Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Current Crisis is less a Matter of Wrong Ideology than Abnormal Psychology(on a Mass Scale)

It seems ideology is now secondary to psychology, much of it abnormal.

What we are witnessing is so much lunacy with no relation to reality.

At least when communism was a major movement in the late 19th century and the 20th century, there were workers mired in terrible conditions. There was violent class repression. So, even if communism ultimately proved not to be the answer, its criticisms and promises had something to do with reality.

And the same could be said of the Civil Rights Movement. Whatever one thinks of MLK and the demands, blacks were second-class citizens in the US without full guarantee of rights.

And even though, in retrospect, anti-communist rhetoric was exaggerated — Soviet Union never had more missiles than the US and faced huge economic problems, and communist victory in Vietnam didn't set off the 'domino theory' — , there really was a Cold War and the Soviet Empire to rival US empire.

But today, there is MORE hysteria, paranoia, rage, and hatred than ever BUT with no relation to reality. BLM is based on a total falsehood. Russia wants peace and trade, not a 'new cold war'. But the anti-Russian hatred is beyond belief. Border security is what national stability and Rule of Law are about, but ‘liberals’ and ‘progressives’ claim that detaining illegals is like the Holocaust all over again. Trump is a fool, clown, and charlatan, but is he ‘literally Hitler’? Russia Collusion stuff was a total hoax, but half the nation, from elites to masses, was totally enthralled with it. A free press is supposed to be about clarifying the truth, not using smoke-and-mirrors in collusion with Deep State. Covid-19 is a problem, and precautions should be taken, but is it really End of the World scenario where entire economies must be sanctioned for ‘recovery’?

When ideology is based on mindless idolatry of Jews, blacks, homos, & ‘muh diversity’ and when it has no bearing on actual reality, it’s no longer about clash of visions or values. It’s about dealing with mass psychosis created by PC indoctrination and Pop Culture degeneracy, made worse by the fading of true faith, heritage, tradition, family, and things that really matter.
In the past, dealing with leftists was to wrestle with wrong ideas. Though leftist or radical solutions were misguided, they were still addressing some real problems and serious issues. Today, we are not dealing with wrong ideas but CRAZY notions. Some of it is surely ‘larping’ as a whole bunch of Antifa kids seem to be bored with life and in search of ‘authenticity’ by 'commitment' and 'radical' action, especially as globalism has hollowed out the middle class, which means that many educated young ones don’t have much of a future. But others really believe in the nonsense. (Also, increased enrollment means that too many dummies got college degrees and expect elitist prospects that aren't available for them. So, they direct their frustration at fighting 'systems' this-or-that or the 'nazis'. As Jews control the academia/media, they cleverly make sure that the disaffected youths target ANYTHING but the Jews. Make the youths believe US is threatened by 'neo-nazis' than by Jewish supremacists who really control things.)
In a sane and mature society, crazy impulses would be balanced by critical mindset championed by liberals and caution & culture of respect urged by conservatives. But liberal culture of free thought & free speech centered on critical thinking is dead. And conservatism just became cravenism and opportunism: Cowards too afraid to displease their Jewish masters or greedy little shills of big money. When GOP’s main funding base is Koch Brothers and Las Vegas — and when John Boehner is now a salesman for Weed — , where is the culture of adulthood?

Without liberal criticality and conservative sobriety to push back against the nuttery, the lunacy just grows worse. Antifa is Peter-Pan-ism with clubs. BLM is like a horror movie: All these brave black souls battling evil white cop zombies and KKK everywhere. It’s all based on fantasy. It's politics as pop genre.
In a way, young people today probably feel cheated because all the great causes were in the 20th century. So, just like the music industry and movie industry, all they have is to recycle and rejigger past causes and events into neo-narratives so that they too could feel part of a great movement. So, cops are the KKK, and Trump is ‘hitler’, and Putin is the ‘other hitler’. (As Jews control media and academia, they taught young ones to see Evil in terms of ‘racist’, ‘nazi’, or ‘anti-semite’. Or ‘homophobe’.) And Conservatism Inc seems nostalgic for the Cold War and seeks out the New Evil Empire to be relevant again. John Bolton is a willfully delusional psychotic on the ‘right’, a mad dog of the Jewish supremacists who encourage such fantastical mindsets as guarantees of More Wars for Israel.
Speaking of mass mental psychosis, what bigger proof is there than homo-mania? What sane person believes in ‘gay marriage’? And yet, in mass psychotic US, 80% support it. And it seems majorities in many nations now believe a tranny is really a ‘woman’. And even though Jews rule the US, noticing Jewish Power means you are ‘delusional’. Truth = delusional according to the Narrative that characterizes rioters and looters as 'mostly peaceful protesters'.
Over the years, the main obsession became not truth or justice but POWER. So, anything that increases power for your side is good. If falsehood is more empowering for your side, it is preferable to truth that could undermine it. This is the result of the 'Nietzscheanization' of the Left. This is why BLM marches with falsehoods. This is why Jewish Supremacists spread lies and more lies to wage more Wars for Israel and to deflect attention from Jewish Power. In all this, there is no place for honor because a person or people with honor will sometimes concede ground to the other side based on higher principles of truth and justice. Jews, homos, blacks, and cucks have no sense of honor. Jews, homos, and blacks are shameless in their power-lust, and white cucks are utterly craven in getting some crumbs for themselves. When POWER than truth, justice, or honor is at the center of the struggle, lies will usually override the truth because, in politics, lies are more useful and convenient than the truth. At least cynics know they are using lies to further their agendas, but don't expect the masses of dummies to, wink-wink, understand the game. Being naive, earnest, stupid, and ignorant, they often swallow the lies with spiritual fanaticism. It's like Mao Zedong understood that the Cultural Revolution was really a power struggle to get rid of his rivals by youth rage as the battering ram, but the mindless Red Guards believed in the movement 100%. Today, cynical Jewish elites and Democratic Party are using Covid-19 panic and BLM nuttery to undermine Trump, but many progs and youngsters are totally swept up in the hysteria.
Though mass-psychosis affects both sides, it is nevertheless a bigger problem on the 'left' because lunacy is usually made worse by self-righteousness. It's like adding fuel to fire. The current Narrative gives the 'left'(of Jews, blacks, and homos) the moral edge over the 'right'. So, while the 'right' is hampered by moral defensiveness, apologetics, and self-doubt, there are far fewer moral or emotional brakes on the nuttery of the 'left'.
If Bob harbors hatred for Bill and vice versa BUT if Bob is made to feel guilty about hating Bill whereas Bill is made to feel great about hating Bob, Bill's hatred will be more out of control, even to the point of insanity. The fact that the biggest 'sins' in the West are 'racism', 'homophobia', and 'antisemitism' means that the 'left' has the moral advantage over the 'right'. So, its derangement syndromes feel more justified. Indeed, it feels more justified the more deranged(i.e. 'passionate' or 'committed') it is.
Maybe it’s time to stop calling them the ‘left’, ‘liberal’, or ‘progressive’ and start calling them out on their psychological states. They should be called hysterics, paranoids, psychotics, delusionals, schizos. We need Schizology to understand what is really going on. (And these terms also apply to ‘conservatives’, as most of them are bimbo idiots or cuck shills. Alt Right held some promise, but the mental states of Richard Spencer, Chris Cantwell, and Matt Heimbach proved they are loony as well.) Given the current mass mental state of the US, it’s no wonder we got presidents like Barack Obama and Donald Trump. Obama the narcissist hustler and Trump the snake-oil salesman. And who’s the candidate now? Joe Biden the mentally-gone nominee. And why not? In a crazy nation, having a working mind or honest mind is actually a handicap.

There is medical craziness and mass craziness. Tiny percentage of people are genuinely schizo or delusional in the medical sense. They see and hear things that are obviously not there. Most people are not mentally abnormal. They are not medically crazy. And yet, how come so many people can become mass-crazy? How did so many Chinese become lunatic Red Guards? How did Germans, the most educated people, become minions of pathological Hitler? How did Jews, the most cerebral people, become such diehard fanatics of communism? Why are so many boys and girls falling for trans-gender nonsense and declaring themselves as 'really male' or 'really female'? It goes to show a people need not be medically crazy to be drive to mass-craziness. Just look at the spread of ugly tattoos and piercings, especially among people who are clearly not medically crazy.

In a way, we are already partly trans-human. We don’t yet have machines and man merged into one, which is still sci-fi stuff in the future. And yet, especially in our electronic age, the various devices such as radio, TV, smart-phones, and internet function as extensions of our eyes and ears(and our minds as well, as most people 'think' through the 'expertise' of others). So, even if we are not medically crazy, we can be mentally fed with lots of crazy, false, stupid, ridiculous, degrading, & hysterical notions and spellbound with insane idolatry. Even non-crazy people can be made mass-crazy with endless streams of nonsense about stuff like Russia Collusion Hoax or “Muslims are taking over America!!”(a favorite on the ‘right’). Insofar as electronic media serve as extensions of the eyes, ears, senses, and even brains(as most people go along with ‘expert opinion’ than form their own) of the masses, entire peoples can be driven mass-crazy with lots of false info, hysterical fear-mongering, delirium, paranoia, rapturous hatred, sensationalist idolatry, and etc. Also, the kind of people who tend to gain the most money and power tend to be sociopaths, and as such, they use the instruments of media, academia, and etc. to spread ANYTHING(no matter how false or dangerous) that furthers their agenda. Think of George Soros.
Most Chinese were not medically crazy but were made mass-crazy because Mao and his flunkies controlled mass propaganda in China. Most Germans were not medically crazy but fell under the sway of Hitler and his pathological henchmen like Joseph Goebbels who gained control of media and education.

The erosion of liberal critical thinking and conservative sobriety has led to a culture dominated by PC lunacy and Pop Culture fantasies. When the control of American Liberalism went from Wasps to Jews, Jewish Liberals had a choice between choosing liberalism or tribalism, and they chose the latter, and liberalism got worse and worse as the result. Alan Dershowitz, once the face of liberal ACLU and free speech, is now a cretin who will pull any gangster trick for Israel and Jewish Power. Cass the Ass Sunstein is no better. As ‘good liberals’, they warn of ‘fascism’ but support Jewish gangster-fascism of the worst kind. As for conservatism, it is useless without a backbone. It needs strong roots and a sense of structure. But what is American Conservatism now? It is David French sucking up to Jewish Power and singing along with ‘money rules everything’ and praising 'drag queen story hour' as what American Conservatism is all about.

Can mass craziness be stopped? Not when it spreads like a forest fire. Then, the ONLY way it can end is to burn itself out. This is why we should not oppose the Chaz-ization of blue cities. Let the lunatics run the asylum. Those who can’t learn through the mind will learn the hard way, through the body.

Welcome to Schizopolis.

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