Saturday, November 24, 2018

Commentary on "Why Do College Administrators Lie About Race?"(by Robert Weissberg)

Keep in mind that private heresies are irrelevant; nobody cares about private options provided the PC gods are honored in public.

Yep, it's a 'religious' war. It's about 'gods' and heresies.

It all depends on what we mean by 'lie'.

If a rational person says he believes in evolution based on facts, he is speaking scientific truth. But, if he then says that he, as a good Catholic, believes in God, in the Divinity of Jesus, and miracles, would he be lying? After all, there are no facts that support the existence of God or Jesus as the Son of God or miracles.
Also, we may ask how a rational person who accepts modern science could also believe in God and religion that have no basis in factual evidence. And yet, we are okay with such a person because we tend to separate Reason and Faith. We tolerate and even honor people who are, at once, rational & scientific AND religious & faith-oriented. It's as if we feel that leading a fact-based life isn't enough; people need some kind of 'spiritual' meaning or purpose in life.

Now, such consideration may not seem to matter in the academia that is supposed to be about reason, logic, science, and study of truth. And yet, every society is 'spiritual' about something. It holds certain narratives, icons, and dogma as sacrosanct. Marxism and Leninism were holy in the Soviet Union despite its official commitment to Scientific Materialism. Marx was god, Lenin was a moses-figure. So, a university head in the USSR would have gotten in hot water if he questioned the wisdom of Marx and Lenin.
Then, the same applies in the West. While all these academics claim to be rational, factual, and logical, the fact is they are ideological and 'idological'. They cling to certain Narratives and Dogmas as all-explaining, near-divine or prophetic. And most likely, they grew up worshiping certain icons and idols as sacred and holy-shmoly. In the presence of certain ideas or images, they've been trained to talk in hushed reverent tones.

So, what are some of the sacro-idols & ideologies of the West? Much of it has to do with certain favored groups. Blacks are deemed a holy race. Much of it has to do with 'white guilt' and 'white fever'. Historical guilt over slavery and racial discrimination. But also white 'fever' for Negroes as superior sportsmen, singers, and studs & biatches. So, blacks are prized as both the American moses and the Golden Calf. White attitude toward blacks is both of reverence and revelry. "I worship MLK as saint-matyr... and I wish he would hump my wife." But there is also the element of fear. Because blacks are vocal, loud, aggressive, and demanding, white folks wet their pants in fear of black rage. So, they figure the best way to calm blacks down is to appease them at every turn.

But there is another reason for White Guilt & Fever. Jewish Supremacist Power. Jews are rich and powerful but only 2% of the US population. As such, Jewish Supremacist Power relies on white support. But it is not natural for white goyim to favor Jewish interests over white interests. It is not natural for whites to favor Jewish identity over white identity. But without the support of whites, Jewish Power is like a head without a body. After all, even as Neocons cooked up Wars for Israel, it required white tax payers, white generals, white managers, white bureaucrats, white soldiers, and etc to carry them out.
It's like British Power was both awesome and fragile in India. Brits had modern guns and could mow down lots of people. So, they could strike fear into the Hindus. BUT, without the collaboration of the native brown masses, what could a few 100,000 Brits do in India for the long haul? So, the Brits did everything possible to suppress Indian nationalism and persuade the natives that the true glory of India depended on it being the Jewel in the British Crown. To serve British Glory was the duty of good Indians. At some point, Indians said 'bullshi*' and demanded their own identity and interests. And then, the Brits were finished in India.

Jews feel the same way in the US. It was never natural for white goyim and/or Christians to serve Jews who are only 2% of the population. It was even more unnatural for whites to favor Jews over themselves. And now, it is totally unnatural for whites to praise and honor Jews who are the main force behind anti-white vitriol in the US. Jews in NYT are now calling for the polyglotization of the US to replace whites with. Jews look upon whites like Zionists looked upon Palestinians. A people to replace. In Palestine, Jews alone could do it. But in the West, Jews need the globo-numbers of Diversity to replace whites. Of course, Jews don't intend to get rid of whites entirely. Indeed, if all whites were to vanish and if the West were made up only of Jews and non-whites, Jews would be in serious trouble as they can't guilt-bait non-whites(who also happen to be less competent and more dependent). Jews want Diversity to the extent that future whites won't be able to form a solid majority bloc and use populist democracy to challenge and overthrow Jewish Power. Hungarians could choose nationalism and drive out Soros-ism because they are the solid majority. But it's increasingly difficult for the White Party to win elections in the US. Jews figure that Diversity will undermine white electoral power. And PC divides whites into two camps, with both camps sucking up to Jews. In the US, the 'right' vs 'left' among whites amount to progs calling conzos 'nazis' AND conzos calling progs 'anti-semites' because, supposedly, the Democrats are only 100% than 200% for Israel(like GOP cucks are). Jews must be laughing at the white tards. Anyway, as whites lose out to Diversity, Jews figure that one bunch of whites will embrace Diversity as their salvation(from past 'racism') and another bunch of whites(the nationalists) will lose heart and just surrender since their power is lost forever. (Look at the state of conservatives in California. They are like the Palestinian minority in Israel. They figure, "if you can't beat em, join em." They got the Stockholm Syndrome.)

Still, the Jewish strategy is paradoxical. Jews are weakening white power because they rely on white power. If Jewish supremacism relies on white power, it would seem that Jews would want white power to be stronger. After all, it would be stupid for a rider to weaken his horse. Naturally, he wants a fast and strong horse. And yet, he has to destroy the will of the horse. He has to weaken the horse's independent spirit because if the horse is not broken-in-spirit and has horse-pride, it would run off by itself than being a servant-animal to a human rider. Likewise, on the one hand, Jews prize white power like a rider prizes a powerful horse. But Jews fear white pride + white power. Jews want white power without the pride. That way, white power can be manipulated into serving something other than whiteness. White Power + White Guilt means whites will feel a need to redeem themselves. Since whiteness = guilt, whites can only find redemption by serving another people(deemed morally superior to whites). And this is why Jews have pushed the Shoah Cult. Whites have been made to feel like they committed the worst crime of all time against the finest people on Earth, the Jews. But while Jews are accomplished in wit, intellect, and comedy, they don't excite whites in other areas. In contrast, Negroes have loud voices, athleticism, and bouncy booties & bigger dongs, the kind of stuff that can be packaged as entertainment for white folks seeking instant thrills. Also, blacks are the ONLY people who can weaken white male pride. While Jews can bait White Guilt, Jewish guys cannot rob white men of manhood. If the US had no blacks, whites would dominate idols of manhood. But blacks are more muscular and aggressive. And they got bigger dongs. And so, white manhood has been crushed. And that means jungle fever among white women. So, whites are paralyzed not only by white guilt but white cucky-wuckery. Since white males lose their manhood to blacks in sports, song, and sex, they try to regain it by joining the military; and then Jews can use such whites to fight Wars for Israel. John McCain Syndrome. Notice how McCain was a total cucky-wuck when it came to Jews, blacks, and browns. But he was so useful to Jews as a barking dog against Iranians, Syrians, Palestinians, Russians(people hated by Jews), and white patriots. Serving as a growling dog of Jewish Power was the ONLY way McCain could regain his manhood.

But, Jewish strategy may lose out in the long run. True, Jews are smart to subvert white pride and manipulate white guilt to make white power serve Jewish supremacism. White Power minus pride and plus guilt will serve something other than whiteness. It will serve what is deemed sacred and redemptive in the West. But when white power is made to lose so much pride & confidence and go into pathetic cucky-wuck mode, might it not be useful any longer to Jewish supremacism? There are signs of this already in the British Labour Party. Whites in the Labour Party are such self-hating whites that they've surrendered to Mass Immigration and Diversity. And that means cucky whites sucking up to Muslims and Africans who feel no sympathy for Jews. British Jews pushed Diversity in the UK to guilt-bait whites, but now, the guilt-infected whites in the Labour Party feel more sympathy for Palestinians than for Jews. They are committed to serving Diversity at any cost, especially to the detriment of whites. But such weakened and self-loathing white power(lessness) becomes not only useless but dangerous to Jews. If indeed Diversity is the highest good, then cucky-wuck 'good' whites must side with 'poor' Muslims against rich Jews(whom are regarded as white by Diversity).

As Jewish supremacists control media and academia, the Holy Three are Jews, blacks, and homos. Diversity is a sacred dogma, but it isn't identity-specific. After all, it is permissible in the West to badmouth Muslims and scare-monger about Yellow Peril. Also, poking fun at Mexicans isn't a cardinal sin either though disapproved. Jews prize blacks above other non-whites because black guys are the only ones who can kick white butt and rob whites of manhood. Also, the bellowing voice of blacks(as with MLK) is more effective in filling whites with 'guilt'. It sounds like god hisself admonishing whites for their 'sinful' ways. In contrast, Jews can't rely on oratory to guilt-bait whites. Woody Allen or Adam Sandler giving a "I have a dream" speech just wouldn't cut it. Also, Jews prize homos because both groups are heavily involved in entertainment and vanity industry that are central to the current decadent West and its culture of narcissism. Also, homo poopchutzpah has the same kind of egotism as Jewish chutzpah. Homos aren't no longer content with tolerance. They demand to be worshiped, and Jews have promoted this side of homo-ness to finally destroy Christianity, a religion they loathe, by having it replaced with Homomania.

So, returning to why universities lie so much. They are controlled by Jewish supremacists who've turned Jew-worship, Afromania, and Homomania as the most sacred neo-religions of America. Religions cannot be questioned. It's a matter of faith. It doesn't matter if the object of faith is true or false. What matters is it's SACRED, therefore unquestionable. Since Jews are holy, we must love Jews and never criticize Jewish Power. We must even shut down free speech as 'hate speech' for its blasphemy against Jewish holiness. And since blacks are the holy race of MLK-as-new-moses and Muhammad-Ali-as-new-hero, we must admire them and believe they got the midas touch. So, any problem arising from blacks must be the fault of some other group... namely white goy! And homos, oh homos, we must worship the homos and drape church after church with 'gay' symbols.
Matters of Faith are immune to charges of lies and mendacity. The fact is PC isn't merely ideological or political. It is about hallowing certain ideas into mantras, certain narratives into canon, and certain idols/icons into gods & heroes.

Now, surely there are goy elites in academia who know the truth but play along. It's often about craven careerism, but then, no one wants to regard himself as a coward. So, they rationalize that they really believe in the official lies. But then, when certain lies have been elevated as items of faith, it doesn't matter if it is true or false. All that matters is that it is HOLY, and what is deemed holy is self-justifying and doesn't need to be backed by facts... just like it'd be absurd to insist that a man of faith present evidence for God. Even though the academia is ostensibly secular and rational, it just so happens that human psychology, being what it is, always favors 'faith' over facts. After all, facts are cold and hard whereas faith is warm and fuzzy. Just as people prefer a warm soft bed over a cold hard floor, even secular and rational people are emotionally drawn to the sacral glow over the stark truth.

Also, the flipside of the warm fuzzy sacral glow is the vanity of virtue. It's hard to feel virtuous over facts. Facts determine something as true or false, not as righteous or wicked. In contrast, faith is about feeling not only holy but holier-than-thou. And in order to feel morally supreme over others, there needs to be witches, heretics, blasphemers, and goblins. And according to PC, the greatest 'sins' are 'racism', 'antisemitism', and 'homophobia'. (Sometimes 'misogyny' is included, but this is an off-and-on thing because Jewish-controlled music, movie, and sex industries rely so much on treating women as a bunch of whores and sluts.) In a world without God, the ONLY way that secular people can feel holier-than-thou is to throw fits about the neo-sins of 'racism', 'antisemitism', and 'homophobia', matters which are not to be discussed or critiqued but accepted, worshiped, and obeyed. So, even facts can be denounced as 'racist'(blacks commit lots of crime because they are naturally stronger and more aggressive), 'antisemitic'(Jews have the commanding power in the West due to higher IQ and tribal networking), and 'homophobic'(the reason why AIDS spread like wildfire in the 80s was because of mass orgies of fecal penetration within the fruit community). They are facts but they run counter to the favored holy-shmoly image of blacks as eternal saints, Jews as eternal victims, and homos as perfect angels.

So, to deal with the lies of academia, we must first tackle the fact of how PC turned certain lies into matters of faith, therefore immune to facts and truth.

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