rabble of the world. But today, both the US and EU have come under the power of the Empire of Judea, or EOJ. The US and EU are to the EOJ what India and Africa were once to the British Empire. As such, Americans and Europeans cannot say NO to the mass-migration-invasions of peoples. Indeed, their so-called leaders are not real leaders but cuck-collaborators of Jewish globalism. And via the media and academia, the Jewish Empire has even convinced the masses that ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’(another word for Invasion) are holy and healing for them. It’s like Puerto Ricans have been convinced that they should totally give up on national independence and just be part of the US empire.
But Israel is allowed the full right to accept JEWISH IMMIGRATION ONLY and to strictly patrol the borders and keep out ‘infiltrators’.
So, who has the real power? Those who have control over their own destiny have power. If they have control over their own destiny and over the destines of others, they have supremacist power. Jews not only have control over Israel but have control over US and EU. In Israel, Jews do everything to keep Israel a Jewish State. In US and EU, Jews do everything to turn them into polyglot properties of the Empire of Judea. Jews want to own those imperial possessions forever, and they know Diversity and race-mixing are the key. After all, what ended European imperialism in Africa and Asia? A united people rose up against the imperialists. Blacks united to kick out whites. Browns in India united to kick out Brits. Yellows united in Vietnam to kick out the French. In contrast, why are the white elites still in power in Latin America? Because the extensive race-mixing led to confused identities that can’t unite. Mestizos don’t identify with native folks. Also, the arrival of black slaves led to even more diversity and mixture. So, whites still rule in Latin America.
This is why Jews hate goy unity and goy nationalism. It may rise up against the EOJ and say NO to stuff like Sorosism. Just like the British moved tons of Hindus into Africa to mix things up and dominate via divide-and-rule, Jews are now pushing mass-migrations all over the world to mix up populations so that they won’t be able to unite against Jewish globo-infiltration and takeover. This is obviously a form of Jewish supremacism.

So, to wake people up to reality, we should say to everyone, "West Bank and Gaza are America’s greatest ally" or "Palestine is America’s closest ally." It’s a way of triggering people. By making them conscious of the ludicrousness of the statement, they can be led to deal with the slogan repeated by politicians and pundits, "Israel is our greatest/closest ally." Well, who said so? And just how is it more valid than "Palestine is our greatest ally?" Are Palestinians less human than Jews. Are Jews superior to other peoples? Are Jewish lives more precious than Palestinian lives?

And if the US is a ‘nation of immigrants’ that is equally open and friendly to all peoples and nations, why does it favor Jews and Israel over all others? If it was wrong for white Americans to favor fellow white nations & peoples in the past, how is it any better for the current US to favor Jews over Arabs and Iranians?
Also, if the US is about ‘human rights’ and the ‘poor huddled masses yearning to be free’, why does it favor the Judeo-Nazi state of Israel that uses IDF death squads to gun down Palestinians yearning to be free? And if Jews claim to be about justice and concern for the oppressed, why don’t Jews use Hollywood to make movies about the Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map?
Also, given the Jewish globalist project of trying to Palestinianize the White Race and other peoples, it’s about time white goyim said, "We are all Palestinians now". Jews raped the Russian economy in the 90s and palestinianized the Russians. Jews used Clinton to force sanctions on Iraq that killed 100,000s of women and children. Iraqis were palestinianized. Jews used 9/11 as excuse to invade Iraq and bring about a massive civil war. More palestinianization. Jews used Obama and Hillary to destroy Libya, once the best nation in Africa, now a nation in total tatters. Libyans were also palestinianized. And Jews used Obama/Hillary to arm Jihadis and terrorists in Syria to turn that place upside down. 400,000 were killed, many more were wounded, and millions were displaced. Syrians were palestinianized. And then, Jewish power pushed all these ‘refugees’ into Europe so that Europeans would lose their ancient homelands to mass invaders. They too would be palestinianized. When we look at the doings of Jews, it’s obvious why most peoples didn’t want to take in Jews. And those that took them in soon regretted it. Jews are arrogant, megalomaniacal, and supremacist. No matter where they go, they try to take over and lord over others. They try to make others serve them while they live and eat like Effendi.

So, say it over and over and over: "West Bank and Gaza are America’s greatest and closest ally."

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