Monday, July 13, 2020

What TREASON Means in a Globo-Homo World dominated by Jewish Supremacism — Were the Confederates 'Treasonous'? — Are Current Deep State Elites Treasonous to the American Nation? — Immigration as Treason

One man's treason is another man's reason and vice versa.

Was Southern Secession an act of treason? Yes, if you regard the American Union as inviolable and indivisible. No, if you believe in states' rights, including the right to secede. It all depends on the very premise, the foundational basis, of one's worldview or national view. One could say US was created out of treason against the Mother Country. Or one can say it was founded on liberty and independence from Father Tyranny, like with Zeus' rebellion against his own father Cronus.

Also, if US is so against treason, why encourage it around the world? US has collaborator agents in every country and encourages(and even bribes) them to serve US interests than their own national interests. US remains in Afghanistan by propping up a puppet regime that many Afghans regard as treasonous.

Also, looking back on US history, was Manifest Destiny a treasonous act? If US values and ideals are about equal respect for all peoples and cultures, then Manifest Destiny violated such principles by expanding westward and committing 'genocide' on the native folks. Was US conquest of the SW Territories treasonous? After all, if US was founded on terms of national independence and sovereignty, did it not violate the sovereignty of Mexico by provoking and waging war and taking so much territory?
Of course, one can make counter-arguments and say that the vision of America has been to spread liberty and expand progress. So, if US took more land and grew bigger in order to spread more freedom and development, it was all worth it and very pro-American.

So, on the matter of the Confederacy, one can make a case for treason or against treason. Depending on the premise, either argument is valid, or invalid. It's like a conscientious objector can be regarded as a traitor/coward or a hero/saint depending on one's views. And then, there are matters of dual or higher loyalty. Muhammad Ali considered himself an American but also a BLACK American and a black Muslim. As such, he had a loyalty higher than that to what he perceived as White America. He didn't serve in Vietnam because he saw it as a white man's war. In a way, one could say he was treasonous, but in another way, he was being true to his higher loyalties, i.e. had he served in the war, he would have been treasonous to Allah(as conceived by Nation of Islam).

Personally, treason is most despicable when it's mostly about personal gain, opportunism, and vanity. If you turn against your own people for thirty pieces of silver, you are scum. Or if you switch loyalties to the other side simply because it seems 'cooler' and more prestigious to with the richer/greater power, then you're hollow and lack a core. On the other hand, what may seem treasonous and are indeed so from the traditional perspective may be necessary reforms. Any great social upheaval or revolution is an act of treason against the past, resulting in much crisis and agony. But it allows the birth of an improved or new order that may well benefit the great majority. Rise of Modern Turkey was an act of treason against the traditional Ottoman order, but it was time for much needed changes. But such treason, as with the American Revolution against the British Monarchy, was fueled by much idealism and vision, therefore isn't despicable like treason for mere opportunism. (Besides, one could argue arch-conservatism is also an act of treason. If the role of the ruling class is to govern well and improve the lives of its subjects, then its absolute refusal to adopt superior means and greater justice could be construed as an act of treason against their obligation to rule well and fairly.)

There are obvious examples of treason, but many are subtle, ambiguous, and/or even subconscious. Take mass immigration to the West. Most non-whites don't consider it as treasonous. And even the ruling elites of many non-white nations encourage their own kind to emigrate. Maybe, it's due to surplus population, gaining greater economic access to and influence over the metropole, hope for remittances from the immigrant community, and etc. This kind of immigration isn't regarded as treasonous because emigrants from nation A aren't specifically going to the US or EU to do harm to their country of origin. For example, Turks aren't going to Germany or US to join some institution to do harm to Turkey. And yet, immigration is a kind of treason in the sense that immigrants are abandoning their own nations, pledging allegiance to another nation, forgetting their own identities & cultures, and mixing with other races to dangerous levels of deracination.
Furthermore, given the imperial nature of the US-EU empire under Jewish Power, there is always the chance(and not a slight one) that the empire will target, sanction, destroy, and even invade your nation of origin. Indeed, what are Iranians to do when the US is causing great harm to Iran? Some Iranian-Americans in the US military will have to drop bombs on their own people if it comes to war. Even Iranian-American civilians must pay taxes that go to support Jewish supremacist war on Iran. What are Russian-Americans to do when the US, under Jewish control, is relentless in its hate campaigns against Russia? What are Chinese in America to do if a war breaks out between US and China?
Look to the past, and what did German-Americans end up doing in World War I? They were recruited to kill fellow Germans. (In the case of World War II, it made good sense for German-Americans to fight for the US because Germany declared war, but US entry into WWI was on bogus grounds to serve global bankers. But German-Americans had to fight and kill their own ethno-brethren. [Jews understand this aspect of American History, i.e. it tends to push treasonous views on immigrants to wage war on their own kind in the Old World, e.g. German-Americans vs Germans and Japanese-Americans vs Japanese. And that is why Jews are adamant about remaining JEWISH-Americans than Jewish-AMERICANS, and that is also why Jews use media power and political influence to drum all politicians and all Americans with the notion that "Israel is America's greatest ally", i.e. Zion is synonymous with America.] Also, German-Americans were such craven cowards that, instead of pushing back against vile anti-German campaign in the US during WWI, they did all they could to Anglo-Americanize themselves. In some ways, Jews were more admirable in their resistance to such pressures following World War II when many Jews were under suspicion of sympathizing with World Communism. Jews were wrong to support communism but right to guard Jewish identity from American Power. The fate of German-Americans and Swedish-Americans should be a powerful lesson about what happens to a people when they lose a strong sense of who they are and where they came from. Of course, the deracination disease has struck not only German-Americans and Swedish-Americans but Germans in Germany and Swedes in Sweden. The fate is Milwaukee, Madison, and Minneapolis. Once wonderful places, now either crime-fested cities or 'woke' tardopolises into globo-homo-mania.)
Thus, the story of mass immigration to the US has been a kind of treason. Immigration can only lead to ambivalent feelings about identity. After all, Mexicans have contradictory views of Mexican-Americans. In some ways, they are fellow Mexicanos, fellow Tacoan brethren. Many Mexicans even see Mexican-American immigration, legal and illegal, as a kind of Reconquista. But in another way, Mexicans feel that Mexican-Americans who speak only Ingles, serve in the US military, and work as Cuckez agents of Gringo Nation are traitors. One reason why so many Mexicans didn't warm up to Jeb Bush despite his being so pro-Mexican and having a Mexican wife was that the couple looked so much like a symbol of US domination over Mexico. Big Gringo Man and Tiny Brown Woman. What Jeb regarded as his warmth and affection for Mexico was seen by Mexicans as domination and condescension. So, while many white Americans considered Jeb Bush as a symbol of treason — globalist selling White America to brown future — , many Mexicans saw Jeb's wife as the kind of typical Mexican female in Hollywood movies with a gringo man or hubber.
So, the charge of 'treason' is never a sure thing as anything can be deemed treasonous simply by moving the goal posts or altering the coding of core principles. The current war on Confederacy is essentially part of the Jewish War on White. Just like Jews say whiteness is not intrinsic to being French or British or Dutch or Swedish or whatever, they say any form of defiant white identity is evil and wrong. Jews used BLM to not only topple Confederate but British statues. Neocons are especially invested in destroying the Confederate legacy because they operate in the GOP. As GOP relies so heavily on the Deep South, it has become de facto the Neo-Confederate Party, or the Neocon-Federate Party. But that means Neocons in the GOP are associated with Southern 'racists', and that means people can connect Neocons & Zionism with White Southern Redneck 'racism'.
This is all very ironic because Jews, both Neocons and Liberal Zionists, totally support Israeli tyranny over Palestinians, turn a blind eye to IDF death squads mowing down Palestinian women & children, and support apartheid as practice in West Bank. Also, these 'progressive' Jews work well with theocratic Saudis and ISIS types. (They even work well with quasi-Neo-Nazis in Ukraine, though to be sure, 'neo-nazism' in Ukraine has a somewhat more positive pedigree for its resistance against Stalinism during World War II.)

The rule of American Politics is, "If Jews want it, they get it." Not only do Jews push for it but, once the word is out that Jews want it, goy politicos of either party dare not push back against Jews. So, both parties are totally for suppressing BDS. Both are for more billions to Israel and more sanctions on Iran and Syria. Both are now for globo-homo-mania. Both are for Negrolatry, what with Trump rhapsodizing about Fentanyl 'groid' Floyd smiling down upon us from heaven. (More likely, angels have their knees on his neck before casting his ghastly negro self down to hell.) If Jews want it, they get it. Jews got the power, and the Power decides. Sure, because the US is a democracy, Jews don't get everything right away, but they eventually get it as they get to push while no one pushes back. If one side pushes while other side doesn't push back, the pusher eventually wins even if it takes time. It's simple law of physics. If a car is on neutral and if someone pushes from the rear while no one pushes from the front, the car will eventually move in one direction. Jews made sure there will be no counter-push to their pushiness.
As for the GOP, the attack on Confederacy is both troubling and relieving. It may lead to anger in the White South, but as the GOP is the Party of Lincoln, it's always been inconvenient for it to rely on so many Neo-Confederate votes. But then, the Culture War against the White South has been so relentless and overwhelming that even many white southerners are now finally dropping their 'shameful' heritage that insults the new cult of Negrolatry. Lynyrd Skynyrd consented to stop using Confed flags at their concerts. NASCAR now follows suit. Walmart began in the South, but Confed flags have been OUT since the church shooting some yrs ago. Dixie Chicks are now just Chicks. While Antifa and BLM thugs ravage memorials and statues, most white Southerners remain on the plantation of cuckery and do nothing.
Also, white Southern elites were trained in places like Harvard and Yale and other 'liberal' colleges. As such, they are little more than mental cucks of Jews and globalists. Besides, the current Southern elite attitudes are, to an extent, in line with traditional ones. The values and agendas are different but the attitudes are much the same. In the past, the Southern elites looked down on 'white trash'. Many of them favored House Negroes over poor white farmers. Today, southern white elites virtue-signal by saying, "WE GOOD REPENTANT southern whites are NOT like those lowlife redneck vermin who still wave Stars & Bars and revere Stonewall Jackson. We suck Negro dong, kiss Jewish ass, and bend over to globo-homo power." Same old elitist attitude in different dress. But even white southern masses are changing. Their religion is football dominated by blacks who thump white guys and hump white girls. In integrated schools, many white guys got beaten up by black guys and cuck to blackness as in their pathetic roles as worthless 'whiggers'. And as rap music is big among white southern boys, they imitate blacks and no longer resist jungle-feverization of white women. They are finished. And there is mass immigration of yellows and browns who mostly vote Democratic. The South is really over. Same with Texas, now a land of cuckboys than cowboys.

In the end, while anything can be accused of treason, the sting of accusation sticks ONLY WHEN made by those in power. If the British had won, Benedict Arnold would have been honored as a patriot who served the crown while Washington and Jefferson would have been hanged as traitors. But the Revolutionaries won, and Washington became the Father of the American Republic whereas Benedict Arnold, at least in US history, became synonymous with 'traitor'.
So, 'treason' is one of those power-words. It gains full meaning only if made with the power to back up the accusation with penalty. In a way, all of today's deep state elites are treasonous. US elites don't serve the US. They are globalists whose main loyalties are to the oligarchic matrix of Jewish supremacist power, multi-national corporations, imperialist military-industrial-complex, the cult of Negrolatry, and globo-homo-mania as the new messianic neo-religion of the West. The Russia Collusion Hoax was one of the greatest acts of treason in US history, but it was presented as the ultimate patriotism against Donald Trump, the treasonous puppet of evil Vladimir Putin or Putler. So many people in the Deep State should be sent to prison or even executed for their plot against Trump who came to the presidency by fair election — if it was unfair, the wronged side was Trump and his supporters, but Trump still managed to eke out a win. But notice the Deep State spins a different tale, and it has the power to protect 'made' people. Just like Wall Street scum never faced justice after the 2008 fiasco, virtually everyone involved in Russia Collusion Hoax will be protected and continue to control America.
Men like David Patraeus are traitors. They don't defend or serve America. They serve Jewish supremacist imperialists and work for the kind of power that encourages Christian churches to drape themselves with 'gay pride' colors. In aiding and abetting Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians and Wars for Israel(that target Muslims and Arabs), these men are actually even violating the principles of 'anti-racism' that they claim to represent. They say US must redeem its 'racist' past, but they have a strange way of going about it by aiding Zionist 'racist' terror against Palestinians, Arabs, and Iranians. So, 'treason' isn't about truth or justice. It's about who has the power, who gets to decide the political premise and 'moral' foundation, and who has the means to not only accuse others of treason but to use the power of institutions to make the charges stick.

In current US and EU, the highest 'loyalty' and greatest 'patriotism' are about cucking to Jewish supremacism, worshiping globo-homo queertianity, and kissing the black ass as magical. If you defy such notion, then you're treasonous. But then, being accused of 'treason' by vile Jewish supremacists and globalist cucks should be a honor. One should NOT be loyal to such evil powers. Today, the weasel globalist-generals who serve a globo-homo-ized US military that is used to promote Jewish Supremacism and Jungle Fever/Faith dare charge the great Robert E. Lee, a loyal son of his beloved Viriginia, of treason. With Jews, You Lose. Whites were fated to lose everything when they ceded their power and authority to Jews.

Now, a question. Suppose Southern States had more people and a bigger economy than the North in 1860 and suppose the Northern States seceded from the Union and Southern States waged war to restore the Union. Would the Northern States have committed treason?

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  1. Treason is a capital crime and for very good reasons.