Tuesday, December 4, 2018

‘Latino’ or ‘Latinx’ is an Insult to the True Identity of the Indigenous Peoples of what is called ‘Latin America’ — Indigeneity of the Original Peoples was destroyed by the Diversity brought forth by Spanish and Portuguese Imperialists who furthered Diversity with Massive Influxes of African Slaves — Diversity conquered and raped Indigeneity

Mayan Civilization was not Latino. Then, why are peoples of Mayan backgrounds called 'Latino'(or 'Latinx')?
Inca Civilization was not Latino. Then, why are peoples of Inca backgrounds called 'Latino'(or 'Latinx')?

'Latinos' is out, 'Latinx' is in at UC San Diego in nod to evolving gender and sexuality terms


The real moral outrage should be this: Why use 'Latino' or 'Latinx'(or Latin-whatever) to designate so many people of Mexico, Central America, and South America who are NOT of Latin identity, history, or heritage?
Latin-whatever is an IMPOSED identity in Mexico-Central-America-South-America UNLESS one happens to be of European Conquistador or Immigration-Invader origin(or have substantial white blood). In truth, the native peoples of those regions had an existence going back 10,000s of yrs. And some of them had histories and unique cultures going back 1,000s of yrs. So, they had an identity BEFORE the arrival of the Europeans who came as imperialists and conquerors. And under Latin-American rule, they were not co-masters of Mexico-Central-America-South-America but, more often than not, subjects and slaves of the European Conquerors. So, referring to ALL the people of that region as 'Latino' or 'Latin-whatever' is deeply insulting.
Imagine if we call Filipinos 'Latin-Asians' because they were ruled by the Spanish for centuries. Suppose we refer to Asian Indians as Anglo-Asians because of 250 yrs of British domination. And supposed we refer to black Africans as Latin-Africans, Gallic-Africans, Anglo-Africans, Dutch-Africans, Belgian-Africans, and etc. because much of Africa had been ruled by various European colonizers at one time. It is simply wrong to refer to the indigenous Meso-'Americans' as 'Hispanics' or 'Latinos'(or the utterly ridiculous and decadent 'Latinx', which sounds like Latin-Dominatrix).

At the very least in the US, we don't refer to blacks and American Indians as 'Anglo'. Even though they came under Anglo power and learned to speak English, they are still referred to as 'African' or 'Indian' or 'Native American'. That much of their true identity is respected. They are not labeled with the generic term of Anglo or Anglx. But for some reason, everyone( regardless of racial or cultural origin) in Mexico-Central-America-South-America is called 'Latino' and now 'Latinx' even if he or she(or 'they'?) has no white blood or little white blood. The deep identity of the indigenous folks are disregarded, and they are merely labeled with the identity of the European imperialists who conquered them. It's as if they had no history, identity, and culture prior to the arrival of Europeans. And blacks in and from that part of the world are also referred to as 'Latino' and now 'Latinx' even though they are really African in origin and were enslaved and brought by force by the Latin-European and Latin-Jewish slavers.
Using this logic, I suppose Palestinians living under Jewish rule should be called Judeo-Arabs. (Slavery under Jews was especially tragic. If European Christian slavers and Muslim slavers were at least willing to share God and Jesus/Muhammad with the slave population, Jews didn't share the Covenant with their slaves. Via Conversion to Christianity or Islam, the slave was made the equal of the master at least in spiritual matters. But the Jewish Covenant was only for Jews, and Jewish masters never regarded the goy slaves as their spiritual equal.)

Another thing. This gender-bender ideology is just the latest in Western Cultural Imperialism(now gone decadent and degenerate under Jewish-capitalist globo-homo nuttery). Indeed, gender-ideology, Homomania, and LGBTQ-ism are essentially proxy forms of Judeo-globalism. It is the Jewish Imperialist equivalent of Christianity. Since Jews hate Christianity and no longer believe in something like Marxism, they need a neo-'spiritual' and missionary ideological agenda to unite all elites around the world. And their 'spiritual' weapon is Globo-Homomania. Why? Because gender-bender-ism poses no economic challenge to the ruling elites. After all, homos and trannies are naturally vain and narcissistic and suck up to the rich and powerful. Also, because homos and trannies everywhere are favored, lionized, and elevated by the power of the globalist elites, they become the most loyal servants of globo-homo world domination. 'Gay rights' turned into Gay Rites, the consecration of the homos and trannies by the Gay Ray of the sodomy 'rainbow'.
Also, as every nation has its share of homos with grievances, those homos make ideal fifth-columnists who will be most willing to collaborate with globalist Jewish power. Jews and homos see eye-to-eye in favoring elite-minority rule over goyim and straights.
Most Chinese are patriotic and stand with China, and most Iranians are patriotic and stand with Iran. But homos & trannies in China and Iran are likely to be disgruntled because they don't get the adoration & adulation that homos(and increasingly trannies) receive in the Jewish controlled West. So, they will be most likely to collaborate with Jewish globalists to subvert their own nations. After all, if Jewish globo-homo ideology takes over China and Iran, the homos there will be elevated and celebrated as saints, angels, and even gods.
So, this 'Latinx' business is a double-assault on the indigenous folks of what is called 'Latin America'. Their true indigenous identity is (1) buried under the imperialist identity of the European conquerors and (2) pasted over with the decadent & degenerate consumer-capitalist cultism of Jewish globo-homo world order. It is total BS.

A real movement for a truer sense of identity for all the indigenous folks in 'Latin America' should call for the rejection of the term 'Latin' altogether. 'Latino' or 'Latin-whatever' should ONLY apply to people in 'Latin America' who are white or mostly white of Spanish or Portuguese origin(and maybe Italian origin). People who are brown or mostly indigenous should recover & revive their own indigenous identities and insist that they be referred to as such than being labeled with the imperialist identity of the very people who conquered them, 'genocided' them, enslaved them, and 'raped' them(to create the mixed-race Mestizo).

What is called 'Latin America' is the most tragic part of the world. At least in North America and Australia(and Siberia), the native populations were small enough to be easily conquered and pacified. In contrast, it is estimated that there were 60 million people(with reasonably advanced and complex civilizations) in what is now referred to as 'Latin America'. And around 55 million of them were killed, mostly by disease but also by guns and greed. At the very least, Asians, Middle Easterners, and Africans were immune to the diseases brought by Europeans. (If anything, a disease that began in Asia came to wipe out 1/3 of Europeans in the Bubonic Plague.) So, in time, Africans, Asians, and Middle Easterners all regained their territories and independence from the Europeans. But the indigenous peoples and cultures of Mexico-Central-America-South-America came under permanent domination by the European Imperialist elites. And this takeover wasn't merely political or economic but even in the area of cultural identity. By calling the indigenous brown people of Mexico-Central-America-South-America as 'Latino', 'Latinx' or 'Latin-whatever', they've been denied not only political independence(from European Conquistadoreans) but their own cultural and racial identity.

Sadly however, browns must be awful stupid because, instead of seeing the big picture, they think they won some great Culture War by being suckered by Jewish imperialism into embracing the globo-homo 'Latinx' idiocy as their true identity. No wonder they were so easily and permanently conquered by the Spanish and Conquistadors. They are estupidx.

Finally, it goes without saying that most Latin-Americans(of European background) prefer the vague and confused terminology of ‘Latino’(or ‘Latinx’) that obfuscates the identities of whites, browns, and blacks(and all the mixed-raced mestizos and mulattos). This way, white Latinos(of Conquistador background) can posture as ‘people of color’ and pretend to be ‘victims of gringo imperialismo’ and demand ‘affirmative action’. By posturing as people-of-color, they can pretend to have much in common with browns(whom they conquered and raped) and blacks(whom they enslaved and exploited). There are few things more disgusting than the sight of all those white Latin Americans(who still dominate most of ‘Latin America’ politically and economically) pretending that "race doesn’t matter in ‘Latin America’ because everyone is totally mixed" when, in fact, there are many color barriers and hierarchies in Mexico-Central-America-South-America. The loose terminology of ‘Latino’ allows white Latin Americans of Conquistador or Immigrant-Imperialist backgrounds to wash their hands clean of all their invasions, genocides, and acts of enslavement. After all, if a white Latin American and a indigenous brown person are both equally ‘Latino’(or ‘Latinx’), then it means they are one and the same or interchangeable. ROTFL.
Most Latin Americans who gain favoritism via Affirmative Action in elite institutions are white or mostly white. Their ancestors pioneered the conquest of the Americas and carried out the first ‘genocides’ and mass-rapes of the natives. But now, they go around pretending to be ‘people of color’, poor victims of Yanqui Imperialismo, and take advantage of Affirmative Action programs that were designed to help black Americans and American Indians. Such a shameless people without an ounce of honor. Look at Guillermo Del Toro and Marco Rubio. They are white-as-can-be, but they pretend to be spokesmen for the People of Color. They call for mass-migration as a human right when, in fact, it was the mass-migration of European Conquistadors into the New World that set off the worst mass deaths and exploitation in human history. The story of mass migration has been about Human Might, not Human Right. The more powerful people migrated into other lands and took them over. Just ask the Palestinians what mass migration of Jews did to that part of the world.
If people like Guillermo Del Toro and Marco Rubio really believe in mass-migration as a good, how about all the white Latinos in Mexico-Central-America-South-America migrating back to Europe and handing over the lands back to the indigenous peoples who were destroyed by the Imperialism? Restore indigeneity by removing diversity.
Guillermo Del Toro of European Conquistador background is a Latino.
This indigenous brown woman is a 'Latina'. ROTFL.
Cubano Marco Rubio of Conquistador background is a Latino.
Evo Morales of Indigenous Blood is also 'Latino'. ROTFL.

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