Sunday, November 4, 2018

My Suspicion: Patrick Little is a Federal Agent of ZOG

I can’t help thinking Patrick Little is a federal agent or some shill of globo-homo Jewish Supremacism. I have no smoking gun, but gut instinct tells me something is not quite right about his persona. With Paul Nehlen, his kooky direction wasn't all that surprising because, let’s face it, the guy isn’t very bright. An immature dimwit and goofball(who, as it turned out, was only ‘larping’ as a mainstream candidate), he was easily manipulated by 4chan trolls and the like. He went from a semi-serious candidate to something like the Pee-Wee-Herman of the 14/88 crowd simply because he was flattered by all the ‘love’ he got from trolls and nutters.
In contrast, Patrick Little comes across as a bright guy with a sharp mind. So, unless he happens to be funny in a head(a real possibility, I suppose), it’s safe to assume that he’s putting on an act. But for whom? As a general rule, when something happens, it’s useful to ask, "Which side benefited most from it?" Then, it is also useful to ask "Which side was most harmed by it?" With Patrick Little’s series of ‘campaigns’(or stunts), it’s obvious that the biggest casualty has been the Moral Stance against Jewish Supremacism. If Patrick Little had started out as a hotheaded Neo-Nazi blowhard, the only thing he would have discredited is 14/88 nonsense. Instead, Little arrived on the scene by denouncing Zionist Imperialism, Jewish Supremacism, and Globo-Homo craziness that swept over the West(and even the Rest). These were all morally sane, tenable, and necessary positions. If supremacism is toxic and must be rooted out in the US, all honest and rational people should admit that the dominant supremacy that animates the American Way(at home and abroad) is Jewish Supremacy. It molds and holds everything from finance, high-tech, gambling, media, entertainment, law firms, courts, Pentagon, and whore politicians. Jewish supremacists sound alarm about ‘hate speech’ to shut down Free Speech and Free Spend, but the truth is that American Hate is mainly defined by Jewish control of US foreign and domestic policy. US favors Zionist Imperialists over Palestinians who live under Occupation. Why? Because Jewish Supremacists love Zionism and murderously hate Palestinians. Jews control Pop Music industry and have used Rap music to spread virulently murderous messages of street thugs, promoting gang violence that killed countless lives. Jewish anti-white hatred and anti-Christian contempt are spewed by the Jew-run media 24/7. Jews push for White Genocide by promoting replacist Mass-Immigration-Invasion and ACOWW(or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs that implies that INFERIOR white men must surrender their women to SUPERIOR black men). US animus against Iran, Syria, and Russia is all the result of Jewish globo-homo hatred against defiant nations that won’t kowtow to the demands of the Empire of Judea(EOJ).

If the US were truly a white supremacist nation, would the main themes of media, academia, and the Deep State be ‘white people should be overrun and replaced with non-whites’, ‘white women must reject inferior white men and go with superior black men’, ‘white Americans must hate white Russians’, ‘Western Christianity must be replaced with Homomania’, ‘Southern Heritage must be destroyed’, ‘white young ones should worship rappers’, and etc? Seriously, if the US were truly run by ‘white supreamcists’, as so many Jews hyperventilate all the time, would those be the biggest current themes? Then, why are those themes so predominant in so many areas of American Life and Thought? Why did so many white people fall under the sway of such hateful and demented anti-white craziness? It’s because the US is really a Jewish-Supremacist nation, one where globo-homo Zionist-imperialists get to program the media and rig the system to push policies that are deemed ‘Good for Jews’ and ‘Bad for Whites’(or 'Bad for any people hated by Jews').
For those reasons, it is a moral imperative for all good white people to stand up to Jewish Supremacism and its culture of hate, contempt, murderousness, hubris, toxicity, duplicity, and hypocrisy. When faced against an immoral power, the most potent weapon is a moral argument. The Goliath of Falsehood fears the David of Moral Truth. And initially, despite his outlandish antics, Patrick Little garnered attention as a loud, brazen, and courageous speaker of truth to Jewish Power. Even though he had zero chance of becoming Senator of California, he entered the race to make his case against tyrannical Jewish Power and globo-homo imperialist reach around the world. And because of this, he garnered sympathy from individuals of all stripes. As a clever trollitician, he could have spread many effective memes highlighting how the US is really ruled by power-hungry Jewish Supremacists and how all of humanity(not just white people) have so much to lose as the result of the machinations of men like George Soros and institutions in the US and EU that are essentially controlled by Jewish oligarchs and their agent-enforcers. Surely, any sane person would have learned from the David Duke case that it makes no sense to be associated with KKK or Neo-Nazi nonsense. Now, Little didn’t join the KKK(like Duke stupidly did once) or the American Nazi Party. But by spewing Neo-Nazi talking-points, Patrick Little effectively associated his initial morally valid condemnations of Jewish supremacism with a form of White Supremacism. If your moral objective is to condemn supremacism(of Jews or any other group), how does it help your argument to support or apologize for the supremacism of your own race? What’s the point of morally condemning Jewish supremacism to argue for White Supremacism? Now, Little will deny that he is any such, but by regurgitating much of 14/88 nonsense on Hitler and the wonders of Nazi Germany, he has associated himself with a supremacist ideology that triggered a war that killed 50 million white people in Europe.

Now, why would Little do this? He doesn’t seem like a dumb person. He comes across as sober and intelligent. Why would he do something so reckless and retarded? Why make a moral case against Jewish Supremacism but then morally discredit oneself by shilling for German Supremacism of the Nazis. If Hitler and Nazi Ideology weren’t supremacist, what is?
One possible explanation is that Patrick Little became so angry with Jews that he came to endorse anything associated with anti-Jewishness in kneejerk fashion. If true, it means Little is too unhinged and impulsive to be a moral voice. A moral person must try to maintain his equilibrium of honesty and integrity against the pressures of passion. Now, given what so many Jews are doing to the white race, Palestinians & Arabs, Russians, Iranians, Christians, white people, and decent folks around the world, it is understandable why so many people are angry with Jews and even hate them. According to ADL and such vile organizations, there is something wrong with ‘not liking Jews’ as if it is the duty of all of mankind to like Jews. But why? Liking or hating a people should always be conditional. If Jews are good to you and act with honor, there are reasons to like them. If Jews treat you horribly, why should you like them? It'd make good sense to dislike or hate them. But, by the logic of ADL, Jews should be unconditionally revered like they’re gods or something. We must make offering to the Great Jews no matter what they do to us. Jew-Worship is like a pagan practice of mass-human-sacrifice, one where amoral gods must be obeyed and appeased no matter what they do. Jew-Worship says Jews are like a race of gods, therefore we must revere and obey them regardless of whether they are good or bad. Indeed, because Jews are so ‘holy’, whatever they do and demand must be ‘good’. With Jews, good-or-bad isn’t determined by rules but by identity, i.e. Jews are good because they are Jews, and what Jews do is good because Jews did it. So, if Hungary shuts its borders to mass-invaders, that is bad because Jews don’t like it. But if Jews do the same in Israel to protect the borders, it is good because Jews like it. Jews are the master, and we are dogs for whom the issue of 'good or bad' is simply a matter of 'master likes it' or 'master hates it'. We are to have no moral agency of our own. White people having moral agency is 'white supremacism' in the Jewish Supremacist Rule-book. It is a case of bad uppity doggy that won't no longer fetch the slippers and the newspaper. Only Jews get to decide, and white people exist only to obey and agree. Jews got the rod, and whites just nod.

With Jews, moral rules are impossible in the Current Year because Jewish supremacist power insists on a kind of ethno-nihilism. What is GOOD FOR JEWS is good. That’s just about it. And what Jews deem as BAD FOR JEWS is bad because it displeases Jews. So, good or bad is a matter of Jewish pleasure of displeasure. This is obviously supremacism, and Patrick Little made a splash by calling out on Jewish arrogance, contempt, and hypocrisy. His campaign seemed like a stunt from the beginning, but it was spunky and feisty. And he won respect from various peoples and groups because he was willing to say what the Establishment Parties were afraid to say.
The True Sinead McCarthy
But what did he soon do? He began to talk 14/88 nonsense about Hitler as a great man and how WWII was entirely the fault of everyone but the Germans. Alarm bells should have gone off here. Little’s shtick is so much like that of Sinead McCarthy, a red-head who appeared on the Counter-Culture Right a few years ago. She thrust herself as an irreverent maverick unafraid to poke fun at sacred cows. While some of her stuff was willfully offensive and outlandish, people excused it as your typically racy troll behavior. But it wasn’t long before she pushed for Flat Earth Theory and began to accuse every other person in the Alt Right as ‘homosexual’. Then, it became obvious that she was either a total kook or an agent for an organization like SPLC, especially as photos emerged that exposed her as part of the POC gang(and possible 'mudshark').
What do Little and McCarthy have in common? They seem to be rather bright and knowledgeable about lots of things. So, why would Little make so much good sense about Jewish power and then sabotage his own moral credibility with boilerplate apologia for Hitler and Nazis? And why would Sinead McCarthy, who billed herself as a rebel and maverick, claim to believe that the World is Flat? How can someone be skeptical about the Jewish Narrative but so trusting of the utter nonsense of Flat Earth Theory? It seems McCarthy’s shtick was to associate any opposition to Jewish Power & Narrative with cuckoo astronomy & superstition. And it appears Patrick Little’s plan is to keep associating moral opposition to Jewish supremacism with support for Hitler and Nazis who stood for Aryan Supremacism.

Thankfully, few people take Patrick Little seriously anymore, just like most people in the Dissident Right dropped McCarthy like a hot potato once she began to spout nonsense about the World being Flat and how every other guy in the Alt Right is a homo. It just goes to show that we need to be vigilant at all times against infiltrators... or nutjobs.

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