Friday, January 3, 2020

Cuck Trump Murders Iranian Hero Soleimani — The American Paradox: The More Jewish Power Torments You, the More You Must Serve It — On Why Trump serves the Jewish Globalists who Torment Him and Wage War on Iranians who have no beef with him

What do Donald Trump and Iran have in common? Both are targeted by Jews for destruction. And yet, Trump attacks Iran than lash back at Jewish Power. But why? It’s in the hope that Jews won’t tear him another a**hole. Indeed, Jews have threatened him with Russia Hoax and impeachment so that he wouldn’t dare altering US foreign policy from total servility to Jewish Global Hegemonism. The Jewish injunction to Trump is, “We can destroy you, and the ONLY thing keeping you afloat is the support of certain hawkish Jews in the GOP. If you want those Jews to stick by your side, you will worsen relations with Russia, sabotage peace with North Korea, and provoke Iran into war." And so, Trump acts in the behest of those who hate him most.
Most dumb Trump voters will likely support war with Iran because THEIR GUY is dropping the bombs(just like Obama supporters looked the other way when Libya, Syria, and Ukraine were destroyed). They are too stupid to realize that Trump is trembling and acting at the behest of Jews out of utter fear. The US seemingly acts in the position of strength against Iran because the president is in a position of weakness vis-a-vis the Jews. Trump dares not spell out the identity of those who’ve harmed him most. Instead, he plays ‘tough guy’ with Iran in the hope that Jews will ease their attacks on him. It’s all so pathetic and embarrassing. Jews are pushing another goyim-kill-goyim scenario while they sit back and enjoy the show. Trump knows that Jews are simply TOO POWERFUL to handle. Not only do Jews control most of the elite institutions/industries but via their control, they've managed to fool so many Americans that the greatest sin is to be critical of Jewish Power: Antisemitism!

Trump is acting out the American Paradox. Jews have such total power in the globo-homo West that the only way to ease the Jewish attack on you is to submit to them even harder. Jews have done everything to disparage and defame Trump, and what does the ‘tough guy’ do? To ease the agony, he sucks up to Zion more than ever in the hope that ‘my Jews’ will push back against the Other Jews. Jews are the gods of America. In the Bible, if the God clobbers you, your only hope of salvation is to serve Him with greater zeal. In America, if Jews kick your butt, your only hope is they will kick you less hard the next time around if you kiss their arse.
Jewish Power is playing good cop and bad cop as it toys with Trump. The current political situation is not a case of Trump & ‘right-wing’ Jews versus ‘liberal’ Jews. It’s really about ‘liberal’ Jews and ‘right-wing’ Jews working in tandem behind the scenes against Trump. Because Jews are so powerful and regarded as a Holy People(thanks largely to Jewish control of media and academia), anyone who matters in power-circles has to have some ‘My Jews’ on his side. It’s akin to having angels, even god, on one’s side. You are vulnerable without the moral shield of Jewish Benediction; but with it, you have license to be murderous and nihilistic because ANYTHING is permitted in the current climate IF it's presented as Blessed-by-Holy-Jews. Invoking "Jews On My Side" is the ticket to power and privilege, that is if you're not Jewish yourself.
Jews, ‘right-wing’ and ‘liberal’, want the US to keep creating turmoil for the Middle East and Russia for the sake of Jewish Globalist Power. What Jews of all stripes fear most is Trump toning down US foreign policy and especially putting an end to the Wars for Israel. So, when ‘liberal’ Jews concocted stuff like Russia Collusion Hoax, accusations of ‘white supremacism’, and the Impeachment circus, Trump came to rely on the support of ‘right-wing’ Jews more than ever. If Holy Jews attack you, it means you are at a moral disadvantage, and it simply wouldn’t do to fight back on your own. The Jews who attack you must be countered by other Jews who also possess superior moral authority. Jews are like the nukes of moral authority in the West. So, if ‘liberal’ Jews attack you, you need to have other Jews on your side. Or else, you risk being morally nuked to oblivion. Imagine ‘liberal’ Jews attacking Trump and then being joined by ‘right-wing’ Jews. Trump, attacked by both ‘liberal’ and ‘right-wing’ Jews, will be toast because the entirety of the holy race of Jews will be tearing him limb from limb.
In the Trojan War, both the Greeks and Trojans needed the support of some of the gods against the other gods arraigned against their side. Half the gods were with the Trojans, half were with the Greeks. If either Trojans or Greeks lost all support of the gods, they’d be toast. So, at a minimum, they had to placate the gods on their side. As Jews have taken on the role of the gods of America, goyim always need some Jews on their side. Without Jewish support, you are politically godless. This is a bigger problem with white ‘conservatives’ because most Jewish gods & angels are with the Democrats and white ‘liberals’ like Hillary Clinton. Because the GOP has a Jewish-god-angel deficit, it has to go out on a limb, especially by cucking 200% to Israel to prove their Philo-Semitic bona fides.
Trump ran in 2016 with a goyish version of chutzpah and displeased many Jews. Though he always praised Jews & Israel and condemned Iran, he also denounced Neocon wars, spoke of better relations with Russia(a nation loathed by pathological Jews), flirted with the Alt Right, and partially awakened white political consciousness. Trump was partly trolling, but even he, despite long knowledge of and experience with Jews, had no idea how hard the Jews would hit him. Of course, ALL Jews loved the fact that the big media and deep state were out to get Trump. ALL Jews wanted him gone, but as long as he was in the Oval Office, ‘right-wing’ Jews chose to play ‘good cop’ to the ‘bad cop’ played by Democratic Jews. There was a wink-wink understanding between ‘liberal’ Jews and ‘right-wing’ Jews that the harder the former pushed against Trump, the more he would have to lean on the support from the latter. Again, as Jews are a holy god-people, no one can survive in US power/politics without the support of SOME Jews. Precisely because the ‘liberal’ Jews(and even some Never-Trumper Neocons) bashed Trump so hard, he felt an ever greater need to shore up support from ‘right-wing’ Jews, but this was availed ONLY IF he reversed his promise to improve relations with Russia — rendered impossible by Russian Collusion Hoax — , submitting to all of Israel’s demands, and worsening relations with Iran to the point of possible war.
‘Right-wing’ Jews pretend to oppose the ‘liberal’ Jews, but they know that Trump will be drawn closer to them if and only if he’s driven near-mad with constant assault from 'liberal' Jews. In order for 'right-wing' Jews to squeeze out 'protection money' from Trump, he needs to be constantly threatened by 'liberal' Jews. 'Right' or 'left', a Jew's main loyalty is to fellow Jews than some ideology, let alone to another racial or ethnic group.
As Jews have been elevated to divine moral status, nothing is as damaging as being condemned by the Tribe. Also, as the mass media are almost totally owned and/or controlled by Jews, the usual mouthpieces will only join forces with Deep State and Jewish globalists to hound Trump. Then, the only way out for Trump is to seek the backing of ‘right-wing’ Jews who pretend to be his friends but are working behind the scenes with ‘liberal’ Jews and the deep state. Trump is now just a caged bear or lion who does as told in order to survive. And so, he decided to pounce on Iran.
Besides, as such a hopeless coward who dare not call out on Jewish Power, the only way he can flex his muscles is by attacking the very thing that Jews hate most(other than him). After all, if Trump hits Iran, even ‘liberal’ Jews who hate him and oppose him at nearly every turn will be pleased because their true core conviction isn’t liberalism but Jewish Supremacism. Thorny-horny Jews can't be appeased for long, but they might ease on their attack IF you suck them off and swallow. Thus, they'll be a bit mellow before they get another hard-on, which won't be long. Jews play politics like they play chess. As Trump has been threatened with checkmate by Jews, Deep State, and the Mass Media, he feels that the only way he can crawl out of this mess is by reaching for the helping hand of ‘right-wing’ Jews, but this hand comes with a steep price. They demand that Trump remain in Syria & steal the oil, worsen relations with Russia, and provoke Iran into war.
The best thing that the Iranians could do is blurt out the truth for all the world to hear. Especially if your side is militarily disadvantaged, truth must be the main weapon. The Iranian leader should mock and shame Donald Trump as a cuck-stooge of not only Zionism but Jewish Supremacism that rules the US. He should point out how Jewish Zionist Power has been out to destroy Trump from day one, but the orange-man coward remains most servile to the very group that has done most to undermine his presidency and smear his reputation.
The current state of the world is so embarrassing. It's like goyim of all stripes are stuck in some gladiatorial ring under Jewish orchestration. Jews hate whites and Trump. Jews hate Iranians. Given that both groups have in common the rabid & virulent hostility of Jewish supremacists, the most natural thing would be for the two sides to see eye to eye and unite against the Jews. Whites and Iranians are natural allies. But what do they do? Trump, the so-called 'white nationalist' and 'worse than Hitler', sucks up to Jews and attacks Iran. And Iran feels compelled to denounce all of America when the real culprits are the freaking Jews. Goyim are like the gladiators in SPARTACUS who, though slaves of Roman tyranny, slaughter each other for the amusement of Roman elites. Though Jews are hostile to whites and Iranians, whites are willing to kill Iranians to win approval from their Jewish masters, and Iranians waste so much time denouncing all of the US. What the world needs is a Spartacus-like figure. Spartacus united the slaves and made them fight Rome than each other. Goyim need to unite to fight Jewish Supremacist Power. This is where China, Russia, and Iran are doing the right thing by coordinating their war games, but they are still loathe to Name the Jew. Current US belligerence is the direct outcome of Jewish domination.
Iranians should throw Trump's words right back in his face. In 2016, Trump said the Iraq War was a total disaster, and that the US should get out of the Middle East. He also said the US should make peace by working with Russia. But since then, Jewish supremacists and their cuck-minions in the Deep State have done everything to undermine Trump, and the weary beast has succumbed to Jewish machinations. Trump is more Sparky the running dog than Spartacus. But then, much of the blame must go to white American Conservatives over the decades. Their brand of idiotic Christianity, atomizing libertarianism, smug BBQ cookout patriotism, and anti-intellectualism led to all the elite institutions being taken over by Jews, progs, and cucky-wucks.
It could be Putin is mute about Jewish power because the Russian economy is still substantially in Jewish hands. One might hope China will be bold in stating the truth, but the Chinese way is strategic than principled. Also, China has been drawn into US Market-Imperialism, much like Taiwan and Japan. It's been the gambit of American Power as the sole superpower with a vast market. If old European Empires suppressed economic growth in their colonies, US encourages economic growth as dependent on US markets. Thus, all the economies that grew by selling to the US are deathly afraid of losing market access. As the religion of the US is now globo-homo-shlomo-afro, they dare not speak the truth that Jewish Power is behind the current rot of globalist cultural and military imperialism.

It is about time for Russia, Iran, and all nations to mock the US as a Jewish Supremacist empire, one where craven white cowards do little but crawl on their knees and pledge undying support for Jewish supremacists and Zion. Why is it so? Because soulless US is only about one thing: Money-and-Idolatry. Jews got the money and idolized themselves as the supreme identity group that ALL other groups must serve. While Jewish elites rub their hands at the prospect of another Middle East War, it will be goyim , white American soldiers and countless Persians/Arabs/Muslims, who will do all the killing and dying. Jewish globalists went from Semites to Supremites, and now, so-called Anti-Semitism is Anti-Supremitism, which is more necessary than ever. And it's about time Russia addressed the J-Question. Vladimir Putin has been silent on this for too long, but it is time for truth. It is time to put down the gauntlet. No, one should not make crazy neo-nazi talking points. They just need to speak the truth that Judeo-Nazis control the US, the lone superpower, and that the Jewish modus operandi is Jewish hegemony at any cost. Also, Zionism has turned into Yinon-ism based on the Yinon Plan.
We've all been duped by Jewish Power. There was a time when Jews assured goyim, "Stick with us, and you shall have true free speech", "Struggle with us against unfettered capitalist greed", and "Support our cause to expose the Deep State so as to create a more open and transparent society." But Jews weren't really against Excessive Power & Privilege. They just wanted to bring down the old Wasp elites so that they, as the new elites, would have the power to curtail free speech, rake in all the profits, and use deep state apparatus to destroy rivals and critics. Jews are like the pigs in ANIMAL FARM. Jewish Power is the main source of many woes around the world, but because of the stigma of 'antisemitism', so many people will blame anyone but the Jews. When Alex Jones got deplatformed, whom did he blame? The 'Chicoms'. Trump is pushed against the rope, so whom does he rattle his saber at? Iranians. John McCain and Mitt Romney were smeared and slimed by the Jew-run mass media(despite their total cuckery to Zion) in 2008 and 2012, but whom did they rag on? Trump and his supporters. What a sorry bunch. (Granted, morons like Richard Spencer and the Neo-Nazi crew deserve their share of blame by sinking the promising dissident Alt Right label with what amounts to white supremacism and even neo-Nazism, thereby making it more difficult for Trump to address legitimate white interests.)

Anyway, imagine a scenario where Nazi Germany attacks Poland, France, Russia, and Great Britain but all those nations praise Hitler & Nazi Germany while taking out their rage and frustration on each other. Loony, ain't it? Well, such is the state of the world today. Jews torment and destroy so many peoples around the world, but entire nations are willing to war against one other while speaking and doing nothing about the Jewish Glob. Unless people understand the urgency of Naming the Jew, nothing will change. It's like a doctor won't cure cancer if he does EVERYTHING but name the cancer. If there's a dead rat decaying and stinking up the apartment, no amount of 'solutions' will fix the problem unless someone names the dead rat and removes it from the premises. After WWII, Jews got a grace period, well-deserved due to the Shoah. But it's time to face facts about Jews of the Now. Pretending Jews are still Shoah victims is like pretending current China is still the 'Sick Man of Asia' of the 19th century. Times change, and Jews are the supreme rulers of the world, and this must be called out. But that worthless pile of shi* Trump only sucks up to Jews more even as they bugger his ass. And white Americans are truly retarded. Jewish Power is carrying out White Nakba in US, EU, Canada, and Australia — as cuck-white elites in media, academia, and institutions are nothing but mental minions of Jewish Power, as in Jews lead, goyim follow — , and whites are being turned into New Palestinians, but all these worthless white 'conservatives' are cheering Trump's anti-BDS law that violates the US constitution. How utterly pathetic.

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