Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Luke Ford vs JF Gariepy on World Jewry and World War II — Were Jews responsible for World War II?

On 33:22 of the video below, Luke Ford decries Jean-Francois Gariepy for subscribing to the view that World War II began, for all intents and purposes, in 1933 when the National Socialists came to power and were met with what was essentially a declaration of war on Germany by World Jewry. Halsey English then derides Gariepy for spewing nonsense and says ONLY ONE Jewish-owned newspaper ran a headline to that effect: "Judea Declares War on Germany".
So, which side is correct? Is Luke Ford right to stick with the conventional Narrative that WWII was the result of Adolf Hitler’s madness, or is there something to Gariepy’s position that Germany was forced into what became WWII by hostile Jewish machinations?

On the face of it, I would have to agree with Luke Ford that Gariepy is peddling a dangerous(and loathsome) canard. There would have been no World War II without Adolf Hitler and the fanaticism of those in his inner-circle. Even though Hitler amassed huge support among the German people, the great majority didn’t want war. If they cheered Hitler’s military successes, it was in the hope that the tensions would come to an end with the latest victory.

Granted, the general public has been fed a cartoonish version of history where crazy villain Hitler just decided to invade nations to fulfill his ambition of ‘conquering the world’. In truth, as Patrick Buchanan laid out in his tome UNNECESSARY WAR(much of which I don’t agree with), there was considerable rationality and pragmatism(under international pressure) in Hitler’s decisions. Often, he acted like a masterful statesmen in the game of political chess. Sometimes, his regime was acting like the elites of any other great power. Also, there were times when hard decisions were forced upon by Germany by changing circumstances, not least because Germany was situated between Western great powers and the great Eastern power, the USSR. So, it wasn’t like Hitler-as-evil-master-of-the-world was causing all the problems and forcing events on saintly nations. Still, World War II could have been easily avoided if it weren’t for Hitler’s rashness, megalomania, and deeply rooted pathology. Consider that the Great Powers had allowed Germany to retake the Rhineland. The union of Germany and Austria was tolerated, not least because the majority of Austrians enthusiastically welcomed the outcome. And given Sudetenland was over 80% German, it was allowed to merge with Germany as well. But then, Hitler moved onto Czech territory. Prior to that invasion, Hitler’s moves had been mainly one of Germans reuniting with Germans. Austrians, being Germanic, were happy to join with Germany. Therefore, prior to the invasion of the Czech nation, Germany held the moral high-ground, and that was part of the reason why the Great Powers didn’t protest too much. But the annexation of Czech nation into Greater Germany was different. It was clearly an act of Continental Imperialism, and the Great Powers felt obliged to do something. But, they let it go. So, if Hitler had stopped there and then, war could have been avoided. Or, if Hitler wanted to press further for more territory, it should have been for Danzig, a city next to East Prussia and with a population that was over 90% German. No matter what might have happened as the result of Hitler’s hypothetical move on Danzig, the Germans would have at least had a valid moral justification. After all, it would have been a case of Germany reclaiming a city that was rightfully theirs, one that was heavily populated with Germans(who wanted to be part of Germany) and steeped in German history and culture. But what did Hitler do? He made a diabolical pact with the USSR, and the two imperial powers invaded and divided Poland in half. It was then that the great powers, UK and France, declared war on Germany. Historians have marked this event as the beginning of World War II, but this only makes sense in retrospect. The fact is World War II didn’t begin with the invasion of Poland. For one thing, despite UK and France’s hostile declarations, they hardly did anything. There was a kind of ‘cold war’ between Germany and UK/France, that is until Germany decided to attack France. The German victory was so swift and sudden that it hardly expanded the scope of war. If anything, with France under German Occupation, there was greater stability in Western Europe. It was no longer France vs Germany but France with Germany. UK, the other great power held out, and the fighting continued back and forth between Britain and Germany, but as neither side had any real hope or will to defeat the other, it was limited warfare at best. Now, if Hitler had maintained the status quo at the stage in the game, there would have been no world conflict.
World War II really kicked off into high gear when Germany invaded its ally the Soviet Union. Had Hitler maintained peace with USSR, there would be no mention of World War II in today's textbooks. German annexation of half of Poland and victory over France would be remembered as a limited European war, not a World War. But in 1941, for whatever reason, Hitler decided to attack the USSR, and that is what set off a global conflict, not least because Japan, upon observing Germany’s spectacular early triumphs, was convinced of German victory and felt emboldened to strike at the US navy at Pearl Harbor in the same year. So, World War II really began with the German invasion of the USSR in 1941, and Hitler must take the blame. If Hitler didn’t want another World War, all he had to do was keep the peace with the USSR.
Now, there are some alt-historians who argue that Stalin was preparing to invade Germany and that Hitler’s attack on the USSR was to beat Russia to the punch, but unless there is a smoking gun to back up such claims, we are better off with the conventional narrative.

Anyway, given these facts, it was irresponsible of J.F. Gariepy to say that WWII really began in 1933 when World Jewry declared war on National Socialist Germany. The fact is it was within Hitler’s means to prevent tensions from reeling into a conflict on the global scale. He'd gambled in 1939 by moving into non-German territories, thereby incurring the wrath of UK and France. But he found a new ally in the USSR, and besides, Germany’s quick neutralization of France made it less likely for a burgeoning war. At the time, Germany had allies in Italy and Spain. And most Eastern European nations were ruled by right-wing regimes that were favorable to Germany. And Scandinavian nations sought neutrality and did business with Germany. (Germany did invade Norway but to preempt the planned British invasion.) On top of that, Germany was allied with the USSR. So, if Hitler wanted to avoid a cataclysmic war, all he had to do was run out the clock with the UK while maintaining an alliance with the USSR. But he did attack Russia, and it would be wrong to blame the Jews for Hitler’s craziest move. So, Luke Ford and Halsey English are right that one cannot blame Jews for WWII.

And yet, if we assume Gariepy was using hyperbole to make a point and modify his statement somewhat, there is truth to the claim that World Jewry did declare war on Germany in 1933 and that this had serious ramifications and repercussions unforeseen by Jews(and everyone else at the time). According to Halsey English, Gariepy's claim lacks merit because there was no nation called ‘Judea’. If anything, Jewish populations were dispersed around the world. As such, there was no single Jewish national entity to declare war on Germany. This is technically true, but a great power need not be national. It can be an imperial-network, and this was true of World Jewry. Indeed, historians have often failed to acknowledge the true extent of Jewish power because it wasn’t concentrated in one nation but spread out over cosmopolitan urban centers of various nations. Now, if all these various Jewish elites lacked Jewish consciousness or a sense of shared Jewish interests, it wouldn’t have mattered much. If that were the case, British Jews would have served only British interests, American Jews would only have served American interests, French Jews would only have served French interests, and so on. But in fact, despite differences in cultures and languages among World Jewry, there was a shared sense of interest among the Jewish elites(and Activist Jews) around the world. One thing for sure, during the Russian Civil War, Jewish-Americans(even capitalist ones) lent support to Jewish-Russian communists. Both American-Jews and Russian-Jews regarded Traditional Russia with the same kind of loathing. So, even though there was no single Jewish nation to declare war on Russia, a kind of worldwide Jewish Network did work in concert to aid the War on Traditional Russia. There was a kind of silent global Jewish declaration of war on the White Forces in Russia during the Civil War. Now, many Jewish communists didn’t see it as a war between Jews and Russians. They were ideological true believers(and they sometimes terrorized even religious Jews). But the fact that even non-communist Jews around the world lent support to communism in Russia had something to do with the perception that communism was good for Jews in Russia. So, even if there was no independent Jewish nation called Judea during World War I, Russian Revolution, and World War II, we can still acknowledge that there was a Jewish Imperial Network, one that might be called the Empire of Judea.
Indeed, this is how empire works. British Empire was more than Great Britain. Its power was spread out and embedded in all its colonies. The power was not only in the national center but in the global network. And consider the Roman Empire. It initially spread out from Rome but continued even after Rome fell to the Barbarians. The surviving Eastern Roman Empire was centered in Constantinople and had a vast network from the Balkans to parts of North Africa. Thus, Roman Imperial Power had gained reach and influence beyond Rome and Italy itself. It took on a life of its own, thus surviving and expanding long after the destruction of Rome.
Jewish Power also kept expanding and spreading despite the fall of Jerusalem to the Romans. Despite the loss of the Holy Homeland, Jews spread out all throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. And over time, they gained mastery as middlemen and became influential advisers to kings and noblemen. Of course, unlike the British or Romans, the Jews were never the official Masters of the World. But their skills in money and business were such that they were able to gain tremendous influence in both the West and East. And even after periodic pogroms and expulsions, Jewish power and influence eventually spread out again because of the Jewish Network. So, if Jews lost out in place A, they might find support from Jews in place B, C, D, or E. Or if Jews were kicked out of B, C, D, and E, they might rebound on their feet with support from Jews in F, G, or H. Jewish Diaspora was both curse and blessing. On the downside, Jews were spread thin all over the world. But on the upside, if Jews got squashed in one part of the world, there were Jews in other parts of the world to lend a hand or offer sanctuary. Jewish eggs were never in a single basket. Also, because Jews were spread out across many regions, they became more informed of the larger world through networks and contacts. In World War II, if the US had decided to nuke all of Japan and kill all Japanese, that would have been pretty much the end of the Japanese race. But because Jews were spread out over the world, their power could rebound quickly even after a massive disaster like Shoah.

Now, not all Diaspora Peoples have collective identity or work in concert. There are people of Spanish descent all over the world. In Spain obviously but also all throughout Latin America. But how often have Hispanic peoples worked collectively as a Tribe? It seems most people of Latino descent don’t care about others of their kind in other nations. As Catholicism has been central to Spanish culture, most Latinos are likely to think more in terms of culture or values than of identity and blood. In contrast, Jewish identity is centered around the concept of the Covenant that says all Jews are uniquely bound by blood. In other words, Jewishness isn’t merely an idea or value-system but a matter of unity of blood and spirituality. Christians have to drink the universal blood of Christ to feel holy. In contrast, Jews feel holy just by having Jewish blood course through their veins. So, it makes sense to speak of World Jewry as a political power in its own right.

Now, that doesn’t mean that all Jews around the world feel a strong sense of Jewishness or care about other Jews 24/7. And surely, many Jews became attached to certain nations and ended up fighting other Jews in other nations. During WWI, French Jews could end up killing German Jews on the battlefield. And during the Cold War, many American Jews were loyal to USA while many Soviet Jews were loyal to Russia. Still, to the extent possible, Jews around the world have identified more with one another than with fellow goy nationals. So, even though Polish Jews learned Polish language and gained knowledge of many things Polish, they felt closer to Jews of other nations than to Polish Catholics. It’s fair to say that most Jewish Americans feel closer to Israeli Jews or Jews in France than with ‘white trash’ Deplorables in West Virginia, Mexican-Americans, and Muslim-Americans. Indeed, the more diverse the US becomes, there will be a weaker sense of common Americanism, and it’s possible that many groups will become more like Jews in identifying more with others of their kind in other nations than with fellow Americans of different races or ethnicity. It seems many Mexicans in California and Texas identify more with Mexicans in Mexico than with non-Mexican Americans. But if most goyim have weak identities — most non-white Jews in the US just became generic ‘white Americans’ — , Jews have maintained a powerful and unique sense of identity that has made them feel special as embodiment of human treasure(the 'Chosen') and human tragedy(the targeted). Jews admire themselves more than any other people do but also pity themselves more. And it is for this reason that we can’t discount the real power of World Jewry as a collective global power and presence. Especially because Jews have mastered world-wide communication and mediation, they became better connected with one another across many national borders than any other people. For one thing, because Jews were so heavily invested in currency and money-lending, they had to be ahead of the next guy(especially the goyim) in news and information. Without the edge, Jews could lose out to middlemen competitors such as Greeks or Armenians. Then, it shouldn’t surprise us that World Jewry had a collective agenda and coordinated strategies in events like the Russian Civil War. While most goy elites were hell-bent on nipping the Bolsheviks in the bud, World Jewry thought otherwise and did everything possible to lend aid to the Reds. Consider how Winston Churchill, early in his career, noticed the obvious Jewish role in the Russian Revolution and sounded the alarm about Jewish radicalism. One thing for sure, the Bolsheviks could have been defeated if all the great powers had aided the Whites. And for a time, various Great Powers sent troops into Russia to do just that. So, why did they soon give up and let the Reds win? Did it have something to do with Jewish influence in those nations? After all, Jews controlled banking around the world, and politicians could be bought(or blackmailed by Jews who obsessively collected data on everyone). Also, with Jewish control of a large sector of the media, both intellectual ideas and public opinion could be shaped and swayed by the Jewish agenda.
There is no question that World Jewry could work in coordination to target certain nations. Powerful Jews in banking, media, academia, and even the underworld had great pull among goy politicians(even ones who disliked Jews) because rich Jews spread the money around and could use the rumor mill of the media to defame those individuals deemed hostile to Jewish interests.

Now, Jewish Power in the period between World War I and World War II wasn’t what it is today, but Current Jewish Power seems like a fuller expression of eternalist Jewish Supremacist tendencies that had once been closeted. It's likely that Jews of earlier times felt much the same as Jews feel today, and the only real difference is that Jews back then were more careful not to ‘rock the boat’ lest the goyim get angry and ‘go Hitler’ on them.
After all, Germany was considered to be one of the less ‘antisemitic’ nations in Europe. For a long time, France and Russia(including Poland as part of the Russian Empire) took the cake as the most anti-Jewish nations. In contrast, many Jews in Germany felt more accepted and assimilated. Then, why did relatively tolerant Germans become the most virulently anti-Jewish people in Europe? To address that question, we need to ask what did Jews do during the Weimar years when so many Germans were suffering. Many Jews were pimps, gangsters, and weasels. It’s often been asked, "Why did a people as intelligent, educated, and cultured like the Germans turn to something like Nazism? To answer this, one must also ask, "How did a people as intelligent, cultured, and possessed of long moral tradition as the Jews come to murder so many people with radical communism in Russia and spread filth & degeneracy among the Germans during the Weimar years?" After all, even though it is true that National Socialism did become an evil ideology that committed unpardonable crimes, it wasn't as if millions of Germans decided to just go crazy one day for the hell of it. Rather, they were reacting to hard times and ugly Jewish behavior. It was an over-reaction to be sure — like the US nuking of Japan and the plan to nuke 10 more cities if Japan didn’t surrender — but an understandable reaction to horrible Jewish behavior, just like US violence against Japan was a reaction to Japanese madness and aggression.

The problem with our understanding of Jewish responsibility in world affairs is due to the very point raised by Halsey English: Because Jews didn’t have a literal nation of their own(at least prior to the creation of Israel), all Jewish actions got bundled together with the actions of goy-majority nations. So, even though Jews were the main peddlers of opium to the Chinese, it just got bundled together with British Imperialism. And even though Jews played a key role in the Bolshevik Revolution, the rise of communism was seen as a ‘Russian’ thing. Now it’d be wrong to say Jews were the ONLY movers and shakers behind great historical events. British Imperialism would have existed without Jews, and there were plenty of non-Jewish radicals in Russia of various stripes. Also, even without Jews, socialism and anti-war politics would have been popular among Russians, most of whom were poor, backward, and tired of losing their sons to what seemed like a pointless unwinnable war(against Germany). Still, there is no doubt that Jewish bankers played a key role in financing much of Western Imperialism, for good or ill. And Jews were vastly over-represented among gangsters and underworld figures, something most people know little about because Hollywood has usually featured Italian hoods as gangsters. The book RED MAFIYA is a welcome corrective. (It took directors of Italian descent, especially Francis Ford Coppola with THE GODFATHER PART 2 and Sergio Leone with ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA, to address the issue of Jewish gangsters.) Indeed, the fact that Jewish intellectuals, financiers, media people, and even gangsters all worked together to pressure the Great Powers(even the Soviet Union under Stalin) to support the Zionist Project was a tell-tale sign that Jews wielded immense influence around the world. Even when World Jewry couldn't wage war on certain nations/peoples on its own, they sometimes pulled the strings to make goy nations to do its bidding. Thus, the Jewish Hand was often gloved in Official Goydom. Unlike Jews today, Jews in the past didn’t have the dominant position in society, but they still had a lot of clout with goy rulers and elites, many of whom depended on Jewish money and connections in business. (And after WWII, what with the Holocaust gradually becoming the neo-religion of the West, Jews became like sacred objects in the Western Imagination, and Western Elites naively hoped that Jews would become oh-so-nice IF whites were to go out on a limb to hug Jews and weep. Jews didn’t reciprocate kindness with kindness but with contempt for soft-hearted and weak-willed goyim.) Therefore, even though Halsey English is correct to say there was no real nation called Judea to declare war on National Socialist Germany, there was nevertheless a worldwide Jewish network that constituted a Great Power in its own right. Indeed, this is the essential fact of globalism. Because Israel exists, many people(especially those on the far-right) tend to think Israel is the center of Jewish Power. Actually, it isn’t. Israel exerts great influence only because it is protected by World Jewry. After all, what would Israel be without US and EU support? And why do US and EU support Israel? Because Israel itself is all-powerful? No, it's because Jews in the US and EU have tremendous power. So, even if Israel were to vanish from this earth, Jewish power would still be immense because the Jewish globo-homo networks control so much of media, finance, and whore-politicians. While Jewish power from WWI to WWII wasn’t what it is today, it was still, pound for pound, the most powerful force back then as well. And because Jews had clout in many nations, it was difficult to defeat Jewish Power. Germans suppressed Jews in National Socialist Germany, but there were powerful Jews in France, UK, USSR, and the US. Germany conquered France, but there were Jews who had the ear of Winston Churchill who'd become dependent on Jewish money. And there were powerful Jews in the US. And even though Stalin purged many of the top Jewish Bolsheviks, the fact is there were lots of Jews in high places even during the Stalinist period. There were powerful Jews in capitalist nations and socialist nations. And prior to Italy’s alliance with Germany, 12% of Italian Fascists were Jews(even though Jews were just a tiny percentage of the Italian population; to be sure, most Jewish Italians of radical political bent were on the Left). So, Halsey English is technically right but essentially wrong about the nature of Jewish Power. This is why Jews today love globalism and hate nationalism(at least among goyim). Globalism means more power to the worldwide network and less power to goy nations to say NO to the George-Sorosian agenda. (Of course, Israel gets Passover exemption from condemnation of nationalism. Even as Jews denounce goy nationalism, they insist that all goy nations must support Jewish nationalism in Israel. To be sure, there are times when Jews will selectively support nationalism in goy nations, usually the case when Jews feel a need to pit one goy nation against another. So, Jews are okay with Ukrainian and Georgian nationalism against Russia. And Jews are okay with Polish nationalism as long as it’s directed against Russia. But Jews are not okay with Polish nationalism when it is directed against Third World invaders and Globo-Homo PC funded by Jews and executed by their cuck-collaborators.)

Now, returning to the topic of whether Jews started World War II, the answer is NO. World War II must be blamed on the megalomania of Hitler. And we must keep in mind that WWII really began with Germany’s invasion of the USSR. If not for that most unnecessary action, history books today would not be mentioning an event called 'World War II'. Jews didn’t force Germany to invade Russia. Hitler did that.
Of course, one could make a roundabout argument and say Hitler attacked Russia because Jewish influence in UK made it difficult for the British to make peace with Germany. This school of thought says Winston Churchill, essentially owned by Jewish financiers, resolutely refused to come to peaceful terms with Germany and carried on with a pointless war in which neither side could win. And because Hitler could not persuade the UK with diplomacy, he decided to attack and destroy the USSR to send a clear message to the UK that it is all over, with Germans as the undisputed masters of All of Europe, in which case UK has no choice but to come to the peace table. This school of thought says Hitler admired the Anglos, wanted peace with UK, and sought equal partnership with the British in world dominance. Therefore, it would have made good sense for the Brits to ally with Germany. After all, Nazi Germany had no designs on the British Empire, and there was no people Hitler admired as much as the British. So, why did the British refuse to make peace with Germany, esp when Germany had no designs on British Imperial possessions? Some would argue that it was Jewish influence. Too many British politicians were under Jewish pockets. (There was also the factor of haute British contempt for vulgar displays of power by Nazi Germany. The manner of power mattered as much to the British as the power itself. During the war, Jews did everything to flatter the British sense of dignity that ideally shouldn't tolerate something so lowly and crude as Hitler and Nazis. Of course, AFTER the war, British Jews did everything to subvert the whole notion of British dignity as snobby and phony. So, British snobbery was good when directed at Germans but bad when used against pushy and irreverent 'money-grubbing' Jews.) Nevertheless, Hitler still wanted peace and partnership with the British, and the ONLY card he had left was to destroy the USSR. As long as the USSR remained(even as uneasy ally of Germany), the British would have tried to turn Stalin against Hitler. But if Germany defeated the USSR, then it was all over. Germany would have dominated all of Europe, and UK would have had no choice but to cut a deal with Germany that only wanted friendship with the British. (Even though Germany was allied with Russia and at war with England, Hitler's ideal hope was to be allied with racially 'superior' Anglos against the 'Asiatic' Slavs, whom Hitler really despised. Nazi Germany was like a man married to a woman he wanted dead while at odds with a woman he really wants to woo and marry. Anglos were a fatal attraction for Hitler.) This school of thought, promoted mainly by John Lukacs, may have some validity, but it requires too much speculative psychology as to ‘what Hitler was REALLY thinking’, something we will never know. What is absolutely clear is that Hitler gambled everything when he attacked the USSR that was an ally at the time. It was a spectacularly reckless decision, a risky zero-sum game. Once the invasion happened, Germany could gain everything or lose everything. Hitler went for double-or-nothing, and he ended up with nothing. So, despite circumstances in which Jewish power may have played a part, Hitler must bear the blame because he did what he didn’t really have to do. He was undoubtedly under pressure from UK(and the US), but he was not forced to invade the USSR. He did that of his own volition, and that’s when WWII really began and spelled eventual doom for Germany.

Anyway, even though J.F. Gariepy is dead wrong to say Jews started WWII by declaring war on Germany in 1933, he does have a point if we use ‘World War II’ in a looser way. If he means that World War II was the result of larger circumstances surrounding Europe at the time, there is some truth to this. But if one uses this line of argument, one can say the seeds of WWII were planted long before 1933. One can say Jewish role in communism was a declaration of war on traditional Europe. One thing for sure, it was the fear of communism that drove so many bourgeois and conservative elements in many European nations to support right-wing, reactionary, or fascist movements as the lesser evil. Surely, all such people heard of communist atrocities and Jewish role in Bolshevism, not least because ‘antisemitism’ wasn’t taboo back then. And given what communists, Jewish or otherwise, did to Christianity in Russia, many Christians(especially the Catholics) became fiercely anti-Jewish as well as anti-communist. Many people associated communism with men like Leon Trotsky and Bela Kun. Also, many(majority in some cases) communist leaders and intellectuals in nations like Germany and Hungary were Jewish. And during the Weimar Period, there was a Jewish War of Perversion on German Society. Jews were the leading pimps, gangsters, pornographers, and underworld figures just like Russian Jews came to dominate gangsterism and ‘white slavery’ in the post-Soviet period. And then, there was the financial war during the Weimar period in which Jewish speculators with insider-knowledge rigged the system to rake in vast sums while so many ordinary Germans were on the verge of starvation. Jews will say this is all an ‘antisemitic canard’, but Jews did it again in Russia in the 90s, rigging and looting the entire economy to the point where a handful of Jewish oligarchs came to own 50% of Russian wealth. And we know what Jews did in the 2008 Wall Street meltdown. They got their whore-politicians, with puppet Obama at the helm, to bail out the ‘banksters’, the very people who'd been most responsible for the massive bubble. So, Jewish misbehavior tended to create a climate of distrust and hostility. If Jews hadn’t acted so radically ruthless in Russia and so greedily gross during Weimar Germany, a movement like National Socialism wouldn’t have come to power. While it’s wrong to blame EVERYTHING on Jews, Jews need to be accountable for their own actions. If not, goyim eventually scream 'Enough Is Enough' and seek out counter-radical solutions. If Jews don’t want goyim to be rabid and crazy, they themselves must stop being rabid and crazy. But Jewish Power insists on doing as it pleases while denouncing any reaction on the part of goyim that finally says NO MORE. None of this is to excuse Nazi craziness, and Hitler was a pathological nut. Some on the far-right seem to think ‘Hitler did nothing wrong’ because Jews were so rotten. But as the saying goes, "two wrongs don’t make a right". Jewish rabidness was wrong but so was German virulence. Ironically, both Judeo-centrists and far-right goyim think alike. Judeo-centrists think, "because Nazis were so evil, Jews were so perfect and innocent." As far as Jews are concerned, the fact that Nazis were evil meant that they must have targeted the most innocent and wonderful people, the Jews. Far-right goyim of antisemitic bent think, "Because Jews were so evil and vicious, Hitler and National Socialism must have been totally good because they waged war on Jewish-Evil." But such is fallacious thinking. Just because A is evil and B is against A, it doesn’t naturally follow that B is good. There are many cases of evil vs evil(such as Nazi Germany vs Soviet Union in WWII). Much of Jewish power has been on the side of evil, and National Socialism eventually manifested itself as a form of German Evil. Just like gangsters fight other gangsters, evil can fight evil. And the forces that led to World War II were German Evil and Jewish Evil. Too many Jews acted crazily as communist, financial thieves, pimps, and gangsters. The excesses of the Weimar Period led many Germans to support National Socialism as a socio-political restoration of health and decency, but as events made clear sooner than later, Hitler and his key cohorts were pathological nuts themselves. The dog that mauled the rabid Jew was rabid itself. It’s like the spread of hyper-rabies to everyone in David Cronenberg’s RABID. Jews and Aryans can both be rabid, and when their rabities rub against each other, the whole world can be engulfed in flames.

The proper lesson from WWII should be all peoples should take care not to grow rabid, but Jews never got the messsage. Germans and Japanese got this message and renounced imperialism and war. The GERMAN QUESTION, long a worrisome problem for other nations, was finally resolved with Germany deciding to become a 'normal nation'. Defeated by all sides and burdened with shame & guilt, Germans had no choice but to reassess themselves and arrive at a more balanced existence.
Countless Germans and Japanese were killed in the conflict, and they learned their lesson. Millions of Germans and Japanese were victimized in World War II, but they also faced the fact that they’d victimized millions of other peoples. They paid a heavy price but also cost other nations dearly. It was a good lesson to learn.

Unfortunately, Jews never got the memo along those lines. By turning the Shoah into some kind of neo-religion, the Jewish Narrative is that of totally innocent, pure-as-snow, and wonderful Jews being attacked and killed by Nazis and other ‘anti-Semites’ for NO GOOD REASON. Jews overlook the fact that World Jewry constituted a great power in its own right. Even though Jews didn’t have a nation of their own, they had their claws sunk into several key nations that dominated much of the world back then. Jewish influence in US, communist Russia, UK, France, and etc. was considerable. And because Jews had close connections with some of the most powerful people in media, business, and politics, they could exert extensive influence. Also, there was a vast worldwide network of Jewish gangsters(who had close ties with Jews in the legitimate world). Indeed, even within Nazi Germany there was Jewish influence to persuade the regime to support Zionism. So, if Jews could exert some degree of pressure even on Nazi Germany, imagine the kind of pull they had in other nations. And much of Jewish financial meddling(then as now) was dirty and lowdown. When we take all of this into account, Jews weren’t just some innocent and hapless victims but ONE OF THE MAJOR PLAYERS in world power. Those who play with fire can get burned, and Jews got burned along with other peoples who also died in the 100,000s or millions: Germans, Japanese, Soviets, British, French, and Americans, all of whom were in the Game of Empire. (Indeed, the notion that the Empire of Japan attacked the US that only wanted peace is also hokum. While it’s true that most Americans were non-interventionist, FDR and Liberal elites were just itching for war and empire to pave the way for the American Century. Indeed, it was the US and UK that had been most instrumental in goading Japan early in the 20th century to join the Imperial Club as counterbalance to the Russian Empire and to suppress rising Chinese aspirations). Now, this doesn’t mean that all sides were equally to blame for WWII. Hitler and Nazi Germany were mostly to blame by far, and anyone who doubts this is a liar, fool, or retard. But it’s not like Germans decided to go utterly crazy in a sane world. Rather, Germans went crazy in a world filled with craziness, and Jewish Power was one of the craziest drivers of world madness, especially with communism in Russia and financial robbery & gangsterism in the West. If you torment a bear with a stick long enough, it might lose its temper and tear you limb from limb. Now, the bear was still wrong to overreact, but you wouldn’t be exactly innocent either.
But Jews seem to think they have some divine right to beat people with a stick... and even shove a ‘rainbow’ stick up people’s arse. Today’s Jews, so full of themselves as the Holy Holocaust people, seem to think whatever they do is wonderful and anyone who reacts badly is an ‘anti-Semite’. So, never mind that Jewish globalists economically looted Russia in the 90s. Just pretend that Jews did nothing wrong, and how dare the Russians support a man like Vladimir Putin who is New Hitler because he restored some resemblance of national sovereignty. (Unlike Hitler and Nazis, Putin’s Russia is friendly to Jews and protects them. It only went after the worst of the Jewish oligarchs, BUT Jews are still fuming and up-in-arms because they favor even total a**holes Jews over goyim victimized by a**hole Jews).

Anyway, there is no denying that there was indeed a coordinated worldwide Jewish agenda to harm National Socialist Germany as much as possible. And from the Jewish perspective, it would have made sense since Hitler’s Germany was indeed virulently anti-Jewish to the point of blaming Jews even for things they weren’t responsible. From the viewpoint of Jewish power, pride, and honor, it was the most responsible and sensible thing for Jews around the world to unite in their anti-German campaign. After all, World Capital did much the same against the USSR. While there were capitalists(especially Jewish) who were sympathetic to the Soviet project, most of Worldwide Capital sought to strangle communism in its cradle. From the capitalist perspective, this was a most rational objective since communism’s stated goal was to stamp out private property.
And of course, socialists and communists around the world formed Popular Fronts across many nations to build a worldwide bloc against capitalism and fascism. From the radical leftist perspective, capitalism was an evil form of exploitation that had to be stamped out to create heaven on earth for the Common Man. Therefore, all leftists around the world should coordinate their activism to subvert capitalism in every nation. Likewise, the perspective and policy of World Jewry were essentially rational and sensible on the basis of Jewish identity and interests. Given National Socialist Germany’s blatant antisemitism, why shouldn’t World Jewry have worked in concert to put forth a united front against Germany?

Now, one could argue that such efforts on the part of Jews further radicalized Nazi Germany and made it even more anti-Jewish. One might also argue that Germany felt cornered because of the Jewish-led campaigns, and this led to actions that were more out of exasperation than any diabolical plan to conquer the world. And there is a kernel of truth to this. If World Jewry had been less hostile and more accommodating to Germany-as-a-great-power, maybe Nazi Germany would have eased its policies on Jews. And maybe Germany would have been more willing to negotiate with other nations than go down the path of war. After all, ideological or racial enemies can be friends or allies on the basis of shared interests and compromise. Hitler had no love for the Asian race — indeed, one of his reasons for despising the Slavs was they were supposedly tainted with Asiatic blood — , but he formed an alliance with Japan. And Saudis and Israelis, despite despising one another, have formed an alliance against Iran. And the US and Red China came to see eye-to-eye on the Soviet Threat. So, maybe Jews should have been less hostile toward Nazi Germany and more diplomatic for the sake of pragmatism. After all, Germany was a great power(and getting stronger by the day), and as the Rolling Stones sang, "You Can’t Always Get What You Want." Besides, Jewish Power back then was considerably less than what it is today. Though Jews had access to key figures in many powerful nations, they still didn’t occupy the commanding heights that they do today. As such, even as they could pressure various nations to censure and condemn Germany, they had no means to making them attack and destroy Germany. Consider that when Leni Riefenstahl visited the US, she was welcomed by Walt Disney despite being snubbed by Hollywood moguls. And the powerful anti-war lobby in the US(heavily represented by German-Americans and many Wasps) was very effective in keeping the US out of conflagrations in Europe and Asia. It only took Pearl Harbor and Germany’s declaration of war on the US that roused enough Americans to support war.
Given all these factors, maybe World Jewry was rash in overestimating its power to affect world events. It had a lot of power but not enough to destroy Germany. So, its overt hostility only emboldened the Nazi resolve to hurt Jews.
But then, given Hitler’s character, it’s unlikely that a nicer approach on the part of Jews would have changed events much either. Hitler was the kind of psychopath who didn’t appreciate good will. He tended to see such as weakness or stupidity, and more often than not, he took advantage of the kindness of others. So, if Jews had taken a softer approach to Nazi Germany, Hitler would likely have wiped his feet on it like a doormat.
But then, that is also a problem with Jews. There is something about the Jewish personality and character that ill-appreciates goodwill and kindness of others. Because Jewish culture developed to intellectually and economically dominate, any sign of goodwill on the part of goyim is usually seen as a weakness to exploit. Consider Jewish behavior in the Anglosphere world. Notice Jews gained the greatest success in Anglo-made nations, but Jews never show any appreciation, no gratitude. Instead, they spew endless bile at Wasps and Anglo-ized whites as the Source of All Evil. Jews would not be ruling the world today if Anglos hadn’t allowed them to piggyback on the triumphs of the British and American Empires. Without the Anglo Horse for Jews to ride, where would Jews be? But what do Jews do to the Anglo Horse? They dig their spurs into the Anglo flesh and show utter contempt(and pleasure at Anglo agony). Indeed, given Jewish behavior in the US and post-Soviet Russia, one can’t help that the National Socialists were at least half-right. They clearly went too far in their Jew-Hatred, and their genocidal campaigns cannot be justified on any grounds, but it’s about time we asked this question: If Jews, with their great power, recently did so much to harm White America and Russia with weapons of cultural degradation and financial robbery, why would Jews during the inter-war period have acted all that differently? Granted, a people’s attitude and behavior can change over time, but it’s also been the case that various peoples tend to exhibit certain dominant traits and behaviors consistently over time. So, whether under monarchy, democracy, National Socialism, communism, or capitalism, German people have tended to be disciplined, thorough, and efficient. In contrast, Russians have been known to be lazy, slovenly, and crude regardless of the dominant ideology. And people have noticed similar attitudes and behaviors in Swedes in Sweden and Swedish-Americans in the US. If such is true of goyim, it could also be true of Jews. And given Jewish behavior in the US from the 60s to the 90s — rancorous, subversive, nasty, irreverent, arrogant, contemptuous, venomous, hateful, hostile, and self-righteous — and in Russia in the 90s(what with all the gangsterism and financial swindling done in concert with Harvard Jews as ‘advisers’), would it be such a stretch that the same kind of attitudes and behaviors were prevalent among Jews in the Weimar period? Based on historical evidence(though often suppressed by Jew-run academia and media), there seems to be ample proof of Jewish bad behavior in economics and culture in Germany of the time. While some Jews were on the far left aiming for violent revolution, others were steeped in the most subversive and degrading manifestations of urbanism and capitalism. Jews dominated gangsterism, white slavery, pornography, and the drug trade. Also, Jewish power was doing much to create dissension among the goy populations. We see this today as Jewish media have long promoted feminism to drive a wedge between white men and white women. Jewish-controlled feminism tells white women that they are oppressed by white men and should side with People of Color. Also, Slut Feminism drives a wedge between young girls and parents. It tells young girls that they are ‘empowered’ if they dress and act like sluts who go with Negroes. And we know Jewish Power has been most instrumental in pushing the sickness of Homomania.
Now, not all Jews are behind this, and many decent moral Jews are appalled by the madness, but the fact is the great majority of Jews are with the program. It’s like not all Germans were pro-Nazi, and many of them opposed Hitler’s madness, but they didn’t have to power to stop the wars and mass horrors. And there were anti-war Japanese who warned against militarism and imperial ambition, but they were in the minority and couldn’t stop the madness that led to destruction and defeat. Good decent Jews are in a similar strait. They want to stop the madness of crazy evil globo-homo Jews, but nearly all the elite Jewish power is globo-homo, and the great majority of Ordinary Jews support the crazy agenda. Granted, Jews are different from most groups. For example, only a small percentage of whites, blacks, and browns belong to the elites. Most goyim are just regular people. But given that 50% of Jews make $100,000 or more, a far larger percentage of Jews are in elite ranks. If, say, 5% of whites could be said to live in the upper-ranks of society, the figure is probably like 25%-30% for Jews.

Anyway, there is no doubt that Jews around the world, or World Jewry, have worked as a team against other groups. This doesn’t mean that all the powerful or consequential Jews were communicating 24/7 or hatching a plan in some dark room. Indeed, no such conscious collusion or conspiracy is necessary when so many people see eye-to-eye on things. On certain matters, even Jews who never met or know of one another’s existence could be doing the very things that culminate in actions in favor of Jewish interests. But this is true of any group. Most Muslims in the US never met one another and don’t know each other on the personal level, but on issues such as the Israel-Palestinian conflict or Muslim Immigration, a lot of Muslims all across the US will be saying and doing the very things that serve what they construe to be Muslim interests. So, even if a Muslim in Florida never met another Muslim in NY who never met another Muslim in Michigan, the kind of things they say and do will likely serve an interest that has special meaning and purpose for the Muslim Community. And this was also true of Anglosphere nations. Even though the US broke away from the British Motherland, and even though Canada, Australia, and New Zealand developed separately from the US(and eventually grew independent from Britain), they tended to be closer to another than with other nations because of the Anglo-glue. And prior to the Jewish-takeover of the US, there was a certain sentimentality among many Americans who regarded Great Britain as the motherland. So, despite the bitterness of the American War of Independence, the shared blood and culture made UK and US closer to one another than, say, the US and Mexico even though Mexico is closer to the US than UK is. So, even without conspiracies or conscious coordination, peoples around the world with bonds of blood and culture tend to, wink-wink, understand each other better and get along together. Same might be said of the World Sinery(or World Chinese). Even though there were bitter disagreements over ideology and economic philosophy between Mainland communist China and capitalist Hong Kong, Taiwan, & Singapore(and Overseas minority Chinese in Southeast Asian nations), at the end of the day, when the historical dust settled, there remained a kind of mutual understanding among the Chinese communities all over the world. This doesn’t mean that World Sinery all gather together in some banquet hall in Beijing to hatch some plot to dominate all of humanity, but it still means that many Chinese in the mainland and around the world feel an innate sense of Chinese-ness and Chinese interests that motivate them to think, speak, and act in ways that culminate in what amounts to Globo-Sino-Interests.

Then, why would it be any different with Jews? While it’s true that there is a network of powerful Jews all around the world — with globalism, worldwide communication is easier than ever, and Jews have been more invested in communication and news than most other peoples — , much of Jewish Power derives from the fact that many Jews instinctively act in ways that serve Jewish interests. So, many of these Jews don’t have to meet with other Jews or even know them on a personal basis. What matters is that most of them, even on their own, act in ways that are most beneficial to Jewish interests. So, one could be a Jewish professor in some elite college without direct connections to those Jews in the Deep State. But as a Jew, he may feel that Diversity serves Jewish interests because it gives the ruling Jewish elites the opportunity to play divide-and-rule among the goyim. So, in his role as professor, he may publish articles or teach classes that push Multi-Culturalism. And if he persuades a bunch of readers and students, he will have done his part in the interests of World Jewry. Or one could be a Jewish financial operator. He may not be part of any cabal or know anyone in Pentagon or Harvard. But, he may still donate a good sum of money to a Democratic candidate who pushes the Homo Agenda because he is convinced that the ‘gay agenda’ is good for Jews by promoting minority-centrism(where the majority comes under pressure to defer to certain select minorities, and of course, most Jews surely know that the Homo Agenda has been essentially funded by Jewish money and promoted by Jewish-run media). Even without conspiracy or elaborate collaboration, the actions of many individual can constitute an ethnic agenda IF most of those individuals are ethnocentric and mindful to say and do things that they deem to be good for the group or tribe. And in a way, elections work just this way. When you vote, you do it alone, and you don’t know most people who voted like you did. But if you voted for someone/something that you deem to be good for your people and if others of your ethnicity made similar decisions in the voting booths, then the cumulative effect of all those individuals is an ethnic agenda. Then, why would it not make sense that Jews around the world act in Jewish interests, especially since Jews have historically been more ethnocentric than other groups(indeed managing to survive as a distinct people in exiled diaspora), more informed of world affairs, and highly ambitious as a people. Surely, an ethnocentric people will use their knowledge to serve their own interests. And an ambitious(and even arrogant) ethnic group will try to achieve great power and privilege for itself. If Jews were lazy, low-IQ, unambitious, and lacking in strong identity(rooted in deep culture, history, and spirituality), then perhaps most Jews would show little interest in anything except short-term personal gratification. But in fact, Jewish pride has been rooted in the Covenant of blood, spirituality, and history. Given that kind of collective egotism — "We are the Chosen People of the One and Only God" — , why would it be surprising that Jews around the world would have a powerful sense of who they are, where they came from, and where they must go to remain one of the great peoples of the world? No people are as ethnically conscious as the Jews are, but then, no people get as touchy when people notice this powerful sense of Jewish interests(often at the expense of other groups). The only reason why Jews survived as a people and culture for 1,000s of yrs, especially in exile, is because they had a strong Covenant-Consciousness. In contrast, a people such as the Japanese didn’t have to try hard at being Japanese since Japan was isolated and safe for most of its history. A Japanese was naturally Japanese just by living in Japan and doing Japanese things.
In contrast, Jews were surrounded by various other tribes and great powers always breathing down their necks. Even prior to the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, Jews were in a precarious condition as they neighbored so many other tribes and kingdoms. And over history, most of the Ancient Tribal identities have disappeared. Whatever happened to the Babylonians or Hittites? We don’t know. They just became some other people. Their identities weren’t strong enough. In contrast, Jews developed the most powerful identity via the Covenant and thereby outlasted many peoples who were many times more powerful than the Jews. This is a great feat of the Jewish people, but it has also made them arrogant and contemptuous of other peoples, the goyim, who lacked the Covenant. In the case of Christians, Jews came to hate them as the people who stole the God of the Jews. How dare the goy Christians, under the influence of renegade Jews who passed the fire of the Jews to non-Jews, pretend like they possess the New Covenant while blaming Jews for having killed the Son of God when, if anything, there would be no Jehovah to speak of if not for Jewish spiritual vision and sacred texts?
So, while there’s no denying that the Jews are a great people, the terms of this greatness also made Jews a very difficult and dangerous people to the goyim. While there are good Jews and bad Jews — just like there is good and bad among all peoples — , the demands of the Covenant push even good Jews to favor collective Jewish Interests above all other interests. This constant psycho-cultural pressure encourages even good Jews to side with bad Jews than side with good goyim against both bad goyim and bad Jews. So, even as Jews demand that good goyim reject bad goyim, the good Jews don’t carry out their end of the bargain of casting out bad Jews. But can good Jews remain good when they are so close to bad Jews? If good tolerates the bad, it turns bad also. And then, if good goyiim join forces with good-Jews-gone-bad(by sticking closely with bad Jews), don’t even good goyim turn bad? Even if good goyim reject bad goyim, if their main allies(or masters) are good-Jews-gone-bad, they too will only end up serving the bad.
This is why the world is so messed up. Jews say good goyim must say NO to bad ‘racist’ & ‘supremacist’ goyim and side with good Jews. But good Jews support bad Jews who practice ‘racism’ and ‘supremacism’ in the Middle East. If good Jews stick with bad Jews, aren’t they also bad? It’s like cops who work with gangsters are also, de facto, gangsters by association and cooperation. If good Jews stick with bad Jews and if good goyim stick with good Jews who stick with bad Jews, the end result will be both good goyim and good Jews doing the bidding of bad Jews. Goodness fades, and all that is left is Jewish badness.
Now, we can argue as to what is really ‘good’ and what is really ‘bad’. We can argue globalism is the real evil, in which case nationalist Jews would be the good guys. Then, good nationalist Jews should condemn bad globalist Jews and work with good nationalist goyim against bad globalist goyim. But many staunch Zionists in the US, EU, and Israel who are all about nationalism for Jews will work closely with bad globalist Jews who are pushing for Open Borders in Europe and the West. During the ‘Refugee Crisis’, Israel(that refuses to take in any refugees) sent rescue delegations to Europe to welcome Arab ‘refugees’ and ‘migrants’ washing up on shores. So, good Jewish nationalists who support Israel as a Jewish state work with bad Jewish globalists to inundate the West with Muslim and African ‘refugees’. Again, if good works with bad, it too becomes bad. If ‘good’ Jewish nationalists act this way and refuse to condemn bad globalist Jews(and, if anything, work with them), what’s the point of good European nationalists working with ‘good’ nationalist Jews? If ‘good’ nationalist Jews are joined at the hip with bad globalist Jews, then any good European nationalist who is allied with ‘good’ Jewish nationalists will also be indirectly in service to bad Jewish globalists.

Anyway, the point is Jews, good or bad, tend to favor tribal power over universal principles EVEN as they demand that goyim reject ‘petty tribalism’ in favor of higher universal principles. But if Jews refuse to reject their own ‘petty tribalism’ and form a domineering alliance with goyim who have rejected their own tribalism and embraced universalism, the end-result will be a death knell for universal principles since goyim will have to support the tribalism of the Jews. Even though goyim will have forsaken their own identity, they will still be serving an identity because Jews will have clung to theirs.
This is the current moral crisis of Globalism. No people preach more about universal principles than Jews do, but then, no people insist so much on the importance of their own identity and power as well. Jews tell goyim to trust Jews because Jews are so wise, idealistic, compassionate, and caring of all humanity. And the Jewish advice to goyim is "Abandon your identity & pride and embrace all peoples as part of one ‘human race’." Goyim trust Jews and follow up on the advice. Deracinated and Diverse, goyim are to no longer see color. But then, what is the Jewish demand on goyim? It is "Admire us Jews, serve us Jews, worship us Jews, kill for us Jews, die for us Jews, hate whomever we hate, endorse whatever we endorse, and etc." In other words, Jews aim to erase the identities of goyim not to end all tribalisms but to make all post-tribalists serve the one and only remaining Tribe, the Jews. Jewish message to White Christians is not, "You give up your white/Christian identity, and we’ll give up our Jewish/Semitic identity." Rather, it’s "You give up your white/Christian identity and come serve our Jewish/Semitic identity." Whites are to abandon their 'petty tribalism' to aid Jewish 'petty tribalism' in beating up Palestinians and other perceived 'enemies of Israel', a notion as malleable and fluid as the idea of 'hate speech'(which usually means whatever Jews hate).
It’s like someone who says, "You take off your clothes while I keep mine on" or "You give up your money while I keep my own money... and take yours as well since you gave it up." This is down and dirty. So, yes, Jews are a great people, but it’s understandable why so many peoples have come to use the epithet ‘Dirty Jew’ because Jewish hustling, double-crossing, and backstabbing are truly venal and lowdown.

When we survey world events today, who can deny that World Jewry has worked together time and again to wage all sorts of wars, ranging from cold to hot? The main conflicts are not between Israel and its neighbors but between Jewish Globlalism and whatever stands in the way of total Jewish hegemony. Who can deny that World Jewry has pretty much declared war on Russia? This doesn’t mean Israel declared war on Russia. If anything, Israel and Russia have cordial relations as Jews often hedge their bets. But ever since Vladimir Putin rose to prominence and re-instituted some degree of national sovereignty & expelled the worst of the Jewish oligarchs, there has been a concerted effort among many powerful Jews around the world to isolate, defame, encircle, and strangle Russia. Jews should feel themselves to be lucky that Vladimir Putin isn’t someone like Adolf Hitler or Tony Montana. Indeed, Putin’s response to Jewish animus goes to show that Jewish hostility need not lead to a world war. Putin has remained sane & balanced and sought out closer ties with China and Iran against the power of US and EU controlled by Jews. Also, he has no imperialist ambition to conquer other nations. He even decided not to invade Georgia in 2008 despite Georgian provocations. So, just because World Jewry declares war on your nation doesn’t mean that your nation must engage in actions that lead to a world war. Jewish power is far greater now than in the 1930s, and Russia is feeling far more heat than Germany did from 1933. But notice that a world war has been avoided because Putin is a sane and cautious man. And Hitler could have played the game more soberly as well. The problem with Hitler was that, even as he resented Jewish pressures on Germany, his own ambitions were also on the dark side. He wasn’t just a German patriot trying to defend his fatherland from International Jews but a German imperialist whose grand ambition was as monstrous as that of the worst Jews. In contrast, Vladimir Putin has limited ambitions, which are mainly to safeguard Russia’s borders and revive a healthy traditionalist kind of nationalism. And one could say the same of the leaders of China and Iran, both of whom are far saner than rabid & virulent Jewish globalists and their pathetic craven goy cuck-collaborators.

Anyway, it is a fact that World Jewry orders hits on certain nations. In the case of Iraq, the Jewish Neocons, in collusion with Liberal Zionists and Israel, cooked up insane lies to manipulate the US, the lone superpower, into declaring war on Iraq and invading on false pretexts. So, yes, Jewish Power can be aggressive, imperialist, and pathologically destructive. It can be Nazi-like. But because Jews are now protected by American Power, the greatest in the world, they can get away with so much bad behavior.
In retrospect, American invasion of Iraq was a far greater crime than Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor. Japan, driven to desperation, sought to neutralize the US navy in Hawaii to buy some time to grab more of Asia from Western Imperialists. Japan too was a brutal and imperialist power, but it was fighting for its life and position in Asia. In contrast, the US was not threatened by Hussein’s Iraq. Furthermore, Hussein had nothing to do with 9/11 and, if anything, had done his part to suppress Jihadi terrorist elements in his country. So, what sound reason did the US have for invading Iraq? It was really to serve Israel’s interests in the region. Zionists wanted another modern Arab nation destroyed. Of course, even prior to the declaration of war and overt aggression by the US, there had been an economic war against Iraq that killed so many innocent women and children. The reasons given were about ‘human rights’, but this from a nation that aided Zionists in the Nakba progroms that wiped Palestinians off the map. Also, US had hardly cared about Hussein’s ‘human rights’ abuses in the 1980s when he was at war with Iran.
In the case of the Iraq Invasion, Jewish Power used the US to overtly declare war. But Jews have used the US to declare de facto Cold War on Iran even though Iran, unlike Israel, has no nukes and allows inspections of its nuclear facilities. Also, what nation has Iran invaded recently? None. It has been far more peaceful with its neighbors than Israel with its. Even the Iran-Iraq War was started by Iraq(with encouragement from the US). Under Obama, the Jewish-controlled US and EU mobilized NATO to bring down Gaddafi and turn Libya into a hell-hole. And why would the US have worked with Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey to funnel in Jihadis and weapons into Syria to blow up that country? Who was bound to benefit the most? Sure, Saudis and Turks had their own reasons, but why did the US get so closely involved? Do Saudis and Turks control US policy? No, Jews do. Jews made Obama mess up Syria because they thought a divided and tattered Syria would be good for Israel. And when all this mess led to massive migration-invasion into Europe by Muslims and Africans, World Jewry essentially declared demographic war on Europe. Soros and the Jewish-controlled World Media praised Cuckette Merkel as the moral leader of Europe for allowing the invasion and destroying her own country.
So, there are various ways by which Jews declare war on other peoples. It can be overt(as with Iraq or Libya) or covert(as with Syria and Ukraine). And if not for Jewish power, would US-Russia relations really be so bad? I mean, what group in the US has this toxic animus against Russia? Eskimo-Americans? Mexican-Americans? Chinese-Americans? Cuban-Americans? Irish-Americans? Now, Polish-Americans may have some bitter feelings about Russians, but Catholic Poles do not control US media, finance, academia, and Deep State. It’s really the Jews. Jews hate certain nations & peoples and recruit the most craven cuck-puppet goy shitheads like John Bolton, Hillary Clinton, Nikki Haley, John McCain, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mitt Romney, and etc. to do their bidding. Just like Vito Corleone said "It was Barzini all along" in THE GODFATHER, we must say the ‘new cold war’ is about "It’s been the Jews all along." So, in the wider sense of Jewish War on Goyim, Jean-Francois Gariepy is right. If Jewish Power today wages wars, overt or covert, on so many perceived enemies of the Jews, why wouldn’t Jewish Power in the 1930s have behaved in a similar manner? And just like Israel expects the US to fight its wars, Jewish Power has often used proxies to get its way. Jewish power uses goy nations as hit-men or bouncers against other goy nations. In the 1930s, World Jewry did everything possible to turn the elites of UK, France, US, and USSR against Germany. Hitler was aware of this and came to hate Jews even more. Still, given his own crazy imperial ambitions and pathological hatred, he wasn’t merely reacting to Jewish hostility but actively trampling on the rights and freedoms of other peoples and nations. While he had every right to be angry with Jews and make counter-moves against the strategy of World Jewry, he didn’t have to invade Czech nation, grab half of Poland, and finally invade the USSR, then an ally. Hitler wasn’t merely reacting to events made worse by others — as Putin is currently doing against the moves of US & EU under Jewish control — but pro-actively encroaching on other nations to fulfill his own grand dreams of empire. And that is what J. F. Gariepy has chosen to overlook. Gariepy is right to say World Jewry did pull every trick in the book to set the great powers against Germany, and that Hitler took this badly and grew even more anti-Jewish than he already was. But this alone would not have led to World War II IF Hitler hadn’t nursed crazy imperialist ambitions of his own. Too often, because the Jews acted so terribly, there’s been a tendency among far-right lunatics to whitewash whatever Hitler did as heroic and noble struggle against evil Jews. But then, equally, there has been a total whitewashing of so much Jewish wickedness in world affairs because Nazi Germany acted so abominably and killed millions of Jews. Of course, the latter outlook is far more prevalent in our world that is so very much controlled by Powerful Jews with near-monopoly-stranglehold on key institutions and industries. Also, because Jews own the Narrative of their Holy Victim-hood that has become the ‘spiritual’ benchmark of Western Morality since the end of WWII, they wield influence even over industries and institutions that they don’t directly own or control. Because ‘antisemitism’ is such a cardinal sin in our Jewish-controlled world, even the richest white goy will find his enterprise and reputation destroyed by accusations leveled by Jews or their cuck-attack-dogs. While disgusting Jewish moguls like Sheldon Adelson can funnel billions of dollars into Zionist causes and projects(that do untold harm to Palestinians, Arabs, and others) without political opprobrium or outrage, imagine what would happen to Bill Gates if news came out that he personally donated a mere $100 to Richard Spencer’s NPI. All the Jew-controlled media and their brainwashed cuck choir would howl for Bill Gates’ head and destruction of Microsoft, in which case Gates will either be destroyed or just barely salvage his reputation and company by profusely apologizing, sucking Jewish cock, and donating billions to Zionist causes and for building more Holocaust Museums.
Here we see the power of prophets over profits. People don’t live on bread alone. They want to feel righteous, and those who control the terms of righteousness control the hearts and minds of the elites and the masses.
This is most evident in the power of Homomania, which is surely one of the most interesting(as well as diabolical) social experiments of all time. Jewish Power decided to consecrate homosexuality into some kind of angelic holiness sparkling with ‘rainbow’ colors. Spread via media and academia, so many people came under the proselytization of ‘gay rights’ into Gay Rites. Homosexuality went from a mere deviant lifestyle to be tolerated into a human condition that is next-to-godliness. It became something to be righteous about, and of course, when people feel righteous about something, they grow intolerant and hateful toward anyone who won’t share in the ‘spiritual’ passion. It becomes a matter of "We are Born Again because we worship Holy Homo, whereas you are cursed with ‘homophobia’."
Now, what is Homomania but a Jewish Culture War on the world? It is a war on normality, biology, Christianity(and all great spiritual traditions), goy morality & decency, and majority power & dominance. It is a Culture War, Moral War, and Spiritual War in favor of Minority Supremacism of Jews and homos against non-Jews and Straights. The fact that so many people around the world fell for this globo-homo Jewish filth goes to show how much the world has been hollowed out by the spread of soul-eviscerating Pop Culture and mind-scraping PC, both of which are mainly controlled by Jews.

So yes, J.F. Gariepy is right about the way of World Jewry. It is a great power in its own right, and it will go to any lengths to wage wars, overt or covert, political-financial-cultural, against whatever and whomever they don’t like. We see this now in the tensions between US and Russia, Iran, & Syria. And who can deny that US has been at war against the pitiful Palestinians since the Nabka pogroms. No matter what the Zionists did to crush Palestinians, the US has been right there alongside Jewish power.
So, we need to be very much aware of Jewish power, its nature, and its agenda. But that still doesn’t mean that the hostility of World Jewry against National Socialist Germany beginning in 1933 made World War II inevitable. If Jewish nastiness necessarily leads to World Wars, then there would be a world war between the US & EU and Russia, Iran, and China. Granted, it’s possible that Jews are now so confident of their control of US and EU that they will use their cuck-proxies to instigate the first military strikes against Russia, China, and Iran, in which case we can truly blame the Jews for starting World War III. But that is, as yet, far from certain, not least because the leaders of Russia, China, and Iran, unlike Hitler, have played the game sanely and responsibly against the dangerous moves of the globo-homo Judeo-Nazis.
But in the case of Nazi Germany, Hitler played a crucial role in pushing events to the brink of World War and then pushing them all the way to total destruction. Hitler didn’t merely push back against Jewish power but pushed way beyond to realize his own insane dreams of a Nightmare Empire.

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