Monday, July 20, 2020

When WHITE POWER is Taboo, the Only Thing a White Individual can hope for is White Privilege — In that sense, We are living in the Age of White Privilege

The so-called Left yammers on and on about 'white privilege' while many on the 'right' deny it exists. It's more accurate to say White Privilege does exist but as a function of White Submission than of White Supremacism. After all, if indeed the entirety of white race had a solid supremacist position over all other races, there would be no need for White Privilege. Who needs privilege when you got supremacist power over others? Even though White Supremacism is racially defined, it is at least universalist within the white race, i.e. all whites, smart or dumb, rich or poor, share in their superiority & supremacy over or security & safety from other peoples, groups, and races. So, even though some whites would be socially and/or economically privileged over other whites, ALL whites would be universal in their superiority over or security from other races. There would be no White Privilege because ALL whites would share in the dominance. It would be universalist within the particularity of the white race.

The term 'privilege' connotes something more than domination or shared power/position. It implies 'exceptionality' limited to a few. Thus, if something is broadly shared by the entire population, it doesn't qualify as privilege EVEN IF another group is broadly kept in a subservient position. So, if society is made up 50/50 of People A and People B and if ALL members of People A have superiority over all members of People B, it can be called Power but not Privilege. Power unites, Privilege divides. Power for People A would unite all of them, from rich to poor. In contrast, Privilege for People A would mean only select members of the group would enjoy special advantages or exemptions from burdens shared by the rest. If indeed People A had Power over People B, privilege would matter more among People B as some of them would seek favors that would advantage them over most of their kind who must keep within the subservient position.
In the American South, a white man, no matter how poor, could not be enslaved. This fact united him with other whites. Rich or poor, whites could not be slaves. This was not a privilege but the power of rights that applied to all whites. In contrast, privilege mattered a great deal to blacks because any black could be enslaved. So, for a black man to be a free man, that was a matter of privilege. Without such privilege, he was like all the other 'ni**ers'. And there was a privilege system even among the black slaves: the House Negroes and the Field Ni**ers. While both groups were slaves, the former got access to the massuh's house, ate better, enjoyed more petty freedoms, and got more access to good stuff. Because, by and large, blacks had a subservient position to whites in the American South, privilege was a very important thing for blacks as individuals. Since they could not gain power, freedom(as a right), and full spectrum of rights as a People, they could only hope to gain advantages as individuals of privilege. Such privileges exempted them from the lot faced by most of their kind.
Fast Forward to today, and we can argue that White Privilege is indeed a real phenomenon but not in the way that 'left'(as controlled by Jewish Supremacists) would have us believe. According to the Official Narrative, ALL whites enjoy this thing called 'white privilege'. But if something is universal among whites, it's not a privilege but a power. But where do you see any such? Whites are divided as 'liberals' and 'conservatives'. Denied the identity of race/heritage/culture, whites seek meaning only through ideology of 'libertarian individualist conservatism' vs 'radical collectivist progressivism' OR idolatry(or 'idology' as fusion of ideology and idolatry) for the Holy Three of Jews, Negroes, and Homos. White elites disdain the white hoi polloi, and increasingly the white masses hate the white elites.
Also, the Official Dogma of New Jewish-ruled America says that Whiteness is at best problematic and at worst downright evil. Whiteness is the Mark of Cain, a human stain, and the original sin of creation(not unlike Nation of Islam's theory about how whites were grafted from the black race). Whites must feel guilt, whites must atone, whites must feel shame, whites must surrender their lands, whites must surrender their jobs & wealth, whites must kneel & sob, white wombs must be sexually colonized by blacks, white soldiers must fight, kill, and die for Jewish Supremacist crusades, and etc. In other words, whites must live for the Other, not for their own kind. White Power is evil. White Unity is cursed. White Identity is wicked. White Anything is suspect.
Then, there is nothing to unite whites together. There is no intra-universality among whites that binds them together against the Other. Indeed, whites must especially cuck and apologize because they still happen to be the richest people in the world, mostly the result of past White Evil, Greed, Rottenness, and Wickedness. And of course, White 'liberals' and progs are onboard with such worldview, not least because they were raised by the 2 PC's: Pop Culture and Political Correctness dominated by Jews — over the years, Pop Culture and Advertising have become overly politicized by capitalist elites trained by 'cultural marxists' in colleges who spread the notion of 'cultural hegemony'; as these elites no longer believe in communism, they use the capitalist means of marketing to spread the 'idology' of Jew-worship, homo-worship, Negro-worship, and Diversity Cult. (Some radicals and blacks say 'white liberalism' is also a form of white supremacism, and there is a kernel of truth in the claim in that 'white liberalism' could only arise from a state of white supremacism. It was the supremacist position of whites that made some whites drop their guard, grow more generous & conscientious, be less tribal & warlike, and be more critical of their own kind. They could risk such magnanimity because they took white power, security, wealth, and well-being for granted, even as a permanent state of being. Indeed, is it any wonder that some of the biggest virtue-signaling 'white liberal' types tend to live in nice areas with plenty of money and security? If a whole bunch of black savages were coming to rape and pillage them, they would change their tune sooner than later. So, even as 'white liberalism' denounces white supremacism, it exists only as a product of white domination over other races. Whites gained such power and success that a large portion of them could drop their natural guard, ignore their tribal instincts, and put on do-goody airs toward the Other that was seen as helpless children. It's like humans in a state of nature do not feel generous toward animals that are seen as rivals; it was only when modern man gained absolute supremacist dominion over the natural world that humans began to wax poetic about fauna and flora as something that needs protection. Environmentalism is the product of human supremacism over nature. Living in the state of nature, mankind's main worry would be to survive other animals than to help them survive the impact of humans.)
Because whiteness is now so degraded and demeaned, there is no advantage to white identity, white unity, and white continuity as building blocks for white power. In the American West, all whites united to fight the Indians and conquer/settle the lands. In 19th century South Africa, whites of all kinds banded together against blacks. (Back then, whites easily made up 50% of the sparsely populated region.) It was about White Power, not white privilege. All whites of different stripes and backgrounds were united in their identity and purpose. Even though they created social orders in which whites had advantages and rights over others, the rules applied universally to all whites. Whites didn't need privilege because they insisted on the unity of power. It's much the same among Jews in Israel and West Bank. Jews don't need special privileges because they got the power. ALL Jews are favored over ALL Arabs. If anything, it is the Arabs who rely on special privileges(granted by Jewish Supremacists) if they are to avoid the fate of most Palestinians. It's like some Chinese and Hindus collaborated with the British Imperialists for special privileges. Whereas all whites belonged to the dominant race and had their rights secured under the Imperial Law, Hindus and Chinese needed special privileges to enjoy better positions in the Order.

Given the current reality where whiteness is as reviled as Jewishness was in National Socialist Germany, whites better rely on privileges to have it so good. Whereas blackness, Jewishness, and homo-ness are innately holy according to the New Order, whiteness is fake, vile, venal, ugly, hideous, and evil. As whiteness sucks so bad, it can hardly be used as an organizing principle, unifying force, matter of dignity, or point of pride. In other words, 'white' is the 'new ni**er'. Since being white is a great moral, historical, political, social, and spiritual disadvantage, it makes no sense to aspire toward White Power that might unite all whites as one race with shared destiny. In other words, there can be no intra-universal truth to whiteness. The ONLY THING all whites must share is guilt and shame about whiteness. When it comes to celebration, it must be about homos; when it comes to awe & fever, it must be for blacks; when it comes to reverence & obedience, it must be for Jews.
In such an Order where whiteness is just a ticket to hell, white individuals need privileges more than ever as exemptions from collective punishment. White Privilege is like buying indulgences, once a common practice in the Catholic Church. So, in that sense, we do live in a world of White Privilege. This privilege doesn't apply to all whites as privilege can never be universal, not even intra-universal. Privilege always applies to select individuals or a small inner-group, not to an entire population, even if it is generally advantaged over another population. For example, there were dirt-poor white farmers in the American South who were materially worse off than House Negroes on big plantations. The advantage they had over blacks was not a matter of privilege but power.
Back then, white power mattered. Today, nothing is excoriated more than the notion of whiteness + power or whiteness + identity. It's NOT okay to be white. When power is disallowed, privilege is the only game in town. If your people have been condemned as a whole, then forget about Power. Just seek privilege as a white individual, or as an individual virtue-signaler who is eager to secure one's privilege by ho-de-do-ing that you are working oh-so-very-hard to expunge yourself of the evils of 'racism' and 'white supremacism'.
Then, it's no surprise that today's white elites are all about privilege, not power. When it comes to power, they recognize Jewishness, blackness, and homo-ness as the only identities/qualities deserving of it. Whiteness deserves no power, and white lands and white wombs must surrender to the Other. Still, white individuals want success and money, and since they can no longer rely on White Power, they must go for White Privilege, an advantage that, far from applying to all whites, applies ONLY TO those whites who can afford to pay indulgences to the 'woke' extortion industries. So, all those multi-national corporations, including Chick-Fil-A(now more like Dic*-Fill-Ass), go out of their way to appease the Wokextortionists or Woktortionists to gain favor as good House Honkeys or Corpo-Cucks. Jeff Bezos and Jack Dorsey are super-duper-rich, but they don't have white power. Just white privilege. Of course, they don't care as long as they got theirs and the approval of their 'moral superiors' made up of Jews, blacks, and homos. They are happy honkucks.
Still, the crucial point is what they got is privilege, not power. They got privilege by cuck-collaborating with the real power of Jews, blacks, and homos. This state of affairs illustrates how power isn't just about money but about prestige. A House Negro could be far better off than some Po' White Trash, but the latter was a free man who could take his freedom for granted. No matter how poor and 'trashy' he may be, he couldn't be enslaved by the richest white plantation owner. But even the fanciest House Negro eating well and living in the Massuh's Mansion could lose his privileges overnight and be sent to pick cotton. So, even when the House Negro is materially well-off, he wasn't free and actually had less power than even the lowest Po' White Trash. In a way, the likes of Tim Cook and Bill Gates understand this. They are mega-rich and got more money than they could ever hope to spend, but they got no power because they are white. They can pour tons of money into various ventures and causes but never for the power of their race. If anything, to keep their privileges, they must pour vast sums into causes that do harm to whites while expanding the power of Jews, Negroes, and Homos.

So, we are indeed living in the Age of White Privilege. When Power is banned, all you can strive for is privilege.


  1. A God send, you are. Required reading for anyone with an IQ above room temp. You rock!

  2. Antifa throwing projectiles at police from behind a wall of BLM mothers is so very, very Jewish.