Wednesday, September 9, 2020

"White Silence Is Violence" — Yes, White Silence about Jewish Supremacism IS Violence against Palestinians and Victims of Zionist Imperialism — White Silence about Black Criminality is Violence against Truth and Rule of Law

There is a saying among BLM types: White Silence is Violence

Well, I agree but not in the way that BLM scumbags and their allies & enablers mean it. The motto is true in the sense that whites have been craven, feckless, cowardly, timid, and mute in face of rising evil and intensifying madness driven by Jewish Madness. In a way, we can understand why people choose to remain silent, choose to be cowards. People are naturally fearful, and most dare not stick their necks out. After all, how many victims of Josef Stalin & Jewish Bolshevik henchmen dared to voice their disgust with the system? How many Jews and other victims of Nazi Germany spoke out before SS henchmen with guns? How many American POWs spoke out against the Japanese captors in World War II? How many Japanese in America spoke out against dispossession and 'internment'?
So, human history is rife with those who remained silent in face of evil, oppression, or injustice. Of course, there is another kind of silence. It is when, despite you and your kind not being targeted by the Power, there is ample evidence of other groups being wronged; but you and your kind mostly remain silent. Germans have been accused of not speaking out against Adolf Hitler, and too many Russians and Chinese just went along with the madness of Stalinism and Maoism. And most Americans are silent about the evils of their government AS LONG AS it doesn't directly affect their lives. Such people are either tacitly approving of the oppression against the targeted groups OR fearful that speaking up may jeopardize their social status, livelihoods, or even lives. Edward Snowden blew the whistle, and look where he is now. And Julian Assange is facing serious time in prison.

According to Jewish-promoted BLM, white people are 'violent' for remaining silent about the 'systemic racism' of 'white supremacism'(that is supposedly interwoven through every fabric of society) that disproportionately targets, oppresses, and even murders so many innocent black lives. By not speaking out against evil, they are essentially tolerating its continuance. Even if you aren't directly involved in the oppression, you are doing nothing to stop it, and therefore, you too are culpable as observers who've done nothing. If you see a man being abused and killed but just go about your daily business and seek out distractions(as entertainment), you are not much better than the oppressors/murderers. If you see someone being murdered outside your window, shouldn't you call the cops than just keep watching TV? Even if you're not guilty of the murder, aren't you guilty of indifference and lack of caring?

All true, but totally untrue within the context of American Reality. If any group is silent in the face of violence, it is the blacks. Blacks are the main killers of blacks, but the 'stitches for snitches' fear-mongering in the black community has made it difficult for many blacks to come forward and serve as witnesses. Also, the intense street tribalism of blacks means that many blacks who know the killer will remain silent out of thug-loyalty. Furthermore, despite the odd black person who is wrongfully killed by the police, the police is the best protection against black-on-black murder. Indeed, the reason why blacks call the police the most is because they're attacked by other blacks. Of course, they hate the police when OTHER blacks call the cops on them when THEY do the violence. When blacks are attacked by other blacks, they are the first to call the police for protection. But when they attack other blacks, the first thing they do is blame the cops.
Now, as the proper thing to do when you see someone being murdered is to call the police, it would be most stupid to denounce the police as the main problem when, if anything, it is the only effective force against so much black-on-black violence in black areas. This is all common sense and simple facts, but the rise of PC mentality under Jewish Supremacism and White Cuckery has led to a browbeaten population that is afraid to speak the truth.

So, if any silence is the real violence, it is the silence of Jews, blacks, whites, and others that refuses to speak the obvious truth about black problems. The obvious truth is blacks commit more crime due to Endemic Race-ism(as opposed to 'systemic racism'), i.e. black genetics made them more inclined toward aggression, impulsiveness, and violence. Also, the fact that blacks are more muscular and tougher in a non-black majority society has imbued them with alpha thug pride, emboldening their viciousness. This is an obvious truth, but no one dares say it out of fear of PC and stupid accusations of 'racism' OR out of ignorance under PC mind-control.
Given the truth of higher natural propensity to violence among blacks(especially within the context of white majority society in which blacks feel as superior thugs and studs over whites), the logical conclusion would be that blacks need to be more mindful of their aggressive nature, more critical of the loutishness of fellow blacks, and more accepting of tough measures to control crime in their communities. Then, there could be more law-and-order and more reflection among blacks, and that will reduce violence and death in black communities. But no one dares speak this obvious truth. They opt for silence out of fear of PC. And it is precisely this kind of silence that has led to MORE DEAD blacks(along with non-blacks as well). Why is it that every time society bends the knee to BLM demands, MORE BLACKS end up being killed and more neighborhoods end up going to pot? Whether in the late 60s through the early 90s, the final yrs of the Obama Presidency, or since the advent of BLM riots in 2020, the number of dead blacks has increased. And with less policing, black aggression has spiraled out of control, and there have been many more victims of black thuggery and savagery.
So, it is true. Silence is Violence. But not in the way that BLM idiots, Jewish Supremacists, and White Cuck morons mean it. Silence is Violence because the forced/accepted silence about black problems has led to a total mis-diagnosis of racial problems. It's like treating indigestion with chemotherapy. But then, as with the Covid-19 hysteria, mis-diagnosing national/world problems is what the Globalist Elite Power is all about. The Power doesn't care about the truth, justice, or answers. It only cares about its own power, more of it. And as the power is held by Jewish Supremacists, it will push for any kind of PC, no matter how false, in order to ensure that whites will be paralyzed with 'white guilt', thereby remaining beholden to the Other led by Jews. Jewish Supremacist Power fears nothing more than White Liberation that finally says NO to Jewish Evil.

There are other ways in which White Silence is Violence. Why were Jews able to destroy Palestine and go on oppressing & dehumanizing the Palestinian people since the days of Nakba? Because there has been two kinds of white voices on the matter. The loud voice that totally cheered on Zionist imperialism against Palestinians and the silent voice that knew of the injustice but remained mum out of fear of Jewish Power & American Zio-mania OR out of toady-like admiration of Jewish Power, Wealth, and Achievements. But there were many whites who remained silent out of profound sympathy for Jews in the aftermath of WWII and Shoah. They felt white folks had no right to pass judgement on Jews who'd been victimized so horribly the by West. But in remaining silent, they de facto consented to Jewish manipulation of US foreign policy to favor the Zionist destruction of Palestine. So, there is a clear case of White Silence is Violence.

But it wasn't just the whites but other Americans too. Most blacks remained silent about all the US wars against foreign nations. Most blacks said NOTHING about what Zionists did to Palestinians. Most blacks were too busy watching TV or listening to rap or twerking. And their so-called leaders were too beholden to Jewish Money to speak out against Jewish Power. But the same goes for browns and yellows. Most browns don't care about US foreign policy. Many join the US military and invade other nations at the behest of Jews. And status-oriented yellows only care about saying whatever is 'proper' so as to rise up the ladder and be accepted by the Power. Sadly, this is even true of many Arabs and Muslims in America. So, all their SILENCE has essentially amounted to an assent to US foreign policy steered by evil Jewish Supremacism. Indeed, the number of blacks(most of them thugs) killed by US police is nothing compared to the number of Arabs, Muslims, and others around the world destroyed by US military, US financial terrorism, and US sanctions. But where is the Voice? Where is the Talk? Where are the Conversations?
Indeed, contrary to PC 'woke' accusations, plenty of whites are always talking about blacks and blackity-blackness. Jews, blacks, whites, and even browns/yellows are always talking about problems faced by blacks. Blacks like Jussie Smollet can lie. Blacks can pull off endless hate hoaxes. Blacks can sit at Starbucks without paying, but they are always the 'victims'. Blacks misbehave the most in school and get suspended, but they are portrayed as poor victims of 'racism'. The problem in the US is not white silence about blacks but White Bullshit about blacks. It's about White Dogma about blacks. White dogma, mantra, and bullshit about blacks feed on black megalomania and mis-diagnose problems by blaming whites and 'systemic racism' for black bad behavior, largely driven by the endemic race-ism of genetic product of evolution. If indeed whites are silent about anything, it certainly isn't about blacks.
Whites are silent about black violence against whites and non-blacks. How many whites get worked up over black-on-white, black-on-brown, and black-on-yellow violence? How many whites get worked up over blacks attacking Muslims and Hindus? There is talk of black-on-black violence on occasion but with emphasis on black victim-hood than black criminality. So, if a black thug kills a black kid, there is so much hand-wringing and tear-jerking about the black kid but hardly any word about the black thug who killed him. But usually, the talk is about whites attacking blacks when, in fact, the truth is the other way around. Black-on-white violence is the reality of America. But as Jews control the media, such facts are often suppressed. And as Jews control academia, they mold elite minds into believing that only 'racists' blame blacks for anything. And as Hollywood functions as the new vatican, the new 'spiritual' center of the world, all those white kids who grew up on Magic Negro tropes worship the Mountain-Sized Negro who loves a little white mouse in THE GREEN MILE along with MLK and Mandela.
In a way, people's perceptions change when dealing with gods. In the Bible, it is a sin when man kills man. But when God kills countless people, it's 'justice' because God is holy and fit to judge wicked mankind. And in pagan cultures, gods must be appeased even when they act amoral because they're so great and above the rules of mankind. In a way, white attitude toward blacks is a blend of biblicalism and paganism. On the one hand, blacks are seen as the people of MLK and Mandela, who are now holier than god and jesus. Blacks, as spiritual icons, can judge the rest of humanity, especially whites, the most 'racist' race stained with the 'original sin of slavery'. So, black violence is always justified, like God smiting the wicked in the Bible. So, whatever blacks do is filtered through this biblicalism. But as blacks are also top dogs of sports, sex culture, and thug-rap-music, white people are enamored with blacks as akin to pagan demigods who, being so badass and cool, are above the lame rules that apply to the rest of humanity. And in cult of Fentanyl Floyd, there is a combo of both biblicalism and paganism. He is spoken of as an angel and saint. But there is the other side of Floyd, the porn actor, drug dealer, and outlaw who "did it my way, sheeeeeeiiiit."
One thing for sure, there is no white silence about blacks. There are endless news articles about Emmitt Till and blackity-blackness. There are endless movies and TV shows about blacks and more blacks. There is MLK day, black history month, and black rappers revered as poets and prophets. Blacks appear all over TV news. Academia is filled with so much talk of black this, black that, and all the Narrative must conform to the notion of blacks as special, especially tragic, especially magic, exceptionally wise, and always oppressed. (Black megalomania parallels Jewish megalomania. There has been so much talk of Jewish victim-hood while hardly any official mention of Slavic victim-hood under Jewish Bolsheviks and Jewish gangster-globalists. No politician in the US speaks for Palestinians and about Nakba while all politicians are always praising Jews and Zion to high heaven. And yet, ADL and other Jewish organizations are always bitching that NOT ENOUGH is said about the Holocaust and 'antisemitism'.) Even when the problems are obviously caused by blacks, the PC logic goes into warp mode to somehow connect blacks stupidity and murderous-ness to 'systemic racism' or 'white racism'(or 'white fragility', and etc). And this is all a fool's game because, even as PC excoriates 'white fragility', it perpetuates it because whites are always put on the moral defensive. PC says it is sick of 'white silence' and wants whites to speak honestly about problems, but that is exactly what PC doesn't want. After all, if all of us can speak openly and honestly, many will point out racial differences, black stupidity, and black violence. Such honest talk won't do because it will destroy the culture of ignorance and conformity that makes PC possible. PC reacts to truth like bacteria reacts to oxygen. PC's idea of truth is like communist notion of freedom. 'Our way or the highway'. Just like communists told you how to be 'free', PC tells you what you must believe as 'true'.
Still, there is much truth in the notion of 'white silence is violence'. White Silence about Jewish Supremacism has led to Jewish Evils all around the world. As long as whites don't speak out against Jewish Power, it will go on using the US to support Israel's diabolical policies against Palestinians, Syrians, Iranians, and etc. If white people had spoken truth to Jewish Power, so many Arab and Muslim lives could have been spared in the Middle East. Also, prevention of wars and chaos would not have led to the massive 'refugee' crisis that engulfed parts of Europe and caused so many problems.

It is white silence about Jewish Power and its manipulation of blacks that has led to so much victimization of whites and non-blacks. If whites had been loud and clear about black-on-white violence, more would have been done to reduce it, thereby saving many white lives. But even as so many whites were attacked by blacks, most whites remained silent out of fear of being called 'racist' by the Jewish-run media and its cucky-wuck minions.
It is white silence about Jewish Supremacist Evil that led to a 'new cold war' with Russia, thereby endangering both nations with possibility of conflict, even all-out war. The truth is that nearly all of anti-Russia hysteria is driven by Jewish Supremacists who are bitter that they failed to take over Russia like they did with US and EU. Jewish Globalists hate the idea of an independent Russia that says NO to Jewish Globalist Hegemony and fear that other whites around the world might take the cue from the Great Bear. And so, there has been nonstop vilification campaign against Russia, but there's been total silence among most whites regarding this matter. Even those who are more sympathetic to Russia remain silent about the Jewish role in the 'new cold war'. Such white silence indeed breeds the unrelenting violence of the Jewish Supremacist worldview.
So, something must be done about the problem of 'white silence is violence'. It is about time whites got some courage, broke the vow of silence, and spoke truth to Jewish Supremacist Power. Whites need to push for a De-ZioNazification Campaign. Jewish Power must be exposed for its evils, and White Liberation must pledge to no longer serve and enable the evil and murderous(even genocidal) agendas of Zionic perfidy. White Soldiers must speak out and say, "We will NOT fight Wars for Israel." No more white silence before the power of Jewish Supremacism. White Voice is Choice. And choice means the hope of breaking break free from the nagging, demanding, threatening, and insulting biliousness of Jewish Supremacism that regards whites not as fellow humans but as attack dogs, horses, cattle, and Janissary for the Empire of Judea. Go get some paint and spread the message PALESTINIAN LIVES MATTER on the streets of New York. PLM.



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  1. Antifa activist Jeff Alan Acord has been arrested for starting numerous fires, here in WA, but since he is "white" it will be chalked up as WN arson, by (((Homeland Security))) and the (((FBI)))