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A Response to "Why Does Dr. Aprile Benner Want To Blame Whites For Minority Problems Obviously Caused By Low IQ?"(by Lance Welton) — Germanic-Protestant North vs Latin-Catholic-South — Diversity as Disingenuous Moral Crutch for Latin South against the Anglo-Germanic North

Lance Welton:
It follows that the less intelligent you are, the more likely you are to believe that people are being racist towards you... Members of minority groups who have low intelligence are going to believe that they are the victims of racism... Northeast Asians and Jews — even though they’re just as likely to be victims of racism — do not display the same behavior patterns because they have high intelligence, meaning they do quite the opposite of what races with low intelligence do.

The above comment is so wrong. Jews are high IQ but see 'antisemitism' EVERYWHERE. ADL is funded by rich Jews, and it sees Nazis on every street corner. High IQ Jews say even legit criticism of Israel is 'antisemitism'. Even noticing that Jews control Hollywood and Las Vegas is deemed 'hateful' and 'extreme', even though Jews brag about their success in those fields.

Also, blacks didn't used to complain as much. Black politics got charged when it came under the influence of Jewish and White Radicals who encouraged blacks to see 'racism' everywhere. In fact, lower-IQ blacks were incapable of coming up with all these fancy theories and concepts that supposedly explained all their problems on OTHER forces. As for Asians, they are copycats. They may be smarter but their mental attitude is 'study and obey' the prevailing power. So, in our PC culture, so many high IQ and ultra-educated yellows do nothing but parrot all the nonsense about how they are victims too. They screech about how they are NOT some 'model minority' and whine about 'micro-aggressions'.

It's worth noting that there are key differences among blacks, American Indians, and Hispanics. While American Indians are economically depressed and suffer from a host of social problems, their communities are nowhere nearly as violent as black ones. There is no American Indian Baltimore.
As for Hispanics, it's a useless category as it includes Cuban whites, Dominican blacks, Mexicans from white to brown, and etc. So, there is a huge divergence of achievement among Hispanics. Cuban whites who fled from Castro have done very well in the US. And generally, white Hispanics are much better off than Indio 'Hispanics' who shouldn't be called 'Hispanics'(just like American Indians are NOT called 'Anglos' even though they speak English). Also, the problems of brown Indio 'Hispanics' should be laid at the feet of White Hispanics(the real Hispanics) who first conquered the New World, spread diseases and committed mass 'genocide', raped tons of women & created mestizos, and then imported millions of Africans to mess things up even further. Later, white Hispanics in Latin America welcomed mass immigration from Europe to make their nations whiter as the elites feared the Rise of Color. But because 'Hispanic' in the US means everyone from white Hispanic to non-white 'Hispanics', the white ones get to pass themselves off as People of Color and play 'victim' of Blanco Gringo. It is so lowdown and dirty.

Why are White Hispanics such weasel-like louts? One reason is Latin Culture has always been more sleazy and sneaky. (Same with Greeks too. As Southern Europe was invaded by non-Europeans, the culture became less trusting and cohesive.) But another reason for weasely Latin perfidy and dirty tricks is the Long Resentment between the Germanics(Northern Europe) and Latins(Southern Europe), with France being a mix of the two. In early history, Southern Europe had a decisive advantage over Northern Europe. Climate was milder in the South, and Southern Europe was closer to the cradle of civilization in the Near East and North Africa. So, Southern Europe developed earlier, and for a long time, the Southern Europeans invaded Northern Europeans and often used them as slaves, servants, or mercenaries.
But the South was eventually overrun by Northern Barbarians in the Fall of Rome. Even so, it seemed as though Southern Europe still had more hope than the North. Byzantine(not Latin but continuation of the Roman Empire) survived, and the Renaissance kicked off in Italy. Also, Rome was the center of the Church, and until the Reformation, there was only the Catholic Faith for all of Western Europe. Through much of the Renaissance, the Latin parts of Europe generally outshone the Germanic/Celtic parts. But, over time, the North and South split along theological lines, with North becoming mostly Protestant and the South remaining mostly Catholic.
And then, there was the rise of Great Britain. Perhaps, the first Great North vs South war(or Anglo-Germanic vs Latin South war) was the naval battle between England and Spanish Armada. England won and became the outpost of Anglo-Germanic Protestant might. The English were essentially a Germanic people who developed a greater sense of independence. So, 'Anglo-Germanic' for English folks is valid.

Still, the Latin Catholic nations dominated much of Europe. Spain, Portugal, and Italy were all Catholic and Latin. France and rising Austro-imperial power were more complicated. France was a strange mix of Latinism and Germanism, far more than Spain. Still, it was a nation with Romantic language and Catholic faith. Austrians were Germanic but Catholic.
At any rate, the Latin-Catholic powers seemed dominant on the European continent even though Anglo-Germanics were gaining gradual supremacy of the seas. But then, there was the rise of Prussia. Though small, it was tough as nails. It was the wolverine of Europe. Pound for pound, the most impressive power. But, it was when Prussia united Germanic lands into the modern German Nation that the Germano-Protestant powers became dominant on the continent. By taking the nationalist idea from the French Revolution, the Germanics began to come together. And unified Germany was bigger than France and had stronger work ethic.
So, while Anglo-Germanics gained supremacy of the seas and gained dominance in the New World, the Teutonic-Germanics were becoming the supreme power on the continent. Now, Anglo-Germanics could have forged an alliance with Teutonic-Germanics, but England saw rising Germany as a crude upstart power and made a gentleman's agreement with the French Empire to suppress German ambitions.

Anyway, all throughout the 19th century, the world witnessed the rapid expansion of Anglo-Germanic power and Teutonic Germanic power. In contrast, even a unified Italy couldn't do much. Spain and Portugal were mired in backwardness. In terms of power, France was somewhere between Latin South AND Anglo-Germanic & Teutonic-Germanic North. It made considerable progress but was outpaced by the Germanics in everything but the arts and wine.

Therefore, the Catholic-Latins came to envy and resent the Anglo-Germanic and Teutonic-Germanic North. It was bad enough in the Old World, but the patterns were repeated in the New World. Anglo-Germanic founders and Teutonic-Germanic immigrants(Germans and Scandinavians) were so much more capable than the Latin-Catholic folks who founded and settled Latin America(Mexico to all of South America). Indeed, even Latin-Catholic territorial claims on the North America passed over to Anglos and Germanic by sale(Louisiana Purchase) or Conquest(Florida and later the SW territories). In both the Old World and New World, the Anglos and Germanics did so much more than the Latins. There were many theories as to why. Was Protestantism more conducive to building a nation character of honesty, diligence, sobriety, and work ethic? Were Northern Europeans of higher IQ and stabler temperament due to racial homogeneity, whereas Southern European blood became mixed with Turkic, Arab, and African blood? (After all, even Northern Italians joke that Africa begins in Southern Italy. And the Spanish, upon liberation from Moor rapist-imperialists, were very mindful of bloodlines since so many Spanish women had been sexually taken by the North African Muslims who were hornier than the Pakistanis of Rotherham.)

Because the Latin-Catholics lost so badly to the Protestant-Germanics(of whom Anglos are a part), they've been looking for ANY excuse to either (1) take from the North or (2) destroy the North, thus removing the object of their envy. What Latins considered as their fatal inferiority came to be invoked as a point of their superiority. In the past, the idea was that Northerners were more fortunate because they were More White in contrast to Southern Europeans who, either by conquering or being conquered by others, had become more mixed in blood. So, while an average Englishman or German looked very white, many Southern Europeans looked 'swarthy' and even Arab-like or Turk-like, even a bit Negro-like. OTHELLO is set in Italy, not in England or Sweden.
And this pattern repeated itself in the New World. Whereas Anglos came as men & women and had many white kids who grew up to settle North America, Spanish and Portuguese mostly came as Men Only and had no choice but to mate with native women. The result was the Mestizo. Also, whereas there was a sense of unity among all white folks, rich and poor, in North America, the Latin white elites didn't much care about their poorer white kin. They were all about their own upper crust privilege. So, the poorer Latin whites had no choice but to mix with the darker skinned folks.

Anyway, for much of the 20th century, many educated people saw this race-mixing and Diversity as the great bane of Latin America. So, they desperately tried to encourage mass immigration from Europe so that Latin America would become whiter or at least could maintain a sizable white population against the Rise of Color as non-whites bred faster.

But after WWII, Jews took over the US, the center of world media and academia. And the New Official Line was that 'white purity' is evil while Diversity and Race-mixing are the most wonderful things. So, almost overnight, Latin America was supposed to feel so PROUD of its greater diversity(in nations where whites were often the minority) and mixed-race-ness, whereas Whites in the US and Canada(and UK and Sweden and Germany) were supposed to feel ashamed and deficient for their relative purity and homogeneity vis-a-vis the Latin South.

So, Latin America became the New Model for the US, just like North Africa became the New Model for Northern Europe. Of course, it begs the question... if Diversity and Race-mixing are so good, why are so many mixed-raced people trying to flee from mixed-race Hyper-Diverse nations(where whites are the minority) to Whiter Pastures of North America? If Diversity is wonderful and if Homogeneity(relatively speaking) is awful, then people in more homogeneous nations should be moving to more diverse nations. But it's the opposite! People flee from the Diversity of Latin America and go to whiter America, just like Asian-Indians flee from ultra-diverse India and move to Canada. And peoples from racially diverse and mixed North Africa try to move to white Europe, especially the North. If people move from multi-and-mixed racial Diversity to White Homogeneity, then it must mean White Homogeneity is more appealing and precious. Then, it means White Homogeneous nations should keep their valuable white homogeneity. And they used to. Indeed, they used to be proud of it. But because Jews gained control of the Dogma and Narrative of the West, white people in homogeneous nations have been made to feel racially deficient and soulfully diseased. They can only be cured by the Vibrancy of Diversity or VD. So, the fact that non-whites, mixed-raced folks, and minority-whites flee from Diversity to find better life in White Homogeneous(or White Majority) nations has been altered by the PC Narrative into a fairy-tale of generous non-whites coming to white nations to gift the lame white-bread people with the wonders of Diversity and Vibrancy. Even though the Diverse Masses are coming to TAKE FROM WHITEY, the Narrative portrays them as a people who come to GIVE TO WHITEY.
In the real world, people run from Diversity-as-disease to White-Homogeneity-as-cure, but the Narrative has flipped what is actually happening to a case of people from the Third World bring the priceless gift of Diversity to the White World diseased with Homogeneity. People are such suckers that so many fall for the hype than see the truth.

Anyway, it's the continuing saga of Latin South vs Germanic North in European History. South had a huge head-start because of milder climate and access to the cradle-of-civilization in the Near East and North Africa, BUT the South — Greco-Roman-Latin Civilization and the Near-East-North-African Kingdoms fell into stasis or stagnation, whereas the North, for a variety of reasons, came upon a combo-formula of economics, politics, theology, and philosophy that kept pushing it toward new discoveries and triumphs, leaving everyone in the dust. This Northern Triumph could have been maintained with the alliance of Anglo-Germanic and Teutonic-Germanic peoples, but such failed in the Old World. In North America, the Teutonic-Germanic Americans just became part of Anglo-Wasp America, and the united power of Anglos and Germanics fueled American Greatness; but in the Old World, the rivalry between Anglo-Germanics and Teutonic-Germanics led to World War I that crippled both powers. A second chance at an alliance arrived in the 1930s, but the Nazis were pathological, and UK played the cards poorly, leading to WWII that spelled doom for both UK and Germany as major world powers.
That left the US as the great Anglo-Germanic power, but it wasn't long before the ambitious Jews took over as the elites of America and went about altering the Dogma and Narrative, whereby Whiteness was diagnosed as the Main Disease not only of America but of Europe as well, a disease that can only be cured by Massive Diversity Immigration-Invasion. Supposedly, the Latins were better than Anglos and Germanics because they(Spanish, Portuguese, and French) had been more into race-mixing with non-whites. Never mind that all these race-mixing were done under unequal circumstances where white men effectively carried out massive sexual imperialism against non-whites. Mestizo, after all, is essentially the product of Civilizational Rape, just like the Vietnam War led to white-and-black sexual imperialism and domination over Vietnamese women. The so-called 'progressives' claim to be anti-imperialist but they are ecstatic about the history of Sexual Imperialism and Civilizational Rape simply because Jews insist that nothing is more wonderful than race-mixing(even though, oddly enough, Jews have no problem with Israel doing everything to discourage Jewish mixing with non-Jews).

When white people in the past favored homogeneity over diversity, the Latin South was not proud of its mixed raced-ness. If anything, they tried to become whiter. After all, people noticed that, generally speaking, whiter nations were better off than swarthier nations in Europe. And even in a place like Italy, the whiter North was better off than the swarthier South. The color complex was amusingly portrayed in the Italian movie BREAD AND CHOCOLATE.

The swarthy Southern Italians eyeing the fair-skinned blonde 'Nordics':

An Eye-talian dyes hair blonde and tries to pass as 'Aryan':

The affluent blonde Northern Italians and their Swarthy Southern Italian servant: Notice the main divide is class-and-locale than ideology.

And in many Spaghetti Westerns, Italians often play the Mexican characters.

As the post-war ideology of the West increasingly became anti-imperialist, the Latins in both the Old World and New World began to identify with the Third World. So, the Italian director Gillo Pontecorvo made BATTLE OF ALGIERS. Since the Latin South couldn't compete economically or technologically with the Anglo-Germanic North, they settled for the crutch of Moral Upmanship. Since the Latin South was swarthier in Europe and more racially mixed in the Americas, it could posture as the part of the non-white alliance against Evil Whitey. So, their mixed-raceness that had been seen as a stain became a sainthood.

Che Guevara was white, but he spoke of all of Latin America as one united mestizo race. He spoke of this as a matter of pride while overlooking the fact that this Mestizo was the product of European conquest, 'genocide', and rape of the brown natives(as well as importation of millions of black slaves who also took part in the rape of natives due to lack of available womenfolk).
See the video at 2:15.

Much of the idealism among Latin Whites is really just a crutch. They are sore that the Germanic North beat the Latin South in both the Old World and New World. Since Latin whites were surpassed by Germanic whites and since much of Latin America is hopelessly lost to the Rise of Color, the Latin Whites came to pretend that their failure actually has been a spectacular success because of all the Diversity and Race-mixing. But if it's such a success, why not just stay there in the El Dorado of Mestizo-hood? Why do people in Latin America, white and non-white, seek whiter pastures in the US or Gringoland? Because deep down inside, they know the Gringo-Blancos did much better and achieved so much more. So, they want access to that bounty. But they also want to destroy it because it reminds them of their own comparative failure in the South.

The pathetic thing is so many whites in the Anglo-Germanic North have fallen for this PC nonsense about Diversity because their media and academia have been taken over by Jews who smear any desire to preserve white nations and communities as 'far right' while any plan to transform the West with Third World demography is now called 'centrist'. So, Macron's desire to turn France into North Africa(or even Sub-Saharan Africa) is 'centrist', while the desire of the French to preserve their nation as a European nation is 'far right' and 'extreme'. It is part of Jewish WOW or War on White.

Still, it's one thing to virtue-signal and another thing to face the reality. Italian Ideology had long been controlled by the Left(even through many moderate rightist governments) because the Italian Right was disgraced with defeat in World War II and the ignominious death of Mussolini. Italians loved to spout off about Marxism and etc. It had one of the biggest communist parties and so on. Post-war Third Worldism gave Italians something to be proud of. As they were swarthier and 'darker' than Northern Europeans, they could pretend they too were in the struggle against Western Imperialism. But this was fun when Italy was mostly Italian. But in recent yrs, Italy has been filling up with foreign invaders from Middle East and Africa, and this kind of virtue-signaling isn't very fun when Italian girls are being raped by Africans. Also, even Italian Organized Crime is meeting stiff competition with new gangs and thugs from places like Nigeria. Furthermore, virtue-signaling about Diversity and Brotherhood with the Global South isn't very fun anymore since the Germanic North has embraced it with even greater fanaticism. What's the point of saying 'We Italians are proudly darker than your pale nazi Swedes and Anglos' when Northern Europe is now further gone with PC lunacy and working even harder to become North Africa and Arabia? Then, it's no wonder that a nationalist party came to power in Italy.

As for why blacks have so many problems in the US, it's not just a matter of lower intelligence. Lower intelligence doesn't necessarily mean greater aggression. One thing for sure, sheep are dumber than wolves but less aggressive. There are many low-IQ people like Forrest Gump who are mild in temperament. The problem with blacks isn't only lower intelligence but greater aggression. We see problems of greater aggression among well-to-do blacks too. One study showed that middle-class blacks are more prone to criminality than poor whites are. This is why a low-IQ black is more likely to be more violent than a low-IQ white guy or American Indian. Another problem is blacks are more muscular and tougher, and that fills them with thug-pride and gangsta-arrogance. It's like Jack Johnson didn't just beat white guys but taunted them. He played with them like a cat plays with mice. And Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson took pleasure in beating up their opponents. If most blacks were built like Gary Coleman or Emmanuel Lewis(despite lower IQ), they would be far less arrogant, aggressive, and violent. Suppose some low-IQ black thug is glaring at you and acting threateningly. He acts like he owns the place. But suppose a Race Fairy appears and uses her wand to turn the tough Negro into a short Pygmy. His behavior would change immediately because YOU can now kick his ass if he talks shit. It's like Sylvester the Cat that constantly chases after tiny Tweety is frozen with fear when confronted with Mega-Tweety.

Blacks act wild and crazy because they think, "I can whup dat white boy's ass". So, they often beat up teachers and disrupt classrooms. Even many teenage black kids are much bigger and stronger than teachers. Some black kids are stronger than teachers even by 6th grade. Another problem is that blacks love to have fun and can't control themselves. Due to evolution that favored the warrior-and-dancer genes, blacks are more prone to act wild. Even White Liberals who officially disdain racial stereotypes have featured blacks in movies like LILIES OF THE FIELD and SISTER ACT where the more 'natural' and 'instinctive' Negroes teach lame square white folks how to cut loose, sing, and dance, shoo!

Their culture revolves around 'muh fist', 'muh holler', 'muh dic*', and 'muh booty'. Of course, not all blacks are like this, but plenty are. Their entire cultural interests revolve around saying stuff like "Ooh ooh, it's naaaaaasty!" or "He a baaaaaad mothafuc*a!" So, blacks feel ultra-contempt for the weaker races. But because blacks are so into 'muh whatever', they often fight among themselves over who be 'baaaad'(which means good) and who be 'naaaasty'.

Now, Lance Welton mentions that Asian kids are more vulnerable in integrated schools because they are smaller and weaker, and that is true. But he doesn't mention that white kids face the same problem with blacks. Why is it that in many integrated schools, the violence is usually black on white and the sexual relationship is black male and white female? It's because black guys usually beat up weaker and slow white guys, and white girls go with black boys because females like alpha males over loser-beta-males and seek more sexual pleasure with bigger dongs(that, according to medical science and pop culture, favor the Negro over the Blanco).

Now, April Benner can't speak the truth because she's an NPC. She's like a hound who is only capable of chasing after the Correct or Mandated Scent. The PC scent says 'Whites are to blame for everything, and blacks are sacred and blameless no matter what they do'. So, her 'intellectual' trek seeks a pseudo-academic rationalization that expiates blacks of all wrongs and places all the burden of black problems on whites.
Now, if she is Jewish, she could be promoting White Guilt to paralyze white identity and white pride because the ONLY WAY Jews can make whites serve Jewish Supremacism(the real dominant power in the US) is by shame-whipping whiteness. Unable to feel autonomous pride for what they are, white folks can only serve the Identity of another people, and of course, Jews rigged the Narrative so that Jews are the most sacred of races. It's no wonder that all those white politicians who denounce white identity and white pride go out of their way to praise Jews & Israel and serve as deranged attack dogs against whatever Jews hate: Russia, Syria, Iran, Palestinians, and 'fellow white people'. Current US policy is the Culture of Jewish Hate. If Jews hate something, we must hate it too, like a dog must growl at whatever its master orders it to feel animus against.
If Benner is not Jewish, she is likely a cuckette who's been brainwashed by PC and can't think outside the NPC box. Furthermore, it's nearly impossible to think freely in the academia that is geared to favor only PC voices and weed out dissenters from the 'right', as Jonathan Haidt documented. Academia is just an echo-chamber, and I doubt if Benner has the guts or spine to deviate from the PC Narrative.

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