Monday, January 6, 2020

Kevin Michael Grace vs Rodney Martin on Trump's Killing of Soleimani on THE LUKE FORD SHOW — Who Is Right?

The video above begins with Kevin Michael Grace's defense of Donald Trump's assassination of Soleimani and Iraqi militiamen as justifiable retaliation against the attack on the US embassy(which, in turn, was a response to earlier US attack on pro-Iranian Iraqi forces). Rodney Martin joins the discussion at 34:00 to condemn Trump's actions as being on behalf of Israel-Firsters, especially when, as Tucker Carlson has pointed out, so little has been done about Mexican Drug cartels and broken borders. (Of course, Carlson is too afraid to Name the Jew.)

Kevin Michael Grace as co-host on the Luke Ford Show is a man of journalistic experience and exhibits many positive attributes of the profession: Curiosity, erudition, and a critical mind. As a staunch conservative, a rare breed in journalism nowadays, he's been resistant to whims of fashion that have come to define Western culture and values. (But then, conservatism, like any -ism, comes with its own set of biases and blind-spots.) People like KMG are outliers not only because they're conservatives in an overwhelmingly Liberal profession but because they have 'liberal' tastes in arts and culture. Now, there is no reason for conservatives to be anti-art or anti-intellect, but in the modern era more liberals than conservatives have been invested in arts, culture, and ideas. One merely needs to survey the media, academia, and institutions. This imbalance has been more pronounced in America where conservatism has either a strong populist or Evangelical strain. As for conservatives committed to the arts, they've generally favored traditional arts, established reputations, or conventional genres. William F. Buckley Jr.'s idea of music was limited to classical. In contrast, KMGs' cultural sensibility and tastes are closer to those of Liberals though his analyses and judgments have a right-wing, Christian, and/or pro-white angle. Unlike the more staid culture warriors of Conservatism, KMG really gets and appreciates modernism, the avant-garde, and pop culture. He even dabbled in punk culture albeit for right-wing reasons. But KMG's inquiring mind and openness go only so far. Sometimes, he falls back on stereotypes and shopworn cliches to spout off on something he knows little or nothing about, as when he caricatured 60s Drug Culture in the manner of silly educational films only good for laughs. Though not a druggy myself — I don't even wanna try pot — , I know enough about hallucinogens from books and friends/associates that they aren't about seeing Magic Dragons. Though KMG is correct about the negative effects of drug culture(that got even worse with cocaine in the 70s, crack in the 80s, and meth in the 90s), he mis-characterizes something he knows nothing about. From Aldous Huxley's DOORS OF PERCEPTION & HEAVEN AND HELL and Jay Stevens' fascinating STORMING HEAVEN, it's clear that psychedelics weren't just escapism into a neural video-game with pink magic bunnies. Besides, doesn't Catholicism believe in miracles, a notion that has been exploited by charlatans to milk tears and dollars from suckers? KMG has interesting things to say when he opens his mind to any subject. Thus, even conservatives have something to gain from the liberal spirit; liberalism becomes a problem when it turns into dogma, as with Political Correctness, whereupon it becomes liberal-in-name-only and stuck within a iron-cast-of-mind. (Likewise, the radical leftist spirit has value insofar as it is willing to question and challenge the existing power structure. It turns sour when the spirit turns into dogma, as with Marxism-Leninism and hardens the passion into a cold iron fist.) Granted, liberals would do better with some degree of conservative anchor or roots as freedom without attachment is like leaves blowing in the wind: Free but fated to brown and wither. At any rate, one of the less appealing aspects of conservatism is to fall back on familiar biases without questioning assumptions. Sticking to the tried-and-true is usually good rule-of-thumb, but it doesn't provide all the answers. That the 60s drug culture went very wrong should be obvious to all, but to characterize psychedelia as KMG does surely misses something crucial. It's unlikely that so many people were drawn to such drugs just to lose one's sense of reality and to see objects turn into monsters. KMG's simpleminded take on Counterculture can be heard 46:00 in the video below.

Rodney Martin is an off/on guest on the Luke Ford Show, and I know little about him except that he's an American patriot, an upstanding member of Middle America. Though a regular American, he speaks more sense that most of the commentariat in Mainstream Media(that are as 'mainstream' as so-called Mainline churches are 'mainline'), and it's heartening that someone who isn't a professional in academia and government is as knowledgeable about world affairs and strives for moral consistency on US foreign policy. In the Grace-Martin discussion, Martin comes off much better because of this very consistency. To better understand the issue, consider the Politics of War in American History. The Liberal-Left opposition to Lyndon B. Johnson and the Vietnam War notwithstanding, most of the political discourse on War has been a matter of, "It's bad if your guy does it, it's good if our guy does it." We saw this with Liberals, leftists, and Progs from Bush II to Obama. While many on the Left opposed and condemned Bush II's invasion of Iraq(not least out of fear that it might turn out well), most were either silent or supportive of Obama's even worse destruction of the Middle East(Syria), North Africa(Libya), and Ukraine, not to mention the 'new cold war' with Russia. In contrast, the 'conservatives', who couldn't get enough of warmongering during Bush II's presidency, were either tepid in their support of Obama's war or even mildly voiced opposition. One of the remarkable things about Trump's 2016 campaign was his pledge to bring the troops home and make peace with Russia. He also denounced the invasion of Iraq as a total disaster. He also reiterated the obvious that the destruction of Libya and Syria only emboldened the terrorists. He did spew bile against Iran, but it was understood he had to throw some red meat to the Zionist oligarchs to get their money. At any rate, something remarkable happened as a result. The Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton became pigeonholed as the pro-war candidate, whereas Trump, for all his bluster and machismo, came across as an anti-war candidate. Thus, his supporters also became anti-war, and this angered the Neocon Jews who see the US as one giant aircraft carrier for Zion.

One of the developments since the end of the Vietnam War was the tendency to root for(or at least not oppose) war IF the commander-in-chief happens to be your guy. To the credit of the American Left, it opposed the Vietnam War when LBJ, a Democrat, was president, and then it opposed the war under Richard Nixon. There was a certain consistency in their position. But a narrative developed since then that the Progressive opposition to a Democratic administration led to the rise of Richard Nixon and Silent Majority. Therefore, the new strategy was one of vociferously opposing wars by Republican presidents while supporting or at least not-opposing wars by Democratic presidents. GOP, in turn, was likely to be far more supportive of GOP-led wars than Democratic-Party-led wars, but overall, its 'support the troops' mentality meant that its anti-war stance was weak at best. And so, Bill Clinton got away with lobbing bombs and missiles all over the place. And there was virtually no opposition to Barack Obama's war on Libya, coup in Ukraine, and aid to terrorists(labeled 'moderate rebels') in Syria. But then, Trump Phenom happened in 2016, and incredibly enough, it seemed as though American Conservatives could be the new anti-war voices and on principled than mere opportunistic basis. This was most welcome since the kind of people who are most likely to get killed in war are conservative white men. Furthermore, the Invade-Invite Strategy undermines American nationalism. By invading and destroying other nations, US loses moral credentials on nationalism, i.e. why should Americans have right of nationalism when their government violates and tramples on the sovereignty of other nations? Furthermore, the US strategy has been to give its invasions a human face with the invite-policy. "We may destroy your nation, but we are so warm-hearted and welcome you displaced folks to our nation." This has been going on since the Vietnam War. Kill millions over there but put on a human face by taking in untold numbers of refugees. This policy is especially damaging to American Conservatism since most of these newcomers end up voting for Democrats. One reason is the Democrats are for more immigration, but the other reason is, despite the fact that Jewish Democrats are the biggest globo-imperialists on Earth, the Democratic Party pays lip-service to concerns of People-of-Color and has at least some factions that speak up for Palestinian rights and oppose war(though never effectively). Thus, Democrats can enjoy their wars and imperialism while feigning 'progressive' credentials of peace and tolerance. In contrast, the GOP comes across as entirely pro-imperialist and pro-war. This was precisely why Donald Trump was so threatening to both Democrats and Republicans in 2016 when he ran, more or less, as a Peace Candidate. Though he projected power & pride(unlike spineless George McGovern in 1972) and supported the US military, he said all the wars in Middle East and North Africa have been disastrous, leading to more terrorism, more instability, more dead soldiers, more dead civilians, and the demographic invasion of Europe via Libya. He took a hardline position on Iran(unfortunately) and promised to reverse Obama's semi-conciliatory policies, but overall, he totally went off the GOP reservation to the ire of Neocon Never-Trumpers. And the passionate support for Trump among many American Conservatives(who cheered in the South when he said Bush family is responsible for the disaster in Iraq) suggested a sea-change in popular opinion. Could it be that American Conservatives are becoming Anti-War in principle? Could it be that Peace, Conciliation, and Diplomacy will become conservative positions while deranged Democrats will clamor for more wars(and cold wars)? Will American Conservatives break with the contemptible tradition of "War's okay if my guy's president, war's not okay if your guy's president." And for awhile, it seemed that way. Whenever Trump said he's about to pull out troops from Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria, many on the New Right cheered whereas Democrats, wenches like Rachel Maddow, and Never-Trump Neocons crowed. It seemed as though the Progs really were stuck on More Wars whereas the New Right was set on No More Wars.

But as Jews run the US, Trump has been unable to make peace with Russia. Not only did the Jew-run Media blast Trump for any sign of thawing with Russia but the hysteria of Russia Collusion Hoax made sane diplomacy with Russia impossible. After all, if half the nation is convinced that Trump is Putin's Puppet, Trump will be denounced as traitor for any overtures to Russia. And despite his many noises, Trump hasn't been able to pull out troops out of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan because the military-industrial complex and Jewish faction in the GOP are too powerful. Still, the fact that Trump managed to avert a new major war was seen as something. But perhaps it's the 'beat the wife and kick the dog' syndrome, the one where the man who is berated by his boss at work goes home to mete out violence against weaker members. Trump, having had his manhood taken away by Jewish Zionists and Globalists, is now a castrated and cucked man. As Jews have subverted and destroyed much of his first term, the logical thing for him would be to denounce Jews and maybe bomb Israel for its endless aggression and provocations against Syria, making it more difficult for the US to bring about any closure in that part of the world. But as we know, US is idolatrous of three groups as holy-schmoly — Jews, Homos, and Negroes — , and that means the Holy Holocaust People cannot be opposed or even criticized no matter what they do. So, even though Jews have been breaking Trump's balls from day one, he has to suck their cock and bend over to take it up the ass. Having been thus emasculated, how does Trump go about demonstrating his manhood? He plays dog to the Jews and mauls Arabs/Muslims or barks at Russia(or China). But no matter how loud a dog barks and how hard it bites, its 'toughness' is in service to its master.
A typical cuck celebrates the Jew-run US's attack on Iran/Iraq. He implies that Obama was a weak appeaser while Trump is a resolute patriot. In truth, Obama destroyed Libya, wrecked Syria, and pulled a coup in Ukraine at the behest of his Jewish masters. Obama also started New Cold War with Russia. Also, the money sent to Iran was Iranian money that the US had stolen and kept as 'frozen assets'. But the Jew-run media and cuck-politicians & pundits created this false meme that Obama showered Iran with free cash. Jew-run USA is an empire of lies.
The way Trump is going, he might trigger the biggest war in the Middle East yet, something that Jews want. (Even the peace deal under Obama was really just a trick. Jews were playing good-cop/bad-cop with Iran, throwing it some meat in the hope of driving a wedge between Iran and Russia. Notice that there has hardly been much opposition from Jews and Democrats for Trump's reneging on the Iran Deal.) Trump's reckless actions go to show just how powerful the Jews are in the US. Jews attack and destroy you, and your response is to cuck to them harder. It's like a dog trying to show greater loyalty to the master that beats it up. It's like a slave yelling, "Massuh, massuh, please, massuh", as the master beats him. Jews have done most to derail and defame Trump, but the cuck-man is sucking up to Jews to the point where it might lead to another war. Provoked ceaselessly, Iran might have to respond one day, and that will serve as pretext for another general Middle East War. Trump acts tough, but he knows he's close to being check-mated by Jews, and so he cucks to one faction of Jews in the hope that they will provide him sufficient moral cover and money to survive another day. And the price demanded by this pro-Trump Jewish faction is "MORE WARS FOR ISRAEL, you mangy dog-cuck." And of course, Fox News and other GOP dogs are barking to the script, regurgitating all the talking points about how Soleimani is responsible for 600 dead Americans — I guess 600 is a neat number like 6 million — and how Iran is the main sponsor of terrorism around the world(while anti-war voices on the Right grow more silent by the day). Once again, ugly opportunism is rearing its head over principled opposition to imperialism and war. Tucker Carlson is one of the few anti-war voices left, but even he sticks with the script that Soleimani was a bad bad guy. (Yeah, he's so very very bad, unlike all those heroic US generals who invade and bomb nations thousands of miles away at the whims of Zion, the globo-homo Sodom and Gomorrah of the Middle East.) Again, we are lurching into "My guy's wars good, your guy's wars bad." How long before all those dummy populists will cheer for War with Iran because their guy Trump is commander-in-chief?

Given KMG's keen intelligence and broad knowledge, one would hope he'd know better, but the fact is sensibility and prejudice often trump logic, consistency, and principles. And it seems KMG is turning into a War-Cuck because the basis of his worldview is Western hegemonism, Crusadism, and power-worship-ism. KMG says he's a nationalist and opposed to imperialism, but that means he's for Zionism but not for Palestinian nation-hood. Nationalism only matters to his kind and peoples he likes and to NO ONE else. He opposes non-white invasion of the West, but he feels it's okay for the US to drop bombs and assassinate people in other nations as an occupying force. And even though Jewish Power has done most to castrate and destroy the white race since the end of WWII, he claims to be Philo-Semitic. In other words, nationalism for KMG is mere opportunism to protect and preserve the West and to honor Jews. It doesn't apply to Palestinians and Arabs/Muslims who apparently exist to be bombed and murdered by West's pro-Zionist war machine.
But then, why does KMG admire the Jews? Because Jews are smart, rich, and accomplished. Because Jews are a great powerful people, he dreams of an alliance with them against the non-white world. In a way, KMG's fatal attraction to Jews is akin to Adolf Hitler's mis-perception of Anglos. Hitler admired the Anglos so much that he hoped for alliance of UK and Germany against much of the world, esp. against Jews and Russia. It was a sentimentality on Hitler's part that proved fatal. As Anglos were allied with Jews against Germany, the natural thing would have been for Hitler to maintain his alliance with Stalin. But he attacked Russia instead. Hitler's Anglo-dreams proved to be utterly useless. Likewise, KMG's Philo-Semitic dreams are useless. While a handful of Jews might think well of KMG, most Jews regard him as no different from neo-Nazi ilk. After all, KMG has called out on Jewish bad behavior and interviewed Kevin MacDonald(who is allied with David Duke and Jared Taylor). To Jews, Kevin MacDonald is evil incarnate, and anyone who gives him a fair hearing must be a 'nazi sympathizer'. It doesn't matter that KMG, despite his criticism of Jews, is ultimately a cuckish Philo-Semite because the ONLY kind of Philo-Semite that is acceptable to Jews is one that never ever dares to utter a single syllable critical of Jews. KMG is a sentimentalist about Jews because he thinks his kind can form a sound, stable, and fair relationship with Jews: One where Jews criticize whites, whites criticize Jews, but where both sides respect one another and carry on more-or-less as equal partners. In fact, such isn't in the cards given Jewish personality, arrogance, and megalomania. Jews want whites to be their dog, horse, and cattle. Whites better obey and serve. KMG is willing to serve, but he wants to speak his mind about bad Jewish behavior wherever such exists, but Jews will not tolerate any such. Thus, KMG has been purged just like Kevin MacDonald and Jared Taylor, another sentimentalist about Jews, the very people most responsible for his deplatforming. KMG is right to denounce the seedier and crazier elements of 'white nationalism', but he's under the illusion that Jews regard him any differently because he denounces Richard Spencer and David Duke. No, in Jewish eyes, he's no different. As Jews got the power, it doesn't matter what KMG wishes or thinks. What matters is what Jews think, and Jewish Power says KMG is a white-nationalist-supremacist-neo-nazi-homophobic-catholic-bigot.
I can understand cultural and intellectual Philo-Semitism. Like them or not, Jews have been a great people who contributed notably to arts, culture, religion, science, ideas, and entertainment. So, naturally Jews are worthy of admiration and respect, especially among those goyim who are engaged in the life of the mind and creativity. The problem is POLITICAL Philo-Semitism, i.e. the notion that because Jews have been great in many cultural and scientific spheres, they are somehow above the law or more-equal-than-others. Such pseudo-moralism is a kind of nihilism, a perversion of meritocratism that says those with superior intelligence or achievement have the right to push others around. Consider the Germans and Japanese. Both are highly accomplished peoples with fascinating cultures. Germans made great contributions to music and science. Japanese absorbed influences from China, India, and the West and produced interesting variations. So, one can understand Germanophilia or Japanophilia. But that doesn't mean Japanese have the right to conquer and push around less accomplished peoples. It doesn't mean Germans should invade and push around, say, Bulgarians and Slovaks who are less accomplished intellectually and culturally. The problem with Kevin Michael Grace is that his Cultural Philo-Semitism has turn into Political Philo-Semitism. So, he supports Zionist Nakba of Palestinians and the Occupation. He apparently feels no sympathy for Arab victims of Jews because they're inferior culturally and intellectually. (Or perhaps, there is at work a kind of Spiritual Philo-Semitism, which is the flip side of Spiritual Antisemitism that has been identified with Christianity that long blamed Jews for the killing of Christ. If Christian Antisemitism especially blames the Jews, Christian Philo-Semitism especially blesses the Jews as the Chosen, not least to atone for the Holocaust carried out by 'Christian Europe', though Nazis were Neo-Pagans. By current standards, KMG would be a Christian Anti-Semite for his dogmatic conviction that there is no salvation for Jews in the hereafter without Conversion, but on a subconscious level, he seems to balance this 'moral deficit' via Christian Philo-Semitism that says, even if Jews-as-Jews cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven, they are deserving of the Holy Land and the support of the Christian community, despite the fact that Jewish-controlled foreign policy have caused grave harm to Christian Arab communities. Or, as a staunch Catholic who has never abandoned the Crusading mind-set, perhaps KMG feels that Europeanized Jews taking the Palestine from the Muslims is a kind of semi-victory for Christendom despite the fact that Jews have turned the Holy Land into Sodom-and-Gomorrah with massive globo-homo debauchery.) This is rather ironic since Jews see the white goy race as inferior in intellect, ability, and wisdom, therefore deserving to be used like horses, dogs, and cattle by Jewish masters. In other words, Jews look upon white people like KMG looks upon Arabs and Palestinians: An inferior people who deserve to be pushed around and made to obey. Kevin Michael Grace says he loves Jews and only dislikes those secular Jews who are paranoid about whites. But the fact is MOST Jews fall into the secular-and-hostile-to-white category. Most Jews voted for Hillary, and many Neocons became Never-Trumpers. And even those Jews who stick by Trump do so ONLY BECAUSE he cucks to Israel and worsened relations with Russia. Furthermore, if indeed KMG is a Philo-Semite, it is largely because of his admiration for SECULAR Jews who achieved most in the realm of arts, ideas, and science from the late 19th century. I doubt if KMG would be so awed with Jews if most of them were religious dogmatists with middling IQ who never contributed much to Modern Culture. Jewish pride and prestige since 'Emancipation' in the 19th century owe almost entirely to secular Jews, many of whom were radical and/or hostile toward whites and Christians. KMG dismisses as 'sentimental' the people in the West who sympathize with Palestinians, but it is he who is a sentimentalist about Jews. Most Jews are hostile to the white race and the West. They are pushing White Nakba and cheering for the Great Replacement. It's not Muslims or Palestinians who control the commanding heights of the West. It's the Jews. Also, KMG, like so many others like him, despair of some Jews being victimized by Diversity. But why should they care when Jews do NOT care about whites victimized by Diversity? If anything, Jews rejoice when whites are victimized by blacks, browns, and other members of Diversity. Just read the pages of the NY Times. Just watch all those TV shows that defame and vilify whites as the New Kulaks or KKKulaks. KMG is stuck in an unrequited love relationship with Jews who only piss all over guys like him. Same goes for Jared Taylor who was deplatformed by Jewish Power but still sucks up to Jews and cheers Zionism even though the grand Jewish Plan is to turn whites into New Palestinians. KMG may point out that Jews in UK and Canada now vote majority-conservative, but what does this mean? Jews have already turned 'conservatism' in Anglo-sphere nations into cuck-politics that cheers Diversity, waves the globo-homo flag, and worships Jews to high heaven. In other words, the kind of 'conservatism' that managed to win over the majority of Jews in Canada and UK is nationalist ONLY when it comes to Israeli interests and Jewish Pride. In other respects, it's hardly distinguishable from 'liberalism' that, in Canada and UK, may be a tad less enthusiastic about All-Things-Zionist. Besides, the reason why the so-called 'conservatives' are even more servile to Jews is because Jewish Elites are still on the 'liberal' side. As Jews are now revered as a holy people and as Jewish Elites got the real power & all the money — the real source of Jewish power isn't votes but money & media — and lean 'liberal', the 'conservatives' must make an extra effort to woo Jews to their side. We see the same thing in the US. Most of Jewish elite power is with 'liberalism' and the 'Democratic' Party, and that is precisely why 'conservatives' pander to Jews even harder. Why don't 'conservatives' just regard Jews as the enemy? Because Jews have been elevated to Holy Holocaust People, and it simply wouldn't do to alienate this god-men, even if they are busily attacking and defaming you and your kind.
So, does this mean that KMG should embrace Neo-Nazism and the crazier elements of Alt Right because Jews see him the same way? No, of course not. We should all keep our distance from lunatics(though, as the saying goes, even a broken clock is correct twice a day, and we should acknowledge that even someone as compromised as David Duke has made certain worthy contributions to the cause with courageous talk, as in this brilliant video). But we should also dispel the myth that Jewish Power will tolerate honest criticism and respect other groups on equal terms. Jews are in Judeo-Nazi mode and demand submission and obedience. We know this from how Jews work on Congressmen, virtually all of whom are made an offer they can't refuse: Sign a pledge to Israel or else. Jews are also the biggest hypocrites in the world. They berate whites for 'racism' and 'white supremacism' and say US/Canada belong to all the world and Diversity, but then they turn around and say ALL Americans & Canadians of all races and backgrounds must cheer for Jews(and Homos) uber alles. If indeed Jews are for racial equality and against ethno-centrism, why must all Americans favor Jews over Palestinians in the Israel-Palestinian Conflict?
And yet, KMG favors the Jews because, despite his knowledge and intelligence, he is at heart a Crusadist-imperialist, power-worshiper, and misguided in his racialism. After all, would KMG really care about Jews if they weren't so rich, so accomplished in arts & intellect? KMG's elitism favors the great peoples over un-great peoples even at the political level. Such attitude isn't much different from the Nazi notion that Germans deserve to invade and rule over the less accomplished Slavs. Jews > Palestinians, Germans > Slavs. Also, as European Jews are half-white, KMG favors them over them Ay-rabs and Muzzies. To many white pro-Zionists, Jews in Israel are 'our whites' and Palestinians are 'those niggers'. KMG even denigrates Palestinian resistance by associating the term 'intifadah' to what black thugs do in the US. Palestinians used intifadah to oppose ongoing Zionist invasion and occupation of West Bank and Gaza, but for KMG, such resistance is no different from black criminal elements wreaking havoc to rape, loot, and rob. Never mind that the Jews are robbing Palestinians of the remaining territories. KMG projects his own rather pathetic sentimentality about Jews onto those who defend Palestinian right of nation-hood. According to KMG, championing the most basic right of nationhood for Palestinians is 'sentimentalism' while sucking up to Jews who hate, defame, and smear people like him apparently constitutes moral rectitute.
Why one or the other? The current orthodoxy holds that one can be both a total tool of Jews and a New Hitler. Consider how Jews regard Donald Trump. They use all their power to ensure that Trump will be totally pro-Zionist in waging more wars for Israel and crushing the national aspirations of Palestinians. Jews make sure that Trump, as puppet of World Jewry, will worsen relations with Russia and increase tensions with Iran. But at the end of the day, despite all of Trump's cucking to Jews, he is still smeared by the Tribe as the New Hitler. Then, the same Jewish Logic applies to people like Kevin Michael Grace. In Jewish eyes, he is both a useful tool of Zionism and a 'white supremacist' far-rightist, even a 'Catholic-Nazi'. Indeed, anti-Trump Jews and 'pro-Trump' Jews play good-cop/bad-cop as they mindfuc* Trump. Anti-Trump Jews accuse him of being an evil 'white supremacist', and so, Trump needs moral protection from so-called 'pro-Trump' Jews, but this comes at a steep price: More New Cold War with Russia, more Wars for Israel, and shut down of BDS and the First Amendment. Jews cannot be appeased. KMG can cuck to Jews all he wants, but he will still be a 'nazi' or 'white supremacist' to them because he doesn't cuck 100%. That's the kind of people he is so Philo-Sentimental about.
There seems to linger a hope-against-hope among the likes of KMG and Jared Taylor(who are so besotted with Jewish power, achievements, and moral status stemming from the Shoah) that IF, maybe just maybe, whites demonstrate their fealty to Jews and Israel just one more time, the Jews will come over to the White Side. But in fact, just as Hitler's sentimentalism about Anglos was misguided, so was Stalin's misconception of Hitlerism. Just like, despite Hitler's overtures to the Anglos, the Anglosphere turned against the rise of German Imperialism, no amount of Stalin's 'trust' of Hitler was going to turn Nazi Germany into a true ally of the USSR. When the time was ripe, Hitler invaded Russia for keeps. Likewise, Jews are in supremacist mode and want to keep the white race as its dog, horse, and cattle. There cannot be mutual respect between Jews and whites. Jews think, "We win, you lose", or "We command, you serve." Jews know they got the meritocratic advantage while whites got the majority-advantage. Jews know that whites will stop serving Jews IF white elites decide to represent the white majority than cuck to the Jewish minority elite. Therefore, all vestiges of white consciousness, even "It's Okay to be White", must be banished from the public sphere. In the end, people like Jared Taylor and KMG are crit-cucks but cucks just the same. Crit-cucks are willing to notice and criticize Jewish Power but, when push comes to shove, they will side with Jews, serve Jews, and obey the Oi-Vey. They aren't like the cuck-cucks who constitute Congress & white elites who totally submit to Jewish Power like Oriental servants kowtowing before the Emperor of Wanton Mercilessness, but they will always reliably side with Jews against Palestinians and the 'muzzies' even when Jews are in the wrong.
Of course, Luke Ford himself is a crit-cuck, not least because he converted to Orthodox Judaism. Ford often speaks bluntly about Jewish Power and Jewish bad behavior, but as a Jewish Convert he is committed to Israel, Zionism, and Jewish Power. His loyalty to Jews contradicts his contention that all groups are tribal and ethno-centric. If so, why isn't Ford, a man of Anglo origin, not sticking with his own kind and fighting for Anglo-national identity? Why did he go over to the Jewish side? It's because there's something even more powerful than tribalism and nationalism. It's power-ism, the Will to Cower before the Will to Power, as when French women in droves ran into the arms of Nazi Occupiers. As Jews got the Will to Power and the Actual Power, so many white cucks(and cucks-of-color) act the bitch and bow down before Jewish Power, the new emperor of wanton mercilessness. Furthermore, obeying Jews or becoming a Jew(as Ford has chosen to do) comes not only with material benefits(or shield) but moral sanctimony as Holy Holocaust Worship has replaced Christianity, what with Anne Frank as the new madonna. Why did Ford convert to Orthodox Judaism than Reform Judaism? Partly because his conservative-leaning values are more likely to be found among Orthodox Jews. But in a way, it could be a way for Ford to compensate for his lack of Jewish roots by serving a hardcore strain of Judaism. After all, if you're born Jewish, you don't have to make an effort to be Jewish. Even if you never attend Temple or traveled to Israel, you can rest on the laurels of being Jewish by blood. But if you converted to Judaism, you must make a big show of being the Real Thing. Thus, becoming a hardcore Orthodox Jew gives Ford a chance to feel more Jewish than Jews-born-Jewish. Often, imitators without the title of originator make up for their deficit with zeal. Is it any surprise that Northern Europeans who came to Christianity later developed more puritanical strains of it?

Anyway, Rodney Martin comes across with more integrity in the discussion with KMG on the Luke Ford Show. Unlike KMG, he calls out on Trump's actions as a show of obsequiousness to Jewish supremacists, all the more pathetic since Jews are leading the charge against Trump. Also, Martin provides the context within which the attack took place. According to KMG, the US had to do SOMETHING in retaliation against the attack on the US embassy in Iraq. Now, if out of the blue Iranians/Iraqis decided to attack the US embassy for no good reason, then KMG would be correct. An attack on an embassy is a serious violation, and a superpower like the US must take action. However, we cannot ignore the context of why so many Iraqis/Iranians/Arabs/Muslims are irate with the US. The attack on the embassy didn't just happen out of the blue for no reason but because the US, as proxy-power of Zion, has been tearing the Middle East and North Africa apart. So, while purely on principles, KMG is right about violation of embassies, the fact is principles are dead in the Middle East and Jews & US killed them. Just consider. The US concocted lies to invade and occupy another nation, namely Iraq, under Bush II. Meanwhile, the nations most responsible for having created the Al-Qaeda — the US, Pakistan, and Saudis — averted responsibility. It was the Saudis and CIA that had armed the Jihadis in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iraq had nothing to do with it, but Iraq got the blame. In the Clinton 90s, it was said 100,000s of Iraqi kids were killed as the result of sanctions. But the madness didn't end there. Under Obama, Libya was targeted and destroyed for trying to create a gold-based currency for Africa. KMG and others like him may accuse Obama of 'weakness' for not having defended the US embassy in Benghazi, but Obama was sure 'tough enough' to wreck an entire nation. Indeed, the attack on US embassy was the direct result of US arming and aiding the Jihadis in that nation. Obama and Jews even pulled off a coup in Ukraine by allying with Crypto-Nazi elements. And Obama and Hillary, as servants of Jews, began the process of arming Jihadis in Syria, tearing that nation apart, all the while tolerating Israel's constant attacks on that nation. Under Trump, the US lied about chemical attacks and lobbed missiles into Syria and continues to occupy oil fields.
Now, what is a greater violation of international law, norms, and decency? What the US, Israel, and Saudis have done or the hapless attack on US embassy in Iraq? Given the context, it seems what was done to the US embassy was NOTHING compared to crimes committed by Jews and the US. But even as KMG has opposed US interventionist policy in the Middle East, he has expressed little moral outrage. Rather, his real ire is about the attack on US embassy where NO ONE died. His Christian moralism is entirely racial(and misguided since the current US isn't even Christian but globo-homo as Queertianity is the new faith under Jewish hegemony). At Benghazi, only four Americans died, but that is a bigger outrage than all the Libyan cities and towns destroyed by Zio-NATO intervention. According to KMG's moral logic, the US invasions of other nations and violations of sovereignty are less outrageous than the attack on US embassies as imperial outposts.
Btw, if attacks on embassies always call for counter-strikes, would KMG have cheered China's retaliation by killing US generals following the US attack on the Chinese embassy in former Yugoslavia? US claimed it was an accident but really? Or, will KMG say the Chinese deserved it because they were doing fishy things in that part of the world? If Chinese deserved it for shady behavior via their embassy, couldn't the same be said for the US embassies in Libya(where US armed the very Jihadis who turned against them) and Iraq(where no one died by the way, in contrast to what happened to the Chinese embassy)? KMG invokes Jimmy-Carter-as-wimp as foil to Trump, but Carter had his hands tied because the Iranians were holding 55 American hostages. Also, the US was in an embarrassing situation because it had backed the much loathed Shah of Iran(hated by all sectors of Iranian society, from secular liberals to Islamists), a CIA-puppet. Also, as New Iran was both anti-American and anti-Soviet, the US risked pushing Iran into the arms of the USSR if the US waged war on Iran. This was still the era of Cold War and Post-Vietnam fatigue. An Iran allied with the Soviets would have undermined US ambitions in Afghanistan. Also, once Reagan came into office, he sealed the money-for-hostages deal with Iran. He didn't attack Iran either. And when Marines were attacked in Lebanon, Reagan's immediate reaction was to pull out all troops. Was he a wimp for opting out of more intervention in that part of the world? And speaking of craven cowardice, it was the US that did NOTHING when Israel pulled the Lavon affair, stole nuclear material from the US, and willfully attacked the USS Liberty to kill ALL servicemen. To this day, the US hasn't officially recognized what really happened on that day. This is the cuck-coward nation that the US has become under Jewish domination, but KMG laughably invokes Douglas MacArthur's quote about victory. It's the Jews who've occupied the West and are bringing it to ruin. It's the Jew-run West that's been wrecking the Muslim World and killing 100,000s of people. US under Obama and Trump have also aided Saudi Arabia's near-genocidal war in Yemen. And yet, KMG's idea of victory is cucking even harder to the Jews and attacking Iran, one of the few nations that resist the Jew-run US.
Given the context, the US has no right to speak of principles or rights. It violates all principles and all international norms to get what it wants, which is cucking to Jews. What is worse? An Iranian-backed attack on US embassy or the US plotting to bring down an entire government in Ukraine? Also, the very Jews who did regime-change in Ukraine plotted likewise in the US against Trump, pushing the crazy Russia Hoax lunacy and then finally having Trump impeached over the Ukraine comedy, but what does Trump do at the end of the day? He cucks to Israel and attacks Iran. This is 'victory'? If we lived in a world of peace and mutual respect and IF Bad Ole Iran attacked US embassies in other nations, I would agree that the US must act. But the US is now an evil globo-homo nation whose culture is rap, twerking, porn, and Jewish-made TV shows & movies that defame & dehumanize the white race as 'evil nazis who must be hunted down and killed'. But all said and done, KMG's sentimentality for Jewish Power and Awesomeness gets the better of him. He is critical but ultimately a cuck, or a crit-cuck. A crit-cuck may be preferable to a cuck-cuck like Ben Sasse, but it's still pathetic given what Jews have done to the US and KMG's beloved Canada, where the new 'conservatism' means More Diversity for whites and national-rights only for Jews and Israel.
If we go by the adage of bad nations deserving their comeuppance, then the US and Israel need to be bombed many times over. Most of their elites need to stand trial and be hanged. If Japan got what it deserved for its attack on Pearl Harbor, the US deserves far bigger punishment for its lies and invasions. But of course, the US can do as it likes because it's the sole superpower. It's not about principles but the privilege of power. While it's true that power matters and we can't expect all nations, big and small, to get the same treatment — stronger powers will always have more leeway — , there needs to be limits to the power of any nation, but the Jew-run US is now committed to doing ANYTHING to get what it wants. So, if Jew-run US is about Zionism Uber Alles, the hell with Palestinians in West Bank, the hell with Syrians who suffered so much, the hell with Iranians, the hell with Russians, and the hell with white Americans and Canadians who are fated to be replaced by Diversity at the order of Jews. And if Jews feel like cooking up total nonsense like Russia Collusion Hoax and dividing the nation politically and derailing peace with Russia, so be it. Israel, that has 300 nukes made from stolen US material, gets showered with billions while Iran that has allowed international inspections must be sanctioned to death. KMG ignores this larger context and huffs-and-puffs about the attack on the US embassy. Imagine if a black guy taunts, spits on, beats up, and cripples a white guy, but the biggest moral outrage is that the white guy, in retaliation, called the black guy a 'nigger'. That's about the level of KMG's moral integrity when it comes to the Middle East. What is a greater violation of international norms? The Jew-run West and Trump cooking up lies about Assad's chemical attacks and shooting missiles into that country or some ragtag Iraqis attacking the US embassy because the US occupation/imperialism never ends and acts more arrogant by the day?
But what kind of VICTORY? Given that the West is under Jewish Supremacist Control and that this power is pushing for White Nakba & Great Replacement, shouldn't white people be working toward national liberation via total victory over Jewish Power? As different as whites in the West and Iranians are, they have one thing in common: Both are victims of Race War carried out by Jews. Sorosian Jews are hellbent on turning all white nations into Diversity Hellholes and having white wombs be colonized by black seed. Iran, for all its faults, is defying Jewish supremacist power, whereas whites are cucking to the very power that is doing them the most harm. Whites are cheering on the very people who've devised the grand plan of great replacement. It's the Jews in media, academia, and Hollywood who've spread the most anti-white TV shows and movies. KMG complains about how Chinese and Muslim pressures have affected Hollywood products, but the MAIN censorship in US Entertainment is Judeo-centric, i.e. virtually no critical discussion of Jewish bad behavior, e.g. THE VICE blames oil companies for the Iraq War while being mum on the role of Neocon Jews. If anything, white people should take a page from the Chinese & Muslims and collectively threaten Hollywood with racial boycott unless Jews stop with the anti-white vitriol. So, if KMG is for victory, he should be calling for Total Victory over Jews. But his idea of victory is Trump being led on a leash by Zionists to attack Iran, one of the few nations that have managed to stand up to Zion and survive. Back in MacArthur's day, the US was ruled by Anglo-Americans. American Victory back then was victory for White America. In our day, the US is ruled by Jewish globalist whose ideology is essentially Soros-ism. Victory is impossible for whites as long as they are under the tyranny of Jews. No matter how many bombs Trump drops on Iraqis and Iranians to make himself look tough, the only victory will go to Jews who love to make goyim fight goyim. But KMG is too sentimental about Jews to see the big picture.
Another sicko calls for genocide against the Iranians, but this is A-Okay with Twitter that is supervised by Jewish supremacist ADL and SPLC.
Rodney Martin is the true patriot because he understands the context of what is happening. US is under Jewish Supremacist Occupation, and Trump is now little more than a globo-homo ambassador of Zionist hegemonism. He made noises about pulling out of Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, but it was all empty talk. And though having averted a major war in the region, he is now threatening Iraq with sanctions IF it expels US troops and threatening to blow up 52 targets in Iran, even historical and cultural sites, in the service of Zion. The US and Canada are now nations where historical monuments are being torn down, where churches are vandalized & desecrated by globo-homo symbols, where tattoos & piercings are commonplace, where young white girls are conditioned for jungle fever & young white males are trained to be cucks, where 100,000s of 'white trash' have been killed by Jewish-peddled opioids, and where every white town is targeted for Great Replacement — and Jews have a key hand in all these trends — , but Trump as 'tough guy' is threatening to bomb historical sites in Iran, a nation that dares to defy Zionists and Israel. And KMG, though willing to criticize Jews, ultimately cucks to them by declaring himself a Philo-Semite with the delusion that 'secular' anti-white Jews are negligible when, in fact, they constitute the great majority of Jews, especially among Jewish elites who hold all the cards. And KMG isn't the only one to cuck thus. All these white guys who haven't the balls to to resist and oppose Jewish power flex their muscles by beating up on 'muzzies'. It's the White goy Will to Cower before the Jewish Will to Power. Jewish Power is turning people like KMG into the New Palestinians, but their idea of 'victory' is bombing and killing Muslims for the merriment of Zion. At this point, any rhetoric about sanctity of embassies ring hollow because the US violates ENTIRE NATIONS with invasion and destruction. But according to KMG's logic, invading and destroying another nation is a lesser deal than attacking an embassy. KMG claims to be a nationalist opposed to imperialist, but when push comes to shove, he is a Crusadist who cheers on MacArthurite Imperialism and sucks up to the biggest power, which now belongs to Jews. In this, there is precious little difference from KMG and lunatics like Frank Burton. In a way, Luke Ford and KMG, as crit-cucks, illustrate why Anglos lost to Jews. For all their criticism of Jewish Power, they remain Philo-Semitic toward the very people who've done the most harm to the white race since the end of WWII. Ford converted to Judaism, and KMG declares himself a Philo-Semite, as if that will temper the hatred and contempt that most Jews feel for him.
The mindset of KMG offers a glimpse into the fatal sentimentality with which so many whites in the West behold Jewish Power and Prestige. For all his critical acumen and commitment to Catholicism, it's as if KMG's life is incomplete without demonstrating that he too is very much with the Tribe despite its War on Whiteness. You see, the Problem Jews are those secular ones and just never mind that MOST Jews voted for Obama and Hillary and rub their hands with glee over the Sorosian prospect of the West becoming Diversity Central. Jews push invade-invite policy with the Muslim World because the Invite gives a human face to the Invade, i.e. "We may invade Muslim nations but look how we are welcoming and embracing them as 'refugees'." Jews spread anti-Muslim tropes among white Christ-cucks to make them fight Wars for Israel in the Middle East but then spread anti-white and anti-Christian tropes among Muslim immigrants to make them side with Jews against whites. And yet, KMG's gripe about Muslims is that might attack Jews. He cares about Muslims hurting Jews even though Jews don't care about Muslims(or any non-whites) attacking and killing whites. In the end, Crit-Cucks are as useless as Cuck-Cucks.
Frank Burton suggests that those who oppose war and resist the Zionist control over the US are looking to Iran as some savior nation. This is utter bull. Anti-War Right's position is that the US and the West are no longer in any position to be lecturing to the world about freedom and justice. US is a nation where people are fined and jailed for refusing to bake 'gay wedding' cakes. It is a nation where Jews, Homos, and Cuck cultural-vandals can desecrate Christian Churches with globo-homo victory banners, but a man is sentenced to 14 yrs in jail for burning such a vile symbol. It is a nation where white cuck dads raise their daughters to emulate Miley Cyrus and have babies with black men. UK is a nation where people are jailed for tweets, and there is an entire litany of 'hate crimes' — concocted by Jews and homos mostly — that effectively shuts down free speech and freedom of assembly. Anti-War voices don't look to Iran as some utopia. They believe the West has no moral qualification to be pushing others around. What is truly 'pozzed' is how so many whites in the West cuck to Jewish Supremacism. To the extent that Iran, for all its problems, has remained outside the globo-homo orbit and defies the Jew-run West, it is deserving of respect.
More utter BS from Frank Burton. If Mexico declared itself an ally of Iran and sent pro-Iranian forces across the border to harm Zio-American interests, you bet the US would be shutting down the border and bombing Mexico. This isn't about geographical distance but about who has the power. Jews control the US, and Jews see no sense in getting tough with Mexico because, if anything, they regard Mexico and Latin America as allies in the browning of America to reduce white power. It won't be long before it's Bye Bye Texas for the GOP. The US is at war with Iraq/Iran because Jews control the US and control its cuck-politicians. After all, if distance is the key factor in US belligerence, why doesn't it attack Israel for its war crimes, support of ISIS & terrorism, espionage against the US, ongoing occupation & oppression of Palestinians, and etc.? The reason why the US has especially been belligerent against Iran and Venezuela is because both nations are loathed by Jews who call the shots. Trump, like most US politicians, is little more than an attack dog that barks and bites for Zion.

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