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Problem with Christian Zionism: It is Servile to Jewish MAN than to God and Jesus — It is Servile to ALL Jews than merely to Moral-Spiritual Jews

Whatever one thinks of Christian Zionism, it might not be so bad IF Christian Zionists lived by courage, consistency, and a real set of principles. But in fact, they are mostly craven cowards whose main premise is serving Jewish Supremacy based on Jewish Money and the Cult of Shoah(aka Holocaust). It’s like one can disagree with a certain ideology or set of values but still admire the courage, conviction, and commitment of those involved in the movement. At the very least, one can credit them as true believers, warriors, and crusaders. But this cannot be said of Christian Zionists whose positions and actions belie even their supposed core convictions. For all their invocation of God and sacred text of the Bible, they seem to be mainly motivated by a servile awe of wealth, power, privilege, and cultist-idolatry of (Jewish)Man above God. In other words, for the Christian Zionists, Jews and Israel are BIGGER than God and Jesus. And some of them cave to whatever Jews insist. So, if Jews push globo-homo, certain Christian Zionists will say ‘gay marriage’ is in tune with Christian doctrine.

If we take Christian Zionists at their word, they should at the very least condemn most Jews as ungodly, immoral, degenerate, and satanic. After all, most Jews are secular and non-religious. If they worship anything, it is themselves via the Cult of Shoah and Money. Indeed, Holocaust has become a kind of Holo-boast, as if what happened in World War II lends Jews moral & spiritual protection for whatever they do, no matter how foul, vicious, and inhuman. Now, if Christian Zionists were to say they have a special feeling for Jews because (1) Christianity grew out of Judaism & Jesus and the Apostles were all Jewish (2) Jews received the Covenant first (3) Christianity overly persecuted the Jews (4) Jews made great contributions to humanity in literature and science (5) Jews experienced a unique tragedy in the Shoah (6) God wants Jews to return to the Holy Land (7) God blesses those who bless Jews, THEN their admiration and sentiments would be understandable. But, that very premise presupposes that Jews are the people of God and essentially a Good people who were misunderstood and mistreated through the ages. Then, Christian Zionism would be an effort to reverse Christian Antisemitism that, for most of Christian History, defined the Church. It would face up to the fact that most Jews are the beloved of God, humble before God, and a blessing to all humanity. It would be a redemptive corrective to Christian Antisemitism that had mis-characterized Jews for too long. Christian Zionism, with its true and correct understanding of Judaism and the Jews, would work toward conciliation between Christian Gentiles and Jews the world over. One could agree or disagree with Christian Zionism, but one could at least respect them for their consistency if indeed their words and actions were in tune with their perceptions and convictions. In other words, if real-world Jews conformed to Christian-Zionist conception of Jews, there would be some validity to Christian Zionism.

However, if real-world Jews are, for the most part, nothing like the Christian Zionist vision of Jews, then the only sensible decision would be to reject Christian Zionism or, at they very least, seriously alter its terms and conditions. After all, what would be the point of Christian Zionists continuing to honor, admire, and support Jews if real-world Jews are nothing like their idealized image of the Tribe?
For example, if you conceive of and adore wolves as peaceful herbivores but they turn out to be aggressive and dangerous carnivores, you would have to abandon or alter the terms of your admiration for wolves. You would either have to loathe wolves as bloody carnivores or admire them on the basis of their prowess as ruthless hunters. It would make no sense for you to stick to the belief that wolves are peaceable herbivores even as you know full well that they’re vicious carnivores? And it would be even weirder if you admire their prowess as blood hunters but still pretend they’re peaceful herbivores. That would be either surreal, retarded, or a pathological case of self-deception.
While many Christian Zionists are low-IQ dummies woefully misinformed about world affairs and Jewish Power, there are many in the movement who DO know the truth about real-world Jews and their global impact. They know that Jews are the greedy oligarchs of Hollywood. They know that Jews are the main pornographers. They know that Jews are the key purveyors of globo-homo degeneracy. They know Jews are the main instigators of mass immigration-invasion by non-white non-Christians into the West. They also know Jews turned the Holy Land into Sodom and Gomorrah. They know that Jews control Hollywood & TV and are responsible for so many anti-white, anti-Western, and anti-Christian movies and programs. They know that Jews ally with Muslims in the EU and US against Christians. They know that most Jews regard Evangelicals with utmost hostility. They know that Jewish lawfare has removed God and Christianity from so many public spaces. They know Jews pushed ‘gay marriage’. They know Israel is the center of White Slavery around the world. They also know that even religious Jews who do worship God feel a great deal of animus toward goyim and especially Christians. They know that many Israelis revere rabbis who say goyim are hardly better than cattle and exist only to serve Jews. They know what Rick Wiles knows: KOSHER COVER-UP: U.S. RULING CLASS HIDES EPSTEIN CHILD SEX BLACKMAIL OPERATION.

In other words, many Christian Zionists and Evangelicals know that most Jews are hostile to Christianity, morality, and the West in general. Also, they know that even religious Jews are not only anti-Christian but virulently hate Christianity more than anything. True, there are dumb ignorant Christian Zionists who live in their bubble and only believe what they want to believe, i.e. Jews and Christians are the best of friends and allies under the eyes of God; their main perception of Jews comes from sermons of cuck-preachers who take Jewish Money and from their potemkin-village pilgrimages to the Holy Land where cynical Jews lead them around by the nose to create false impression that Jews are friendly toward Western Christians(when it’s all just a stunt to squeeze more support and money from gullible Christians).
Now, while a Christian may have special feelings for Jews for historical/spiritual reasons, he MUST NOT believe Jews are holier than Christians or deserving of treatment above and beyond what Christians get. After all, even if one believes that Jews were the original Chosen People, Christianity is premised on the notion that God offered a New Covenant to all the people of the Earth via Jesus and that Jews not only rejected the Son of God but played a key role in His death. Indeed, Christianity loses its very raison d'être if it says Judaism is just as valid as Christianity, let alone even holier. After all, if Judaism is just as good or even better, why was there a need for the Son of God in Jesus, the New Faith, and the New Covenant? Aviation went from propeller engines to jet-engines because the latter was deemed superior. It’d be silly to be for jet-engines but also insist that propeller engines are just as good(or even better). While Christians can and should respect Judaism as the root of Christianity, their deference would be rather perverse given that Christianity not only grew out of Judaism but in ‘radical’ rejection of its tenets. Via Christianity, God’s main concern went from Jews to those who would accept the New Faith. For true Christians, New Testament has authority over Old Testament, and therefore, the New Covenant must mean more than the Old Covenant. The perverse thing about Christian Zionists(and other Christians who cuck to Jews and/or Israel) is they claim to be devoutly Christian but go more by the Old Book than the New Book. It’s almost as if their main object of worship is actually Jew-Envy that they live out by sucking up to Jews as the True Chosen People, the real Master Race. And this awe of Jews seems less based on Biblical Text than on real-world Mammon-Factor, i.e. Jews are the richest and most powerful people who, through their control of media, propped themselves as the New Christs resurrected from the ashes of the Holocaust. Thus, Christian Zionism is really a worship of Man and Mammon. Jews are worshiped because they are (1) richest & most powerful and (2) perceived as the most sacro-tragic people, of course mainly because Jews control most of media and academia.
If Christian Zionists were true to their word, then they could have two viable responses to the truth about Jews. Upon realizing the truth about real-world Jews and the anti-Christian nature of Judaism — true Judaism can only regard Christianity as a heresy and theft of God by goyim — , Christian Zionists could admit their error and stop quasi-worshiping Jews. They would admit that, more often than not, Christian Anti-Semites were correct about Jews and Judaism(and its hostile relation to Christianity in particular and to goyim in general).
Or, Christian Zionists can be very selective in their attitude toward Jews. They could single out those devout God-fearing Jews who are willing to co-exist with Christians on the basis of mutual respect(if not agreement) and support them in the US and Israel. That said, Christian Zionists would feel it’s their moral and spiritual obligation to condemn and denounce most Jews as either secular/atheist, decadent/degenerate, anti-Christian/anti-white, imperialist/genocidal, and/or greedy/perverted. After all, even in the Old Testament, God often separates wheat from the chaff by sparing the good Jews while condemning the bad Jews to death and destruction. The Golden Calfers certainly got it in the neck. Likewise, Christianity emerged by ‘good’ Jews separating themselves from ‘bad’ Jews who rejected Jesus as the Son of God and the Salvation that He promised.
It makes no sense to praise and support ALL THE PEOPLE of a group. Such can only be idolatrous cult-worship of identity. After all, no people are entirely good, noble, or sacred. There are good whites, bad whites. Good blacks, bad blacks. Good yellows, bad yellows. Good Russians, bad Russians. Good Iranians, bad Iranians. Then, Christian Zionists ought to know that there are good Jews and bad Jews. Also, given what Christian Zionists claim to hold dear in morality and spirituality, they should admit that MOST Jews are viciously hostile to them and, at best, cynically exploit their support for Israel merely for tribal opportunism. The problem isn’t simply with secular Jews but many conservative religious Jews, such as Ben Shapiro. Shapiro is a religious Jew but regards Christians as mere cattle and cannon fodder for Jewish Supremacism. He’s not for peaceful existence with Christians(and Muslims) on the basis of mutual respect(if not admiration). Rather, he’s for using Christ-Cuck Soldiers to destroy Muslim and/or Arab enemies of Israel, and he’s for using Arab/Muslim immigrants in the West against whites/Christians. He demands that Christians respect, admire, and serve Jews, but he feels NOTHING for Christians and, as far as I can tell, longs for the total destruction of Christianity. Such Jews want to make
Christians and Muslims mutually destroy one another so that Jews will rule the world. As such, even though he opposes the ‘gay’ agenda, he sees its usefulness in undermining Christian Order and Gentile Morale of Morality.

Christian Zionism would be somewhat valid IF Christian Zionists argued that the Holy Land belongs to Good Devout Jews who’ve chosen mutual respect and peaceful co-existence with the Christian World. Also, being Christians, they would have as much sympathy for Christian Arabs as for Jews. At the very least, they would pressure Jews to be accepting of Christian Arabs even if not for Muslim Arabs. All said and done, a true Christian must favor fellow Christians over Jews. But, look at the likes of Ted Cruz. They claim to be Christian, but they favor ALL Jews over Christian Arabs whose communities have been utterly smashed by Wars for Israel. The fact that Christian Zionists admire, worship, and serve ALL JEWS — regardless of their lack of faith, hostility toward Christians/goyim, insatiable worldly greed, and spread of degeneracy/decadence — makes it plain as day that their true religion is Power Worship and the Cult of the Superior Man. In effect, they worship Jews as the New-Nihilo-Christ for the simple fact that Jews got the most money, power, privilege, and control of media with which to elevate themselves as the Holy Holocaust People who better be obeyed because otherwise thou shall be destroyed.
If Christian Zionists really put God and Jesus above all, they would have the courage and conviction to (1) call out on bad Jews and (2) acknowledge that most Jews are godless, greedy, hateful, hostile, subversive, corrupting, and pro-satanist. Their mindless praise of ALL JEWS despite the fact that most Jews hate their guts and do everything to destroy the Christian Order exposes the utter phoniness of Christian Zionism as it currently exists. If Christian Zionists said something along the line of, "We acknowledge Jews as a great people whose religion and culture laid down the foundation for Christianity. We acknowledge the special talent of Jews and their contributions to civilization. Perhaps, such talents are the gifts of God. We also acknowledge that Jews through the ages have often been collectively scapegoated and victimized. And we acknowledge that the Shoah, aka the Holocaust, was one of the great horrors in human history. That said, we also know that Jews not only rejected Jesus, the Son of God, but did their part in killing Him. We also know the problems between Jews and Gentiles often arose from contempt Jews felt for Gentiles who were deemed less intelligent and less(or not) blessed by God. There was Christian Antisemitism, but there was also Jewish Anti-Goyism. In the modern era, many Jews of secular bent either used communism to destroy millions of Slavic lives or capitalism & degeneracy to destroy millions of white lives. Also, even though we understand the profound attachment that Jews feel for the Holy Land, we sympathize with Palestinians who also have deep historical roots in the land and were driven out in the Nakba pogroms. In our time, Jews have gained dominance in the US as lone superpower, and most Jews are now in supremacist mode. They will do anything — sell bad drugs, spread pornification of culture, push mass immigration-invasion, wage Wars for Israel in which mostly goyim die, replace Christianity with globo-homo Queertianity, and etc. — to secure their supremacist position vis-a-vis the rest of humanity. As such, while we Christian Zionists pray for Jews and support the Right of Return for devout and decent Jews who respect us as we respect them, we condemn MOST JEWS who’ve lost their way and are leading humanity astray with more wars, decadence, culture of greed, and degeneracy."
If Christian Zionists said something along those lines, we can at least recognize it is not without a head, heart, and spine. But instead, what do we get from Christian Zionists? Mindless support of Israel despite the fact that Jews proudly say it is the ‘gayest country in the world’ and celebrate globo-homo-mania to the extent that much of Israel looks more like Sodom and Gomorrah than God’s Country. Mindless support of ALL Jews despite the fact that so many Jews either took part in communism and killed millions of Christian Slavs or used capitalism to spread vice industries, decadence, and degeneracy, leading to the deaths of so many whites(and blacks) from drugs, sexual diseases, and wanton self-indulgence.

Christian Zionists apparently see nothing wrong in the fact that the biggest donors to the so-called ‘conservative’ GOP are gambling moguls and hedge-fund parasites like Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer. Christian Zionist idea of a Good Society is Pottersville(in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE) controlled by Jews. And for all their Christian piety, these Christian Zionist even root for globo-homo secular Zionists over Christian Arabs who’ve been rendered homeless by endless Wars for Israel. Therefore, Christian Zionism as it currently exists has zero spiritual value and zero moral content. It is really just empty calories of nihilistic worship of Power & Wealth, a kind of Ayn-Randism draped in Christian cloth. Indeed, notice how fast ‘gay marriage’ and globo-homo in general are spreading among Evangelicals as well. So much for fundamentalist faith in God, Jesus, and the True Way. These christ-cucks, just like Mammonic Mormons, will eventually bend every rule to bend over to the Top Power of finance, media, vice industries, and the deep state. Of course, so many American churches, Mainline and Evangelical(and Catholic and Mormon) have been infiltrated by Deep State culture-assassins. Or, they’re run by weak-willed craven opportunists who, when push come to shove, will sacrifice God and Jesus for their slice of the pie in a world that is so much in the control of Jews as the new god.

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