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Commentary on "Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations — Part One"(by Andrew Joyce)

Jewish Involvement in Contemporary Refugee and Migrant Organizations — Part One

Look all around the media and academia, and the the elites believe spreading falsehoods is okay(and even necessary) because, according to PC wartime logic, lies in the service of the Holy Crusade are more justified than truths in the service of Evil Tyranny. The value of the Noble Lie.

It's the mindset during wartime. Wars are so extreme that truth is secondary to winning. Both Right and Left agree on this in times of war. US and USSR told tons of lies in World War II, but because the overall understanding was that Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan were so utterly Evil, all means and methods(even deceitful propaganda) were justified in taking them down. (And of course, Germany and Japan did the same, often sacrificing truth for their own formulation of the Noble Lie.)

Now, if there had been no war, truth might have been favored over 'us and them'(or 'good vs evil') mentality. But the war was on, and the enemy was seen not merely as a rival or competitor but Evil Incarnate. This was why so many on the Right were willing to tell lies about the Soviet Union and communism. Even if they peddled in lies and half-truths, such were apparently justified because the Soviet Union was the Evil Empire. Its defeat was so necessary that even lies that served against communism were preferable to truth that suggested the USSR wasn't all bad(thereby weakening the righteousness of anti-communist moral furor; besides, moralism or moral-high is addictive like drugs; people love to 'vape' on that stuff).

The central fact of PC is that it is on war-footing as Jonathan Haidt pointed out.

It's like Sonny Corleone laments that Tom is not a wartime consiglieri. Tom is 'business'-minded and believes that negotiation is still possible with the other side. He feels that what the Tataglias and Sollozzo pulled wasn't evil. Nasty yes and very ugly. But it was 'business' and all sides have done similar things. In contrast, Sonny(and later Michael in a more calculated way) believes it's a matter of us or them. Only war, not peace, can settle the differences. One side must win, the other side must lose. When Michael takes power, he removes Tom from the role of consiglieri. Michael will only pretend to negotiate but really gear up for war and go for blitzkrieg take-out of the heads of the Five Families.

While NPCs or SJWs make the most noise, they are mere 'buttons' and 'buffers' of the ultimate power of the GLOB(that is dominated by Jewish Power). Jewish globalists see the world in terms 'We rule and they obey'. Goy autonomy is like a slave rebellion to Jewish Globalists who've achieved the summit of power. No other option is tolerable.
Of course, if Jewish globalists laid out the the terms of PC in such brazenly tribal and supremacist manner, no one would follow them. If anything, NPCs or SJWs will turn against Jewish Power as being nazi-like. So, Jews have masked what is essentially an us-versus-them tribal agenda with a good-versus-evil universal calling. Thus, most people are blind to the struggle between Jewish Hegemony and Goy Autonomy AND instead see the world in terms of Diversity & Inclusion versus 'Racism' & Nazism(which today means even Hungarians and Poles who want to be left alone) It used to be that Nazism represented the invasive force while anti-Nazis represented defensive resistance. Today, however, Europeans who resist the globalist bankers and third world hordes are the 'nazis', whereas the invasive forces -- Zionist-controlled US military or African mobs -- are the crusading angels against 'hate'. But then, we live in a world where a man pretending to be a woman is said to be 'properly gendering' himself whereas someone who sees him as still a man is 'misgendering' him.

War warps the mind. As the saying goes, "First casualty of war is truth." In some ways, the motto is a complaint, but it's also an admittance of the usefulness of 'necessary evil' in extreme times. After all, there are moments when lies are justified. If some thug is out to rob you and hurt your loved ones, does it make sense to offer up any truth that will advantage him? No, you'd be justified in telling any lie to survive, keep your wealth, and protect your family. In crime movies like DOG DAY AFTERNOON and HIGH AND LOW, lawmen use deception against the crooks who are seen as undeserving of fair play; they are criminals who violated the social contract after all.

The problem is such a mentality can outlast the 'war' context and come to poison politics by continuing to warp reality by appeals to wartime footing. (Since the context no longer exists, its facsimile is projected onto the world via the media and think-tanks that inform the political culture.) Sharper or more experienced minds saw how this played out in the aftermath of the Cold War. Finally, the world could breathe a sigh of relief and hope for better relations all around. But the Neocons, Anti-Communist nostalgists, and Warmongers had to cook up new cold wars(that even led to hot wars) by projecting Cold War mentality onto a host of other conflicts(actually of limited regional relevance). But then, this mentality could be sourced back to the aftermath of WWII, what with Jews and Interventionists invoking 'new nazis' and 'new hitlers' to justify their power move. (For a time, many Jews felt Joe McCarthy and the American Right were the 'new nazis', whereas hardline anti-communists argued that the Soviet Union was just as dangerous as Nazi Germany.) Iran has become the perennial 'New Nazi nation', and there is now a 'new cold war' with Russia because its opposition to 'gay marriage' is apparently neo-Stalinist.

In GOODFELLAS, Paulie tells Henry that he looked the other way on the drug-dealing because Henry was in a tight situation and had to do whatever was necessary to survive while in prison. But now that Henry is a free man on the outside, he mustn't get involved with narcotics because the risks are too high. So, what was justifiable in one situation isn't in another. In the end, it's the drug trade that brings down not only Henry but all those fingered by him. Paulie was right.

The truth that must be recognized is that the predominant Jewish Power sees the world in terms of Us versus Them, or we Jewish Superiors who deserve to rule versus You Goyim Inferiors who exist to serve us. Because Jews are so vastly outnumbered by goyim, they feel they mustn't ever let up on their War on Goyim. But then, since Jews cannot win an openly Jews vs Goyim War, they use PC to re-frame it into Diversity(and Social Justice) versus Nazis(and White Supremacism), though in the Middle East and North Africa, the Narrative is re-framed into Forces-of-Liberal-Democratic-values(that includes white American soldiers in battle gear to mow down tons of Muslims and Arabs) against tyrants and oppressors(such as Assad and rulers of Iran). Use whites against non-whites in the Middle East in the name of spreading 'Western values' & 'liberty' AND use non-whites against whites in the West in the name of 'diversity' and 'inclusion'. Both agendas serve Jewish Hegemony, but whites are fooled into believing they are spreading 'democracy', and non-whites are fooled into thinking they are upholding the magic of 'diversity' by fighting 'racism'(even though their immigration patterns of favoring white nations over their own would indicate that they believe whites are better than their own peoples and cultures; shouldn't that count as 'racist'?)

Anyway, because Jewish Power is in constant war-footing, they use their control of finance, media, academia, and government to push wartime mindset in journalism and think-tanks. Jews in media and academia know what the real game is(though some idealistic Jews like Philip Weiss and Max Blumenthal rebel against this), and goyim in journalism schools are trained to be attack-dogs than tracking-dogs. So much of journalism is about mindless frenzy of hunting the enemy and tearing it from limb from limb than about tracking down the truth. Fact-hunting in today's journalism isn't about tracking down the truth as the highest good but about mauling any 'inconvenient fact' into shreds to send a message that certain views simply cannot be allowed to inhabit the media-sphere and academisphere. In recent years, certain exiled or banned facts made their way back through internet platforms, but the Jewish ethno-monopoly is now working to hunt them down to extinction as well.

Because Jewish Power sees everything in terms of Us(who deserve to win and rule) versus Them(who only exist to serve us) AND because NPCs or SJWs(usually goyim who've come under Jewish influence in media and academia) see everything in terms of war between Resistance and the Nazis, they favor the lie over the truth IF the lie favors their agenda. They will favor facts and truth when such are apolitical, neutral, or advantages their side, BUT when given the choice between the lie that favors the agenda and the fact that validates the Enemy, they will choose the lie every time because their mentality is totally in war-footing mode. To Jewish Power, Trump(even in his lame cucked-out state) represents the awakening of white consciousness for autonomy from Jewish hegemony; and to NPCs or SJWs(brainwashed by Jewish-controlled media and academia), Trump represents 'racist' and 'white supremacist'. The mentality of your average goy NPC in media or academia came to light in, of all places, a vape shop. Look at this virtue-vaper who won't sell products to a Trump-supporter.

But the American Right shares something in common with NPC or SJW-types. Because there's been so much emphasis on God and guns in US conservatism -- and mindless flag-waving for the military -- , too many American Conservatives have been as easy to dupe and manipulate as the NPC-types. If NPC's can be made to see 'nazis', 'racists', and 'white supremacists' everywhere, the guns-and-God American Conservatives could be counted onto support any new hate-fest or even war against whatever is deemed the New Evil Empire. Looking back, too many on the American Right were duped into over-zealous anti-communism and support of insane wars and sanctions-policies since the end of the Cold War that only served Zionist-globalist and military-industrial interests. It's good to see that Tucker Carlson and even Ann Coulter have come to see the stupidity of such mindset. (As for certain elements of the 'far right', their wartime mentality against Jews is so strong that they can't see anything admirable about Jews and can't see evil in something obviously insane like Nazi Imperialism. Warped by War Path.)

Ideally, people should favor the facts over falsehoods(and truth over lies), and I think all people, regardless of political ideology, agree to this. But, most people, again regardless of ideology, believe that there are extreme situations or conditions when winning matters more than anything because losing means the failure to survive or the triumph of evil.

Survival is less a moral issue than a life-force issue. All organisms want to live, 'good' or 'bad'. Even in movies about criminals and outlaws as 'heroes', we find ourselves rooting for those trying to survive and make it out alive(as in escape-from-prison movies). There is an instinctive animal-part of us that makes us identify with anyone or anything that wants to live for another day. Even Jews watching DAS BOOT(German film about a submarine crew in WWII) can understand the all-too-human-animal desperation of men struggling to survive.

When it comes to the elemental matter of survival, truth-or-false is secondary to live-or-die. It's like Winston Smith is willing to betray even the woman he loves to be spared from the ravenous rats in George Orwell's 1984. There is a part of Jewishness that forever feels like cornered rats trying to survive, ranging from desperate Jews hiding from Nazis during WWII to globalist overlords trying to maintain their tribal-imperial domination over all goyim. In the past, Jews tried to survive as Jews; today, Jews try to 'survive' as Jewish Supremacists as they've become addicted to Total Power.

The OTHER reason that makes people favor Falsehood over Facts has to do with Sacro-Mentality. We see this in both religion and PC(which is a form of quasi-religious secular cult that views esp. Jews, Negros, and Homos as the Holy Three). When something is held to be sacred, its infinite worth cannot be contested with facts and/or reason.
It's like faith is beyond facts. You can lay out all the logical argument and hard evidence against the existence of God or miracles, but those with Faith will continue to believe even against all factual evidence. To true-believers, God or Jesus(or Muhammad) is so sacred and holy, so above everything, that they cannot be bothered with 'petty' facts or details that go against Faith. Facts wilt in the face of Faith. PC is a neo-faith with Jews, Negroes, and homos as sacred cows. So, facts don't matter to the idolaters of PC. It's like no amount of scientific facts can persuade religious people to lose or compromise their Faith. This is even true of relatively higher IQ people. Nick Fuentes is a smart educated guy but, like Patrick Buchanan(another smart person)who has always rejected evolution(as an affront to Christian theology), is willing to play dumb about scientific facts -- such as Earth revolving around the Sun than vice versa -- to prop up some archaic Christian Orthodoxy about the cosmos. As for PC pod-people, too many have undergone 'communion' with Diversity to harbor any skepticism about it. 'Diversity is our strength' or DIOS is one of their core catechisms. So, even when increasing Diversity is destroying the fabric of their societies, they stick with the Faith than face up to Facts.
In summary, animal instinct for survival(of basic self or dominant position) and spiritual inspiration for sanctity both militate against facts that come together into the truth. Jewish mania for survival(as hegemonic supremacists) and NPC/SJW fanaticism for self-righteous sanctimony are the core animating factors at the nuclei of PC.

When Jews purport to support 'refugees', they are really pushing for De-population of Arabs in the Middle East. Jews want more war in Syria... so that Jews could grab territory in there ... or to drive Palestinians in West Bank into Syria.

Jews want to empty parts of the Middle East so that Zionists can create Greater Israel. And Jews want to fill up the West with more non-whites in order to play divide-and-rule among goyim. When Jews say 'Diversity is OUR strength', they don't mean All of Us will benefit. 'Our' just means Jewish.

If Jews really cared about refugees, they should first acknowledge that the main problem(or crime) is people being forced to become refugees in the first place. So, real humanitarians should try to prevent wars that turn people into refugees. But notice how Jews NEVER address that issue. If anything, Jews have been pushing for endless Neocon warmongering policies that turned the Middle East and North Africa upside down. Jews also worked with Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to foment a refugee crisis there as well.
So, Jews see nothing wrong with using their power to spread wars and/or economic destruction(via sanctions especially) that turn millions into refugees. Turning goyim into refugees is okay, indeed wonderful. Jewish Moralism on the Refugee Question is never about preventing people from becoming refugees but about how the West(but never Israel) must welcome the refugees. And we must never ever mention the fact that those refugees are fleeing from war zones created by Zio-globalist policies carried out by the US-Israel-Saudi Axis. (Saudis are turncoat Arabs who will harm other Muslims to maintain their artificially vaunted place in the Middle East.) Libya and Syria would be stable nations if not for the fact that US-Saudis-and-Israel(and Turkey in a spectacular act of miscalculation) conspired to aid and arm Jihadi lunatics. Of course, this entailed violation of border security in Libya and Syria. So much for the wonders of Open Borders. In Syria, it led to 10,000s of terrorists flowing freely from all sides. I guess the West must take in millions of refugees while Syria must take in tons of Jihadis. The wonders of Open Borders(or Broken Borders).

Jews say the West must accept refugees because them poor folks are just like Jewish 'refugees' in the 20th century. But if we go by the earlier history, the sober lesson should be 'taking in refugees is a bad idea'. Palestine took in Jewish refugees, and guess what happened? Jews took over the territory and now treat Palestinians like subhuman cattle in West Bank.
US took in Jewish refugees, but Jews took over America and are now gloating about how they're gonna replace the white population. Boy, aren't Jews so grateful to whites for having been welcomed into America.
Even Jewish 'refugees' from the Soviet Union in the 1980s turned out to be vile scum like Max Boot and Julia Ioffe who hates people saying 'Merry Christmas' to her. (Btw, if Jews hate Christmas so much, how about a law that forbids Jews from profiting from Christmas? Jews rake in so much cash from the Christmas season but bitch about how much they hate Christians and the Christian holiday.)

Jews always mention evil Hitler and how the world didn't do enough to save Jews from Nazis. But when millions were dying in genocides in Ukraine, China, Cambodia, or Rwanda, how many Jews volunteered to save innocent lives from mass slaughter or famine? (Has anyone met a Jew who thinks the Jewish race should nobly sacrifice their own to save members of another kind? Jews would laugh at such a notion. When millions of Ukrainians were dying in the Great Famine, how many Jews
urged fellow Jews to sacrifice their own lives to save those poor Ukrainian goyim? NONE. Also, whenever Jews invoke altruism, it is never at their own expense but at the expense of others. Jews tribalize the sanctimony but universalize the costs. Jews make a big show of caring about refugees, but the burden is pushed onto goyim. Jews use Western Power to invade & destroy the Middle East and then encourage more immigration/migration of non-white 'refugees' to use against white goy 'racist-nazi-xenophobes' in the West.)

Also, even though the Nazis were clearly evil, maybe the fact that there was yet another outbreak of anti-Jewish violence had SOMETHING to do with Jewish perfidy? Given Jewish behavior in the US and Russia since the end of the Cold War -- Jews surely knew how to rape the entire economy of Russia in the 90s -- , is it a stretch to assume that Jews in the past acted like they do in our time? While there's no doubt that the Nazis over-reacted, they meted out violence not to a saintly innocent people but a vile, hateful, murderous, and contemptuous people.

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