Friday, November 30, 2018

Commentary on "A QUIET WAR RAGES OVER WHO CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE"(by Paris Martineau)

OVER THE PAST year, two popular forums for men who identify as involuntary celibates, or incels, have been banned by Reddit and a domain registrar in response to members’ history of toxic misogyny and celebrating violence against women.

Jewish-run music industry promote rappers who call women ho's and worse. They sing about all sorts of degeneracy. And yet, these ugly rappers who spew garbage are showered with million dollar contracts. And Music Industry and Pornography(also controlled by Jews) promote white women as whores, sluts, and sex meat. And yet, these industries are allowed to rake in billions. I agree that some incels are nuts and retarded, but it is amusing that they are demeaned as 'misogynists' in a culture that idolizes rappers, women-as-sluts, and gun-toting morons on TV. The message of much of Pop Music is 'muh dic*' and 'you is a ho'. The mass media promote the likes of Lena Dunham. Does anyone really think such promotes respect for women? Really?

Attacking through the payment processors is a new wrinkle on that approach.

Does Wired have the courage to address the JQ or Jewish Question? Is Wired owned by Jewish oligarchs? The fact is Jews pioneered the means of abusing the monopoly of payment processers to deny Free Spend to groups they hate. Jews hate A LOT of people. Jews hate Palestinians, so BDS groups have been deplatformed and denied payment processing. Jews hate Russia and Iran, and both nations have been sanctioned. While the criminal terrorist imperialist state of Israel gets showered with billions of US tax payer dollars, critics of Jews are effectively denied free speech and free spend where it counts: in the public forum.

After a gunman allegedly killed 11 people in a Pittsburgh synagogue, a social media platform he frequented was driven offline for nearly a week when its payment service providers, web host, and domain registrar dropped contracts with the company. A similar fate befell the primary forum for incels in the wake of the related Toronto terror attack carried out by a self-professed incel, and neo-Nazi site the Daily Stormer after Charlottesville. However, most cases are not as clear cut.

GAB is a free speech platform and allows any speech as long as it's legal. Why was it held accountable for what the Pittsburgh shooter did? Plenty of people on Twitter and Youtube went off to commit crimes and murder. If anything, Twitter protects much of antifa lunacy and hosts Deep State goons who've been behind wars, surveillance, censorship, propaganda, subversion of foreign nations, and torture.
Also, 11 people died in Pittsburgh. In contrast, a million Muslims have been killed in Wars for Israel. Israel uses IDF death squads to mow down Palestinians who want to return home. 2018 is the 70th anniversary of the Nakba pogroms that wiped Palestine off the map. Israel occupies West Bank and enforces Apartheid. US and Israel are allied with terrorist state of Saudi Arabia that tortures/murders Journalists and drops bombs on Yemen(which began under Obama and Hillary). Neocon Jews aided Neo-Nazis in Ukraine to take down a democratically elected government. Obama and Hillary destroyed Libya. US Deep State has been behind globalist imperialism. Why are creeps like that allowed to have platforms and use financial power? Madeline Albright said it was worth it to kill 500,000 Iraqi kids. Sheldon Adelson urged the US to drop a nuke on Iran. These are psychos, and yet they get to operate at the upper echelons of US power. They are not de-platformed and de-funded even though they've been behind Zionist imperialism and Wars for Israel that murdered so many.

As for Daily Stormer, yes it is a stupid trashy clown neo-nazi website, but the fiasco at Charlottesville was the result of Jewish mayor, black police chief, and Antifa thugs. The Alt Right people, like them or not, gathered to defend a monument and give speeches. They did everything by the book. They had the Constitution on their side for free speech and free assembly. But the city officials conspired to shut down the event and then shove the Alt Right people into a crowd of Antifa scum who went on rampage. If there is any justice in the world, the Jewish mayor and police chief should be in jail, and those Antifa goons should have been locked up. But there is no justice. We have the might-is-right of Jewish supremacist power.

But I see that Wired is a Jewish-Zionist rag that is perfectly fine with Jewish supremacism and violation of free speech.
Daily Stormer is shit, but it was not behind the Iraq War, Libya destruction, the coup in Ukraine, and the endless murders of Palestinian women and children by IDF death squads. If any people need to be brought down and banned, it is Judeo-Nazis who force Americans to support the monstrous state of Israel and support Jewish Hate Campaigns against Russia, Iran, Syria, Palestinians, and white patriots.

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