Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Would It be Justifiable to Kill and Sacrifice Half-Million Jewish Children for Whatever Reason? A Moral Twist on the Madeleine Albright Question.

Madeline Albright, Secretary of State under Billy Boy Clinton, said in an interview with Leslie Stahl that it was WORTH IT to kill and sacrifice 500,000 Iraqi children for the sake of the New World Order, one in which the US-Israel Axis gets to determine what is ‘evil’ and what is ‘justice’. She framed her remark in moralistic terms, i.e. though tragic, the killing of all those Arab children via Zionist-US sanctions is a lesser evil compared to the greater evil of Saddam Hussein or expansionist Iraq that must be contained by any means necessary. While it’s true that Hussein was a scumbag and Iraqis were no angels — indeed, what people are? — , we know Albright and her cronies were full of BS. The New World Order took shape as the Jew World Order, especially as Jewish elites edged out the traditional Wasps for top power, privilege, prestige, and authority(and even sanctity as Jews elevated themselves as the eternal Holy Holocaust People). So, the US policy since the end of the Cold War has essentially been about "Is it good for Jewish Supremacist Power?" In other words, all those Iraqi children were murdered and sacrificed for the Satan Prince of Jewish Hegemony. We might call this wicked prince ‘Paimon’, the evil but triumphant Anti-Christ presence in Ari Aster’s HEREDITARY, an esoteric work that really heralds the emergence and rise of the Jewish Man as the lord of all humanity.

Though Jews speak in moralistic terms — as did the communists and even the Nazis at times — , their sermonizing is merely a cover for their main priority, which is to create a world order in which all of goyim serve, obey, and worship Jews... or else. Unlike Christianity, the ultimate objective of which is to bless all of mankind equally with the love of God and Jesus, Judaism and Jewishness are about the Covenant that says Jews are the best people, most sacred race, and most worthy tribe to lord over all of humanity. Thus, if Christian moralism ultimately works against one’s racial/tribal interests, Jewish ‘moralism’ ultimately works to the advantage of Jews. Notice that when white Christians moralize, it’s about their own failures as Good Christians and the need to redeem themselves in the eyes of God and humanity. In contrast, when Jews moralize, it’s about how OTHER peoples did wrong to Jews and, therefore, must make amends by serving and sucking up to Jews forever and ever. Christian moralism is all-serving, whereas Jewish moralism is, like Nazism, self-serving.
In the past, Christian moralism applied the same moral rules to Jews, and that served as a buffer against Jewish perfidy, but current Christian moralism worships Jews(and homos & Negroes) as higher than God and Jesus; as such it is now empty calories devoid of genuine spiritual content.
Indeed, Anti-Christianity is the new christianity. (Jews take umbrage at the notion that the Anti-Christ will be a Jewish Man, but in a way, it’s fitting. After all, if Christ was a Jew, it makes sense that Anti-Christ will also be a Jew. Both Christ and Anti-Christ as Jews would demonstrate that Jews have greater prophetic reach and imagination, for good or ill.) Personally, being a non-believer and lifelong atheist, I have no faith in God, Jesus, Heaven, Hell, Christ, or Anti-Christ. Still, there is no question that the great religions raised profound moral questions, and spirituality is a part of human nature. Therefore, the great religions must be respected(as well as critiqued by modern man) and defended from forces of Satanism. Now, what do I mean by ‘satanism’ when I don’t believe Satan exists? Even for a non-believer, certain ideas and things are clearly sick, demented, wicked, vile, and ‘evil’. When we say something is ‘evil’ or ‘satanic’, we don’t merely mean it’s bad. Indeed, most bad stuff isn’t evil. It’s just unpleasant and wrong. When someone steals, it’s bad but very much a part of human nature as humans evolved from animals who live by the ‘law of the jungle’. Also, lying and cheating come naturally to humans. They shouldn’t do it, but violating rules and codes of conduct doesn’t make one evil or satanic. Evil is much deeper, mysterious, and insidious in its vileness. It’s the difference between killing animals to eat and killing animals just for the sadistic joy of it. We know it’s always bad to kill animals. Even meat-lovers must know it’s ugly business to kill and slaughter so many animals. Still, life lives by consuming other life, and it’s just the way it is. But suppose someone decides to douse an animal with gasoline, light it on fire, and giggle with sadistic glee at the horrible sight. That would be evil. Even more evil would be if such a horrible deed was elevated to sacred status. That would be beyond even evil. It would be satanic, the deification of what is wicked.
Aztec human sacrifice was satanic, beyond even evil. If the Aztecs had rounded up lots of people and had them killed for the fun of it — like the Romans with their horrible gladiatorial fights and bloodbaths — , that would have been plenty evil. But they went further and spiritualized their slaughter as an offering to their gods, as a sacred exercise. They must have worshiped the dark lords because only satanic anti-deities would make such demands. Likewise, such is why we are living in the Satanic Age in the current West. It’d be bad enough or plenty evil if the US went around killing scores of people for no good reason, but things are worse because so many Americans are convinced that their mass slaughter of other peoples is all for the good. It’s really a kind of human sacrifice. According to the likes of Albright, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now even Donald Trump, it is to fight terrorism and spread ‘human rights’ & ‘democracy’ to other nations, but in truth, it really amounts to human sacrifice to appease Paimon, the demonic Jewish overlord. The US, as cuck-servant of satanic Paimon, is willing to go to any lengths to destroy any number of nations & people to gain approval from Jewish Supremacist Power. Serving Jewish Wickedness out of mere opportunism or sadism would be bad enough, indeed evil. But when Jewish Wickedness is worshiped and appeased day in and day out, the so-called New World Order is truly satanic.
Same goes for the Globo-Homo nuttery. Sodomy or Homo-Fecal-Penetration is not good and can never be good. They have no health benefits and serve no biological purpose. They spread disease and lead to all sorts of health problems. And yet, because some men are born-that-way, modern society has decided to tolerate homos and decriminalize their life-style. That was mere badness. But then, this obvious badness was said to be just as (new)normal, rational, and natural as real sexuality. In other words, a dong-up-a-bung was no less legitimate as a sexual act than penis-into-vagina. And we were told a fake ‘penis’ molded from a mutilated vagina or a fake ‘vagina’ molded from a mutilated penis was just as good as the real thing. This was globo-homomania lurching into Evil territory. And then, homosexuality and tranny nonsense — so-called LGBTQ — were said to be deserving of matrimonial consecration and spiritual blessing, and this is where the whole thing became fully satanic. The West went from tolerating to worshiping the obviously bad. Anyone who worships the bad is under a satanic spell. It’d be like eating feces as the most delicious meal. Ironically, Jews who’d historically rejected idolatry made full use of it to sway the goy masses into worshiping Globo-Homomania. Unlike ideas and values that must be argued rationally and/or demonstrated morally, idolatry works merely by sensory association. If you associate homosexuality and tranny-stuff with ‘rainbow’ colors enough times, the idolatrously-inclined will feel and believe, "Gayness is a rainbow!"

Ask yourself this question. Would it be justifiable to sacrifice 500,000 Jewish kids in Israel in the name of global justice? After all, a powerful argument can be made against Israel as a massive violator of human rights. Israel was founded by grand imperialist conspiracy, extensive terrorism, and Nakba pogroms against Palestinians. Israel stole nuclear secrets from the US to build 200 to 300 illegal nukes. Though taking massive amounts of aid from the US, Israel has passed secrets to enemies and rivals of the US. In the 1980s, Jonathan Pollard didn’t act alone. He spied for Israel, and Israel used the stolen secrets to cut a deal with the USSR, then the arch-enemy of the US. Israel also began the Six Day War and occupied Palestinian territories that they still continue to occupy and fill up with Zionist caravans of illegal invaders. There was the bloody business with the USS Liberty. Jewish Neocons and other Zionists have manipulated the US to turn much of the Arab/Muslim world into a hell-hole. In other words, much of inhumane US foreign policy was cooked up by Israel Firsters working in the Deep State. Israel routinely lobs bombs and missiles into Syria and other neighboring nations. Israel also has the Samson option and threatens all of Europe with nuclear destruction if Israel were to fall. Indeed, even the inhuman sanctions levied against Iraq, Iran, and other nations have their origins in Jewish supremacist hatred for any nation or people that might rival Israel's status as the lone superpower in the Middle East. Israel has also worked with Saudi Arabia to aid and arm ISIS and other terrorists in the region. And Israel was once the closest ally of South Africa when Apartheid was still around. Israel even sent nuclear secrets to South Africa, the secrets it had stolen from the US. Jews in the US overlooked the close ties between South Africa and Israel even as they berated South Africa for ‘racism’, all the while ignoring the greater injustice meted out to Palestinians by Zionist supremacists. (Apparently, injustice for Palestinians is okay whereas injustice for blacks by whites is intolerable.)

So, given all these facts about Jews and Israel, would it be morally justified for the US and the world to economically sanction Israel to the point where 500,000 Israeli children are killed by malnutrition, starvation, and disease? If we believe in universal justice, and if good decent humanitarians like Madeleine Albright believe it was worth it to kill a half-million Arab kids(as a lesser evil) to counter the much bigger evil of Saddam Hussein, then shouldn’t the same moral logic apply to Israel? If killing 500,000 Arab kids was 'worth it' to pressure Iraq to become a better nation, then wouldn't it be worth it to kill 500,000 Jewish kids in the hope that Israel will be a nicer and kinder place for Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims in Israel, West Bank, and neighboring nations(as so much of the violence in that part of the world in recent years originated from Jewish agenda that more-or-less guides the totality of US foreign policy)? But if someone were to suggest that even 50,000 or 5,000 or 500 Jewish kids should be sacrificed for the greater good of the region, most people in the West will scream ‘Another Holocaust!’ Such mindset suggests that a Jewish life is at least worth 1,000 or 10,000 Arab lives. Believing it’s justifiable to kill 500,000 Arab kids for a better Iraqi future while believing it’s horrific to kill just 500 Jewish kids fora better Israeli/Palestinian future would be a case of brazen hypocrisy and moral blindness. If indeed all lives are of equal worth, why is it okay to sacrifice countless Arab lives but unacceptable to ponder even sacrificing a few Jewish lives for a better future?
But there is something even worse in the whole equation. All those dead Iraqi kids weren’t really the result of a humanitarian policy, however misguided it may have been. It was not like the US(and Israel) were willing to use ‘necessary evil’ to bring about a greater good in the region. Zionists wanted Hussein crippled or gone, but they had no desire to see a powerful and prosperous Iraq as a democracy. After all, even a prosperous democracy can be anti-Zionist. The fact that the US developed as a democracy didn’t make it any less war-mongering than most autocratic empires. And this is why what we consider a failure in Iraq, Libya, and Syria are really successes in the eyes of Yinon-ist Jews who want to see the Arab/Muslim world in constant turmoil. That means all those Iraqi kids perished not due to some flawed humanitarian foreign policy but due to Jewish Supremacist plan to sacrifice any number of goy lives to gain greater advantages for Israel and Jewish globalist power.
It would have been tragic enough if all those Iraqi kids died on the altar of misguided humanitarianism, but the truth is their deaths were the result of diabolical satanism of Zionist megalomania. I call it satanic because what is brazenly Jewish Supremacism is revered and worshiped as the highest form of humanitarianism by idiotic Americans. Jews spread horror in the Middle East, North Africa, and Ukraine; they use their influence to force sanctions on Iran and to restart a ‘new cold war’ with Russia. They do all this in the service of Jewish Supremacism that is as repulsive as Nazi-German supremacism during World War II, but they’ve managed to wrap their demonic agenda with the veneer of ‘humanitarianism’, ‘war on terror’, and ‘spreading democracy’ that so many childish Americans have come to worship. With their control of media, cuck goy politicians, finance, and academia, Jews can create a false narrative for countless suckers. If Nazis ruled Current US and spun all their supremacism and imperialist wars as ‘spreading democracy’, ‘fighting terror’, and some such nonsense, the chances are so many Americans would swallow it hook, line, and sinker.

If it was justifiable to kill 500,000 Iraq kids for a better tomorrow, then it’s justifiable to kill 500,000 Jewish kids for a better future. If you say it’s absolutely unconscionable to sacrifice Jewish kids — 5,000 or 50,000, let alone 500,000 — for some higher ‘humanitarian’ objective, then the same logic must apply to Arab children. And yet, the very people who wouldn’t abide the killing of 500 Jewish kids shrug their shoulders about the deaths of 500,000 Iraqi kids. (By some estimates, the number of dead Iraqi kids is considerably smaller, but let’s keep in mind that Monster Albright accepted those figures when she said it was WORTH IT to kill so many.)
There is tremendous cognitive dissonance in the Jewish-controlled West. We are told that the Shoah taught us that life is precious and sacred, but in emphasizing Jewish tragedy uber alles, the end-result has been that Jewish lives are deemed 'more equal than others' and especially precious. Thus, all efforts must be made to 'save' and 'protect' Jewish lives. Furthermore, any number of goy lives may be sacrificed if doing so is deemed beneficial to Jewish lives. So, ironically, the anti-supremacist lesson drawn from the horrors of WWII became perverted into Jewish supremacist idolatry. The lesson Jews took from the tragedy is not "Having suffered so much, we Jews want to make sure that same thing doesn’t happen to other peoples" but instead, "Having suffered horribly and having gained moral status as the greatest victims of all time, ANY MEANS is justified to prevent another Jewish Holocaust." And so, if Jews see Hitlers and New Nazis everywhere, the West led by the US as lone superpower must do everything in its means to crush the new Axis of Evil, even if it means 100,000s or even millions of goyim are ruined, destroyed, or left dead. Paradoxically, ‘preventing another holocaust’ has led to more holocausts around the world. To save and protect the precious Jews, we must take their warnings seriously about ‘new hitlers’ and ‘new nazis’ and use endless sanctions and military might to starve, bomb, and terrorize people on Earth as sacrificial offering to the holy-schmoly Jews. How truly sickening.

How long can Jews and the world carry on like this? Also, aren’t Jews aware that they're are antagonizing all the world? Muslims and Arabs hate them. Even Saudis who are allied with Israelis hate them and carry on with the charade because of Sunni-Shia rivalry. As time passes and as more Europeans wake up to what Jews are up to, there will be a return of ‘antisemitism’ on the Continent. And given Jewish perfidy, there are more and more people on both the Left and Right who are noticing that it’s the JEWS who are behind the curtain in the Land of Poz. Also, the anti-white propaganda pushed by Jews have led to blacks hating Jews. Blacks may be stupid, but they are not dumb; they see that Jews are the most powerful and privileged among the privileged whites. And even though Vladimir Putin is good to Jews and protects them, most Russians surely feel bitter about Jews as they know what happened in the 1990s, and they know it was the Jews who were behind the ‘new cold war’, the sanctions, and the mess in Ukraine.
As time passes, who will like the Jews? Wouldn’t Jews be liked IF they chose to be decent and stop with their supremacism, imperialism, and hegemonism? But apparently not. Jews are now so addicted to power and wealth that, deep down inside, they probably feel that they can’t be good Jews. Sure, they use media to project the image of the Holy Jews, but their behavior and attitude are totally contrary to the human spirit. Thus, Jews will continue to act the Big A**hole and prepare for a world where they will be resented and even hated by most groups.
In other words, Jews have wagered on a future world of anti-Jewish hate than pro-Jewish sympathy. Jews feel that their insatiable egotism and powerlust will eventually drive various goyim against Jews. After all, if Jews decided to act good and decent, they will lose much of their ill-gotten wealth and greedy power. So, Jews must continue to act like George Soros, and that means increasingly alienating just about all of goy humanity.
Then, how could Jewish Power survive in a world of increasing anti-Jewish animus? This is where Jewish Satanism kicks into high gear and conceives of all sorts of policies and agendas — mass immigration, divide-and-rule via Diversity, globo-homo, jungle fever, interracism, white cuckery, emasculation of Western Man and Eastern Man, endless wars in the Middle East, mass deaths by opioids, skankery, and etc. — to create a world of such chaos, disorder, and confusion that the goyim the world over won’t be able to be sober, serious, and united in their resolve to finally do something about the radical evil of Jewish Power. And of course, their mountain of money means they can buy up all the hacks in the valley. By now, most US politicians must know that Jewish Power is vile and venal. But they want more shekels thrown their way, so they go along with Jews-as-holy-schmoly act. Buying all that influence is very expensive, but money is something Jews are never in shortage of.

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