Monday, July 27, 2020

Tug-A-Gro — Why Leftism, Jews, and Negroes grow More Powerful in the Clash of Civilizations and Empires — Jewish Media Domination elevated Jews, Homos, & Blacks uber alles, and so, All Nations, rightist or leftist, globalist or anti-globalist, use the Moral Currency of Rhapsodizing over Jews, Blacks, and/or Homos

Nonetheless, it was also something of an aha moment along the lines of what I encountered in Berkeley c.2013, as more than ever I realized that Russian SJWs do exist and not just on Twitter.

One reason why SJW-ism spread all over the world isn't merely due to Jewish Media Global domination. It's because even anti-American and anti-globalist governments and nations employ SJW talking points as counter-propaganda against the US(and the West).

Consider Chinese who say 'black lives matter'. Why? Because it's an easy talking point to shame the US that is always criticizing, excoriating, and condemning other nations for its 'human rights abuses'. So naturally, to get back at the US, even anti-American nations will strike at America's Achilles Heel by invoking 'woke' tropes. In a way, most criticisms of other regimes, societies, and nations tend to be 'leftish' in character regardless of the political orientation of the regime in charge. Why? Leftism is about complaints, whereas rightism is about appreciation and reverence. While leftism does have its heroes and saints to revere, it is fundamentally founded on discontent with reality, the system, the order, and etc. It is naturally more polemical than the right. So, the easiest way to discredit or undermine another system is by pointing out all the flaws. And in this, even right-wing regimes end up playing the 'leftist' game. Whether the Soviet Union or reconstituted Russia, an easy propaganda coup to smear the US has been by pointing out its racial problems, especially pertaining to blacks. Soviets made it seem like USSR is the land of the free and equal whereas the US was a nation of rich and poor, white power and black misery. And watch some RT news today, and it often pushes 'leftist' talking points. Of course, not so much about Russia but about the West. It hires Western 'liberals' and 'leftists' because they make the most reliable attack dogs against the West itself. Like Chris Hedges who sees the US as one big penal colony and something out of the movie BRAZIL.

Now, one can criticize a nation, people, culture, or system from the rightist perspective, but rightist energy isn't about complaining 24/7. Even the purity spirals of Christianity are more 'leftist' in character. Conservative Christianity is more about acceptance and resignation and preservation of the status quo. It's Radical Christianity that is 'triggered' by how much the Church has fallen or isn't doing enough. In Martin Luther's time, this had a salutary effect as Protestant Reformers were serious theologians on the meaning of Christ. In today's world, with Christianity remaining as a mere shell in the West, most so-called Christians are really post-Christians who believe the church has relevance merely as a homeless shelter or outpost for various causes with higher 'spiritual' prestige(as decided by Jewish Power that controls the Narrative). As the main faith in the West is now Jews-Homos-Negroes and Diversity(though secondary to Jews-Homos-Negroes), so many churches feel they must accommodate to serving those holy themes. The 'conservative' churches tend to stick closer to the traditional faith but even they are more into Jew-worship than God-worship. What is the #1 theme of Evangelicalism? 'Muh Israel'. And as even Evangelicals are beginning to soften on the Homo issue and get all worked up over 'racism', it's becoming just another kind of SJW church.
Who are the main beneficiaries of all this? Jews and Negroes. On Jews, the argument between Russia and US isn't about pro-Jews vs anti-Jews but about pro-pro-pro-Jews vs pro-pro-pro-pro-Jews. It's a game of which side is more pro-Jewish. Russia will say it defeated Nazism, saved Jews, protects Jews, and has close ties with Israel. US will say it is about loving Jews, remembering Holocaust, and protecting Jews from 'antisemitism'. Now, given that Jews have really messed up Russia with both communism and gangster capitalism, Russia should be anti-Jewish. And US should have woken up by now that Jews are a hostile minority. But as Jews have such media and financial control, all sides feel they must justify themselves as the biggest enemy of 'antisemitism'... or else be condemned as 'nazis'. So, even as the Jews went about undermining Trump and Russia, all we hear from both sides is 'we love Jews'. Tug-of-Schwarz.
And Negroes are also great beneficiaries. From the US side, so much is made of how the nation has come a long way from the dark yrs of slavery and Jim Crow. US uses the black issue as a huge point of pride. "We were once bad to blacks, but now, we see how magical they are and elevate them to demigod status. We love Negroes!!!" But as blacks continue to be socially mired in poverty and complain so much about 'white supremacist' America, nations like Russia, China, Iran, and others jump at the chance of saying, "WE CARE ABOUT THEM POOR HELPLESS NEGROES who are so oppressed, exploited, and mistreated in the 'racist' and 'white supremacist' US." As a result, both white Americans and peoples abroad come under the spell of Negrolatry. White Americans want to take pride in having come a long way and rolling out the red carpet for the Negroes. And 'enemy nations' of America want to take pride in standing up for Negroes as the perennial victims of American 'racism' and white supremacy. Indeed, whether a nation is rightist or leftist, what easier way to rhetorically strike back at the US than by invoking the Black Issue? After all, whereas Jews are super-rich and homos are very privileged in the US, many blacks are still doing poorly. Now, we know why. Blacks are tougher, more impulsive, more given to psychopathy, and less intelligent. That means black frustration with life will often turn to crime and violence and scaring whitey. But many Russians and Chinese only know about Black American Reality through Western Propaganda.

The current West(led by the US) is the most schizo kind of empire ever. Traditionally, empires totally took pride in their imperial glory. This was true of British Empire, Ottoman Empire, and Soviet Empire. Granted, the British Empire did have second thoughts and something like a conscience, as it eventually worked to end the slave trade and the sale of opium. Still, for most of its existence, it was about power and glory. The Soviet Empire was based on leftist ideology, but under Leninism-Stalinism, it allowed no criticism of the Revolution and the System. As such, it was about total revolutionary pride and almost zilch self-criticism.
In contrast, the US empire, though extremely aggressive and arrogant, has as its foundation a kind of self-loathing. US has the most powerful military, biggest economy, and the most aggressive financial imperialism around the world, but so much of US narrative is "US history sucks cuz of 'racism'", "Christianity sucks because of 'homophobia'", "white men are rapists of coeds", "white people are a**holes, white privilege is evil, white fragility is problematic, etc." White America has been the Core America from the beginning, but it is constantly attacked, berated, demeaned, insulted, and humiliated. And as youngsters are impressionable, so many white kids have internalized these propaganda points pushed by Jews.
In a way, one might say US is a very proud and robust empire in that there is no criticism of Jewish Power, the top power that rules. US is about Jews, Jews, Jews and 'muh Israel' from the elites of both parties. In that sense, US empire is like empires of old: It is indeed about the power and glory of Jews. But the neo-imperial narrative is rarely about what the US is really about: Jewish Hegemonic pride. But then, Jews are only 2% of the population and very nervous as rulers. Can an empire sustain itself by elevating the 2% over the majority of whites? Or, are Jews fixing to use Diversity as New Majority as its loyal servants? But can Diversity be as reliable as white cucks and as competent? An empire that glorifies the great majority is surely more stable than one that glorifies a tiny minority. After all, British Imperialist prestige was more stable in the mother country of UK than in India where the British elites had to keep Hindu identity and pride suppressed as a 'national identity'.
But on the other hand, clever Jews may have come upon a formidable formula for empire. After all, what was one of the major reasons for the fall of empires? The subject peoples eventually tired of the occupying power and began to resist. So, the British, French, and Ottoman empires fell apart. But what if an empire erases all notions of conquering people and subject peoples? In other words, while the US military may invade other nations and dominate much of the world, peoples from all over the world can come to the US and become 'Americans'. Or they can go to Europe and become 'Europeans'. Thus, if old empires were a one-way street in the flow of power, the new empire is a two-way street. 'Invade-Invite' means both worlds get transformed. US changes the world with bombs and money, but the world changes the US as immigrant hordes and new elites. In time, they join in the metropole, enter the military, become professors & journalists, and etc. Indeed, consider how so many Third World elites are now pro-imperialist than anti-imperialist. They figure more Western access to their nations means more access to the West on their part. "They take from us, but we take from them." Also, there's the sense that "they criticize us for our human rights problems, but they are also busy criticizing themselves for their human rights problems. Indeed, white professors teach our children to criticize and condemn white supremacism and white racism." (Now, one may argue that the Soviets pioneered this kind of empire, one where Russians had no special privileges over other peoples. A Russian could lord over others, but others could lord over Russians. It was an empire of ideology than identity. Ethnicity mattered less than dogma, i.e. a Lithuanian communist had more power than a Russian reactionary. But as communism was so repressive, it failed to capture the imagination of the world. Who wanted to emigrate to communist nations?) So, this kind of imperialism seems truly 'enlightened' and fair. Unlike old imperialism, it's not about one people conquering and dominating another but ALL THE PEOPLE coming under liberal hegemony. And within this New World Order, whites are just as likely(if not more so) to come under criticism on grounds of 'racism' and etc.
Of course, it's far more complicated than that. Empire of Enlightenment is really a ruse, an illusion. After all, if indeed it's true that ALL peoples should come under criticism and scrutiny, why is there so little talk of Jewish Power, the most powerful power in the West and thus in the world? Why are Jews praised and 'protected' all over the world, from Russia to the US? Why does even Iran go about making a case that "We take good care of our Jews?" How come BLM and Antifa activists hardly go after Jews, and when they do, they get crushed like a bug? Empire of Enlightenment or EOE is really a Jewish Supremacist World Order that creates the impression of New Western Values of 'Diversity' and 'Inclusion' by making it seem like the West is still marked by White Supremacism. Thus, all good peoples — Jews, Muslims, blacks, yellows, browns, Hindus, 'good white liberals', tolerable white cuckservatives, homos, trannies, feminists, and etc. — must all join forces to fight this evil scourge. This creates the impression that all is fair in the New World Order. (Besides, Jews push Diversity on grounds of "Is it good for Jews?" More goy diversity means Jews can play divide-and-rule among bickering goyim.) Gee, the West may invade and bomb other nations, but it is NOT in the service of White Supremacism but 'spreading democracy' and 'fighting terror'. How can it be about supremacism when the West is most committed to stamping out 'white racism' and even 'white privilege'? If anything, the West invites tons of non-white migrants to Europe and immigrants to the US to join forces with 'good whites' to combat White Supremacism. The children of immigrants are taught by good whites to hate 'white racism' as the greatest evil. But, this is to totally overlook the fact that Jewish Supremacism than white supremacism rules the West. It overlooks the fact that Jewish Supremacists are using white mercenary soldiers to destroy other nations, mostly Muslim, and not for 'spreading democracy' or 'fighting terror' but for the interests of Zion and Jewish Power. And it is blind to the fact that Jews invoke 'white supremacism' to deflect attention from Jewish Supremacism as the true master of the West. Even BLM is a ploy on the part of Jews to keep blacks hating whites and to keep whites being paralyzed with 'white guilt'. And what is globo-homo-mania but a Jewish agenda to replace Christianity and natural normality with Queertianity and minority-elite privilege?

In all this, blacks may be the greatest beneficiaries, indeed even more so than Jews. After all, whereas Jews must work very hard to maintain the current World Order, blacks need only sit back and bask in all the love from all the world. Some worthless Negro, Fentanyl Floyd, dies of drug overdose, and all the world loves blacks. Democrats cheer on black rage, GOP doesn't object. Donald Trump says Fentanyl Floyd is an angel looking down on us. European nations broke out in BLM protests. (Some of this was naive and sincere in the spirit of Negrolatry. But it was cynical in some cases as knee-jerk Anti-Americanism. What easier way to justify Anti-Americanism than by mentioning the Black Problem, especially as the universally accepted narrative says black problems are mostly the result of 'legacy of white racism'?) So, blacks can just sit on their ass while both pro-American and anti-American forces around the world chant BLM. After all, BLM is both a form of US imperialism and a form of anti-US imperialism. It is promoted even by US embassies. BLM has officially been declared as the new anthem of America. Americans should take pride in it as the Second Civil Rights. The fact that so many Americans care about Black Lives and condemn 'white supremacist' police brutality means US is a progressive and conscientious nation. So, kudos to America!! (It is also a good way to unseat the white supremacist literally hitler Trump who isn't a real US president but Putin's Puppet or Siberian Candidate.) But BLM is also useful for the 'enemies' of the US. Iran and China are having a field day, watching American cities fall to SJW insurrections that paint the US as an evil nation. The shaming of America taints its image around the world.
In either case, it becomes a game of Tug-A-Gro(Tug-A-Negro). US and its allies tug on the Negro as their darling race, and anti-American nations tug on the Negro to show their love for blacks who are oppressed by US and the West. So, blacks get everything from all sides from this. They not only get adulation in the West but from the Anti-West. The West says, "We are so sorry for the legacy of racism, and we are doing everything and much more to make things so much better for Blacks or BLACKS", and the Anti-West says, "Oh boo hoo, we weep for those wonderful magical innocent Negroes being mistreated by Evil White Racists in the US and West." So, blacks can just sit pretty(or ugly) and receive alms and accolades from all sides. The typical US-China insult-fest goes like this: "Look how those evil Chinese are so 'racist' and treating black Africans like animals whereas we good Americans care so very much about blacks" vs "Look how 'racist' America is oppressing those noble innocent blacks whereas we Chinese are committed to justice and invest so much in Africa to help out the poor blacks." Pure Tug-A-Gro. With Negroes gaining so much from conflicts among non-blacks, they may inherit the world as they are now above criticism from all sides. It's like J. Wellington Wimpy gets all the food while Popeye and Bluto fight one another. It's like Negrollar is the Moral Currency of the World. Because blacks were slaves in the US(the most powerful nation on Earth), black nations/communities are the poorest & most pitiable, blacks tend to be shamelessly vocal(thereby gaining the most attention), and blacks have cool-cred as athletes and rappers(and dong-butt folks), they are both objects of sympathy and fascination.

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