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J-WOW or Jewish War on White is behind the Arson of the West — Without Naming Jewish Supremacist Power as the Cancer Afflicting the White Race, there is No Hope — Complex History vs Cartoon History — Triversity over Diversity

What is to be done?

Push back against the main enemy. Jewish Supremacist Power or JSP.

This latest fiasco sweeping across the US and even EU is more of the same old Jewish War on White or J-WOW.

Naturally then, the most sensible thing is for whites to seek White Emancipation or White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism. A call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism will be most effective in dispelling the myth of 'White Privilege'. If people scoff and ask, "White Liberation? What do whites gotta be liberated from?", one need only say, "From Jewish Supremacist Power that makes white people fight Wars for Israel, makes white people support Zionist 'genocide' of Palestinians, makes white people cheer on the Jewish War of Hatred against Syrians, Iranians, Russians, among others. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist control of predatory financial looting. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist promotion of degeneracy and decadence as the stuff of neo-spirituality. White Liberation from Jewish Supremacist encouragement of more Drugs on the populace, which by the way, led to mass white deaths. White Lives Matter, and no white life is 'white trash'."

The problem began when whites didn't only cede power but moral(and even spiritual) authority to Jews. It's one thing for power to go from one people to another. It happens all the time. And in a democracy, the power goes back and forth among various parties. But suppose one party not only cedes power to the other party but totally surrenders to it as the fount of all truth, wisdom, and nobility. In other words, the other party that now has total power cannot even be criticized. But suppose it gets even crazier than that. Suppose the other party that has the power and the moral authority cannot even be said to have the power. Even though the other party pretty much rules everything, it must be characterized as 'for the little guy and the underdog, a party of helpless victims in need of eternal protection and special sensitivity'. Suppose Tiny Tim becomes Titan Tom but we go on pretending he's tiny and timmy. This is why Jewish Power is so utterly toxic in the US(and West in general). Jewish Power is like a black hole. It wields immense power and force but cannot be seen. It sucks in the light that could illuminate it.

When white people, especially Anglo-American Christians, ruled America in the past, they were sometimes good, sometimes bad, but one always knew WHO held the power. Indeed, the so-called Wasps were proud of their power. And because everyone knew they had it, they could be criticized and corrected. They could be pushed back from within and without. Wasp reformers pushed for progress for a more just society. And non-Wasps, especially Jews, critiqued and often satirized the negative aspects of Wasp rule. Thus, white power was out in the open, and as such, could be analyzed, criticized, and reformed. Also, there was an element of self-criticism and magnanimity among Wasps. Sure, Anglo-Americans could play dirty like everyone else, but there is no denying that Anglos and Northern Europeans made the best and most law-abiding(and reformist) societies because of the cultural(and possibly racial) character of those peoples. (Compare them with the social orders created by Muslims, Hindus, Chinese, or Southern Europeans & Eastern Europeans. If some people were too hot-tempered & contentious to maintain a just and orderly society, others, especially the East Asians and Tacoans were too passive and subservient to challenge corruption and tyranny.)
Jews posed a special threat to the American Order because they were (1) smarter than Wasps, thereby on the up and up and (2) lacking in cultural character. While Jews drone on and on about Tikkun Olam, it's just self-serving BS, ethno-propaganda. After all, if Jews CARE so much about the well-being of humanity, why haven't they done anything about the Palestinian Problem? How could they blithely allow current Jewish Power to do what it's doing in Syria, Iran, and Libya? How could they cover up what Jewish globo-capital did to Russia in the 1990s? While non-Jewish minorities were also lacking in cultural character, they were less dangerous because they were either less intelligent & capable than Wasps or only equally intelligent. In contrast, Jews, being smarter by one standard deviation than whites, could rise above them. Also, being pushy and crypto-supremacist in outlook, they were going for the jugular in the American power game. Now, if Jews had cultural character, maybe they would have made decent and even better elites. But being devious and vicious like Alan Dershowitz(and he's not the worst of them as there's even bigger scum like Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler), they want all the power and all the moral authority without any accountability and responsibility. Indeed, look what Jews have made of the Shoah. A genuine tragedy, it's been turned into shameless shoah-business.

Power is always dangerous but not so much when it's out in the open for examination and criticism. Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin would have been far less dangerous if they could have been publicly scrutinized. Also, power shouldn't be synonymous with moral authority. Power is only as good as it behaves. This is how democracy works. People get sick of Party A and hang their hopes on Party B. If Party B messes up, the people go back to Party A or go with Party C. So, the power has moral authority only as long as it delivers. It doesn't get to have the power and authority just because it is what it is. But that is the state of affairs with Jewish control of the US. With Wasps, we could see the good and the bad. We could look back on Wasp history and see the triumphs, the tragedies, the evils. But with Jews, we must pretend they don't have the power when they control just about everything. We must pretend Jewishness = moral authority from the beginning of time to the end of time. We must pretend everything about Jews and Jewishness is the noblest thing. Even when it's clear that Jews have wronged Palestinians, all we hear from US politicians and elites is 'Muh Israel'. Meanwhile, there is ZERO sympathy or even acknowledgement for the countless victims of Jewish-Zionist globalist supremacism in Russia, Middle East, and around the world. That vile harridan Madeleine Albright, the murderess of countless Arab children, is still given the podium to pontificate about the dangers of 'fascism'. The vile Cass Sunstein, the ardent Zionist and pro-Deep-State war-monger, sounds the alarm on the coming of 'fascism' to America. Jewish Control of the US has led to Wars for Israel that have destroyed so many lives. Jewish Power acts like Judeo-Nazis, but what do we get from TV shows? Stuff like NAZI-HUNTERS and PLOT AGAINST AMERICA.

These are truly a shameless and awful people. These people who've done most to defame the white race and desecrate white monuments(via their proxies, of course) are the ones who are most revered by idiot whites. That being the case, whites DESERVE all the horrors awaiting them as monumental stupidity can't be helped. But then, in many ways, white cuckery to Jews is more the product of white elite cravenness than stupidity. Surely, many white elites KNOW who has the real power. To keep their own status and privilege, they must suck up to Jews. And since white elites serve as the brains of the white masses, their attitude serves as the template for the rest of the white population. Look how GOP's cucking to globo-homo-mania has led to so many white 'conservative' normies, even Evangelicals, embracing Lady Maga and other lunacies. Even Orthodox Christians are over 50% for 'gay marriage'. But Jewish Power, so immense in media and mass entertainment, not only control white masses through the elites but through Hollywood, advertising, and propaganda. Why are so many white youths even from working class and lower middle class backgrounds joining Antifa or marching down streets chanting Black Lives Matter? What were their formative influences? Endless TV ads showing blacks radiating with wisdom while whites are shallow shits. So many movies like 12 YEARS A SLAVE, DJANGO UNCHAINED, THE HELP, GREEN BOOK, SHAPE OF WATER, SELMA, BLACK PANTHER, and so on and so on. Meanwhile, the worst villains and vermin are whites, even more so than the 'Muslim Terrorists'. Most people are pretty shallow, dumb, or childish, and of course, most white idiots who have TV, movies, pop music, and advertising for their MAIN CULTURE will be mentally molded by Jewish Media Monopoly.
Now, certain works about the black tragic past are warranted. After all, there is a dark side to US history. But even an art film like 12 YEARS A SLAVE is suspect in the larger context because Hollywood's moral conscience and outrage are so selective and tribalistically distorted. Indeed, if Jews really care about the truth and justice for all, why hasn't there been a single movie about the horrors faced by whites in South Africa? Why not a single movie about Nakba and the plight of Palestinians? Why not a movie about the Jewish role in Communism and the deaths of millions in the Great Famine? Or the turbo-gangster-capitalist rape of Russia in the 90s? Or how about USS Liberty? 12 YEARS A SLAVE was produced by Arnon Milchan, the arch-Zionist who is totally okay with Jim Crowitz in the West Bank. He once worked to steal US nuclear material and then negotiated with Apartheid South Africa. Yet, THIS JEW dares to lecture whites on the evils of their 'racist' past. Okay, there were evils in White History, but where are the movies about evils of Jewish History? Or about black brutality that has taken so many lives in American Life? Or how Israel supports ISIS terrorists in Syria? This is why Jewish Moralism works in bad faith, indeed worst faith. It's not true morality where the rules apply to all but cheap(but effective) weaponized moralism meant to increase Jewish Power at the expense of others. If White Christians have some degree of guilt-conscience about the Other, it appears the core of Jewish Power has no such consciousness. It's really merchant-morality where Jews invoke the shackles to collect more shekels.
Jews have not only poisoned the minds of so many white youths but those of blacks as well. Now, blacks were bound to be problematic due to genetics. They evolved to be tougher, wilder, more muscular, and more aggressive. The very hunter-warrior traits that were generally weeded out among most other races were favored in black evolution. Also, hot Africa favored lean muscle and impulsiveness. In contrast, the northern savages, such as Eskimos, American Indians, and the Lapps, developed more fatty tissues and even temperaments during long cold months. As for Australian Aborigines, they evolved alongside kangaroos and wombats, animals less dangerous than lions, hyenas, cape buffaloes, hippos, rhinos, elephants, and other beasts that just couldn't stand the Negroes and tried to stomp them out, which made blacks run faster and jump higher. So, blacks would have been problematic regardless.
But Jews, with their control of media and academia, emphasized Negro Nobility and White Culpability. The new Narrative made far less sense than the old one. The Anglo-American Narrative on the Negroes was more judicious. Yes, slavery went against American Principles, blacks toiled on the farms, and the suffering of blacks must be recognized and addressed. That said, blacks did make great strides in the US compared to what they'd been in the Dark Continent: spear-chucking savages beating on bongo drums and driving hippos crazy. Under whites, blacks adopted a great religion, learned work ethic & civilized behavior, gained access to modernizing amenities. Also, blacks gained higher morality. Indeed, even when black Americans argued against oppression and for liberty, they were using the white man's values. By African 'values', there was nothing wrong with slavery. The Bantu Way was "if you kick the ass, you keep the ass." That was it. If Frederick Douglas had decolonized his mind of white influence and thought like a black African, he would have thought, "Sheeeeeeiiiiit, dem honkeys deserve to rule over us ni**ers cuz they's badass and gots da power." So, the Anglo-American view of blacks in America was balanced. Whites had clearly done wrong to practice slavery in the US and sometimes treated blacks in terrible ways, but blacks did go from savagery to some semblance of civilization in the New World under whites. But then, Jewish Power pushed the Narrative where whites were totally wrong and blacks were pure as snow. And even though the number of lynchings of blacks(most of them thugs and criminals) wasn't all that high throughout US history, Jews created the myth that just about every other Negro was hanging on a rope from a tree. Lynchings became Lynchocaust. But compare lynchings of blacks in the US with violence around the world, and they hardly qualify as among the greatest horrors in human history. In many parts of the world, many more people died in one year or even a single month than all the blacks killed by lynching in all of US history. Indeed, Jews have killed more Palestinians since 1948 than whites killed blacks with lynching. And how many Arabs/Muslims died as the result of Zionist-led sanctions on nations like Iraq, Syria, and Iran? Too many to count.
Jews have pushed a cartoon history were the Confederacy was merely about slavery. But it was much more, as any society is about much more than its economic institution. Back then, the Confederacy wasn't merely defending the slave system but their own kind of civilization and way of life distinct from those in the North. Besides, the real catalyst for the Civil War was more 'genocide' than slavery. It was westward expansion(that led to massacres of American Indians) that pushed the slavery issue to the front. As the North added another more state, the South insisted on adding another as well to balance things out. It was Manifest Destiny and destruction of the American Indians(in which the North was even more involved than the South) that made the slavery issue more contentious. But notice how we almost never hear anything about that. Characterizing the Confederacy as nothing-but-slavery is utterly disingenuous. In truth, every social order, every civilization, has sought to defend itself despite its problems of oppression or 'human rights'. American Indians were savages and practiced all sorts of horrors, but we honor their fight against the white man because they were trying to preserve their way of life, the only one they knew. True, Indians had slavery and some of them even practiced cannibalism and sadistic torture, but they had a culture of their own. When the West arrived on Japanese shores, the West was bringing lots of progress, but the Japanese still resisted and tried to maintain their independence. Should we boil it all down to 'Jappers were trying to maintain an oppressive caste system and slavery of the peasants?' When the French invaded Russia, it's true they were coming with more advanced ideas about liberty and dignity of man, but was it wrong for Russia to resist and fight back? Would it make sense to characterize the Russian defense of the motherland as merely 'trying to preserve serfdom'? Only a puritanical moralistic fool thinks like that. Even when a civilization practices slavery or things we may disapprove of, it is MUCH MORE than that single institution.

And even though the KKK degenerated into a kind of nihilism, it arose to defend whites from blacks who'd been encouraged by Northerners to act up. To merely call it 'terrorist' is hilarious coming from Jews who created Israel through use of much terror. Surely, Jews know of Irgun. Indeed, Jews revolutionized the modern use of terror as Bolsheviks and Zionists. And Jews have no problem aiding terrorism all across the Middle East to make Arabs fight Arabs, make Muslims fight Muslims. And speaking of terror, what of US military in WWII? Weren't the willful mass-bombings of civilian targets in Germany and Japan a form of mass terror? A single such bombing killed more innocent civilians than all the killings done by the KKK. And what are sanctions but a form of terror-by-disease-and-starvation? This isn't to defend the KKK, which became a sinister outfit, but it is hardly unique in having used terror to gain certain objectives. And today, blacks are even worse. Their riots, lootings, rampages, random attacks on whites, arson, and etc. are all forms of racial terror meant make others cower to their neo-savage demands. In some respects, blackkk rampage is worse than KKK violence. Whites in hoods, though violent, were trying to maintain or restore order. Black rioters and looters, in contrast, are using terror to spread disorder and mayhem as the New Normal of America. Also, KKK was closer to the truth than BLM is. It's been true that blacks are a natural threat to whites because they are more aggressive and tougher. In contrast, BLM is based on the utter BS that countless innocent blacks are being mowed down by the white police. If the KKK over-reacted to the grim truth of black thuggery, BLM lunatics are basing their actions on utter fantasy. The truth is black lives are killed by black lives, which also kill non-black lives all across America.

With American Indians, there is a more nuanced and complicated understanding. Yes, no one would deny that American Indians were proud peoples(though bloody savages as well) with deep and rich roots in the American Land. And there was real tragedy in their defeat at the hands of whites. It was especially tragic as most subject peoples of white colonization regained control over their lands. With American Indians, this became impossible as they weren't too many in number to begin with, too many were wiped out by diseases, and the mass-immigration from the Old World never ended. So, there is that tragic side to American Indian History. But there is also the other side of America, that a great rich and free nation was founded on where there had been only wilderness and Red Savagery. And in time, even American Indians benefited from the New Order. So, we can see both the tragedy and triumph of the American Indian narrative.
And such a narrative used to prevail with blacks as well. Both Northern and Southern scholars acknowledged how blacks had gained as well as lost in their American experience. But why is there still a nuanced perspective on the story of American Indians(even though they suffered 'genocide', far graver than slavery) while no such exists with blacks? For one thing, Jews gained too much from immigration to associate mass immigration with imperialist invasion that led to the great replacement of natives, especially because they pulled something similar with the Palestinians. But the main reason why Jews have promoted the cult of the Noble Negro is that their supremacist rule over the West relies on white submission and white obedience, and THIS means making whites feel shame and guilty about their own identity and interests. NO UPPITY WHITES. Whites must have their heads bowed low. In Europe, Shoah Guilt was enough to cower people's heads over there, but in the US, it was the stuff about blacks. Jews also figured that blacks are especially useful in this because whites will tend to feel most guilty about whom they look up to as 'cool', 'awesome', and 'superior'. Whites may feel bad about all those dead Vietnamese, Central Americans(killed by US-backed right-wing death squads), and Arabs, but they are, visibly at least, mediocre peoples, and whites can't get to excited over them. But whites were bound to feel a special guilt regarding blacks, the race of athletes, studs, orators, singers, and etc. And so, there could be no nuance or complexity about white-black relations. Whites could not say something sensible like, "Hey, it's too bad that our ancestors whipped your kind and made them pick cotton, and I'm sorry if I ever said 'ni**ger', but you gotta admit you blacks were a bunch of jungle/savanna savages without written word, the wheel, higher spirituality & ethics, and it was through us white folks that you were elevated from savagery to civilization." And once upon a time, prominent blacks like Zora Neale Hurston and Booker T. Washington admitted as much. While harshly critical of the institution of slavery, they also realized that the Negro was uplifted from savagery thanks to contact with whites. But such nuance has been banned over the years. Blacks are all good and were living in Edenic paradise, and it was them evil 'racist' whites who ruined black utopia. Today, many fools, blacks and whites, think all of Africa would be one big Wakanda if not for white colonialism, which is ROTFL. Righteous Negro Pastor Manning speaks the truth:

With a more nuanced view of history, whites could correct their ways but so could blacks. But once the New Narrative became Black Angel and White Devil — oddly similar to one pushed by Black Muslims, albeit with Jews included among the White Devils — , whites were responsible for everything while blacks were responsible for nothing. Even when blacks failed, the blame wasn't on them. Rather, it was said whites failed them. So, if black students failed, they didn't fail on their own, but white society failed them. If blacks rioted and looted, they were acting in the name of vigilante justice because whites failed them in justice. George Floyd likely died more from drugs than the police restraint, but never mind his criminality and pathology and just blame the white knee... and white everything. Is it any wonder that we now live in a nation where blacks rampage around like animals but are revered as angels? Blacks murder each other, but the narrative is 'whites must stop killing blacks'. Never mind many more whites are killed by blacks in any given year. When one side is totally right no matter what while the other side is totally wrong no matter what, it's not politics or morality but a demented form of theology. It's like gods are right no matter what they do because they are gods and therefore must be appeased by humans, even if gods cause terror on mankind. Nothing good can come out of this Negrocracy or Afrocracy, but Jews pushed it as effective weapon against white identity.
But then, Jews enjoy the same kind of 'spiritual' nihilism for themselves over whites. No matter what Jews do, they are right. If Jews got too much power and privilege, it must be blamed on whites as 'white privilege'. Jews can use media to criticize, condemn, and lambaste White Christians, Russians, Iranians, Chinese, Turks, French, Germans, Anglos, and etc., but no matter what Jews do — spread wars, financially loot the world, mess with elections, spread degeneracy, promote drug culture, and etc. — , you better NOT name the JEW in the abuse of power, corruption, and decrepitude. Even now, many in the US don't know that it was the Jewish oligarchs who raped Russia in the 1990s. (Indeed, even Russian leaders are afraid of speaking this truth.) Even now, most Americans don't know that these crazy wars were essentially Wars for Israel.
This is why Jewish Power is infinitely more dangerous than Anglo-American power of old. Wasps could be jerks, a**holes, stinkers, and lowlifes, but you could call out on them. And many groups did. Jews, Italian-Americans, Irish-Americans, black-Americans, and etc. all called out on Wasp Power and, as such, pressured Wasps to mend their ways. But with Jews, it's impossible. It may partly be because Jews feel more anxiety and paranoia as a minority elite, but it's also a matter of personality. Jerry Nadler is a rather typical personality type among Jews. You see it in Abe Foxman and Neumann(on SEINFELD) as well. It's a vileness, viciousness, mendacity, and obnoxiousness beyond human imagination. All combined with utter shamelessness, the kind that led Ron Jeremy to suck his own dic*.

You see this personality type in Sarah Silverman and Howard Stern as well, but at least certain Jewish comedians, like Don Rickles, had the saving grace of brazen Jewish irascibility, which at least dropped all inhibitions and said it like it is, as with Mel Brooks. But when Jews like Nadler go into moralistic mode, it is beyond repulsive because they lack the requisite character for speaking about truth and justice. Howard Stern being trashy and vulgar in his shamelessness is one thing, but when loathsome Jews like Anthony Weiner, Jerry Nadler, and Adam Schiff pretend to be the moral arbiters of US politics, it's total pukesville, all the more so because they have no qualms about promoting Jewish Supremacist wars all over the Middle East.

So, it's about time to expose the real power behind the Wizard of Globoz. It's Jewish Power. All these Antifa and BLM riots are part of the Jewish War on White. Now, most Antifa and BLM clowns surely don't know that they are tools of Jewish Power. They really believe they are on the right side of history. But who made them feel such cartoonish emotions that reduces the world into a comic book of heroes and villains, angels and demons? Who financed stuff like GREEN BOOK and other movies that ONLY focus on white moral failings or white bigotry while presenting blacks as the flawless breed? Who were behind PC education that sanctified Jews, blacks, and homos as angels while whites were scapegoated for all that is wrong? Who funds groups like Antifa and provides lawfare to free them after new rounds of vandalism? Who controls the media that gives gushing coverage to BLM mayhem and Antifa thuggery? Who created all those TV shows and devised public education that made so many whites into sappy, silly, and stupid cucks who kneel at the feet of Negro thugs and cheer on Antifa vandals & hoodlums? Who pushed Russia Collusion Hoax? Sure, Deep State did it, but who gave the go-ahead? And regardless of how serious Covid is or isn't, who politicized it to shut down the whole economy to bring down Donald Trump and to send a message to the whole nation, "If you re-elect Trump, we will mess up the economy for all of you!!"? It's JSP or Jewish Supremacist Power. (Indeed, if Hillary were president, all these panics and hysteria would have been kept under lid by Jewish Power. Though Trump is a shill of Zion, the mere perception of him as a tough-talking white guy with balls has been sufficient for Jews to smear him and humiliate him to send a loud-and-clear message that whites deserve no identity and must only kneel as cucky-wucks. Once again, Trump was caught in a vice. If he took hard action, he would be blasted as a 'fascist tyrant' by the deep state and Jewish-run Media. If he did little or nothing, he would look weak and his tough-guy exterior would be exposed for its utter hollowness.)
Trace the puppet-strings to the puppet-master, and this is yet another Jewish War on White. But idiot white MAGA-tards will cheer Trump as he declares West Bank as part of Israel. Jewish Power defames and destroys whites, but whites just can't cuck enough before the holy holocaust Judeo-Nazis. Indeed, what is the #1 rule of American Politics? Thou Shalt Not Offend Jews. Why did GOP cuck to 'gay marriage'? Main reason was it was afraid to offend Jews who wanted it. Why haven't Trump and Barr taken serious measures against Big Tech monopoly and Antifa thuggery? Because Jews would be very displeased.
Incredibly, Jews who practice apartheid and enforce Jim Crowitz policies in West Bank are lecturing White Southerners about the evils of 'racism' and the bad ole Jim Crow days. Even as Neocons call for the erasure of Southern Heritage, they call on Southern Whites to support Zionist tyranny over Palestinians. The truly sickening thing is whites fall for this Every Single Time.

If in recent years, blacks have reason to be pissed, it's because globalists pushed mass immigration that led to more competitive pressures on blacks. Also, it was urban 'liberal' Democrats and their homo allies who spearheaded gentrification that removed many blacks from big cities. And if blacks got incarcerated at higher numbers, it was because the New Democrats under Bill Clinton decided to get tough on crime. And in overwhelmingly 'liberal' cities like NY, the voters elected Rudy Giuliani twice and Michael Bloomberg three times to bring down crime, mostly black. And Jews also used globo-homo to push black issues to the back of the bus. And US police was trained with Israeli strong-arm tactics under the auspices of ADL and other Jewish groups. And it was the Jewish-run music industry that promoted and spread gangsta rap that encouraged blacks to murder each other. But now, these Jews and so-called 'progressives' try to pin all the racial problems regarding blacks on Trump and his voters. And so many whites are so cucked that they fall for this slime tactic and get on their knees. It's beyond pathetic. And it goes to show that Jewish Power is utterly shameless in its sham moral pornographics to push any narrative, no matter how false and ludicrous, to get what it wants.

Unless whites call for White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism and side with Palestinians and wave the Palestinian Flag(if Confederate Flag is banned), they have no hope. Whites can bitch about Antifa, BLM, crime, and diversity, but if they don't Name the Jew, it'd be like a cancer patient and his doctor discussing all the symptoms of cancer without ever naming the cancer. Such a doctor is useless, and such a patient is sure to die. If there's a dead rat stinking up the house, find the decaying rat. No amount of removing objects from the house will deal with the smell. And air sprays and opening the windows will only be temporary fixes. You must find the dead rotting rat.

Also, anyone who still uses the term 'racist' as an epithet is part of the problem. It doesn't matter how 'based' you are. Using the term 'racist' to mean the worst of all evils is to give into the terms of the enemy. The fact is Ism means belief, and race + ism should mean belief in the reality of race and racial differences. Thus, yes, America is race-ist because races exist and the races are different. Blacks do what they do because they are more muscular and more aggressive. That is a race-ist truth, and it has to be addressed honestly. Against lies, only truth is the real weapon.


In a way, the current lunacy has blown the Cult of Diversity out of the water.We’ve been told on and on about the wonders of Diversity, but most groups in the US don’t matter. Blacks and Antifa have harmed so many groups, but there is total silence about their plight from both 'left' and 'right'.

In the US, only Jews, blacks, and homo matter. PC is really about Tri-versity than Diversity.
It’s been said the US has so many ethnic and national groups who should be appreciated and celebrated, but no one cares about them. They are all just extras, backdrop, or at best supporting actors in the National Drama hogged by Jews, blacks, and homos. But then, why shouldn't it be so? After all, what is post-war Americanism but an amnesia-ism(with no memory of ‘boring’ histories and cultures) and idol-worship of winners and contempt for losers. Such is the logic of late-stage consumer-capitalism. Sure, there’s the usual rigamarole about equal opportunity, but the dog-eat-dog competition produces just a handful of big winners. Jews win in finance, verbal IQ, and high tech. Homos win in fashion and celebrity. Blacks win in sports and pop music.
And so, according to the logic of Cultural Capitalism, only those three winner-groups matter, and the rest are just backdrop. Whites do win in the beauty department, but as whites are denied identity and autonomy, white beauty is now seen as a commodity that belongs to others. In other words, white women belong to Jewish men and Negro men, and white guys belong to immigrant women of all stripes. The idea of whiteness belonging to whites is anathema. (Still, it’s weird that in a world that denies whiteness as an identity and quality, most peoples everywhere still notice whiteness as most appealing and gravitate toward it via immigration or fantasy.)

So, it’s time to talk of the Triversity than Diversity. Here’s some proof. This Iranian man’s livelihood has been destroyed, but no one cares. Why should they? He’s part of Diversity, not Triversity(of Jews, homos, and blacks).

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