Sunday, December 2, 2018

Subjective ‘Racism’ & Subjective ‘Anti-Racism’ versus Objective Race-ism — Why I am an Objective Race-ist — The Need for Racial Objectivism in order to better understand People and Problems

The problem with this issue about 'racism' is it is always treated as a matter of subjectivity, esp in the presumably diseased minds of whites. So, the only reason why the world is 'racist' is because 'racist' ideas are in the minds of white folks. Remove those ideas from the mind and the world will be made un-'racist'.

Now, if reality were only subjective, maybe this would be true. If reality were like dream-logic where the 'world' warps in accordance to one's thoughts and emotions(within the dream), one could conclude that the problem is in the head. Buddhism sort-of believes in such concept of reality. It teaches that what we consider to be reality is all just an illusion. Nothing is really real. Real isn't real. Our perceptions of the world aren't real or really real. They are just illusions, tricks of the mind.

But reality isn't just some illusion or thought. There is real reality out there, an objective reality. If 'racism' were purely subjective, a matter of the mind, then one could argue that we can change 'racist' results by removing 'racist' ideas. Such argument assumes that we act 'racist' and maintain a 'racist' world because we have 'racist' ideas and those ideas shape our behaviors. "I think 'racist', therefore I am 'racist'." If we get rid of such ideas, then we will stop thinking 'racist', and then, we will stop acting 'racist', and the world will be un-racist. Okay, that might be valid IF 'racism' is only a matter of subjectivity.

But what if 'racism' or race-ism is a matter of objectivity, or objective truth. In other words, races and racial differences are objectively real regardless of what we think, feel, or hope subjectively? So, even if all of us do our best to eradicate 'racism' from our subjective minds, race-ism remains as fact in the real world as objective reality. (As -ism means belief, race + ism should really mean belief in the reality of race and racial differences and the inevitability of racial identity/consciousness.) Races did evolve differently, and general racial differences do exist. While every race has a wide range of individuals with various traits, certain traits tend to be far more common among certain races than among others. The ability to run fast is surely more common among West Africans. Also, some traits are virtually unique to one race. Nappy hair is a black African thing. You can't find it among Europeans or Asians. And blue-eyes are almost exclusive to certain subsets of white Europeans.
Some races are smarter, some are stronger & more aggressive, some are bigger, some are more impulsive, some are more neurotic, some are more passive, and etc. Then, it doesn't matter what we think subjectively because objective reality remains regardless of our thoughts.
It's like we can disbelieve gravity as mere subjectivity, but it's still there in reality as an actual objective force. We can say pain is a social construct or subjective delusion, but pain really exists in the nervous system of complex organisms. Similarly, all this focus on subjectivity of 'racism' overlooks the objectivity of race-ism. Objective Race-ism notices racial differences and their social consequences regardless of our subjective wishes or biases. After all, white subjective 'racism' failed to produce a white boxer who could beat Jack Johnson. Whites subjectively reassured themselves that white men are the superior athletes and could beat the Negro. But objective race-ism favored Jack Johnson because blacks evolved to be faster, more explosive in motion, and stronger-in-bone. White subjective 'racism'(of wishing for white victory over the black) was no match for objective race-ism that favored the black man as the superior athlete. But just as subjective white 'racism' failed, so has subjective white 'anti-racism'. White progs can subjectively reassure themselves that 'race is just a social construct' and that racial differences are phony. They can subjectively claim that all races are equal in brains and brawn. But reality is otherwise. Objective race-ism favors Jews in brains, blacks in brawn. Just look all around.

When blacks fail more in school or act more violent, the libby-dib explanation is the lingering legacy of white 'racism' as subjectivity, i.e. because whites still have 'racist' attitudes in their minds, blacks have little chance. Or, black fail because they've been led to devalue their own aptitude in intellect because they internalized white 'racism' about black inferiority. So, all we need to do is remove the subjective virus of 'racism' from white and black minds. But what if it is generally true that genetics made blacks more impulsive & aggressive, and less intelligent. Also, what if the fact that blacks are tougher & more aggressive makes them feel contempt for 'white' learning and culture as 'fa**ogty-ass', therefore less willing to learn from lame 'whitey'?
Then, even if we try to eradicate 'racism' as subjectivity, it won't do much good because race-ism as objectivity will still shape reality.
This is certainly true in sports. Why do blacks excel far more than whites and esp Asians, Mexicans, Hindus, etc? We can blame subjectivity, i.e. blacks hold 'racist' views of themselves as more athletic whereas non-blacks hold 'racist' views of themselves as inferior to blacks in speed, jumping, and etc. And of course, one's attitudes do shape one's actions to an extent. But are most of our attitudes & outlooks merely a matter of subjective bias or delusion? Or, more often than not, are our attitudes based on observation of objective reality, whereupon all races, blacks and non-blacks, arrive at the conclusion that blacks do indeed have a decisive and objective racial advantage in sports and physical aggression/confrontation? So, in the end, it doesn't matter what a black guy or Mexican guy thinks. The fact is LA Lakers will remain mostly black even though LA has many more Mexicans than blacks. It is because race-ism is an objective truth. Different races evolved from separation by 1000's of miles and 10,000s(even 100,000's) of years. It is no one's fault because so many results in life are not decided by subjectivity but objectivity.

Black areas have lower home values because blacks, being less intelligent, are going to have less income and be able to afford less. Also, blacks tend to be more aggressive and violent, and this leads to social degradation and declining property values. Also, due to black violence, many non-blacks(and even many blacks) try to avoid overly black areas. Indeed, non-blacks are willing to pay the Black Tax(or Blax) of higher home prices to live away from violent and threatening blacks. So, it's not just that black property values are devalued but non-black property values are over-valued because so many non-blacks want to live apart from dangerous blacks.

If 'racism' were purely subjective, then it should affect only 'racist' white conservative 'who hate black people'. Let's assume that white conservatives subjectively hold unwarranted negative views of blacks. So, they try to move away from blacks even though blacks are objectively no different from any other race. In contrast, let's say 'anti-racist' white liberals are free of 'racist' subjective bias. They've been cleansed of 'racism' in their subjective minds and want to get along with Negroes. Now, if 'racism' were purely subjective, white liberals would have no problem with blacks.
But in fact, even white liberals joined the white flight. Even Jewish Leftists like Howard Stern's mother finally had enough and left the neighborhood when it became too black. No matter what these Jewish Leftists wanted to believe or espouse subjectively, the fact was objective reality remained race-ist, i.e. stronger blacks saw Jews as weak & easy victims. (In the Crown Heights Riots, Jews cowered in fright while tougher blacks did all the beating.) Even Liberal Jewish communities became more dangerous as the result of 'too many' blacks moving in. Why? Because blacks are naturally more muscular and more aggressive. And being less intelligent, they achieve less in school and work, and they figure an easy way to get free stuff is to rob whitey or Jewey.

Ism means belief, and race-ism should mean belief in the objective reality of race and racial differences. It's not a matter of subjectivity but objectivity. We can't consciously wish or will 'racism' away because it's not just in our minds. It is not just some illusion that we can eradicate via PC meditation toward SJW nirvana. Even if we reject it in our subjective souls, it remains outside us as external reality. Races exist, and they are really different.

Now, sometimes, what we think of as 'reality' is a matter of internal belief system and has nothing to do external facts. Some people believe in fairies and angels, but it's all in their minds. Tooth fairy is an internal fantasy, not external reality. And in those cases, eradicating false subjectivity can lead to better understanding of objective reality.
Suppose some people subjectively believe that humans are not animals. They prefer to believe that humans are unique beings created by God and that evolution is false. Pat Buchanan subscribes to this false view. But no matter how much such people subjectively reject 'animalism' and reject the essential animality of man, the truth is it's an objective fact that humans are really just another species of animals(of the primate variety). Evolution is real. Humans did arise from apes. So, no matter how much we subjectively denounce 'animalism', the objective truth is that we are also a kind of animal.

And same goes for sexual differences or sex-ism(as properly understood). We can subjectively reject biological sex and cook up 50 or more 'genders' and play all sorts of silly games. We can denounce biological sex-ism 24/7. But it doesn't matter what we think. Objective reality still exists, and there is male and female REGARDLESS of thought or wish or subjectivity. It doesn't matter what Bradley 'Chelsea' Manning tells himself or 'herself'. His 'vagina' is fake, and he was born with pud and balls because his DNA is coded with 'this kid got pud and balls'.

Maybe there is something in Christianity that is sort of similar to Buddhism. An idea that Good and Evil is really a matter of the heart/soul. Thus, a secular version of this view is that, "whatever is wrong in our society is a matter of our thoughts and feelings, and if we purify bad subjectivity from our minds, there shall be heaven on earth." Protestantism, with its emphasis on direct soulful connection between man and God, may be more susceptible to this way of thinking.

I used to be a total 'anti-racist' in the subjective sense. Even though my early youth witnessed so much that indicated the truth of HBD and racial differences, the effect of public education, PBS, and etc. indoctrinated me that it's all in the mind and that 'good' ideas and values(of the 'anti-racist' kind) can change the world. But no matter what I thought or hoped, I couldn't help but notice that objective reality is stubborn and won't submit to my subjective ideas or wishes. The fact is race-ism is here to stay because it is primarily an objective truth than a subjective delusion.

If anything, it is Christopher Ingraham who is too much of a teacher's pet and PC-programmed robot to understand anything beyond his narrow ideological worldview. And even though he bitches about 'racism', he is able to maintain his subjective illusion because he lives in a bubble of privilege where academics can pat themselves(and oneself) on the back for having the 'correct' ideas that makes one feel glibly vain with false virtue. It's like the proggy academics at University of Chicago protected from racial reality by TWO WALLS of Tough Vigilant Policing. Without such protective walls, racial reality would rush right at them like defensive linemen toward the quarterback. They would be sacked by objective reality. But because they are protected from brutal racial reality by two walls of policing, they can cook up fancy rationales and glibly pat each other on the back for being 'progressive' and 'anti-racist'.

According to the myth, Siddhartha was raised in a perfect physical world of health and harmony... much like today's privileged academics in their safe and affluent environs. But when he ventured outside the wall and saw actual reality, it was plagued with disease and violence. But in the end, unable to accept this reality, he sought escape into nirvana of eternal peace. Unable to handle reality, he decided it's all just an illusion, a matter of the mind. (Maybe Puyi's realization at the end of THE LAST EMPEROR was more sensible. More humble to be sure but based on acceptance of reality than escape from it.)

If proggy academics and journalists like Ingraham really feel as they do, I suggest they lead the way. Break down all walls and barriers between their gated communities and the urban jungle. Stop preaching and start practicing. Break down the walls and form a unity with the black underclass. Invite all those blacks in. And see if their subjective 'anti-racism' can wish or will away the objective reality of race-ism. Maybe it will be as effective as the remote control in BEING THERE.

It's about time people talked less in terms of 'he is racist' or 'she is racist' than in terms of 'reality is race-ist regardless of what he or she thinks'. Even if every white person in a diverse community chooses to be resolutely 'anti-racist' in his or her subjective conviction, the fact is he or she will find out the reality all around him or her is stubbornly and objectively race-ist. Some races are generally tougher and more aggressive & troublesome than others. Other races will tend to be smaller and more passive. Some races will excel more in studying, some more in sports. It's like the oft-heard adage among Jews: "A Jew is more likely to own an NFL team than play in one." With blacks, it's the opposite. Is it all due to subjective bias? So, if they just change their way of thinking, Jews will succeed as running backs and defensive linemen while blacks will be financial and business wizards? Or, gee, perhaps it's just skin color. Maybe if Jews cover themselves with black shoe-polish, they will do just as well in 100 m sprints and the dance floor.

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