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Some Thoughts on "An Open Letter to the ‘Alt-Right’ and Others" by Ron Unz -- Charlottesville, Jewish Power, Richard Spencer, and Deplatforming

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Some on the Alt Right do raise alarm about Brown Violence, but 'Latino' crime isn't their main worry. They believe that, even if all browns are good people, the demographic transformation will profoundly alter the national character of America. Also, even if most browns are rather nice and make okay neighbors, they supply votes for the globalist elites who, ensconced in power, wage more wars abroad, promote cultural decadence as the New Normal, and push economic policies that concentrate more power at the top. The effect of immigration in CA has been a one-party dictatorship with the biggest socio-economic inequalities and PC lunacy, especially when it comes to issues of 'gender'.

After all, Alt Right doesn't believe Asians are criminals or terrorists but opposes Asian immigration too because, again, Too Many Asians alter the national character of America. Also, given that Asians tend to be servile to the Existing Power and obsessed with status, they are likely to become the managerial class for globalism, like Francis Fukuyama, Amy Chua, Nikki Haley, John Yoo, Sarah Jeong, etc. The result will be Jewish globalists lording over Asian upper-middle class as commissars over the white masses.

Trump's alarmist rhetoric about Mexican criminals and Muslim terrorists actually appealed more to Normie Conservatives. But then, Trump didn't start this rhetoric. Hollywood has been making lots of movies featuring Muslims as terrorists. The SICARIO sequel begins with Muslims crossing the US-Mexican border and blowing up US shopping malls. In the 90s, the movie villains were usually South African 'racists' or Muslim Terrorists. And who can forget RULES OF ENGAGEMENT that is downright genocidal in its message toward Muslims over there. KILL THEM ALL. Even before 9/11, many white working class kids grew up watching Hollywood movies with evil Muslim villains. So, when they entered the military, they were more than happy to go over there and kill them 'savages'.
While some in the Alt Right like to pass around the Muslim Terrorist and Mexican Gang meme, this is much more the feature of Alt Light and God-and-Country Conservatism. The anti-Muslim stuff is actually a way to gain sympathy from Jews(and homos), i.e. Jews and homos(and even feminists) should side with the Right because Liberals don't care about Muslims who want to wipe Israel off the map, enslave women, and throw homos from roofs. Alt Right cares far less about this line of argument because it cares far less about forging alliance with Jews, homos, and feminists. Alt Right's position on Israel is 'none of our business'. Some in the Alt Right cheer for Palestinians just to 'return the favor'. Also, Alt Right believes that Jewish power and influence in US and EU are so baleful that alliance is near-impossible. And Alt Right thinks feminism is terrible and rejects the homo agenda. It is the Alt Light and 'cuck' Right that go for the "Liberals are the true anti-Semites, Homophobes, and misogynists because they don't condemn Muslims" polemic.

Also, even though Alt Rightists are aware of Muslim Terrorism(esp in Europe), most trace the problem between the West and Muslim World to Western invasion of Middle East & North AFrica(that angered and radicalized Muslims) and immigration policy controlled by Jews and globalists(that let in millions of Muslims into the West). So, while the Alt Light and Normie Cons tend to blame Muslims, Alt Right is more likely to blame the People behind the Invade/Invite Strategy that turned the Middle East and North Africa upside down and then 'welcomed' all the refugees and other riff-raff(pretending to be 'refugees') into the West. While Alt Right has its share of bozos and morons, its overall understanding of foreign policy tends to be more sophisticated than that of the Alt Light and Normie Conservatives who are stuck in 'Liberals are the real racist' mentality. Alt Right's view of foreign affairs is probably closer to that of the Saker or Paul Craig Roberts even though neither is part of Alt Right.

In Ann Coulter and Tucker Carlson, we do see some Alt Right influence on their views of foreign policy... though, to be sure, one could trace their change of views to Paleo-Conservatism as well(of Pat Buchanan and Paul Gottfried) or Libertarianism(of Ron Paul). Both Tucker Carlson and Ann Coulter waved the red, white, and blue during the Iraq War. Coulter's warmongering fever was so out-of-control and hyperbolic -- turn them 'muzzies' into Christians -- that National Review let her go. It was the hope during the Bush II years that, if the American 'Right' does something spectacular in the Middle East and remakes the whole region into an oasis in which Israel will especially be safe, the American Jewish power will move over to the GOP. Never let a crisis go to waste, and 9/11 offered an opportunity for GOP Wasps(fast losing power) to make a move to recruit Jewish Power by doing the bidding of Neocons as middlemen power-brokers between GOP wasps and the larger Jewish Community. The idea seemed so tantalizing that even NYT and Liberal Zionist Media came to support the Iraq War based on WMD hoax. (The massive protests against the war probably had more to do with the trepidation that it might indeed be a great success and lend credibility to the GOP-Neocon Right.) But the whole thing blew up spectacularly, and Bush II ended his presidency as one of the worst presidents ever. The economy also collapsed. Still, the fact is the GOP and people like Coulter had tried so very hard to do whatever to win over the Jews. But most Jews went for Obama. Worse, feeling that the GOP as the white party was dead forever, Jewish Liberals(and even Neocons) began to show their true face and spew anti-white vitriol not unlike Tim Wise. The OBAMA CONQUEST Newsweek cover said it all. While 'cuck'-servatives remained timid and servile, figures like Ann Coulter just about had enough. Even though she has always known that most Jews were on the 'left', she had no idea how much the great majority of the Jewish community really hated, hated, and hated the white goy majority. The anti-white rhetoric became ever more strident and boastful with sadistic glee at the prospect of White America's demise. Jews, who'd been demanding that whites respect Jewish identity and support Israel, were gloating not only about the fall of White America but, incredibly, even the Islamo-Africanization of Europe, the ancient homeland of Europeans.

Though neither Coulter or Carlson is Alt Right, their main concern was demography, not crime or terrorism. Sure, because it's deemed 'racist' to defend the preservation of White America, people like Coulter and Carlson will tend to mention issues pertaining to social/economic costs of immigration, but their main worry is End of White America. They can't and won't say it(though Coulter flirts with outright racial consciousness), but it is where their views intersect with the Alt Right. Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson say it has nothing to do with color of the skin and only with values -- the problem is not the race of the newcomers but the values they bring with them -- , but Alt Right disagrees. Alt Right and Jared Taylor(not quite Alt Right) have an emotional or near-spiritual attachment to White/Western Civilization. Alt Right tends to see Jews as the Other, whereas Taylor wishes for Jews to be partners, but for them, Western Civilization isn't merely about moral values and monetary value but about genetics and aesthetics: Western culture is an expression of European blood in both spirit and form. So, Western music is an expression of the white soul, and Western art depict the unique beauty of the white race. It's not just about what's in the head but what's in the heart, face, body. This is why Faith Goldy opposes Asian immigration in Canada. Most Asians are not criminals. Many study and work hard and contribute to the Canadian economy. And because most Asians(especially from East Asia) tend to be bland and servile, they readily soak up the latest PC fashions in 'Western Values'. They assimilate all-too-well to current fads and fashions of the West. But, they are still racially different, and too many of them will permanently alter the European character of Canada.

Now, some white people don't care about such things. They either see all peoples as just individuals/economic units OR believe that whites are so uniquely guilty of historical 'sins' that their nations deserved to be taken over by non-whites. (As for white elites, they figure their vaunted positions are secure and that newcomers will mainly serve them. Their main identity is 'elite' or 'privilege', not white. And, their idea of fighting 'white privilege' is not surrendering their own privilege but beating up on un-privileged whites as 'racist' for not being properly welcoming of mass-immigration to replace the white population and loyally serve the 'progressive' white elites.) Anyway, while one can argue with Alt Right ideas, one cannot argue with Alt Right passions. Ideas exist in the mind, passion exists in the heart. It's like reason is a mind-thing, whereas religion is a faith-thing. Even though Alt Right is essentially a secular movement, it has 'faith' and soulful passion for European identity. It's the same with Zionists, even secular ones. They can argue and debate about ideas and values, but the notion of Israel as a Jewish state is 'sacred' to them, a historical covenant. It's a matter of the heart. It is non-negotiable. It is like a mother to them. Not for debate, not for sale, not for compromise. Israel MUST be a Jewish State to them.

Now, in some ways, the debacle at Charlottesville wasn't really unique. There was extreme violence in Berkeley(or was it UCLA?) when Milo was scheduled to speak. The violence was comparable to what happened in Charlottesville. And it took heavy police presence to allow Ben Shapiro -- an ardent Zionist enemy of Alt Right -- to speak at one of his college events. Even Charles Murray was attacked by a college mob.
If Charlottesville got more attention, it was because the Alt Right guys were bolder and cockier. Gentlemen like Charles Murray seemed confused and flustered like Mr. MaGoo. Milo's speech was scrapped. Ann Coulter also canceled her speech soon thereafter. And many college professors self-censor themselves out of fear of the NPC mob. Steven Salaita was fired from U of I for expressing rage about Israel's attack on Gaza. Norman Finkelstein's career at Depaul was derailed by Dershowitz and gang. And recently, a Palestinian-American female teacher was fired because she wouldn't sign an anti-BDS pledge. (It almost seems as though what Jews did to Palestinians was dress rehearsal for what they are doing to white people. But white cucks go out of their way to suck up to Jewish Supremacist Power. White Nakba is happening all over, but these white cucks suck up to Jewish Power that does to whites in Texas what Israel does to Palestinians in the West Bank. The cucks must really be well-paid, or maybe they are so dumb blind as born-again Evangelicals that they regard Jews as holy Chosenites no matter how many times Jews shit on them. They are like dogs that serve the master after being kicked over and over. Consider how the Jewish media raked John McCain over the coals in 2008, but he spent his remaining years doing nothing but serving Jews, Jews, Jews.)

Now, a worthless idiot like George Hawley, the so-called scholar of the Alt Right, will say all sorts of nasty things about 'white supremacism' and 'racism' but will not say ANYTHING about Jewish power and its abuses or how homo supremacist activists have destroyed lives and careers all across America. So, what happened to Alt Right guys at Charlottesville was part of a pattern, except that the hammer came down much harder because Alt Right didn't back down as it burst on the scene. So, the only way to deal with the movement was to smash it like God destroyed the Tower of Babel. Especially because Populist Trump was seen as the bold unapologetic candidate who rode to victory on the Alt Right magic carpet, the Power decided to use Charlottesville as an opportunity to wipe the Alt Right off the political map. So, the Constitutional Rights of free assembly and free speech were denied by the powers-that-be in full collusion with the corrupt media.

That said, the Unite the Right was a moral disaster as well. Spencer, filled with vanity as edge-lord 007 enfant-terrible hero, allied with some really loathsome characters. Many of us didn't know then, but we know now. Chris Cantwell the Cantaloupe-Head is a deranged 14/88 clown. And Fat Matt Heimbach turned out to be not only a neo-nazi idiot but a perfect Jerry-Springer-show guest: "I fuc*ed my father-in-law's wife." The fact that Spencer allied with such idiots meant his brand of Alt Right, which got the most media attention, was scraping the bottom of the barrel than patiently building a new political and intellectual base. Ramzpaul saw the writing on the wall earlier at Hail-Gate(or Heil-Gate) when Spencer foolishly emboldened some of his minions to give the Hitler Salute. It's likely that Spencer didn't foresee the reaction, but it was an embarrassing moment for not only people like Ramzpaul and Jared Taylor but for Donald Trump and Steven Bannon. Being edgy is one thing, Nazi crap is another. The whole point of the Alt Right was to find a new path away from both Neoconservatism and KKK craziness, but Spencer the edge-lord, eager for bad boy notoriety, just couldn't help himself. Not long after 'Heil-Gate', he was speaking seriously with Andrew Anglin. And it now seems his group was operating more in the manner of ANIMAL HOUSE or STRIPES than TAPS. (The misguided boys in TAPS fail, but they did put up a serious resistance.)

That said, despite the unsavory character of some of the scheduled speakers at the Unite the Right rally, the fact is the fiasco was almost entirely due to the Jewish mayor and black police chief who shut down the event and pushed the UTR attendees into a gang of Antifa goons who were let alone to tear the city apart. So, if Spencer and others had really been smart, they would have done everything to shape the narrative. With cheap video technology, they could have made their own documentary on the subject. But all that opportunity was lost. As the story of Jesus shows, even defeat can be spun into victory. It all depends on who does the storytelling. Kubrick was half-wrong about SCHINDLER'S LIST when he said Holocaust was about failure whereas Spielberg's movie is about success. True, the Holocaust was a tragic failure for Jews who were killed, but the Holocaust Narrative was a success that 'sacralized' Jewish victims while burdening Germans(and other Northern European racial cousins of Germans) with the Burden of Guilt forever. In the end, the story of the event matters more than the event itself.
But for the most part, Spencer and others did little to shape the post-Charlottesville narrative. ONLY NOW, Spencer the fool is trying to run with the Charlottesville-as-moral-victory narrative. After Charlottesville, most Alt Right people were not deplatformed. It was Daily Stormer and few other sites. Spencer and his cohorts had many months to come up with their own narrative and hammer it home over and over. But they dropped the ball and focused on other matters.

This is all too bad because if the Alt Right had remained more in the mode of Ramzpaul and Jared Taylor, it could have done so much more. After all, Ramzpaul(who has one foot in edgy politics and the other in Normie culture) and Ann Coulter/Tucker Carlson came to more-or-less same conclusion on the JQ though Coulter and Carlson can't spell it out. Coulter feels betrayed not only by the Jewish community but by Neocons whom she had loyally served for so many yrs. She feels abused, like a sex slave. She feels that her kind did everything to wave the Israeli flag, vilify the enemies of Israel, and love Jews. Like John McCain, she growled at whatever Jews hated. But in recent yrs, she has stopped barking at Iran, Russia, Syria, Palestinians, and etc.
Despite all that Coulter & co. had done over the years for Zionism and Jewish Prestige, what did Jewish Power finally give to America? Obama, Homomania, and endless push for Diversity to replace whites. Worse, it wasn't just New York Times and CNN but Neocons and National Review as well. Even Neo-'conservatives' blasted Trump and called for white replacement. Coulter came to see Neocons as weasels and came to see most of GOP as spineless 'paycheck conservatives' who only do the bidding of oligarchs: Paul Ryan and etc. And that is why she was so invested in Trump, the only candidate who denounced foreign wars, the need for walls, and immigration reform. And he was the only GOP candidate who openly supported European nationalists and bemoaned Merkel's decision to open the gates.

So, there was a chance of greater convergence between some in the Conservatism Inc. and the Alt Right. But Spencer, too full of himself, decided to play politics like Mission Impossible. If he really wanted to be bold, he should have written a book on political philosophy than hold quasi-Nazi tiki-torch marches and make common cause with a psychopath like Cantwell and moron like Heimbach. As for guys like Mike Enoch, they have value as 'shitlords' targeting PC shibboleths on podcasts; they have no value as leaders. It's like Howard Stern and Steve Dahl can make it as shockjocks but can't be taken seriously as anything else. But somehow, Enoch took leadership position. Nazi larping can be ironic in a podcast, not in the streets when crowds gather in earnest to make a political statement. Give a nazi salute in that context, and it's a political expression, not a joke or prank.

As for people in Silicon Valley or other super-rich cities, they may not live in Gated Communities, but it's safe to say that much of the area is like an Extensive Gated Community or Gated City(or Golden Gated City). The houses are not gated like rich homes in South Africa or Venezuela, but there are social and class barriers demarcating the super rich from the very rich from the rich from the middle and the rest. It's like there is no gate around Hyde Park community in Chicago, but it is among the safest because most professors and students are white or Asian and also because there is super-heavy police presence to suppress black crime. Also, home prices make it impossible for most blacks to live within the community.
Still, because there are no actual walls or gates to protect the rich from the hordes, it's true enough that many affluent people may feel that all-is-well in America. Since they are 'good' and 'intelligent' people who've made it, everyone else who didn't make it must be lazy or stupid. And yet, there is a contradiction in their attitude because, while they dismiss the problems of the white working class and underclass as products of their own failing, they employ PC rhetoric to gush about all those poor immigrants who must be given a chance. But if white losers have no one to blame but themselves, then aren't non-white losers around the world also responsible for their own problems? Aren't the brown losers in Mexico and Guatemala merely the 'Latino' counterparts of white losers in the US? Apparently not according to elite PC attitudes. While white working class and middle class(continually sinking) that voted for Trump are reviled and ridiculed as 'populist losers', the endless hordes of browns who want to break into America are romanticized as 'dreamers'. Rich whites look down on whites who have less but idealize browns who have less. Instead of trying to boost the livelihoods of whites who have less, they focus on 'saving' the browns who want to start anew in America. Now, many rich whites didn't feel this way in the past, so maybe it has something to do with who controls the media/academia. Or, maybe it's just the sense among the rich that the poor immigrants are motivated to work harder(more compliant, less complaint) than working class whites who are now either too demanding or even downright degenerate. (The utter vulgarization of the white middle class and working class culture cheapened their moral capital. Tom Joad vs Jim Goad. One is a noble character, a champion of the meek and down-and-out, the other is a real-life punk personality who's wallowed in depravity all his life. When the image of the working-class becomes Jerry-Springered and Jim-Goaded, it loses moral capital. Jim Goad is an interesting writer and a courageous enemy against PC, but what is he FOR? Freedom to do what? To act and talk like utter shit. Not that the elite image has been so great either, what with their mindless worship of anything homo and tranny. And given the vulgarization of Jewish Culture -- Harvey Weinstein and Amy Schumer -- , American Image has become sick and demented from top to bottom. And one of the problems of Trump is that he makes an odd hero of the people given his rather sordid life story of never-ending self-indulgence.)

But then, there was also a contradiction within the Alt Right of Richard Spencer(who pretty much came to own the label after 'Heil-Gate'). He grabbed it as MY TOY! Given the class split between white elites and white middle class/working class, the most natural priority for the Alt Right would have been to reach out to whites who feel stranded without leadership. This would have called for patient grass-roots activism. But Spencer, a spoiled boy of privilege, has a knee-jerk revulsion of the hoi polloi. His idea of white power is all about white elitism. He is fixated on personal power. His supremacism is more of the Anglo-Imperialist brand of Rudyard Kipling -- White Man's Destiny and Burden -- than that of Nazis, but his head is so up in the clouds with dreams of power and glory that he is bored by real problems of the white masses who feel left out. They didn't read Nietzsche and don't understand the true philosophy of 007.
Indeed, Spencer's real problem with the current elites is not their hyper-elitism or super-privilege per se but that they are not his kind of people. Similarly, his problem with globalist neo-imperialism is not that it is globalist or imperialist but that it is controlled by Jews. His dream is not to end imperialism in favor of nationalism but to practice an even grander imperialism ruled by Anglos as the Faustian Race or something. Because Spencer's mindset and outlook are so narcissistic and stuck-up, he's been incapable of shaping the Alt Right into a movement that could actually mean something to masses of whites who feel like a body without a head. So, the burden of Alt Right grassroots fell to someone like Matt Heimbach the dummy whose idea of mass politics is swilling endless cases of beer, wearing a Nazi helmet, and bumbling around with his bubble-butt.

If the problem of Paleo-Conservatism was it was filled with too many old people, the problem of Alt Right has been its youth. Youth is full of energy and optimism, but it's also rash and impulsive. So, just like 60s Yippies and Black Panthers wasted their political capital on stupid shit, so did the members of the Alt Right. In a way, the failures of both the New Left and New Right were similar in kind. The New Left, liberated from the 'stalinism' of the Old Left, turned to sex, drugs, and rock-n-roll. It burned out. (The members of the Left that did gain power tended to be humorless in their long march through the institutions. But did they really win? By the time they were in positions of power, communism/socialism had failed, Democratic Party had gone over to the ultra-rich oligarchs, and military-industrial-complex was stronger than ever. So, all they could do was compromise with the ultra-capitalists and settle for Homomania. It was just 'subversive' enough for radical vanity and sufficiently useful to the Rich Class that had no more use for politics of class struggle.)
The new movement of the Alt Right, liberated from the organizational strictures of Conservatism Inc or grim humorlessness of White Nationalism 1.0, rushed into action like kids into summer break on the last day of school. It had energy but no organization, discipline, or hierarchy. Just like Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, Bill Ayers, and rest of them were not exactly Lenin, Trotsky, or Stalin, the leaders of the Alt Right weren't exactly the Founding Fathers or even the National Socialists(who were pathological but had remarkable strategic sense). And Spencer, a spoiled rich kid who was showered with affection and all-the-toys from childhood, had this magical Harry-Potter mentality that wishes would turn into reality with the power of his Faustian will.

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