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The National Core of a People is Revealed with the Loss of Empire — Feminism’s War on Mutual Empowerment

The French Empire unraveled after WWII. But it was not a total loss. The French colonialists reconnected with the National Core. They returned home to France. Back then, French colonialists had a place to go back to. But what is France today? It is a demographic colony of Muslims, sexual colony of Africa, and political colony of the Jews. And Netherlands doesn't lift a finger to save White Boer Farmers in South Africa. New Holland's identity is 'multi-culturalism', which means that it belongs more to Africans and Muslims than to the Dutch themselves. It is now a crime for the Dutch to say, "My country belongs to my people", but it is wonderful for Africans and Muslims to say "We have a right to colonize and take over Dutch lands and wombs."
In the end, true nationalism is defined by Core Nationalism. National identity, interests, and territory become confused and muddled with imperialism. As a people gain dominance of other peoples and their lands, their sense of national destiny becomes entwined with that of other peoples. Thus, distinctions between the National and Imperial become unsure and contradictory. As Amy Chua discussed in her concept of hyper-powers, the conquering/ruling people must be 'tolerant' and 'diverse' in order to maintain a great empire. While a determined people can use brute force to conquer weaker peoples, it is nearly impossible to rule over, with brute force alone, such vast lands inhabited by different peoples. In the case of American History, white people could just remove the relatively small number of native folks and create a White empire-nation. But most empires were about one people ruling over others who vastly outnumbered the ruling/conquering people. Also, even though the conquered peoples were relatively lacking in technology and organization, they were not hopeless primitives like the American Indians who had no chance against whites. So, to have an empire, the ruling people must be reasonably 'tolerant' and pro-'diversity' over the conquered peoples. Empires are inherently diverse since they are about a people conquering and ruling over other peoples of different races, cultures, and religions. Also, in order to win over collaborators(or, better yet, converts at least in religion or ideology), the ruling people must be reasonably 'tolerant' and offer carrots along with the sticks. Nazi Empire was doomed in the East because its plan was extermination/enslavement. But in a sick way, even Hitler understood historical truths. An empire can survive in only two ways: Via 'diversity' & 'tolerance' OR eradication & homogeneity. He understood that while D&T method was useful and effective, it was ultimately doomed. All D&T empires eventually faded from history. The only kind of permanently successful empire is where one people take over, effectively exterminate or crush the natives, and become the ruling majority. Anglos could achieve this in North America & Australia and Russians could accomplish this in Siberia because they were met with only sparsely populated primitive opposition. But it was a tall order for Germans to pull off such a campaign against the Soviet Union that, in 1941, had 170 million people and advanced civilization. Easier to kill a gopher than a bear. So, if the German Empire were to become permanent and last a 1000 yrs(in Hitler's prophetic dream), the German Empire had to effectively be a Big German Nation. Not so much Germans ruling over others but Germans as both rulers and ruled in the vast Eastern territories. D&T method, while effective, usually led to the conquerors being either expelled or absorbed by the larger native populations. Mongols were absorbed into non-Mongol peoples or, in time, driven out by native folks. Alexander's Macedonian and Greek rulers eventually faded into the local domains that they conquered. The Aryan Conquerors in India may have used an extreme and elaborate system of race-separation ideology to perpetuate rule over the natives permanently. But despite DNA studies showing lingering differences among the various castes, lots of Brahmins in India look dark like the natives. Over 1000 yrs, they've been absorbed far more than they'd like to admit. Libido will do that over time.

Anyway, under the policy of 'diversity' and 'tolerance', an empire can grow and flourish. Initially, the ruling people nevertheless maintain a sense of 'us' over 'them'. While the conquered 'them' are offered carrots, they are still in an inferior position vis-a-vis the conquering 'us'. But as time passes, the conquerors come to rely more on the conquered for materials and manpower. Also, among the conquered, some perform their duties so loyally that they are accepted into the conquering tribe. There have been some cases where, over time, the conquerors and conquered merged into one people. This was especially true IF the either the conquering people or conquered people(or both) had weak cultural identity. Mongols were fierce and aggressive but had a barbarian culture. As such, they could be absorbed into more complex cultures. Or when an elaborate culture conquers a weak/primitive culture, the latter joins the former. Christendom and Islamic World converted and absorbed many peoples. And long ago, a few gentile tribes were absorbed into the Jewish Tribe with a most powerful sense of culture rooted in the Covenant. The merge is usually doable IF the conquerors and conquered are of the same race despite cultural differences. Plenty of Germanic and Slavic barbarians became 'Romans' or 'Greeks'.
But when a powerful culture conquers powerful cultures, neither side is willing to be fully absorbed into the other culture. This is even truer if the peoples differ in race as well as in culture. Latin America is an interesting case. Because the natives mostly had weak cultures, they were absorbed into the conquering Latin Culture. They took on Spanish names and language. And they accepted Christianity. Now, if the natives of Central and South America were white, they might have just become ONE with the Spanish. But as they were brown, strong distinctions and separations remain between the conquerors and conquered despite the effective cultural 'latinization' of the whole continent.
At any rate, empire eventually confuses the distinctions between the conquerors and the conquered. This confusion is a double-edged sword. In some ways, it facilitates further integration between conquerors and conquered. If the conquerors come to identify more with imperial glory than with the national core, then they are bound to feel a closer bond with the conquered folks who've come to serve the empire. And if the conquered folks come to share in the pride of imperial glory, they are bound to look to conquerors not so much as foreign tyrants but rightful rulers. But this confusion also leads to all kinds of anxieties, paranoia, tensions, distrust, and resentment. Also, both sides realize that there has to be a limit to the merging of the two realms because there is the real danger of losing one's identity and culture forever. Then, it is hardly surprising that most empires faded in time. Latin America is in a strange kind of limbo state. In one way, it seems like a successful and permanent merging of conquerors and conquered. In other ways, it looks like an ongoing imperial project where something BIG might happen with drastic transformations in power politics.

Where nationalism becomes most vital and vivid is when empires fall apart. Such collapse finally decides what is Core Nationalism and Expansive Imperialism. It's like separating wheat from the chaff, the gold from the sand. Core Nationalism is muscular and lean, Expansive Imperialism is fat and round. An empire is like a person with excessive fat. He has eaten too much, and it has made him bigger. He carries a lot of weight, and can push others around. BUT, all that fat also serves as a burden. There are advantages to be sure. After all, a sumo wrestler gets a lot of leverage with the fat. But, he tires easily and has to keep eating and eating to maintain his size. Now, when a fatso decides to exercise and lose weight, does he shrink to nothingness? No, he will lose the fat, but he will reach a point where he is mostly lean muscle. That is the Core Person. Without all the fat, he may look diminished and won't win something like sumo matches, but he will feel healthier and lighter. So, if one wants to know what a fatso really looks like, the fatso must lose the weight. All the flab makes the fatso look like other fatsos. They are defined by fat that covers their body. But with exercise and healthy eating, a fatso will lose weight, and then he will really look like his true self.

This also goes for empire. Empire confuses the identity of a people. The conquering people may come to identify so much with the empire that they forget what they really are at the ethnic, cultural, and territorial core. Indeed, because they've come to covet the empire so much, they may feel that loss of empire will be the end of the world, the end of everything. But not so. Losing the empire finally reveals the Core Essence of the People and Culture. It is not total loss but loss of Imperial fat in exchange of re-emergence of the National musculature.
So, when the British lost their empire, they had their core in Great Britain. It still remained. After the French lost their empire, they had Core France, the land to which the French colonialists returned. When the Turks lost the Ottoman Empire, they no longer ruled over Arabs and Balkan folks, but they had the National Core in what is now Turkey. When the Japanese Empire collapsed in Continental Asia, there was still Core Japan. Austrians lost the empire, but they still had the Austrian Core. Russians lost the Soviet Empire but still have Core National Russia. And Germans lost their empire in WWII but still had the German national core.

And for the conquered peoples, the National Core remains even under Imperial Waters. Polish people and civilization were long submerged under Russian and Prussian Imperialism, but they remained as a steady rock that re-emerged once the empire subsided and receded from history. This was also true of the Greeks whose ethno-rock was long submerged under the Ottoman Imperial Sea.

So, true nationalism is Core Nationalism, and it reappears when a people lose the empire. They may be frightened that the loss of empire is loss of everything, but it's actually a realization of and a re-connection with the National Core. In the end, was it so tragic that the French in Indochina returned to France or the British in Kenya returned to Great Britain? Even with loss of Imperial Glory, there was National Integrity.

What is truly ominous and tragic about globalism is it is an attack on the Core itself. Apparently, it wasn't enough for the Brits and the French to lose their far-flung empires. They must lose their national cores as well. And not just them. According to PC, George Soros, and the UN, the attack on the Core must be universal. Even though Swedes and Poles didn't have overseas empires, they too must lose their cores. According to this article, even though Polish Conservatives mouth patriotic platitudes, they are collaborating with globo-homo capitalists to import tons of non-whites and spread Homomania everywhere. https://www.amren.com/features/2018/11/a-frank-assessment-of-nationalism-in-poland/ Also, rise of deracinating Pop Culture, anti-ethno-PC, and anti-life feminism have led to Child Dearth all over the Modern World. Women take jobs from men and then wonder why there aren't enough marriageable men around. It's because women took their jobs. Feminism is narrowly focused on female careerist empowerment while overlooking the fact that this leads to overall weakening of a people. While relative freedom for women was an advantage to the West, the West's greatest rise came when there was a balance between the ideal of equality and the reality of biology. Thus, Western women enjoyed more freedom and rights than women in other cultures, BUT they still performed their crucial biological functions as wives and mothers. This led to the triumph of the West. (If modern feminism had hit the West in the 18th century, there would have been no Rise of the West.) There was a sense of All-Empowerment for the entire society, and this required a complementary relationship between men and women. But materialistic feminism led to women seeing themselves as a separate and independent group apart from men. Instead of working with men to create a powerful society for all, women opted for the narrowest goals of personal/sexual entitlement. Of course, most women lost out in this order as only a handful women are going to succeed in the most glamorous fields coveted by most women addicted to celebrity and vanity. But the toxic mindset infected most women, and they lost all sense of what is GOOD FOR ALL or Mutual Empowerment. They just opted for the narrow empowerment of themselves as a separate group.

There was a time when even the loss of empire meant that a people would not lose all. Fall of empire meant that the conquered peoples regained(or conceived of) their own nationhood while the conquering peoples withdrew into their national core. Both sides got something. Liberation for the conquered, Re-connection for the conquerors. Imperialists returned home and reconnected with nation and kin... like Lawrence(of Arabia) who had enough of imperial ventures and returns home to Britain. Or the guys in THE DEER HUNTER who want to say goodbye to all that(imperialism) and return home where family and friends are. Fall of empire was like declaring bankruptcy. You lost lots of stuff, but you got to keep your core house and property. So, if you speculated in lots of bad real estate deals and got burned, you needn't lose your core home. But globalism says even the Core possession of a people/culture must be placed on the auction block or turned into something like a brothel. The culture and ideology of current UK is a whorehouse or a house-party. It is not a home where anyone would feel safe. In DUNKIRK, we see how the soldiers feel safe 'at home' as they make it across the channel. Today, London has been colonized by the Other. British Police looked the other way when girls were turned into sex slaves in Rotherham(or Brothelham). And yet, this is the the New Centrism, and anyone who calls for Core Nationalism is 'far right'... unless he happens to be an Israeli.

We are told endlessly that Global Warming will raise sea levels and submerge sea coasts all around the world. But even more alarming is the prospect of Global Swarming that may well submerge all the First World under the rising tides of Third World invasion egged on by globalist Jews.

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